The undercurrent is turbulent. Black wing straddles Roddick and overlooks the truth gate. He is waiting for Liu Yue’s signal. Although his experience is colorful compared with ordinary people, he has never thought about such a crazy thing.

"It’s crazy to dare to do such a thing. Isn’t he afraid of being blamed by the gods?" Black wing said to himself
Roddick snorted and shook his head. It seemed that he was dissatisfied with the discussion of his master’s black wings and roared.
"All right, all right, you guy, I won’t say anything."
Suddenly, Roddick said, "That’s almost enough."
The spirit of Black Wings shook off the yew from behind, bent its bow and took an arrow and shot it toward the sky. A moment later, it came to "Peng", and the magic arrow was blessed, and ten thousand points of Venus broke out.
Master Deller sits in the temple, and dozens of church members in different clothes stand in front of him. From their faces, it can be seen that they are in a certain anxious state of mind.
"The signal is coming," gasped a young attendant who stumbled into the room.
Master Chandler’s eyes suddenly flashed a divine light and got up and said, "OK"
At the same time, all the men, women and children in the Io church are busy because they are told that the great high god Io will show miracles today and all they have to do is pray devoutly so that the high god can hear his followers.
Those church members are just going to arrange prayers. After all, there has been no such large-scale mass prayer for many years. In just a few days, they have mobilized the Ministry that can mobilize believers near the Truth Gate, with a total number of more than 5,000.
Seeing that everything was ready, master Chandler suddenly felt uneasy, but he didn’t know that the dark wings of Truth Gate were slowly spreading in an attempt to cover the whole city.
"Come on, you losers, line up."
"Get your weapons and horses ready. Come on, don’t dawdle."
Several people in castles, large and small, are busy preparing for war and can go to the battlefield at the command. Orcs and human beings have absolutely no reason to talk about the survival of the fittest. This is the law of nature.
At the same time, Lingli, who is located in the huge castle of Price’s house on the far star lake, stands in the center of the hall. Behind her, there is a monster with a head and neck as big as a python, and a half-length of two feet. Humans are similar, but the half-length is still full of thick scales, and the tail of a snake is winding around the column. It looks ferocious and terrible.
In some corners of the hall, you can still see the blood stains that have not been washed. From the pale faces of the guards outside the hall, it can be inferred that some unpleasant things happened in this castle not long ago.
"Is everything ready, Balder?"
Lingli lazy asked.
"My greatest master, please rest assured that there will be no more mistakes this time."
"Very good"
Lingli nodded, "When those stupid guys leave, you must not make a mistake in your horse’s action. If you succeed, I will definitely reward you heavily."
"It’s my pleasure to help you," Balder said with a bow.
"What should Father Price do with this?"
"I haven’t lost my family to protect them, but they are just fish out of water. Let them live a few more days."
"Got it." After Balder left the castle in high spirits, he looked at Tianchang and took a deep breath. It won’t be long before the truth gate is the great master. It’s really a natural wish, especially for those idiots in the Li Temple. I didn’t expect that they had provoked a super big trouble themselves, and even the temple was burned by people. What could be more wonderful than this news?
Just then, thunder broke out, the sun was shining, and the weather was suddenly gloomy, and a storm seemed to be brewing.
There was a cheer from the crowd near the temple of Juli. It seemed that the rain was obviously the dawn at this time, so they prayed more and more devoutly
Then a child looked up and shouted in surprise, "Look, what is that?"
People around him stared at him discontentedly, and a middle-aged woman looked up unconsciously and screamed "Oh, my God …" She fainted with excitement.
There emerged a giant, the former Titan. Compared with him, he was like a baby. He was handsome, wearing a gold shirt inlaid with all kinds of jewels, and his red coat fluttered in the wind, holding a long sword in his hand, and he looked majestic.
Lingli seems to feel something, and when she flashes, she appears outside the castle. Looking up, her face is incredible. Balder around her is already stunned.
"Impossible, this is absolutely impossible. Who will come to this terrible place in the subcontinent with nothing?" Lingli can clearly feel each other’s surging divine power. Although it seems nothing to her, it is undeniable. The worst thing is that she has never seen this god in her memory.
Yes, that root is Liu Yue’s manifestation according to the imaginary gods. I have seen many movies and TV shows in previous lives. After all, I have seen Io gods in the whole multiverse, which can be said to be rare and mortal.
What he is doing now is not physical strength, but the fact that he can maintain such a huge dharma body with the help of the faith of those 5 thousand devout believers will be surprised if his gods know it.
Not everyone can make faith. Simply speaking, it is not compensation for believers to pray to the gods. People always hope that their belief in the gods can give them back. This is also human nature. These beliefs are difficult to be mixed with various impurities and must be filtered before they can be made.
The so-called filtering is not a simple abandonment, which can solve the number of causes and effects entangled in these impurities. This is also the responsibility of the gods to pray to the gods every day, and the responsibility of the gods is to help them fulfill their wishes. Of course, the gods cannot be responsive, and the priorities depend on the gods themselves.
Liu Yuexian is tantamount to temporarily replacing Io to forcibly take those beliefs into his own body. It is absolutely impossible to do this, but no one thought that Liu Yue could do this if he hadn’t taken the Vitas deity, and I’m afraid he had been crazy and the beliefs had been overwhelmed and died.
At this time, he seems to be down a peg or two, but in fact, he is in a hurry to face the dense belief lines, and he is a little confused at the moment, just like a person suddenly receives 5 thousand words. Everyone will feel a little flustered. Liu Yue has never had this experience, and naturally he is not used to it.
Seeing that Fang sentient beings are looking at themselves, Liu Yue’s mind is white, and suddenly his heart flashes.
"At first, I created the heavens and the earth in a virtual chaos, and my spirit ran on the water in the dark."
"I said that if there is light, there will be light."

"You already know this senior. Does that mean you have promised?" Gao Chen asked. This time is not the time to pay attention to why they have such a strange smile.

"Ah, since you said you wouldn’t go without your mentor, I wouldn’t go without violating the rules of our science of uniting the world." Suddenly Ouyang Changchu’s face changed and it seemed a pity to look at Gao Chen with a face of regret.
"…" Gao Chen surprised Zhang Zhangzui didn’t say anything. After a while, he said, "In this case, I think I’d better go to the cultivation world with Uncle Bian Qianhao."
After that, he turned and walked outside, but just turned around and didn’t walk a few steps. Ouyang Chang Hatsune Hatsune remembered, "What did you say about going to the cultivation world with Bian Qianhao? Did that guy Bian Qianhao look for you?"
"Yes, he said that if the dean didn’t speed up a little, he would have equipped me to take me to their master. By the way, he also said that I ate too many impurities every day, which was bad for my later practice, and gave me a bottle of what’s called Baigudan." When I saw Ouyang Chang’s first appearance, Gao Chen was secretly happy, and then he said with a face of nai expression.
"I actually gave you all the Baigudan. It seems that this little one is really ready to poach. Why?" See Gao Chen hand BianQianHao give him the bottle ouyang long face a ghost mouth way
"Well, stop it. I’ll give you two places. You told me you wanted to call someone, but if you call someone a waste, you might as well stay in the world of uniting and be happy. At that time, you didn’t help him but hurt him. Are you white?" Ouyang Changchu asked with a serious face.
"Of course I know this is this. Can you give me more places?" Gao Chen was a little embarrassed and asked.
"What gives you a few more places and five more places for the emperor? What does the emperor think of you if he gives you a few more places?" This time Ye Tianzheng rob like Gao Chen asked.
"Well, didn’t you give the emperor five places, or how about giving me four? Don’t you think this way, the emperor has one more place than me? So he still has the status of emperor and gave me four places, which just finished my importance and it was good for me, but it didn’t do much harm." Gao Chen thought for a moment and then said
"What do you mean by four places?" Ye Tianzheng blowing hu mouth asked.
"Dean, you know that it was better when I didn’t practice martial arts and magic before our gaos thought was embarrassing, but now I not only practiced martial arts, but it seems that my talent is not bad, which is bad for my gaos thought. I want these four places to be a solution to my gaos thought. Doesn’t Dean want to help me?" Looked at Ye Tianzheng Gao Chen a face of serious mouth asked.
"You can actually see that your gaos thought is in an awkward position?" Ye Tianzheng asked with a face of surprise. It’s not like he knew Gao Chen.
"I have long understood what I chose to learn literature and abandon Wu" Gao Chen said with a face of serious self-mockery and dim tone
It’s true that Gao Chen said this. In this world, when Gao Chen was a child, he had seen Gao Jianfeng go to the battlefield, and hundreds of thousands of soldiers were quietly waiting for the scene in the tinker. Obviously, this is an elite teacher. When Gao Jianfeng went on stage in the sky, the soldiers cheered and greeted him with a gesture. This cheering sound was very regular, as if it had been rehearsed for thousands of times, and these soldiers’ faces were not cheering and excited …
If so, it can be said that the quality of this army is very high. After the emperor finished speaking, there was a very regular palm again. When the emperor your legend handed it over to Gao Jianfeng, the whole scene sounded like a deafening sound. Everyone’s face lost the slightest bit. Zhuang Su applauded and shouted wildly!
The wind and the sky frowned and wanted them to stop, but failed several times, and Gao Jianfeng pressed his hand for two times. The whole scene was quiet and awe-inspiring. Maybe Gao Jianfeng didn’t have the idea to see the wind and the sky. At this time, everyone’s attention was focused on Gao Jianfeng.
But at that time, there was a five-year-old Gao Chen who looked at the windy day. At that time, the look in Gao Jianfeng’s eyes was deeply branded with Gao Chen’s young psychology. In his dream, Gao Chen was awakened by the wind. When he saw Gong Gao Zhen’s main words, he understood what it was like at that time!
"What, you have long been white, and this is the reason why you abandoned Wu Xuewen?" At this time, Ye Tian was really shocked, and his face was incredible. He asked how old Gao Chen was when he said he hated martial arts and magic and wanted to learn literature.
Gao Chen didn’t say what is nodded.
"Then what are you practicing martial arts now?" Ye Tianzheng mouth asked
"Actually, Gao Chen was dead before, and his death made me understand the world. I Gao Chen will always be a Gao family, even if I don’t learn a little martial arts, but I can’t live quietly if I’m not stupid. After I die, I want to live quietly and protect the Gao family. What I want to do is not to reassure the emperor, but to make him afraid to start work!" Gao Chen’s face is firm, which is far more firm than saying that God stops killing God!
Chapter 70 When the last day students
Get four places in Ouyang Changchu Gao Chen hummed a tune and was happy to get back to his yard. This way, people who saw Gao Chen didn’t feel like a ghost. In everyone’s eyes, Gao Chen was a person who came and went in a hurry. He seemed to have a practice to eat! If Gao Chen knew that he was busy practicing and was in a hurry every day, he left such an impression on others. I don’t know what Gao Chen would think!
With four places, how can Gao Chen not share such good news with the people he likes? This is the most important thing, and such good news can’t be shared with him.
Gao Chen didn’t know it was Ye Tianzheng who sighed after he left. "It’s really not that small that I saw through this monarch and his subjects at that time."
"Before, he didn’t like to practice martial arts. Today, he realized that he had long seen that their Gao family was embarrassed. It seems that this is not an amazing talent for cultivation!" Gary is also a face of regrets mouth way
"Oh, what’s wrong with the Gaos? Isn’t Gao Jianfeng a general of the bonfire empire to protect the country? Is this a high weight and what’s wrong with it?" The bonfire empire should not be said to be not very familiar with the secular Ouyang Chang asked at the beginning.
"So that’s it. Gao Chen’s future is limitless." After listening to Gary telling the Gaos about the recent situation in Ouyang Changchu, he also sighed. Yes, at that time, Gao Chen was only a few years old. Isn’t it amazing that a child of a few years old could see things so thoroughly? !
"Sister, now you can rest assured that you can also go to the science of uniting with me. I told you that we won’t divide." Just after returning to the yard, Gao Chen was excited to present a treasure to Wang Yujie.
"What did you say? They promised to give you a quota." Wang Yujie asked with surprise when Gao Chen finished her words. What is more attractive to the practitioners than the practitioners? Of course, she also doesn’t want to share with Gao Chen.
"Haha, where is a quota? This is a full four quotas." Gao Chenxin said.
"What four places that the emperor doesn’t have a place?" Wang Yujie face incredible mouth way
"This is not true. They just left four places for me. Old Ouyang can take ten people to practice the world emperor at a time. Where are the five I have here? Four plus me is just ten." Gao Chen explained.
"What do you mean, I left four places for you?" Wang Yujie asked puzzled.
"It’s not easy. They also know that I won’t go to any practice field alone. Of course, I have to bring a, er, someone to the class. What should I do if I miss you?" Shi Gaochen wanted to say it as a joke in his previous life, but he couldn’t bring a day. Suddenly, I felt that it was not good to say so.
"It’s true that the emperor may be unhappy if he hears this," Wang Yujie said with a little concern.
"Of course he won’t be happy. If you want him to be happy, I won’t be happy." Gao Chen said that this is a strong emperor, but he is not the highest power! Of course, I dare not say such things in ancient Gao Chen’s past lives.
Although it wasn’t very white, Wang Yujie didn’t ask again. Two people chatted together for a long time and gave up Wang Yujie. This is the longest and most relaxing time for two people to chat! After Wang Yujie left, Gao Chen played and the ward training continued …
Now Gao Chen has a hundred more Baigudan, and one is more advanced than Baigudan, which can last for a month! Although this can’t last long, it’s better than nothing. When I left, Gao Chen said to Ouyang Changchu, "Uncle Bian Qianhao, Ouyang’s predecessor, said that I had better not eat worldly things from now on, so he gave me a bottle of Baigudan. He said that this bottle can control the energy consumption in one day, but how can I feel that it can be controlled for less than an hour?"
"What, he even gave you Baigudan? Are you kidding that one can take care of you for less than an hour?" Ouyang changchu asked if he didn’t believe it.
"Yeah, he just gave me one hundred yesterday, but look how many are left now." He said, and handed the bottle of Baigudan to Ouyang Changchu.
"There are still more than 30 missing?" Looking at the bottle in front of me, Ouyang Changchu can’t believe it. It is said that this hundred grains of Dan can only be refined into one. It can be seen that there is a lot of energy in it. The average person who eats this one may be suffocated. It may be like compressed food. Eating too much will kill people.
"Yes, anyway, I feel that this one won’t last long. Do you think you can give me some Baigudan, too?" Gao Chen looked at Ouyang Changchu and asked with expectation.
"Since he Bian Qianhao can give it to you, wouldn’t it be stingy if I didn’t give it to you? This is one hundred white gudan. You can take it." Then he also took out a small bottle and gave it to Gao Chen.
"Why are you not satisfied?" Although Gao Chen took the bottle and saw him with a face that was not very happy, Ouyang Chang asked at the beginning.

Yi Yu, three people are not stupid. I didn’t dare to say anything after knowing that Zhu Mei’s face was fixed.

Listen to Zhu Meiyan connect a way "but …" When Zhu Mei said here, a murderous look suddenly burst out and immediately filled the whole quiet room. Ji Deng, Tao Jun and Yi Yu were all covered in it, but three people knew that it was not Zhu Mei who wanted to kill him. He wanted the three of them to remember today’s words
A moment later, Zhu Mei restrained his breath and said, "But you should remember that in today’s situation, the Qingcheng School can no longer afford to reduce the intensity of mutual games to the lowest point!"
"I must remember the teacher’s teachings!"
Zhu Mei nodded and said, "If the situation has changed today, there are many places to show your talents. Don’t always stare at this acre of Qingcheng Mountain!"
Say Zhu Mei hesitated for a moment and finally said, "and I also want to wake you up! It’s only a matter of time before your qualifications and will soar in the future. This position doesn’t mean that you will finally meet in the future. "
Then the Lord didn’t look at Yi Yu and said, "It makes sense for her to talk to Teacher Jiang yesterday. You should be good to yourself."
When the three men heard Zhu Mei’s words, they all changed their faces and tried to figure out the meaning. At that time, the quiet room was quiet.
A moment later, Ji Dengxian spoke out and asked, "I don’t ask the master about one thing."
As soon as Zhu Mei laughed, "Deng Er said it directly."
Ji Dengyi bowed down and said, "Now, every day, the machine changes suddenly, and I think it will take a short time to occupy the weather pulse. The Emei Sect will be attacked by monks of all factions all day. I wonder what my Qingcheng Sect did at that time?"
When Zhu Mei heard this, he said with a smile, "Yes, Deng Er, you can think that it is very wrong here." Then Zhu Mei looked at it and Tao Jun said, "Jun, what if I am sent by Qingcheng Mountain then?"
Tao Jun smell speech one leng seems to have never thought that the short barbary Zhu Mei would push this question to him to meditate for a moment. Tao Jun said, "My brother thinks that the Emei Sect is a big school after all, and I am a Qingcheng Sect. Although there are many bad feelings in the previous generation, I am afraid it is not appropriate to attack Ningbiya with others."
Zhu Mei heard the words and laughed. "Do you think that we Qingcheng School should help Emei?"
Tao Jun also shook his head and said, "It doesn’t seem appropriate to help Emei. This time, I’m afraid the Emei Sect has lost its way with its natural enemies!"
Zhu Mei nodded but didn’t comment. If she looked at Yi Yudao again, "What should you and I do in Qingcheng?"
Yi Yu smiled slightly. "In fact, there was a gap in the master’s chest but he came to take an examination of his younger brother." Say Yi Yu looked at it without a word. Zhu Mei looked at Gideon and Tao Jun and said, "The two brothers also know more but let the younger brother make a fool of themselves."
Zhu Mei smell speech is a smile "speaking freely is also a hindrance to chatting with you and me today, so it is not serious".
Yi Yu laughed. "That brother dared to guess what the master thought. I don’t think the master will watch the Emei Sect perish!"
Zhu Mei laughed. "Oh? See? "
Yi Yudao: "Now it seems that the right path is powerful and evil spirits are hiding, but in fact it is not! Now, after the return of the Magic Sect, the Magic Sect merged with Wutai Sect, Huashan Sect, Kongtong Sect, and Kongtong Sect, and all the demons in Yunnan and Guizhou were more powerful. I’m afraid we are more powerful. On the other hand, now the Right Sect is Emei, Kunlun Sect and wu-tang clan, and if we add the Qingcheng Sect, we can count some secluded old Xiandao brothers, but we are somewhat weak. "
Yi Yu answered, "And the Emei Sect is a banner of the right path. If he falls down, what will we do with the Qingcheng Sect?" Now wu-tang clan is not worthy of the name. The Kunlun Sect will die in a few days, that is, some of its predecessors, the Old Immortals, are afraid that they are also short of help. "
Zhu Mei laughed. "Is that it?"
Yi Yu smiled awkwardly at once. "Well … aren’t they all still at Ningbi Cliff!"
Zhu Mei also don’t delve into ha ha a smile will this section fork in the past, mentoring four people no longer discuss this want to more sensitive issues and talked about some other things.
Yi Yu saw that Zhu Mei was happy and thought of the curiosity of Qi Xiaer’s speech just now. He asked, "Master’s brother accidentally got a message from others in the afternoon, but he still hopes to dispel doubts."
Zhu Mei a look at Yi Yu was hesitant and didn’t care about laughing. "Oh? What is the news that makes you so curious? Tell me! "
Yi Yudao "Master, do you know that Uncle Li Yuanhua, the elder of the Emei Sect, is today …"
But Yi Yu said half a sentence that Zhu Mei’s face was suddenly changed. Although it soon returned to normal, it was that one of them flashed and now Lengli’s pitfalls made Yi Yu three people feel cold with a slight quiver.
After staring at Yi Yu for a long time, Zhu Mei sighed lightly and asked, "Is that girl Qi Xiaer telling you?"
Yi Yu nodded some don’t know but heart andao "what is this Li Yuanhua to death?
Love? It’s worth being so nervous at that moment! "
Zhu Mei saw sighed "ah! It’s really a big girl! I’m afraid this Cong Yishi Qi Shushi never thought that his eldest daughter, who has always been the safest, would reveal such important news! "
After that, Zhu Mei glanced at Ji Deng and Tao Jun with awe. "I believe that Li Yuanhua, the immortal of Emei Sect, died today, even if I didn’t tell her that it wouldn’t take long for you two to notice it, but the teacher would warn you three to remember that this is a warning!"
Yi Yu three people see Zhu Mei that serious all nodded his head didn’t dare to out.
Zhu Mei connect a way "the news must not leak out! At the very least, we can’t let it out in our Qingcheng Sect. We Qingcheng Sect and the three of you also have six people who know that if the seventh person appears again, we will not blame the teacher for falling out! "
All three people were scared enough by Zhu Mei’s seriousness, but at this moment Yi Yu couldn’t resist suddenly jumping out with a sentence, "A generation?"
Zhu Mei smell speech a ash but looked at Yi Yu that dumbfounded sample is no longer stretched that a bad face laughed "you this bad ACTS would want to"
As a result, in the end, Zhu Mei didn’t tell the three people when the secret was received, and finally said, "Try to figure it out for yourself."
And said a few words of Zhu Meidao: "Now the East China Sea Fairy Island thing has come to an end temporarily. If there is an accident, you will know the secret when you decide to fight in the future. Today, Li Yuanhua’s death indicates that this three-thousand-year catastrophe has begun. Go to your own experiences and be very careful when you walk outside in the future."
The three of them replied, "I remember the teacher’s teachings!" Say and then back out.
Or is it outside this quiet room? This time there are three other disciples.
Gideon looked at Tao Jun and Yi Yuxiao and laughed. "Although the two younger brothers’ trip to Xiandao in the East China Sea was thrilling, we witnessed the big robbery, but it was also glad you came."
Tao Jun laughed "master elder brother makes sense! It’s a pity that I couldn’t see that historic moment with my own eyes. "
Yi Yu heard them talking and laughing. "Now the trip to the East China Sea has been exhausted. Do you have any plans?"
When Ji Deng heard this, it was a dark tunnel. "This Yi Yu has something to say and invite?" Although I doubt Gideon, I replied truthfully, "I still have a magic weapon to protect myself, so I can get back to Golden Whip Cliff naturally."
Tao Jun also laughed. "I’ve just come to Tulei, but my younger brother invited me to travel with me to Tongshan Island in the South China Sea. I’m afraid I also brushed my younger brother’s kindness."
Yi Yu didn’t come by surprise, and he didn’t really want to invite two people to say with smile, "I’d also like to ask two senior brothers to help me with the looting, or to enhance some brotherly affection …"
Gideon a listen to but laughed "oh? But I don’t know that things can interest my younger brother? "
Yi Yudao: "Brother also knows that I am still far from Dacheng in practicing the Five Elements. I heard that there is a treasure in the East China Sea called’ Jieguan Wood’, but it is very rare for me to practice the Five Elements, but it is of great benefit, so I want to get one."
Tao Jun heard that "this East China Sea junction wood is a treasure, but I have heard that it is extremely difficult to grow for thousands of years. I am afraid that there are not many plants in the whole East China Sea. If you go to find it, you will find such treasures. Now there are already many owners. How can people give it to you?"
Yi Yuwen said with a smile, "I’m looking for it but I don’t worry about it. My sisters from the Emei Sect lived in the East China Sea in their early years. I heard them say that there was a plant not far from her home at that time, which was said to have grown for thousands of years and had a master … hey hey! Isn’t this about to invite two senior brothers to slay and exorcise demons together? "
The Gideon and Tao Jun smell speech is an ash heart andao "this splash! Sure enough, he is a robber! It’ s really asking us to go to the house and rob the house together! "
Ji Deng first said, "Teacher younger brother is really …" Speaking of this, Ji Deng couldn’t help laughing and waved his hand. "This demon is still left to the younger brother to behead the elder brother himself. I have always been a good boy!"
Yi Yu is also one leng, but he can’t think that Gideon would joke with him.
Tao Jun also laughed. "I’d like to go there and have a look, but to tell you the truth, Brother Yi Yu followed you there to build a wood, no matter how good it is, it won’t reach me, will it?"

Themis may have a big temper, but she can become a flower in the police force not just by her face. She does have a keen sense of smell different from ordinary people, and Cheyenne knows that, so he trusts themis’s judgment.

"What we see is a complete team, except for a natural druid, all of them are fighting thieves and assassin thieves, but I listen to what they mean. There are other forces on this map," themis analyzed
"oh? Specifically? " Cheyenne suddenly became interested. If there were other forces, he could call on everyone to stand up and expel the Blood Night Association.
Themis recalled, "At that time, the little witch and I met three people from the blood night Guild. After a while, seven more people emerged from the western Woods. One of them seemed to be a leader with a blood-red dagger. He said that we should automatically quit the map and not be as ungrateful as those people just now."
When Cheyenne listened to the blood-red dagger, his heart suddenly broke. This is not the color of the dagger body, but because of the special ornament "Devil Curse" that can make people lose experience. Cheyenne estimated that the blood night Guild has no large-scale equipment yet. The Devil Curse may be that one or two people in each team have this ornament. When killing people, it will be able to achieve the experience effect.
Cheyenne Sirius badge demon curse has the same effect, but Sirius badge can directly absorb the other party’s attribute value, which is called harming others and benefiting themselves, while the devil curse is harming others and not benefiting themselves.
Demon curse is not as good as Sirius badge, but Cheyenne is also coveted.
If you can get such a good thing, you will have a good means to retaliate against the enemy. Unfortunately, the origin of the demon curse is not secret, and even Cheyenne, a reborn person, doesn’t know. Well, it’s worthwhile to come if you can explode one from blood night’s hand.
Just as Cheyenne was planning to sneak attack on blood night guild members, Brother Hulu sent a message on the team channel saying, "The monster in the temple is too powerful. I was almost killed by the monster as soon as I went in. I can’t understand it deeply."
After a while, the other three Huluwa students also sent the same news.
"So it seems that we have to change our plan and form a team to break into the big devil. What do you think?" Chen Young muses.
Cheyenne spoke highly of Yan Chen’s empty heart for advice. "I’m flattered that you can ask me for advice so much. It seems that your progress has not been wasted."
Yan Chenren tried to spray the big devil with a face of impulsive teeth. "Since you have no objection, we will go to the nearest temple gate."
After announcing the plan in the team, Yan Chen took the hammer and stick one step ahead, unwilling to go hand in hand with the big devil. Obviously, Chen Young has put up with Cheyenne’s malice, and themis and the little witch are also fond of the big devil and lack of appearance, walking in front of Cheyenne.
Cheyenne fell behind the team and walked slowly. At the same time, she looked at the back of the little witch and themis with appreciation, but she was also at ease.
It’s a pity that Cheyenne was destined to be idle for too long. They had just moved forward and a complete team appeared head-on in Cheyenne’s sight.
"There is a war alliance in front!" Chen Young said in the team.
Battle-Sky Alliance Tomahawk!
If Xia Anxin is happy against the blood night Guild, it will be a strong backbone!
Chen Young wasn’t as happy as Cheyenne when he found out about the Zhantian Alliance. If other influential people get involved, the greater the chance that their plans for the big devil will go wrong. This is definitely not what he and another conspirator expected to see.
"I found that the leader of the imperial secretary of the Moon Cold is the Moon Cold," said Brother Hulu.
"the drunken song of the red face building"
"Eternal imperial men and immortal medical men also appeared."
The bad news continued, and Chen Young’s face was completely gloomy. He felt that the situation was out of their control.
These big guilds belong to different main cities. What Ministry is here? Yan Chen can’t think straight.
Cheyenne was shocked by the discovery of the four gourd dolls in the team. What day is it today? It’s no coincidence that so many great experts gathered here at the same time!
"It seems that the first person to trigger this is you!" Tomahawk said after seeing the oncoming line to Chen Young and others.
"Tomahawk, how did you show up?" Chen Young asked.
"Don’t you know? After the number of people on this map reached five, the guild was released. Let us help you expel the temple invaders. It is estimated that all the established guilds will send teams. "
Tomahawk explained that Cheyenne and other talents were originally released to various guilds shortly after they entered here. This support system restricted each guild from sending a team to enter. Finally, according to the contribution of the team, they were rewarded, which was conducive to the promotion of the guild level. No one wanted to miss the dispatch. It was definitely an elite.
Cheyenne was also worried about the people of the blood night Guild. Now he is completely relieved. If the elite of the major guilds enter this map, the blood night Guild will not dare to provoke public anger even if it is daring. The blood night Guild knows when to act with great fanfare and when to be a man quietly, with its tail between its legs.
"I think we should go with each other. Anyway, we have no conflict of interest," Cheyenne said.
"The big devil? Why are you here? " Tomahawk is as surprised as discovering a new continent.
One stand hand of Cheyenne said, "Life forced me to work, of course."
Damn it, where are you from? Yan Chen’s dark hate tomahawk in his heart is also a strange face.
"Since the Great Devil kindly invited us, it’s better to take care of us." Tomahawk replied.
Chen Young deliberately refused to think, "How can I get rid of the Great Devil if I take you in the way?"
Before Chen Young brewed the wording to reject themis, he was a little surprised and said, "To the sky?"
Tomahawk one leng looked at themis nods "I am to the sky and you are …"
Themis unhappy cold hum a don’t ignore a confused tomahawk.
"So you two are acquaintances?" Cheyenne looked surprised at the tomahawk with a wave of his hand. "What else does that say? Let’s go together! I have to be countered by the younger generation. "
Yan Chen’s heart was filled with anxiety and thought, "Did the Great Devil find any clues?"
Tomahawk is still looking at themis. Hearing Cheyenne’s words, he can’t help asking, "Does it seem that it’s not peaceful here?"
"We just met a group of blood night guild members who are very arrogant and want us to leave automatically or they will forcibly expel us!" The little witch said angrily, then looked at themis and asked Tomahawk, "Do you know Sister Mu?"
"Your name is Mu?" Tomahawk looked at themis in surprise and said, "Mu … Are you Mu Nanxin from Shicheng?" to be continued
Chapter 13 Red Flame Magic Frog
Cheyenne remembers themis’s real name. Her real name is Mu Nanxin.
From this point of view, Tomahawk may indeed know Munanxin in reality.
Cheyenne knew Munan in his previous life, but he didn’t have any facts with Tomahawk. If it weren’t for red high heels, Cheyenne wouldn’t have come into contact with the Zhantian Alliance for the time being.
"I am Mu Nanxin!" Themis looks pale.
"Sister mu, have you been enemies with him? Why are you so angry? " The little witch’s divination fire suddenly broke out
Tomahawk said calmly, "I really didn’t expect to meet you in the game."
"If I met you in reality, I would have been beaten to the ground!" Munan heart homicidal way
"It seems that you are still upset about that, but I feel guilty!" Tomahawk said with a sigh
Cheyenne listened to Tomahawk and themis’s charade-like dialogue, and his heart suddenly remembered that themis had told him one thing in his previous life, and he was almost sure that Tomahawk was the man!
Themis was once selected into a special army, but her proud personality seemed out of place. Once she heard a male soldier say something unpleasant behind his back, she beat the man seriously, and themis was forced to leave the army because of this. Tomahawk was the officer in charge of handling this matter at that time. themis hated Tomahawk very much.
Although the number of the accompanying team has soared, the atmosphere is weird and depressing. Chen Young’s own intimacy and good family are secretly negotiating, such as setting up the big devil themis to glare at Tomahawk, and the little witch’s eyes are flashing with flaming sticks. Obviously, Tomahawk is very interested in themis and Tomahawk. The elites are all from the army. It is always forbidden to go out casually.
At that time, people talked.

"God, you call me how to live! !”

Covered with "sad" claws and screaming at the sky, it seems that there is nothing worse than this in the world.
However, what is even more sad is that after a burst of screaming, it found that the girl in front of her still sneered with incomprehension.
"Sigh ~ ~ ~" At the same time, it finally waved its fluffy paws wearily. "Forget it, since you don’t understand amorous feelings, I won’t show it." At the same time, its face also followed the right path. "When I heard that Simon Ji’s chubby man came out of Brahma Dream, the man who practiced Xuan Yin Qi disappeared. At that time, I knew that you had absolutely no malice towards white dress."
Si Miao’s face changed. "What do you know?" While speaking, my hand unconsciously reached into my arms.
"Not nervous" Meng shook his head and looked up at the bright full moon. "Actually, this time I woke up with a purpose to try my best to help the winner of the song to complete the training institute. I don’t want him to have an accident even if my fly ash is annihilated. I won’t care or say anything more."
The cold breath around immediately warmed up a lot.
Satisfied nodded and grinned gently. "You said that the wheel of destiny is really simple. There is no wheel of destiny in Yangling."
"What? Without him that day. "
"That’s just an illusion."
I vomited a sigh of relief as if I were not very sad. "On that day, I heard that you were caught by Youji and they insisted on Tianzhu Peak. My old man’s house couldn’t help but feel even sadder. I woke up this time with an immortal body but I had long since disappeared."
There’s no way to save his life, so I can teach him to be altruistic. The sword matches the auspicious god’s tactic to simulate the breath of the wheel of fortune. I hope I can fool the monster. Finally, it’s a blessing. Maybe that guy worked hard to get immortality, and he was too afraid of losing it to stop checking it for a while. "
"It should be the elder Cong."
The fascinating person doesn’t want to laugh at the wonderful face of the company. She smiled gently and lifted her forehead with her white fingers. Liu Haidao "The elder first caught the monster and didn’t want to eat people raw, but he had to eat upset, which made him lose his mind. Choosing simulation and sacrifice can be recognized. The wheel of fate can be calculated. How can that guy escape from the elder’s SJ?" With that charming smile, her face is even more brilliant.
However, Meng Meng’s eyes were wide open, his face was frightened, and he hugged his chest and stepped back for half a step. "You ~ ~ you ~ ~ You have something to say. It’s easy to scare my old man of heart disease, coronary heart disease, hypertension and diabetes."
"Well," seeing each other and expressing it in a wide range of ways, the enemy humor secretary waved his hand in a depressed way and looked up at the bright moon at the same time, unable to say loneliness.
For a long time, she took a light breath and didn’t look back. She just said as if talking to herself, "I really want to ask my predecessors that the gods and ghosts will suddenly disappear in this world 10,000 years ago. In terms of the dark truth, even if they are robbed in the last days, there is a 90% chance of survival, and it is absolutely impossible to exterminate the whole gods and ghosts."
"It’s a pity that I don’t know." When it comes to ghosts and gods, Meng will also put away his humor and face loneliness
"More than 10,000 years ago, my master told me that if they couldn’t do it, and I met the singer who asked for it, he must stay with him to help him complete his cultivation, and then he knocked me out. I don’t know how long I slept. When I woke up 3,000 years ago, I found that my cultivation had been lost and I was trapped in the blood pool of Yoga. I was so patient that I waited for those who entered the temple of Yoga during this period. I was surprised to find that the original master was no longer, and not only the master but also the past gods and buddhas had disappeared."
"Now I also want to know what happened to make the magic department of the undead all over the sky silent, and I don’t know whether they are dead or asleep." Finally, it added a sentence and gradually dropped.
Soft moonlight, yellow sand reflects charming faint light, and everything seems to be silent again. Yellow sand looks at the curtain quietly, and the night seems to see through the thick black and go straight into the depths of nine days.
"Alas ~ ~ ~" Like water, I don’t know how long time has passed. Finally, Si Miao turned to look at the cute little beast with a sigh. "By the way, do you know what people who practice Xuan Yin Qi are destined to be the life and death enemies of the winner of the song?"
Meng Wei was stunned and realized that when the other party spoke, a pair of small eyes immediately widened in horror. "You don’t even know what they are enemies, so you rashly attacked Wei Bo?"
Suddenly Si Miaojing’s cheeks drooped slightly with a pink neck. "I know that if he can ask for a song, then Putian can really kill him, and there will be practitioners of Xuan Yin Qi, but they will be doomed to life and death without knowing it."
"You ~ ~ ~ are awesome ~ ~" With a full face of horror, I finally gave a gentle "admiration".
However, when Si Miao stamped her feet with shame and asked again, her furry face changed rapidly, and she became frightened and embarrassed. She hung her head embarrassedly. "I don’t know what the reason is. I heard the master say so."
Its voice is getting lower and lower. Finally, even it can hardly hear what it is saying. It is not until it feels that the girl in white next to her is getting cold and about to reach the critical point of explosion that her head suddenly looks up and her hands are thrust into her waist. She pre-emptively shouts, "By the way, are you cheating on Yangling Tianshen Jiuling Xuanyu? Do you know that this may make him beyond redemption?"
Si Miao’s slight one leng was so frightened that he suddenly forgot that he had just been teased but didn’t get the answer. The head of the matter was once again embarrassed to hang down. "I know that he was lost in spirit, and he once saw in an ancient book that the nine-spirit mysterious jade can be merged with people’s spirit to make up for the incomplete spirit, but the ancient book was incomplete and supplemented with the method of condensing the nine-spirit mysterious jade, but he didn’t say that it should be like being lost in spirit. Therefore, I first arranged the nine-spirit swallowing day and wanted to wait until I found a way to repair my spirit before saying that when I left, he
"Know!" Si Miao’s words are not finished, and the dream has been coldly snorted. "Although the nine-spirit Xuanyu has repaired the soul, how can the repaired soul be nothing to others compared with his original soul, but his practice is to ask for a song?"
Said it seems to be very nai waved claws "forget it, or think of some way to lift the explosion crisis of Nine Spirits Xuanyu, and wait until he gets back half of his soul, so that the soul will be stronger. Now let Lingyu stabilize the materials. My base has already found about the same difference. I haven’t found the big sacred land and the big change ten thousand years ago, and my old man doesn’t know where to find it."
"inch heart orchid, rotten bone fragrance?" Si Miao murmured in his mouth and forgot to laugh at the guy who claimed to know everything. It was a long time before he slowly raised his head and said with uncertainty, "I have heard these two things as if Chapter 93 of the Overseas Islands."
"Overseas islands? What is that place? "
My eyes narrowed slightly and my face appeared at the same time-I don’t know how many years I have lived in the immortal Great Yan Holy Land, but in front of me, this little girl actually said a place it didn’t know.
It seems that I have seen that I am puzzled and smiled a little. "The seniors don’t doubt that those overseas islands should appear after the seniors are asleep according to the classics."
And she stopped to sort out the train of thought continued
It is said that more than 10,000 years ago, the whole Dayan Holy Land was in a mess because of the sudden fall of ghosts and gods all over the sky. Finally, only a few ghosts and gods dragged their disabled bodies and will re-chisel the veins to guide these poisonous gases to gather together to separate these places from the vast land of Dayan Holy Land. At the same time, only one passage is forbidden to enter, and this passage is extremely secret. Only a handful of people found this passage in 10,000 years. Most people don’t know that there is such a place.
Yuet Hua is scattered like water, and Si Miao seems to tell an ancient story slowly, but the frown is getting tighter and tighter.
Finally it narrowed its eyes and suddenly opened it. "I remember."
Surprised by the other party, Si Miao took a look at the "lovely squirrel" in front of him angrily, and when he came to his senses, doubts flooded his mind at the same time-according to the classics, the overseas islands appeared after the fall of ghosts and gods, and then this guy was asleep in front of him, and it should be possible to know.
She turned her head in doubt and was about to ask when a clear voice came out from behind.

"Where is the child playing with Qiaoer?"

"Right there!" Jade pointed to a small yard not far away.
Xiao asked directly rushed over, only to fall into the courtyard when he heard the crying of a little boy and the cursing of an adult in the room.
"Excuse me, I’m going to take your child to find Qiaoer, and I’m sure it won’t hurt him." Xiao asked in a hurry as he walked in.
"Are you …"
"Little fellow, go find Qiaoer with your uncle, or you will never play with her again." Xiao asked to squat down in front of the little fat man in the house and try to be kind and tunnel.
"hmm." The little fat man was so sensible that he stopped crying and wiped away the tears on his face.
"Good job!" Xiao asked praised the little fat man, directly reached out his right hand and picked him up. As he walked out, he hurriedly said to the little fat man’s family, "Don’t worry, I will send him back whether I can find Qiaoer or not."
Xiao asked also some nasty, didn’t consider so much when talking, so he said that the jade was even more afraid, and tears immediately flowed out again.
Out of the house, Xiao asked directly to Cuiyu, "Hold on tight, we have to hurry!" "
Jade word on xiao asked and offering hongyun, directly reached out and firmly grasped the xiao asked the right arm holding the baby.
Xiao Wenwei’s attention was lost, and the red light came back at his feet. The three of them rushed out of the yard from low altitude!
If the Five Ghosts guide him, he hardly needs to take this little fat man with him, but he doesn’t know how this thing works, so he brought a witness. According to Jade, this little fat man seems to have seen what the person who took Qiaoer looks like.
When flying in a straight line, the five ghosts did not respond at all, so Xiao Wen had to circle around the alley first.
The principle of tracing people by Five Ghosts is similar to that of Fu Dao, not only to find the same smell, but also to find anger. Only the place where Qiaoer really passes will cause the reaction of Five Ghosts, and the closer the time is, the more obvious it will be.
After going around for more than half a circle, the five ghosts suddenly heard a shock. When you look down, you can see that the kids in a certain direction above are obviously lit up!
That’s the direction!
Xiao asked J: ng, and directly chased him in that direction, and the speed soon reached the acme.
Now that he is a true fairy realm, it doesn’t have much influence on speed to bring a person with a fairy device. Once he flies with all his strength, the wind will fill the ears of three people, and the little fat man will even be a little out of breath.
But the little guy was obviously very helpful. He only wanted to save Qiaoer, so he resisted all the discomfort. He covered his eyes with a small hand and blocked the wind with his fingers, only looking out through his fingers.
In a moment, Xiao Wen had chased out of the edge of the town and went out into the wilderness, but he looked around, with trees, crops, roads and rivers, but where was anyone?
At this time, it was already in the evening, and it was obviously a little dark. The farm workers had already returned home, and there were no pedestrians on the road.
Xiao asked hastily to fly to the sky, and his vision was broadened a lot, but there was still no figure, so he had to go down again and continue to fly forward with the instructions of the five ghosts.
"Do you know what place is over there?" During the flight, Xiao asked Jade.
"There is a town forty miles away."
Xiao asked by zheng, and then didn’t answer, just hard to fly forward.
Seeing that it was getting darker and darker, both Xiao Wen and Jade became more and more anxious. Just as it was completely dark, they finally saw the town that Jade said vaguely.
However, there was an accident at this moment. Xiao asked the little fat man in his arms and suddenly said, "Uncle, it’s not bright!" "
When Xiao asked to look at the five ghosts, he saw that none of the kids on it were bright.
He just flew so hard that he didn’t even know when the kid on it went dark.
"How long has it been out?" Xiao asked.
"Just now."
Xiao asked a little relieved, and immediately flew back just visible, flying about hundreds of feet. The kid led by the Five Ghosts finally lit up again, but it had changed in a different direction.
That direction obviously deviated from the town, but they all followed it here, and we can only believe it further.
"What is that place over there?"
At this time, Jade couldn’t tell the difference between the southeast and the northwest. She judged by her usual impression: "It should be Linyuecheng, but it should be more than a hundred miles away."
Xiao Wen was relieved and said to Cuiyu, "If the other party really went to Linyue City, Qiaoer would at least not be in danger."
"Thank you."
Having said that, who can tell the truth?
In fact, Xiao Wen and Cui Yu are still quite anxious, and they would like to teleport and appear in the Linyue City like lightning.

Chapter two hundred and twenty-eight Two knives
After chasing for so long, Xiao Wen has been able to estimate that the state of the person who abducted Qiaoer is only higher than him. His escape fairy is loaded with fire, and it is even faster than the ordinary high-order true fairy when it is fully displayed!
However, in his heart, there is no fear. Instead, he expects the other party to enter Linyue City, because the more he is in a big city, the better he can use his status as a disciple of Ming Jianzong. He believes that this identity is still very popular.
While chasing, he also comforted the jade and the little fat man, saying that he was not too sure about himself.
During the flight, the night turned out to be a lot brighter, but the moon rose gradually, shedding qinghui between heaven and earth.
The field of vision is also slightly broadened, and Xiao asked as far as he could see, and there was always no one there.
This area should be in the south-central part of the celestial realm, which is not too biased, but it is also far from the core circle. In such a place, there are few high-level cultivators, just like the original Changqing City. A true fairy is a high-level person in the normal state. Xiao asked after flying in the wild for so long, he only saw a few scattered dodges, all of which were far away from him, and the direction was not consistent with him. Even if he wanted to find someone to help, it was impossible.
"Sister Jade, is our current direction still near Yuecheng?"
"It should be."
"It doesn’t matter if it’s not, we have been following the five ghosts to chase it down. As long as the other party is not a fairy, I am sure to get Qiaoer back. " Xiao asked comfort jade way.
"Thank you, Xianchang."
Xiao asked the five ghosts in his hand to suddenly shake and look down. But that shiny kid is brighter again!
Xiao asked very clearly, which shows that the breath of Qiaoer captured by the Five Ghosts is strong again! Maybe, is the other party has just passed through here?


After a long silence, Huo Xian suddenly sighed and then broke up at one joint, suddenly buckled her and broke her face. Gong Yunting couldn’t catch the other side’s commanding eyes.
Those eyes are still gentle, but gentle, but they don’t reach the fundus, so strange that it makes people feel cold.
"My wife will go to Chu Hangyun."
Looking at Gong Yunting’s eyes wide open because of fear, Huo Xian is still that gentle and wrapped expression "I’m not afraid, I still like my wife."
Chapter 19 Chapter one hundred and nine
next day
Listening to the rain regained consciousness, and finally confessed that the poison was arranged by Huo Xian after Tang Yufei forced him to listen to the rain.
The wind urged the snow and the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture were not surprised when they got the news. After all, there were many doubts about the poisoning of the big owners yesterday, but Fang gradually Hong was not so calm. Immediately after Tang Yufei finished this sentence, he got up and wanted to settle accounts with Huo Xian, or did Tang Yufei hold him "don’t startle me yet?"
Tang Yufei continued, "This Tingyu was a younger brother of Tianyan Sect, but he didn’t learn some sneaky little faults. He was almost driven out by Tianyan Sect several times, and then came to Qixingmen. He still sneaked around and offended Qixingmen, and your brother almost died. Huo Xian threatened to let Tingyu come out and admit that he was a poisonous person, and then promised to give Tingyu a sum of money to help him leave Qixingmen … Of course, if you all know."
Fang Xianghong hurriedly asked, "Did Huo Xian give him the bottle of poison that Yu Shen heard?"
Tang Yufei nodded. "Now, we can be sure that the poison was directed and performed by Huo Xian, just to seize the hosting of the Seven-Star Gate, so the fact that Yun Ya Jun came to the Seven-Star Gate was also fabricated by Huo Xian."
The wind urged the snow to "tut". "So … the head of the palace may be dying soon."
It is hard to hide the anger when Fang gradually blushes, and the wind urges the snow to pat Fang gradually to comfort him. "Don’t worry, Fang’s family is in stable condition now. Although Huo Xian has poisoned all the heads, he intends that the head position is unreasonable to kill other heads."
Fang Xianghong pursed his lips and pinched his finger joints. "I must let Huo Xian blood out!"
Tang Yufei reached Fang Gradually Hong’s fist tightly, and the sudden temperature made Fang Gradually Hong look at Tang Yufei with a slight tilt of his head and listen to Tang Yufei’s "will".
Fang Xianghong was moved by "Madam …"
The wind made the snow "hiss"-"No, since the poison was exterminated, where did you get it?"
The wind urged Xuenao to turn quickly, pinching Ba to think, "Since the poisoning case was framed by Huo Xian and Huo Xian also got the poison of Thousand Spiders, it is very likely that he intervened in the killing of Thousand Spiders … It is very likely that Yun Ya Jun never appeared from beginning to end … But what is the purpose of Huo Xian’s doing this?"
Fang Xianghong also fell into thinking that "poisoning the palace head can be said to be the head position, but I don’t understand it."
Qingfeng suddenly opened his mouth and woke up the people present. "He didn’t say that Yunya Jun was resurrected as an excuse for the major sects and why did we come to Qixingmen?"
How can the leaders of the major sects be poisoned and fall into Huo Xian’s control?
The wind urged the snow to frown. "But if Huo Xian really killed the real killer of the Thousand Spiders Gate, it was not too much to get the head position …"
Qingfeng Road "I’m afraid it’s more than that."
Tang Yufei suddenly spoke at this moment. "I haven’t said one more thing. Elder Jiang went to see Huo Xian last night. Both of them are masters. We dare not get too close, so we didn’t hear what they talked about. But Elder Jiang’s words and deeds are quite respectful to Huo Xian. I doubt … liuhe dan is also the mastermind of Huo Xian!"
Fang gradually Hong’s face sank. On that day, they also discussed liuhe dan’s affairs. liuhe dan’s addiction should not be underestimated. If all the monks are under his control, if Huo Xian is really the mastermind, then he will never stop at the head position, but also in the whole fix true world!
Now it is urgent to stop Huo Xian.
But hurry slowly and soon something was wrong in the Seven Star Gate.
That evening was the time for dinner. The dishes in Qixingmen were exquisite and delicious, but the monks in the dining room were worried about this delicious dish. The poisoning of Yunyajun in Qixingmen made people panic. Everyone was afraid that they would be poisoned again in their meals.
Duan Jie was born to play a bowl of porridge and wanted to find a place to sit. Suddenly, he saw two figures in the corner, one black and one white, to detain and shine at the moment. Brother Qing! "
The wind urged the snow to look up and waved to Duan Jiesheng. "Come and sit down!"
I wonder if it is an illusion that Duan Jiesheng seems to see the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture throwing a cold glance at himself, which seems extremely unpopular.
Duan Jiesheng soon waved the matter and sat down next to the wind and snow. The line of sight fell on the table and piles of dishes cried and fell to the ground. "You! You eat so much! "
To be exact, it was the wind that urged the snow. A person ate Qingfeng and stuffed the peeled shrimp into the mouth of the wind that urged the snow. "What’s wrong with you?"
Duan Jiesheng embarrassed way "nothing, nothing, I just came to have dinner with you …"
At this moment, there was a sudden scream at the table next door. They followed the sound and saw two monks with blue and gray faces and hands on the table. It looked very strange to bend and tremble in a strange posture.
"He … what’s wrong with them?" Duan Jiesheng quivering way
For a moment, the two monks suddenly burst into aura mixed with magic gas and rushed around to attack! At the same time, the two monks also caught the people next to them to attack!
At that time, the dining room exclaimed, "Someone is possessed! ! !”
"quick! Stop them! !”
However, the enchanted monk’s magic gas exploded, and the monks around him were caught off guard by these two men. One of the runaway monks went straight to the table with a wave of his arm-
"Be careful! !” Sitting in the outermost section of the robbery, I suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and wanted to stop the monk who broke out.
However, Duan Jiesheng didn’t come into contact with each other for a moment, and saw a sword shadow flash quickly. The possessed monk was instantly flown out and smashed many tables and chairs along the way.
Duan Jiesheng jumped to the ground and looked up only to see that Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture was still sitting in the seat. The sword was put in the chair and put on the table without being drawn.
At this time, the rest of the monks have stopped another possessed monk, and together with the monks who were blown away by the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture, they also caught all the monks thanking the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture. Now it is difficult for everyone to see such an unknown master.
Duan Jiesheng was lifted up before the wind urged the snow. "How did you just jump directly?"
Duan Jiesheng fell down in front of everyone and blushed again. "I’m afraid he’ll hurt you …"
The wind urges the snow. "No, I mean why don’t you draw your sword."
Just now, I saw Duan Jieshou press the sword on my waist. I don’t know what it was, but I finally took it back and chose the flesh to stop it
Duan Jiesheng is even more embarrassed. "I don’t know what’s wrong with them … I’m afraid that the sword will hurt them …"

Duanmu Yunhai was distressed to death, but on the surface, he was full of determination and snapped: "Remember, you are a Duanmu family and a descendant, and we Duanmu family have no cowards. You still have a lot of things to do, mom and dad have gone, and only you, me and grandpa are left. You have to live anyway, otherwise you are not worthy to be the son of my Duanmu family! "

I want to live!
My hands and feet have long been smashed by thunder, and my face is blue and bleeding, but my belief in living is getting stronger and stronger: I must live for Duanmu family, for my brother and grandfather, for glory for my dead parents, and for protecting everyone around me!
Thunder roared and turned the earth upside down.
He was chopped down by thunder again and again, and flew stubbornly to meet Lei Guang again and again. He used bare arm bones without fists in his palm, and calf bones without his feet. When the flesh of the limbs disappears, when the blood is completely exhausted, only the bone powder like jade chips is splashed in the air.
The people around have been filled with hope from the beginning, and they are deeply impressed by the cold. Leili bombards the body inch by inch, which is ten million times more painful than the year. Is it what the average person can bear?
"He is the strongest person I have ever met, regardless of his fighting power or will under the same order …" A fairy emperor around Qi Xianer praised him.
"Because, he has unshakable faith, he is a real man, worthy of any woman’s life to cherish and love!" Qi Xianer no longer cries, even if she is dead, she can be proud of falling in love with such a man.
"We are the source of his faith."
Bing pupil seems to be talking to himself, and seems to be answering Qi Xianer’s words: "He won’t die, definitely not! He is the greatest man in the world. He still has too many things to do, and so many promises have not been fulfilled. He will not die or die … "
Heaven’s punishment has no human feelings. Eighty-one thunder will not be reduced because of tears and beliefs. Chen Han, who is more than one meter tall, will become shorter in thunder’s nullification.
The palms and feet disappeared …
Arms and legs disappeared …
Like a bloody human stake, and as the thunder continues to fall, even a body of flesh and blood is gradually worn out.
He can no longer exert great power, only the immortal power can be used, and gradually he has to use his body to block the powerful thunder. Half of the body slowly wears away in the thunder light, and it is broken a little below the abdomen, and finally even the abdomen and Xianying are completely broken.
Bang …
Finally, the last thunder tore off his flesh and blood with only a small half of his body, revealing the inner universe that was almost disintegrated in his belly.
The five planets with five internal organs metamorphosed are covered with numerous cracks, which seem to fall apart at any time, and the core of the star is dim and almost extinguished. After eighty-one to the thunder, even the Yuan God suffered the heaviest damage in history. Many cracks were covered with the Yuan God, and even the soul source was shocked.
In general, an immortal would have been frightened out of his wits by such trauma. The emperor’s strong defense, combined with the defense of the innate E-soil elite, the restoration of the innate E-wood elite and the vitality of the innate Gui-shui elite, made him on the verge of fly ash annihilation.
"No … no …"
JiXianEr and ice pupil cried and rushed over, but JiXianEr’s cultivation was obviously better, and he hugged the dying cold first.
Chapter 597 Rushed to Qingtian
"Get out of the way quickly!"
Yu Changfeng pulled Qi Xianer away and shouted, "What’s the use of crying? You will only delay the second brother’s life, and you will continue your life with the original immortal power as soon as possible. If anything happens to the second brother, all of you will not want to live! "
In front of him, that sentence was aimed at Xianer and Bingtong, while the latter half sentence was aimed at the immortals and immortals under his command.
Sixty excellent masters flew over and injected the most pure source into Chen Han’s body. Although this level of damage is beyond human power, with such a master continuing his life with the source, Chen Han will never die in a short time. It is another way of saying it for a long time.
Bing Yan suddenly knelt in front of Yu Qifeng. Before she could speak, Yu Qifeng hurriedly lifted her up: "Sister-in-law, don’t do this, I can’t stand it!"
This sister-in-law made her cry even harder, and she begged miserably: "Yu Shao, Bing Tong only asks you to save him. As long as you can save Chen Han, I will do anything … He can’t die …"
"Sister-in-law, you can just call me Chang Feng. Chen Han is my second brother, and he is my own brother in Chang Feng’s heart."
Hearing the words of Bing Pupil, Yu Yun-feng’s eyes burst with acid, and she said mournfully, "In those days, if our second brother hadn’t saved us with his life, we would have died in the star field. He is my sworn brother, a lifesaver for us, and the person we rely on and respect most. As long as there is any way, even if I let Chang Feng change his life, I will try my best to save him. "
"Master, this treasure can save Chen Shao’s life!" A fairy statue hurriedly said.
"Still stare blankly stem what, quick take second brother back …"
"But …"
"If you have something to say, you can fart!"
"Chen Shaoxian baby broken meridians cut off, and even the body trauma is a small matter, the key yuan god is almost broken, and even the soul source is greatly traumatized. I’m afraid this kind of injury won’t last long, even if the immortal deity continues his life from the source. This gate is too far away from here to go back. "
The immortal summoned up all his courage and said, "Besides, the capture of Heaven and Scattering is a sacred treasure, which is rare and in your hands. Even if you can go back in time, I’m afraid your majesty will not necessarily give it, after all … "
He didn’t go on, and he was afraid that Yu Yun-feng would go crazy. Even if the sacred treasure was placed in the super power, it was the most precious treasure.
Don’t you see that there is not even Yu Qifeng, who is the only great-grandson?
If he had suffered such an injury himself, Hanyu Emperor would certainly take out the heaven to save people, but it is almost zero to let him give such a precious holy medicine to a stranger. As an emperor, it is one thing to consider the interests of sects, but it is another thing to give Chen Han the holy medicine. No matter how good his relationship with Yu Yun Feng is, he is not from the Ming Emperor’s Hall after all.
All this aside, the most important thing at the moment is that Chen’s cold injury is too heavy to go to the Ming Emperor’s Hall, which is separated from the Youquan Gate by more than a dozen super powers.
"Come with me."
Qi Xianer looked at Chen Han, who was instilled by the two immortals, and said slowly, "This gate is not far from the border with Qiongyuzong, and it only takes a few days to get back at full speed."
"Can the Heavenly Sword Sect have the holy medicine to save my second brother’s life?" Yu Qifeng seems to have caught the straw.
"Will your grandfather give it to you?"
"Yes, if he doesn’t give it, I will die with Chen Han."
Qi Xianer dropped a word, hugged Chen Han with tears, and murmured, "Don’t worry, I will definitely save you. I won’t live if you die."
In fact, the most convenient way to save the cold is the Youquanmen. Unfortunately, although the status of the sea of clouds in Youquanmen is high, what happened this time is even different, but there is no chance to get the holy medicine. After all, he is only an elder candidate. Compared with Yu Qifeng and Qi Xianer, there is an insurmountable gap in their respective sects. Even if he dies in front of the Pope, he will never get the holy medicine.
A line of people finally left NingBiXing, even DuanMuYunHai, which can’t leave without permission, followed quietly.
That’s his only brother, not to mention the status of just a candidate elder, for he can give up even the position of the emperor.
Hundreds of people traveled through the interstellar transmission array, and they crossed several star domains of the super power. The consumed fairy stones can only be described as massive.
But it doesn’t matter to them at all. Chen Han’s life is more valuable than anything else.
"Line up, one by one, how do you cut in line?"
In order to speed up the road, people choose to travel in a straight line, so they have to pass through some high-quality planets. In front of them, there are a sea of people next to the interstellar transmission array of this mysterious planet, and the team is lined up for more than 100 meters.
The leader who guards the transmission array clearly has the initial accomplishments of the immortal emperor. Even among the passengers in the queue, there are many strong immortals and even immortals. However, as a planet second only to heaven and earth, it is a military stronghold of super power, and there are several immortals sitting on this planet, so no one dares to mess around even the top strong.

When he looked at the camera, it just played to the top three picks, revealing that the Nets Pro Hohloff 76 ers Zhu-Holliday Wizards boss Mrs. Pauline, three people, and the last three teams were invited to the stage

ProHohloff looks confident that the Russians have strong financial resources and believe that they really belong to their destiny, while Holliday looks blank. He has overfulfilled today, and even the general manager of the flower-exploring signing team may have been smiling, while Mrs. Pauline looks serious. The wizards suffered a major blow this year, and the number one star Arenas was caught in the "gun door" incident. It is self-evident that it is of great significance to win the first prize at this time.
"Wizards must be the number one scholar!" A pretty boy in a dormitory at Butler University made a bold prediction at his roommates who were surrounded by him.
Chapter 43 Trial Training Camp
As Hayward said, the wizards really won the top prize in a small probability.
It was nine years ago when Joe Wang was still the leader of the Wizards. The Wizards won the first high school student champion in history-Kwame Brown. Later, everyone knew that the Wizards had obviously dug a hole and buried themselves.
Now that they have won the top draft again, it is considered that they have had experience. For example, every move of the Wizards management has touched the hearts of Wizards fans. In this city of Washington, many fans have even written to team coach Philip Sanders to give him advice and suggestions.
The 76 people unexpectedly won the second prize, which made the city people ecstatic and diluted some of Iverson’s sadness of leaving.
The most confident Russians have won a flower-exploring ticket. They were very interested in Wall or Turner, but now it seems that it is time to reconsider this method.
Less than ten minutes after the lottery ceremony, Tang Wenlong received a message from Joe Thomas.
"Don, I think we need to get ready quickly. I think you have seen the draft just now. I have also received an invitation from the top three training camps. I don’t think we need to go all the time. I will send the advantages and disadvantages of the lotto team to your mailbox. After you have seen it, I will list the three teams I want to go to most, and then we will try out according to the itinerary."
Tang Wenlong raised his eyebrows and said, "Isn’t it a little too hasty? Other rookies haven’t said that they will participate in the trial. When the time comes, I will run over and I will participate in the trial alone."
"Don’t worry, these trials are individual trials, not joint trials," explained Joe Thomas. "We hot rookies don’t need to take part in the flashy joint training camp to do ball control training, 5-to-5 matches, and we just need to do some physical fitness measurements and basic work tests in other people’s stadiums."
"Well, I get it," Tang Wenlong replied with a shrug.
Two days later, Tang Wenlong and Joe Thomas appeared in the Wachovia Center Stadium of the 76ers.
In the stadium training hall, 76 people just ordered team coach Doug Collins, 76 people, current general manager Ed Stefanski, 76 people, chief scout Adela Linlin, 76 people’s department Hou Li to be around and visited by media reporters.
"Nice to meet you, China Tang." The 76-member officials also had nothing to shake hands with Tang Wenlong one by one, and they all exchanged pleasantries for a while before waiting for the workers to arrange the side test.
"By the way, Tang, how tall are you? "Stefanski hand strokes a Tang Wenlong height looked up and asked.
Tang Wenlong hesitated to take a look at all the people with a curious smile. "I don’t know. It seems that it has been growing for more than one meter in the ninth five-year plan. I haven’t measured it recently."
"Yeah! "Doug Collins’s eyes lit up and he smiled thoughtfully.
It didn’t take long for the testing equipment to be ready, so Tang Wenlong arranged the first test, that is, the most basic physical fitness test.
Tang Wenlong was barefoot in the measuring instrument, and the workers took the instrument to measure it accurately. At this time, the tests were the most authentic. After the test, there was no false information when reporting to the league. This is why many team training camps are willing to set up this kind of personal trial for some excellent players.
Then Tang Wenlong took another arm to measure the wingspan.
His long arms usually don’t see such a scary picture at the back end. Collins and Stefanski looked at each other in the distance, and they were excited to see each other’s eyes.
Then there is the training of jumping ability. 76 people use light scanning to measure Tang Wenlong’s maximum jumping value. Not only that, this measuring instrument is the most advanced jumping measuring instrument in NBA at present, but it can also measure the player’s in-situ jumping speed, which is a key factor in NBA rebounding.
"bang! “
Tang Wenlong completed the last bounce with small steps, which was his fifteenth bounce in one minute. The average of four wonderful jumps was a measure of the player’s continuous bounce.
The staff continued to lead Tang Wenlong to complete the strength test, NBA strength test and multi-bench press test.
At this time, the field workers have printed out some body side data completed by Tang Wenlong and handed it over to several leaders standing on the side.
"1 meter 97! "Collins and others can’t help but let out a scream!
"The wingspan reached 2 meters 13! "Chief scout Edward’s face was a little unbelievable and a little shy, and then he faced the two bosses of the team and asked for an explanation. He touched his nose and pushed Brandon Bill, a part-time scout, in one breath." I didn’t understand Bill’s statement that Tang Wenlong was 1.93 meters. I didn’t expect him to be so irresponsible. I’ll go back and criticize him seriously immediately! “
"It seems that the weight is a little light." Collins expressed his opinion without going deep into him.
Stefanski gave him a white look and said, "It is normal for a few players who have just entered the league to be thin!" “
Joe Thomas watched the 76 people and three guys get together and talk furtively, showing a confident smile.
Once upon a time, Tang Wenlong couldn’t even receive an invitation letter from an American university, but now he is the hottest university player in the United States. Who can be vain in his efforts? With him, he sees everything, he knows how the child dreams in his heart, and he knows how powerful he really is.
Then the stadium rang and the workers shouted and exclaimed!
"What happened? "Stefanski and others ran along the sound in succession, and all the horses gathered around the strength tester and immediately gasped in a gasp!
See just now was they talk about "thin" Tang Wenlong supine stool knees two feet on the ground hands are holding a barbell is rapidly pushing back and forth one by one.
Qi seems to be still, leaving the teenager’s chest undulating and breathing heavily.
Adela rubbed her eyes and couldn’t believe her eyes. He looked all over. Tang Wenlong made sure he didn’t see James.
"How many bench presses? "Tang Wenlong put barbell mouth gasped and asked.
The worker was stupefied, and then suddenly his face was embarrassed. He looked at the bosses around him with poor eyes and almost cried. "I don’t know. Hey, I just suddenly forgot to count."
"Well, it should be exactly twenty-five. I count correctly." Tang Wenlong emerged from the bench press and laughed.
Then he was startled by a crowd around him. Why did so many people suddenly appear? Tang Wenlong two scratching their heads stood there and didn’t know what to do.
"One hundred and twenty kilograms bench press even push 25! And it’s not the limit! "Collins’s eyes became hotter. He looked at Tang Wenlong, who was streamlined in front of him, as if he were looking at a rare treasure. When he was young, Jordan once knew the defensive power. During the Raptors, McGrady almost always had less power to assist in terrorist jumping, wingspan and reaction nerves. The limit of this child’s power, which can be called a monster in the defender, is immeasurable.
Tang Wenlong moved his feet slightly. He felt that people here had a little strange eyes, which made him panic.
Finally, the basic shooting test. After half an hour’s rest, Tang Wenlong did his best "performance"!
He once shot alone in front of the basket for several lonely nights. This mid-range jump shot at the three-point line is as simple as eating and drinking water for him and more accurate than free throws.
"swish! ""swish! ""swish! “
Basketball kept going through the net, but most of them were in the box. It was more than a minute before everyone heard Tang Wenlong’s first iron-tapping sound and then a series of hearts in the box.
However, this time, everyone is fine. After all, there are many excellent pitchers in the 76ers. Like Capono, throwing three points in training is also a series of feelings, and the shots will not stop.
In the end, Tang Wenlong hit 96 of a mid-range jumper, which was higher than his free throw percentage in college season.

Lori just got the basketball ready to push Billups with his hands open. Although he is 35 years old and has entered the final stage of his career, he is experienced in handling some small details.

The 76 ers attacked the left position of the basketball court. Iguodala and Dalem Porter formed a double cover ball cover position. On the right side, Tang Wenlong and Fields ran hide and seek for two times, then plunged into a well-arranged position and turned to the line to catch the ball with the help of a cover pocket.
Fields was blocked to defend Iguodala Anthony and rotated to defend Tang Wenlong.
Tang Wenlong caught the ball and took a step with his right foot, which was ridiculously fast
Anthony didn’t react. Tang Wenlong was already in a parallel position with him. When he reached out again, he didn’t even catch Tang Wenlong’s skirt.
The whole Knicks defense line became fragmented. Tang Wenlong scored the ball at the bottom corner, and Sidious easily caught the ball and made a three-pointer
The reason why Sidious Young can lead Speights into the starting lineup is that he has an extra three-pointer ability, which is very rare among 35% players in the season.
This shot is like training Yang Shou, which is a heart ball.
5 leads the 76 ers by 5 points.
Anthony is a little unhappy. Tang Wenlong, his younger brother, performed a little better than he did in the first season, especially when he was so crisp and neat just now.
After half-time, he fell to the low post and asked Billups for the ball.
Billups is also a bachelor. When Anthony wants the ball, it’s straightforward. Now it’s impossible for this Knicks to win the championship. What if the two bosses know the offense and don’t know the defense, even if they often work together to get 6 points every night?
Anthony pushed Iguodala a little and then leaned back to hit two points.
As soon as I turned around, I vomited an one mouthful atmosphere, and I don’t know if it was a release.
And the 76ers still have Lori in control of the ball. After Tang Wenlong moved, he didn’t get a chance. Igor Daladier’s second tactical starting point got a basketball breakthrough, and then he moved to the bottom corner again. This time, Lori received the ball on the left.
When Billups came back to defend, Lori had already made a move.
The ball is still flying, and Zhang’s coach can’t wait to cry, "Here’s the ball!"
When a basketball hit the basket and flew out, it bounced high and jumped directly behind the backboard. It was awarded to the Knicks directly.
"Ahem ~"
Yu Jia’s head covered her face. Fortunately, she didn’t switch to the studio.
Director Zhang kept a straight face, but the topic shifted quickly. "Although the ball failed to score, the opportunity has come out. It is very reasonable for the 76 ers to play like this, and if the Knicks still defend like this, I am afraid they will hang up today."
Chapter one hundred and twenty-five The representative of Gao Fushuai
He is not a prophet, but his analysis is methodical.
However, the stadium is changing rapidly, and no one can guarantee that it will become an unbeaten myth. At best, it can be regarded as a high winning rate
At the end of the first quarter, the two teams fought for half a catty-the 76 ers led by 2 points 25-23.
The two teams’ substitutes made a deal with each other. Anthony formed a dream giant array, and the Knicks sent away all the potential new stars. Now they are either old, weak, sick or famous, and I don’t know where to find temporary workers.
The 76ers have always been criticized by fans, and the substitute team has obviously overwhelmed the Knicks.
Williams played happily defending him. Anthony Carter is 36 years old this year, a little older than Billups. There is no way to break through him. He has a feeling of facing primary school students as if he has become a stadium superstar during this period!
"How did Williams get the ball?"
Suddenly I don’t know that an old man in a studio on the other side of the ocean is commenting on his attack choice.
"Look, it’s iron again!"
Although the hit rate is not high, the overall efficiency is better than that of the Knicks. After hitting two consecutive shots, Speights broke through the basket, killing a 76 ers and establishing a point lead.
D ‘Antonima called a time-out.
Tang Wenlong and a bunch of main players got up from the bench and took the lead in applauding "Well done, man! “
Coach Doug Collins, who has always been unsmiling, also smiled. "You did a great job, Louis. I like it when you break through and continue to do this. The Atlanta man (Anthony Carter) can’t help you!" Near the end of the season, he also consciously decompressed the players, and then it was a new round of pressure in the playoffs, and he had to adjust his state before that.
Looking at it, it’s almost time for normal array rotation. Collins turned his attention to Tang Wenlong.
Tang Wenlong blinked a little.
Collins laughed. "We’ll try to get the score to ten in the second quarter. It’s time for you to perform."
Columbia University, new york
Fang arranged for the library to study by himself after the early summer and passed the campus bar.
Suddenly, there were ghosts crying and sighing in the bar, which was vaguely mixed with racist insults such as "yellow monkey" and "damn China guy"
She frowned deeply and took out her mobile phone.
Sure enough, there are 76ers playing today and the opponent is the new york Knicks.
While holding her arms, she leafed through the live broadcast of NBA text on her mobile phone. "It’s actually two points ahead. Does the Knicks seem to be not so weak?"
The so-called near-Zhu Zhechi boyfriend played basketball, and he also got to know the NBA in the early summer. For example, in new york, she knew that the Knicks’ late rise had reached the seventh place in the east, which is two places away from the 76ers. It is reasonable to say that the strength of the two teams should be not far apart.
When she looked closely at the players’ technical statistics, she saw that Tang Wenlong had scored 32 points, which was three minutes before the end of the third quarter.
"Wenlong is great!" She smiled with alacrity, and was really a hundred happy with her male ticket.
There are insulting broken words coming from a lively bar in the distance in her ears. At this moment, these things have melted in her ears, and she feels guilty because of fear and fear
"A bunch of buffoons!"
Sweat left from the hairline and fell down the cheeks to the floor.
Anthony’s heavy breathing fluctuates along his chest, and his back and knees feel a little sore. He knows that after a season of hard work, his body is not enough to support him and he will continue to fight hard for forty minutes.
But he was really unwilling to lose to a young man.
Anthony didn’t know how he felt when he thought about it. When Tang Wenlong first entered the league, he supported it. I didn’t expect it to climb to his head after only one season.
The atmosphere on the Knicks bench was dignified, and Stoudemire didn’t speak, just watching the marginal players of the two teams running back and forth.
Director Zhang sighed with emotion: "The 76ers really played a good game today. Tang Wenlong once again cut 3+ in less than three quarters. I don’t know how many times it has been done this season."
Yu Jia also quite agrees with this point. "It is said that the history of Tang Wenlong’s scoring ability is rare, and it is really hard to find a few players who have performed like this in the rookie season."
At this time, there was a dead ball in the stadium. The referee forced the suspension of the broadcast in the fourth quarter and switched to a scene in today’s game.
Yu Jia immediately followed up with the commentary, "Let’s take a look at Harbin Beer and bring us the best goal of the day!"
It was a defensive counter-attack, and Iguodala quickly broke into the frontcourt. Tang Wenlong cut into the frontcourt from 45 degrees and Iguodala formed a two-to-one situation against the Knicks.
Iguodala threw the ball up and Tang Wenlong caught it. After gliding for some distance, he dunked it with his hands.
"This is almost the epitome of the whole game. In the third quarter, the Knicks were taken away by a wave of defensive counterattacks from the 76ers," Yu Jia said with a smile.
In the end, the 76ers beat the Knicks 113-94 at home and swept new york in the season.
Tang Wenlong was rated as the best 19-shot, 12-pointer, 6-shot, 4-shot and 7-shot penalty, and scored 35 points, which was actually two points higher than him.