Listening to Lin Yi’s question, Qin Dingfang shrugged. "I don’t know if you ask me. He said that I kill you and get what you need. Don’t ask. He also said that you have a deep hatred. Lin Yi, you see that you have killed too many people and your enemies are all over the world."

Lin Yi stared at the fake shopkeeper again. "Give you another chance to say or not? !”
"Don’t say!" The fake shopkeeper shouted at Qin Dingfang again, "Please let the king of Qin do it!"
The impostor Qin Dingfang would rescue him, but Qin Dingfang stood still at the stairs, and his eyes flashed with cruelty.
The phony’s voice hasn’t fallen yet. Lin Yi’s hands are on the other side, and Lin Yi’s wrists are buckled, which makes a terrible shattering sound.
The fake shopkeeper cried out in pain
At the same time, Lin Yi’s body shook out and swept across the counter to wipe the towel. The dense steel needles flew up in an instant and shot at the fake.
At the moment, this impostor’s hands are buckled by Lin Yi, how can he hide from his face and bust being shot like a hedgehog, and these steel needles are all poisoned. At the moment, so many steel needles are shot into the impostor’s body, and he is dead, screaming and foaming at the mouth …
Lin Yi let go of this fake shopkeeper and poured it into the counter.
The young man’s face changed when he saw this situation.
Qin Dingfang clapped his hands slowly. "Killing him really made me feel good, but he refused to tell me the details and was mysterious …"
That little two is a fake shopkeeper. He didn’t know that Qin Dingfang turned out to be deliberately from ruin.
Xiao’ er glanced at Qin Dingfang’s resentment and suddenly took out a short knife to cut Xiao’ er’s neck, and the blood gushed out and he fell to the ground and died.
Qin Dingfang said to Lin Yi, "This is a dead man, Xiao Lin. Where do you think they came from?"
Lin Yi said, "I will find out."
Qin Dingfang shook his head and said, "I’ll check it for you because you have no chance."
Lin Yi said, "You should deal with the old devil if he cheated you so badly, and if you break with him, you will definitely not let go of your old devil’s means. You also know that it is impossible to prevent it. If I were you, I would try to kill the old devil first, even if we are enemies, and it would be unwise for you to deal with the old devil and me at the same time."
Qin Dingfang regarded The Hunger as his ancestor for so long and finally ended up being deceived and miserable, and his mutant body will never recover. Qin Dingfang really feels crazy.
Qin Dingfang is also so painful.
Qin Dingfang always woke up from a nightmare recently. He dreamed that The Hunger had found him, controlled magic, turned him into a walking corpse, stripped him naked, and pointed at him. Even eunuchs were inferior to taunting and insulting him in public.
Qin Dingfang couldn’t wait to spit The Hunger meat.
But he didn’t even look at The Hunger trying to kill The Hunger Tan Yi.
Qin Dingfang can be looking for opportunities.
A few days ago, the fake shopkeeper found Qin Dingfang and said that he could track down Lin Yi and kill Lin Yi while Lin Yi was seriously injured and still recovering.
Qin Dingfang thought that The Hunger and Lin Yi were sworn enemies anyway, and he vowed to kill Lin Yi. Since the opportunity to kill Lin Yi came, he couldn’t miss it.
Qin Dingfang left Qin Honghu to take people to continue to hunt down the Wulin Alliance and the Blood Devil in Jinzhou. He secretly brought a group of people to the south to kill Lin Yi.
Qin Dingfang said, "If you kill all my relatives, the old demon will destroy everything I have. You all have to die, depending on who dies first. It seems that you died first, Kobayashi."
Say Qin Dingfang made a ring.
So the door of the room next to the counter came out one after another, and seven people were all inferno masters.
Then the master of the inferno hiding in the building also appeared. There were more than a dozen people at the stairs, and they were armed with five flowers in their hands.
Qin Dingfang also walked slowly on the stairs. Those inferno masters followed Qin Dingfang behind him.
At the moment, the child is still guarding the door. The child shouted, "Go!"
There are also a number of quenched steel needles in the face towel at the counter. Lin Yi’s hand slammed the counter, and those steel needles suddenly sparkled and then shot away at the magic masters behind Qin Dingfang.
At the same time, the abacus at the counter fell into Lin Yi’s hand, and the abacus frame was broken. Those abacus beads flew out from the next room door, and the inferno master came out.
Take this opportunity to Lin Yichao to the door.
Ma Peiling also went to the door.
Qin Ding suddenly "screamed" at the poisonous needles that rained down on him, and the strong gas surged. Those shot steel needles were shaken and scattered by Qin Dingfang.
Because Qin Dingfang shocked all those poisonous needles out of the inferno master behind him and killed one person.
But those magic masters in the building were knocked down by Lin Yi’s abacus beads.
One was seriously injured and the other died on the spot.
Qin Dingfang still takes his time standing on the stairs.
Lin Yi three people out of the inn door immediately Bai Qin prescription in no hurry.
At the moment, people keep flashing in the rain and fog on both sides of the street.
These people are all experts in inferno. They come from houses on both sides of the street.
Many people still have lanterns in their hands.
The lights are hazy and blurred in the rain
Seeing three people coming out of the inn, they all gathered around.
Qin Dingfang also brought people out of the inn.
A bunch of people will Lin Yi three people besieged the street.
At the moment, a dark figure stands at a window more than ten feet away from the inn. This figure looks at this side.
There is still a man standing behind him. It is a woman. She said in a whisper, "Gong Linyi can’t escape, can she?"
Being called "I hope so"
The woman said, "What if Qin Dingfang can’t kill Lin Yi?"
Fair "I still have a cause"
The woman said, "I feel a little anxious this time and should continue to wait for opportunities."
Justice "It’s wrong that all sides are exhausted and weakened, and when the situation has been disturbed by me, it’s the best opportunity to take advantage of the chaos. If the situation is stable, I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for a long time."
Female Dao "Pei"

"Sleep? What about the artificial heart? "

"I have considered changing an artificial heart for up to three years."
"Xiao Ting, what do you think?"
"Come back as soon as you can. If you can’t, I’ll apply for artificial … I still have your seed."
Yip hon silence couldn’t tell what it was like in my heart. "What if you go back to Grandpa Earth?" The low gravity of the moon is not suitable for pregnancy. If you want to reproduce normally, you must return to Earth.
"Organized?" Bai Xiaoting said.
Professor Qin’s status as a national care provider is a common treatment.
"Then you should apply for returning to Earth as soon as possible," Yip Han said. "I can almost go back when you are almost recovered."
Bai Xiaoting has lived on the moon for several years and needs to readjust to the standard gravity when she returns to the earth. This process takes less than two or three months. If she is older or has physical problems, it is hard to say whether she can recover in half a year or even a year.
"Well, I’ll apply for it later." Bai Xiaoting, who discusses good children, is like putting a heart disease, and the whole person is full of spirit.
Two people spoke a few words Bai Xiaoting active ended the call.
Let it go. Yip hon was in a mess. He sat on the bed for a while, but it was more than two o’clock in the afternoon when he stayed.
Remembering that he was responsible for yip hon, he rushed to the headquarters with somewhat evasive psychology. Andy Zhuang and Wei Chengfei greeted yip hon earlier than yip hon and asked, "Is it all right in front of the commander?"
"It’s as quiet as it was a few days ago. The Molobida ant colony is completely disabled," Andy Zhuang said
Wei Chengfei laughed. "It’s good to be disabled. The more disabled, the better!"
"So it’s okay again today?" Yip hon relieved.
ZhuangBo smiled "how all right? I’ll go to the cookhouse class when I’m not on duty. Today’s New Year’s Day, let’s take the lead in making dumplings! "
"What are you waiting for?" Wei Chengfei got up. "This project is not small. We have to hurry."
"See you hurry to go now" Andy Zhuang also got up.
There are so many people in the base, more people in the fleet, and all of them together. There are thousands of people who eat dumplings without 10 thousand, but it’s not as easy as it is. The whole base has to be busy for half an afternoon.
When Zhuang Bo arrived at the canteen with a group of officers, the cookhouse squad had prepared the noodles and stuffing. The officers sat around in twos and threes and began to make dumplings together.
It’s no problem to arrange the soldiers to pack, so you can just find a reason to cope with it. However, when the officers take the lead, no matter how high the leaders are at ordinary times, they will bend over to the body.
Andy Zhuang asked while rolling his skin, "Yip Han, I think you are in a bad mood. Is there something on your mind?"
"Yes, I can see that, too," said Wei Chengfei. "Why are you absent-minded?"
Yip hon Fang just wrapped dumplings and sighed "a little housework"
"Talk about it, don’t hold it back," Andy Zhuang said.
Yip hon listened to ZhuangBo selectively and slapped the table. "It’s a good thing that you are old and married for several years, so it’s time to have a baby."
Yip hon said with a bitter face, "The baby must be born. When my family comes back to recover for a while, it is not a problem to get pregnant, but what to do after the baby is born."
"What to do? Take good care of it! " Andy Zhuang stare eyes.
He is over sixty years old and likes children. If he hears that any young man doesn’t want children, even if he has nothing to do with him, he can’t help but scold him.
"That’s not what I meant." Yip hon quickly told Professor Qin about the situation. "The old man wants to see the child, but the child is so small that he can’t take a rocket, and he can’t inject hibernating hormone. Besides, the low gravity in Beiyuezhou is not good for the child."
Since ancient times, human beings were born on the earth, grew up on the earth and eventually buried in the earth. The earth environment is the most suitable environment for human beings.
At present, the physiology of low gravity environment is just beginning, and the long-term impact of low gravity environment on life is still uncertain.
Human skeleton structure, muscle strength and dirty function have all adapted to the earth environment in thousands of years of evolution. Although Ye Han is not engaged in medicine, he can imagine that once a child is born on the moon, the low gravity will inevitably cause negative effects in the process of growth.
For example, lack of bone density, such as muscle deficiency, and weakness of visceral function.
Yip hon sighed again "children can’t the moon Qin old body and can’t back to the earth as children born can’t see? What I’m worried about now is that there is no child, Qin Lao, and it’s like this without thinking about it. What if the child is born and can’t live or die? "