Yi Yu, three people are not stupid. I didn’t dare to say anything after knowing that Zhu Mei’s face was fixed.

Listen to Zhu Meiyan connect a way "but …" When Zhu Mei said here, a murderous look suddenly burst out and immediately filled the whole quiet room. Ji Deng, Tao Jun and Yi Yu were all covered in it, but three people knew that it was not Zhu Mei who wanted to kill him. He wanted the three of them to remember today’s words
A moment later, Zhu Mei restrained his breath and said, "But you should remember that in today’s situation, the Qingcheng School can no longer afford to reduce the intensity of mutual games to the lowest point!"
"I must remember the teacher’s teachings!"
Zhu Mei nodded and said, "If the situation has changed today, there are many places to show your talents. Don’t always stare at this acre of Qingcheng Mountain!"
Say Zhu Mei hesitated for a moment and finally said, "and I also want to wake you up! It’s only a matter of time before your qualifications and will soar in the future. This position doesn’t mean that you will finally meet in the future. "
Then the Lord didn’t look at Yi Yu and said, "It makes sense for her to talk to Teacher Jiang yesterday. You should be good to yourself."
When the three men heard Zhu Mei’s words, they all changed their faces and tried to figure out the meaning. At that time, the quiet room was quiet.
A moment later, Ji Dengxian spoke out and asked, "I don’t ask the master about one thing."
As soon as Zhu Mei laughed, "Deng Er said it directly."
Ji Dengyi bowed down and said, "Now, every day, the machine changes suddenly, and I think it will take a short time to occupy the weather pulse. The Emei Sect will be attacked by monks of all factions all day. I wonder what my Qingcheng Sect did at that time?"
When Zhu Mei heard this, he said with a smile, "Yes, Deng Er, you can think that it is very wrong here." Then Zhu Mei looked at it and Tao Jun said, "Jun, what if I am sent by Qingcheng Mountain then?"
Tao Jun smell speech one leng seems to have never thought that the short barbary Zhu Mei would push this question to him to meditate for a moment. Tao Jun said, "My brother thinks that the Emei Sect is a big school after all, and I am a Qingcheng Sect. Although there are many bad feelings in the previous generation, I am afraid it is not appropriate to attack Ningbiya with others."
Zhu Mei heard the words and laughed. "Do you think that we Qingcheng School should help Emei?"
Tao Jun also shook his head and said, "It doesn’t seem appropriate to help Emei. This time, I’m afraid the Emei Sect has lost its way with its natural enemies!"
Zhu Mei nodded but didn’t comment. If she looked at Yi Yudao again, "What should you and I do in Qingcheng?"
Yi Yu smiled slightly. "In fact, there was a gap in the master’s chest but he came to take an examination of his younger brother." Say Yi Yu looked at it without a word. Zhu Mei looked at Gideon and Tao Jun and said, "The two brothers also know more but let the younger brother make a fool of themselves."
Zhu Mei smell speech is a smile "speaking freely is also a hindrance to chatting with you and me today, so it is not serious".
Yi Yu laughed. "That brother dared to guess what the master thought. I don’t think the master will watch the Emei Sect perish!"
Zhu Mei laughed. "Oh? See? "
Yi Yudao: "Now it seems that the right path is powerful and evil spirits are hiding, but in fact it is not! Now, after the return of the Magic Sect, the Magic Sect merged with Wutai Sect, Huashan Sect, Kongtong Sect, and Kongtong Sect, and all the demons in Yunnan and Guizhou were more powerful. I’m afraid we are more powerful. On the other hand, now the Right Sect is Emei, Kunlun Sect and wu-tang clan, and if we add the Qingcheng Sect, we can count some secluded old Xiandao brothers, but we are somewhat weak. "
Yi Yu answered, "And the Emei Sect is a banner of the right path. If he falls down, what will we do with the Qingcheng Sect?" Now wu-tang clan is not worthy of the name. The Kunlun Sect will die in a few days, that is, some of its predecessors, the Old Immortals, are afraid that they are also short of help. "
Zhu Mei laughed. "Is that it?"
Yi Yu smiled awkwardly at once. "Well … aren’t they all still at Ningbi Cliff!"
Zhu Mei also don’t delve into ha ha a smile will this section fork in the past, mentoring four people no longer discuss this want to more sensitive issues and talked about some other things.
Yi Yu saw that Zhu Mei was happy and thought of the curiosity of Qi Xiaer’s speech just now. He asked, "Master’s brother accidentally got a message from others in the afternoon, but he still hopes to dispel doubts."
Zhu Mei a look at Yi Yu was hesitant and didn’t care about laughing. "Oh? What is the news that makes you so curious? Tell me! "
Yi Yudao "Master, do you know that Uncle Li Yuanhua, the elder of the Emei Sect, is today …"
But Yi Yu said half a sentence that Zhu Mei’s face was suddenly changed. Although it soon returned to normal, it was that one of them flashed and now Lengli’s pitfalls made Yi Yu three people feel cold with a slight quiver.
After staring at Yi Yu for a long time, Zhu Mei sighed lightly and asked, "Is that girl Qi Xiaer telling you?"
Yi Yu nodded some don’t know but heart andao "what is this Li Yuanhua to death?
Love? It’s worth being so nervous at that moment! "
Zhu Mei saw sighed "ah! It’s really a big girl! I’m afraid this Cong Yishi Qi Shushi never thought that his eldest daughter, who has always been the safest, would reveal such important news! "
After that, Zhu Mei glanced at Ji Deng and Tao Jun with awe. "I believe that Li Yuanhua, the immortal of Emei Sect, died today, even if I didn’t tell her that it wouldn’t take long for you two to notice it, but the teacher would warn you three to remember that this is a warning!"
Yi Yu three people see Zhu Mei that serious all nodded his head didn’t dare to out.
Zhu Mei connect a way "the news must not leak out! At the very least, we can’t let it out in our Qingcheng Sect. We Qingcheng Sect and the three of you also have six people who know that if the seventh person appears again, we will not blame the teacher for falling out! "
All three people were scared enough by Zhu Mei’s seriousness, but at this moment Yi Yu couldn’t resist suddenly jumping out with a sentence, "A generation?"
Zhu Mei smell speech a ash but looked at Yi Yu that dumbfounded sample is no longer stretched that a bad face laughed "you this bad ACTS would want to"
As a result, in the end, Zhu Mei didn’t tell the three people when the secret was received, and finally said, "Try to figure it out for yourself."
And said a few words of Zhu Meidao: "Now the East China Sea Fairy Island thing has come to an end temporarily. If there is an accident, you will know the secret when you decide to fight in the future. Today, Li Yuanhua’s death indicates that this three-thousand-year catastrophe has begun. Go to your own experiences and be very careful when you walk outside in the future."
The three of them replied, "I remember the teacher’s teachings!" Say and then back out.
Or is it outside this quiet room? This time there are three other disciples.
Gideon looked at Tao Jun and Yi Yuxiao and laughed. "Although the two younger brothers’ trip to Xiandao in the East China Sea was thrilling, we witnessed the big robbery, but it was also glad you came."
Tao Jun laughed "master elder brother makes sense! It’s a pity that I couldn’t see that historic moment with my own eyes. "
Yi Yu heard them talking and laughing. "Now the trip to the East China Sea has been exhausted. Do you have any plans?"
When Ji Deng heard this, it was a dark tunnel. "This Yi Yu has something to say and invite?" Although I doubt Gideon, I replied truthfully, "I still have a magic weapon to protect myself, so I can get back to Golden Whip Cliff naturally."
Tao Jun also laughed. "I’ve just come to Tulei, but my younger brother invited me to travel with me to Tongshan Island in the South China Sea. I’m afraid I also brushed my younger brother’s kindness."
Yi Yu didn’t come by surprise, and he didn’t really want to invite two people to say with smile, "I’d also like to ask two senior brothers to help me with the looting, or to enhance some brotherly affection …"
Gideon a listen to but laughed "oh? But I don’t know that things can interest my younger brother? "
Yi Yudao: "Brother also knows that I am still far from Dacheng in practicing the Five Elements. I heard that there is a treasure in the East China Sea called’ Jieguan Wood’, but it is very rare for me to practice the Five Elements, but it is of great benefit, so I want to get one."
Tao Jun heard that "this East China Sea junction wood is a treasure, but I have heard that it is extremely difficult to grow for thousands of years. I am afraid that there are not many plants in the whole East China Sea. If you go to find it, you will find such treasures. Now there are already many owners. How can people give it to you?"
Yi Yuwen said with a smile, "I’m looking for it but I don’t worry about it. My sisters from the Emei Sect lived in the East China Sea in their early years. I heard them say that there was a plant not far from her home at that time, which was said to have grown for thousands of years and had a master … hey hey! Isn’t this about to invite two senior brothers to slay and exorcise demons together? "
The Gideon and Tao Jun smell speech is an ash heart andao "this splash! Sure enough, he is a robber! It’ s really asking us to go to the house and rob the house together! "
Ji Deng first said, "Teacher younger brother is really …" Speaking of this, Ji Deng couldn’t help laughing and waved his hand. "This demon is still left to the younger brother to behead the elder brother himself. I have always been a good boy!"
Yi Yu is also one leng, but he can’t think that Gideon would joke with him.
Tao Jun also laughed. "I’d like to go there and have a look, but to tell you the truth, Brother Yi Yu followed you there to build a wood, no matter how good it is, it won’t reach me, will it?"