Shen Menglu’s forehead twitched unconsciously. Are you kidding? When she was worried about the country and the people, his great grandfather had a mind to be immersed in love!

Shen Menglu resisted the impulse to calm down and turned to face Zhu Yinqi. "The temple pardons the minister and daughter for thinking about their worries and let the temple go so far and make the temple suffer!" Looking back, Shen Menglu found that they were coming out of the epidemic area.
Zhu Yinqi’s mouth is smiling and her eyes are full of emotion. "It’s a beautiful thing to be charming in the night like a dream. How can it be said?" You are willing to go to the ends of the earth with you.
Shen Menglu’s heart sank slightly. By moonlight, she could see Zhu Yinqi’s face clearly. She wanted to play the fool and be fully distracted, but looking at this great grandfather’s undisguised love, Shen Menglu decided to make it clear that "the temple should say that the toffee should always be a toffee rather than a courtesan!"
Zhu Yinqi’s mouth was warm and smiling, and her eyes were frozen into frost. The tenderness in her eyes also turned into a yinzhi because Shen Menglu bluntly refused and because she suddenly came to Toffee.
Zhu Yinqi turned her back and buried her face in the shadow. "Shen Cairen invited the palace out not to discuss the private affairs of the palace!"
I can’t see his expression clearly, but Shen Menglu still keenly captures the cold breath that suddenly emanates from Zhu Yinqi’s body. She was exactly the same when she first went to Xuancao in front of him. Shen Menglu bit her lip and was not sure where she touched Zhu Yinqi’s bottom line. "I beg your pardon!"
A quick mouth? ! Is Zhu Yinqi mockingly evoking the corners of his mouth for a moment or is it straightforward? Are you so eager to refuse him?
"Can’t the palace help you grow old forever?" Zhu Yinqi’s thin lips blurted out with anger and questioning.
Shen Menglu’s heart jumped and then recovered. A light smile overflowed from her red lips. "Tai Dian woke up! Of course, the temple can dream of eternity. "
Wen Yan Zhu Yinqi’s heart beat out of rhythm. He turned his head and held his breath, waiting for Shen Mengluwen.
"Meng Meng Lu’s eyes are bright and peaceful."
Disappointed across the heart Zhu Yinqi transfixed into Shen Menglu’s eyes, and Shen Menglu looked at him without dodging.
This is the woman’s determination! Friends treat each other this is her answer to him! Clean and tidy, leaving no illusions.
Zhu Yinqi withdrew his sight and his heartbeat returned to calm. "As friends, you should treat Dream Lu equally. You must not call yourself a courtesan in front of me. You can also call me Yin Qi." The change of address is his biggest concession.
Hey? ! Shen Menglu is messy in the wind. She bet that even Toffee has never called Zhu Yinqi that way! First-name modern is the most common thing! But this hierarchical ancient object is tall and great grandfather! I’m afraid it’s not appropriate!
However, in the face of Zhu Yinqi’s firm eyes, Shen Menglu can’t help it. "The temple is older than Menglu’s. Don’t blame it. Menglu takes the liberty to call the temple a Yinqi brother!"
Brother Yin Qi! That is to say, with Zhu Yinqi’s mind, he satisfied Shen Menglu’s careful thought. Zhu Yinqi sighed that this idea is meticulous and watertight. "It depends on you!"
Shen Menglu was relieved to listen to good advice. "Yin Qi’s brother Mo Li said who was after others?"
Zhu Yinqi was deeply absorbed. "I don’t want to talk about it, and I don’t want to pursue it." I asked Zhu Yinqi when I woke up, but I asked him not to pursue it.
Shen Menglu’s pie mouth was cut like that and he didn’t want to pursue it. There is a possibility that "Yin Qi’s brother can’t guess the identity of the other party?"
Zhu Yinqi’s eyes flashed. "What does Meng Lu want to say?"
"I want to say that if I didn’t guess wrong, chasing Mo Li should be a remnant of Dongliu or disguised as a remnant of Dongliu!" An analysis of Shen Menglu’s eyes; Shen Menglu has an answer in his heart.
Zhu Yinqi was secretly surprised. "So?" He also guessed that the other party was unwilling to pursue it because of the separation of the East Ryukyu people, but this Shen Menglu said that someone disguised the East Ryukyu people, which really surprised him.
"How many people know that Mo Li is the emperor of Dongliu?" Shen Menglu consider the mouth.
Shen Menglu’s question really surprised Zhu Yinqi. "How do you know Mo Li’s identity?"
"Guess" Shen Menglu’s tone was cold "and then it was confirmed from the exhibition guards"
Zhu Yinqi frowned and was surprised. "I originally concealed Mo Li’s identity very well. I didn’t expect … Yin Zhen knew it."
"There is no windtight wall!" Shen Menglu is not going to tell Zhu Yinqi about the setup of Mu Wangye. "Brother Yinqi doesn’t think the whole thing is very strange?"
Zhu Yin qi not motioned Shen Menglu continued
"Brother Yin Qi was almost possessed by colorful hoses before King Mu was poisoned. Maybe he didn’t know?"
Zhu Yinqi nodded, but this epidemic area is full of colorful hoses. Even if Yin Zhen accidentally encounters colorful hoses, it is not surprising. "I heard that Yin Zhen was vomited by colorful hoses."
Shen Menglu shook his head with a cold hum. Zhu Yinqi thought things were too simple. "The attack on Mu Wangye’s colorful hoses came from his bath water, just like Mu Wangye’s poisoning technique."
Zhu Yinqi was surprised again. "Yinzhen never started this thing."
It’s weird to get up! Shen Menglu rolled his eyes.
In case the emperor asks, where have you been bitten by a bug? Zhu Yinzhen can answer that Father almost bit my balls!
What if the emperor’s old man loves him so much that he wants the physician to examine him? Does Zhu Yinzhen show his kindness to others?
But this is not the point. Shen Menglu wants to say that "colorful hoses and sleeping beauty are unique poisons in the East Ryukyu Kingdom. It is reasonable to say that this bloody East Ryukyu Kingdom Palace is my uncle Xie Yuanxie, General Mu Wang. The object of revenge for the remnants of the East Ryukyu Kingdom should be my uncle, but what will point the finger at Mu Wang? This is the first and second. If the remnants of the East Ryukyu Kingdom do so many things to avenge the royal family or restore the country, then when they see Mo Li, they should defend and support them and assassinate him instead? " Shen Menglu said in one breath that her heart was puzzled. On that day, she was so convinced that she must have a convincing ID card.
"Do you suspect that someone assassinated Yin Zhen in the name of the remnants of Dongliuguo?" Who is secretly blaming Zhu Yinqi for the choppy eyes? Want to kill Yin Zhen!
Shen Menglu carefully observed Zhu Yinqi’s face, and his brow was cold and angry. Previously, Zhu Yinzhen secretly set a precedent, and she came to suspect that Zhu Yinzhen was countered by Zhu Yinqi!
Now she can be sure that the two brothers are not as bad as the outside world! Shen Menglu was inexplicably relieved that the brotherhood of flesh and blood was indelible.
"Brother Yin Qi, don’t leave your identity now. You must be careful to prevent someone from harming you!" Shen Menglu’s heart is vaguely worried, and he always feels that things are far from over. The poisoning of colorful hoses Zhu Yinzhen is inseparable from being hunted down. It is like a well-designed conspiracy!
Zhu Yinqi tightly clenched his fist and exuded a condensed breath. If Shen Menglu hadn’t woken up, he and Mo Li would almost have been deceived.
"If Mo Li knew that other people in his motherland had been taken advantage of, I don’t know if it would be unbearable." Zhu Yinqi had deep concerns.
Mo Li, a colorful waterspout, became restless when he came to the palace. He went out to meet each other several times and was rejected by Zhu Yinqi until the news of sleeping beauty in Zhu Yinzhen came out. Mo Li couldn’t sit still any longer. He told Zhu Yinqi in a positive tone that he had to meet his people because both of them were poisonous to the royal family of the East Ryukyu Kingdom.