Yin Zhen … You’ll pick me up, right?

I’m waiting for you here.
Chapter ninetieth Dead [1]
"Come on! Give me the prisoner out! " Sleepily, I heard such a shouting accompanied by the kick of the cell door.
I didn’t sleep well, but I was completely awakened by the noise. I was about to get up and check, but I was left out of my cell by two jailers.
I struggled hard, but I couldn’t earn anything. The two men were surprisingly strong, so I moved as soon as I finished.
"What are you doing!" I shouted, however, because prison life has made me a little weak in recent days, and the words I shouted were as bad as mosquitoes and flies.
"Four Fujin … you don’t blame us … we also sacrificed his life … but you will find the right person in the future … don’t find us these irrelevant people …" A shrill voice said.
Next to me, two jailers dragged me to the front of this man, and then let go and stood on both sides disguised terms.
I looked up at the speaker—
This is a middle-aged eunuch with fine wrinkles on his forehead, but it is extremely incongruous that he is as naked as a woman’s skin
"So … dare to ask my father-in-law who wants my life?" I rubbed my arm and asked coldly, "since you don’t want me to blame you, you should also let me seek revenge in the future, right?" Otherwise, wouldn’t you come to you every day to seek your soul? "
The eunuch’s white face is particularly striking, and his eyes are shining with calculations. He turns his eyes and licks his face and smiles ingratiatingly. "Fujin’s words are unlucky. I am a slave who dare not come to take your life one day … I was just ordered to judge you. How can disregard for human life? But …" He paused for a long time and continued, "But if Fujin doesn’t listen to the trial, he won’t be punished … This instrument of torture is the most long-sighted. If it hurts your precious slave, it’s all right.
Finally! My heart sighs
Will one day … be ordered to interrogate me? ….. I don’t know if he ….. was ordered by someone … Yin Zhen, is that you? ……
Do you want me to die?
Is it really you …
No … You won’t … You must come back and save me. You will come and take me away from …
I can’t stop comforting myself and telling myself not to be afraid.
I took a deep breath and said, "If my father-in-law has something to say, it is necessary to beat around the bush." My face was cold and snorted. "If my father-in-law wants me to say that I am guilty of my own crime, then Jin Er will even disappoint your father-in-law. Naturally, you have no chance to go to your Lord and take credit for it. Jin Er also said sorry to you before here."
The eunuch’s eyes were extremely white when he stared at the original, and his face was a little white again. He pointed to me with a blue flower in his atmosphere. "Smelly girl! Don’t dare to touch you! " He said with a smile, "Since I was ordered to come, I naturally handled your case fairly and tried your case well!" He snapped out these words.
Chapter ninety-one Dead []
He ordered the two jailers to come and lift me from the ground.
"Tie Fujin to the wooden frame." The eunuch leisurely sat on the wooden chair and commanded, "Hey, the little hooves can be careful for our house. Don’t hurt this delicate four Fujin."
He pretended to yell at me with provocative eyes, as if to show off his power.
I struggled because of my strength, and the two jailers tied me to a wooden frame similar to the gallows of Jesus.
I saw the eunuch’s eyes and his heart was filled with disdain, so I snorted at him and turned away.
It seems that today is inevitable …
I silently thought to myself.
Yin Zhen, will you come and save me?
I took a deep breath and prepared myself for the coming torture.
How can I not know that the punishment here is cruel after eating so many days in prison? I know very well … those screams caused by torture used to be the only background music for me to sleep these nights.
Bitterness helps resentment.
I didn’t expect that I would come to their position today and deeply understand that they felt that I had laughed at myself and that I would be different from others. It turned out that I was just deceiving myself.
Chen Yan, Chen Yan, you think too much of yourself.
Why are you different from them? In your capacity? Or is it because that person loves you? ……
Maybe it’s a pet without love, but sadly it’s a pet that doesn’t love much.
He can spoil you, but you can smile at you when you mess around in front of him, but he won’t see you as the only time for him that you are as fond of writing brushes or pets, and you can be teased. Once you offend him, you will be abandoned.
How sad
Did I make a mistake?
Should I not ask for the only one to love him? Should I give up my desire for freedom and let him die of old age? Is it that I shouldn’t be wishful thinking that I can live with him forever? ……
The last thing I should do is meet him, shouldn’t I?
But I ask myself, if I do it again, will I still choose this road? Even knowing that this road leads to such a dark future, will I? I won’t?
Hehe … Wry smile.
I still will.

"Of course, it’s so easy to fight with the bonfire. It’s unexpected that Brother Gao’s performance this time is really amazing." The war wound is about Naikou

"Now I won’t say anything about him. Now I want to ask if you haven’t given up attacking the beacon city." Gao Jianfeng asked seriously.
"Didn’t you attack me from the enemy’s city? If you have something to say, you should say it directly." The war wound asked directly.
"It’s very simple. If you want to attack my beacon city, then you won’t go back to the city. Of course, if you don’t have such a plan, that’s another calculation." Gao Jianfeng said coldly, although he doesn’t want to fight, if the other party really wants to fight, then Gao Jianfeng will never be afraid of war
"Say, please continue." There is no doubt that Gao Jianfeng has such strength, just as he can trap Gao Jianfeng in the forest of apes. Gao Jianfeng absolutely has the strength to annihilate the tens of thousands of military forces!
"I want you to go back to your capital. This war is over. If you don’t leave, I believe you have received a message from the Hundred Apes Forest. That is, if you really want to fight, please count him in!" Gao Jianfeng said …
"What do you mean, are you threatening me?" The war wound stared at Gao Jianfeng and asked, "The commander-in-chief of an army is now threatened by one person. This was an incredible thing before, but now the war wound has to consider that the threat from this person to the unknown enemy is the most frightening enemy."
"You can think that this is what he said. Think for yourself." Gao Jianfeng is not afraid to look at the mouth.
"Can you tell him who it is? Forget it, you won’t say it. Now it seems that I have no chance of winning. In this case, it seems that I have promised your request, right?" This is something that has never happened in his decades of war career
"This is the best result, and I hope that you will have a truly fair World War I." Gao Jianfeng said seriously that a general Gao Jianfeng can understand the feelings of war injuries.
"Me too. Now you can go back. You should still trust me when I talk to someone?" War wound path
"In this case, I won’t bother you." With that, I turned around and rode away.
Watching Jian-feng Gao disappear from the back, the war wound tightened and the weapon in his hand walked to the city!
Gao Jianfeng with thirty thousand fighters quickly returned to Fengyan City, and at the same time, the soldiers of Tianen Empire outside the city of Fengyan finally received the news of retreat, and at that time they ran to Fangfeng City like an amnesty.
Gao Chen’s windproof wall is a visual corner. Looking at Gao Jianfeng turning back, he breathed a long sigh of relief. So far, there is no suspense. It is a long way from the beacon city to the capital. It will take a month for Gao Jianfeng to return to the capital.
And this month, Gao Chen has to follow all the way, and he can’t relax until he gets the reward!
Chapter 62 regimental ranks
Shortly after Gao Jianfeng returned to the beacon city, he arranged for the people from the War Wounds Department to receive the news that the war wound had returned to the capital of Tianen Empire, and then he also got up and went back to the capital. He urgently needed to know that the battle report was abnormal. What happened? Who was hiding his battle report?
Gao Chen didn’t go with Gao Jianfeng, but appeared in front of the troops. Gao Jianfeng didn’t even know that Gao Chen actually helped him! And Gao Jianfeng didn’t encounter any trouble all the way. It all seemed so calm, but Gao Chen knew that it was because the real battlefield was the center of the whole bonfire empire in the capital.
"Returning home in triumph, defeating the ten thousand troops of Grace Empire, killing tens of thousands of people and forcing them to return to Grace City. Good, good, good, Gao Jianfeng, I underestimate you." Looking at the battle report in his hand, he said to himself that although he said yes, his face was so ugly.
This result is absolutely unexpected, but it’s windy at this time, but it can’t do anything about Gao Jianfeng. After all, Gao Jianfeng has made great contributions again this time, but instead of embarrassing him, he has to be rewarded.
"Come" knows that it’s time for you to make some preparations for some things at this time. When Gao Jianfeng returns, you have to give him a reasonable explanation. Although Gao Jianfeng can’t do anything to himself, if he doesn’t have a reasonable excuse, he will lose some people’s hearts and now he needs to find a scapegoat.
"Master Ma Xiang came to see me," ordered the eunuch.
Soon master appeared in the palace, looked gloomy and windy, and asked, "I don’t know what the emperor Wei Chen called?"
"Hum the so-called things you see for yourself." Say that finish, I threw the manual report to Mast on my knees.
Masde busy picked up the battle report and looked at his face, cold sweat slowly and his body trembled slowly.
"How is this, how is this possible?" Masud seems to be so unbelievable about the information in the Battle Report that he lost his voice.
"Hum, why not? Now I want to know what are you going to do when Gao Jianfeng returns to the capital." He asked the kneeling Mastefeng who was furious.
"I handle affairs unfavorably, please ask the emperor to make atonement, and also ask the emperor to give the old minister a chance to make atonement." Masde quickly bowed down and trembled at the sound mouth.
"I want to know how you can make amends," the wind asked coldly.
"It’s a month’s journey from the beacon city to the capital, and I can send someone to give it to him." He said and made a move.
"Knowing what Gao Jianfeng is, the confrontation between the two armies can’t destroy him. Can you still do something about your bonfire empire?" After listening to Masd’s words, the wind is even more angry.
"This, this, I can make people poison." What seems to come to mind is that Masud seems to grasp the last straw.
"The poison has passed, hasn’t it? As a result, Gao Jianfeng’s return to the city can’t stop it. What I want you to do now is to deal with some afterwards things for me. Are you white?" The wind even wrath asked.
"I thank Huang Bai for giving me this opportunity. I know what to do." Listen to the wind and talk, Masd, but I still don’t know what to do.
"Retreat" the cold wind.
"It’s hard for the gaos thought not to worry about me!" The wind sighed that Gao Jianfeng’s battle report really surprised him. He seemed to suddenly think of something in Gao’s face, smiled a little strangely and said to himself, "You can’t let me down just like this!" …
Gao Chen was far ahead of Gao Jianfeng and others in the daytime, and he practiced his lighter skills alone in the evening. Of course, there is also the speed of pushing. Now his weapon has been replaced by a war blade (general). This attack has reached 30 weights, but it is also 30 weapons, which makes Gao Chen’s cutting speed much faster. Now he can cut his knife 400 times in one minute, which is also more than 100 times short of completion.
Everything goes well. It’s been more than ten days since the day and the night in practice. Gao Chen is now less than fifty times away from the speed he needs to complete, but Gao Chen knows that this is the limit. If he wants to get promoted, the only way is to get promoted. Now it’s not something that can be done in a day or two, but it’s almost the same in a month. But it seems impossible to get promoted this month. He is a little annoyed with the promotion of the level.
Suddenly, Gao Chen thought that he still had something to do. If he wanted to complete a graded reward, wouldn’t that be enough? Now upgrading is his only hope. After reading that he hasn’t finished yet, he can upgrade a lot. One of them beat Gary so that he can be promoted to two levels, which he doesn’t want to do at present.
There is also the crisis of Gao Jianfeng, which won’t be rewarded until Gao Jianfeng returns to windy city. For this, it’s also far away. When I saw it, Gao Chen’s eyes lit up. This is exactly what it said. It was raining in the middle of the day. When Gao Chen saw it, it was Zhu Zhiqi who challenged it. This reward seems to have no temptation for Gao Chen except to get promoted to the next level. But isn’t this what he wants? Now a small person like Zhu Zhiqi has long since ignored him.
After observing Gao Chen during this period, I found that Gao Jianfeng and his party didn’t encounter any accident. Every day goes smoothly. It seems that the capital has given up looking for Gao Jianfeng’s trouble. If you think about it, the battlefield will be alive. If the triumph road suddenly hangs up, it is a strange thing. If this kind of thing really happens, you will not know how cold it is!
Of course, because the time is getting closer and closer when Zhu Zhifu challenged him, Gao Chen has once again become the focus of the whole magic martial arts college. Because Gao Chen has not appeared for more than ten days, many people speculate on the reason why Gao Chen has not appeared. Of course, because of a duel with Magwu, no one will think that he is afraid now.
This is a student challenge. Although this challenge has become the focus of the whole Magic Martial Arts College because of the identity of both sides, it has been declared as a big event in the whole capital city by a willing heart. However, with the news that the whole college has been sold, the whole windy city is crazy. This news is like a raging flame pouring oil on it, which makes the whole body burn very fiercely. That is, the emperor will challenge the audience that day, and the winner will get a mysterious reward from himself. What is this reward? There is a lot of speculation, but anyway, it is the emperor’s hand, and it can’t be rubbish.
Many people think that this is a disguised suppression of the Gao family because Zhu Zhiqi is now a third-order six-star fighter, and Gao Chen? Although he said that he defeated Magwu, how can Magwu compare with him?
"Emperor, is it appropriate for you to do this?" Dean Ye Tianzheng asked to sit in front of him.
"What’s wrong with this? The empire is Wu Liguo. Isn’t it possible to increase the passion of relatives for practicing martial arts for one year? There’s nothing wrong with it. Don’t you want the young people in our college to be stronger and increase their enthusiasm, Dean?" The wind asked with a smile …
"I won’t say anything about the emperor. You want the Bai Gaos to be a true loyal minister for several generations. Some things done will make people feel chilling." Ye Tianzheng said something.
"Gaos thought loyal I naturally know this is not my reward is his Gao Chen preparation." Before Ye Tianzheng, it was windy and claimed to be me, not me or the emperor. This is the respect for Ye Tianzheng’s seventh-order wizard, whose face flashed an irate look, but his face still smiled and said.
"Is it really what the emperor said that he was prepared by Gao Chen?" Ye Tianzheng didn’t seem to see the wind, and his face flashed across the silk and he asked.

You Huan is the elder of Lian Xin Sect, and he is the most outstanding one with qualifications. Even Zhang Jiao relies heavily on him, but he befriends Wen Yingchang’s eldest son, Wen Lingxuan. It is precisely because of this heavy relationship that the literati are not harassed and threatened in the territory of Lian Xin Zong, and they are at peace with each other.

This gifted Elder Youhuan came to Wen Lingxuan for a small gathering every so often, but suddenly disappeared a year ago.
Wen Lingxuan is a man who keeps his word and takes friendship seriously. Although his father asked him several times occasionally, he didn’t say anything, but it can be seen that he knows something inside. Until two days ago, Youheng, who was seriously injured, came to Wen Jia, had a secret meeting with Wen Ling Xuan for a while, and then he left and disappeared. Then Wen Ling Xuan also disappeared.
Next, the people who refined the heart Sect went to the literati and asked Youheng and Fengtianbao seal. The literati where Youheng was located certainly didn’t know, and as for Fengtianbao seal, they didn’t know at all.
This is a treasure!
Chen Han first made a conclusion. Secondly, according to what Wen Yingchang said, Feng Tianbao’s seal script probably didn’t belong to Lian Xin Sect, but was obtained after Elder Youheng disappeared for more than a year.
If Feng Tianbao’s seal is originally a refined heart Sect, he can’t get it in the hands of Zhang Jiao. Moreover, in his position in refined heart Sect, there is no need to make such a fuss for an ordinary treasure. It is certain that this is an extremely precious treasure.
In this way, many things are logical.
Youheng got the news more than a year ago, or was trapped somewhere unintentionally. In short, he got this Tianbao seal. So, he brought the baby back, and told some things to Lian Xin Zong Zhang Jiao, and the treasure made the Zhang Jiao die of mutual affection and fought against Youheng.
You Hengxiu was a powerful man with excellent qualifications, but he was not killed on the spot. He escaped with serious injuries and found his good friend Wen Lingxuan. It is likely that he had entrusted Feng Tianbao’s seal to him at that time.
Next, seriously injured, he left the Wen family to find a place to heal. Wen Lingxuan was worried that Huaibi’s crime would bring trouble to his family, so he left the family, but he didn’t expect to escape.
"But … there is one of the biggest problems. How can Lian Xinzong find here?"
"They only know that Youheng is on good terms with Wen Lingxuan, and it is impossible to think that he will entrust that kind of treasure to others casually."
"How can you be sure that Youheng has been to the literati, and how can you be sure that Feng Tianbao’s seal appears here?"
Chen Han is a mystery, unless Lian Xinzong has the ability to predict the prophet, or the writer has a mole.
However, the literati do not participate in the hegemony of power, and no sect will place chess pieces here. What’s more, the literati have no physical names, all of which are the blood of a family. It is not easy to place chess pieces here, which is why it is difficult to understand.
A little while later, the news from Wen Xi was settled, and Lian Xinzong targeted the Kuangdao Fairy House, temporarily thinking that this old rival had killed them.
Juxian League!
This is a newly established sect on Helan Star, which is claimed to be founded by writers.
In order to have some self-protection ability in this troubled times, we should take out all the wealth accumulated over the years and attract talents from all over the world to join the great cause of collusion. For the family that has just been attacked by Lian Xin Sect and almost killed, this behavior is completely understandable. There are often new forces established on Helan Star, and whether it can survive is another matter.
Usually, when a power is just established, the neighboring forces will send small teams, with the goal of testing the strength of the new sect.
If it’s too strong, it’s an alliance. If it’s too weak, take the opportunity to destroy it and take everything from the other side as your own.
Unfortunately, among the three forces bordering Juxian League, Lian Xinzong is in conflict with Kuangdao Fairy House, and Feixing Valley is preparing to send someone to sound out the reality of Juxian League, and immediately receives the gauntlet of Lian Xinzong and Kuangdao Fairy House. There is nothing else, because these two sides have discovered through various clues analysis that it is actually Feixing Valley that is secretly causing mischief and alienating each other, which will provoke a bloody battle between the two forces to reap the benefits of the fishermen.
The three forces are caught in a chaotic conflict, and they have no time or energy to pay attention to Juxian League, which undoubtedly creates a good opportunity for recruiting in the early stage.
What’s more, the salary given by the masters recruited by Juxian League is three times higher than that of the best-paid sects on Helan Star. Why don’t those wild practitioners who have no door and no faction flock to it?
Chapter 575 Stick policy
On the original basis, Wen Gu’s manor has been expanded tenfold, and the top-level array passed down by the Kirin family has been increased by dozens of times by means of mustard seed sumeru. This piece of inner space is full of tens of thousands of miles in Fiona Fang, and it has become the future headquarters of Juxian League.
Outside the mountain gate, there is already a sea of people, all of whom come to join the wild repair of Juxian League. The generous remuneration of this new force makes people greedy.
The minimum requirement for joining the Juxian League is Taiyi Jin Xian, with 10 pieces of medium-grade fairy stones each year, 10 pieces of top-grade fairy stones paid by Luo Jinxian each year, and 10 pieces of top-grade fairy stones for Luo Tianshang Fairy.
That’s the best fairy stone!
Helan Star’s top-grade fairy stone, which can hardly be found locally, is ten times as valuable as the top-grade fairy stone on the surface. In fact, even if you take a hundred pieces of top-grade fairy stone, you may not be able to exchange it for a gourmet fairy stone, which has a price but no market on the main planet.
The most important thing is that the Juxian League has a promise first, and any disciple who joins the sect can practice the advanced mind and tactics in the sect.
The little boy who has just been forcibly promoted to the early stage of Taiyi Jin Xian is sitting in front of the table like an adult, and his existence is tantamount to a living signboard.
Children under the age of 10 have been trained by Taiyi Jin Xian, and they must have taken rare Dan medicine or Xiancao. The potential of Juxian League can be seen.
A boy of 16 or 17 was standing beside him, holding his arms with a strange smile on his face, staring at every wild immortal who came up to sign up.
"He Jin Xian later, talent growth nearly a grade …"
"I’m sorry, although the minimum requirement of this door is the realm of Taiyi Jinxian, there is no increase above a grade, so we are not recruiting yet. Please go back."
The big fellow’s eyes were as wide as two bells, and he shook his fist at Wencheng violently. He shouted, "Little rabbit, don’t you dare to chirp again, do you believe I broke your head with one punch? Lao Tzu picked Jin Xian in the later period of Tang Dynasty. Why is he not worthy of Juxian League? !”
Zifa boy stepped forward and said faintly, "Taiyi Jinxian realm, the lowest talent increase, two conditions are indispensable, you can go."
"What did you say? Say again … "The big fellow was furious.
"get out!" The answer of the purple-haired teenager is simpler.
"Looking for death!"
"It’s you!"
The big fist is in sharp contrast with the small white fist. The young fist doesn’t even have half of the other one. However, the latosolic red energy contained in it makes someone in the place furious.
Booming …
Before the surging energy aftermath could swing away, he was imprisoned by the immortal power of the teenager, and he looked at the big fellow with a smile.
On the other hand, the whole arm was blown into a blood fog from the fist up, and all the ribs in the right chest were broken, screaming and flying backwards while spraying blood. Late pick Jin Xian was hit hard, at the same time, the other party was able to bind the aftermath of the two men’s fight, so as to make the wild repair present furious.
Can be detected from the energy attribute, this purple-haired boy is a demon race, and the demon race can be seen everywhere on Terran territory, but it has not been questioned. The key is that the strength of this demon race is too strong.
This skill shocked everyone, including some high-spirited Luo Tianxian, and some people were worried.
It’s easy to take Luo Tian Xian as a heavy blow to the late Luo Jin Xian, but it’s not easy to let the aftermath not leak at all in the case of heavy blow. At the very least, he is also a celestial fairy in the late period. This kind of strength is placed on Helan Star, which definitely belongs to the master among the masters.
Before long, a group of 100 eligible masters were gathered, who were brought into the gate by the children of the literati and walked into a small room.
There is only one person in the room, a handsome and evil-looking young man.
"My name is Duanmu."
It was Chen Han who sat in the first place. His eyes swept over the hundred people in front of him and he smiled faintly: "At the same time, he is also the great elder of Juxian League. Welcome to join our door. Now please make a blood oath to be loyal to our door, and never betray it."

This is because Lin Shen regretted taking sleeping pills and committed suicide, but life has passed away. No, Lin Shen can actually call 1 if he regrets. Is it because he didn’t have a chance to call the whole story? It seems that Lin Shen’s words are "no chance" at most. Is it a pity that suicide people talk like this? And the most important thing is that Lin Shen didn’t explain his suicide reasons. Suicide people usually write suicide reasons at the beginning, such as being too uncomfortable in their hearts or disgusted with the world.

Ye Liangkai knows so well because he wrote about suicide. When he wanted to commit suicide, he wrote the reasons for suicide first, followed by the words "Don’t be sad, take care of yourself, and have something to explain." Finally, he emphasized that relatives and friends should not be sad and cherish life and happiness.
Ye Liangkai felt that Lin Shen’s legacy really didn’t look like a suicide. With this doubt in his heart, he asked what Lin Ma had done before she died.
Lin Ma sighed when talking about this matter and recalled, "Before Shen Er died, I called him and he was crying just after I got through. Suddenly he asked me for my bank password, remember? I was a little surprised at that time. He suddenly asked me. He explained that it was just a sudden thought of asking. Later, he suddenly cried and said that he loved me. He called me again and then hung up in a hurry. "
At this point, Lin Ma sighed again and continued, "I have always refused to believe that Shen Er will commit suicide. Although I know his heart is bitter, this child will not be so sexual. I went to the police station and asked them to investigate again. The police refused to file a case. His crew seems to be hiding something from me."
Ye Liangkai listened patiently, looked at the calm heart, but looked at the desk notes and suddenly asked, "Did Aunt Lin Shen keep a diary? Did you bring back his things?"
Lin Ma nodded and said, "I brought his wallet back. I went to his rented house to get his notes back. Wait a minute." After that, Lin Ma came out of the door and came in with five or six thick notes in her hand.
Ye Liangkai looked intently. Four are notes taken during filming, and the other two are diaries.
The first diary is a thing that the university has just entered the social period. Ye Liangkai put it aside for the time being and picked up the second one. The last date is March 1, 18. It seems that Lin Shen still keeps the habit of keeping a diary. Although it is not recorded every day, there is a rule that important things are kept in mind, and unimportant things will be recorded every three days to make a summary.
Lin Ma said that she had carefully searched for Lin Shen’s relics and brought all her notes. He didn’t keep a diary in the studio and suitcase, but he had notes of a new character.
Ye Liangkai intuition Lin Shen still has an important note, so where is the latest diary?
Chapter one hundred and fourteen Pick you up
Leaves are cool, leaves are quiet, leaves are quiet, leaves are noisy, and every day, the funeral begins at 5: 30, and it starts at 10: 00, so I can hear thick cocoons in my ears.
He has been looking through Lin Shen’s diary when he has nothing to do these days, and he is more and more sure that another important diary has been taken away.
Ye Liang started talking and asked Wang Meng to go to the police station to see the police. There was no evidence left by the police. It was said that it was an ordinary suicide case, but the net caused a bloody storm, and the sinner was murdered to death.
This leads Ye Liangkai in the direction of thinking that Lin Shen has offended anyone, Liu Qingya’s father and daughter Qi Zhen’s agent, or has offended potential enemies. All speculations are not supported by tangible evidence.
The more I think about it, the bigger my brain is, the cooler my brain is, and the hand is stretched out intact. I rubbed my swollen temples and looked at the thick green trees.
Two swallows with scissors are happy to chase them, but they are free. Higher animals seem to be born with worries.
The warmth of summer has been stripped of a layer in this small mountain village. Even here, the wind brings comfortable and cool leaves. After coming here, you can sleep until dawn at night without blowing a fan and wrapping a thin quilt.
Ye Liangkai slowly let go of his thoughts, throw away the grief of losing his wife for a while, enjoy quietly, comfort people’s spiritual wounds, and quietly
Shiying has left him for 15 days, 4 minutes and 3 seconds. Her voice and smile are still vivid, and her thoughts are getting heavier and heavier. The falling place in my heart is getting bigger and bigger.
Ye Liangkai feels that she will be swallowed up by great mourning at any time, and there is no muscle left in her brain. She often gives her life to accompany her to be lonely, but Yang Shi is too worried and tied to him. In the sunset, her parents silently care for his friends.
Gradually relax the tense strings in the body and mind, temporarily relax the environment and the atmosphere is very comfortable.
The world behind the house looks at the world struggle. At this moment, the leaves are cool and the expression is very quiet. Walking to the extreme side of the scale, the pace stops.
Ye Liangkai’s heart has always been filled with an impetuous heart over the years, but after the aura of the peak and the gloom of the current trough, the floating gas gradually precipitated.
Maybe he himself didn’t find that his mentality was no longer eager for quick success and instant benefit, and he hoped to walk step by step.
Sitting in a wheelchair, slimming down and slowly being held in my arms, this hug is not tight but not loose, just to maintain it in a just right place.
Ye Liangkai slowly opened his silent black eyes without looking back. The man stared at the pink rose and said slowly, "Why are you here?"
"Aunt is worried about you, and I will come to see you for her." The man’s voice is a little soft at the moment, and his usual resolute voice is different. It seems that he is also influenced by this pure land.
"I’m fine. I have to stay here for three days and wait for the funeral before I can go home." Ye Liangkai’s voice was a little cold and lost some of her former warmth.
"Take it easy. When you are tired, lean on my arms." Qi Zhen uttered these warm words from his heart, but before he forgot those behind him, he could really be moved by not only means.
When something happens, it’s hard to pretend to forget that Ye Liangkai is facing the gentle sunshine, and Qi Zhen’s mind is often correcting that a person can hurt others in the name of love.
"My heart has gone with Shiying, and now my body is dry. No one can ignite my love. I can’t keep you away from me. The only thing I can say is that you can’t get feedback from me. I advise you to leave early."
This is a conscious leaf. The words spoken by Liang Kai are exhausted and have some good persuasion flavor.
"Oh, then I’ll wait until I don’t mind."
Ye Liangkai was silent, Jizhen silently leaned over and hugged him, and the world was quiet again. After a long time, Ye Liangkai suddenly turned around and stared at the dark brown eyes and said, "You have the diary." This tone is very certain.
This word has no head and no tail. JiZhen said doubtfully, "What diary" seems to know nothing.
"It’s okay, I’ll go back." Ye Liangkai said this sentence and then turned back and sipped his mouth and never spoke again.
If the murderer is Qi Zhen, then his performance is so good that even he can’t see any traces of performance. It’s quite natural to act from the next time. Maybe he found that he didn’t blow up his fruit this time in Qi Zhen’s hands, but it doesn’t rule out his suspicion.
Yuet Hua, like practicing, is silent all around. During this deep sleep, there is a small bed shaking like a driveway.
Leaves cool and five senses are more sensitive in the dark. Bite your lips and dare not reveal the slightest sound. The moonlight poured out of the window and plated the bed with a soft layer of Yin Hui’s sweat shining in the moonlight.
JiZhen broke off Ye Liang and tasted the sweet lips at the beginning. Ye Liang’s face was a little blurred, like a charming fox demon that lured men to absorb essence.
Ye Liangkai is asleep and confused, and his hands are wandering around, fanning the flames and teasing him to sleep. yuwang and others are awake. Now this picture is quite difficult to ride a tiger, and the pain and happiness are parallel.
The next day, Lin Ma knocked at the door of the house and shouted, "It’s cool to eat."
Ye Liangkai opened his eyes covered with glue, grabbed them, hugged his thick arms, and responded with a hoarse voice, "Aunt, I’ll get up later."
JiZhen listen to the sound of funeral music outside fidgety turn heavy pressure to get up everyone.
"Shoulder pressure" leaves cool open pain called dint away the heavy mountain.
"What’s the pressure?" JiZhen was a little confused and asked nervously. He was so annoyed that he forgot to open his body and blamed the damn car accident for the injury.
"Get up, Ye Liangkai took the bedclothes and threw them to Jizhen." Ye Liangkai had some difficulty in buttoning his shirt because of a shoulder injury, and Jizhen quickly approached to help him.
Ye Liangkai is a shopkeeper of cutting and enjoying himself with peace of mind. It is simply a painful thing for the president to wear pajamas alone these days. Every time Lin Ma calls him, he gets up early and gets dressed. Last night, things really disturbed his daily life.
Lin Ma looked at the two of them sleepy and asked "Didn’t you sleep well?"
Ye Liangkai heard that Lin Ma carefully smiled and explained that "two people squeezed into a bed last night were a little uncomfortable." Jizhen didn’t expose Ye Liangkai’s lies and went out to brush his teeth alone.
"At noon, I told them not to play music, so you have a good nap." Lin Ma put porridge on the tray and wanted to help Ye Liang open the quilt.
When Ye Liangkai saw it, he immediately guiltily stopped Lin Ma and said, "Aunt, I have something to tell you."
Lin Ma reached out to the thin quilt and stopped with her hand. She went to Ye Liangkai and said, "What’s the matter?"
Ye Liangkai quickly pulled a reason and said, "Is Lin Shen’s Soul Night with you the day after tomorrow?"
As soon as Lin Ma heard something about Lin Shen, she forgot to fold it. She was moved by it and said, "Do you want to keep it, too?"
Leaves cool open nodded and said "well" and then said "aunt, you go home with me after the funeral."
Lin Ma shook her head and smiled and said, "I’ll be lonely when I’m gone. Thank you this time."
"Ah, aunt, I don’t know what to say," Ye Liangkai looked at Lin Ma and said hesitantly.
Lin Ma looked at her face and nodded and said, "If you have something to say, I won’t blame you."
"Aunt, I think you lost a lot of your own life when you were alive, but you can live by yourself." Ye Liangkai looked at Lin Ma’s vicissitudes of life and said this.
When Lin Ma heard this, she bent her mouth and said with a wry smile, "I haven’t read it and I don’t know how to be happy when I am alive. When my mother was alive, she told me that a woman’s life is to marry a man when she grows up, have children for her, take care of the housework, raise the children and let him support me when I am old."
Leaves are cool, eyelashes are gathered, and I feel a little uncomfortable. Many women have been educated since childhood to be attached to men. What can’t be wonderful in live high?
However, it is really lonely when a person is alive. It is a very realistic problem who leads you forward when you are old and unable to move. People who are maverick and abandon the routine are doomed to lose a lot of fun for everyone compared with women with families and children.
Cool leaves mean that Lin Ma can live by herself, find a man who loves her, and do something meaningful. Don’t tie a heart to her body, just like American couples raise their offspring.
"Ah, aunt, if you feel lonely, just call me and treat me as your other son." Ye Liangkai thought for a while and finally said so.
Lin Ma nodded and blinked, stretched out his hand and wiped the tears from his eyes and said with a smile, "Good."
Life is like this, it gives you a door and a small window, and gives you some hope when you are desperate. People put this sentence out of the cocoon, but it is in our life.

Hayward ""

Blindly missed such a good opportunity to attack, and his heart was full of vomit.
The 76ers attacked Tang Wenlong’s elbow position. Hayward Delong came to double-team Tang Wenlong. He tried to steal Tang Wenlong’s dribble. Tang Wenlong grabbed the ball and sent it directly.
Crisp thugs sound Tang Wenlong throw the ball and shout loudly.
The referee decisively fouled Delong’s thugs, who looked koo-faced, shrugged their shoulders and frowned as if they had suffered a great injustice.
Tang Wenlong’s heart is happy to take the free throw line to make free throws.
Nets coach Lionel Hollins suddenly flew into a rage. Deron’s foul was really inappropriate, but in his performance, he directly bombarded the referee with his hands up and put on a puzzling look. He was very dissatisfied with this penalty
It is very straightforward to put pressure on referees, which is something that every coach in NBA must learn.
Tang Wenlong easily made two free throws, and the 76ers led the Nets by 6 points, 25 to 19 points.
After that, the two teams played separately, and the Nets didn’t have a particularly good chance to score. Hayward was defended by Tang Wenlong and didn’t have a chance to shoot.
Tang Wenlong’s back-to-back singles Hayward Nets’ double-teaming is not without double-teaming, nor is it very embarrassing.
At the last minute, Tang Wenlong’s frame was misplaced, and blache and blache moved slowly, which may be slightly better than Lopez in the Nets.
Tang Wenlong’s footsteps are unpredictable, and his body changes direction greatly. Instantaneous pull and blache’s jump shot are from high position.
However, he didn’t throw it. Fortunately, the ball bounced very high and there was no card position. Whiteside first touched the ball. He held the ball firmly in his hands and then threw it to Tang Wenlong outside.
Tang Wenlong exulted that the commander’s teammates should slow down. Just breaking through blache also consumed a wave of energy to buffer when he needed it.
At the top of the arc, Tang Wenlong commanded Ray Allen to run with the help of double pick-and-roll cover.
Then, when Ray Allen ran halfway, Tang Wenlong made a breakthrough by himself, crossing to the left and turning to the right, tricking Hayward into a three-point line with a half-body instantaneous breakthrough.
Humphries’ bag came to Tang Wenlong and was transported to the middle. Don’t look at the ball outside the 45-degree three-point line on the weak side of the right.
The Nets turned their heads along the ball and Ray Allen quietly ambushed over there.
Yang shou made a three-pointer and hit it again! 2 to 19
The Wachovia Center Arena suddenly fell into a carnival. Tang Wenlong scored a beautiful goal to end the attack, and Ray Allen shot beautifully. This is a typical 76-man cooperation.
The host of the court station who broadcast the game exclaimed, "Ray Allen is simply a bodyguard with a knife in Tang Wenlong!"
Chapter three hundred and thirty Chisel through
Veterans are always playing in the regular season, and sometimes they are bullied by young people. The state has always been tepid.
But in the playoffs, they pretended to be dead, and as soon as they came back to life, they grabbed all kinds of shots.
The spotlight Ray Allen flashed with his bald head shining, raised his arm and quickly withdrew it like a drawn swordsman.
"Good shot!"
Tang Wenlong praised and high-fived Ray Allen to celebrate. He jokingly said, "Ray, I feel that your shooting is getting more accurate and faster."
The host Buckley also made a joke about Ray Allen. "Ray Allen plays like this and I think he can retire at the age of six."
"Haha, it makes me want to come back. It’s great to play with Tang Wenlong," joked Kenny Smith.
The two people gave their compliments as if all the 76 ers were due to Tang Wenlong. Of course, this is also the consensus of all the outside world, and so are the fans.
After the second quarter, Tang Wenlong Field rested and replaced Tang Wenlong Field with Jimmy Butler.
Jimmy Butler didn’t have the opportunity to organize an attack in the 76ers’ tactical body, so he gave the offensive ball to Billups, and replaced the court line. Gasol Jr. 76ers’ outside balanced attack adopted the center as the main tactic.
The Nets substitute is led by Gerald Wallace, and there are no particularly complicated tactics. Pick-and-roll attack and low-post storm are the two most important ways.
It happened that the offensive tactics were so simple and efficient, but the Nets substitutes were also able to score many goals, and the score gap was not pulled.
In the 7 th minute of the second quarter, the Nets took the lead in changing the main force. At this time, the 76 ers led the Nets by 35 to 27 points.
Delonglai shot a three-pointer at the top of the arc and missed the rebound decisively. Gasol grabbed it and handed it to Billups.
"Slow down!" Billups raised his arm and pushed the ball slowly across the half.
After the main force of the Nets comes, the 76ers will soon change their main force. At this time, it is the most important thing to control the rhythm and keep the lead.
Both Tang Wenlong and Collins nodded. The IQ of a veteran basketball player like Billups is really high. With him in control, even if the strength of the 76ers’ second array is not as good as that of the basket, it is not so easy for the basket to easily chase the score. It is no wonder that the pistons won the championship at that time and slowly ground the enemy into powder with one knife and one gun.
Grind the will and grind the morale.
"It’s no wonder that at that time, the league hated the game between Spurs and Pistons in the finals. It would be nice if a game could get a ten at this rhythm. Slow and chatting can make people fall asleep." Tang Wenlong was already on the sidelines secretly chatting with Iguodala.
Iguodala laughed. "But the effect is very good. Look at Delong jumping and jumping. On rhythm control, he is two blocks worse than Lupus."
At this time, when Butler made a foul on Saidisyan in an attack and entered the dead ball, Tang Wenlong and Iguodala were ready to change games.
Because Butler has to make free throws, the 76ers choose a small array of Billups, Butler, Iguodala, Tang Wenlong and Gasol Jr.
At this time, the Nets are Delong, Gerald Wallace, Hayward and Sidious Lopez.
Joe Johnson was on the sidelines, ready to enter the field to replace Gerald Wallace.
Tang Wenlong defended the 76ers after the game. The first wave of attack, he fell to Sidious Yang’s side, and then reached out and stuck to the defense.
"Tang hasn’t seen you for so long, and you’re still so active," said Sidious Yang.
Tang Wenlong hey hey smiled. "You’re pretty good, too. There are actually a lot of offensive opportunities in the Nets. I heard that you practiced three-pointers this season. It’s great."
Mouth boasted that Tang Wenlong, a former teammate, didn’t think so at all in his heart. Sidious doesn’t have any tactical position in the Nets. The base of the offensive end is in the hands of Delong or Hayward. Even if it is a line attack, it will not attack Sidious, but will give Lopez a low position and storm Sidious in the Nets.
Not very tall, the four-position shooter is similar to Bosh, so he is not suitable for teammates with a high proportion of partner balls.
But if he is given the chance to attack independently, he can also score, and the data will definitely have a very prominent growth.
"Chicken ribs" Tang Wenlong gave an evaluation in his heart
Then, for a moment, Deron really looked at the breakthrough here directly and was assigned to Lopez’s middle-range jumper on the other side!
Missed the basketball, hit the hoop and bounced back to the backboard.

"Xiao Yi Yi Ke, do you have skill points in the second level?" I asked.

Zhong Yi nodded with a smile and said, "Well, it’s good to grab the position opposite to the second level in front. I can’t hook it, so I kept the Q skill for the time being because I’m afraid that the second level of the wild field will catch my eye. I just ordered W [Soul Lamp] temporarily."
I said with great energy, "Cocoa is making a lot of money!"
Pig sister is bound to lose GANK once, which means he will lose his red BUFF. It’s a single BUFF game …
What surprised me about this wave of GANK was not because I was stupid enough not to have a second-level awareness when playing wild, but because Zhong Yiyi put an eye in the river, and the pig sister would definitely not go straight to the river. He went straight to the blue BUFF wall after playing the blue BUFF, and then walked from the isolated grass in the river to the Xiaolong, and then Q skill Q came to squat in the grass in our triangle, and then waited for a Q skill CD road to reach the second level, and then they could directly catch it.
This wave of their best situation is that I am in the pig girl Q, and then the wind girl picks up a Q [hurricane howling] and blows me up, and then the wind girl ignites Obama EAQA for me. I should die and send a blood directly.
Even if they are in a bad situation, the pig girl will slow down to me, and then Obama will play a set. I will help escape with the hammer stone, or I may keep the flash, but my blood volume will be kept down. The opposite assistance is that Feng Nv had a chance to fight with us in the early stage, and it is unlikely to press my blood volume to the same level as them. Feng Nv will give Obama a shield, and Obama will have a brain E to limit me, so that my road will enter a limit. The rhythm of being pressed by the knife is very uncomfortable.
But they never expected Zhong Yi to leave a skill point and send them directly to heaven with a W skill, which neither helped them get to the road nor lost the BUFF. It can be said that Zhong Yi’s details alone doomed her to be out of line with other assistants.
"It’s really scheming to fight wild across the street. You came to arrest me when you knew we were fighting hard and knocked off a blue BUFF. You’ve been squatting for so long," I said
Yu Mu said, "If nothing happens, this wave will make a lot of money. If they fight wild, I can keep track of its dynamics for six minutes. I can say that he collapsed."
The middle road and the road are played very carefully, especially Lu Yumu went to their wild area to get the red BUFF, rose to level 3, and then hit his own blue BUFF after the limit blood volume, and chose to return.
When Yu Mu comes out again, he will take a full view to the opposite field to make an eye. If he meets the opposite field, he will be beaten. If he doesn’t touch it, he will be controlled. If he meets the opposite field, he will know the dynamics and make a move.
Judging from the current situation, there is no obvious advantage on either side, but playing wild is an advantage, and in the early stage of big superiority, pig sister’s flexibility is low, and her poor ability to fight is mastered, which is almost fatal.
Then it’s up to Yu Mu.
Yu Mu first ran to the isolated grass in the middle of the river and put a real eye, and then put a fake eye on the right grass in the opposite F4. Through these two eyes, we can effectively understand the dynamics of pig sister.
At this time, Yu Mu said, "Pig sister didn’t fight river crabs. It is estimated that she is too inexperienced. She should have beaten a toad after playing blue just now. Now he should come to fight river crabs or brush F4. There is very little chance that he will hit a stone man Feng Shanze. Pay attention to my position and come to support me quickly when I call you later. I want to make this pig sister."
Feng Shanze, a magic bottle and three blood bottles, Casadin and the opposite fox made a 50-50 replenishment, and there was no shortage of blood and was not crushed. Although Casadin had no ability to kill alone in the first six levels, it was difficult to be crushed by a single AP in this type of fox unless he was restricted to eat fox E, then no one could beat such a fox
Feng Shanze nodded seriously and said, "I guess it’s difficult for me to help you maintain my blood volume and blue volume. Leave an E for the fox to support later. I can help you entangle him."
Yu Mu said, "That’s what I mean. I can’t let the fox come over."
Feng Shanze smiled and said, "No problem."
But after a while, I still didn’t find the pig sister outcrop, and the river crab was still running happily, and no one appeared in the F4 grass field of vision.
"Pig sister way" Yu Mu decisively said 1.
"Did Lunal put his eyes in the river grass?" Yu Mu asked
Now that the railway line is firmly stabilized in the middle of the river, it is indeed a good opportunity to fight wild GANK.
"Yes, but the present tense should disappear." Chen Yi replied.
Now the road and river are in complete darkness.
"Then I know that nine times out of ten, pig sister is squatting in this river grass," Yu Mu said.
Squatting in the triangle grass can get people because it’s too far off-line, and both sides are consciously controlling the line. There are two kinds of squatting normal grass or river grass, and the line grass is unlikely to be angry. Once it’s full of people, it must be a little obscene, so that the line will pass and no one can squat.
Now the only possibility is the river grass.
Yu Mu said, "Brother Yi, now I’m sure that the pig sister is crouching in the river grass. Do you think Nall will appear to fuck you as soon as he is full of anger or if you hand in the E skill? Now it depends on how to fight. Are you deliberately handing over the E skill? After the pig sister appears, I come from behind the tower to squat, or should I just go over the wall in the grass of the pig sister and grab him directly?"
Chen Yi frowned and thought for a while and said, "Now Naer’s anger has become three quarters. If I hand in E skills and the pig sister rushes over, you will squat down. Actually, it’s very small. We will be together again next to Naer. We can’t beat them. Don’t squat down. It’s better to go directly to EQ Company 2 to get the pig sister, and then I’ll leave E skills to support me. It’s better to kill the pig sister first and then get Naer."
"good!" I should be a simple wood.
I also have an eye ornament on my wooden body, which was replaced by a blue wild knife when I scanned it.
Yu Muqian told me that he understood this purple wild knife, quickly brush the wild line and squat down, and then upgrade the standard wild knife route to support the meat and fight the ball in the middle period. This is the best way to fight the wild after the emperor weakened.
However, due to the butterfly effect caused by the first wave of catching pig sister, he can control the dynamic situation of pig sister’s wild play, and he can easily catch pig sister, and he can’t draw a purple wild knife to brush wild quickly. Under such conditions, he can draw a blue wild knife, which can effectively fight and keep people better.
I walked to the left wall of the river grass, and he was going to EQ Erlian from this position later.
At this time, both of them are level 4, and three-quarters of them are angry and will soon become bigger.
"get ready!" I saw the horses and Naer’s position. After the horses came to the best position, I inserted an eye directly. Pig sister really squatted here.
Yu Mu’s reaction was extremely quick. He Li’s eyes reached the position of Pig Sister, and then there was no delay. Immediately, E [Debon ensign] Q [Dragon Impact] Erlian went to directly provoke Pig Sister, and then W started to slow down. Pig Sister’s hand was still holding a blue punishment and waited for Pig Sister to hand over the flash or Q skills before making it.
Sagittarius immediately rushed over, of course, there was also a reaction. At the same time, they threw a boomerang at the Sagittarius to support Yu Mu, and at the same time, they didn’t forget to benefit from E’s skills. They turned around and escaped this boomerang, and then a tiger turned and quickly rushed towards the pig sister in the grass.
Pig sister Q skills and Sagittarius E skills overlap Pig sister [extremely cold raid] Q was also topped back by Sagittarius E [destructive charge] in the past. Yu Mu was crazy to output Pig sister at this time. Pig sister was hit by Sagittarius E [destructive charge] Q [runaway] Two consecutive hits and ate Yu Mu, one EQ and two consecutive hits plus some general attack blood, which has reduced the residual blood.
At this point, he has been full of anger.
"Naer slag!" Naer seemed to shout angrily in his mouth that an E skill [light jump] stepped on Chen Yi’s horse’s head, and at the same time, his body had become bigger and triggered the effect of getting bigger. When he jumped to the ground in the second stage, he could w [beat] his skills in the opposite direction to stun Yu Mu and Chen Yi.
When it gets bigger, Naer e [slamming] is harmful and has a deceleration effect. At this time, the remnant snow pig sister flashes to escape, and the remnant wood is also followed by a flash to escape Naer W. Because of its high moving speed, Chen Yi has a moving speed rune. Even if it is slowed down by pig sister, it is still difficult to twist his ass and turn left, which also hides Naer’s W skill.
After Yu Mu flashed, he gave the pig sister a blue punishment. He gave the horse a Q skill and took away the pig sister.
“Firs blood!”
A blood sound effect resounded through the field and cheered boiling.
The horses and Yu Mu are in good condition. They can still chase Nall after killing Pig Sister.
Na ‘er throws Q skills while withdrawing. It is unlikely that he will want to chase Na ‘er to death. Moreover, there is no six-level Casadin in the middle of the road. He also managed to keep people. After Yu Mu and Chen Yi decided to take the pig sister’s head, they didn’t spend any more time catching Na ‘er when it was unnecessary. Instead, they returned to the route with Chen Yi and quickly pushed this wave of soldiers to the opposite defensive tower.
If Naer doesn’t go home and wants to be greedy for this wave of soldiers, then Yumu and Chen Yi can make a wave of strong killing, and then Naer is very fragile.
In the end, the other side, Na ‘er, was still stable. There was no greed for this wave of lines. This wave of surplus wood GANK was very successful. It not only caught the opposite side and fought wild, but also succeeded in making the opposite side unable to eat this wave of lines. The only regret was that the head method was given to Chen Yi, otherwise Chen Yi took this blood and Jeannard could not eat this wave of lines, making Chen Yi’s equipment lead and reach the sixth level first. This would be a devastating blow to the opposite side.
Now, if you are equipped at most, some of them are a little ahead of Band 6, and you will definitely see how Chen Yi will play first.
"Can be wild explosion" I praised the sentence.
Yu Mu smiled and said, "Everything is expected. If this pig sister wants to catch you, she will have to pay the price."
I laughed, "Good brother."
Since then, the opposite pig sister has been honest, and Xu Duoyu Wood has made up a little bit of vision. I want to continue to control the pig sister’s trend. Many Chen Yi’s advantages have expanded, and now there is still a stalemate.
The field developed peacefully for seven and a half minutes.
Although Casadin and Fox in the middle of the road have already reached the sixth grade, they are now almost at the seventh grade. According to the truth, it is a breaking point, but they are still steadily replenishing their troops, and no one will start first, so they pay attention to caution and caution.
There are four people on both sides of our road who are level five, and both sides have not missed their experience. They are very stable and cautious for fear that a level six will be taken the lead by the opposite side.
At the same time, Obama and I made up a melee soldier, and all four people broke out in the golden beam road, and four people were promoted to six at the same time.
In fact, this kind of situation is quite rare in the competition. Generally, AD arrives first to six, so it is possible to make a vision because of assistance, and the experience is backward because of the loss of soldiers.
AD will have an advantage until six, and then wait until six to have a chance to really fight 22.
Both sides attach great importance to the line and have never lost the pawn station. Now from one to six, I have been wondering how to compare the ADC head with the one opposite.
Generally speaking, the first six levels of Obama are easier to fight, and the explosion is higher than that of the male gun. W can effectively crack the male gun, and it is quite easy to fight the male gun.
However, this Joe Obama can’t be compared with my Obama. He didn’t play a little advantage against me and Zhong Yi. I still pressed him a little bit. Now I have to be careful about the line from one to six men’s guns to six men’s guns. I will definitely fight with blood, but unless I can shift my skills and avoid the big move of men’s guns, I won’t simply let him hide.
I’m still here to figure out how many times it takes for Obama to get out of armor skill damage, and what skills I can still beat him. My head is like a calculator, and it really performs rapid calculations.
If Zhong Yi can control Obama first, it is naturally best not to. I will try my best to sell a flaw so that the opposite Obama can kill me and fight with me.

"Holy shit, that’s a robot." A man in black was so angry that he was shot and finished his hand. What kind of high technology is this?

"Robot" People in black feel bad instantly.
Adam took advantage of this pause to block his eyes and shine red in the dark. The whole person looks very strange when he is not a machine. Adam moves at a high speed and has two iron bars in his hand. Then he walks around the people in black as unstoppable as he can, hearing people whine and iron bars slamming on people’s bones.
Chi Yao could hear the men in black shouting pain. She could see from the window that Adam was almost integrated with the night. Two iron bars in his hand were waved flexibly every time, and both of them could hit the men in black.
Three minutes later, people in black fell to the ground and were seriously injured. People’s hands and feet showed an unnatural shape. Adam’s eyes returned to their original shape, and the iron bar changed back to his hands.
Adam walked back to the car. "Chi Yao kept you waiting."
Section 45
"Soon, soon," Chi Yao took a good look at Adam for the first time. "Adam, you blew up." I felt that a sci-fi blockbuster had just appeared in front of me.
Adam automatically searched for the word "hanging the sky" and then asked uncertainly, "Chi Yao, are you praising me?"
Chi Yao knew that Chi Jia wouldn’t give up. Sure enough, Susan handed her a note after she finished filming the next day, "Here, I’ll give you rice."
Chi Yao took it with the words Star Rick coming when necessary.
So straightforward rice points silk "thank you" Chi Yao said thank you and went to the nearest star Rick. Fortunately, she would never go out during the day if it was late.
I saw at a glance that the so-called "rice silk" corners of my mouth raised a mocking smile "mom and dad"
☆ Chapter 9 Commander’s Return
Chiyao looked at Chizhong’s face, which was proud of sitting on a double sofa, while Weixinyi looked at Chiyao with her hands clasped around her chest and a proud expression.
"Chi Yao, your face is big enough. Please don’t move, are you?" Wei Xinyi’s words contained sticks, but she didn’t roll her eyes.
ChiZhong cooperate with sneer at a said nothing.
Chi Yao is still five steps away from them, but there is already an anger brewing in his heart. "I don’t think you want to see me either. I’ll just go." These two people will make Chi Yao feel sick when they ask her out under the banner of her separation.
Chi Yao said that sentence and turned to make money. Soon, because she came, she didn’t want to see these two people. If she had known this was a trap, she would have followed her.
"Live" Chi Zhongshen said.
At the gate of Star Rick, two men in black suddenly blocked the gate of Star Rick. Chi Yao turned around and smiled, "If you ask me to go back, that’s all."
"This is to call you back." Wei Xinyi especially disliked Chi Yao’s tone of voice, which was very obedient before. Recently, it was a rebellious period. What she did surprised them and made them realize that they could not master this illegitimate daughter more and more.
"No return" Chi Yao resolutely refused.
"Hum" WeiXinYi cold hum a "today you are going back, you have to go back, you have to go back." Today, no matter what, you must take Chi Yao back to Chi’s house and wait to marry Han’s family.
Now Chi’s situation is not very optimistic. It is only necessary to marry the Korean family as soon as possible. Of course, they will not tell Chi Yao that she is going to marry. Just pack it up and throw it in the past as soon as the wedding day arrives.
Chi Yao’s face tightened. She knew it was always like this when talking to Chi Zhong and Wei Xinyi. They never considered how she felt about everything. Chi Jia took a deep breath and took a few breaths. "Let me go back to Chi Jia until I die." They were determined, so she was more determined than them.
Chi Zhong heard that after Chi Yao took the door for the first time, she was watching her "it’s so painful to let you go back to Chi Jia after death". Chi Zhong was angered by her words "Chi Jia you eat, you wear, you learn, what else are you dissatisfied with? Chi Jia doesn’t want to be unfilial."
"I can make money to repay you instead of marriage." Marriage is a major event in life, and she doesn’t want to take it lightly.
"If you make money, how can you make money by playing some dirty women?" Wei Xinyi said sarcastically that the assassin with a properly maintained face was full of disdain and disgust. "I don’t know what you washed in the end, especially some ugly ones."
ChiYao eyes a fiercely "little mom please respect my work"
"respect, but I don’t think being an actor is a glorious career."
"It’s up to you." Chi Yao gave her a look and didn’t want to argue with her. This problem was that she turned to Chi Zhong. "Dad, I’ll be blunt. I want to get out of Chi’s house and give you some money now." Chi Yao said seriously. This is the first time she has talked to Chi Zhong and Wei Xinyi so seriously. She can still obey, but after repeated injuries and deception, she doesn’t want to believe them anymore.
Hearing this, not only Wei Xinyi, but even Chi Zhong froze. I can’t believe it. Looking at Chi Yao, she has already experienced social people. At this time, her speaking style is becoming more and more fashionable in shopping malls, and she is beautiful because of her confidence.
See two people don’t talk ChiYao looked at the two of them "well"?
"I’ll redeem myself," Chi Yao said slowly, as if to let them hear more clearly. "Anyway, you just marry me and I’ll pay you back the money."
Chi Zhong frowned. "How much money can you have?"
"I have a million dollars after this play, and I think it’s enough."
Chi Yao words haven’t talk WeiXinYi sharp laugh "more than one million is ridiculous, I just a small business can get this one million to you this money is not enough"
Chi Yao clenched his fists. "Well, then give me five million. I will when I am three months old."
"No, if you want to leave the pool house, you have to pay a billion dollars." Chi Zhongkou said it, but it was enough to make Chi Yaomi break hope.
"Billion, I don’t seem to owe so much to Chi’s family." Chi Yao’s anger has hardened from the heart. "Besides, it’s not you who gave birth to me. You’re just a fine one."
"Bitch" Wei Xinyi lost the coffee spoon in her hand in the middle of Chi Yao’s shoulder. Chi Yao’s white shirt was immediately stained with coffee stains and fainted a small flower. She glared at Chi Yao’s "Be careful what you say" to Chi Zhong’s derailment, which already made her angry. Now it is really challenging her patience to say such provocative words from Chi Yao’s mouth.
Fortunately, Star Rick has been wrapped up by them, otherwise, if others hear her face, where to put it?
"Mom, I’m telling the truth. No matter how you deny it, it’s the truth."
"You" Wei Xinyi angrily slapped the table and pushed the sofa, but this sofa is a double Chizhong and Wei Xinyi can’t push it.
"Sit" Chi Zhong gave Wei Xinyi a look "Pay attention to your manners". This is still outside. How can people like them make a fool of themselves? "Chi Zhong gave an ultimatum.
"Billion Chiyao is struggling, and she knows that she can’t get it. It’s estimated that there will be no chance to give her another three years." Billion is too much, can you? "