As soon as the voice fell, Wang Gan felt that his body seemed to be possessed by something, and he was no longer manipulated, and he became a bystander. He could do nothing but retain the five senses.

At first, he felt a little scared, but on second thought, he calmed down. Since he is willing to help himself, what is there to worry about?
As soon as the idea flashed through Wang Gan, he felt all the pores of his body suddenly open and he felt the oppression around him, and the true qi swarmed into his body along the pores. This scene suddenly made his face bloody.
It is no problem to absorb the aura of heaven and earth when practicing at ordinary times. Although aura is grumpy, it is easy to be tamed by the body qi without conscious control, but this situation is simply to die.
Therefore, Wang Gan’s body has been surrounded by the Qi of the snake. These Qi Reiki are completely controlled by the Lord. Once they enter the body, they can easily destroy the meridians and break the Qi Sea.
If Wang Gan Xiu can strangle the qi into the body one layer and five layers higher, there is still a chance. But at the moment, he has three layers of repairing the true qi, which is no match. These qi into the body can easily disperse the qi in his meridians and make him resistant.
Fu Tian’s behavior is simply to let Wang Gan die.
After these qi entered the body, they wantonly destroyed Wang Gan. Although he managed to control his body, his five senses were not lost. Suddenly, the pain was unbearable. However, even if it was not enough, he opened his mouth wide and didn’t know what magic was used. The big qi was inhaled like a long whale absorbing water in the blink of an eye.
Yes, it is the long whale that absorbs water. Wang Gan feels trance-like, and he feels like a giant whale with a length of 100 feet. When he absorbs seawater in the Wang Yang, there will be thousands of hectares of seawater flowing backwards.
Seeing such a great power to seize heaven and earth, Wang Gan couldn’t help but be taken by heart. If it weren’t for the unbearable pain at the moment, life and death would be so excited that it would be difficult to suppress the magic.
The four-scale snake in front of this difficult human monk was overjoyed to "die" himself. He hurriedly urged the true qi to oppress the past and wished that the human could suck more, and as it was expected, this stupid human monk actually increased the absorption speed as if he wanted to swallow all the oppression in one bite.
Although this absorption speed is really shocking, at the moment, the four-scale snake can’t think so much. It is a sullen look on coldly, urging the true qi to wreak havoc.
"The old whale sucking technique has reduced the power of your human body display so much that it’s even worse than one ten thousandth, and you can’t bear this * * if it’s not too bad …" As if there was no sense of crisis at all, Fu Tian shook his head discontentedly and said, "But your human monk’s cultivation method is different. When you cultivate Yuan Yin’s body in the future, there will be little fragility."
"Futian predecessors quickly save me!" Where did Wang Gan hear these nagging? I don’t know how many years this great man has lived, but it is not easy to want to die. He is an ordinary human being, but he can’t be calm in a moment.
"Don’t panic, nephew, just watch my tricks!" Fu Tian said confidently.
Chapter 13 Harvest
There is no precedent for directly devouring the true qi of others. For example, the infamous heart-sucking spell is a spell dedicated to sucking the true qi of others.
However, this kind of spell is also limited. When it is used less, it is necessary to ensure that the performer is unconscious, otherwise, when the qi enters the body, it will suddenly be transported back to the meridians and will be destroyed in an instant.
When the four-scale snake saw Wang Gan swallow his true qi, although he was surprised in his heart, he didn’t take it as any strange spell when he was the last struggle
Since Fu Tian dared to do this, he naturally relied on the riot. When the true qi just rushed into the body, it really made Wang Gan suffer a lot. But when these true qi flowed into the air sea along the meridians, several slender roots suddenly stretched out in the void. When they met this true qi, they were absorbed like sponges
Then these roots extend into the meridians, and when they meet bifurcation, they will automatically separate new root nodes. However, after a breath, the Wang Gan meridians will be occupied by these roots, and they will flow into the meridians along the pores. As soon as they meet these roots, the qi will be absorbed without resistance, and they will never be able to lift any big waves.
Not only that, but the meridians that were severely damaged by the impact of the true qi absorbed the sap secreted by this root and gradually repaired as before. This crisis was solved in an understatement.
There is no doubt that these roots are the precious tree of Qihuang. Wang Gan knows little about this thing. The only thing he knows is that he can learn powerful spells from trees, but he doesn’t know that there are such magical abilities.
I don’t know how lucky I would be if I hadn’t been killed by a four-scale snake and guarded the great treasure if my predecessors showed up and put it to good use.
After these qi are absorbed by the roots, the other end of the Qi Sea quickly transforms into thick and majestic qi, which is different from the original qi, but its temperament is more refined than that in the docile one.
Wang Gan’s heart moved, and he leaned on his spiritual knowledge. At a touch, he dyed his breath and took it for himself.
The natural action of oppress that inhaled body of the true qi will be unrestricted, and the bee needle that was scatter around will be called back.
Seeing this, the four-scale snake was surprised that his true qi had invaded his meridians. It is theoretically impossible to manipulate the multiplier. Is this person as if it were normal?
The snake with four scales feels bad. When its long body shakes all over the scales, it slaps up. Snakes swim out of the scales and rush toward Wang Gan.
There was a hint of contempt in the eyes of Fu Tian, and he pulled out the dendritic flash lava from his arms. With one move, he saw that the snakes changed direction one after another as if they were attracted by a gravitational force and entered the flash lava.
Absorbing these ophiolite lava, it is obviously beneficial to have a little fluorescence on it.
Seeing that his killer was so easily broken by this person, he couldn’t help but be dumbfounded. Taking advantage of this gap, he poured all the qi he had just received into a heart-killing bee needle, far away, pointing to the iron needle, he blaster out and quickly hit the four-scale snake with a broken sound.
This time, the heart-killing bee needle absorbed it, but the real four-layer qi was more powerful than before. After a pause, it penetrated the protective body and sank into the eyebrows of the snake with four scales.
The four-scale viper was surprised, but not very alarmed. Even if this small iron needle can penetrate its own scales and vigorous gas, it can also penetrate the forehead bone with stronger hardness. You know, after so many years of life in this gas fog, a bone has already been tempered to be harder than the same level of fighting, and few bones have been broken.
As it expected, although this heart-killing bee needle is an instrument, its power is really shameful. Even if it is poured into four layers of true qi, it can penetrate its skull, but Wang Gan knows that the true power of this instrument is not revealed until now.
"Boom!" This time, it’s not the day when the heart-stabbing bee needle penetrated the protective body, and the overall situation was set, and the day was out of control. Wang Gan secretly read the explosive spell and reached out and looked at the four-scale snake that was stirring indifferently
Bang! At first, a column of blood gushed out, and the head of a snake with four scales was completely blown up. The power of self-explosion of bee needle is equivalent to a blow from a Chinese medicine instrument, but the actual lethality is far more than that.
The heart-killing bee needle is characterized by invisibility and penetration, so if it penetrates into his body, it will be equivalent to bearing a blow from the Chinese medicine force defensively. Don’t say that this is equivalent to a four-layer monk’s snake, even a five-scale snake will die if it is attacked, and a six-scale snake will be seriously injured and far away.
Adding invisibility effect is simply an insidious assassination weapon.
Wang Gan was relieved to see that the four-scale snake was dead. He searched the snake’s body and found a white ball like a pearl. Even if he didn’t know how to probe, he could clearly see the white fog rolling on the surface of the pearl. This is a sign that the qi is rich to a certain extent.
There is no doubt that this is the unique beast Dan of the spirit beast.

"Giggle …" Wang Gan laughed darkly and said to himself, "If you don’t break, you won’t break, and then 200 million cyclones will all be chaotic, so that I can spend 100 million days practicing."

"Not only that, but you were kind enough to help me break the elixir and completely release my vitality. Fortunately, my vitality is ten times that of ordinary people, otherwise it is imperative to break my vitality. Now it is a good opportunity to break through the opportunity. It takes 100 million yuan to condense a yuan of heavy water to break the barrier and know the truth and impact the foundation period!"
If Huashangshi knew that because of his unnecessary efforts, Wang Gan Zhenyuan had unexpectedly broken through again and reached the peak of practice, he was afraid of vomiting blood for three liters.
After a huge explosion, such as the vitality of an elixir, you will see the true yuan pouring out, and the whole sea of qi will burst almost, even the meridians and acupoints will not pass like a balloon.
Fortunately, the Qi-Hai meridians in Wang Gan have been repeatedly strengthened by the sap secreted by the roots, and the tenacity is far beyond normal, so people can barely resist it, otherwise they will have to die because the meridians are inch by inch.
Without the seven treasures to suppress Wang Gan, he can now rely on himself. His vitality is unimaginable. It is estimated that there are also two billion cyclones with vitality twenty times that of ordinary monks.
But this kind of saturation to the limit, Wang Gan, not to mention the true spirit of operation, can’t even move his vitality, which is like eating too much and can’t even turn over.
But at this moment, he suddenly felt a heat wave and saw a pillar of fire suddenly burst out and drowned his body.
In this fire wave, Wang Gan barely propped up the protective body. Fortunately, his skill is different. The protective body is almost equivalent to a spirit beast, which has not been washed away by the fire wave.
What he didn’t expect was that there was a little bit of colored flame floating from the pillar of fire, which prevented the protector from invading directly into his body and flowed directly into the sea of gas along the meridians, as if looking for something to run around.
But in this way, the high temperature of the color flame will directly burn the vitality along the way into the extremely pure liquid truth element, which will gradually relieve the pressure of the air and sea.
"Ha-ha, it must be Huashangshi. That woman wants this fire to catch my pure yang fire, which actually helps me!" Wang Gan hurriedly stared at it and didn’t stop the colored flames, so that they couldn’t find the true fire.
As the days passed, Wang Gan’s body fluids became more and more fluid, and the pressure gradually relaxed, so he distributed clouds of liquefied primordial qi into acupuncture points. With the gradual increase of 365 acupuncture points, the pressure of steam-powered air-sea also increased, and even and balanced pressure pressed the primordial qi to liquefy.
For those who constantly invade the body color flame, Wang Gan had a brainwave and unexpectedly suppressed the cold fire. As time went on, the number appeared more and more. Obviously, Huashangshi also found that something was wrong and worried.
Wang Gan is naturally willing to liquefy his vitality regardless of his heart, so he can impact the foundation period. Once the impact is successful, he can easily kill Huashangshi even without a magic weapon.
Generally speaking, it takes less than one year for a monk to liquefy his vitality, but sometimes there are less than two billion cyclones in Wang Gan that need to liquefy his vitality, so the workload is twenty times that of an ordinary monk, but fortunately, he is well qualified and has swallowed Lingcao to improve his qualification, which is several times faster than ordinary people.
I don’t know the years in the incense burner, perhaps the flower dress finally lost patience. After a hundred days, the colored flame no longer appeared, but there was no intention to play the incense burner
Without interference from others, Wang Gan concentrated on practicing and looked forward to the day of breaking the wall.
In a blink of an eye, Wang Gan suddenly opened his eyes and looked in a certain direction to see that there was a narrow crack …
[ w w w ]
Chapter 13 Liu Fang shows the way to impeded people
Since that day, Jiang Xing was furious and let all the monks flee. Muyue E Liu facilitated Xiao Yuantian to lead them to escape from hundreds of miles away, but in this way, they were separated. Even if they went back to find it afterwards, there was a messy battlefield, but the two of them were nowhere to be seen.
Afterwards, the three men have been searching everywhere for Qiong Yu’s pure Yang inkstone in this mystery, but I didn’t expect this to be found for a long time. I said that even Qiong Yu and Jiang Xing were not found.
What’s more, they don’t even know how to leave here, so they can be forced to stay here. It’s good that the true qi here is more abundant and purer than outside, and the cultivation speed is much faster than usual.
In recent years, Xiao Yuantian has set foot on the peak of practicing qi, and it is only one step away from breaking the barrier to know the truth. Once he becomes a Buddhist monk in the construction period, he will immediately obtain the qualification of true brother. Plus, his father is still a peak master, which can benefit a lot.
Mu Yue ‘e is not so much progress as retrogression. She has been worried that Qiong Yu is always looking for him to fix her life and death, and the whole person has become thin and haggard.
Liu Fang, the most worthless person in the Central Plains, doesn’t know if he has gained an adventure. In just a few years, he has actually cultivated to the point of practicing ten layers, which has risen by two layers.
This practice speed even Xiao Yuan days secretly surprised.
Suddenly, one day, Liu Fang suddenly found Mu Yuee, and she didn’t know what to say. She suddenly got excited and then Xiao Yuantian talked for a long time. After that, the three left the abode of fairies and immortals and flew in a certain direction.
"Liu Fang, can you really figure out where Qiong Yu is?" Xiao Yuantian asked with a hint of suspicion.
"Brother, don’t worry. I’ve been practicing divination for years, and I’m not sure until today," Liu Fang vowed.
It turned out that Liu Fang told Mu Yuee that he had been able to roughly calculate the position of Qiong Yu’s younger brother with a little success in practicing divination over the years. How could Mu Yuee not be excited when he heard this? So he found Brother Xiao and urged him to find Qiong Yu.
Xiao Yuantian also agreed to this proposal, so a group of people flew all the way with Liu Fang’s instructions.
"Liu Fang, I’m sorry that you’ve always been a … I didn’t think that you were the most caring teacher younger brother among us." Mu Yuee couldn’t help but wet her eyes at the thought of meeting her lover and said gratefully to Liu Fang.
"It’s almost there … Look, Brother Qiong is there!" Liu Fang reached out and pointed to the crowd and looked in the direction he pointed to. Sure enough, he saw a misty hill with a friar in a white robe in Luotianmen.
"Qiong Yu!" Mu Yue-e was overjoyed to escape the light, so she rushed to hug him and shed tears in her arms.
"Wait! That man is not Brother Qiong! " Xiao Yuantian suddenly changed his face and was about to stop Mu Yuee from suddenly stabbing pain behind him, as if a cold foreign body had been inserted into his back. Looking back, he saw Liu Fang holding a cold dagger in his hands behind his back with his head down.
He never imagined that his younger brother would stab him in the back when he spent so much time together!
Liu Fang!’ Xiao Yuantian’s eyes seemed to be about to kill people, staring at Liu Fang and slapping him on the chest, and suddenly he vomited blood and hit him flying far away, but Liu Fang’s eyes were better than proud.
"Ah, what are you doing!" Listen to MuYue moths a pain shout and see the monk suddenly turned around and grabbed her throat.
Look at this person’s face. It’s none other than the heaven and earth gate Phoenix Tianhe!
I don’t know what he met this year, but he was blind in one eye, but the dragon seal between his eyebrows turned dark black, and the whole person became more fierce and violent
"Feng Tianhe, let her go!" Xiao Yuantian covering her wound with a drink.
Seeing that the holy spirit appeared behind him and was about to move, suddenly his feet touched a prepared circle.
Strong blue light on the circle saw gold threads flying out of the circle and piercing his acupoints by mistake, and immediately tied him up and couldn’t move, even the virtual shadow of the Holy Spirit vanished after a flash.
"Liu Miaoze really didn’t mistake you. You did a good job." Feng Tianhe patted Liu’s shoulder and showed a Confucian expression.
"I have to thank Brother Feng for giving me the Qi-Supplying Dan, so that I can achieve ten levels of practice in just a few years, otherwise I don’t know when I will be able to make a breakthrough." Liu Fang seemed to see the company’s general attitude than respect.

"yes, miss!" Yan Ru turned around and saw that Zhu Yinzhen appeared behind them, and a slight moment went to the depths of the isolation zone.

Shen Menglu squatted in front of Chen’s body to reach out and untie their clothes, but her hand was buckled by Zhu Yinzhen before touching the body.
"Zhu Yinzhen, what are you doing again?" Shen Menglu was annoyed and didn’t understand this Zhu Yinzhen disturbing her everywhere.
Zhu Yinzhen was more annoyed than Shen Menglu. "It should be Wang who asked you what you want to do!" Does this woman know that these are the bodies of infected people? If she touches them with her bare hands, she may catch the plague.
Besides, these are bodies! Bodies! The average woman would have been scared to death and screamed when she saw it. No one would move the body like her!
Shen Menglu wants to earn his hand, but he buckles it too tightly. "Mu Wang Ye! Do you want to stay in this epidemic area for a generation? "Damn it, she wants to check the symptoms of these bodies. She must find out the crux of the plague as soon as possible!
"Shen Menglu please remember your identity! You are a woman first! You are a lady and a darling daughter! Understand? " Zhu Yinzhen’s eyes sparkled with sparks. What doesn’t this woman know?
"Where?" Shen Menglu looked at him sideways. She knew very well that she didn’t need anyone to wake up.
"So you don’t have to do this!" In Zhu Yinzhen’s language, the average woman should hide as far as she can from this dead place!
But he forgot that Shen Menglu is no ordinary woman! She is an extraordinary woman!
Shen Menglu once again shook his arm. "Let go!" I don’t know who she is. Is this Mu Wang Ye? She is a doctor appointed by the emperor to cure the plague! How can she cure the plague if she does nothing?
"Shen Menglu, can you not let Wang worry so much?" See Shen Menglu unmoved Zhu Yinzhen annoyed. He tried to suppress his impulse to get angry.
Shen Menglu also annoyed a cow directly "Zhu Yinzhen what do you want? Will you stop holding me back? I’m still waiting to cure this plague early and go back to my office early! Whether you want to stay in this hellhole is your own business. Please stay where you are! "
When she stays in this epidemic area for a while, she will become the first rich girl in the world to starve to death!
"King, is this holding you back? Doesn’t the king want to get out of this plague land as soon as possible? " What’s Zhu Yinzhen angry about? This Shen Menglu is always ungrateful.
What, when they talk, they are either sarcastic or tit for tat?
What, this damn woman can’t be gentle with him?
What, they can’t just talk?
"If you want to leave here early, get away from me and don’t interfere with my work!" Shen Menglu showed no weakness and roared at Zhu Yinzhen with the same fire. Can this man who is an obstacle and an eyesore disappear from her face?
Damn it! Watching Shen Menglu open and close her lips, Zhu Yinzhen’s mind flashed off and she wouldn’t talk back if she tried to block her mouth! Zhu Yinzhen thought like this and unexpectedly bent over to stop her lips.
Soft and sweet to the touch, Zhu Yinzhen couldn’t help but deepen her strength and pry her teeth.
Shen Menglu first one leng Zhu Yinzhen enlarge face and lips suddenly Tathagata soft touch let her some surprise.
Then she stared in disbelief and reacted slowly.
He …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
She … She … She … This is violated?
This shameful sex embryo!
When Zhu Yinzhen’s tongue broke into Shen Menglu’s lips and teeth, Shen Menglu clenched his teeth violently when she was entangled with the tip of her tongue.
Zhu Yinzhen was on guard against this. He never thought that Shen Menglu would bite him. The sudden pain made him retract his tongue reflexively and step back two steps. There was blood in his mouth. Zhu Yinzhen was furious. Did this dead woman want to bite off his tongue?
As soon as Shen Menglu’s hands were released, he raised his hand and greeted Zhu Yinzhen’s face mercilessly.
At this time, Zhu Yinzhen was on guard and half held her hand. "Are you still angry after biting me?" I cann’t believe I want to slap him! I really let her a little girl hit him. Where did you put your face?
"disgusting!" The enemy is no match for Zhu Yinzhen’s hands. Shen Menglu blushed and spat bitterly at the ground. She dismembered him herself sooner or later!
"What did you say?" Zhu Yinzhen’s face changed, and this woman said he was disgusting!
"disgusting! It’s disgusting! " Shen Menglu’s eyes are burning, and Bai Xi’s cheeks are flushed with extreme anger, just like the rosy clouds on the horizon, and the red clouds are more beautiful and moving.
Shen Menglu’s beautiful posture provoked Zhu Yinzhen’s mind to flutter and there was a fire burning in his chest.
Gross? Gross, right? Zhu Yinzhen evoked an evil smile. Now that you feel sick, just be sick at once! Zhu Yinzhen thought about invading Shen Menglu’s mouth again!
Shen Menglu is on guard this time. Where will he take advantage of her again? She leans too far and Zhu Yinzhen’s warm lips fall on her white neck.
Shen Menglu shuddered as if touching, and couldn’t help but get goose bumps. Zhu Yinzhen cool thin’s red lips touched the skin, and it burned like hot oil, and the surrounding skin was dyed crimson.
The touching pink color has been spreading from Shen Menglu’s neck to the root behind his ear, and then Shen Menglu’s ears are burning harshly.
Zhu Yinzhen noticed that Shen Menglu was trembling and noticed that she was spreading and blushing. Zhu Yinzhen’s chest flame burned more vigorously, and she held her head high and clamored for release.
At present, the peach pink is surprisingly beautiful. Shen Menglu’s body is refreshing and fragrant, mixed with a touch of light herbs, and it invades Zhu Yinzhen’s nose. Zhu Yinzhen closed his eyes and could not help but stick out his tongue and lick Shen Menglu’s flushed neck.
His move caused Shen Menglu to tremble. She was stiff and dared not move through the clothes. She felt that Zhu Yinzhen’s body organs changed so hot that she almost burned Shen Menglu’s skin.
This dead *! Stinky scum!
Falk! Can she yell indecent assault?
Falk! Where did Yan Ruyi die? Didn’t you see that she was molested?
When Fu Bowen arrived late, he saw this scene of Zhu Yinzhen kissing Shen Menglu. When Fu Bowen saw the two people at the moment, he panicked and wanted to turn around and ignore them.

The wrath of a founder of the True God, although it is only a wounded God, is still a God after all. The violent force of five elements exploded violently, and the five elements were mutually reinforcing, which led to more explosions. Thirty-six giant mountains were directly blown to pieces, the space was torn, and the dark black line filled the surrounding void. When anything hit, it would be torn into nothingness in an instant.

Jinyang is afraid in his heart, and the founder is the founder. After all, it is not comparable to him. Although Jinyang has realized the founder Shinto and stepped into it firmly, he is half lucky after all, and it is just a beginner. Even the most common founder protoss is not enough. There can be a comparison with these founders who have lived for hundreds of millions of years and experienced hundreds of millions of life and death wars.
Fortunately, there is a "devil pot", the artifact of the founding God King Nu Wa, and the space fault also takes it without folding.
The attack lasted for a long time, but there was nothing I could do about it. The attack came to an abrupt end without any delay. The dragon suddenly opened his eyes, and two golden lights flowed slowly, and his anger had been vented. The only thing left was calm and calm, staring at the devil’s pot quietly, and the color of fear in his eyes flashed.
"Who are you? I feel the breath of the four kings from you, but unfortunately you are so weak that I am afraid that the focus of breathing will blow you away. How did you know that I was hiding here? To tell the truth, my injury is not light, and I haven’t recovered one-tenth of my strength yet, otherwise I won’t give you a chance to escape back to the devil’s pot. " The dragon didn’t speak, just passed on his thoughts, and they couldn’t speak. Can’t communicate directly.
The main soul of Jinyang didn’t dare to go out of the "devil’s pot" again. It’s true that Yu Ling’s words are good. The strength difference between the two is too big, let alone just one of the main souls of Jinyang. Even if Jinyang’s ontology incarnates, in the eyes of a founder, he is also an ant. However, there are also strong and weak points between ants, and they also said with their thoughts: "You don’t have to care who I am. As long as I know that the "devil pot" is in my hand, I can completely erase my position and all the honors. "
The dragon was slightly silent, and then said, "You’re right. With the devil’s pot in hand, you can really control it, but don’t forget it. You are now a member of the founding protoss. Your current behavior is threatening a founding god. Although there is no distinction between the founding protoss, your behavior has gone beyond what the people should do. When the gods wake up, you will be punished by God. "
Looking at the dragon in front of him, Jinyang Yuanshen felt a burst of emotion. He said: "The founding Dragon God is the most powerful among the 365 founding gods, and its fighting capacity is definitely the top three. Two pairs of claws have torn the dharma bodies of countless foreign demons and made countless dragon gods, but what are you doing now? Hide in the hole. Don’t you feel humiliated? You simply humiliated so many honors. "
The dragon was fiercely shaking, and then he gasped violently, suspended in the void to the island, violently shaking, and the cold light in his eyes was fierce. The whole body immediately rose a murderous look like a substance, and the murderous look was so strong that even the Jinyang main soul, who was hiding in the "devil pot", felt the chill biting.
But Jinyang didn’t stop, and continued: "The dragon gods you created are tenacious in fighting against the demon outside the country. Die from generation to generation. But they didn’t complain at all, because of what? Because of their god of faith. Their ancestor, that is, you, once fought against the demon outside the territory, and was seriously injured for it, so they never turned back, even if they lost their lives. They are currently suffering unprecedented catastrophe. What are you doing? "
The dragon’s breathing became more violent. Wherever the exhaled breath went, the rocks and trees were suddenly shattered. Jinyang was protected by the devil’s pot. He continued: "If I were a dragon, I would feel sad. The once invincible dragon god has turned into a coward who only dared to hide in the cave, and I can’t even get the courage to fight the demon again. It is not only the sorrow of the dragon, but also your sorrow."
"That’s enough!" The dragon jumped to its feet, and its body quickly began to shrink. In a blink of an eye, it turned into an ordinary person’s size, but it was a head taller than Jinyang, similar to the big man Tyre’s size. The muscles of the whole body were extremely developed, like carved muscles, printed with countless strange symbols that even Jinyang could not see. The whole body was naked, with long blond hair and dark golden eyes.
The big fellow is the founder of the true god Yuling. His name is Yuling, but his body is extremely strong. He stares coldly at the devil’s refining pot, and his murderous look looms all over him. He said coldly, "Go ahead! What exactly do you want me to do? Although I only have one-tenth of the fighting power at the peak, an ant like you, even if I only have one finger, can kill ten thousand. "
Shook his head, Jinyang once again suspended to the outside of the "devil’s refining pot", turned into a faint afterimage, looked the giant Han in front of him and said, "It’s very simple, act as my bodyguard, and you must always follow me until I find a soul scattered outside, to help me stop unexpected attacks. Of course, I won’t ban you with the" devil’s refining pot ".You have complete freedom, real freedom.
"friends?" The big fellow suddenly laughed and sneered, "Just you? An ant like you also wants to be my feather ling’s friend? After a sleep, the world has changed. "
Jinyang was furious at once, but recovered in a blink of an eye, and then said faintly, "With your strength at the moment, can’t you feel the divine power in me?" Although your divine power is hundreds of millions of times higher than mine, don’t you feel that this divine power is completely above your divine power? Although the current quantity is still very small, I believe that it will surpass you one day. "
The big fellow was slightly angry, but he didn’t move. His eyes had betrayed him. What Jinyang said was true. Jinyang hadn’t noticed it before. After talking with Sanqing, he discovered the strangeness of the founding divine power in his body. The founding protoss had only one divine power attribute, even the four founding gods were no exception, such as the divine power attribute of Pangu God King and the divine power attribute of Nuwa God King, which was the opposite attribute.
However, Jinyang has three attributes, besides killing and living, there is also an attribute that Jinyang can’t grasp so far, which makes Jinyang realize its particularity and is absolutely unique.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 432 feng du Ghost Town
Celestial Volume Chapter 432 feng du Ghost Town
After reaching a simple agreement, a pot of gods left the Dragon Holy Land, leaving the Dragon Palace in the South China Sea without disturbing anyone.
Above the South China Sea, with the help of Sanqing, the incarnation of the poison has been solved, and it is standing on the sea. When a pot of one god, breaking the surface, immediately returns to its place, as the incarnation is wrapped around Zijin Zhenyuan, the "devil-refining pot" also flashes green light and wraps the incarnation in it.
Looking at the cold feather spirit, Jinyang just smiled, casually cut through the space, opened the entrance to hell, and rushed in. Feather spirit hesitated, and quickly flashed into the space fault that was about to close.
Three realms, from top to bottom, heaven, human world, hell and hell are at the bottom. There are no sun, moon and stars in the hell, and it is full of gloomy air. The cold wind blows from time to time, and ordinary stones can fly. The space seems to be stained with blood, and it is dark red everywhere.
As soon as Jinyang entered it, it seemed a bit out of place. Both of them were wrapped in dazzling light, which immediately alerted the kids in the broom closet. Several of them were shorter than ordinary people, and only skinny, as if there were no three or two kids who would fly away when the wind blew. They held maces and black chains in their hands, wrapped around the sticks with yin fire, and cried wolf, and they would come with the evil wind.
The leader was the hag, who shouted at Jinyang: "Bold, where are you wild monks from? How dare you trespass into the underworld? Do you know that this is a big crime against Heaven? Step back quickly, or you’ll have to taste the power of the fire-burning stick, and your skin will be raw. "
Jinyang’s eyes flashed with cold light, and several kids were terrified at once. I only feel that the ghost body is shaking fiercely, and the ghost body is about to spread out, while the hag is even worse. All seven holes are full of dark blood, and many acupuncture points in the body also explode, and blood flows.
Jinyang didn’t bother to explain anything to them, and Zijin Zhenyuan flashed all over. Emperor Hong Huang’s robe was revealed, and he shouted coldly, "I have offended this emperor. That’s the end. Send someone to tell Fengdu Emperor and the Ten Temples of Hades that our Emperor has come to discuss something with him. Don’t disturb them, or our Emperor will immediately shake your ghosts. "
Jinyang casually, Zijin Zhenyuan flashed, and the hag immediately returned to normal. Even the dark blood that just flowed out flowed back into his body. If it wasn’t the real pain, Hag really thought it was an illusion. When he looked at Jinyang again, his face was much better. At least he learned to smile, although it was much uglier than just now. But the attitude is much better.
Looking at what Hag wanted to say, Jinyang said coldly, "Don’t befriend this emperor either, and show him the way quickly, or you will suffer."
Hag just rose to passion, instantly doused, hurriedly go ahead to lead the way. Those kids dared to say’ no’ there, followed the hag in fear, held a crude spell, followed the dark red evil wind, and slowly flew away, while Jinyang put away Zijin Zhenyuan, took some yin qi casually, wrapped it around his body, and made it look like a kid, even the hag could not tell.
Solve it. Jinyang turned to look at Yu Ling. Feather spirit knows the meaning of Jinyang, but he is extremely unwilling. Unlike Jinyang, he can do anything. As one of the founding gods, it is absolutely an insult to the founding protoss to ask him to dress up as a kid.
Jinyang immediately said with his mind, "put away your boring dignity. You are nothing now. You are just a loser. Only by beating off the foreign demon can you be entitled to take back your honor."
Jinyang can see, the light in the depths of the feather spirit’s eyes is dark, and after a slight hesitation, she also puts away her whole body’s divine power, and learns to absorb a small stream of yin evil spirit, completely wrapping her body, and drifting with the evil wind, just like a kid.
Hag walks in the front, and his mind is always feeling. He is just a small hag. He knows what heavenly monarch and jade emperor are, but he has never heard of what the Great Wilderness is. It will be taken seriously, but it is only a temporary compromise. Take them back to feng du first, and then slowly clean up, and you can see the magical powers of Jinyang. Immediately put away the heart of the sinister plot and seriously bring them up.
He is Asura people, that is, Hades people. Otherwise, Jinyang has just struck and would have killed him. There will also help him treat his injuries. These Asura people hiding in the underworld are also one of the purposes of Jinyang’s next visit to the underworld. Jinyang once promised Hades that he would save all his people. At this point, Jinyang doesn’t want to break his word.
Hag’s strength is limited and he doesn’t walk fast, not to mention those imps. If it wasn’t only supported by the secret method of hell, he would have been blown away by the evil wind. But Jinyang, in order not to arouse the suspicion of a willing heart, did not dare to startle him, and he could only follow a few imps to wander slowly. Fortunately, time is not tight and there is no hurry. As long as he can achieve his goal, it doesn’t matter if he slows down.
After walking for half a day, the hag returned to the capital with the kids. Most of the guarding cities were hags, and they seemed to know each other very well. After leading the way, the hag stuffed a few dark blood stones in the past, and the guarding city hag immediately insidious smile let people into the city.
Jinyang smile, no matter where in the Three Realms, greed is always everywhere. After entering the city, leading the way, Hag immediately dismissed the kids, and Jinyang didn’t stop them. Several kids had been tampered with by Jinyang, so they wouldn’t remember anything at all, and it was absolutely impossible to spread the story before.
Without the imp getting in the way, the walking speed was much faster. The leading hag specially chose a quiet path to walk. Although many people met along the way, most of them were ghosts in the underworld, and they were weak in nature and didn’t communicate with each other. No one cared about a small hag, so no one noticed Jinyang.
The capital of Yongjiang deserves to be the first city in the underworld, which is hundreds of times bigger than the first city in Xi Niu He Zhou, the Apocalypse City. After all, the strength of the hag is still limited, and the speed is fast enough to reach the speed of the fairy. Jinyang followed him and dressed up as a kid. Naturally, he could not fly faster than him and could not give the clues.
In Jinyang’s mind, a few days later, it was only from the city gate that it flew to the center of the capital, and the closer it was to the center of the city, the more lively it became. Even if the secluded roads were specially selected, there were many haunted houses.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 433 Judge Cui Yu
Celestial Volume Chapter 433 Judge Cui Yu
Feeling more and more lively and crowded around, Jinyang frowned at once. The hag was a wonderful person. He immediately noticed Jinyang’s dissatisfaction and explained, "This is called Yinsi Street, which is the most prosperous block in the underworld. I didn’t mean to take you this way, but you have to go through Yinsi Street if you want to see the Great Emperor and the Ten Temples."
Hearing this explanation, Jinyang was relieved. On the way to walk, Jinyang also felt that the atmosphere around him was getting more and more gloomy. Those who dared to move around the region were all ghosts who were strong. Even the level of guides and hags was extremely rare, and little kids could not see many of them all the year round. Therefore, it was very eye-catching for Jinyang to walk here as little kids.
Fortunately, the two men are powerful, hiding their whole body breath, not to mention these ghosts. Even Fengdu Emperor can’t see their noumenon, and they are wrapped around the most pure Yin evil spirit. The powerful ghosts around them just show a little bit of curiosity and doubt, but each has its own things, and no one wants to mind their own business.
Walking, Jinyang gradually found that the surrounding buildings are increasingly scarce, but as long as there are buildings, they basically show the spirit of luxury and wealth, and they all exist alone. There is a great distance between buildings, and most of them are wrapped in layers of bans, which should be the residence of high-level people in the underworld.
After walking for more than half a day, the yakuza stopped and looked at the vast buildings in the distance and said, "This is the Fengdu Emperor House, Fengdu Emperor, which you are looking for. Living in it with the Ten Temples of Hades, the identity of the imp can’t go any further, otherwise it will be immediately killed by the guardian Yin. "
Looking at the distant buildings, Jinyang knew that Hag was not lying, and his mind had already felt that countless powerful smells were hidden in the vast buildings. Then he slowly turned his head and said to the hag, "Answer the words of this emperor honestly. There are twelve Asura clans in all. Which clan do your ancestors belong to? "
Hearing the word "Asura", Hag suddenly changed color, and his body trembled violently. He said with a little anger and fear, "Who are you? We are already living in this dark and damp underworld, aren’t you satisfied?"
Jinyang smiles. With a painting, a sinister atmosphere gathered and slowly intertwined. Finally, it showed that Hades’s magic weapon "destroyed the sky" and asked faintly, "Do you recognize it?" Error-free novel network does not skip words.
"Destroy the day? How is it possible that our guardian magic weapon is in your hands? How is it possible that the Youmao Legion escaped with it? " Hag immediately frightened. The whole body immediately rises with a completely different imposing manner, at least ten times higher than that just now. At the moment, even if we fight with Jin Xian in general, we will never fall behind.
Jinyang didn’t care, just smiled. He knew it was wrong to lead the way in front of him. He used the Asura clan secret method to hide part of his strength. This is human nature, and hiding part of his strength will always bring unexpected benefits at the necessary critical moment. Jinyang often does this and has saved his life many times.
Jinyang ignored him and threw him something directly. Then he said lightly, "Don’t talk nonsense. Go back and get ready. Contact all the people. Wait for my notice in the city. From today on, you don’t have to live in this dark and humid place. "

In the other group, a young man’s eyes fell on Yu Changfeng and he was surprised: "Chang Feng? Why are you here? "

"Why can’t I be here?"
Yu Changfeng burst out laughing, glanced at the young man’s companion and said, "Why? You’re not going to take someone to rob your brother, are you? "
The young man is obviously very familiar with him, and from the point of view of expression and behavior, he is likely to belong to the same force, and his status is lower than that of Yu Qifeng.
"Chang Ying, is he your friend?" A fellow asked.
"He is …"
"I am his big brother."
Yu Chang-feng’s face was full of pride, and she sank: "Chang-ying, what are you hesitating about?" Do you really want to rob me? "
Such an arrogant tone made the young man Yu Changying, and his face was obviously not good-looking. He silently bowed his head and stopped talking.
"Yu yuying!"
Yu Qifeng couldn’t help but be angry and snapped: "What do you mean you don’t talk? Don’t forget, I am the heir of the family, and you are only born to your father and concubine. I treat you like my own brother on weekdays. You don’t know how to be grateful. Is it bad for me to cooperate with others? "
"Shut up, if you don’t want to die!" Chen cold quickly call said.
"What for?"
Glared at him mercilessly, Yu Qifeng sneered again and again: "Yunfeng, this is my business without your intervention. Put away your self-righteous face!"
Chen Han wanted to slap him to death, and the sound was obviously with a trace of anger: "You idiot! The heavenly punishment star domain is bound by the rules of heaven and can’t send messages to the outside world. Do you think he dare not kill you? Here, it’s not your family, you don’t have a master around you, you are obviously at a disadvantage, and you still embarrass him in front of everyone. I would kill you, too. Not only can you vent your anger, but once things happen here, you can’t say that he is the family heir! "
"He dare to kill me? You can … "
"Ladies and gentlemen, regardless of whether these six people can gain anything, just the treasure on this young Lord Yu Yun Feng is something you will never enjoy."
Yu Changying looked up and let people see his expression clearly. His eyes were full of distortion and ferocity, as if he finally had a chance to kill his enemy. He almost cried crazily: "He is the first great-grandson of the contemporary pope in the Ming Emperor’s Temple. His grandfather will be the next pope in the Ming Emperor’s Temple. His father is his only son, and he … His father has only two sons, and the other one was born in a wing.
Everyone was shocked. His remarks were not only to vent the shadows in his heart for many years, but also to tell someone in the place that this is a big fat sheep.
It is almost foreseeable that he will be the heir of the Ming Emperor’s Hall in the future, inheriting not only the so-called family, but also the top 100 super powers in the celestial world.
If you see this person in other places, even if no one dares to touch him, because no one knows how many peerless strong people are around him.
However, it is different here!
The heavenly punishment star domain is bound by rules, and no message can be transmitted. Even if he is killed, no one knows. More importantly, this planet only allows pick Jin Xian to enter at most, and it is impossible for him to be protected by the strong. How can such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity not be grasped?
"Yu Yunfeng … surname Yu … Yes, it seems that the Pope Hanyu Emperor in the Ming Emperor’s Temple is surnamed Yu!"
"He really is the clique of Ming emperor temple? !”
The lords of all the super powers in the celestial world are called the Great Emperor, but not many people know their real names, but the surnames of the families where these overlords belong are no secret.
The thirteen people’s eyes were a little more hot, but also a little deeply taboo.
The direct descendant of the super power must have a very powerful treasure, which is by no means so easy to kill. Just like Qi Xianer, her ancestors were not the super power hegemon, and the golden wheel of Bao Xiang could resist the attacks of ordinary immortals, not to mention the direct great-grandson of the Pope in the Ming Emperor’s Temple.
If he can’t kill them, they will be in trouble, and they will be hunted down by the masters of the Ming Emperor’s Temple.
Indeed, there are many two sai-jo with background among these people present, but people with such background as Yu Qifeng are unique.
"Kill him! What are you still staring at? Kill him quickly, those treasures are all yours! "
Yu Changying shouted almost crazily. This half-brother has been a nightmare hidden in his heart for hundreds of years. There has always been a voice shouting from the bottom of my heart, but it’s a pity that he didn’t dare before, and he had to pretend to be submissive, but it was just that that made the demons grow even worse.
Actually, to be honest, this elder brother is not bad to him, and he has always regarded him as a younger brother, unlike some lineals who have been at odds with concubines and desperately suppressed them.
However, Yu Changying has a great shortcoming, that is, his personality is extremely arrogant, which has filled Yu Changying’s heart with jealousy since childhood. Plus my father, grandfather, and even the grandfather who was the Pope of the Ming Emperor’s Temple, all loved Yu Changying to the extreme, and all the good things were his, which made Yu Changying jealous.
A variety of reasons together, will cause his demons, even though Yu Yun Feng has always been good to him, but did not calm the magic flame in his heart.
"Idiot! How dare you expose our identity, it’s … "
Yu Zhifeng was mad at this half-brother. Now that his identity has been exposed, he has no fear at all. He pointed to the twelve people who walked with Yu Fangying and said coldly, "Ben will remember you, your breath and your looks, so you are dead!"
It’s over!
Originally, because of Yu Changfeng’s identity, Chen Han, who thought it was possible to roll with the punches, almost didn’t spit out a mouthful of blood.
The arrogance of this product is really unbearable. No wonder Yu Changying is bent on killing him with his roommate. Now, with his identity and the other party’s scruples, as long as he says a few words to them, the other party has scruples and never dares to make moves. However, he wants to directly take revenge in the future as a threat, and replace it with anyone, for fear that he will be hunted by the Ming Emperor’s Hall in the future, and he will be killed anyway.
The pitfalls that twelve people had already faded down suddenly broke out in unison, but the immortal knowledge was locked in unexpectedly.
Whew! Whew! Whew!
With the sword light suddenly launched, when it first appeared, among the twelve people, the strongest magic weapon was the top-grade fairy, and only three of them held the top-grade fairy, while the others were all Chinese-made fairy. At this moment, the magic weapon of twelve people has five top-grade fairies, and the number of top-grade fairies is two more. However, the other seven people are not middle-grade fairies, but the best fairies with strong power!
Just like Chen Han’s team, this elite team is also undiscovered talent, and at least half of them have a strong background.
Yu Changying, who is emotional, hasn’t returned to her senses, but she has seen countless sword lights nullify at the same time.
"You …"
Before he was fully prepared, the sword of twelve people completely drowned him.
Originally, Yu Changying should have some powerful protective treasures, even though she was born in the Ming Emperor’s Temple. But he didn’t. My father, grandfather and great-grandfather poured all their love into Yu Qifeng, as if they had forgotten him at all. All the treasures were given to my brother, and he didn’t even have a really powerful treasure to protect the law.
Just at the moment when the sword light submerged Yu Changying, I saw a latosolic red glow spurting from the eyebrows of Yu Changying and forcibly squeezing into the sword curtain at an almost teleporting speed.
Booming …
The colorful glow overflowed, and Yu Changying, who closed her eyes and died, exclaimed and was blown away by the sword light launched by twelve masters. There is a layer of crimson water ripples all over his body, which makes him intact and doesn’t even hurt a hair. This is clearly the absolute defense that even the immortal can’t break.
How come…
Stabilizing his body, he looked at Yu Qifeng in amazement and muttered absently: "Why … a fire cloud and a haze? Grandpa planted it for you. Why?"
Yu Qifeng gnashed her teeth and couldn’t wait to swallow him alive. She snapped, "You son of a bitch, you are heartless, but I can’t be unjust. If you weren’t my brother, I would have chopped you up and fed you to the dog today. If you want to kill me, you have to rely on your own skills to collude with outsiders to deal with me. Are you still human? "
"Why did you save me?"
"Because you are the son of your father, is this reason enough? !” Yu Qifeng flew into a rage.
"Why did you kill me?"
His brother’s words made his face tremble a few times, and Yu Changying stared at the twelve companions: "You violated the regulations of the punishment city and shot at your companions!"
The man headed by the elite team, who looks like a burly man in his thirties, laughed aloud: "If you kill your brother, if you go back, you will definitely blame us, but you will achieve yourself." If you kill your brother, you will naturally be killed first. How can we rest assured that you will not die? "
"regulations? Shit, you are all dead and no one knows, haha … "
"Yu Changying, a beast like you who betrayed his own brother to outsiders, it is only natural to kill you!"
"What a brother who is affectionate and heartless, but today he is dying here!"
"Even if you have a treasure to protect yourself, can the immortal power in this cloud of fire be endless?"
Twelve people shouted at each other, and their immortal knowledge locked Chen Han and their team and Yu Changying, holding the sword tactic tightly and ready to start.
At the same time, each of them has different amounts of Dan medicine in their hands, and they know the extraordinary products at a glance, obviously knowing that they are going to fight a protracted war.
After all, it’s a protective thing blessed by the immortal. If you want to polish all the energy inside, it’s impossible for him to do it for a while. Before that, the other side was in absolute defense, and it was not easy to deal with it. It is still uncertain who will win or lose this battle.
"Then stand, YuYunYing, don’t you roll for me to help? !”
Yu Changfeng stared coldly at his younger brother, but the latter was ashamed and didn’t dare to look up. Now he has no murder for his brother, and all that is left is shame and guilt.

I smiled and shook my head and said, "You should be very aware of the importance of this game. How much impact will it have on the team if you don’t win? Can I not attend?"

Yu Mu frowned and said, "Can you do it?"
I laughed. "Men can’t sayno."
Yu Mu bowed his head and said in my ear, "Don’t worry, brother, you have a good game. I know quite well where Wei Xu is."
Yu Mujian’s brain is still very bright at all times. I nodded at him and said, "Please, brother."
More than wood immediately great anger way "brother also said this kind of forced words? You didn’t stand up for me that day. How did you become like this? Don’t say much about Wei Xu’s goods. I won’t cripple him. "
At this time, my left hand was fixed with a bandage and I couldn’t move it, but my right hand took a pack of cigarettes from my pocket and signaled Yumu to bring me one.
Yu Mu took a cigarette and put it in my mouth, and I took one myself and lit it for me. I put the cigarette back in my pocket and took a drag and said to him, "Steady, don’t make a big deal."
Yu Mu patted me on the shoulder and said, "I am better at this than you!"
This shot directly touched my arm pain. I screamed and said, "Dude, don’t shoot me. Now I can’t move all over."
Yu Mu shook his head and smiled. "Mom, are you hurt all over?"
I vomitted an one mouthful rim of the eye and said "isn’t it? Four or five people knocked the old man on the ground with big thick iron bars in their arms. "
Yu Mu’s eyes flashed a little cruel and immediately said to me, "All right, I know, brother, you go to the game first. If you can’t hold on, don’t force yourself to be physically important. You can play again after the game is over."
"I know!"
I grinned at him.
Yu Mu also smiled and said, "We are still training tactics these days. I can’t do it without you. I’ll go first."
I said goodbye to Yumu, and if Xiaozheng Zhuangkai walked over, I don’t know when. Zhuangkai said, "Brother Tong, let me help you."
I nodded and limped into the Internet cafe with Zhuangkai’s help.
The venue of this competition is not a box, but directly in the hall, where people can watch directly.
I, a disabled person, attracted a lot of attention as soon as I sat in the competition seat. I didn’t care if I was bandaged, could my left hand touch the QWER button, and would it hurt if my right hand moved the mouse?
After trying for a few times, I found that the pain is also influential, but I can barely play.
At this time, five members of the Death Squad also came to greet us one after another.
"Hello, I’m Wang Ziwei in the Death Team."
"I am the death team AD Lin Jing"
"I am the death team."
"Zhang Lingfeng in the wild"
"I am Ceng Zhiwei, the assistant of the Death Team."
The members of the Death Squad came to greet us politely.
I also have a hard time getting up. Although my knee hurts, I still have to show respect to others.
After everyone introduced each other, the man named Wang Ziwei cast his eyes on me.
"This friend … you have to come to the game after this?" Wang Ziwei said in surprise
I scratched my head awkwardly and laughed. "I can’t fall from the building last night, and I can compete today with my injuries."
Wang Ziwei suddenly nodded at me and said, "Then you should pay attention to the fact that you hurt your body and come to the game. It’s commendable, but I don’t know if you can eat a game!"
I laughed. "It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter. Thank you, Wang."
Wang Ziwei is the captain of their team.
After a brief exchange with all their team members, we also returned to our position.
"Is Brother Tong OK?" If the boat said to me
My right hand made an OK gesture towards him. At this time, the bone of my right hand rang, and my face suddenly froze with a smile.
In order not to let them see the flaw, I still have a hard time moving my hand to the mouse and breathing straight.
Mom, this game is killing me.
At this stage, there is a special live broadcast of the game. It is said that if you go to Tencent LOL official website, you can still watch the game, but it has not reached the level of that kind of explanation, and you have entered the OB interface to delay the explanation.
I was a little upset by the noise of the onlookers whispering behind my seat. I wore headphones and ignored their words. Aish was signaling that the OB game could be played, and both sides of us officially entered the BAN selection stage.
Chapter 155 Unexpected
At this moment, there was a burst of applause in the Internet cafe, and the city final finally started at this moment.
I’m wondering what kind of AD I can take. In this state, Draven Vayne, an ADC, can’t play. A is too surprising, and the buttons are too frequent, so I can’t stand it.
It’s also a bit difficult to have a displacement ADC, such as Obama’s male gun. I’m afraid that if I don’t have a good displacement, I will directly destroy the whole team.
Now I can consider that ADC has a policewoman with a big mouth
It’s true that the fox in the first BAN across the street has a high appearance rate in the game, and most AP will not suffer from the opposite line, which makes AD and AP a headache. Moreover, this hero Aishi played very hard. In the previous few games, the fox CARRY was forced. I don’t know if this reason was lost by the opposite BAN.
According to Zhuang Kai, the winning percentage of Syndra in the opposite singles is 1% in the competition. Can we not BAN it?
Then across the street, Zelas and Rambo were finally banned.

Can Shu Lele say that this reason of Wang Guifei is too far-fetched? There’s already a beauty fragrance chief beauty teacher in the palace. What else do you need her for?

In front of everyone, she is just a beautiful and fragrant customer!
However, Shu Lele didn’t dare to refute and go back with a gentle smile. "Today, I entered the palace and Lele prepared a lot of beauty fragrance and skin care, as well as some folk gadgets, all of which were given to the ladies and princesses in the palace. Please accept them!"
"good! It is rare for Lele to have this heart, but we are disrespectful! "
Wang Guifei ordered people to receive Shu Lele’s gifts and dishes.
Ningyichen suddenly shouted bad people at this time and got up and ran away.
"Master Shi, what’s the matter?"
Everyone speculated that Wang Guifei was eager to follow and called for someone to "come and wait on the world!"
Shu Lele smiled awkwardly when he disappeared from the sight of everyone. "Report to my empress, Lord Shi, who ate a bad stomach yesterday and had a diarrhea for a night this morning, is better. Now he is probably starting again."
"Have you seen the doctor too much?"
"He won’t allow it!" Shu Lele Khan Ning Yichen, Ning Yichen, don’t be so humiliated!
In order not to offend Wang Guifei, she can tell the truth!
Ning Yichen didn’t come back for a long time. After they earnestly asked a few words, he shouted and ran away.
Everyone was silent, and the scene became unusually quiet.
Wang Guifei ordered someone to talk to the doctor too much about diarrhea, but don’t delay the illness.
Shu Lele’s nod should be her proud "xianggong". It’s a shame today. I hope he won’t regret hitting the wall later.
As soon as she corrected it, she spilled a bowl of soup in her hand, and a long skirt as soft as chardonnay was stained with a little stain.
Shu Lele busy way "Lele disrespectful! Please forgive the empress! "
"It’s okay! You are too fond of the world, so go and change this dress with the palace! " Wang Guifei got up and smiled and asked everyone to continue to have fun, then took Shu Lele’s hand and went to her bedroom.
Wang Guifei, the first princess of the East China, is really not a hollow reputation. Her Nianhua Palace is magnificent and carved with jade and jade glass everywhere, showing the ultimate glory and potential.
Shu Lele silently nodded a compliment in her heart. It is worthwhile to be a woman and do this for Wang Guifei.
Wang Guifei took her into the room, and then ordered someone to fetch a pink chiffon gauze. "This dress was the favorite of Gong when she was young, but now it doesn’t fit well when she is old, so she has been putting it in the box. Lele, your figure is almost the same as that of Gong when she was young, and it should fit well."
She ordered Shu Lele to change her skirt and then looked at her. "Well, it’s really good! There is a palace in the past! "
Is it? Shu Lele caresses her forehead and shame. Wang Guifei is the kind of but with graces granted by heaven and not to be concealed beauty at first glance. How dare her little bean sprouts compare with her charm?
So I bowed my head and said shyly, "Thank you for your clothes, but this dress has buried it in Lele! Or the empress is the most suitable for it! "
"Lele you this small mouth is sweet! Gong likes it! Come on, let’s sit and talk about some intimate words and go out. "
Wang Guifei’s eyebrows swept away and immediately someone offered tea and gently closed the door.
Where is this singing? Shu Lele’s heart is suspicious. Is it the real way for Wang Guifei to invite her into the palace?
She couldn’t help thinking of NingYiChen charged and the uber knew Wang Guifei had other plans!
I made up my mind to absolutely obey her family’s wishes and never bow down!
Wang Guifei took a sip of tea and smiled. "Lele has heard that the world is good to you, and now she has handed over most of Ning Wangfu’s economy to you. Is it possible?"
"Ahem ….." Shu Lele gently coughed a few times. How did this matter come to the palace?
The nod should be "I think Lele is too idle, so I want to find something to do for Lele to make the empress laugh."
"no! This is a good thing! It’s hard to be a woman, and it’s even harder to make yourself love you and love you. "Wang Guifei sighed and seemed to have deep feelings.
Shu Lele can’t help but move Wang Guifei. Is there a hidden sadness behind this seemingly scenic limit?
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VIP117 fool trick one
Wang Guifei’s eyes are faint, as if in memory and longing. Such a beautiful and elegant beauty is as delicate as Xi Shi’s heart.

How many benefits?

I’m going to forge a world and pretend to be a Buddhist country to trick the protoss into plundering it. Hey, hey, they won’t come when they go in.
Leitian is in distress situation, but it is a good way to kill protoss in large quantities. Leitian immediately ripens a gourd, and gives Bai Yi a hundred black and white Scheliga. After all the materials are enough to refine the gourd world, Bai Yi is sent to the humane Fang Ding to reverse the time and refine the disguised Buddha country.
If you want to be a Buddhist country, you need to do a lot. In addition to materials, you will give millions of heavenly demons and some fairy beans to change. The fairy soldiers have turned into arhat bodhisattvas and even sent tens of thousands of star warriors to enter.
Bai Qian smiled and changed into a monk-like xizhang who stepped on the lotus platform and wore a cassock.
What do you think of this white mistake is a Hinayana Buddha? The Buddha’s treasure is not fake, but it was robbed by the thousands of people in buddha magic.
Yu Bai’s mistake has won the Buddha’s N achievement method, and no one can look at it.
I thought this was a good idea for nothing.
Bai Qian gave a ceremony to Bai Qi, saying that the poor monk went to the benefactor to take care.
Yes, where are you going?
Of course, to pretend to be a lamb to be slaughtered and wait for the God Emperor to come.
You are no match for God.
If I enter this gourd, I will not be my opponent. Of course, I can handle too many words with one or two, so I can abandon the gourd and run for my life.
Leitian wanted to think about sending a star warrior to the white gourd.
Don’t hesitate to give up all the gourd when this Star Warrior lets you escape.
White jump in the heart also don’t go to calculate know this star warrior is leitian foreshadowing in it, he nodded and promised to carry the gourd feet raw golden light to fly to the north of the continent of Rongzhou.
There are many heavenly soldiers in the south of the mainland, but in the north, of course, for the immortals, this distance is equal to nothing, but even if you practice to the rank of God Emperor, the mortal way of thinking is still in vain. If you go to the north, you will definitely meet the protoss army.
Bai Luan went to the north to find a place to drive away demons, built a huge temple, and then settled here to wait for the fish hook
No, three days away, the protoss army has been seen in vain. He saw this protoss army across the river, and the number led by two gods was only ten billion.
Now, the more troops he leads vaguely, the stronger the God Emperor’s strength will be. Only two God Emperors can lead the tens of billions of protoss, which is very common. I’m afraid the God Emperor has just advanced to the position of God Emperor.
Bai Luan arranged the entrance to the gourd world at one end of the hall and got into the gourd world. The gourd world is full of golden lotus flowers, and there is a monty bodhisattva or Buddha in every pagoda.
The white fool didn’t dare to face the god emperor. He hid behind the gourd and prayed to himself that the protoss had better be greedy and search in the gourd world, otherwise it would be futile to get the body of the god emperor. I don’t know how long it will take
A leitian and a leitian won’t benefit the god emperor’s body, but it is possible to merge a god emperor’s body and directly devour 36 thousand dragon immortals, even if he is still a pick Jin Xian, then the god emperor will fight against money.
The tens of billions of protoss troops are not coming across the mountains like mortal troops. These two gods are like another world in the divine light, and the tens of billions of troops are neutral in the divine light. These two gods are powerful.
Will the protoss not be greedy? There is no need to worry about it in vain, but it is really hard for him to deal with the two gods.
Chapter five hundred and twenty-nine Adventure
Chapter five hundred and twenty-nine Adventure
The two gods discussed whether to attack the green N or wave the flag at the back. The protoss has decided to attack the Voldemort City. These two gods are just in the protoss army.
They are not strong and have no background. This billion-dollar protoss army is also their only root in the divine world. It is also difficult for the deity to increase and search for the latest updates.
Heaven is different from heaven. It is very easy to create gods. It takes enough resources to train tens of billions of troops in a few days.
Going forward, I saw a huge temple in front, covering hundreds of acres. Two gods stared blankly. One of them sniffed and said, It’s really the Buddha Temple.
Strange Buddha, isn’t n a Kyushu gas refiner?
Not necessarily, if you look at the destroyed Louvre, did Buddha and N jointly try to fight against heaven?
what’s to be done
What else can we do? Kill all these bald heads and rob them of their wealth. Isn’t that what we protoss do?
When he said this, the God Emperor grimaced and urged his own protoss army to cover up and kill the past, and another God Emperor couldn’t wait to chase him for fear that he would get less benefits.
Lotus flower immediately all over the land that white jump do bi true hand monty to resist, but how to stop the god emperor to kill two god emperor hand pick Jin Xian ten pick Jin Xian is more than a hundred these monty is swallowed by protoss one by one.
In the mountain N, a Buddha’s light rises into the sky with almost the power of the Emperor of Heaven. It is a white jump. ji sends buddha magic relics to spread momentum.
The two gods laughed at each other. At this point, they even thought about retiring their brothers by scaring people.

few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together

With a quick mind, Fang Yun continued to plunder other places and collect herbs.
“Red jade is a blessing!”
Fang Yun in the air, saw a few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together, gently swept, it is necessary to transplant this medicinal material into the “universal clock of heaven and earth”.
As soon as the news passed, Fang Yun was about to collect another piece of medicinal materials. All of a sudden, in front of me, this piece of “Red Jade and Fuze” disappeared.
Fang Yun dazed: “This …”
The front is empty, but there is a silver-haired man in front of him. His look is indifferent and his eyes are like starry sky. There are countless stars in it, which are born and died. Just a look, it seems that people’s souls will be sucked in. And his hand, is holding the Fang Yun just to collect “red jade Fuze”.
“Unexpectedly, someone like me, look at these strains of red jade. Little friend, come out. ”
Silver-haired man looking down at the front, a void. It was empty, but the man’s eyes seemed to have penetrated all the secrets and saw the tiny dust in the depths of space.
Fang Yun mind trembling, the silver-haired man didn’t how powerful momentum, but give the feeling of Fang Yun, but extremely dangerous. With his current strength, he can still feel threatened. This kind of person, for absolute reached, ghosts and gods unpredictable terrible realm.
A strong breath, cold as snow, locked in the space. Fujiki evil gentleman uses the magical power of “the best size” to change the dust. Fang Yun immediately know, he see is broken.
Void vibration, a grain of dust fiercely Yishan, suddenly stretched sharply, blink of an eye, revealing the appearance of evil Fujiki Jun, standing on the earth.

Chapter 664 The first person in Daomen
“Who are you?”
Rattan wood evil gentleman feet don’t touch the ground, gently floating, back several zhangs. After a distance, I looked at the silver-haired man in front of me This man makes him feel too dangerous, so it’s better to stay away.
“Xuan Xuan.” Silver-haired man indifferent blinked, calm way.
Fang Yun was shocked, and could hardly believe his ears. It’s him! Fang Yun didn’t expect to go to Junnian’s master here.
The first master of Taisu School, Yu Xuan. This name is well-known in the sectarian world. Fang Yun also found out that Yu Xuan was the master of Junnian. But this one never went down the mountain, so Fang Yun never saw him.
Fang Yun didn’t expect, would be in a place like this, see the first master YuXuan.
“Turns out to be danger elders, surprisingly, the elders, like me, are interested in these few strains of red grass. A gentleman doesn’t steal people’s love, since Elder Yu also takes a fancy to it. I naturally dare not worry about the elders. ”
Fang Yun didn’t discover the identity of “Red Jade and Fuze”, only that it was a red grass. He bowed his hand and flew upside down, then he wanted to leave: “Elder Yu, I have work to do next. Don’t bother, leave! “