Are all your instructors so ordinary! It’s the base. The instructors here do have a lot of fencing classes. Instructor Li seems to be not very famous either.

Princess Anna was silent.
However, she was silent for a short moment, and then she devoted herself to fencing training and discussion. The intensity of training was too high, and she was not distracted. The fencing became more and more exquisite, and it made her unable to extricate herself.
Indulge in it, and the training goes by quickly.
In an instant, the swordsmanship class ended, and the countdown to a class appeared on her student’s mobile phone.
Anna gulped down tons of water, wiped her sweat and went to a training place.
This class is a physical exercise class.
It’s very simple for her to come, but the result is not physical training. There are still so many doorways. After one afternoon of training, she vaguely felt that her strength had become stronger.
Maybe it’s an illusion
Princess Anna muttered
She can’t keep so elegant when she eats in the restaurant at noon. Speed is more important than image.
Afternoon training surprised Anna even more.
Introduction course of gravity training
Talk about training in a gravity environment, such as exercising your body efficiently and effectively, such as avoiding injuries, and so on!
Of course, these are not keys. There is such a science fiction thing as gravity room here!
Is this scientific?
Aren’t you surprised?
Watching the students in and out of the gravity room, Princess Anna vomited wildly, but when she was sweating, sweating and sweating, she didn’t have time to vomit.
Too tired
All my energy is in training, so how can I pay attention to others?
Anna forgot herself when she saw that others were constantly squeezing herself.
The taste of being stronger is intoxicating.
Those diligent figures around also made Anna feel a sense of urgency, as if she would be thrown away by the team if she wanted to stop and catch her breath.
Culture class, moves class, exercise class!
The course lasts from morning till night until 10 pm.
And at this point,
On the two-dimensional test table, Anna suddenly found herself … her body and spirit have risen!
It’s really up! And the rising value is not small, no wonder I feel it!
This is incredible!
God, this is a miracle!
This is a miracle!
When Anna was soaking in the dormitory bathtub and soaking the training camp ration liquid medicine, the whole head was still buzzing.
There was a significant increase in one day, so …
Anna slept like a log that night. I don’t know what she dreamed, but her mouth turned up.
The next day, she woke up in the alarm clock.
After washing, she patted her face in the mirror and thought about it. She took all her ornaments one by one, tied up her long golden hair and pushed all those beautiful clothes to the innermost part of the wardrobe.
She dresses simply and skillfully.
She took a training trip today.
The third day, the fourth day and the fifth day
As time went by, Anna gradually got used to living in the training base.
Early morning training class
Elegant and gorgeous sunset, the national pearl is gone, and only Anna, a super diligent and serious exchange student, is left at this time.
Train Anna. I’m not weak!
Princess Anna is still like this, and other exchange students from sunset countries are immersed in training and learning.
They were ecstatic that the sky rose significantly that day.
Ten days later, when there is only a little rest, they also seize every opportunity and practice more and more like the students in the fire department!
Practice if you can’t die!
Train to the point where the body is more tired than falling asleep.
Anna never got up again when she planned the evening information exchange meeting, and no one else would miss it.
One by one, they are immersed in training and communicate with each other less.
At this time, it is better to take a walk in the gravity field unless it is academic exchange.
Naturally, it is easier to send a report to the top of the night watchman organization.

Limb bones all over the ground

The road is deep and thick, and the ravines spread straight into the distance, and there are terrible craters, not to mention the fierce fighting and the terrible super wave.
But this war was not a tragic victory as they imagined, but a complete victory?
"This is impossible!"
"How can it be possible to stop millions of fallacies or win completely with the strength of that awakened person!"
It’s hard to believe even if the facts are in front of you.
Illegally believe!
"What is the more specific process? How does Iris say that it is a means to make a fire?"
Yule asked.
A high-level person leans forward with shock and strong curiosity.
But the black knight’s face was embarrassed. "This problem …"
He paused. "The Iris Knight reported the victory. The photos were taken by other night watchmen, but they … they also took these photos, and they didn’t elaborate on the battle process."
Curious but unable to know the shock.
Several high-level officials in Yule couldn’t help but go crazy, but they couldn’t save face by asking Iris for details.
The same shame, the same madness, and the white tower messenger hiding in a cabin in Wudu.
He paced back and forth.
"What was the final result of that battle?"
"What is the basis for Bluestar people to manipulate the furnace golem and how long can they manipulate it?"
"And the blue light weird wood bud …"
There are so many questions and shocks in his heart that it drives people crazy.
However, he has no white tower eyes, unless he asks the night watchman organization, but he can’t pull this face with the white tower messenger.
I don’t think the night watchman will tell Donghuang what happened.
The White Pagoda Messenger got tangled up.
It never occurred to me that a night watchman organization not far away knew much less about the wave war than he did.
Bald eagle Federation

It’s to be a couple who seek common ground.

On this day, Lingqing was in the courtyard and watching the lotus flowers in the pool with Xiangu.
Fairy got excited and held the lotus flower in her hands to bless the gods.
A robbery at Zhuxian Net showed her the magic weapon of Tie Guai Li.
Now, for this new lotus sacrifice, I really want to sacrifice it like a Tie Guai Li gourd.
"Fourth brother!"
Ling Qingwen looked back to see that it was Lv Dongbin.
Glanced at the spell and blessed Xiangu Lingqing quietly out of the courtyard and walked side by side with Lv Dongbin.
"Why didn’t the third brother accompany the peony today?"
"alas!" Lv Dongbin smell speech lightly sighed "I am very confused now"
Ling Qing asked, "What are you confused about?"
Lv Dongbin said, "Xiandu has its own shortcomings. Tie Guai Li is in the United States, Han Zhong is gambling, and Xian Gu is in error."
And I’m in a love word
I am very worried about this situation with Bai Mudan now.
I’m afraid I won’t survive this robbery. "
He paused and added, "I won’t tell you the truth about you and my brother."
My previous life, Donghua had no feelings for Peony Fairy, which was suppressed for nearly a thousand years because of heaven’s rules.
Only in this way can there be a thousand-year-old love robbery
After a while, maybe the two of them will choose this floor, and then both of them will come to earth to experience the love of husband and wife for a lifetime.
However, he encountered a demon robbery and asked Donghua to reincarnate and lead the fairy to subdue the demon.
So he suppressed this feeling by not being trapped by doom.
It was after reincarnation that I forgot the past dust and touched the peony fairy lake
After I understood the past life thoughts through Sun Wusanliu, I was timid and finally made Peony Fairy break the dogma and fall to the world.
Now it’s like this. She’s willing to save me and die.
I ….. I really don’t know how to face her true feelings! "
Lingqing patted him on the shoulder and asked, "I’m worried about you."
The Millennium love robbery and the magic robbery are involved, and you are afraid that you will not survive the love robbery, and then you will make the fairy gather together in the magic robbery, and the life will be ruined.
But you feel that it will do harm to peony after the disaster, and you can’t bear it.
The most important thing is that you also have feelings for peony in your heart.
I used to worry about sentimental damage to the Qing Dynasty, and I was afraid that I would not be able to live up to the whole world. "

Cowardly grandson thoughtfully but revealed a smile and then nodded, "It’s not good to infer that the floating cloud island is empty and strange. It’s really not good to guess what they’re up to in intercepting the teaching. Martial uncle Tongtian has extremely strict constraints on his cousin, so I don’t want to get too involved in mundane things, even if someone gets involved in such things, and the number of people is limited."

A faint light flashed in the eyes of the true gentleman of pure morality. "Uncle Qing Xu is used to deducing the secret and should not intervene in such things. Now the only thing to worry about is that although Western teaching is not as good as my four eastern religions, the strength of crouching tiger, hidden dragon is not underestimated. More importantly, they have always had an extraordinary interest in my eastern land. They should not wave such a good opportunity!"
Tu Shanshi’s eyes flashed a bad smile, but it was a little more weird. He said faintly, "I heard people say that the real person is the most opposed to Western religion entering the Central Plains. If we told him the news, how would he react?" When the time comes, we don’t need too much effort to solve the problem of helping our arms. "
Qi smiled coldly and then shook his head. "The pure reality may not pay attention to these nosy things, but the western monks are not necessarily masters. At most, they are ordinary monks. If they want to come, they will be dealt with by us, that is, the temple needs to be closer to the witch gate."
Kai took a look at the people and nodded slightly. "The ordinary people in Wumen have a high status in their hearts, so I will naturally seek their support."
Tu Shanshi nodded and smiled. "Now that our goal has been done, it is better to do it, and we will have a chance to die."
Red essence frowned thoughtfully for a moment and finally said, "Dayu is not a five emperors, but he needs to rebuild his magical powers. He hopes that the mixed yuan Daoguo will not be easy to do and needs to be careful."
Say three immortals gave a gift but only from Yu Qi and Tu Shanshi low consultation.
Chapter 55 Western teaching wants to travel eastward
Yi is definitely an honest man, but he is not an idiot. Otherwise, people would not recommend him as Dayu’s successor. This is by no means a long-term discussion. Can the patriarch afford it casually? Besides, Terrans don’t want you to be talented, but they also want to inherit the unification.
Yi knows in his heart that the patriarch he can be elected is because of his own personality. He is not as domineering as Qi, and he is more modest and generous. He is very similar to Yao and Shun, while Qi is very similar to Dayu. If he is in charge of the big clan, he can continue to recuperate, but Qi is different. Once he has mastered the big world, he will suffer from war.
Of course, in addition to his own personality, the elder’s lust for power is also an important reason. Kai is a very overbearing figure, and he also has many outstanding talents. If he becomes the Terran Lord, those elders will naturally not get it, and then it will be enough. After getting it, few people are willing to give up those elders, and naturally they will not give up their temperament. Even if they become the patriarch, they may not be too humiliated.
Of course, there is one thing that Yi never thought that the Terran was surprised by the sacrifice to the wizard. Heaven didn’t say much. There are six words-"Yujiatian"
It’s not hard to understand the meaning of these words. Dawu didn’t leak the news. Even Dayu didn’t tell him. He told the Terran elders that the abdication system had been accepted for so long and it was very fair and reasonable. No one wanted to change the status quo. All elders resisted Rev. This is also the reason why those hawkish elders who advocated expansion also agreed to selective moderation humbly benefited.
With the support of Terran high-level and Witch Gate, he has a little bottom in his heart, and he is not able to resist. He has 3 thousand fine armor in his hand, which was left to him by his father. Every general in the army was stained with the blood of Shui soldiers.
Although the military strength at hand can’t compare with the elite in Kai’s hands, if there is an uprising, he will not be able to resist. Of course, if Dayu goes to that day, if Dayu hands over the Ministry of War to himself, his strength will swell to tens of thousands of troops, the most powerful force in the adult race, and at that time, Kai will be brave and not his opponent.
Among the Terrans, the minister in charge of farming, Bo Yuan, the minister in charge of animal husbandry and land, and the minister in charge of casting came in pairs, which brought good news.
Yi Zuo’s face is very cold in his account, and his strength is getting stronger and stronger. He is not worried that the other party will take away the Terran clan position. He is worried that if the other party insists on getting along with himself, the Terran will even be devastated, and it will be easy to recover and disappear.
Re-aware of Yi’s mind, but with a smile, I nodded, "My Lord, you don’t have to worry. Don’t look at Kai’s arrogance now. There is nothing to be afraid of. A few days ago, we invited several well-connected monks, one by one, with their help, there are thousands of things that are not adult opponents."
Yi glanced at sitting at the end of the personal eyebrows a wrinkly slightly, he was wondering why these three old men would bring outsiders into this person, one by one, and there was no lack of grotesque and ferocious people. If they were not confident in their skills, they would not be allowed to call in pro-guards to guard against it.
"Yuan Jian Yi was so cautious and smiled slightly." Adults don’t have to worry about them. They are led by Western teaching, and the two leaders are well-connected. The two leaders know the difficulties of adults and specially send them to help them. "
Yi glanced at the three old men who had helped him a lot, nodded and shook their heads lightly. "Tell me what the conditions of western teaching are. They always help me for no reason. In that case, we won’t have to struggle against the aquarium."
They looked at each other, but there was a smile. The minister did not speak. Cheng nodded, "Your Excellency is right. Western religion really wants adults. They hope that when adults inherit the throne, they will allow Western believers to teach in all ethnic groups."
Yi glanced at a western monk lightly. "You should retreat first. I need to discuss this with three elders."
The western monk is obviously proficient in doctrine and magic, but he doesn’t know much about people, especially about people’s minds. They didn’t say much, but they got up and gave a ceremony before they turned away.
It’s good for everyone to go out before they change their faces and look at them coldly. "You are all my elders, and everything you do is my good. I can’t thank you enough. What you are doing now is hurting me!" If I agree to the conditions of western teaching, I am afraid that my strength will not increase but decrease! "
Major surprised way "adults out of this? Although the strength of western religions is not as strong as that of one of the four eastern religions, the difference is limited. It is much stronger than that of surviving. With their help, how can we say that our strength is weak by adding a helping hand? "
Yihen said, "The problem is that the Wumen people have a high position among the ordinary people of Wumen. Although the four religions in Dongtu focus on Taoism, they have not gained much. If western religions are put in, they will certainly offend Wumen. By then, Wumen will support Qimen and the people will naturally follow Wumen to support Qimen. Will our strength become stronger if it is not weak?"
"Yuan smiles," My Lord, you worry too much about Western teaching, but it doesn’t mean that we have room for bargaining. "Speaking of this, his face is fierce and dim, and there seems to be something to hide. It took a while to light the way.
"Actually, it is impossible for us not to ask for help from Western religions. If I didn’t guess wrong, Kai was already mixed up with Interpretation. During the Tu Shanshi Aquarium War, he became quite close to the Elders of Interpretation. It seems that he was preparing today at that time. If we don’t seek support from Western religions, our strength is not weak. I am afraid that relying solely on the strength of Witch Gate will not benefit our opponents."
Speaking of this, he saw Yi’s lips move as if he had something to say, but he said with a wry smile, "My Lord, I know what you mean. We can still go to his three religions for help, but the education is single-handedly isolated and close to the teaching, and the interception of teaching is very strict for his disciples. In addition to inviting some people from three mountains and five mountains to practice true immortals, I am afraid that they will not be involved in the world of mortals."
When Yi heard this, he hated it even more. He was furious and said, "Although my power is weak, I don’t want to trade the interests of my people for victory. Western religions are ambitious for me. How can I make such a deal with them?"
Suddenly, he said, "My Lord, you are wrong. The eastern land is the land of the Oriental Terran, which will never change. What if we just let the West teach this religion?" They are all adults’ subjects. If adults are willing to join a brigade, they can be wiped out. Will they rest assured? At this time, we are in urgent need of help. They are really short of help. If you have a big Terran sword, please think twice. "
"Yuan and heavy hurry up together upon the mouth qi way" please adults think twice ".

Agile 6(5)

Endurance 7(5)
Spirit 5(5)
Mixed element true qi 1
Authenticity 194
Evaluation: You have no advantages except endurance.
This is Su Wei specially making his own panel like a player so that he can observe his body more intuitively … But now he has a little more anger directly!
It seems that they are all dead.
The stereo is in my ear.
Su Wei asked, "Will some of their income flow to me after their death?"
[Because their bodies make your authenticity appear, every time they die, a part of their authenticity will be lost. This part of their authenticity will flow back to your body with their death and bring back a part of their income. After all, everything in this game is based on authenticity.]
"But I don’t feel the return of truth."
[The truth is digested by something else, such as those animals]
"So that’s why they gather around Huashan Mountain, because if you want them to kill players, you can get their authenticity. With authenticity, they may be stronger."
Su Wei wanted to think and suddenly laughed.
Very good … Even monsters can be upgraded. I’m not afraid that these players are under little pressure.
And in this way, if he really shows the real world body in the future, he will not be defenceless.
So many people are helping me practice.
And when they want to stay in this game after they run out of authenticity, they have to spend money to buy authenticity again … It’s another expensive deal then.
Win several times.
And at this point,
Go out of your room.
The faces of five tragic wolves kissing players are not very good.
Just now … They all received the unified notice.
1/9 of the deaths!
That is to say, even the player can’t limit his death. When he dies nine times, everything in this account will be cancelled.
Is this game … a little too hard-core?
Chapter 7 Game Skills? Nonsense, this is the achievement method in reality
Name: Liu Lei
Grade 1
Professional Huashan qizongdi
Life 65(1)
Power 5(5)
Agile 5(5)
Endurance 7(5)
Spirit 5(5)
Mixed element qi 31
Skill mixed work
Limit value 14
I just died once.
After a day of penance, the amount of true qi directly dropped by one ninth.
They didn’t expect the death penalty to be so heavy …
Not only does the whole game character have nine chances to die, but each death will reduce the amount of Qi by one ninth.
After nine times, I can imagine that the true spirit belongs to the person to cancel.
"It was a mistake this time. I didn’t expect to hunt, but I filled my life in vain. I didn’t expect that our role had a total of nine lives."
Five people were hungry and lost their prey before they got together …
Even the sword was bitten off by the wolves in the battle.
But what they care about is game punishment instead.
You know, they’ve only been practicing for a day now, and the amount of Qi they’ve lost is not too big, but what if they’ve been playing this game for a while?
That loss is really gone.
However, it is normal for a player with Haoheng to die 70 times a day, but if things are put aside in this world, you can directly delete the number and practice it again.
They won’t be reluctant to let them delete the number now …
The game has just been tested. Who knows if I can get the activation code?
Although logging in to this game is only once or twice, they all intuitively felt the difference between this game and the normal game after uniting the true qi.
It feels like another world to have to talk.
Very real …

The two men sat along the boat and waited quietly for the boatman to deal with snakehead.

"I beg you, can’t you be gentle?" The fish suddenly spat at people and said
Half of its flesh and blood have been stripped, leaving fishbone with strong salty smell and blood.
Looked at each other Gu Qingshan and LengTianXing couldn’t help some fright.
-how can this fish talk when it is dead and half of its body is gone?
The boatman kept shaking his head and said, "No, it’s a rule."
Chapter 59 snakehead
The big snakehead wouldn’t do it.
Trembling from time to time makes Gu Qingshan and Leng Tianxing white bear the pain.
This is almost the death penalty, and even the monster beast can’t stand it.
The boatman saw that the two men were gradually dignified and said, "Don’t sympathize with it."
“?” Leng Tianxing asked
"Hey, hey, you can’t see it. This demon fish repair has reached the late stage of deification, and almost all of it is going to be canonized." The boatman laughed.
Two people are more surprised.
How is it possible to seal the sacred monster beast and be executed in this way?
"But it will-"LengTianXing could not help but ask.
"Because it can’t help but want to swallow five islands overnight, all creatures on the island are eaten by it, and the Terran alone is eaten by it." The boatman interrupted him and said with a smile.
The boatman’s knife cut the fish piece by piece and continued, "The immortal grabbed it in anger and sealed it. It took a hundred thousand times to be reincarnated."
The last piece of fish was cut, and the whole fish was crystal clear except the fish head.
The boatman wiped his hands and said, "Today, this is the 7351st time, which is still a long way from the hundred thousand times."
He said that he would throw the whole fish into the river with one stroke.
The bone fish swam for a while and sank silently.
Leng Tianxing listened with ecstasy and praised, "No loss is a hundred flowers and immortals."
The boatman grinned and said, "Don’t flatter our immortal. What list do you both want to pick now?"
Leng Tianxing pondered for a moment and said, "I want to try to pick the list of ancient artifacts."
The boatman clapped his hands and said, "It’s wonderful indeed. You can sail."
"the boat?"
Leng Tianxing looked left and right, except that the boat was swimming around.
The boatman squatted down to pick up a floating willow branch from the water and handed it to Lengtianxing.
"This is the water relic left over from ancient times."
"100,000 years ago, there was a mountain god and a water god in the era of the wild, and this decisive battle ended up here."
"This willow branch can keep you safe. Go and find some pieces of truth."
Listen to the boatman said Leng Tianxing then took the willow branch spirit force to push against it.
The willow branches stretch out to give off a soft light and gently wrap the cold star.
A whirlpool suddenly appeared on the calm water, and a huge hand stretched out from the whirlpool to gently hold the cold star and slowly shrink back.
"It’s your turn," the boatman looked at Gu Qingshan. "What list are you here to pick?"
Gu Qingshan fuels a ritual way "pick the sword list"
The boatman eyed Gu Qingshan. "You don’t even have a sword …"
Gu Qingshan wry smile way "broken in the battle"
"oh? Broken? What is it broken into? " The boatman asked
"Broken into crumbs outside the hilt" Gu Qingshan truthfully said.
"Well, you’re not a flower stand." The boatman’s eyes lit up.
He turned around and supported the boat and sailed quickly forward.
"Wait, the sword list is far away. I think you might as well rest for a while because you are all hurt." The boatman said.
"Thank you"
Gu Qingshan sat on the plank and waited silently for pranayama.
He tried to adjust his body’s accumulated spiritual strength and gradually drove away his physical fatigue.

Chapter 121 Hyenas besieged

It is only a few hundred kilometers away from Lanshiyexing, and the original location of Taojin Town has just dispersed.
When the explosion spread in Taojin Town, the "battlefield vultures" were afraid of being turned around by the waves and ran away.
It didn’t stop until I withdrew hundreds of kilometers away and saw that the aftermath of the golden explosion didn’t follow me.
Then go back and look at the direction of the explosion with a concerned face.
"What’s going on? How can Taojin Town explode! "
"What can be going on? It must be that Zhuang bombed Taojin Town not far away! "
"How can Taojin Town be so big that it can be blown up!"
"That’s gold town! Three cities, ten towns, one gold town, even if you say no, it’s gone? "
Although some of these "battlefield vultures" have manor owners and factory owners, they found the manor owner’s heart and factory owner’s token, which can’t be broken again.
Some are really "nominal" manor owners and factory owners.
The debris they picked up has no territory, and the only thing they have is a badge with a certain mandatory commanding and ruling status.
In other words, they just wear a high-ranking identity badge and call themselves "manor owners" and "factory owners"
These guys can probably be regarded as "nobles" in the era of exile, but the real estate owners and factory owners-or more complete estate owners and factory owners are too lazy to deal with them.
Although we are both incomplete men, there is still a problem of completeness, right?
If the manor owners and factory owners in the exile era can be regarded as incomplete men, then these manor owners and factory owners can probably be regarded as fragmented men
And their vision is so far away. At this time, they are only shocked or shocked.
"What was the situation just now?"
"I seem to see that Zhuang is not far from Taojin Town before the explosion?"
"Isn’t he dead, too?"
"Yes, but this guy is really amazing. Did so many people in Hammer City die? Is the hammer city also finished? "
"Locking instead of dead … this guy is worse! Zhuang is not far from dead, and the lock is not dead. Gee, I think Lanshiye Manor is finished! "
Don’t these manor owners know the war situation later, and they have already made up all kinds of things by their own guesses and previous signs. Everything you say is almost true.
Fuqi also listened to a few words among these people and immediately smiled.
Zhuang is not far away from death?
I’m afraid the atresia is almost hurt, right?
Are you already the strongest manor owner in the exile era?
No, no, no, it’s not the strongest manor owner. It’s still the strongest, right?
Just then, a roar suddenly sounded, "Who said my brother Zhuang was dead?"
"No, it’s impossible! My Zhuang brothers are so powerful! He can’t die! "
They followed the roar and saw a huge walnut warship that had appeared on the edge when they didn’t know it.
"Yes (Yugu)!"
"(Migu) Why is it just a boat? What about other ships? "
(Migu) The cruel number is floating alone in the middle of the giant velvet man. General (Migu) Kuang looks at the front in confusion. "Big … my Lord … where’s Taojin Town? Why is Taojin Town gone? Difficult … Don’t … "
(MiGu) Yi fists clenched nu way "impossible! Don’t say those unlucky words. My Zhuang brothers can’t die! "
"Yes …" (Mi Gu) Kuang hurriedly shut up but looked at the eyes awkward.
Look at this situation is run …
Not far from Zhuang and the lock-up war, he took back all his avatars because he had to fight against all his strength and spirit.
No matter the earth gun prophet Olion, the Fusang sword god Qianwu, or the special envoy who was busy with (Yugu), they all disappeared.
Because the time is too tight, there is no time to explain until the village is far away from the hurried exhortation.
At that time, I knew that the situation had reached the most stalemate.
He also made a bold decision. He abandoned the big army and ordered the cruel to go forward quickly and come alone.
In fact, this decision is very dangerous. After leaving the large army, whether it is alone or without high-end force protection, the large army is suspected of exposing itself to danger.

Guan Zeyuan couldn’t help but shake his head when he finished. He really couldn’t find FNC to make a comeback, and even management couldn’t help it in this situation.

"You said that it is impossible to be protected by the second sapphire time in this kind of water group battle. How can water be protected by seconds?" Remember to say that finish grinning at GuanZeYuan.
"It’s true that IG’s array error rate is too high. With Demonbane and vampires at the top, it’s not necessary for Ah Shui to show his talents. The team battle may have ended."
The next game is just like what the two ended up saying. IG three lines are good for their own advantage over the line, and the three outer towers will be pushed out in fifteen minutes.
After IG’s economic advantage came to 5,000 yuan, IG did not choose to change the line, but continued to press three ways to continue to expand the line advantage.
IG players are not formulators. You don’t have to change lines in every game. For example, if this game is against the line, it will blow up the roots of FNC, so there is no need to change lines and crush them three times.
However, FNC was not willing to fail like this. They gave up the road temporarily and then followed the middle card to the water in the road.
In 17 minutes, FNC Road formed a five-pack and two-pack situation. Ashui and Baolan knew about skateboarding shoes, and now they also pressed the line outside the second tower.
When the card started to make a big move, Ahuitou suddenly added two marks, one is the card eye and the other is the lion and dog hunting mark.
"gan! They are all here! " Ah Shui swore at him and then tried to retreat, but there was nothing he could do in the face of FNC’s five-person double team.
Card, yellow card, fixed Titan, and gave the lion dog a set of skills to beat Ah Shui to a pulp. Even though Baolan was resurrected, Ah Shui still failed to escape from FNC encirclement and suppression.
After getting up, she was beaten to death again, and Baolan did not escape the fate of being killed. Seeing the tragic situation of Lu Ashui and pushing heshy and Ning Wang on the right way were a little gloating.
"Ouch, Jiekuo was caught again." heshy’s face rarely smiled.
"Ah Shui, is it okay? You seem to have sent out the team with two heads."
In the face of heshy and Ning Wang mocking the middle road, Rkie turned red and defended herself.
"I’ll help you attract fire, okay? You should be grateful to me. Don’t push the tower quickly."
"Five packs of two! Do you understand what five packs of two mean? Can five packs of two be killed? "
Seeing that Ah Shui is flustered and defends himself, I deserve IG Nakano to laugh. IG voice is full of joy.
Although FNC successfully captured the IG road duo, the second tower of their road was also demolished. In the face of the move of IG wild going straight to the highlands, FNC had to return to the road immediately to defend before clearing the road line.
However, heshy and Ning Wang immediately turned to the middle to help Rkie push off the defensive card of the middle defensive tower facing the tower and Titan heshy decisively chose to cross the tower to kill.
Demonbane starts to destroy and rushes to the card Rkie vampire decisively flashes R, and then a set of skills is full of AOE damage.
With a little control and damage added to the back of Ning Wang Spider, it was very easy to cross the tower and kill Titan and Card, and then the three of them pushed off the second tower of FNC Middle Road together.
After going home to supply a wave, the IG five people directly pushed the group to push all the outer towers of FNC.
In the face of the IG offensive, FNC can rush to fight, but at this time, there is already a thousand economic differences, and the damage roots on both sides of their heads are not an order of magnitude.
IG pushed down the second tower of FNC Road in a sweeping way, and then they didn’t choose to evacuate, but planned to face this situation with a rush. Of course, FNC five people chose to resist one.
A 5V5 group battle broke out on the FNC Road Highland between the two sides. At this time, there were already two sets of Demonbane, and the unstoppable momentum rushed to the FNC Highland.
With the acceleration of time and big moves, heshy’s big sword in his hand is greatly matched, and he directly chopped at FNC Highland without the slightest concern.
There is blood back and resurrection. heshy once again experienced the feeling of S Demonbane, and the brain charge is over. I don’t want too much roots, but I can be resurrected after I die.
Heshy highland took three kills, FNC was beaten to death, and it was defeated by IG, which flattened the base crystal from the road.
Chapter two hundred and eleven The uneven fetters
"heshy Demonbane is really fierce. Even if he is weakened, he will take it out and kill it indiscriminately."
I can’t help but sigh that he has special feelings for Demonbane when I see the killing scene in Demonbane Highland.
"The actual Demonbane has not weakened too much, but it has reduced the amount of blood returned a little, and then the E skill can’t be used. If Demonbane has an advantage and a high level, the actual combat effectiveness is not too bad."
"It’s really important to know that heshy Demonbane in the LPL playoffs has never been released in a game."
Watching IG players get up and leave the game, Guan Zeyuan pointed out that "it’s already two-to-three, just one game away."
"Speaking of this duel, it is still a replay of the S-ball finals. The fateful duel between IG and FNC is that the strength of FNC has dropped a little after Caps, but the status of IG has not dropped, but it has risen. I think this IG should be stronger than S at present."
"I feel this way, too." I remember when I heard that I nodded my head. He looked at the IG Wild Ning Wang, who was laughing together. The restoration of his status was definitely the most pleasant surprise for IG fans.
"From the perspective of IG play, coach Yun Ge’s play is more mature, and coach Yun Ge’s endless tactical body has made the IG Trident sharper in the line."
"Coach Yun Ge and IG absolutely complement each other. Without IG, coach Yun Ge can’t play tactics. Without coach Yun Ge, IG players would never play so comfortably."
"Although Yun Ge coach BP is sometimes out of tune, it does have a miraculous effect. From the current effect, Yun Ge’s coach routines have all worked, and FNC’s routines have been lame."
Lounge Yun Ge didn’t know that the commentary desk remembered to flatter him. At this time, he was making the final mobilization for IG players.
Now that it’s two-to-one, Yun Ge doesn’t want to drag it off. It’s better to win the game three times at a time, but before the game is over, Yun Ge wants to put a little pressure on IG players
"Don’t talk, I won’t say much. Take FNC three times! No problem? "
"No problem, coach Yun Ge, just watch it. The last game is proper!" Ning Wang leans on the lounge sofa and has a confident expression on his face.
"So confident, can I add a little pressure to you?" Yun Ge looked at King Ning Wang Ning with a smiling face and a confident smile disappeared.
"Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t need it, coach Yun Ge. We’re fine in these two innings. There’s no need to change."
"Yes, these two games are good. If the opposite side is not Ban, let’s choose this array." Ah Shui also beat the drum and hoped that coach Yun Ge wouldn’t do anything in the last game
Rkie also paid great attention, but he didn’t open his mouth, but stared at coach Yun Ge, with heshy and Baolan, who didn’t care to sit there and watch with a smile on their lips.
"No, I have to give you some pressure, especially when the heshy Bureau chooses a meat hero for you to prepare for the game."
Heshy’s smile suddenly froze. He didn’t expect that he could get into trouble by watching a lively event. heshy didn’t respond for a while. When he wanted to say something, Yun Ge came to the battle table with the players again with a wave of his hand.
In the third game, IG returned to the blue side again and learned the lesson. FNC put Demonbane in the Ban position in this game, but because the blind monk and Syndra could not release him, FNC could choose to release the angel.
Yun Ge didn’t choose an angel for heshy in this game, but first took a personal horse for Ning Wang. The FNC coaching staff was very happy and then took the skateboard shoes and angel department.
Yun Ge smiled when he saw it. He went to Rkie and let Rkie and Ning Wang Suo Xia Luo combine. Yes, Yun Ge is going to play a game of Eternal Sen.
Yun Ge synthesized a forest turn before, but he hasn’t played this game yet, so he can test the intensity again, and by the way, he can accumulate a number of appearances for Aon. Yun Ge is still waiting for Aon to explode his equipment.
FNC chose Niutou as the third hand to form a strong group combination of calista and Niutou. Maybe they also know that their road-to-line strength can’t beat the selected group combination
Yun Ge continued to play wild against FNC in the second round of BP, and put Huang and Pig Sister in Ban position. FNC coach chose Zach, who rarely played in the World Cup, to strengthen the formation.
Seeing the opposite choice, Yun Ge walked over and patted Ning Wang on the shoulder, and then laughed and teased him, "Did you see the opposite choice? Can you beat him up in this game?"
"Then you must smash his head and dare to choose Zach in front of me. Doesn’t he know who I am?"
Ning Wang’s tone is more arrogant. When I heard him say this, A Shui couldn’t help but ridicule, "I know you are King Zach!"
"hammer! Do you understand the gold content of FMVP? I will blow him up in this game! "
"Ning Wang Niu Pi! Can you catch the road, by the way? Our bureau has been targeted at it. "The water team voice shouted a condom with Ning Wang, and Jeannin Wang helped him catch more.
"No problem. I’ll try my best. I still have to ask coach Yun Ge about it."
O water smell speech looked up at the cloud song coach’s eyes full of hope. Yun Ge didn’t disappoint and promised O water, but he couldn’t always let the child resist pressure.
"No problem, Shui, choose an Owen for heshy and let him play by himself. Ning Wang will play this game around the road."

Probably a better place than the FBI!

That’s what he thought, but when he hung up and calmed down, half a million came to Ye Luo’s mind.
500 thousand!
His family is very ordinary!
"PSST …"
"I’m a little regretful. I should tell the investigator to think about it."
How come your mouth is so fast!
But after all, it is impossible to change your mind. Ye Luo thought, "Will this mean the Sino-cooperative organization?"
"When also in the day? One day, just look at it in the past. "
"I hope I made the right choice."
He is very distressed at the thought of 500 thousand
If you choose the wrong department and the wrong post, it’s hard to breathe!
Wang Fancheng listened to understand the cause and effect. He felt that the problem was not big and envied that "you are an adventure in the novel. You can enter the mysterious department and have soared to Wan Li since then."
"Of course, I, Wang Fan the Great, am not bad. Although the starting point is ordinary, I will lay a solid foundation step by step and go straight to the peak."
He bobbed his head for half a night and finally grabbed Ye Luo’s shoulder and said,
"Don’t forget each other when you are rich, brother."
The night before yesterday, I was shocked by the truth and stayed up all night.
Last night, I was excited to pass the examination results of the FBI, but I couldn’t sleep.
The world is changing so fast that two days ago, who would have thought that they would have today’s fate?
The old classes are all cheerful. "Don’t worry about the student status. The school has already handled it for you. Take part in the training and win glory for the school."
The two set off by subway, and their destinations were all in Baiyun City.
Wang Fan was so excited.
He doesn’t know if there were any awakens among the examiners yesterday, but I’m sure I can see the awakens today.
"I checked the establishment of the Bureau of Investigation last night."
"Only after I have passed the training can I have the opportunity to transfer to a formal investigator, or the lowest three-level investigator, and the second-level investigator, the first-level investigator, and then the awakened special investigator."
"In this way, awakened people are still very rare."
Ye Luo nodded.
I was hit when I watched the video on the internet before, but after getting to know him these two days, I found that the awakened one is still very valuable, and he is still a small group of people who are at the forefront of the world.
I just don’t know if I’m going to report to this institution. Is there anyone as powerful as the one in the video?
Recalling that in the video, a few powerful foreign powers were shocked and a thick vine appeared, and Ye Luo gradually became excited and restless.
"Entering the Bureau of Investigation through training becomes stronger step by step and then wakes up!"
"This is my main goal in the early stage of Wang Fan the Great!"
Wang Fan mouth is full of confidence.
Ye Luo opened his mouth. "Actually …"
Wang Fan said excitedly, "You must be able to wake up when you enter the mysterious institution again."
Ye Luo opened his mouth. "Actually, I …"
Wang Fan continued, "Although we went to different departments, we will definitely have the opportunity to fight together. Maybe I will have surpassed you by then."
Wang Fan is particularly talkative, and Ye Luo can’t get a word in.
Just stop talking.
Out of the subway, they bid farewell to Wang Fan and reported to the office building of Baiyun State Bureau of the Bureau of Investigation.
And Ye Luo came to another magnificent building not far from the state bureau.
Walked in.

The East Factory, the Royal Guards and the West Factory were all instructed by the Cabinet. Whether it was the East Factory or the West Factory or the Royal Guards was startled when they received the cabinet’s meaning.

Zhu Houzhao got the news at the first time. Seeing that Yang Yiqing and others came to find out the so-called villain who bewitched him through the East Factory, the Royal Guards and the West Factory, we can see that Yang Yiqing and others did not dissuade him through this method.
After all, Yang Yiqing and others must know that they can’t hide anything from Zhu Houzhao through the Royal Guards, the East Factory and the West Factory.
Zhu Houzhao smiled at this and ordered the East Factory, the Royal Guards and the West Factory to check it according to the instructions of the Pavilion.
The so-called bewitch day villain is Shao Yuanjie’s guess. Obviously, it is impossible for East Factory, Royal Guards and West Factory to find out this person.
If you really want to talk, it’s Chu Yi, but the East Factory, the Royal Guards and the West Factory don’t know, even if they know, can they still find Chu Yi?
A few days later, several pavilions in Yang Yiqing looked at East Factory, Royal Guards and West Factory and looked at each other in reply.
Sex is the most honest and frank Chen Ding immediately patting the table and shouting, "Absurd, the old man said earlier that he would check it. We will send someone to check the Royal Guards, the East Factory and the West Factory, even deliberately helping the positions to hide what they can find out. That’s strange."
However, Wang Shouren and Yang Yiqing looked at each other and put the message from East Factory, West Factory and Royal Guards in their hands.
I noticed that Yang Yiqing and Wang Shouren’s look reflected that Chen Ding couldn’t help but respond after one leng. "Yang’s adult and Wang Yang, you don’t really believe that the East Factory and the Royal Guards will give a reply, do you?"
Yang Yiqing looked at Chen Ding and said, "Why can’t you believe it?"
Chen Ding immediately service road "credible" can’t we still judge? Master Yang, tell the old lady that if we really investigate this person as Dong Chang and Jin Yiwei said, then who really bewitched Tian Bi and suddenly gave birth to the desire for immortality? You know, now you are in the prime of life, far from knowing your destiny! "
Yang Yiqing is shook his head. "Don’t people wait for me clearly? If there is such a person, humanity will never hide it. If you don’t nod, who can hurt the people who want to protect them? "
Chen Ding one leng have to say that Yang Yiqing said a lot of sense, although Chen Ding clamored badly, but Chen Ding also knew in his heart that once Zhu Houzhao made up his mind, even if the Manchu dynasty and the civil and military United, it would not change his decision.
There are hundreds of thousands of elite foot soldiers, and the scene of former courtiers uniting to persecute the sky will never appear. It is not a problem for Zhu Houzhao to be willing to protect a person
Out of breath, Chen Ding couldn’t help looking at Yang Yiqing and saying, "In this case, Yang, what should we do?"
Yang Yiqing smiled slightly. "Since we check this person, we will go directly to see the sky. If we want to come, we will definitely tell us that he will give birth to the idea of seeking immortality."
Soon Zhu Houzhao got the news that Yang Yiqing, Wang Yang and others requested.
Zhu Houzhao let go and nodded his head, and soon he saw Yang Yiqing and others leading the royal family.
Halfway to Wang Zheng, Yang Yiqing said, "Is it true that Wang Dajian has no one to tempt him to seek immortality?"
Wang Zheng’s footsteps slightly glanced at Yang Yiqing several people and slowly shook his head. "I really don’t know about this matter, but I really don’t see such a person."
Then Wang Zheng bowed his hand and said, "Who in Britain and SHEN WOO dares to confuse you and is not afraid of being seen through?"
Wang Shouren nodded to Wang Zheng and said, "Thank you, Wang Dajian!"
Wang Zhenglian dared not.
At the beginning, Wang Zheng was also the person around Chu Yi. Now, although Chu Yi is close to you, Chu Yi’s deterrence of Wang Zheng has been taught by Chu Yi’s face-to-face life over the years.
Although I dare not say that there is no selfishness, the issue of right and wrong is still quite principled. Although I am close to Wang Shouren and Yang Yiqing, I am keeping a degree.
Speak a few people came to the royal room.
Enter the imperial room Yang Yiqing several people will see Zhu Houzhao sitting there hurriedly upon before.
Zhu Houzhao waved his hand and said casually, "Don’t stand on ceremony and sit down and talk to each other!"
After taking a seat, Zhu Houzhao rolled up his hand and smiled at several people. "Is there anything wrong with several Qing families coming here?"