"God, you call me how to live! !”

Covered with "sad" claws and screaming at the sky, it seems that there is nothing worse than this in the world.
However, what is even more sad is that after a burst of screaming, it found that the girl in front of her still sneered with incomprehension.
"Sigh ~ ~ ~" At the same time, it finally waved its fluffy paws wearily. "Forget it, since you don’t understand amorous feelings, I won’t show it." At the same time, its face also followed the right path. "When I heard that Simon Ji’s chubby man came out of Brahma Dream, the man who practiced Xuan Yin Qi disappeared. At that time, I knew that you had absolutely no malice towards white dress."
Si Miao’s face changed. "What do you know?" While speaking, my hand unconsciously reached into my arms.
"Not nervous" Meng shook his head and looked up at the bright full moon. "Actually, this time I woke up with a purpose to try my best to help the winner of the song to complete the training institute. I don’t want him to have an accident even if my fly ash is annihilated. I won’t care or say anything more."
The cold breath around immediately warmed up a lot.
Satisfied nodded and grinned gently. "You said that the wheel of destiny is really simple. There is no wheel of destiny in Yangling."
"What? Without him that day. "
"That’s just an illusion."
I vomited a sigh of relief as if I were not very sad. "On that day, I heard that you were caught by Youji and they insisted on Tianzhu Peak. My old man’s house couldn’t help but feel even sadder. I woke up this time with an immortal body but I had long since disappeared."
There’s no way to save his life, so I can teach him to be altruistic. The sword matches the auspicious god’s tactic to simulate the breath of the wheel of fortune. I hope I can fool the monster. Finally, it’s a blessing. Maybe that guy worked hard to get immortality, and he was too afraid of losing it to stop checking it for a while. "
"It should be the elder Cong."
The fascinating person doesn’t want to laugh at the wonderful face of the company. She smiled gently and lifted her forehead with her white fingers. Liu Haidao "The elder first caught the monster and didn’t want to eat people raw, but he had to eat upset, which made him lose his mind. Choosing simulation and sacrifice can be recognized. The wheel of fate can be calculated. How can that guy escape from the elder’s SJ?" With that charming smile, her face is even more brilliant.
However, Meng Meng’s eyes were wide open, his face was frightened, and he hugged his chest and stepped back for half a step. "You ~ ~ you ~ ~ You have something to say. It’s easy to scare my old man of heart disease, coronary heart disease, hypertension and diabetes."
"Well," seeing each other and expressing it in a wide range of ways, the enemy humor secretary waved his hand in a depressed way and looked up at the bright moon at the same time, unable to say loneliness.
For a long time, she took a light breath and didn’t look back. She just said as if talking to herself, "I really want to ask my predecessors that the gods and ghosts will suddenly disappear in this world 10,000 years ago. In terms of the dark truth, even if they are robbed in the last days, there is a 90% chance of survival, and it is absolutely impossible to exterminate the whole gods and ghosts."
"It’s a pity that I don’t know." When it comes to ghosts and gods, Meng will also put away his humor and face loneliness
"More than 10,000 years ago, my master told me that if they couldn’t do it, and I met the singer who asked for it, he must stay with him to help him complete his cultivation, and then he knocked me out. I don’t know how long I slept. When I woke up 3,000 years ago, I found that my cultivation had been lost and I was trapped in the blood pool of Yoga. I was so patient that I waited for those who entered the temple of Yoga during this period. I was surprised to find that the original master was no longer, and not only the master but also the past gods and buddhas had disappeared."
"Now I also want to know what happened to make the magic department of the undead all over the sky silent, and I don’t know whether they are dead or asleep." Finally, it added a sentence and gradually dropped.
Soft moonlight, yellow sand reflects charming faint light, and everything seems to be silent again. Yellow sand looks at the curtain quietly, and the night seems to see through the thick black and go straight into the depths of nine days.
"Alas ~ ~ ~" Like water, I don’t know how long time has passed. Finally, Si Miao turned to look at the cute little beast with a sigh. "By the way, do you know what people who practice Xuan Yin Qi are destined to be the life and death enemies of the winner of the song?"
Meng Wei was stunned and realized that when the other party spoke, a pair of small eyes immediately widened in horror. "You don’t even know what they are enemies, so you rashly attacked Wei Bo?"
Suddenly Si Miaojing’s cheeks drooped slightly with a pink neck. "I know that if he can ask for a song, then Putian can really kill him, and there will be practitioners of Xuan Yin Qi, but they will be doomed to life and death without knowing it."
"You ~ ~ ~ are awesome ~ ~" With a full face of horror, I finally gave a gentle "admiration".
However, when Si Miao stamped her feet with shame and asked again, her furry face changed rapidly, and she became frightened and embarrassed. She hung her head embarrassedly. "I don’t know what the reason is. I heard the master say so."
Its voice is getting lower and lower. Finally, even it can hardly hear what it is saying. It is not until it feels that the girl in white next to her is getting cold and about to reach the critical point of explosion that her head suddenly looks up and her hands are thrust into her waist. She pre-emptively shouts, "By the way, are you cheating on Yangling Tianshen Jiuling Xuanyu? Do you know that this may make him beyond redemption?"
Si Miao’s slight one leng was so frightened that he suddenly forgot that he had just been teased but didn’t get the answer. The head of the matter was once again embarrassed to hang down. "I know that he was lost in spirit, and he once saw in an ancient book that the nine-spirit mysterious jade can be merged with people’s spirit to make up for the incomplete spirit, but the ancient book was incomplete and supplemented with the method of condensing the nine-spirit mysterious jade, but he didn’t say that it should be like being lost in spirit. Therefore, I first arranged the nine-spirit swallowing day and wanted to wait until I found a way to repair my spirit before saying that when I left, he
"Know!" Si Miao’s words are not finished, and the dream has been coldly snorted. "Although the nine-spirit Xuanyu has repaired the soul, how can the repaired soul be nothing to others compared with his original soul, but his practice is to ask for a song?"
Said it seems to be very nai waved claws "forget it, or think of some way to lift the explosion crisis of Nine Spirits Xuanyu, and wait until he gets back half of his soul, so that the soul will be stronger. Now let Lingyu stabilize the materials. My base has already found about the same difference. I haven’t found the big sacred land and the big change ten thousand years ago, and my old man doesn’t know where to find it."
"inch heart orchid, rotten bone fragrance?" Si Miao murmured in his mouth and forgot to laugh at the guy who claimed to know everything. It was a long time before he slowly raised his head and said with uncertainty, "I have heard these two things as if Chapter 93 of the Overseas Islands."
"Overseas islands? What is that place? "
My eyes narrowed slightly and my face appeared at the same time-I don’t know how many years I have lived in the immortal Great Yan Holy Land, but in front of me, this little girl actually said a place it didn’t know.
It seems that I have seen that I am puzzled and smiled a little. "The seniors don’t doubt that those overseas islands should appear after the seniors are asleep according to the classics."
And she stopped to sort out the train of thought continued
It is said that more than 10,000 years ago, the whole Dayan Holy Land was in a mess because of the sudden fall of ghosts and gods all over the sky. Finally, only a few ghosts and gods dragged their disabled bodies and will re-chisel the veins to guide these poisonous gases to gather together to separate these places from the vast land of Dayan Holy Land. At the same time, only one passage is forbidden to enter, and this passage is extremely secret. Only a handful of people found this passage in 10,000 years. Most people don’t know that there is such a place.
Yuet Hua is scattered like water, and Si Miao seems to tell an ancient story slowly, but the frown is getting tighter and tighter.
Finally it narrowed its eyes and suddenly opened it. "I remember."
Surprised by the other party, Si Miao took a look at the "lovely squirrel" in front of him angrily, and when he came to his senses, doubts flooded his mind at the same time-according to the classics, the overseas islands appeared after the fall of ghosts and gods, and then this guy was asleep in front of him, and it should be possible to know.
She turned her head in doubt and was about to ask when a clear voice came out from behind.

Bai Qionghai paused to give everyone time to digest those words, and then added, "This only god can be nourished by this disintegrated world and can also feed back the world. The fairy, demon and demon worlds have gone from bad to worse, but the overall decline rate has slowed down, which is not unrelated to the feedback from the gods. So it can also be said that since Emperor Xuanyuan became a world god, all the people in the world have accepted his love. In fact, with his ability, it is possible to completely give up a certain circle if he wants, but he has not done so. "

Bai Ling’s nine eyes stare, and the face of Bei Huang and Nan Yunqing will change again!
They unconsciously accepted Xuanyuan Huang’s affection? !
Are you kidding? !
Both sides are sworn enemies, okay? !
However, Bai Qionghai’s face is calm, where there is a little joking?
She is the most calm and fair person in the audience. In fact, she has been like this all her life.
It seems that she has seen the world, people and things differently from others since she was born. She is like a bystander, just looking at those facts objectively without any emotion.
At this time, even Xiao Wen felt as uncomfortable as swallowing a fly. Xuanyuan Emperor suddenly became his benefactor, which was really unacceptable.
However, he knows better than anyone that Bai Qionghai’s words must be right. Qi Shen Jie made him, and he has indeed been feeding back Qi Shen Jie, but Yuan Wenjuan is the only one who benefits from Qi Shen Jie for the time being.
However, Bai Qionghai didn’t stop for too long this time, and soon added, "This is the first point. If this is the only point, then Xuanyuan Huangxing will definitely not affect so many people. The only person he needs to kill is Nan Yu, a person in the celestial world who is expected to reach the realm of the gods earlier than him."
Bai Qionghai didn’t know that Nan Yunqing in the ice cave was Nan Yu’s daughter, so it was still very calm.
But how can Nan Yunqing calm down? She suddenly raised her head and looked straight at Bai Qionghai, which made Bai Qionghai confused.
Xiao Wen, on the other hand, looked at Nan Yunqing’s side face. Strictly speaking, it was this incident that made Nan Yunqing worry and completely changed her life. And its source, unexpectedly here?
It is not the position of the leader of the fairy league at all, but the throne of the only world god.
At that time, Nan Yutian’s talent was limited by the environment of various circles, and there was no breakthrough, and then almost all J and jīng forces were used to find the next path of practice. He may not be sure at that time, and there is no one else around to discuss, so he can only tell Xuanyuan Huang, who is most favored by him …
Emperor Xuanyuan simply knows that there can only be one god in the world. And his positive and bucket but south jade, immediately make the y and n recruit.
At that time, Nan Yu had ignored the fairy alliance, and Emperor Xuanyuan first created momentum. Said south jade old fatuous, and then said south jade j and jīng god out of the question, poor days, at that time, south jade was not in the celestial world, but looking for a path of practice in other worlds.
After a long time, when Nan Yu came back again, Emperor Xuanyuan suddenly shot to kill him. On the contrary, it has become a happy thing. Even, at that time, even Nan Yunqing was deceived. She even thinks that Emperor Xuanyuan did the right thing. After her father Nan Yu died, she also worked for the World God League for a long time!
Bei Huang sees Bai Qionghai and doesn’t understand why Nan Yunqing has changed like that. Directly explained in a low voice: "Nan girl is Nan Yu’s daughter."
Bai Qionghai’s eyes widened slightly, and then he could only nod to Nan Yunqing. At this time, it was useless to say anything comforting.
Bai Qionghai’s lips parted slightly, and once again he said, "The second point. It is also a point that Yunlou and I have always had doubts about. But Emperor Xuanyuan was convinced. Then I made all the later ones. This second point is actually Nan Yu’s first guess, that is, when the big world collapsed, it almost destroyed all the creatures on it. That is to say, the life and species of later worlds were actually formed later, not originally in that big world. "
"However, there must be some will in this disintegrated world, which accelerated the formation of later species, especially people and other animals. And the most crucial thing is such a statement. That is, all the creatures with souls before the collapse of that big world, and their souls were separated with the world. These separated souls are blessed by that will in the new fairy, demon and demon worlds. One soul after another has been formed. "
"The existence of these souls is very similar to that of the disintegrated world. They are mutual, but they originate from the same whole and remain a whole. Nan Yu believes that these scattered souls will become the shackles for the gods to soar to a more perfect world. Only by collecting all the scattered souls, there is only one left, and the last one will really get the opportunity to soar. "
"This is just a guess of Nan Yu, but Emperor Xuanyuan did it directly. Later, he stayed in the realm of God for a long time and still did not change his practice, probably because this statement is indeed correct and confirmed. And Yunlou and I have been looking for the answer to this matter, and all kinds of signs show that soaring into another world really has a lot to do with the soul. However, after all, we are not gods, xìng we are not willing to kill others to verify the truth of this matter before we get the real answer. "
"Before I met Xuanyuan Huang and Yunlou, the two of them were traveling in the name of the world, but in fact they have been looking for the soul of Xuanyuan Huang. Every to the world, as long as you meet a special likeness or special spirit likeness with Xuanyuan Emperor, Xuanyuan Emperor will kill each other. Later, I don’t know if Xuanyuan Huang’s soul has really grown, or if he found another way in the realm of the gods. In short, he became more efficient when he looked for the soul, and often he could directly find the soul when he reached a certain realm. "
"Cloud floor after falling in love with me, influenced by me, heart xìng change more don’t recognize the practice of xuanyuan emperor, finally decided not to walk with xuanyuan emperor. Emperor Xuanyuan also left the demon world and returned to the celestial world. Many years later, he set off again and went to the various worlds to find a soul. Later, he occasionally came to see us several times and still told us his speculation. At that time, Emperor Xuanyuan even had a considerable grasp. In fact, he didn’t have to find all the soul-splitting, but just found the soul-splitting of 36 higher-order worlds such as the twelve celestial worlds, the demon world and the underworld. Thirty-five except himself. "
"At that time, he had killed a lot of souls in the 36th world, but when we asked him if his soul had grown, he was also vague and finally failed to give a definite answer. Then, he finally encountered setbacks in the two demon worlds, and his soul-splitting is also a very powerful existence. Although his strength is not as good as his, he escaped in his first attack. Then, his distracted soul looked for helpers everywhere to fight against him. "
"At that time, it was impossible to easily kill the soul by his own strength. He had to use the power of others. However, Yunlou and I don’t recognize his practice, so naturally we won’t help him, and the best we can do is not to stop him. He had to go back to the celestial world to find help, so more and more people were involved and the scale of the battle was getting bigger and bigger. I probably knew that one day there would be a war between the fairy and the demon, and Yunlou and I would fight sooner or later and stand on his opposite side. He finally attacked Yunlou. " (To be continued …)

Chapter five hundred and ninety-nine Ice Cliff
"It should be that Emperor Xuanyuan has killed too many souls. When he killed the Cloud Tower, he used a certain technique to make the Cloud Tower in a state of suspended animation, and the soul was out of the body, but there was no one to rely on. That is to say, even if there is a saying of reincarnation, the soul of Yunlou will not be reincarnated, but will only float outside. There is still the last trace of soul fire in Yunlou’s body, which can be used as a sign to attract his soul back when the time is ripe. In this way, I can only stay with Yunlou all the time. Emperor Xuanyuan knows that I promised Yunlou to stay with him all the time. "
"Although I never went out, I have been paying attention to the war between the two sides. When Yunlou and Xuanyuan Emperor broke up, Xuanyuan Emperor had a bad feeling towards the fairy beast, thinking that the demon world was more suitable for the practice of the fairy beast, and the fairy beast and the Taoist priest might betray the fairy world after they came to the demon world. Later, it was also true. Emperor Xuanyuan’s own fairy beast, as well as two of his most powerful animal monks, defected successively. However, their rebellion is actually related to knowing what Xuanyuan Huang did. "
"But in any case, a few signs xìng fairy beast and animal monk’s rebellion has almost become a weather vane, and the followers around Xuanyuan Emperor are no longer as stable as ever. Under such circumstances, Emperor Xuanyuan finally made a frenzied decision. He and the God League killed all the fairy beasts above the fifth order in the upper, middle and lower 36 celestial realms in almost half a year, while the high-ranking animal monks either changed their ways or stood on the opposite side of the God League. " ..
"The animal monk’s resistance lasted for a long time in the twelve celestial bodies, but after all, everyone shouted because of the unilateral propaganda of the world God Union. Finally, it ended sadly. As for the middle and lower 24 celestial realms, the fairy beasts and the Taoist priests there are not qualified to resist at all. If there were not many restrictions on the high-ranking monks’ going to the low-level celestial bodies, the animal path of the lower twelve celestial bodies might be destroyed more thoroughly. Even the fairy beasts below the fourth order will not stay. "
"Due to the demise of the beast, the Emperor Xuanyuan made another deployment in the celestial world at the same time. He always thought that my appearance played a great role in the interaction between Yunlou and me, and at the same time, two generals on the side of the alliance of gods had delayed the fighter plane because of their lust for female Se. In addition, there has always been a saying that women are a disaster in the celestial world. Many monks will delay their practice because of the love between men and women, and the war between the fairy and the demon must be a protracted war … "

"Where is the child playing with Qiaoer?"

"Right there!" Jade pointed to a small yard not far away.
Xiao asked directly rushed over, only to fall into the courtyard when he heard the crying of a little boy and the cursing of an adult in the room.
"Excuse me, I’m going to take your child to find Qiaoer, and I’m sure it won’t hurt him." Xiao asked in a hurry as he walked in.
"Are you …"
"Little fellow, go find Qiaoer with your uncle, or you will never play with her again." Xiao asked to squat down in front of the little fat man in the house and try to be kind and tunnel.
"hmm." The little fat man was so sensible that he stopped crying and wiped away the tears on his face.
"Good job!" Xiao asked praised the little fat man, directly reached out his right hand and picked him up. As he walked out, he hurriedly said to the little fat man’s family, "Don’t worry, I will send him back whether I can find Qiaoer or not."
Xiao asked also some nasty, didn’t consider so much when talking, so he said that the jade was even more afraid, and tears immediately flowed out again.
Out of the house, Xiao asked directly to Cuiyu, "Hold on tight, we have to hurry!" "
Jade word on xiao asked and offering hongyun, directly reached out and firmly grasped the xiao asked the right arm holding the baby.
Xiao Wenwei’s attention was lost, and the red light came back at his feet. The three of them rushed out of the yard from low altitude!
If the Five Ghosts guide him, he hardly needs to take this little fat man with him, but he doesn’t know how this thing works, so he brought a witness. According to Jade, this little fat man seems to have seen what the person who took Qiaoer looks like.
When flying in a straight line, the five ghosts did not respond at all, so Xiao Wen had to circle around the alley first.
The principle of tracing people by Five Ghosts is similar to that of Fu Dao, not only to find the same smell, but also to find anger. Only the place where Qiaoer really passes will cause the reaction of Five Ghosts, and the closer the time is, the more obvious it will be.
After going around for more than half a circle, the five ghosts suddenly heard a shock. When you look down, you can see that the kids in a certain direction above are obviously lit up!
That’s the direction!
Xiao asked J: ng, and directly chased him in that direction, and the speed soon reached the acme.
Now that he is a true fairy realm, it doesn’t have much influence on speed to bring a person with a fairy device. Once he flies with all his strength, the wind will fill the ears of three people, and the little fat man will even be a little out of breath.
But the little guy was obviously very helpful. He only wanted to save Qiaoer, so he resisted all the discomfort. He covered his eyes with a small hand and blocked the wind with his fingers, only looking out through his fingers.
In a moment, Xiao Wen had chased out of the edge of the town and went out into the wilderness, but he looked around, with trees, crops, roads and rivers, but where was anyone?
At this time, it was already in the evening, and it was obviously a little dark. The farm workers had already returned home, and there were no pedestrians on the road.
Xiao asked hastily to fly to the sky, and his vision was broadened a lot, but there was still no figure, so he had to go down again and continue to fly forward with the instructions of the five ghosts.
"Do you know what place is over there?" During the flight, Xiao asked Jade.
"There is a town forty miles away."
Xiao asked by zheng, and then didn’t answer, just hard to fly forward.
Seeing that it was getting darker and darker, both Xiao Wen and Jade became more and more anxious. Just as it was completely dark, they finally saw the town that Jade said vaguely.
However, there was an accident at this moment. Xiao asked the little fat man in his arms and suddenly said, "Uncle, it’s not bright!" "
When Xiao asked to look at the five ghosts, he saw that none of the kids on it were bright.
He just flew so hard that he didn’t even know when the kid on it went dark.
"How long has it been out?" Xiao asked.
"Just now."
Xiao asked a little relieved, and immediately flew back just visible, flying about hundreds of feet. The kid led by the Five Ghosts finally lit up again, but it had changed in a different direction.
That direction obviously deviated from the town, but they all followed it here, and we can only believe it further.
"What is that place over there?"
At this time, Jade couldn’t tell the difference between the southeast and the northwest. She judged by her usual impression: "It should be Linyuecheng, but it should be more than a hundred miles away."
Xiao Wen was relieved and said to Cuiyu, "If the other party really went to Linyue City, Qiaoer would at least not be in danger."
"Thank you."
Having said that, who can tell the truth?
In fact, Xiao Wen and Cui Yu are still quite anxious, and they would like to teleport and appear in the Linyue City like lightning.

Chapter two hundred and twenty-eight Two knives
After chasing for so long, Xiao Wen has been able to estimate that the state of the person who abducted Qiaoer is only higher than him. His escape fairy is loaded with fire, and it is even faster than the ordinary high-order true fairy when it is fully displayed!
However, in his heart, there is no fear. Instead, he expects the other party to enter Linyue City, because the more he is in a big city, the better he can use his status as a disciple of Ming Jianzong. He believes that this identity is still very popular.
While chasing, he also comforted the jade and the little fat man, saying that he was not too sure about himself.
During the flight, the night turned out to be a lot brighter, but the moon rose gradually, shedding qinghui between heaven and earth.
The field of vision is also slightly broadened, and Xiao asked as far as he could see, and there was always no one there.
This area should be in the south-central part of the celestial realm, which is not too biased, but it is also far from the core circle. In such a place, there are few high-level cultivators, just like the original Changqing City. A true fairy is a high-level person in the normal state. Xiao asked after flying in the wild for so long, he only saw a few scattered dodges, all of which were far away from him, and the direction was not consistent with him. Even if he wanted to find someone to help, it was impossible.
"Sister Jade, is our current direction still near Yuecheng?"
"It should be."
"It doesn’t matter if it’s not, we have been following the five ghosts to chase it down. As long as the other party is not a fairy, I am sure to get Qiaoer back. " Xiao asked comfort jade way.
"Thank you, Xianchang."
Xiao asked the five ghosts in his hand to suddenly shake and look down. But that shiny kid is brighter again!
Xiao asked very clearly, which shows that the breath of Qiaoer captured by the Five Ghosts is strong again! Maybe, is the other party has just passed through here?