After a long silence, Huo Xian suddenly sighed and then broke up at one joint, suddenly buckled her and broke her face. Gong Yunting couldn’t catch the other side’s commanding eyes.
Those eyes are still gentle, but gentle, but they don’t reach the fundus, so strange that it makes people feel cold.
"My wife will go to Chu Hangyun."
Looking at Gong Yunting’s eyes wide open because of fear, Huo Xian is still that gentle and wrapped expression "I’m not afraid, I still like my wife."
Chapter 19 Chapter one hundred and nine
next day
Listening to the rain regained consciousness, and finally confessed that the poison was arranged by Huo Xian after Tang Yufei forced him to listen to the rain.
The wind urged the snow and the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture were not surprised when they got the news. After all, there were many doubts about the poisoning of the big owners yesterday, but Fang gradually Hong was not so calm. Immediately after Tang Yufei finished this sentence, he got up and wanted to settle accounts with Huo Xian, or did Tang Yufei hold him "don’t startle me yet?"
Tang Yufei continued, "This Tingyu was a younger brother of Tianyan Sect, but he didn’t learn some sneaky little faults. He was almost driven out by Tianyan Sect several times, and then came to Qixingmen. He still sneaked around and offended Qixingmen, and your brother almost died. Huo Xian threatened to let Tingyu come out and admit that he was a poisonous person, and then promised to give Tingyu a sum of money to help him leave Qixingmen … Of course, if you all know."
Fang Xianghong hurriedly asked, "Did Huo Xian give him the bottle of poison that Yu Shen heard?"
Tang Yufei nodded. "Now, we can be sure that the poison was directed and performed by Huo Xian, just to seize the hosting of the Seven-Star Gate, so the fact that Yun Ya Jun came to the Seven-Star Gate was also fabricated by Huo Xian."
The wind urged the snow to "tut". "So … the head of the palace may be dying soon."
It is hard to hide the anger when Fang gradually blushes, and the wind urges the snow to pat Fang gradually to comfort him. "Don’t worry, Fang’s family is in stable condition now. Although Huo Xian has poisoned all the heads, he intends that the head position is unreasonable to kill other heads."
Fang Xianghong pursed his lips and pinched his finger joints. "I must let Huo Xian blood out!"
Tang Yufei reached Fang Gradually Hong’s fist tightly, and the sudden temperature made Fang Gradually Hong look at Tang Yufei with a slight tilt of his head and listen to Tang Yufei’s "will".
Fang Xianghong was moved by "Madam …"
The wind made the snow "hiss"-"No, since the poison was exterminated, where did you get it?"
The wind urged Xuenao to turn quickly, pinching Ba to think, "Since the poisoning case was framed by Huo Xian and Huo Xian also got the poison of Thousand Spiders, it is very likely that he intervened in the killing of Thousand Spiders … It is very likely that Yun Ya Jun never appeared from beginning to end … But what is the purpose of Huo Xian’s doing this?"
Fang Xianghong also fell into thinking that "poisoning the palace head can be said to be the head position, but I don’t understand it."
Qingfeng suddenly opened his mouth and woke up the people present. "He didn’t say that Yunya Jun was resurrected as an excuse for the major sects and why did we come to Qixingmen?"
How can the leaders of the major sects be poisoned and fall into Huo Xian’s control?
The wind urged the snow to frown. "But if Huo Xian really killed the real killer of the Thousand Spiders Gate, it was not too much to get the head position …"
Qingfeng Road "I’m afraid it’s more than that."
Tang Yufei suddenly spoke at this moment. "I haven’t said one more thing. Elder Jiang went to see Huo Xian last night. Both of them are masters. We dare not get too close, so we didn’t hear what they talked about. But Elder Jiang’s words and deeds are quite respectful to Huo Xian. I doubt … liuhe dan is also the mastermind of Huo Xian!"
Fang gradually Hong’s face sank. On that day, they also discussed liuhe dan’s affairs. liuhe dan’s addiction should not be underestimated. If all the monks are under his control, if Huo Xian is really the mastermind, then he will never stop at the head position, but also in the whole fix true world!
Now it is urgent to stop Huo Xian.
But hurry slowly and soon something was wrong in the Seven Star Gate.
That evening was the time for dinner. The dishes in Qixingmen were exquisite and delicious, but the monks in the dining room were worried about this delicious dish. The poisoning of Yunyajun in Qixingmen made people panic. Everyone was afraid that they would be poisoned again in their meals.
Duan Jie was born to play a bowl of porridge and wanted to find a place to sit. Suddenly, he saw two figures in the corner, one black and one white, to detain and shine at the moment. Brother Qing! "
The wind urged the snow to look up and waved to Duan Jiesheng. "Come and sit down!"
I wonder if it is an illusion that Duan Jiesheng seems to see the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture throwing a cold glance at himself, which seems extremely unpopular.
Duan Jiesheng soon waved the matter and sat down next to the wind and snow. The line of sight fell on the table and piles of dishes cried and fell to the ground. "You! You eat so much! "
To be exact, it was the wind that urged the snow. A person ate Qingfeng and stuffed the peeled shrimp into the mouth of the wind that urged the snow. "What’s wrong with you?"
Duan Jiesheng embarrassed way "nothing, nothing, I just came to have dinner with you …"
At this moment, there was a sudden scream at the table next door. They followed the sound and saw two monks with blue and gray faces and hands on the table. It looked very strange to bend and tremble in a strange posture.
"He … what’s wrong with them?" Duan Jiesheng quivering way
For a moment, the two monks suddenly burst into aura mixed with magic gas and rushed around to attack! At the same time, the two monks also caught the people next to them to attack!
At that time, the dining room exclaimed, "Someone is possessed! ! !”
"quick! Stop them! !”
However, the enchanted monk’s magic gas exploded, and the monks around him were caught off guard by these two men. One of the runaway monks went straight to the table with a wave of his arm-
"Be careful! !” Sitting in the outermost section of the robbery, I suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and wanted to stop the monk who broke out.
However, Duan Jiesheng didn’t come into contact with each other for a moment, and saw a sword shadow flash quickly. The possessed monk was instantly flown out and smashed many tables and chairs along the way.
Duan Jiesheng jumped to the ground and looked up only to see that Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture was still sitting in the seat. The sword was put in the chair and put on the table without being drawn.
At this time, the rest of the monks have stopped another possessed monk, and together with the monks who were blown away by the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture, they also caught all the monks thanking the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture. Now it is difficult for everyone to see such an unknown master.
Duan Jiesheng was lifted up before the wind urged the snow. "How did you just jump directly?"
Duan Jiesheng fell down in front of everyone and blushed again. "I’m afraid he’ll hurt you …"
The wind urges the snow. "No, I mean why don’t you draw your sword."
Just now, I saw Duan Jieshou press the sword on my waist. I don’t know what it was, but I finally took it back and chose the flesh to stop it
Duan Jiesheng is even more embarrassed. "I don’t know what’s wrong with them … I’m afraid that the sword will hurt them …"

The wrath of a founder of the True God, although it is only a wounded God, is still a God after all. The violent force of five elements exploded violently, and the five elements were mutually reinforcing, which led to more explosions. Thirty-six giant mountains were directly blown to pieces, the space was torn, and the dark black line filled the surrounding void. When anything hit, it would be torn into nothingness in an instant.

Jinyang is afraid in his heart, and the founder is the founder. After all, it is not comparable to him. Although Jinyang has realized the founder Shinto and stepped into it firmly, he is half lucky after all, and it is just a beginner. Even the most common founder protoss is not enough. There can be a comparison with these founders who have lived for hundreds of millions of years and experienced hundreds of millions of life and death wars.
Fortunately, there is a "devil pot", the artifact of the founding God King Nu Wa, and the space fault also takes it without folding.
The attack lasted for a long time, but there was nothing I could do about it. The attack came to an abrupt end without any delay. The dragon suddenly opened his eyes, and two golden lights flowed slowly, and his anger had been vented. The only thing left was calm and calm, staring at the devil’s pot quietly, and the color of fear in his eyes flashed.
"Who are you? I feel the breath of the four kings from you, but unfortunately you are so weak that I am afraid that the focus of breathing will blow you away. How did you know that I was hiding here? To tell the truth, my injury is not light, and I haven’t recovered one-tenth of my strength yet, otherwise I won’t give you a chance to escape back to the devil’s pot. " The dragon didn’t speak, just passed on his thoughts, and they couldn’t speak. Can’t communicate directly.
The main soul of Jinyang didn’t dare to go out of the "devil’s pot" again. It’s true that Yu Ling’s words are good. The strength difference between the two is too big, let alone just one of the main souls of Jinyang. Even if Jinyang’s ontology incarnates, in the eyes of a founder, he is also an ant. However, there are also strong and weak points between ants, and they also said with their thoughts: "You don’t have to care who I am. As long as I know that the "devil pot" is in my hand, I can completely erase my position and all the honors. "
The dragon was slightly silent, and then said, "You’re right. With the devil’s pot in hand, you can really control it, but don’t forget it. You are now a member of the founding protoss. Your current behavior is threatening a founding god. Although there is no distinction between the founding protoss, your behavior has gone beyond what the people should do. When the gods wake up, you will be punished by God. "
Looking at the dragon in front of him, Jinyang Yuanshen felt a burst of emotion. He said: "The founding Dragon God is the most powerful among the 365 founding gods, and its fighting capacity is definitely the top three. Two pairs of claws have torn the dharma bodies of countless foreign demons and made countless dragon gods, but what are you doing now? Hide in the hole. Don’t you feel humiliated? You simply humiliated so many honors. "
The dragon was fiercely shaking, and then he gasped violently, suspended in the void to the island, violently shaking, and the cold light in his eyes was fierce. The whole body immediately rose a murderous look like a substance, and the murderous look was so strong that even the Jinyang main soul, who was hiding in the "devil pot", felt the chill biting.
But Jinyang didn’t stop, and continued: "The dragon gods you created are tenacious in fighting against the demon outside the country. Die from generation to generation. But they didn’t complain at all, because of what? Because of their god of faith. Their ancestor, that is, you, once fought against the demon outside the territory, and was seriously injured for it, so they never turned back, even if they lost their lives. They are currently suffering unprecedented catastrophe. What are you doing? "
The dragon’s breathing became more violent. Wherever the exhaled breath went, the rocks and trees were suddenly shattered. Jinyang was protected by the devil’s pot. He continued: "If I were a dragon, I would feel sad. The once invincible dragon god has turned into a coward who only dared to hide in the cave, and I can’t even get the courage to fight the demon again. It is not only the sorrow of the dragon, but also your sorrow."
"That’s enough!" The dragon jumped to its feet, and its body quickly began to shrink. In a blink of an eye, it turned into an ordinary person’s size, but it was a head taller than Jinyang, similar to the big man Tyre’s size. The muscles of the whole body were extremely developed, like carved muscles, printed with countless strange symbols that even Jinyang could not see. The whole body was naked, with long blond hair and dark golden eyes.
The big fellow is the founder of the true god Yuling. His name is Yuling, but his body is extremely strong. He stares coldly at the devil’s refining pot, and his murderous look looms all over him. He said coldly, "Go ahead! What exactly do you want me to do? Although I only have one-tenth of the fighting power at the peak, an ant like you, even if I only have one finger, can kill ten thousand. "
Shook his head, Jinyang once again suspended to the outside of the "devil’s refining pot", turned into a faint afterimage, looked the giant Han in front of him and said, "It’s very simple, act as my bodyguard, and you must always follow me until I find a soul scattered outside, to help me stop unexpected attacks. Of course, I won’t ban you with the" devil’s refining pot ".You have complete freedom, real freedom.
"friends?" The big fellow suddenly laughed and sneered, "Just you? An ant like you also wants to be my feather ling’s friend? After a sleep, the world has changed. "
Jinyang was furious at once, but recovered in a blink of an eye, and then said faintly, "With your strength at the moment, can’t you feel the divine power in me?" Although your divine power is hundreds of millions of times higher than mine, don’t you feel that this divine power is completely above your divine power? Although the current quantity is still very small, I believe that it will surpass you one day. "
The big fellow was slightly angry, but he didn’t move. His eyes had betrayed him. What Jinyang said was true. Jinyang hadn’t noticed it before. After talking with Sanqing, he discovered the strangeness of the founding divine power in his body. The founding protoss had only one divine power attribute, even the four founding gods were no exception, such as the divine power attribute of Pangu God King and the divine power attribute of Nuwa God King, which was the opposite attribute.
However, Jinyang has three attributes, besides killing and living, there is also an attribute that Jinyang can’t grasp so far, which makes Jinyang realize its particularity and is absolutely unique.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 432 feng du Ghost Town
Celestial Volume Chapter 432 feng du Ghost Town
After reaching a simple agreement, a pot of gods left the Dragon Holy Land, leaving the Dragon Palace in the South China Sea without disturbing anyone.
Above the South China Sea, with the help of Sanqing, the incarnation of the poison has been solved, and it is standing on the sea. When a pot of one god, breaking the surface, immediately returns to its place, as the incarnation is wrapped around Zijin Zhenyuan, the "devil-refining pot" also flashes green light and wraps the incarnation in it.
Looking at the cold feather spirit, Jinyang just smiled, casually cut through the space, opened the entrance to hell, and rushed in. Feather spirit hesitated, and quickly flashed into the space fault that was about to close.
Three realms, from top to bottom, heaven, human world, hell and hell are at the bottom. There are no sun, moon and stars in the hell, and it is full of gloomy air. The cold wind blows from time to time, and ordinary stones can fly. The space seems to be stained with blood, and it is dark red everywhere.
As soon as Jinyang entered it, it seemed a bit out of place. Both of them were wrapped in dazzling light, which immediately alerted the kids in the broom closet. Several of them were shorter than ordinary people, and only skinny, as if there were no three or two kids who would fly away when the wind blew. They held maces and black chains in their hands, wrapped around the sticks with yin fire, and cried wolf, and they would come with the evil wind.
The leader was the hag, who shouted at Jinyang: "Bold, where are you wild monks from? How dare you trespass into the underworld? Do you know that this is a big crime against Heaven? Step back quickly, or you’ll have to taste the power of the fire-burning stick, and your skin will be raw. "
Jinyang’s eyes flashed with cold light, and several kids were terrified at once. I only feel that the ghost body is shaking fiercely, and the ghost body is about to spread out, while the hag is even worse. All seven holes are full of dark blood, and many acupuncture points in the body also explode, and blood flows.
Jinyang didn’t bother to explain anything to them, and Zijin Zhenyuan flashed all over. Emperor Hong Huang’s robe was revealed, and he shouted coldly, "I have offended this emperor. That’s the end. Send someone to tell Fengdu Emperor and the Ten Temples of Hades that our Emperor has come to discuss something with him. Don’t disturb them, or our Emperor will immediately shake your ghosts. "
Jinyang casually, Zijin Zhenyuan flashed, and the hag immediately returned to normal. Even the dark blood that just flowed out flowed back into his body. If it wasn’t the real pain, Hag really thought it was an illusion. When he looked at Jinyang again, his face was much better. At least he learned to smile, although it was much uglier than just now. But the attitude is much better.
Looking at what Hag wanted to say, Jinyang said coldly, "Don’t befriend this emperor either, and show him the way quickly, or you will suffer."
Hag just rose to passion, instantly doused, hurriedly go ahead to lead the way. Those kids dared to say’ no’ there, followed the hag in fear, held a crude spell, followed the dark red evil wind, and slowly flew away, while Jinyang put away Zijin Zhenyuan, took some yin qi casually, wrapped it around his body, and made it look like a kid, even the hag could not tell.
Solve it. Jinyang turned to look at Yu Ling. Feather spirit knows the meaning of Jinyang, but he is extremely unwilling. Unlike Jinyang, he can do anything. As one of the founding gods, it is absolutely an insult to the founding protoss to ask him to dress up as a kid.
Jinyang immediately said with his mind, "put away your boring dignity. You are nothing now. You are just a loser. Only by beating off the foreign demon can you be entitled to take back your honor."
Jinyang can see, the light in the depths of the feather spirit’s eyes is dark, and after a slight hesitation, she also puts away her whole body’s divine power, and learns to absorb a small stream of yin evil spirit, completely wrapping her body, and drifting with the evil wind, just like a kid.
Hag walks in the front, and his mind is always feeling. He is just a small hag. He knows what heavenly monarch and jade emperor are, but he has never heard of what the Great Wilderness is. It will be taken seriously, but it is only a temporary compromise. Take them back to feng du first, and then slowly clean up, and you can see the magical powers of Jinyang. Immediately put away the heart of the sinister plot and seriously bring them up.
He is Asura people, that is, Hades people. Otherwise, Jinyang has just struck and would have killed him. There will also help him treat his injuries. These Asura people hiding in the underworld are also one of the purposes of Jinyang’s next visit to the underworld. Jinyang once promised Hades that he would save all his people. At this point, Jinyang doesn’t want to break his word.
Hag’s strength is limited and he doesn’t walk fast, not to mention those imps. If it wasn’t only supported by the secret method of hell, he would have been blown away by the evil wind. But Jinyang, in order not to arouse the suspicion of a willing heart, did not dare to startle him, and he could only follow a few imps to wander slowly. Fortunately, time is not tight and there is no hurry. As long as he can achieve his goal, it doesn’t matter if he slows down.
After walking for half a day, the hag returned to the capital with the kids. Most of the guarding cities were hags, and they seemed to know each other very well. After leading the way, the hag stuffed a few dark blood stones in the past, and the guarding city hag immediately insidious smile let people into the city.
Jinyang smile, no matter where in the Three Realms, greed is always everywhere. After entering the city, leading the way, Hag immediately dismissed the kids, and Jinyang didn’t stop them. Several kids had been tampered with by Jinyang, so they wouldn’t remember anything at all, and it was absolutely impossible to spread the story before.
Without the imp getting in the way, the walking speed was much faster. The leading hag specially chose a quiet path to walk. Although many people met along the way, most of them were ghosts in the underworld, and they were weak in nature and didn’t communicate with each other. No one cared about a small hag, so no one noticed Jinyang.
The capital of Yongjiang deserves to be the first city in the underworld, which is hundreds of times bigger than the first city in Xi Niu He Zhou, the Apocalypse City. After all, the strength of the hag is still limited, and the speed is fast enough to reach the speed of the fairy. Jinyang followed him and dressed up as a kid. Naturally, he could not fly faster than him and could not give the clues.
In Jinyang’s mind, a few days later, it was only from the city gate that it flew to the center of the capital, and the closer it was to the center of the city, the more lively it became. Even if the secluded roads were specially selected, there were many haunted houses.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 433 Judge Cui Yu
Celestial Volume Chapter 433 Judge Cui Yu
Feeling more and more lively and crowded around, Jinyang frowned at once. The hag was a wonderful person. He immediately noticed Jinyang’s dissatisfaction and explained, "This is called Yinsi Street, which is the most prosperous block in the underworld. I didn’t mean to take you this way, but you have to go through Yinsi Street if you want to see the Great Emperor and the Ten Temples."
Hearing this explanation, Jinyang was relieved. On the way to walk, Jinyang also felt that the atmosphere around him was getting more and more gloomy. Those who dared to move around the region were all ghosts who were strong. Even the level of guides and hags was extremely rare, and little kids could not see many of them all the year round. Therefore, it was very eye-catching for Jinyang to walk here as little kids.
Fortunately, the two men are powerful, hiding their whole body breath, not to mention these ghosts. Even Fengdu Emperor can’t see their noumenon, and they are wrapped around the most pure Yin evil spirit. The powerful ghosts around them just show a little bit of curiosity and doubt, but each has its own things, and no one wants to mind their own business.
Walking, Jinyang gradually found that the surrounding buildings are increasingly scarce, but as long as there are buildings, they basically show the spirit of luxury and wealth, and they all exist alone. There is a great distance between buildings, and most of them are wrapped in layers of bans, which should be the residence of high-level people in the underworld.
After walking for more than half a day, the yakuza stopped and looked at the vast buildings in the distance and said, "This is the Fengdu Emperor House, Fengdu Emperor, which you are looking for. Living in it with the Ten Temples of Hades, the identity of the imp can’t go any further, otherwise it will be immediately killed by the guardian Yin. "
Looking at the distant buildings, Jinyang knew that Hag was not lying, and his mind had already felt that countless powerful smells were hidden in the vast buildings. Then he slowly turned his head and said to the hag, "Answer the words of this emperor honestly. There are twelve Asura clans in all. Which clan do your ancestors belong to? "
Hearing the word "Asura", Hag suddenly changed color, and his body trembled violently. He said with a little anger and fear, "Who are you? We are already living in this dark and damp underworld, aren’t you satisfied?"
Jinyang smiles. With a painting, a sinister atmosphere gathered and slowly intertwined. Finally, it showed that Hades’s magic weapon "destroyed the sky" and asked faintly, "Do you recognize it?" Error-free novel network does not skip words.
"Destroy the day? How is it possible that our guardian magic weapon is in your hands? How is it possible that the Youmao Legion escaped with it? " Hag immediately frightened. The whole body immediately rises with a completely different imposing manner, at least ten times higher than that just now. At the moment, even if we fight with Jin Xian in general, we will never fall behind.
Jinyang didn’t care, just smiled. He knew it was wrong to lead the way in front of him. He used the Asura clan secret method to hide part of his strength. This is human nature, and hiding part of his strength will always bring unexpected benefits at the necessary critical moment. Jinyang often does this and has saved his life many times.
Jinyang ignored him and threw him something directly. Then he said lightly, "Don’t talk nonsense. Go back and get ready. Contact all the people. Wait for my notice in the city. From today on, you don’t have to live in this dark and humid place. "

You Huan is the elder of Lian Xin Sect, and he is the most outstanding one with qualifications. Even Zhang Jiao relies heavily on him, but he befriends Wen Yingchang’s eldest son, Wen Lingxuan. It is precisely because of this heavy relationship that the literati are not harassed and threatened in the territory of Lian Xin Zong, and they are at peace with each other.

This gifted Elder Youhuan came to Wen Lingxuan for a small gathering every so often, but suddenly disappeared a year ago.
Wen Lingxuan is a man who keeps his word and takes friendship seriously. Although his father asked him several times occasionally, he didn’t say anything, but it can be seen that he knows something inside. Until two days ago, Youheng, who was seriously injured, came to Wen Jia, had a secret meeting with Wen Ling Xuan for a while, and then he left and disappeared. Then Wen Ling Xuan also disappeared.
Next, the people who refined the heart Sect went to the literati and asked Youheng and Fengtianbao seal. The literati where Youheng was located certainly didn’t know, and as for Fengtianbao seal, they didn’t know at all.
This is a treasure!
Chen Han first made a conclusion. Secondly, according to what Wen Yingchang said, Feng Tianbao’s seal script probably didn’t belong to Lian Xin Sect, but was obtained after Elder Youheng disappeared for more than a year.
If Feng Tianbao’s seal is originally a refined heart Sect, he can’t get it in the hands of Zhang Jiao. Moreover, in his position in refined heart Sect, there is no need to make such a fuss for an ordinary treasure. It is certain that this is an extremely precious treasure.
In this way, many things are logical.
Youheng got the news more than a year ago, or was trapped somewhere unintentionally. In short, he got this Tianbao seal. So, he brought the baby back, and told some things to Lian Xin Zong Zhang Jiao, and the treasure made the Zhang Jiao die of mutual affection and fought against Youheng.
You Hengxiu was a powerful man with excellent qualifications, but he was not killed on the spot. He escaped with serious injuries and found his good friend Wen Lingxuan. It is likely that he had entrusted Feng Tianbao’s seal to him at that time.
Next, seriously injured, he left the Wen family to find a place to heal. Wen Lingxuan was worried that Huaibi’s crime would bring trouble to his family, so he left the family, but he didn’t expect to escape.
"But … there is one of the biggest problems. How can Lian Xinzong find here?"
"They only know that Youheng is on good terms with Wen Lingxuan, and it is impossible to think that he will entrust that kind of treasure to others casually."
"How can you be sure that Youheng has been to the literati, and how can you be sure that Feng Tianbao’s seal appears here?"
Chen Han is a mystery, unless Lian Xinzong has the ability to predict the prophet, or the writer has a mole.
However, the literati do not participate in the hegemony of power, and no sect will place chess pieces here. What’s more, the literati have no physical names, all of which are the blood of a family. It is not easy to place chess pieces here, which is why it is difficult to understand.
A little while later, the news from Wen Xi was settled, and Lian Xinzong targeted the Kuangdao Fairy House, temporarily thinking that this old rival had killed them.
Juxian League!
This is a newly established sect on Helan Star, which is claimed to be founded by writers.
In order to have some self-protection ability in this troubled times, we should take out all the wealth accumulated over the years and attract talents from all over the world to join the great cause of collusion. For the family that has just been attacked by Lian Xin Sect and almost killed, this behavior is completely understandable. There are often new forces established on Helan Star, and whether it can survive is another matter.
Usually, when a power is just established, the neighboring forces will send small teams, with the goal of testing the strength of the new sect.
If it’s too strong, it’s an alliance. If it’s too weak, take the opportunity to destroy it and take everything from the other side as your own.
Unfortunately, among the three forces bordering Juxian League, Lian Xinzong is in conflict with Kuangdao Fairy House, and Feixing Valley is preparing to send someone to sound out the reality of Juxian League, and immediately receives the gauntlet of Lian Xinzong and Kuangdao Fairy House. There is nothing else, because these two sides have discovered through various clues analysis that it is actually Feixing Valley that is secretly causing mischief and alienating each other, which will provoke a bloody battle between the two forces to reap the benefits of the fishermen.
The three forces are caught in a chaotic conflict, and they have no time or energy to pay attention to Juxian League, which undoubtedly creates a good opportunity for recruiting in the early stage.
What’s more, the salary given by the masters recruited by Juxian League is three times higher than that of the best-paid sects on Helan Star. Why don’t those wild practitioners who have no door and no faction flock to it?
Chapter 575 Stick policy
On the original basis, Wen Gu’s manor has been expanded tenfold, and the top-level array passed down by the Kirin family has been increased by dozens of times by means of mustard seed sumeru. This piece of inner space is full of tens of thousands of miles in Fiona Fang, and it has become the future headquarters of Juxian League.
Outside the mountain gate, there is already a sea of people, all of whom come to join the wild repair of Juxian League. The generous remuneration of this new force makes people greedy.
The minimum requirement for joining the Juxian League is Taiyi Jin Xian, with 10 pieces of medium-grade fairy stones each year, 10 pieces of top-grade fairy stones paid by Luo Jinxian each year, and 10 pieces of top-grade fairy stones for Luo Tianshang Fairy.
That’s the best fairy stone!
Helan Star’s top-grade fairy stone, which can hardly be found locally, is ten times as valuable as the top-grade fairy stone on the surface. In fact, even if you take a hundred pieces of top-grade fairy stone, you may not be able to exchange it for a gourmet fairy stone, which has a price but no market on the main planet.
The most important thing is that the Juxian League has a promise first, and any disciple who joins the sect can practice the advanced mind and tactics in the sect.
The little boy who has just been forcibly promoted to the early stage of Taiyi Jin Xian is sitting in front of the table like an adult, and his existence is tantamount to a living signboard.
Children under the age of 10 have been trained by Taiyi Jin Xian, and they must have taken rare Dan medicine or Xiancao. The potential of Juxian League can be seen.
A boy of 16 or 17 was standing beside him, holding his arms with a strange smile on his face, staring at every wild immortal who came up to sign up.
"He Jin Xian later, talent growth nearly a grade …"
"I’m sorry, although the minimum requirement of this door is the realm of Taiyi Jinxian, there is no increase above a grade, so we are not recruiting yet. Please go back."
The big fellow’s eyes were as wide as two bells, and he shook his fist at Wencheng violently. He shouted, "Little rabbit, don’t you dare to chirp again, do you believe I broke your head with one punch? Lao Tzu picked Jin Xian in the later period of Tang Dynasty. Why is he not worthy of Juxian League? !”
Zifa boy stepped forward and said faintly, "Taiyi Jinxian realm, the lowest talent increase, two conditions are indispensable, you can go."
"What did you say? Say again … "The big fellow was furious.
"get out!" The answer of the purple-haired teenager is simpler.
"Looking for death!"
"It’s you!"
The big fist is in sharp contrast with the small white fist. The young fist doesn’t even have half of the other one. However, the latosolic red energy contained in it makes someone in the place furious.
Booming …
Before the surging energy aftermath could swing away, he was imprisoned by the immortal power of the teenager, and he looked at the big fellow with a smile.
On the other hand, the whole arm was blown into a blood fog from the fist up, and all the ribs in the right chest were broken, screaming and flying backwards while spraying blood. Late pick Jin Xian was hit hard, at the same time, the other party was able to bind the aftermath of the two men’s fight, so as to make the wild repair present furious.
Can be detected from the energy attribute, this purple-haired boy is a demon race, and the demon race can be seen everywhere on Terran territory, but it has not been questioned. The key is that the strength of this demon race is too strong.
This skill shocked everyone, including some high-spirited Luo Tianxian, and some people were worried.
It’s easy to take Luo Tian Xian as a heavy blow to the late Luo Jin Xian, but it’s not easy to let the aftermath not leak at all in the case of heavy blow. At the very least, he is also a celestial fairy in the late period. This kind of strength is placed on Helan Star, which definitely belongs to the master among the masters.
Before long, a group of 100 eligible masters were gathered, who were brought into the gate by the children of the literati and walked into a small room.
There is only one person in the room, a handsome and evil-looking young man.
"My name is Duanmu."
It was Chen Han who sat in the first place. His eyes swept over the hundred people in front of him and he smiled faintly: "At the same time, he is also the great elder of Juxian League. Welcome to join our door. Now please make a blood oath to be loyal to our door, and never betray it."

Refining the living creature is much more vicious than killing people, and it is a means of being completely out of touch. Even if it is a disciple of The Hunger who has become a master, it is generally not easy to use this technique until it is absolutely necessary.

The The Hunger Gate belongs to the Left Way, and the inner practice is to kill, but his disciples are not possessed after all, and their hearts are not as hard as a rock, so they can’t understand the true meaning of the great The Hunger method and can’t kill everything.
Now these The Hunger door experts are willing to use blood refining on vampires because of the coercion of Yin Xuanzi, the master of The Hunger door, and The Hunger, the elder of Tai Shang. Moreover, according to Jinyang, these blood clans are not people, only half-human, half-ghost.
It was indeed the most famous magic in the magic way of the Central Plains. As soon as the magic power came out, people could feel a feeling of soul moving. The breath of maliciousness shocked everyone and secretly marveled at the power of this blood refining technique.
Soon, I saw all kinds of gases emanate from the bodies of these blood clans and converge on the palms of many masters in The Hunger Gate. Become a lotus flower filled ball of light.
Jinyang then smiled, and he could feel the energy contained in this blood cell, which was many times higher than the blood essence that Hades and others usually sucked into the body.
This comparison, the two methods of collecting energy, which is better or worse, is naturally clear at a glance. Hades and others usually only absorb the essence of blood, by contrast. It’s simply a profiteering, in which the essence and backbone, which also contain a lot of energy, are completely wasted and returned to the natural source.
Hades is also a man who knows the goods. Looking at the lotus flower-filled energy ball, his eyes suddenly shone with blazing light and stared at The Hunger old ghost.
Today is no matter what, we must learn this magic. With this magic, we will never have to bite each other’s neck with nausea again, and it will be absorbed more comprehensively, and we will not waste the essence and backbone, and the speed of evolution will be much faster.
The Hunger old ghost saw Hades’s posture and knew what he wanted. He sighed slightly: "This magic is good, but it goes against heaven after all. There are too many killings on weekdays, and if the robbery comes, it will definitely be irresistible. In the end, it will be empty. Why? "
As soon as this was said, Jinyang suddenly became a little strange. Where did this come from the mouth of a generation of demons? Now the old ghost in The Hunger is a little too different from the old devil who wanted to kill all the creatures in the sea of Fiona Fang that day.
Jinyang was slightly displeased, and whispered, "Don’t talk nonsense. You are a demon family. You can kill anyone who practices, no matter how good or bad. Killing is the supreme method of The Hunger’s mind. No matter what his heart is robbed. "
Looking at The Hunger, the old ghost still hesitates. Jinyang eyes immediately flashed a strong green light, now pegged to The Hunger old ghost. Two green light point-blank, all of a sudden, as if in The Hunger old ghost saw something, immediately sneer at.
Hand slightly pinch hand seal, binge drinking, contains the universe supreme avatar, just use it with human mana, won’t be found, but it looks a bit neither fish nor fowl, a green light point-blank The Hunger old ghost.
At the same time, he shouted loudly: "Since you feed the devil with your body, how can you say that you are kind?" It seems that you have stayed with the bald donkey for a long time, and your head has become stupid. Your heart is more ruthless than the devil, and you can achieve the true meaning of the great The Hunger method. If you don’t wake up at this time, when will you wait? "
The Hunger old ghost hesitated, suddenly heard Jinyang drink, watched a green light from Jinyang eyes, into his forehead.
Green light speed, there is no time for The Hunger old ghost defense, facial expression suddenly a blunt, face became ferocious, look closely, which also mixed with a lot of pain and anger.
See this, Jinyang pinched a handprint again, seven consecutive green light point-blank, into The Hunger old ghost’s forehead, The Hunger old ghost also seems to realize what, also no longer stop Jinyang to move.
For a long time, a golden Buddha’s Light flew out from the old ghost of The Hunger, circled slightly in mid-air, and shot out in the air.
At this moment, a dusty grimaced, and the body went straight up, directly grasping the golden Buddha’s light in the palm of his hand. Suddenly, a flame that made Zilan Fairy frown burst out, and the golden Buddha’s light was directly burned clean.
The Hunger’s old ghost suddenly realized at once, burst out laughing, looked at the sky and muttered, "Now that you have been feeding the devil, how can you say kindness?" Damn old bald donkey, you flew to heaven and even put me together. When you meet in heaven in the future, you will look good. "
Say that finish, hands immediately flashed a lotus flower, forming three bloody petals, respectively, into Hades, Tyre and Kilo’s forehead, instantly into which, as for just scruples, would have disappeared.
Three people immediately exultation, hurriedly tell a few minutes of mind, the essence of refined blood art and The Hunger old ghost hundreds of years to understand in mind, in the heart still secretly curse The Hunger old ghost, good things don’t come out earlier.
At this point, many The Hunger door masters in the sky have finished the method, and all the blood, essence and backbone of more than 300 blood clan masters have been refined and become energy balls, spinning endlessly.
As for the blood clan nobles who were just rampant, only the bodies like mummies were left, which were thrown down by many masters of The Hunger Gate like garbage.
Seeing this situation, Jinyang immediately shouted, "Somebody!"
Suddenly, dozens of servants and farmers ran out, and they could feel lotus flower flashing in their eyes. Obviously, they have become the lowest blood slaves, kneeling in front of Jinyang respectfully, waiting for Jinyang’s command.
Jinyang was too lazy to look at them, and said coldly, "Pick out the bones of these corpses and throw them to the king mastiffs for lunch. All the meat residue is buried under the grape tree. This year, the fertilizer money is saved, and a lot of money can be saved. Experiment, whether the grapes made of blood meat residue will be bigger and sweeter, this is called making the best use of everything, haha. . 。 ”
When this was said, everyone looked at Jinyang with a little admiration. That kind of eyes seemed to say that your boy was cruel enough.

Chapter 180 Asura body
Chapter 180 Asura body
As soon as the words came out, all the blood slaves immediately bowed respectfully to Jinyang, and then they quickly ran over and grabbed three or four dry bodies in one hand. Although they were only blood slaves, their physical conditions all developed by leaps and bounds, and they grabbed seven or eight mummies in both hands without feeling hard.
It’s just that when they are close to many masters of The Hunger Gate, they will show natural fear. They are very careful to avoid many masters of The Hunger Gate, grab the mummy on the ground, and run away quickly. I think they have just seen the horrible scene, and the heart of fear has been completely imprinted on their hearts.
Soon, the ground was clean again, and those potholes that were beaten by blood-blade blood cells were completely restored to normal in an instant under a spell that Zilan Fairy casually waved.
Under the signal of Jinyang, The Hunger old ghost took the energy ball in the hands of all his disciples, and with a dust, three people took Hades and quickly disappeared, appearing in the chamber of secrets just created by magic.
As soon as he entered the Chamber of Secrets, a dust child started to be serious. With the most powerful spell and the magic weapon "Red Light as a Treasure Mirror", the whole Chamber of Secrets was completely isolated. The Hunger old ghost secretly estimated that even if he tried his best, he would never be able to open the enchantment displayed by this law.
Jinyang looked at a dust child and nodded firmly. Only then did he start to take action. He recovered the flame bound on many cores and restored the body of Asura. This is definitely something that will lead to disaster. Jinyang also had to be careful.
Jinyang pinched her hands slightly, and all the packages fell off automatically in the flame in the core. Gathered in one place, the flowers became a blue flame the size of a thumb, and with a "whew", they quickly flew back to the soul of Jinyang and disappeared.
The Hunger’s old ghost is also a bit on the false sense. In fact, his heart is faint and has a little understanding of the identity of Jinyang and others, knowing that they have sworn hatred with Buddhism. Just don’t understand the cause and effect.
But as long as you know this, it is enough, and the reason why the Shushan Sword School can not be destroyed. It is because of the support of Buddhism and Buddhism that the The Hunger Gate will destroy the Shushan Sword Sect and the Jiulian Sword Sect will destroy the Buddhism and Buddhism in the world, and they can completely unite.
Jinyang a call, The Hunger old ghost immediately got the message, strongly The Hunger resin gas jet, including hundreds of energy balls. His task is to break these heart nuclei.
Hades was sitting in the middle of the Chamber of Secrets, and Jinyang quickly passed on the most basic practice of Asura clan to him, so that he could work first and wait for the next step.
Although all of them have been killed, the heart nucleus still has a little meaning of independent protection. I feel the special energy of The Hunger’s corpse gas. More than three hundred powerful heart nuclei are all bleeding, struggling to resist the attack of The Hunger old ghost.
Gradually. The Hunger old ghost red in the face, slightly would face, roars out a cry, for just ten times as powerful as The Hunger resin gas eruption, in an instant, the lotus flower of the heart nuclear joint cloth immediately answer and broken.
The Hunger resin gas straight in. All the heart nuclei were immediately exploded by the slightly angry The Hunger resin gas, and immediately turned into a bloody energy group and a lotus flower.
Suddenly, the lotus flower with a hint of consciousness immediately spread out, subconsciously knowing that it wouldn’t be safe, all of them wanted to escape, and the dust that had been resting and doing nothing hurriedly stepped forward, and a mysterious and abnormal blue flame hurriedly followed.
Trap everyone’s blood in it, and don’t continue to approach, just trap them, the other side. The Hunger old ghost hurriedly put more than three hundred bloody energy groups together. Become a bloody energy group the size of a basketball, and the powerful blood can make The Hunger’s old ghost jealous. If this is swallowed up, it will save at least a thousand years of hard work.
Hades, who is sitting up, has gradually become a little familiar with the practice of Jinyang, and a strange smell emanates from his body. Seeing this, Jinyang naturally smiles, and Vulcan Zhu Rong still retains a lot of useful stuff in his broken memory.
They are all masters. I saw a dark blood mass crawling slowly in the abdomen of Hades, like a heart, beating faintly. At first, the speed was extremely slow, and it only beat once every few minutes, but Jinyang three people could feel it. Every time they beat, the time from the next beating was reduced by one point.
Hades, who had always been awake, suddenly lost consciousness, and only the dark and black blood mass in the whole chamber of secrets wriggled.
As the speed is getting faster and faster, everyone can feel it. Focusing on the abdomen of Hades, there is a faint suction, which absorbs the free energy around. Jinyang exults with a handprint, and the thick aura of heaven and earth immediately gathers around and becomes a tiny energy group.
Jinyang carefully explored the tiny energy mass to the abdomen of Hades, and there was a flash of lotus flower. Suddenly, I saw that the news energy was absorbed by the dark blood mass and disappeared, but immediately, everyone could feel it, and the beating speed of the blood mass was obviously much faster.
Jinyang exultation, hurriedly a wave, The Hunger old ghost in the hands of the energy group immediately flew to the hands of Jinyang, directly sent to the abdomen of Hades, just tonic blood group has formed a huge vortex around, without scruple to absorb the energy around, a sense of Jinyang sent huge energy, immediately issued a sound similar to human cheers.
The basketball-sized energy mass immediately split into a stream, and quickly shot into the blood mass at Hades’ abdomen, like running water, almost instantly. The basketball-sized energy mass was only half left at once, but the beating speed of the blood mass was much faster, almost reaching the speed of beating once per second.
In Jinyang’s frightened eyes, in just ten seconds, the basketball-sized energy ball collected all the energy of blood, essence and backbone of more than 300 blood clan masters, and was thus consumed.
Seeing that the blood group jumped faster and faster, but it just didn’t respond, and it formed a vortex in the abdomen, and it still needed energy supplement. Jinyang also knew that the original estimate was far from enough, and the energy essence of these blood clan masters was still not enough, so he quickly took out dozens of bottles and cans from the bag of different dimensions.
Hesitated dreary exercise, broke these bottles with one hand, all the Dan medicines were taken out, a blue flame flashed, and thousands of Dan medicines immediately turned into the most primitive energy, which was stuffed into the Dantian of Hades by Jinyang.
The dark black light flashed, and the energy mass of more than a thousand pills of Dan medicine was absorbed in an instant, and the beating speed of blood mass increased a lot again, but it still didn’t respond.

Chapter 182 Killing my grandfather
Chapter 182 Killing my grandfather
In the castle on the outskirts of Birmingham, among the thirteen clans of the blood clan, the Ruimoer family, named the seventh, is a middle-aged man who is the current prince, sitting in the dark hall. The ancient wooden tables and chairs exude a faint fragrance, and the blood-red candlelight emits a faint red light, shining on the pale face of the middle-aged man, filled with a strong murderous look.
The young Grand Duke Jimut respectfully stood aside and carefully looked at the middle-aged man sitting up. Although he has been with him for nearly five hundred years, he still can’t guess what the prince who has lived for two thousand years is thinking.
After a long time, he said in a low voice, "My Lord, I have received news that the fire of Lord Ruhr’s life has also been extinguished, which coincides with the death time of’ Blood Killing Team 1′ and should be killed at the same time. . 。 ”
Prince Rui Moer waved and motioned that he already knew, and told Jimmut not to say more. Jimmut immediately closed his mouth and stopped making any noise. After years of getting along, he knew his moody personality, and no one could guess what he was really thinking, so it was better not to touch his eyebrows.

One step, two steps and three steps!

Zeng Feiyang has just stepped over the free throw line, but his body has risen like a soaring rocket, and his figure is like an elegant fighter plane rushing into the sky! He is competing with the basket!
Zeng Feiyang is flying! It’s him flying!
Every fan’s heart is beating wildly, their blood is boiling and their brains are excited!
Zeng Feiyang took the ball and raised his hands high. He slowly approached the basket! Everyone in the place couldn’t help getting up from their seats because they all knew that the moment of shocking the world was coming!
Everyone held their breath and widened their eyes-no one wanted to miss this moment that might make people heart attack!
"bang!" The ball was buckled into the basket by Zeng Feiyang’s strong hands.
"plop!" Zeng Feiyang fell to the ground, and the powerful impact made him fall to the reporter’s body (poor reporter B …)
All the fans gasped when they saw this scene. They couldn’t believe what was happening in front of them-Carter, the "flying man", stepped on the free throw line in the dunk contest two years ago, and his hands were buckled in this game, and it was from a famous player!
Once flying up, a king looked down at all the fans present, and then he put his right index finger in front of his mouth and breathed a sigh of relief. In a light and contemptuous tone, he spit out an English sentence, "Be quiet, thank you …"
Simple dynamic ordinary language
Zeng Feiyang is so ordinary, but everyone can clearly feel Zeng Feiyang’s arrogance!
No one dares to laugh at Zeng Feiyang again! At this moment, Zeng Feiyang reminds people of another person! A superstar who also had absolute domineering strength when he entered the NBA in the first year-‘Little Emperor’ James …
Zeng Feiyang has a little emperor shadow? Not only can people see from his dunk just now-in the future, he may have more strength than the little emperor …
Chapter one hundred and twenty-seven China trapeze
Do you hear me?
I heard …
What did he say?
Be quiet …
The Hornets home fans looked at Zeng Feiyang dully, and no one dared to make a sound.
Zeng Feiyang’s words are crazy and proud, but they can’t show any anger at his words and lines, because Zeng Feiyang’s flying body has been deeply imprinted in their minds, so that they can firmly remember Zeng Feiyang’s name!
"Yeah ~ ~ ~" At this moment, the substitute players of the Rockets gave an excited shout, which drove all the rocket fans in front of the camera at the scene!
All the rocket fans in the world are jubilant! Everyone and every heart are excited at this moment!
That’s terrible! It’s so strong!
Zeng Feiyang’s jumping ability and explosive force remind everyone of the’ flying man’!
David stern was pleasantly surprised because he never thought that Zeng Feiyang had such terrible jumping ability! Xi, of course, is because Zeng Feiyang’s ability has exceeded his expectation! That is to say, the effect caused by Zeng Feiyang will be even greater!
At the same time, David Snort has added one more name to the list of dunk contest …
Van Gundy, who has always been calm, is also a face of surprise. Although he knew that Zeng Feiyang had strong jumping ability and explosive power, he didn’t expect to be so strong-strong to the point of being comparable to’ flying man’!
Too strong! Zeng Feiyang is really strong!
The new king’ Chris Paul stared blankly at Zeng Feiyang, and his heart was full of injustice and loss.
What? What, he has such terrible jumping ability? What makes an Asian so strong? Shouldn’t all the world leaders in basketball be black? Oh, my God …
The head coach of the Hornets was forced to call a time-out. If he doesn’t call a time-out at this moment, the victory or defeat of the game may be decided! Because Zeng Feiyang’s flying dunk has deeply shocked everyone who saw this picture, including himself …
Yu Jia, the host of CCV5, said excitedly, "Have you all seen it, audience friends? This is Zeng Feiyang’s strength! Too strong! Miracle’ No, I think we should address him as’ China Flying Man’ now! Today, he is almost the incarnation of the emperor! Although we have seen his’ miracle’ performance in the previous CUBA competition, it was in CUBA after all! But now he has created a dunk comparable to’ Flying Man’ in the NBA! He is our China’ basketball god’ … "
The shot change was flying, and the’ flying man’ was played back on the screen again and again! His simple ban on movement bombarded people’s nerves again and again!
At this moment, people all over the world have lost one thing-China people flew in the NBA! China, the flying man is flying!
People in the New Orleans Arena silently watched the heart rate change again and again on the big screen in the stadium!
Zeng Feiyang couldn’t help but feel tongue-tied after seeing his performance. He just wanted those people to keep silent because of a moment of anger. As a result, he never dreamed that he had an excessive explosion of potential because of excitement. He not only completed Carter’s classic double-clasping, but also didn’t think that a simple ban would have such a strong domineering majesty!
I used to wonder if I didn’t wake up and suddenly became so’ cow’. It’s not like myself!
However, Zeng Feiyang is also white. If you can’t believe it, it’s all a fact. The fact has been deeply branded in everyone’s heart-just now he is the incarnation of’ God’!
Maybe it’s because Zeng Feiyang gave himself too much impact! Chris Paul wasn’t in the mood in the later game, and the whole person was in a state of panic and always made mistakes. Nymphs coach Byron Scott had to change his favorite field.
Without Paul, the Hornets became a mess, and the mistakes caused by repeated missed shots made the Hornets fall behind the Rockets by 674 points at the end of the third quarter.
Although there is still the last quarter left in the game, everyone is in vain-the outcome of this game has already been decided.
As expected, in the fourth quarter, the Rockets led by Zeng Feiyang succeeded in attacking again and again, while Huang Feng was prevented from even getting a shot! For seven minutes, the Rockets didn’t let Huang Feng get a point! By this time, the Rockets had scored 31 points-when the game was officially declared garbage!
Four minutes left in the final game, except Zeng Feiyang, Yao and McGrady were replaced. Van Gundy knew that this game belonged to Zeng Feiyang! Since it belongs to him, let him continue to perform as much as he likes!
Yao and other players were not idle when they were changed. They all worked hard to make Zeng Feiyang’s confidence stronger than ever before and his desire to express himself was greater than ever before-there was a bit of selfishness in his heart, but this selfishness was selfish in wanting the team to win. Want the world to know that China players are powerful and selfish …
When I finished Zeng Feiyang’s solo performance, he broke through his shooting, dunking and blocking-he couldn’t!
No one on the Hornets can stop him! It shouldn’t be said that they have lost their fighting spirit and given up the game! There is Zeng Feiyang so that he can perform his solo show to his heart’s content! And the Hornets’ home fans also know that everyone has been flying and cheering-no matter who you are, you will be respected and worshipped by others!
The Hornets missed their last shot two seconds before the end, and once Feiyang got the rebound! A simple rebound, an ordinary rebound! And Zeng Feiyang didn’t continue to attack after picking up the rebound because the game was over! But for people, the meaning of this rebound is of great significance-Zeng Feiyang got this rebound and the data has become 27 points, 1 rebound, 5 steals, 2 blocks and 12 assists-he got a triple double, a real triple double!
Come on! Too soon! Zeng Feiyang once again set a record in this game-he got the’ triple double’ data when he joined the NBA in the fourth game!
It’s true that’ Little Emperor’ James is the youngest player to get the’ triple double’ data, but he is not the fastest! Because the fastest player to get the’ triple double’ is Zeng Feiyang!
It’s true that Zeng Feiyang was able to get the’ triple double’ largely because Huang Feng gave up the game and the game was rubbish, but you can’t deny one thing-that is Zeng Feiyang’s strength! If he doesn’t have great strength, how can he get the real’ triple double’ data!
"whistle ~ ~ ~" sounded at the end of the game, and the rockets won 13179! The players from both sides shook hands, but Paul, the’ new king’ of Huang Feng team, had already left this day sadly. The game hit him so hard that he would never forget Zeng Feiyang’s soaring figure! Zeng Feiyang blocked all the sunshine in front of him like a huge wall that suddenly appeared.
However, although Zeng Feiyang’s blow to Chris Paul was great, it didn’t mean that he was completely defeated …
Zeng Feiyang, you wait! I will definitely surpass you! Sure! No matter how strong you are …
This game has branded Paul with a deep determination that he will be stronger in the future …
"Audience friends, the game is over here! I think it must be self-evident that this game will give you a sigh. Well, at the end, I have one thing to tell you. Zeng Feiyang’s name has already been chosen in the official NBA website. If you like Zeng Feiyang, go and vote … "
Have a?
Does the star vote have Zeng Feiyang’s name?
Then what are you waiting for?
Let’s go! !
As soon as the live broadcast ended, several fans in China sat in front of their heads and played the official Chinese website of NBA and voted for Zeng Feiyang’s name …
On this day, the name once flew, which made the world famous! His trapeze-like double-clasped hands are repeatedly played on major TV stations!
On this day, Zeng Feiyang had his international nickname-China Flying Man …
Chapter one hundred and twenty Renewal
January 3, 2002 is the third day of the new year. Students and adults have left their busy study jobs. This day is so ordinary.
But on this ordinary day, there is an important event in the NBA! That is the issue of renewing the contract with Zeng Feiyang after his short-term contract expires!

In the other group, a young man’s eyes fell on Yu Changfeng and he was surprised: "Chang Feng? Why are you here? "

"Why can’t I be here?"
Yu Changfeng burst out laughing, glanced at the young man’s companion and said, "Why? You’re not going to take someone to rob your brother, are you? "
The young man is obviously very familiar with him, and from the point of view of expression and behavior, he is likely to belong to the same force, and his status is lower than that of Yu Qifeng.
"Chang Ying, is he your friend?" A fellow asked.
"He is …"
"I am his big brother."
Yu Chang-feng’s face was full of pride, and she sank: "Chang-ying, what are you hesitating about?" Do you really want to rob me? "
Such an arrogant tone made the young man Yu Changying, and his face was obviously not good-looking. He silently bowed his head and stopped talking.
"Yu yuying!"
Yu Qifeng couldn’t help but be angry and snapped: "What do you mean you don’t talk? Don’t forget, I am the heir of the family, and you are only born to your father and concubine. I treat you like my own brother on weekdays. You don’t know how to be grateful. Is it bad for me to cooperate with others? "
"Shut up, if you don’t want to die!" Chen cold quickly call said.
"What for?"
Glared at him mercilessly, Yu Qifeng sneered again and again: "Yunfeng, this is my business without your intervention. Put away your self-righteous face!"
Chen Han wanted to slap him to death, and the sound was obviously with a trace of anger: "You idiot! The heavenly punishment star domain is bound by the rules of heaven and can’t send messages to the outside world. Do you think he dare not kill you? Here, it’s not your family, you don’t have a master around you, you are obviously at a disadvantage, and you still embarrass him in front of everyone. I would kill you, too. Not only can you vent your anger, but once things happen here, you can’t say that he is the family heir! "
"He dare to kill me? You can … "
"Ladies and gentlemen, regardless of whether these six people can gain anything, just the treasure on this young Lord Yu Yun Feng is something you will never enjoy."
Yu Changying looked up and let people see his expression clearly. His eyes were full of distortion and ferocity, as if he finally had a chance to kill his enemy. He almost cried crazily: "He is the first great-grandson of the contemporary pope in the Ming Emperor’s Temple. His grandfather will be the next pope in the Ming Emperor’s Temple. His father is his only son, and he … His father has only two sons, and the other one was born in a wing.
Everyone was shocked. His remarks were not only to vent the shadows in his heart for many years, but also to tell someone in the place that this is a big fat sheep.
It is almost foreseeable that he will be the heir of the Ming Emperor’s Hall in the future, inheriting not only the so-called family, but also the top 100 super powers in the celestial world.
If you see this person in other places, even if no one dares to touch him, because no one knows how many peerless strong people are around him.
However, it is different here!
The heavenly punishment star domain is bound by rules, and no message can be transmitted. Even if he is killed, no one knows. More importantly, this planet only allows pick Jin Xian to enter at most, and it is impossible for him to be protected by the strong. How can such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity not be grasped?
"Yu Yunfeng … surname Yu … Yes, it seems that the Pope Hanyu Emperor in the Ming Emperor’s Temple is surnamed Yu!"
"He really is the clique of Ming emperor temple? !”
The lords of all the super powers in the celestial world are called the Great Emperor, but not many people know their real names, but the surnames of the families where these overlords belong are no secret.
The thirteen people’s eyes were a little more hot, but also a little deeply taboo.
The direct descendant of the super power must have a very powerful treasure, which is by no means so easy to kill. Just like Qi Xianer, her ancestors were not the super power hegemon, and the golden wheel of Bao Xiang could resist the attacks of ordinary immortals, not to mention the direct great-grandson of the Pope in the Ming Emperor’s Temple.
If he can’t kill them, they will be in trouble, and they will be hunted down by the masters of the Ming Emperor’s Temple.
Indeed, there are many two sai-jo with background among these people present, but people with such background as Yu Qifeng are unique.
"Kill him! What are you still staring at? Kill him quickly, those treasures are all yours! "
Yu Changying shouted almost crazily. This half-brother has been a nightmare hidden in his heart for hundreds of years. There has always been a voice shouting from the bottom of my heart, but it’s a pity that he didn’t dare before, and he had to pretend to be submissive, but it was just that that made the demons grow even worse.
Actually, to be honest, this elder brother is not bad to him, and he has always regarded him as a younger brother, unlike some lineals who have been at odds with concubines and desperately suppressed them.
However, Yu Changying has a great shortcoming, that is, his personality is extremely arrogant, which has filled Yu Changying’s heart with jealousy since childhood. Plus my father, grandfather, and even the grandfather who was the Pope of the Ming Emperor’s Temple, all loved Yu Changying to the extreme, and all the good things were his, which made Yu Changying jealous.
A variety of reasons together, will cause his demons, even though Yu Yun Feng has always been good to him, but did not calm the magic flame in his heart.
"Idiot! How dare you expose our identity, it’s … "
Yu Zhifeng was mad at this half-brother. Now that his identity has been exposed, he has no fear at all. He pointed to the twelve people who walked with Yu Fangying and said coldly, "Ben will remember you, your breath and your looks, so you are dead!"
It’s over!
Originally, because of Yu Changfeng’s identity, Chen Han, who thought it was possible to roll with the punches, almost didn’t spit out a mouthful of blood.
The arrogance of this product is really unbearable. No wonder Yu Changying is bent on killing him with his roommate. Now, with his identity and the other party’s scruples, as long as he says a few words to them, the other party has scruples and never dares to make moves. However, he wants to directly take revenge in the future as a threat, and replace it with anyone, for fear that he will be hunted by the Ming Emperor’s Hall in the future, and he will be killed anyway.
The pitfalls that twelve people had already faded down suddenly broke out in unison, but the immortal knowledge was locked in unexpectedly.
Whew! Whew! Whew!
With the sword light suddenly launched, when it first appeared, among the twelve people, the strongest magic weapon was the top-grade fairy, and only three of them held the top-grade fairy, while the others were all Chinese-made fairy. At this moment, the magic weapon of twelve people has five top-grade fairies, and the number of top-grade fairies is two more. However, the other seven people are not middle-grade fairies, but the best fairies with strong power!
Just like Chen Han’s team, this elite team is also undiscovered talent, and at least half of them have a strong background.
Yu Changying, who is emotional, hasn’t returned to her senses, but she has seen countless sword lights nullify at the same time.
"You …"
Before he was fully prepared, the sword of twelve people completely drowned him.
Originally, Yu Changying should have some powerful protective treasures, even though she was born in the Ming Emperor’s Temple. But he didn’t. My father, grandfather and great-grandfather poured all their love into Yu Qifeng, as if they had forgotten him at all. All the treasures were given to my brother, and he didn’t even have a really powerful treasure to protect the law.
Just at the moment when the sword light submerged Yu Changying, I saw a latosolic red glow spurting from the eyebrows of Yu Changying and forcibly squeezing into the sword curtain at an almost teleporting speed.
Booming …
The colorful glow overflowed, and Yu Changying, who closed her eyes and died, exclaimed and was blown away by the sword light launched by twelve masters. There is a layer of crimson water ripples all over his body, which makes him intact and doesn’t even hurt a hair. This is clearly the absolute defense that even the immortal can’t break.
How come…
Stabilizing his body, he looked at Yu Qifeng in amazement and muttered absently: "Why … a fire cloud and a haze? Grandpa planted it for you. Why?"
Yu Qifeng gnashed her teeth and couldn’t wait to swallow him alive. She snapped, "You son of a bitch, you are heartless, but I can’t be unjust. If you weren’t my brother, I would have chopped you up and fed you to the dog today. If you want to kill me, you have to rely on your own skills to collude with outsiders to deal with me. Are you still human? "
"Why did you save me?"
"Because you are the son of your father, is this reason enough? !” Yu Qifeng flew into a rage.
"Why did you kill me?"
His brother’s words made his face tremble a few times, and Yu Changying stared at the twelve companions: "You violated the regulations of the punishment city and shot at your companions!"
The man headed by the elite team, who looks like a burly man in his thirties, laughed aloud: "If you kill your brother, if you go back, you will definitely blame us, but you will achieve yourself." If you kill your brother, you will naturally be killed first. How can we rest assured that you will not die? "
"regulations? Shit, you are all dead and no one knows, haha … "
"Yu Changying, a beast like you who betrayed his own brother to outsiders, it is only natural to kill you!"
"What a brother who is affectionate and heartless, but today he is dying here!"
"Even if you have a treasure to protect yourself, can the immortal power in this cloud of fire be endless?"
Twelve people shouted at each other, and their immortal knowledge locked Chen Han and their team and Yu Changying, holding the sword tactic tightly and ready to start.
At the same time, each of them has different amounts of Dan medicine in their hands, and they know the extraordinary products at a glance, obviously knowing that they are going to fight a protracted war.
After all, it’s a protective thing blessed by the immortal. If you want to polish all the energy inside, it’s impossible for him to do it for a while. Before that, the other side was in absolute defense, and it was not easy to deal with it. It is still uncertain who will win or lose this battle.
"Then stand, YuYunYing, don’t you roll for me to help? !”
Yu Changfeng stared coldly at his younger brother, but the latter was ashamed and didn’t dare to look up. Now he has no murder for his brother, and all that is left is shame and guilt.

In the quota PK battle, the three giants decided to delimit an area, and the PK venue was blocked by the twelve strong men to prevent the personnel from using tactics to kill the other side when stipulated. The winner must have a camera certificate. This PK battle is very harsh, and the selected personnel have to pay 9% experience of the current level.

However, it’s still affordable to become a formal brother of Wudang at such a small price. Chief Fang Da has no language, and they have all done a good job in Wu Chi. All he has to do is hand over the list of players selected by the two PK winners to the old nun at the end.
"I agree with this quota PK system, so that’s it. Now we should immediately reorganize the reserve team nocturne and give me a salary of 50 thousand." Fang Da’s chief couldn’t wait to hold out his hand at nocturne.
"Yin Song, what are you doing? The war just ended in April, and the consumption is very high. Now, where is the silver to pay the salary? The salary of the flash detachment can only be withdrawn after the poll tax reform." Elder martial sister Nocturnal Song pushed Wu Chi’s hand and frowned.
"Then write a document and send a notice to let those smiles send us light hand over the money." Fang Da’s chief urged the three giants to start writing, and soon the notice had been written, and twelve copies of the nocturne were handed over to the twelve strong men to let them find some younger brothers to copy.
After the announcement of poll tax reform in Wudang on the second day after the April war, most Wudang members have no objection. It doesn’t matter that they can withdraw money after their own efforts. Although the withdrawal tax has increased on the whole, it has given the peripheral brothers an achievable goal.
This poll tax system includes Sanshui area, which has just been merged into Wudang branch, into the bailihuo. After reading the notice, I sighed that "Wudang really has a good means to raise financial resources."
On the third day after the April War, the Japanese Guard disbanded the flash detachment and officially performed its duties. It was divided into three detachments, and the patrol range was three shifts. At present, Wudang District does not include Sanshui District, and each detachment has 12 members, all of whom are level 2 players.
After the establishment of the flash detachment, the defensive body in Wudang division greatly enhanced its ability to attack and kill, which was several times higher. Fifty-seven intruders were killed in just one day, which was equivalent to Wu Chi taking part in a patrol on the second day after the establishment of the weekly workload detachment of the former Central Guard.
He’s thunderous and firm-minded, and everyone can’t catch up with him, not including the division commander, who frequently scolds them as turtles, and kills the enemy at a time. Seven of them are Fang Da’s chief jie, and others are not good at it.
Wu Chi’s purple circle chopped the attacker into several pieces. This is a 35-level player. Unfortunately, when Wu Chi, a 33-level abnormal root, had no backhand force, he cut off his flying sword after two rounds of firm but gentle bombardment, and was torn into pieces by firm but gentle in the middle.
After taking the enemy’s explosive equipment into the bag, Wu Chi connected a flying sword, a thunder cone, and the killing team finally closed in Xiao.
Welcome to W WW C OM
Twelve times, Xiao Shui, Xiao Xiao Angel Music.
Twelve times, Xiao Shui, Xiao Xiao Angel Music.
Xiao Xiao Xiao cold wind slowly stood by the river with a blue robe and a man’s negative hand. Looking at the surging Xiao Xiao, he whispered, "The general’s name has cracked into the river beam and turned back. Wan Li’s old friend is long and unique. Xiao Xiao Xiao’s west wind is cold and full of clothes like snow, and the birds still know how much they hate it. Who will be drunk with me if they don’t cry?"
This is a famous poet and strategist in Chinese history who suppressed the executioner of the working class people-Xin Qiji gave it to his brother He Xinlang. This poem is no exception. There are dozens of allusions, among which Xiao Xiao Xiao Xi Feng is full of clothes like snow.
At the beginning, when the article failed, the martial arts was just a little knowledge. Jing Ke was encouraged by Yan Guo’s Taidan, and at that time his head got hot, so he went to die by himself. It’s really bad for this guy to eat Taidan’s delicacies and enjoy Taidan’s beauty and Yan Ji’s little reward.
At that time, Jing Ke, who was forced to Liangshan, sounded the death knell just before Taidan bid farewell to his dog friend Gao Jianli and struck a friend. Jing Ke thought that he had written a song for himself without a eulogy. This song is very famous, that is, the wind is rustling, the water is cold, and the strong man is gone forever.
Modern assassins are spurned and hated by the people. Suicide bombers in the dark age are an example. However, in the dark, ancient assassins were equal to heroes, and they were sung by immortals in the era of advocating personal force. This is not surprising and very normal.
A voice said, "Tsing Yi, are you kidding? It’s no longer appropriate in Yishuihe. You still want to curse us to death? It’s outrageous to throw cold water on the troops before they act. If we fail, it must be because of you."
Lyrics in Danshui Tsing Yi turned my head. "I didn’t decide the location of erotic songs. Our adults in Bingli appointed it here. I have to obey my lyrics, but I just send you a deep and ancient feeling. You can’t find such a place in the real world. You should have a little emotional appeal."
"Emotional appeal is a fart. Why haven’t they been waiting for a long time?" A lazy guy was lying on the shore and sunbathing on the beach, complaining that he was wearing a blue dragon claw-exploring patterned cassock, and there was always a nasty smell-Fang Ge Yin.
"Out of the water in the South China Sea is tens of thousands of miles away from Xiao. It is necessary to pity flowers, float in the sky, sweet potatoes, and seven steps into a corpse." Freshwater Tsing Yi looked at the sun and wondered, "But why hasn’t the ice glass arrived yet? This is her notice of the right place."
Out of the water is the South China Sea away from Zhugong. Two players, one is called out of the water, and the other is called out of the water. The name of seven steps to become a corpse is not very good. This ID makes Wu Chi very amazed and feel very imposing. I just don’t know if someone else became a corpse or I became a corpse myself.
"Those three are really tough grades. I don’t know how she can practice listening to that windy tone. What is the position behind her?" Listen to fresh water tsing yi iceberg sexy beauty Wu Chi asked 1.
Tamsui Tsing Yi hesitated. "It’s really bad for me who is behind her. You said that it was an invasion of privacy without her consent, but you will naturally know that you don’t want to think about it. If you want her to cooperate well, it will not be transcend, the adult of Bingli."
Wu Chi looked at Tamsui Tsing Yi for a long time and shook his head. "Why are you such a timid guy that you dare not say a word here? Even if you and I say something big, who can know?"
For Wu Chi’s goading, seeing fresh water in Tsing Yi, can such a small trick make the old bird hook him? He hey hey smiled for a few times and didn’t answer. He turned to face Xiao’s mouth and sang some words at sixes and sevens. Wu Chi saw that goading was so effective that he lay in the sun again.
After reciting a poem in Tamsui Tsing Yi, someone finally came to high school with a lux sword awn galloping, but the heat of the sword awn had evaporated the river before, and Tamsui Tsing Yi laughed. "They came to the South China Sea and Wan Li, and they actually arrived before others."
"Tsing Yi, where did you choose to come to Xiao Shui? It’s not a good place to die. Although it’s a game, it’s also taboo." After landing, Erdao Jianhong showed two players in red robes, and one of them complained to Danshui Tsing Yi.
This guy from Zhugong in the South China Sea has the same idea as Fang Da’s chief. Wu Chi nodded and agreed, and they greeted Danshui Tsing Yi with a frown. "Why do you blame me for the problem with the ice glass? Go to her if you dare to do so."
I heard that the iceberg beauty decided to fall out of the water and immediately shut up. They were so afraid of this beauty that they didn’t even dare to say anything bad behind her back. "Where’s the ice glass?"
"Ice glass adults haven’t come to pity the flowers and float in the sky yet. Let’s wait and see the scenery first." Freshwater Tsing Yi Tantan hand "There is a shit landscape here. I want to get a barbecue and have no shit place except water and sand." Someone suddenly angrily said.
"No, there are monsters in this Xiao. It’s a pity that your sword tactic is not enough to enter the water, otherwise you can see it. But even if you enter this Xiao level 2, you are afraid of dying." Freshwater Tsing Yi smiled and answered.
"Oh, your Qingyilou has a strong intelligence ability. Even the monsters in Xiao Shui know what level monsters there are in Qing Yi. Can we go?" Out of the water and ask questions
"The two strengths are naturally available, but if you want to kill the monster, you are afraid that you have the heart. If you don’t talk about it in advance, maybe we will have another chance." Say that finish, Freshwater Tsing Yi gave a wink at the water, and the two men immediately stopped asking.
Fang Da’s chief doesn’t know that Danshui Tsing Yi ranks in the top three of the 16 scattered people in the 33-day forum. Although it is not as loud as the four big Taiwanese leaders in Moyitian, it is also an influential figure. Generally speaking, Tsing Yi scattered people have great interests and there is no danger of failure.
Two sword lights flew from the south to Danshui Tsing Yi, and they noticed that "it’s time for them to come". It was Emei who pitied the flower road, the man, the god, the camel and the second brother. When they landed on the ground, they said to Danshui Tsing Yi Road, "Bingli is not coming today, and we are meeting her on the way north, so I will give you a message."
"Why didn’t she come today is the first time? I have a lot of things to discuss with you. Do you know what she has?" Tamsui Tsing Yi frowned and stopped the first player in the first combination of troops, which really annoyed the organizers.
"How dare we ask about this important person? But it depends on the situation. It seems that we have found some clues to track someone down." After listening to the words of the Taoist priest, everyone except Wu Chi looked suddenly.
"In that case, let’s discuss it first. Anyway, she can act alone. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t come today." Tamsui Tsing Yi flatly said with a wave of his hand.
The main purpose of calling members of Thunder Cone today is to inform the team members of the action strategy and assign their responsibilities. Each action plan is arranged in Tamsui Tsing Yi Road. "I will inform everyone to arrive one hour before the action, and then arrange their responsibilities according to the target."
"When there is an operation every day, it may be our responsibility to find out the location of the target. After the operation is completed, everyone can leave and pay the reward immediately. If the operation fails, it will not be included in the total number of operations." This rule is very reasonable, and everyone nods in agreement.
"I can’t count your abilities …" Wu Chi hesitated. "What are you good at now, attacking flying swords or magic weapons? Can you give me a general idea?"
Next to the wind float in the sky, "you don’t want to pull our hind legs to clarify your strength. Don’t break everyone’s way to make a fortune." Wu Chi listened to great anger and didn’t say anything to directly show the purple clouds’ firm but gentle attributes. Several team members immediately changed their faces and eyes.
"Good song, you have this powerful shock wave, which is enough to cope with. Before each action, I will inform you of the target situation. You can make your own responsible aspects according to your respective abilities. I hope everyone can work together. On behalf of the Qingyi Building, I thanked you in advance."
According to the general principle, team members should be familiar with each other’s abilities in order to cooperate with each other. However, the killing team is a temporary combination, and each player will not reveal his details. Once the killing action is over, no one knows what will happen after everyone walks separately. Maybe it is the first time that the players meet, whether they are enemies.
"Today is the first day of the Thunder Team’s operation. I brought the first target information. Because the game is not long now, various auxiliary magic weapons have not yet come out, so we can’t play the video. We have packed a high-level box in Huangtingtai for everyone to analyze."

Duanmu Yunhai was distressed to death, but on the surface, he was full of determination and snapped: "Remember, you are a Duanmu family and a descendant, and we Duanmu family have no cowards. You still have a lot of things to do, mom and dad have gone, and only you, me and grandpa are left. You have to live anyway, otherwise you are not worthy to be the son of my Duanmu family! "

I want to live!
My hands and feet have long been smashed by thunder, and my face is blue and bleeding, but my belief in living is getting stronger and stronger: I must live for Duanmu family, for my brother and grandfather, for glory for my dead parents, and for protecting everyone around me!
Thunder roared and turned the earth upside down.
He was chopped down by thunder again and again, and flew stubbornly to meet Lei Guang again and again. He used bare arm bones without fists in his palm, and calf bones without his feet. When the flesh of the limbs disappears, when the blood is completely exhausted, only the bone powder like jade chips is splashed in the air.
The people around have been filled with hope from the beginning, and they are deeply impressed by the cold. Leili bombards the body inch by inch, which is ten million times more painful than the year. Is it what the average person can bear?
"He is the strongest person I have ever met, regardless of his fighting power or will under the same order …" A fairy emperor around Qi Xianer praised him.
"Because, he has unshakable faith, he is a real man, worthy of any woman’s life to cherish and love!" Qi Xianer no longer cries, even if she is dead, she can be proud of falling in love with such a man.
"We are the source of his faith."
Bing pupil seems to be talking to himself, and seems to be answering Qi Xianer’s words: "He won’t die, definitely not! He is the greatest man in the world. He still has too many things to do, and so many promises have not been fulfilled. He will not die or die … "
Heaven’s punishment has no human feelings. Eighty-one thunder will not be reduced because of tears and beliefs. Chen Han, who is more than one meter tall, will become shorter in thunder’s nullification.
The palms and feet disappeared …
Arms and legs disappeared …
Like a bloody human stake, and as the thunder continues to fall, even a body of flesh and blood is gradually worn out.
He can no longer exert great power, only the immortal power can be used, and gradually he has to use his body to block the powerful thunder. Half of the body slowly wears away in the thunder light, and it is broken a little below the abdomen, and finally even the abdomen and Xianying are completely broken.
Bang …
Finally, the last thunder tore off his flesh and blood with only a small half of his body, revealing the inner universe that was almost disintegrated in his belly.
The five planets with five internal organs metamorphosed are covered with numerous cracks, which seem to fall apart at any time, and the core of the star is dim and almost extinguished. After eighty-one to the thunder, even the Yuan God suffered the heaviest damage in history. Many cracks were covered with the Yuan God, and even the soul source was shocked.
In general, an immortal would have been frightened out of his wits by such trauma. The emperor’s strong defense, combined with the defense of the innate E-soil elite, the restoration of the innate E-wood elite and the vitality of the innate Gui-shui elite, made him on the verge of fly ash annihilation.
"No … no …"
JiXianEr and ice pupil cried and rushed over, but JiXianEr’s cultivation was obviously better, and he hugged the dying cold first.
Chapter 597 Rushed to Qingtian
"Get out of the way quickly!"
Yu Changfeng pulled Qi Xianer away and shouted, "What’s the use of crying? You will only delay the second brother’s life, and you will continue your life with the original immortal power as soon as possible. If anything happens to the second brother, all of you will not want to live! "
In front of him, that sentence was aimed at Xianer and Bingtong, while the latter half sentence was aimed at the immortals and immortals under his command.
Sixty excellent masters flew over and injected the most pure source into Chen Han’s body. Although this level of damage is beyond human power, with such a master continuing his life with the source, Chen Han will never die in a short time. It is another way of saying it for a long time.
Bing Yan suddenly knelt in front of Yu Qifeng. Before she could speak, Yu Qifeng hurriedly lifted her up: "Sister-in-law, don’t do this, I can’t stand it!"
This sister-in-law made her cry even harder, and she begged miserably: "Yu Shao, Bing Tong only asks you to save him. As long as you can save Chen Han, I will do anything … He can’t die …"
"Sister-in-law, you can just call me Chang Feng. Chen Han is my second brother, and he is my own brother in Chang Feng’s heart."
Hearing the words of Bing Pupil, Yu Yun-feng’s eyes burst with acid, and she said mournfully, "In those days, if our second brother hadn’t saved us with his life, we would have died in the star field. He is my sworn brother, a lifesaver for us, and the person we rely on and respect most. As long as there is any way, even if I let Chang Feng change his life, I will try my best to save him. "
"Master, this treasure can save Chen Shao’s life!" A fairy statue hurriedly said.
"Still stare blankly stem what, quick take second brother back …"
"But …"
"If you have something to say, you can fart!"
"Chen Shaoxian baby broken meridians cut off, and even the body trauma is a small matter, the key yuan god is almost broken, and even the soul source is greatly traumatized. I’m afraid this kind of injury won’t last long, even if the immortal deity continues his life from the source. This gate is too far away from here to go back. "
The immortal summoned up all his courage and said, "Besides, the capture of Heaven and Scattering is a sacred treasure, which is rare and in your hands. Even if you can go back in time, I’m afraid your majesty will not necessarily give it, after all … "
He didn’t go on, and he was afraid that Yu Yun-feng would go crazy. Even if the sacred treasure was placed in the super power, it was the most precious treasure.
Don’t you see that there is not even Yu Qifeng, who is the only great-grandson?
If he had suffered such an injury himself, Hanyu Emperor would certainly take out the heaven to save people, but it is almost zero to let him give such a precious holy medicine to a stranger. As an emperor, it is one thing to consider the interests of sects, but it is another thing to give Chen Han the holy medicine. No matter how good his relationship with Yu Yun Feng is, he is not from the Ming Emperor’s Hall after all.
All this aside, the most important thing at the moment is that Chen’s cold injury is too heavy to go to the Ming Emperor’s Hall, which is separated from the Youquan Gate by more than a dozen super powers.
"Come with me."
Qi Xianer looked at Chen Han, who was instilled by the two immortals, and said slowly, "This gate is not far from the border with Qiongyuzong, and it only takes a few days to get back at full speed."
"Can the Heavenly Sword Sect have the holy medicine to save my second brother’s life?" Yu Qifeng seems to have caught the straw.
"Will your grandfather give it to you?"
"Yes, if he doesn’t give it, I will die with Chen Han."
Qi Xianer dropped a word, hugged Chen Han with tears, and murmured, "Don’t worry, I will definitely save you. I won’t live if you die."
In fact, the most convenient way to save the cold is the Youquanmen. Unfortunately, although the status of the sea of clouds in Youquanmen is high, what happened this time is even different, but there is no chance to get the holy medicine. After all, he is only an elder candidate. Compared with Yu Qifeng and Qi Xianer, there is an insurmountable gap in their respective sects. Even if he dies in front of the Pope, he will never get the holy medicine.
A line of people finally left NingBiXing, even DuanMuYunHai, which can’t leave without permission, followed quietly.
That’s his only brother, not to mention the status of just a candidate elder, for he can give up even the position of the emperor.
Hundreds of people traveled through the interstellar transmission array, and they crossed several star domains of the super power. The consumed fairy stones can only be described as massive.
But it doesn’t matter to them at all. Chen Han’s life is more valuable than anything else.
"Line up, one by one, how do you cut in line?"
In order to speed up the road, people choose to travel in a straight line, so they have to pass through some high-quality planets. In front of them, there are a sea of people next to the interstellar transmission array of this mysterious planet, and the team is lined up for more than 100 meters.
The leader who guards the transmission array clearly has the initial accomplishments of the immortal emperor. Even among the passengers in the queue, there are many strong immortals and even immortals. However, as a planet second only to heaven and earth, it is a military stronghold of super power, and there are several immortals sitting on this planet, so no one dares to mess around even the top strong.

"Wocao … Leng Ye, do you want to murder me?" Mu Yesi was choked by Leng Ye and coughed violently, which was very painful.

"Yes! Nima … Are you going to shout for an escort? Your ya … "Leng Ye a cow up fathers don’t recognize!
What do you care about D? The Second Hall of the Royal Family is your labor! Old is still embarrassing!
"The cut is over!" Desire for night boss calm on the side Leng Ye smile happily looking at AnYun son two people like nothing, as if everything was just acting.
Mu night boss adjusted a tie and looked at Leng Ye with convulsive corners of his mouth.
"Say, why are you here so early? !” Leng Ye looked at it and came five minutes earlier than him! He won’t tell them that he came by plane!
"Small allow son che …" GongZeXi parked the car and went in to meet them.
Looking around for a Yin Kehan hasn’t arrived yet.
I guess … I played with An Yunze somewhere!
"Xixi Daddy …" An Yuner came to think about it enthusiastically and rushed to embrace Gong Zexi to give him a big one. Who knows that Mu Yesi has been holding her pigtails and won’t let her go?
Whoops … It hurts, it hurts …
"Who allowed you to throw yourself at me?" Mu night boss is bohemian and looks at her sipping her lips with an unhappy face.
"…" Whoops will bully me!
Well, since we’re going to act, let’s do it to the end!
"…" Jiang Xiche snorted and walked into the hotel room without looking back.
You always like to play games with me
When can I be less naive? Cooperate with Mu Yesi to act …
Do you think too highly of yourself? He’s just benefiting you.
When will you be a fool?
"hey! Wang Xuan, do you want to be so shameless and let a girl help you with your things! " Gong Ze parked the car and started the trunk to let Wang Xuan take all his things away, but he walked in carelessly!
It’s the worst thing to let her drag such heavy luggage by a girl. It’s still him!
"= You really can’t let girls carry such heavy things, but are you a girl?" Wang Xuan couldn’t help laughing. The expression on Gong Ze’s face was really funny.
54C hood?
"Pain …" Gong Ze stepped on Wang Xuan severely and then threw his luggage out and took the room card by himself and entered the room.
"What a suck …" Gong Zexi gloated and went in with his luggage.
How much his sister, Gong Ze, is? His brother has deeply realized it.
Yin Kehan and An Yunze have arrived at the hotel gate.
An Yunze is a very gentleman. He pulls the door for her and gives her a hand.
Wow … How romantic!
And then …
He smiled and gave her the luggage on the left.
"An Yunze! Are you a man? Let me take it … I’m a girl! " Yin Kehan is still in a good mood. She has been petrified since he gave her the luggage.
"Female …" An Yunze female … for n long and then poof out laughing!
She’s a girl. Poof, haha …
"What are you laughing at ….." Yin Kehan doodle mouth a face of unhappy.
"maid! Follow me with my luggage and my room card, understand? " An Yunze refrained from laughing and then took out a golden room card from his trouser pocket and put it in her chest pocket.
Yes … He just stared at her breasts for a minute!
An Yunze teased her and then said, "Cover?"
"An Yunze! You are a king egg! " Yin kehan got red in the face when he heard the word, and ran after him with his luggage.
"Aye aye aye … Miss Yoon, what are you excited about … the cup is not a shameful thing …" An Yunze swallowed saliva and started to run and said it with a high volume!
"Ah ah! An Yunze, you also said that you also said … "Yin Kehan gas tears are coming out.
Many people around are snickering at her. What a shame!
"Ahhh … boss! Help wow … "An Yunze like a big boy hiding behind longed for night boss.
"Lie trough! Brother beast is really dating Kehan! " An Yuner looked at them dumbfounded.
"Don’t pull my pants!" I longed for the night boss to watch AnYunZe pull his pants all the time, and he was torn off wearing loose slacks today.
"…" An Yunze didn’t give a damn. He continued to hide here and there …
You can’t catch me! You can’t catch me!
Yin Kehan continues to attack from left to right to see how you can hide from you-a dead wolf! Look at girls …
Finally, in AnYunZe’s crazy hiding several times, I longed for the loose casual pants of the night boss to be pulled.
Pants exposed!
That’s not the point! The point is … His pants are’ Crayon Shinchan’ pattern!
Mu Yesi petrified.

This is because Lin Shen regretted taking sleeping pills and committed suicide, but life has passed away. No, Lin Shen can actually call 1 if he regrets. Is it because he didn’t have a chance to call the whole story? It seems that Lin Shen’s words are "no chance" at most. Is it a pity that suicide people talk like this? And the most important thing is that Lin Shen didn’t explain his suicide reasons. Suicide people usually write suicide reasons at the beginning, such as being too uncomfortable in their hearts or disgusted with the world.

Ye Liangkai knows so well because he wrote about suicide. When he wanted to commit suicide, he wrote the reasons for suicide first, followed by the words "Don’t be sad, take care of yourself, and have something to explain." Finally, he emphasized that relatives and friends should not be sad and cherish life and happiness.
Ye Liangkai felt that Lin Shen’s legacy really didn’t look like a suicide. With this doubt in his heart, he asked what Lin Ma had done before she died.
Lin Ma sighed when talking about this matter and recalled, "Before Shen Er died, I called him and he was crying just after I got through. Suddenly he asked me for my bank password, remember? I was a little surprised at that time. He suddenly asked me. He explained that it was just a sudden thought of asking. Later, he suddenly cried and said that he loved me. He called me again and then hung up in a hurry. "
At this point, Lin Ma sighed again and continued, "I have always refused to believe that Shen Er will commit suicide. Although I know his heart is bitter, this child will not be so sexual. I went to the police station and asked them to investigate again. The police refused to file a case. His crew seems to be hiding something from me."
Ye Liangkai listened patiently, looked at the calm heart, but looked at the desk notes and suddenly asked, "Did Aunt Lin Shen keep a diary? Did you bring back his things?"
Lin Ma nodded and said, "I brought his wallet back. I went to his rented house to get his notes back. Wait a minute." After that, Lin Ma came out of the door and came in with five or six thick notes in her hand.
Ye Liangkai looked intently. Four are notes taken during filming, and the other two are diaries.
The first diary is a thing that the university has just entered the social period. Ye Liangkai put it aside for the time being and picked up the second one. The last date is March 1, 18. It seems that Lin Shen still keeps the habit of keeping a diary. Although it is not recorded every day, there is a rule that important things are kept in mind, and unimportant things will be recorded every three days to make a summary.
Lin Ma said that she had carefully searched for Lin Shen’s relics and brought all her notes. He didn’t keep a diary in the studio and suitcase, but he had notes of a new character.
Ye Liangkai intuition Lin Shen still has an important note, so where is the latest diary?
Chapter one hundred and fourteen Pick you up
Leaves are cool, leaves are quiet, leaves are quiet, leaves are noisy, and every day, the funeral begins at 5: 30, and it starts at 10: 00, so I can hear thick cocoons in my ears.
He has been looking through Lin Shen’s diary when he has nothing to do these days, and he is more and more sure that another important diary has been taken away.
Ye Liang started talking and asked Wang Meng to go to the police station to see the police. There was no evidence left by the police. It was said that it was an ordinary suicide case, but the net caused a bloody storm, and the sinner was murdered to death.
This leads Ye Liangkai in the direction of thinking that Lin Shen has offended anyone, Liu Qingya’s father and daughter Qi Zhen’s agent, or has offended potential enemies. All speculations are not supported by tangible evidence.
The more I think about it, the bigger my brain is, the cooler my brain is, and the hand is stretched out intact. I rubbed my swollen temples and looked at the thick green trees.
Two swallows with scissors are happy to chase them, but they are free. Higher animals seem to be born with worries.
The warmth of summer has been stripped of a layer in this small mountain village. Even here, the wind brings comfortable and cool leaves. After coming here, you can sleep until dawn at night without blowing a fan and wrapping a thin quilt.
Ye Liangkai slowly let go of his thoughts, throw away the grief of losing his wife for a while, enjoy quietly, comfort people’s spiritual wounds, and quietly
Shiying has left him for 15 days, 4 minutes and 3 seconds. Her voice and smile are still vivid, and her thoughts are getting heavier and heavier. The falling place in my heart is getting bigger and bigger.
Ye Liangkai feels that she will be swallowed up by great mourning at any time, and there is no muscle left in her brain. She often gives her life to accompany her to be lonely, but Yang Shi is too worried and tied to him. In the sunset, her parents silently care for his friends.
Gradually relax the tense strings in the body and mind, temporarily relax the environment and the atmosphere is very comfortable.
The world behind the house looks at the world struggle. At this moment, the leaves are cool and the expression is very quiet. Walking to the extreme side of the scale, the pace stops.
Ye Liangkai’s heart has always been filled with an impetuous heart over the years, but after the aura of the peak and the gloom of the current trough, the floating gas gradually precipitated.
Maybe he himself didn’t find that his mentality was no longer eager for quick success and instant benefit, and he hoped to walk step by step.
Sitting in a wheelchair, slimming down and slowly being held in my arms, this hug is not tight but not loose, just to maintain it in a just right place.
Ye Liangkai slowly opened his silent black eyes without looking back. The man stared at the pink rose and said slowly, "Why are you here?"
"Aunt is worried about you, and I will come to see you for her." The man’s voice is a little soft at the moment, and his usual resolute voice is different. It seems that he is also influenced by this pure land.
"I’m fine. I have to stay here for three days and wait for the funeral before I can go home." Ye Liangkai’s voice was a little cold and lost some of her former warmth.
"Take it easy. When you are tired, lean on my arms." Qi Zhen uttered these warm words from his heart, but before he forgot those behind him, he could really be moved by not only means.
When something happens, it’s hard to pretend to forget that Ye Liangkai is facing the gentle sunshine, and Qi Zhen’s mind is often correcting that a person can hurt others in the name of love.
"My heart has gone with Shiying, and now my body is dry. No one can ignite my love. I can’t keep you away from me. The only thing I can say is that you can’t get feedback from me. I advise you to leave early."
This is a conscious leaf. The words spoken by Liang Kai are exhausted and have some good persuasion flavor.
"Oh, then I’ll wait until I don’t mind."
Ye Liangkai was silent, Jizhen silently leaned over and hugged him, and the world was quiet again. After a long time, Ye Liangkai suddenly turned around and stared at the dark brown eyes and said, "You have the diary." This tone is very certain.
This word has no head and no tail. JiZhen said doubtfully, "What diary" seems to know nothing.
"It’s okay, I’ll go back." Ye Liangkai said this sentence and then turned back and sipped his mouth and never spoke again.
If the murderer is Qi Zhen, then his performance is so good that even he can’t see any traces of performance. It’s quite natural to act from the next time. Maybe he found that he didn’t blow up his fruit this time in Qi Zhen’s hands, but it doesn’t rule out his suspicion.
Yuet Hua, like practicing, is silent all around. During this deep sleep, there is a small bed shaking like a driveway.
Leaves cool and five senses are more sensitive in the dark. Bite your lips and dare not reveal the slightest sound. The moonlight poured out of the window and plated the bed with a soft layer of Yin Hui’s sweat shining in the moonlight.
JiZhen broke off Ye Liang and tasted the sweet lips at the beginning. Ye Liang’s face was a little blurred, like a charming fox demon that lured men to absorb essence.
Ye Liangkai is asleep and confused, and his hands are wandering around, fanning the flames and teasing him to sleep. yuwang and others are awake. Now this picture is quite difficult to ride a tiger, and the pain and happiness are parallel.
The next day, Lin Ma knocked at the door of the house and shouted, "It’s cool to eat."
Ye Liangkai opened his eyes covered with glue, grabbed them, hugged his thick arms, and responded with a hoarse voice, "Aunt, I’ll get up later."
JiZhen listen to the sound of funeral music outside fidgety turn heavy pressure to get up everyone.
"Shoulder pressure" leaves cool open pain called dint away the heavy mountain.
"What’s the pressure?" JiZhen was a little confused and asked nervously. He was so annoyed that he forgot to open his body and blamed the damn car accident for the injury.
"Get up, Ye Liangkai took the bedclothes and threw them to Jizhen." Ye Liangkai had some difficulty in buttoning his shirt because of a shoulder injury, and Jizhen quickly approached to help him.
Ye Liangkai is a shopkeeper of cutting and enjoying himself with peace of mind. It is simply a painful thing for the president to wear pajamas alone these days. Every time Lin Ma calls him, he gets up early and gets dressed. Last night, things really disturbed his daily life.
Lin Ma looked at the two of them sleepy and asked "Didn’t you sleep well?"
Ye Liangkai heard that Lin Ma carefully smiled and explained that "two people squeezed into a bed last night were a little uncomfortable." Jizhen didn’t expose Ye Liangkai’s lies and went out to brush his teeth alone.
"At noon, I told them not to play music, so you have a good nap." Lin Ma put porridge on the tray and wanted to help Ye Liang open the quilt.
When Ye Liangkai saw it, he immediately guiltily stopped Lin Ma and said, "Aunt, I have something to tell you."
Lin Ma reached out to the thin quilt and stopped with her hand. She went to Ye Liangkai and said, "What’s the matter?"
Ye Liangkai quickly pulled a reason and said, "Is Lin Shen’s Soul Night with you the day after tomorrow?"
As soon as Lin Ma heard something about Lin Shen, she forgot to fold it. She was moved by it and said, "Do you want to keep it, too?"
Leaves cool open nodded and said "well" and then said "aunt, you go home with me after the funeral."
Lin Ma shook her head and smiled and said, "I’ll be lonely when I’m gone. Thank you this time."
"Ah, aunt, I don’t know what to say," Ye Liangkai looked at Lin Ma and said hesitantly.
Lin Ma looked at her face and nodded and said, "If you have something to say, I won’t blame you."
"Aunt, I think you lost a lot of your own life when you were alive, but you can live by yourself." Ye Liangkai looked at Lin Ma’s vicissitudes of life and said this.
When Lin Ma heard this, she bent her mouth and said with a wry smile, "I haven’t read it and I don’t know how to be happy when I am alive. When my mother was alive, she told me that a woman’s life is to marry a man when she grows up, have children for her, take care of the housework, raise the children and let him support me when I am old."
Leaves are cool, eyelashes are gathered, and I feel a little uncomfortable. Many women have been educated since childhood to be attached to men. What can’t be wonderful in live high?
However, it is really lonely when a person is alive. It is a very realistic problem who leads you forward when you are old and unable to move. People who are maverick and abandon the routine are doomed to lose a lot of fun for everyone compared with women with families and children.
Cool leaves mean that Lin Ma can live by herself, find a man who loves her, and do something meaningful. Don’t tie a heart to her body, just like American couples raise their offspring.
"Ah, aunt, if you feel lonely, just call me and treat me as your other son." Ye Liangkai thought for a while and finally said so.
Lin Ma nodded and blinked, stretched out his hand and wiped the tears from his eyes and said with a smile, "Good."
Life is like this, it gives you a door and a small window, and gives you some hope when you are desperate. People put this sentence out of the cocoon, but it is in our life.