The female robber gently wiped her face, slobbered, picked up Qibai Ba, and then opened her mouth and blew a sigh at her, so that Qibai quickly closed her eyes and sipped her mouth to reveal a look of preparation for death.

"Good thing, since you don’t want to forget it, I don’t like coercion and I have found what I need-Zhanli!"
The female robber stood up and stared at the little star in her hand with a happy smile and said, "I helped your master solve the crisis. It’s a good deal, isn’t it?"
Qibai stared at the female robber in astonishment and then swore, "You shameful woman actually took away the master’s energy again. If something happens, let me go. I won’t let you go, disgusting bitch, garbage."
The female robber took a casual look at the palm energy and said, "It seems that your achievements in these two days are not very significant. There is a negative energy that is not enough to see, but it is enough for afternoon tea!"
Then the female robber blinked at Qibai and swallowed the palm energy in front of her.
Seven white is suddenly quiet, and the expression on her face is no longer so angry, and she becomes a little weird. With a cold smile, she stares at the female robber and watches her swallow her energy, and her face is more and more excited.
The female robber suddenly frowned when she felt the body energy response, and her face flashed with pain.
But soon the female robber regained her composure and pinched her seven white faces and said, "I really don’t know what to say. I can do this little trick to disguise positive energy as negative energy. Are you stupid or stupid?"
Qibai said seriously, "Of course, it is the natural enemy Qibai Devil who makes nature very clever. So what if you see it?" Haven’t you absorbed it? "
"Ha ha-"
The female robber laughed and trembled and said, "You are really stupid, but you are so weak. The illusion can’t fool me, and the devil’s body is the most sensitive to positive energy. Of course, I won’t absorb it or spit it out!"
"It’s a pity that you don’t have such a chance!"
Qibai suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed the female robber’s wrist, and then prompted his body magic eyes to instantly become black as ink with mysterious light and stared at the female robber’s eyes closely.
The female robber was frightened. I didn’t expect that Qibai had disguised herself before she was freed, and now she still wants to cast illusion on herself.
"Delusion-"the female robber shouted and then violently resisted.
However, during the "Seven Whites" campaign, Ye You suddenly got up, regardless of his own body and face wounds, holding the medicine chest at the female robber’s head and smashing it.
The female robber didn’t expect Ye Yu to make a move. The heavy medicine chest hit her head and buzzed in her ear. The scene in front of her blurred.
While the female robber was in a trance for a moment, Qibai finally finished his final preparation. The body "bang" turned into a shadow and then got into the female robber’s head.
Passing 18-wheeler, it took only five seconds from seven white rebellions to her turning into a shadow, but it was an amazing reversal!
Ye Yu, a breathless female robber, looked at the medicine chest behind her and hesitated whether to do it again. The female robber let herself suffer so much, even if she was smashed into a concussion.
But I always feel that it is not kind to take advantage of people’s danger!
Hesitated for a few seconds, Ye You clenched his fist and then punched the female robber in the head.
The strength is very strong, which is almost the level of back rubs, but the female robber collapsed, her body numb, her eyes closed, but her face muscles kept shaking, which seemed to be a dream resistance.
Seeing that the female robber completely lost her resistance, Ye Yu was finally relieved to sit down and gasp.
If you want to make this clear, you have to start from the night before yesterday!
That evening, Ye Yu was robbed by a female robber, unwilling to suffer, and he and the little devil decided to take revenge, so
There is something in front of you!
Qibai told Ye Yu that every demon emissary has a special ability, and her ability is about to awaken now because illusion can slightly affect the enemy’s spirit and interfere with the other’s consciousness.
Two people put their ideas on the negative side and planned to use them as bait to attract female robbers!
The specific course of action is this: Ye Yu tries to absorb positive energy and negative energy, but mainly negative energy. Two or three positive energies are enough, and then the seven white illusions temporarily change the positive energy sample.
Red stars and black stars want to change this thing is still very simple!
On Tuesday, Ye Yu absorbed four negative energies and two positive energies. Unfortunately, the female robber didn’t appear that day, and the plan was unsuccessful!
Today, Ye Yi has got two negative energies, one positive energy adds up to nine energies, slightly enhances his own ability, and then uses the remaining energy as bait.
If the female robber appears, the illusion will affect her. If she is a little careless, she will not find the positive energy disguise, and then she will mistakenly disguise the positive energy.
Positive energy is very harmful to the devil, especially after digestion, it can kill the devil!
However, the devil’s body is very sensitive to positive energy, and when it is absorbed, it can be detected that it will not continue to digest, but it can spit out positive energy. At this time, it is at the key of Ye Yan and Qibai Plan.
According to the original plan, Ye Yu must resist hard at this time and interfere with the actions of female robbers. It is best to limit her.
Then Qibai will make his own magic perform illusion, so that the female robber’s spirit will be temporarily absent, and then the illusion will be successful and the plan will be completely completed
Qibai will get into the female robber and then temporarily control her spirit to help her digest positive energy.
The demon king’s body forcibly digests positive energy, which is the same effect as human beings taking the initiative to eat dichlorvos. Even if this female robber is powerful and not fatal, it will definitely bring great harm.
This is Ye Yan and Qibai’s planning plan, which is very successful according to the present results.
The only thing out of Ye Yi’s control is Lu Yi. He didn’t expect Lu Yi to be a brave man, and he lured himself here to get rid of himself. This is really unexpected.
At that time, the situation was really desperate for Yuzryha, but things developed and she created opportunities.
The female robber knocked out Lu Mi, so the former Lu Mi’s own control disappeared, and Lu Mi also successfully consumed the female robber’s strength and increased her chances of winning by acting on her own.
After resuming the operation, Ye Yu did not get up immediately, but continued to pretend to let the female robber recognize that she was not in danger.
Qibai is also the same strategy. Even if she was humiliated by a female robber, she did not expose her actions until she saw the energy of the female robber.
In order to succeed, I don’t hesitate to be excellent. I can’t help myself. The devil made a point of praise and praised it manually.
Things turned out well, and finally they became the kind of situation they expected. Ye Yu finally settled down in his heart.
Turn your head and lie down * * Ye You get up and look at Lu You close at hand.
Now she’s quiet and beautiful, and once again she’s what she’s most looking forward to. It’s Ye You, and she knows very well that this is just Lu Zhou’s disguise.
She is not as gentle and calm as she looks, not so approachable and very cold.
However, Ye You still has some pain in his heart. I don’t know what it is. It may be because he fell into the trap of Lu Yi, or it may be that he found that Lu Yi and the perfect goddess in his heart are totally different. It is always very uncomfortable.
I feel that something important has disappeared in my heart!
After reading it for a long time, Ye You decided to turn her head. It is doomed that she and Lu Zhou have no fate, or don’t add to her troubles. Now there is a more important thing, female robber!
This powerful four-star demon king is twitching all over now. It seems that Qibai has helped her digest positive energy.
Ye You scanned the female robber’s body for many times. It was not intentional that the gap in the leather coat was too eye-catching, surrounded by black rice and white skin!
This woman is also a school student. Which student can develop so perfectly? Is this still a high school student?
With a strong curiosity, Ye Yu reached out his hand, not to the other person’s chest, but to the other person’s mask. Today, we must uncover this thing and see her true face to see who she really is.
Ye Yu’s finger has touched the mask, and suddenly the female robber opened her eyes and risked her eyes.
Chapter 35 Real identity
Ye Yu looked at the female robber in astonishment. He didn’t expect the other party to wake up. Didn’t Qibai say that if the action was successful, then he was absolutely sure to limit the other party’s body?
Is this situation also called restriction? Don’t say 100%. The other person was unconscious for less than three minutes.
The female robber reached out and buckled Ye Yu’s wrist, and said coldly, "What do you want to do?"
"Master, hurry up and knock her out. I can’t control her spirit. She doesn’t have magic now. Master, do it quickly."
Ye Yu hasn’t recovered from that state of panic. Suddenly, the female robber’s body comes with seven white tones, but at this moment, the other person’s face shows intense pain. Beitooth bites her red lip and sweat keeps flowing from her forehead.
Extremely nervous, Ye Yu became calm and found the problem key!
Both myself and Qibai recognize this woman as a Samsung demon king, but judging from the battle with Lu Mi just now, this is obviously a four-star demon king who miscalculated her strength. No wonder Qibai’s action has deviated.
However, there is still a chance to save yourself and help Qibai, otherwise I’m afraid both myself and her will die!
Everyone’s life and death will explode with unimaginable power. Ye Yu doesn’t know if he is a life and death now. Anyway, he doesn’t want this operation to succeed if it fails
Bibi’s desire breeds Ye Yu’s mobility. He fought back!
Chest attack!
Although this move is very embarrassing, it is not too much for a sexually corrupt female robber. It is justice, not because she has coveted this beautiful scenery for a long time!

If you don’t have luck in a war zone, you may not be able to spray one piece in an hour on the fiftieth lap.

There can be about two source crystals in an hour in the fortieth battle area, and the size is slightly larger.
The probability that Xu retires on the 43rd lap is slightly less than the 40th lap.
However, after taking a nap for an hour, Yan Lie got four source crystals.
Three of them were stolen.
Xu tui’s position is bordered by the alien invasion elite war zone, and their war zone falls to the source crystal, and Xu tui’s direct spirit pulls over.
The elite of the robbed alien invasion also dare to be angry and dare not speak.
Can stare at Xu for a few times to vent?
Strength is not good, that’s it, Nai!
Originally, Xu tui can grab a wider range, but Xu tui feels a little low-key and don’t grab too much.
Besides, the spirit traction speed is not too fast and far, and it is easy to be intercepted!
In addition, I will leave the department at other times to observe the elite of alien invasion around me!
In Xu tui, the enhanced telepathic induction Xu tui can obviously sense that the body energy breath of these alien invasion elites is constantly rising!
Where they don’t move, their energy breath is rising!
That’s a fast rise!
Xu tui deliberately measured and observed a mechanical Eldar gun arm elite for forty laps alone.
The total energy of his body increased by about 1% in an hour.
On Mars, the day is also a little over 24 hours
In other words, if this guy stays here for four days, his energy and breath will double!
If the Terran can do the same, it means that a Terran can double its strength in the fortieth lap for four days.
This is still the fortieth lap!
If the source can be thicker, turn 30
The twentieth lap?
Tenth lap?
How fast did that rise?
In this case, the elite of alien invasion can quickly upgrade their strength source crystal there, which is actually their extra gain!
On the contrary, the Terran team elites are purely here to accompany!
Accompany them to confront each other for several days, the strength will not rise, and the only gain is the source crystal!
All Terran teams are very strange to Yuanjing!
Constantly observing Xu tui back and forth has an idea-unfair!
This is so special and unfair!
Alien invasion elites can quickly increase their strength.
And the Terran team elite like this with the final fight or alien invasion elite don’t pay too much attention to the source crystal.
I don’t know without comparison.
A contrast, the gap is too big!
Of course, shouting unfairness is just shouting back.
Xu Refund is not so naive!
This world is not absolutely fair!
What’s more, this is a battlefield!
What terran can’t directly absorb this source to increase its strength?
Xu back my heart suddenly came up with an idea.
If the Terran can directly absorb the source, it can increase its strength.
Even near the outer circle, many elites can be quickly trained.
Gene new human cultivation is actually very resource-hungry!
No resources, rising slowly.