Gu Qingshan carefully pondered while observing.

He suddenly noticed that there were new entrants besides those groups of living dead.
It was a three-meter-tall, big guy, and his muscles kept crawling and he was almost motionless when he was hit by a bullet.
-evolution body
"Rockets!" Lao Li shouted
The blond man lifted a set of shoulder-mounted rocket launchers from the ground and aimed at the monster to launch directly.
The rocket flew out with a long tail of smoke and hit the monster at great speed.
Flesh and blood!
However, he continued to move in the direction of the villa.
Gu Qingshan noticed that more and more figures appeared further away.
"Too many"
Black fidgety growled
He didn’t speak a few people.
The corpses are coming towards the villa in dense numbers, which can hardly be killed.
Then Gu Qingshan put his equipment away and patted Lao Li on the shoulder.
"What are you doing?" Lao Li could not help but ask
"There are fewer monsters on your side. I’ll look at the situation from your side." Gu Qingshan Avenue
"Look at everything. It’s a monster. You’ll die if you go out!" Lao Li roared
The machine gun shook so hard that they had to talk loudly.
Lao Li picked up his gun and shot another monster.
"I am a scientist to study their body structure" Gu Qingshan said.
"Don’t you study mechanics?"
"Mecha, to be exact-there is a human bionics in Mecha. We are generally used to getting to know the enemy in this way."
Old Li Bai came over. He meant it.
"What do you know? They are monsters!" He doesn’t understand
"You have to believe in science" Gu Qingshan patted the gun in Lao Li’s hand.
Lao Li thought that if there were no guns, these people would have been finished.
Besides, this scientist is still very good, and he has repaired almost everything that is related to machinery.
"… I may not be able to protect you," Lao Li said.
"I won’t go far without it, and I can protect myself."
Gu Qingshan patted his hand longbow.
Then he left the attic and quickly came out of the villa and appeared outside the house.
The three of him soon noticed his appearance.
"How did that scientist go?"
The blond man picked up a Grenade from the ground and threw it far away.
Lao Li waited for the violent explosion to pass before saying, "He said he would study a monster."
"scientific madness" female road
A few people looked.
See Gu Qingshan has squatted before a corpse.
The body was shot several times, but it was not dead yet. It was aware of the arrival of the living and struggled to raise its head to bite him.
"don’t move"
Gu Qingshan holds the army thorn and inserts it into each other’s eyes to completely fix the corpse head.
The body struggled for a while and really didn’t move.
Gu Qingshan this just tied his shoulder hand barrel and pulled out a dagger to dissect the body.
He moves quickly and effectively, crisp and neat without hesitation.
"Look at the dirt first"
"No heartbeat"
"The blood turns black, which seems to be caused by infection."
"The viscera has shrunk in a large area, but the stomach has become bigger."
"Where did your strength come from without normal human signs?"
"… well, there’s something in my stomach that seems to be human body tissue."
"Action energy by eating people"
"Eyes have mutated, no pupils, but they can see me accurately."
"The teeth are sharper like beasts."
"The nose is completely necrotic and the ear has a morphological variation similar to evolution."
Gu Qingshan made a little effort to dig the ear of the corpse.
He looked at it carefully-just like looking at an art.
"Yes, it is a slight evolution. It is a miracle of life."
Then he got up and walked to a body not far away.
"Wait!" Lao Li shouted from the floor
"What’s the matter?"

But surprisingly, the monk’s sword light didn’t hit the actor, and I saw a barrier rising three feet in front of the little female ghost! You can’t tell if you don’t avoid the roots of light and shadow at ordinary times, but at this time, the sword light hitting the surface is like a stone thrown into a quiet lake, which generally ripples.

Surprised, the monk quickly withdrew his flying sword and clapped his hands at Zhongyi. "I don’t know which Taoist friend is here, please show up!" The attitude of the old monk is very respectful, and it seems that he knows that he must have met a strong hand, and the actress who has made up his mind to fight to the death is also dismayed to look at the sky. Obviously, people are helping her. It is this little female ghost who really can’t think of anyone who will help her in the fix-up world.
Check the double shadow is no longer invisible and fly, and Yuntou, Yi Yu, can no longer pack large cloves of garlic, followed.
As soon as the monk saw Daocha Shuangying, his face changed. When he saw Yi Yu coming from behind again, he was even more frightened. Although Yi Yu is now a younger brother of Qingcheng Mountain, everyone knows that that guy is not a kind generation. Now he is with the old devil Cha Shuangying, but he doesn’t know what to hide.
Although his face is not right, the monk has been practicing for hundreds of years. He will never neglect his courtesy when he sees Cha Shuangying landing. "It turns out that Cha Daoyou’s poor monk is polite."
Cha Shuangying nodded his head, though a little contemptuous, but with his strength and qualifications, he was qualified to treat the monk like this.
When the monk saw that Yi Yu was flying, he quickly saluted. According to the seniority of Qingcheng Sect, the monk didn’t salute Yi Yu first, but now his strength is in place! Monk Meng just came back from Yuanjiang, but he saw Yi Yu and his two concubines with his own eyes and ruined the Daoji of Lingnan Baiyang Temple! Even the chivalrous monk Yifan failed to save him. Although the White Horse Temple is better than the White Sheep Temple, they don’t want to offend Yi Yu easily.
Yi Yu smiled and gave a way, "Master, don’t bother being original. This time it’s Brother Cha’s colleague …" Said a finger, "This girl is an old friend of Brother Cha, so let’s see what friends can say clearly! Don’t let a few irrelevant little people spoil our affection. "
Meng monk couldn’t help heart wry smile andao "what’s wrong with me today! How come you just came out and touched these two tough malefic! If these two people get involved in this matter, I’m afraid it’s even harder to be kind … "The monk Meng glanced at the three people behind him again." Don’t want these three irrelevant people to break my life! If you protect them, you will offend Cha Shuangying. If you put them away, you may be aware of the devil. This will make me so good! "
Just as the monk was hesitating, suddenly there came from the east to see the Buddha’s light and Sanskrit singing. It must be a Buddhist brother. There were more than thirteen people! Monk Meng, who walked in the Central Plains for many years, recognized at a glance that those who evaded light were brothers of Shaolin Temple in Songshan Mountain, and that the pure cultivation of Buddha light was not weak.
The monk couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Of course, he won’t recognize several Shaolin monks and be able to defeat Cha Shuangying and Yi Yu. Although those Shaolin monks are not weak, three or four of them are strong. Generally speaking, he is similar to others. If Cha Shuangying moves, I’m afraid he can’t resist the old devil’s killing, but now Shaolin Temple has come and the strength is much stronger than him. Naturally, it will be handed over and upset those Shaolin temple monks.
Although Cao Youling and Yi Yufei, the little female ghost, came to help her, Cao Youling’s eyes looked at them with caution. Obviously, she didn’t recognize the appearance of Cha Shuangying now.
Yi Yu tried to put on a friendly smile and leaned over and said, "Little sister, tell uncle what your name is!"
That Cao Youling saw Yi Yu with a wry smile and an evil light. He didn’t look like a good man at first sight. He couldn’t help but turn back two steps in fear and block the sword in front of him and stare at Yi Yudao. "You! Are you human? " If you want to know the aftermath, please go back to Take a Female Ghost as an Apprentice.
The three hundred and fiftieth time to accept a female the ghost as an apprentice.
When the little female ghost was in danger, Cha Shuangying and Yi Yu appeared, and it was easy to see others. The little female ghost was beautiful and wanted to seduce others with his charming smile, but Yi Yu laughed like the wolf, but she startled the sensitive little female ghost and looked at Yi Yu with a sword to protect herself.
Yi Yu pretended to be angry and said, "Why are you so polite to this little guy?" It’s chilling that you treat people like this when we come to help you! Hey! Come on, I want to help you rescue those trapped sisters and punish the culprit … "
Listen to Yi Yuyan that Cao Youling couldn’t help but eyes a bright but short and dim to low way "do you really want to help me? But … but I have no evidence that none of them believe me. "The snow-white cheeks actually rolled down with big drops of tears!
Yi Yu this fellow saw immediately gather together to put the little female ghost in her arms and gently caressed her thin sweet shoulder. The little female ghost seems to have suffered a lot of injustice and has been oppressed in her heart for a long time. Now, as soon as she found the vent, Cao Youling cried as soon as she "wow".
After crying for a long time, the little female ghost seems to feel that there is something wrong with crying in the arms of a stranger. This just gently pushed Yi Yushen, but looking at her reluctance, she should miss her father’s arms! Cao Youling choked, "But … but don’t want evidence. What do you want?"
Yi Yu smiled and patted the waist sword. "Your sword is fast and sharp enough! You can kill whoever you want! I don’t want any evidence if I kill Yi Yu! "
Cao Youling slightly one leng didn’t expect Yi Yu to say such a thing! At this moment, she seems to have gone back to more than 1000 years ago and secretly looked at her father and brother behind the door. "Be constant, my son (Cao), our Cao family must grasp the benefits and be profitable enough!" You can kill whoever you want! ….. "So similar words let Cao Youling actually feel some illusions and true feelings.
Yi Yu, of course, didn’t know what the little female ghost was thinking. "Little sister wants you to worship my teacher and I will teach you the fastest and sharpest sword!" You can kill whoever you want! "
The little female the ghost with a face of expectation color looked at Yi Yu and some worship "really? You didn’t lie to me! Dad said,’ What are you going to do to help me?’
Yi Yu was slightly annoyed at Cao Cao’s reckless teaching of children, but he shrugged his shoulders and smiled naively. "Since you don’t want to forget it anyway, I don’t have to accept you as an apprentice. It’s outrageous that I say it’s either rape or theft!"
At the sight of Yi Yu’s anger, Cao Youling was a little flustered. In fact, in her heart, she also felt that this was an opportunity to get rid of the present situation. Although she was still a girl’s mind, Cao Youling saw that Cha Shuangying and Yi Yu seemed to have a very high status, otherwise the hateful monk would not be so respectful to them. She knew that these monks were arrogant at ordinary times, but if she agreed to Cao Youling, she was afraid that she had just left the dragon pool and entered the lion’s den. What if Yi Yu was also a bad person?
But now Cao Youling can’t consider these things. If she gives up this opportunity, it’s hard to report her sisters’ electrocution. I’m afraid she will go back without authorization this time, and she will probably be severely punished. Cao Youling knelt down and called’ Master’ when she saw Yi Yu trying to take back her life.
Yi Yu smiled. He just retreated into the present. How can he be melodramatic when he sees a little female ghost hook? Hurry up and pick up Cao Youling, saying, "You are our second brother from now on, and there is a teacher elder sister named Qiu Zhixian in the sect … You are willing to join the Qingcheng School, but if you don’t want to meet anyone in the future, you can directly report your teacher’s name."
Cao Youling saw that Yi Yu spoke very kindly and asked in a low voice, "Linger doesn’t know the name of the master!"
Yi Yu laughed "by the way! My name is Yi Yu, and I am the younger brother of the Qingcheng School. Now the fix-up world has given me a nickname called demon fairy. "
Cao Youling murmured "demon fairy? It sounds very imposing, but how some don’t like a good man … "
Yi Yu face a black gently played a small female the ghost forehead Chen way "you this wench why so really! This kind of words is to know and not say it! Don’t you want master to spank you! "
Cao Youling blushed and blushed when he was furious. "No, I dare not after the music …" But in my heart, I felt that the master seemed quite kind and should not be a bad person.
Yi Yu couldn’t help feeling distressed when she saw this lovely little beauty timidly. It seems that she was bullied in the past. In fact, Yi Yu doesn’t know what happened. When she saw Cao Youling, she suddenly wanted to accept her apprentice. She just had a whim at the sight of this poor little thing and then said it. Now that she has done it, there is nothing to delve into.
Gently caressed Cao Youling forehead Yi Yu smiles to say "now that you have a word.
Tell the teacher what the hell is going on! If anyone bullies our teacher, it’s up to you! "
Cao Youling couldn’t help crying with tears in her eyes. "Master! Master … Boo hoo! " Didn’t say anything, but jumped into Yi Yu’s arms and burst into tears.
Yi Yu gently caressed the little female ghost’s shoulder and didn’t ask again. I think it’s a long story, not something that can be made clear in a few words.
This half-day Yi Yu is bullying and indulging to check the double shadow naturally, but he didn’t stop it. In the view of checking the double shadow, Yi Yu’s move is to look at him. After all, Yi Yu and Cao Cao didn’t accept Cao Youling, but he was kind to him. He was quite satisfied with Yi Yu’s performance. If it wasn’t Yi Yu, he really didn’t know how to arrange this Cao Youling after understanding it at this time.
However, Yi Yu has other plans of his own. It is true that Cao Youling is a part of him who is kind to Cha Shuangying, but this is unilateral. Now, if Cao Youling worships Cha Shuangying in Yi Yumen in the future, if he has something to do, he will surely miss the past and care about Yi Yu, but Yi Yu will not bear any responsibility. After all, Cha Shuangying is a stranger in Cao Youling’s eyes, and it happened that he is not good at revealing his true identity.
It is said that the Shaolin monks have arrived at this time, but they have directly fallen to the Luoyang prefect’s side. If it is normal, these Shaolin monks should remain neutral or be Zen monks after they don’t know what happened, but now they have directly arrived at the prefect’s side. It seems that they have long known this person, but it is not surprising that Shaolin Temple is the largest Buddhist temple in the Central Plains, and it is not an anecdote to make friends with officialdom people by taking a secular route with some special magic.
At this time, when I saw so many helpers coming to Shaolin Temple, the prefect of Luoyang also cheered up. In the eyes of these mortals, almost all monks are immortals, and there is no high score. Just now it was one against three, and now it is fourteen against three, so the prefect took it for granted that they had the advantage.
Will see that was debauchery to pay the body of the young man a huanshi up and folded way "allow the uber! Go back! My uncle is kind-hearted and good at living, and asks all the masters to temporarily collect thunderbolt magic and spare your life, otherwise you will be beheaded … "
As soon as I heard the fool talking nonsense, the monk and the monks in Shaolin Temple all turned pale, and the prefect of Luoyang felt a little bad when he was shocked. This old fox has been hanging around in officialdom for many years, but it is not his nephew who can’t do anything without eating enough. Don’t just say that the monk saw the monks coming to Shaolin Temple, but he didn’t see the slightest color. The prefect felt that although the number was dominant, they still seemed to have no chance to win the prefect. Will roll with the punches, let the female ghost and Yi Yu and others leave, and then go back to the secret room to deal with all the female ghosts imprisoned inside. If he comes back in the future, he will just give him a dead denial, but the young man is presumptuous and leads things to the Jedi.
At this time, the young man was still talking nonsense, saying, "If you leave that little bitch today, I will kill the people!"
Cao Youling saw so many monks coming, and she was a little scared. She usually practiced in the tomb of North Mangshan Mountain, and she had never heard of Cha Shuangying and Yi Yu’s place names. Moreover, ghost cultivation fell by Cao Youling’s hard work, but it was also difficult to climb those things in Daya Gallery. She naturally didn’t know that now seeing the enemy come so many helpers, she couldn’t help feeling guilty. In fact, Cao Youling’s determination to die is nothing, but now she is involved in other people, which makes her feel a little sorry.
Cao Youling looked at Yi Yudao timidly. "Master … they are coming!" In fact, how can Yi Yu not see it? But this little ghost really doesn’t know what to say!
Yi Yu sneer at a glance in the cold light flashing heart andao "it seems that I this new land acquisition little disciple and some don’t believe in the master! In that case, it seems that I have to show my strength to this little girl, otherwise how can she worship me? If you don’t worship my master, it will be a bit sad! "
Thought of here, Yi Yu couldn’t help but smile. He is a timid guy who is not afraid of something and is afraid of things. He will see Yi Yu’s mind moving. Suddenly, the white light flashes and there is no trace. Almost at the same time, Yi Yu waved his hand and actually caught a person!
No, but the monks were also shocked by Yi Yulu’s skill. Although the other person is a mortal, he can be so humble in the eyes of so many extraordinary monks that he will receive a person when everyone has no reaction.
It is amazing! In fact, it’s not difficult for Yi Yu. He earned it in the Pure Land of Blissfulness and then grabbed it from the inside.
Yi Yu sneer at a casually threw the stunned boy into the tunnel "the son who is a teacher to send you a gift! Draw out the sword and cut this fellow, and also calculate the evil spirit. "
Cao Youling stared at the frightened teenager but didn’t know it was so good at the moment! This change is a little too sudden, from just dying to now, the reversal of attack and defense is trying to seize the enemy’s life, which makes the little female ghost somewhat unacceptable. After all, she has not felt this superiority for a long time since her father left.
Yi Yu see Cao Youling along while have no action smiles to say "what? Don’t I want to kill this man and dirty my little hands? Do you need a teacher to do it for you But if you want master to do something for you, you have to say something nice and ask for it! "
Cao Youling didn’t return to absolute being, so she quickly drew out her sword and pushed her past this proud opportunity. How could she miss it!
When the young man saw Cao Youling’s sword coming, he was scared out of his wits and panicked and cried, "No! You can’t kill me! My master is the Taoist priest of the Qing Palace. If you kill me, his old man will be furious! You can’t kill me! Master! Master, help! "

"Hum, that’s all. How much more can I do?" The maid-in-waiting smiled silently, but the export was a boy’s voice that was hard to distinguish between male and female.

He came and rounded his hand. It turned out to be a dagger, and he was going to pull it towards Liu Sunseeker’s face at night.
Liu Sunseeker suddenly moved a dagger and took the man away. White also moved quickly to divide the man by three and five.
Liu Xixi was as happy as if she had picked up a baby.
"Ha ha, I didn’t guess the wrong thing. I am your ya! !” With that, she slapped the man unceremoniously, and the corolla was knocked off and rolled to the foot of the mountain.
That man groaned in pain but didn’t beg for mercy. It’s quite backbone.
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 4 Juvenile nevus lacrimalis
Liu Xixi snorted and pulled his veil one by one. "You are a dead pig. You are still wearing a veil. I still can’t think of you until you see this veil-ah-"
Liu Xixi was gentle at night, but the boy let out a scream of terror and turned to the ground, but he didn’t care about anything and kept rolling into the grass, as if he were willing to roll the mountain.
Willow sunseeker night break his face to himself "are you a harelip? Was it not normal earlier? "
"Please please don’t look! !” The teenager cried very sadly, where is the arrogance just now?
Liu Xixi won’t be passionate about jade. She will break the maid-in-waiting face again and examine it carefully. Isn’t it a harelip that hates this taboo? It’s not incurable. Don’t be like a dead mother, okay?
The young man didn’t struggle this time. Just now, he may have screamed like a madman because he was too stimulated, and he will beg for mercy. Now he is slightly red, his eyes are glaring at Liu Xixi, and Liu Xixi doesn’t care.
She turned to ask Bai, "Did you catch him this time?"
Bai looked at it carefully and said, "It’s him. I remember that tear mole in the corner of his eye is quite attractive."
Liu Xi was surprised at night. "Is that completely different from the previous sample?"
Bai also felt strange that he seemed to have been dizzy by two people when he came to look at the teenagers carefully, but he was angry for a while and looked at them curiously.
When others saw him like this, they either fled in disgust or tried to beat him and laugh at him, but the two men looked normal and didn’t have any irony. They didn’t scold him, which made him feel strange, because strangely, he didn’t make any more troubles, but he still shook his head and tried to get rid of Liu Xi’s late hand.
Liu Sunseeker didn’t have that much strength in the evening. He struggled twice and let go.
Finally, Bai got up and said, "No wonder he stuck his lips before, but he couldn’t ask before, because he couldn’t talk if he wanted to keep his lips from cracking so easily."
Liu Xi’s starry eyes at night "Don’t you punish?"
White frown "because he hypnotized everyone and didn’t punish him. It’s a pity that I wasn’t there, otherwise I wouldn’t die so perfunctory."
Liu Sunseeker looked at the young lip at night. He had already picked up gauze from the ground and covered his face again. He looked around and wanted to escape.
Liu Sunseeker suddenly wanted to laugh. In fact, judging from the performance of the young man just now, he was also quite naive, but he killed so many guards. This naivety was terrible, and there was probably nothing wrong in his heart.
He sighed and told Bai, "He can’t stick to his lips anymore, because his lips have rotted from the inside out because they have been stuck for too long. If it is before, it seems that his whole face will rot in the end."
"It’s good to rot if it rots." Suddenly, the indistinguishable sound of male and female came from the teenager’s mouth again. His eyes were faint and desperate, and he seemed to be pitiful
White grabbed him sneer at a way "hum want to die? You haven’t paid for my brothers yet! !”
However, at this time, a little maid-in-waiting hurried to find the boy and exclaimed, "Master, why are you here? Master has been looking for you everywhere! !”
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 41 Juvenile identity
The teenager struggled to see Liu Sunseeker at night. "You said I killed your guards. Can your guards imprison me? I’m Prime Minister Mo’s office chief. Hum, do you know about your lynching? "
Willow sunseeker night smile happily tunnel "that your father know not to know you do these good things? Hypnosis almost killed me and let a dozen guards kill each other. The blood spread out one inch thick. "
The teenager really looked ashamed. "They bullied me first-they took off my clothes! ! Still-still touch me! !”
Liu Xi night "…"
At this time, the little maid-in-waiting has come to them. "Young master, you are furious because you can’t find you. Why don’t you come back with me?"
I heard that my father came, and the teenager was finally a little scared, and his shoulders shook a little depressed.
Bai low way "just let him go?"
Liu Sunseeker grabbed the young man’s hand cold and said, "If you don’t want your father to know about you, you must come to Liufu to find me in three days, and we will talk about it, or I will tell Prime Minister Mo what you are doing now."
"Hum you, my father will believe you?" Juvenile sneer
Liu Xixi died last night, saying, "Then I will tell your mother."
In fact, she said casually that the child is generally not big, but she is afraid of her parents.
But when she said that her mother suddenly turned pale and scared, her face changed color. The whole person stayed there and didn’t know how to react.
Liu Xi learned that his mother must be a terrible woman.
"Yes, just tell your mother that you remember it three days later," said Liu Xixi.
The young man took a look at Liu Sunseeker and left with his face covered.
White angry tunnel "I told those people not to put the army that you humiliated recruits in the palace."
Liu Xixi knew in the evening that the army likes to humiliate the recruits by insulting them, that is, to bully the recruits to be afraid of them and obey them.
However, these people have gone too far, and the boy is a psycho who doesn’t think killing people is anything! !

Nine-headed dumpling macro nine is angry! He has a bad temper. When he gets angry, he even expresses the name of a famous basketball star in China-Yao (deadly)! Yes, the third master of life, he is really qualified to add a lot of fans to Yao in the future world when he is angry, but Yang Guo just doesn’t list it anymore.

Yang Guo looked at the dim sum that gradually flew in the distance and was excited. "Finally, we can have a good fight." Yang Guo shouted in his heart, "Let me try to stop him by martial arts first!"
Macro nine is quickly rushing to a deep forest on the south coast. His reason has been completely burned out by anger in his heart. Just now, he decided to get rid of Ao Rou, a great misfortune in his heart. But when he knocked down the fourth move, he was one hundred percent sure that he hit it! This wench unexpectedly black dragon gens secret escape from heaven? Haha, just run away. How can I survive even if I escape when I wait for the monster to be cut off by my bloodthirsty blade?
However, it didn’t take a while for Hongjiu to find that the bloodthirsty effect of "Bloodthirsty Blade" disappeared! Didn’t absorb the other party’s semen. What disappeared? "Bloodthirsty Blade" can also absorb the essence blood from the attacker? Yes, this secret has Macro Nine, and I know that he is also relying on this secret to absorb the source JingXie of "He Yao" crazily to improve his strength, which makes him the third master in the world.
Now the bloodthirsty effect of "bloodthirsty blade" has disappeared, which proves that a situation has been healed by the injured! "Who * * * is a bad old good thing!" Macro nine was furious and lost his mind. He completely forgot that the world can cure the "bloodthirsty blade" knife wound. The guy can’t finish five points!
So Hongjiu finally chose a road of no return, and his life will come to a complete end today.
Macro nine looking at what the foot "colorful auspicious clouds" human strong eyes bloodthirsty light he licked his tongue a grim smile "human small is your mind your own business? Ha ha ha ha very good very good your blood must be delicious ~ "
Yang Guo looked at this guy with nine heads. He was crazy and disgusting. He frowned. He was too lazy to talk about this disgusting monster. You see how pleasing to the eye people ao rou MM are. Barra is a big villain like you. He is too lazy to talk. Yang Guo directly stretched out his right hand at the monster in front of him. His little finger eyes were full of contempt.
Macro nine anger broke out completely. The third master was despised like this when he was young? Scarlet "bloodthirsty blade" across a curved crescent with blood gas to Yang Guo to cut!
Yang Guo stared at this curved scarlet knife, and his eyes became more dignified than seeing his footsteps at a mysterious angle. A row of knives on one side hit his ghosting shadow! It is Yang Guo who has never made a big leap! Yang Guo, though hiding from his heart, was shocked. Let him go out with a stroke and a stroke. He never took a step! The name of the second master of the monster beast of the sea clan really deserves its name!
Macro nine staring at this from dodging him a recruit human strong anger has been slowly replaced by calm, he really didn’t expect that such a master in human beings can avoid him almost with the peak of heaven and man! After calming down, Hongjiu knew that he would have a tough battle today, but he hasn’t fought a tough battle for a long time!
Two people through the first recruit temptation has been roughly aware of the opponent’s strength eyes happen to coincide to add a few minutes dignified, but both of them didn’t think they would lose Yang Guo because of his absolute strength macro nine hum how can the human strong beat the monster beast? What’s worse, I’m the super strong monster? Sadly, he didn’t realize that he was facing an immortal. Yes, he was really an immortal-level strong man in the early days of dominating immortals!
It is said that Yang Guoshi has been practicing two ways, one is that the spirit brings him thunder hegemony, and the other is "three-point free and unfettered work". When Yang Guo realized that "heaven and earth are heartless", he had initially mastered the essence of hegemony, which means that he has become an immortal master in the early stage of overbearing immortals, but his goal is not hegemony but Wan Daozu’s free and unfettered way.
It is said that although some people have created this "three-point free and unfettered work", the essence of this free and unfettered way has never been realized, that is to say, there is no one to become immortal by the free and unfettered way, because it is too difficult to understand the so-called Wan Daozu’s free and unfettered way, but Yang Guo has realized that this free and unfettered way can truly enter the immortal realm, so the birth of the strongest fortuneteller in history, Macro Nine, is even more unlucky to this "fake fortuneteller"
Yang Guo, who released their own momentum in the confrontation, did not make the move of "heaven and earth are heartless" so it would be boring if the opponent was scared to fight. Naturally, Hongjiu’s mouth showed a proud smile.
"Laugh, laugh, and wait for Xiao Ye to play enough to see if you can still laugh!" Yang Guo heart dark scold.
A new round of confrontation with the bloodthirsty blade, which is full of domineering knives, is attacking Yang Guo and going to Yang Guo, but it is like a lonely boat in the stormy waves. Although it is floating and dangerous, it is not heavy! However, Yang Guo Lingbo’s micro-steps, although from the heart, are extremely depressed. This disgusting guy actually makes that immature and overbearing in front of my eyes? If I didn’t want to gain a better understanding of Xiaoyao Road, how could I be beaten by your half-hanging bullying?
Macro nine more depressed at this time when he encountered this strange pace? He can recognize that the pace was made by that man hundreds of years ago, but isn’t that man dead? Others are so powerful? This point has far surpassed him in those days! Hey, I’ve cut hundreds of knives, and I haven’t even touched the corner of my clothes. How can I fight this one?
As time goes by, the old urchin’s lonely thoughts and saliva are constantly losing from their mouths. Don’t doubt that they are not asleep because their eyes are wide open. Of course, their mouths are also wide open. The source of their gaffe is the fight in the sky. Those two have to say that this battle is quite strange to outsiders. One person slashed with a knife, and the other person fought back. The other person is even more evil. He played a role in the "knife light knife shadow". I have to say that he has been quite successful in walking, because until now he has not lost even a corner.
"Uber Uber! Yang Guo is even more enchanting than that monster! " Dugunian wiped her mouth and drooled. Nai sighed, "But when will this happen?"
The little dragon girl looked at Yang Guo with tears in her eyes. Her acupuncture points were made by Yang Guo, but she could worry about nothing.
Dugunian glanced at her side and cried into tears. Little Dragon Girl Nai sighed, "Brother Yang, his younger sister, will be fine. I can see that this little one hasn’t tried his best yet! Hum! This little hiding is so deep that even we have been cheated! " Words "looked at the little dragon girl pear flower with rain but full of doubts eyes shook his head and then said," I’m afraid brother Yang has already broken through the fairy realm. Didn’t you see him "heartless" in a row? This point is to practice with that monster! Hey, people are more popular than people! "
Aside from the little dragon girl here, I see Ao Rou staring at the beautiful big eyes and looking straight at the battle. In their hearts, they are the masters of crossing the river to calm the human beings. Is it so bad? Well, I didn’t try my best. Macro Nine, this guy is the third best player in the world, but now he is being played … How strong is the strength of Grace Gong? Isn’t it a fairy?
38 overbearing is now shocking! ()
Did Yang Guozhen retain his strength as Lao Du said? Of course, he hasn’t even used his thunder ability yet! However, Yang Guo believes that he has reserved himself. Of course, this is martial arts.
Lingbo Micro-step is a kind of extremely enchanting kung fu. Yang Guo is now being beaten, which means that his reality is passive beating, but even so, Macro-nine can’t stand Lingbo Micro-step has already achieved him.
More than 2,000 moves have passed, and Macro Nine can see that this little thing will not hurt a finger on it. Although his own strength is much stronger than this little thing, it will never be finished. However, Macro Nine’s six years of experience in life warfare has been rich and varied. How can he see that you don’t come out? Yang Guo has always guided him to attack and made him fight without a knife. Macro Nine doesn’t know that there are people hiding there, but he can also feel that there are three people hiding there. He guessed them through Yang Guo’s reaction.
In the battle, Macro Nine suddenly took a strange turn of the body and came to the 6-angle azimuth behind Yang Guo, which made the little dragon girl Yang Guo Macro Nine form a three-point-one potential.
Yang Guo knew that it was not good when Hongjiu came to this position. He just wanted to move instantly, but he saw that Hongjiu had already roared "Blood shadow pole!" Then split out the strongest blow in the battle.
Yang Guo induced a behind and everyone knew that if he hid this, the little dragon girl and others behind him would inevitably die with a knife. Yang Guo was angry and he wouldn’t allow anyone to do any harm to the little dragon girl! So it took a lot of moves, and the battle was officially over.
I haven’t moved much for a long time. Reddan finally started to work crazily. Yang Guo’s right fist quickly condensed several tiny lux lights. Yang Guo looked at the extremely strong "blood shadow pole" with an expression, and raised his right fist lightly and spat "Red * rushing thunder fist!"
Yang Guo can see the irony in his opponent’s eyes, but he still has that happy and sad expression.
Seeing this, all the people put their hearts into their throats, but it’s too late for such a long distance … Little Dragon Girl even fainted when she saw this scene.
The two moves finally met. There was no earth-shattering sound or fantasy. It was as strange as the visual effect. The knife and fist were still.
Yang Guo looked at his opponent’s ugly face, which gradually changed color, and smiled contemptuously, only to see that the domineering knife suddenly disappeared. With the disappearance of the knife, the "bloodthirsty blade" also had a reddish light "Hua!" A glass-shattering magic weapon "bloodthirsty blade" finally completed its final mission to stop the immortal from hitting the master, and then the blade turned into bits and pieces and fell.
Macro nine trembled and looked at the handle left in his hand. "Magic" trembled and asked a word he didn’t want to admit. "Fairy … Fairy …? Overbearing … Overbearing immortal? "
Yang Guo’s answer is equal to the default "attempt to hurt dragon son people will die! I can let you know the moves to kill you. "As the words ended, Yang Guo raised his right hand again, but this time his hand was glowing blue.
"Blue * nine flashes!" Nine blue lights flashed nine dumpling heads and landed. Yang Guo didn’t lie to Macro Nine to let him know that his nine lives were all dead. A trick of "blue * nine flashes"
Seconds! The suspense spike shocked the audience, and the little dragon girl just woke up by the old urchin, but when she saw this scene, she couldn’t stop crying.
Yang Guo looked at the naked nine-headed dumpling body and frowned. He just spit out a sentence, "Let’s tell you this corpse-destroying trick. You are also a master of a generation after all." Then he raised his right hand to a row and said, "Purple * small punishment!"

Gu Qingshan suddenly my heart moved.

"Crow, find a place to hide and wait for me," he whispered.
"I can’t believe that you can change the dragon. It’s really a cool devil." Crow was excited and disappeared in an instant.
The black dragon disappeared from the battlefield surrounded by a white mist.
Blue sea and white fog filled the air.
Soon a black dragon appeared in the fog.
The black dragon roared in pain and turned into an orange cat on the spot.
-incarnation of orange emperor!
Before absorbing magic dragon’s different "Orange Mountain", this magical power has also mutated with Gu Qingshan becoming the Lord of Sumi Mountain.
In addition to the ghost at night, Gu Qingshan, the Queen of Orange, has mastered another ability.
"drawing strength"
"You will no longer absorb soul source power from emptiness, but you will gain double soul source power by eating and devouring."
The orange cat waved its claws and the sea condensed a piece of ice and then lay down.
Just a little induction body reaction orange cat gradually relieved.
Sure enough, the Queen of Orange is good at the disappearance of the feeling of pieces before devouring power.
that’s right
The orange cat is lying on the ice, basking in the sun and squinting.
Suddenly, a line of firefly fine print appeared in vain.
"You will double the soul absorption of the orange queen."
"In addition, you are benefiting from the power of magic dragon blood to devour the mythical creature magic scale dragon."
"The Orange Emperor has super devouring power, and your process of absorbing the magic scale dragon is accelerating."
Gu Qingshan must be in his heart
My body doesn’t hurt anymore, my soul power has doubled, and my strength has been drawn faster.
The orange emperor is really quite capable!
In the virtual space, the small words of fireflies continue to appear.
"In addition to transforming the soul, the special awakening magic scale dragon now has several special abilities."
"You have two choices."
"You can choose one of these special abilities to turn yourself into a magical power."
"Second, you can use magic dragon’s power to swallow them up and replace your magic dragon blood lineage."
Magic dragon is an extremely ancient Terran super horcrux. If you choose to devour it, you will lose your magic dragon bloodline and replace it with an unknown new ability.
"Please select"
Gu Qingshan chose the first item without thinking.
Magic dragon’s bloodline can resist and kill the enemy suddenly, but it can also devour power. This ability is almost horrible
Gu Qingshan won’t give up this ability.
"You chose to acquire an avatar."

The undercurrent is turbulent. Black wing straddles Roddick and overlooks the truth gate. He is waiting for Liu Yue’s signal. Although his experience is colorful compared with ordinary people, he has never thought about such a crazy thing.

"It’s crazy to dare to do such a thing. Isn’t he afraid of being blamed by the gods?" Black wing said to himself
Roddick snorted and shook his head. It seemed that he was dissatisfied with the discussion of his master’s black wings and roared.
"All right, all right, you guy, I won’t say anything."
Suddenly, Roddick said, "That’s almost enough."
The spirit of Black Wings shook off the yew from behind, bent its bow and took an arrow and shot it toward the sky. A moment later, it came to "Peng", and the magic arrow was blessed, and ten thousand points of Venus broke out.
Master Deller sits in the temple, and dozens of church members in different clothes stand in front of him. From their faces, it can be seen that they are in a certain anxious state of mind.
"The signal is coming," gasped a young attendant who stumbled into the room.
Master Chandler’s eyes suddenly flashed a divine light and got up and said, "OK"
At the same time, all the men, women and children in the Io church are busy because they are told that the great high god Io will show miracles today and all they have to do is pray devoutly so that the high god can hear his followers.
Those church members are just going to arrange prayers. After all, there has been no such large-scale mass prayer for many years. In just a few days, they have mobilized the Ministry that can mobilize believers near the Truth Gate, with a total number of more than 5,000.
Seeing that everything was ready, master Chandler suddenly felt uneasy, but he didn’t know that the dark wings of Truth Gate were slowly spreading in an attempt to cover the whole city.
"Come on, you losers, line up."
"Get your weapons and horses ready. Come on, don’t dawdle."
Several people in castles, large and small, are busy preparing for war and can go to the battlefield at the command. Orcs and human beings have absolutely no reason to talk about the survival of the fittest. This is the law of nature.
At the same time, Lingli, who is located in the huge castle of Price’s house on the far star lake, stands in the center of the hall. Behind her, there is a monster with a head and neck as big as a python, and a half-length of two feet. Humans are similar, but the half-length is still full of thick scales, and the tail of a snake is winding around the column. It looks ferocious and terrible.
In some corners of the hall, you can still see the blood stains that have not been washed. From the pale faces of the guards outside the hall, it can be inferred that some unpleasant things happened in this castle not long ago.
"Is everything ready, Balder?"
Lingli lazy asked.
"My greatest master, please rest assured that there will be no more mistakes this time."
"Very good"
Lingli nodded, "When those stupid guys leave, you must not make a mistake in your horse’s action. If you succeed, I will definitely reward you heavily."
"It’s my pleasure to help you," Balder said with a bow.
"What should Father Price do with this?"
"I haven’t lost my family to protect them, but they are just fish out of water. Let them live a few more days."
"Got it." After Balder left the castle in high spirits, he looked at Tianchang and took a deep breath. It won’t be long before the truth gate is the great master. It’s really a natural wish, especially for those idiots in the Li Temple. I didn’t expect that they had provoked a super big trouble themselves, and even the temple was burned by people. What could be more wonderful than this news?
Just then, thunder broke out, the sun was shining, and the weather was suddenly gloomy, and a storm seemed to be brewing.
There was a cheer from the crowd near the temple of Juli. It seemed that the rain was obviously the dawn at this time, so they prayed more and more devoutly
Then a child looked up and shouted in surprise, "Look, what is that?"
People around him stared at him discontentedly, and a middle-aged woman looked up unconsciously and screamed "Oh, my God …" She fainted with excitement.
There emerged a giant, the former Titan. Compared with him, he was like a baby. He was handsome, wearing a gold shirt inlaid with all kinds of jewels, and his red coat fluttered in the wind, holding a long sword in his hand, and he looked majestic.
Lingli seems to feel something, and when she flashes, she appears outside the castle. Looking up, her face is incredible. Balder around her is already stunned.
"Impossible, this is absolutely impossible. Who will come to this terrible place in the subcontinent with nothing?" Lingli can clearly feel each other’s surging divine power. Although it seems nothing to her, it is undeniable. The worst thing is that she has never seen this god in her memory.
Yes, that root is Liu Yue’s manifestation according to the imaginary gods. I have seen many movies and TV shows in previous lives. After all, I have seen Io gods in the whole multiverse, which can be said to be rare and mortal.
What he is doing now is not physical strength, but the fact that he can maintain such a huge dharma body with the help of the faith of those 5 thousand devout believers will be surprised if his gods know it.
Not everyone can make faith. Simply speaking, it is not compensation for believers to pray to the gods. People always hope that their belief in the gods can give them back. This is also human nature. These beliefs are difficult to be mixed with various impurities and must be filtered before they can be made.
The so-called filtering is not a simple abandonment, which can solve the number of causes and effects entangled in these impurities. This is also the responsibility of the gods to pray to the gods every day, and the responsibility of the gods is to help them fulfill their wishes. Of course, the gods cannot be responsive, and the priorities depend on the gods themselves.
Liu Yuexian is tantamount to temporarily replacing Io to forcibly take those beliefs into his own body. It is absolutely impossible to do this, but no one thought that Liu Yue could do this if he hadn’t taken the Vitas deity, and I’m afraid he had been crazy and the beliefs had been overwhelmed and died.
At this time, he seems to be down a peg or two, but in fact, he is in a hurry to face the dense belief lines, and he is a little confused at the moment, just like a person suddenly receives 5 thousand words. Everyone will feel a little flustered. Liu Yue has never had this experience, and naturally he is not used to it.
Seeing that Fang sentient beings are looking at themselves, Liu Yue’s mind is white, and suddenly his heart flashes.
"At first, I created the heavens and the earth in a virtual chaos, and my spirit ran on the water in the dark."
"I said that if there is light, there will be light."

Song said with a quick smile, "Why do you think the other disciples are coming out for a party?"

Tendril is otherwise said, "The so-called ah, anyway, it won’t take long to play a few hands. Anyway, it’s good to try your hands before you leave. Some tricks are inconvenient for outsiders, even if you want to vent your own bottom against other disciples, so it’s called that everyone is involved in each other."
Although tendril is a young woman, after all, it is a name to inherit the theme of every family in the future. When everyone says that everyone is quiet, Laisong is a little scared. Is tendril so confident in Nie Xin? Don’t NieXin with lingyan gun swept all the way but have other expertise?
Although Xu Xingguo is a little suspicious, his sword tactic immersion day is much longer than Nie Xin’s, and his mood is very high. Since he said that, he immediately took over and said, "So good, then we are ready to be like Nie Shifi."
Nie Xin said easily, "Well, he took a sip of wine and put the cup firmly on the table. This just dried up the Kun bag and dug out the light Hou Jian’s rest and didn’t panic at all, which made Xu Xingguo feel angry."
To defeat Master Nie Xinjia, Uncle Shi and others, you can replace Nie Xin to try the demon tower. For practitioners who are in the spiritual period, trying the demon tower is too great for cultivation, mood and so on, and it is a rare opportunity that he can’t help but value.
Nie Xin is holding the light Hou Jian and gently stroking the blade, feeling the strong fighting spirit of the light Hou Jian. After getting familiar with it, Nie Xin has a deeper understanding of this sword. This is indeed a flying sword with strong emotions of the caster, but sometimes it is too strong. The light Hou Jian is very crazy. The bigger the scene, the better the performance of the enemy flying sword. When it comes to practicing peace, it is a pair of bad spirits. That kind of strong emotional fluctuation can affect Nie Xin’s not meeting enough interesting enemies. Nie Xin is not light Hou Jian, but the goods produced by Mohism.
But light Hou Jian’s feelings about the enemy’s strength have always been very accurate. Nie Xin felt the excitement of light Hou Jian and confirmed that Xu Xingguo is definitely a strong enemy!
【 Chapter one hundred and forty-nine Clever break 】
There is a wonderful rhythm in the double-faith and light-thunder. When the mountain scabbard is used, it gives people the feeling that man and sword are one. Nie Xin and light Hou Jian seem to be a pair of tacit friends. Finally, because of the appreciate each other tacit understanding that they are worthy of joining hands with the enemy, Xu Xingguo is very sensitive to the sword tactic.
Nie Xin is by no means a fish breast, but an enemy. No one can reach this level. The accomplishment of sword tactic is disappointing. It is sometimes more difficult to get recognition from a good flying sword than from friends and teachers.
Xu Xingguo hands column is bad "and Nie Xin played etiquette with each other. Xu Xingguo’s expression was unusually serious. He climbed up and raised his hand with a strong sword light. At this time, it was just an attempt to Nie Xin’s reaction.
Nie Xin reacted faster than he expected. He was driving a flash of light, and three flashes of light came over Xu Xingguo’s head.
Too soon! This is Xu Xingguo’s most direct reaction. He couldn’t help secretly losing his mind. He can practice the enemy’s tricks, but his speed, strength and sword tactic can be in tune, but he is solid. Nie Xin can instantly burst into such a fast speed, and his strength is more than he imagined
Xu Xingguo also prefers to thunder, a sword tactic, a recruit to roll thunder, and immediately release the body and spirit power, and instantly explode a huge spiritual force group to raise its momentum to the extreme, while Nie Xin’s three sword lights were blown by the explosive spiritual force group to the unknown place.
Both of them showed off their skills and looked at their brothers on the drunken platform. These two people are too fierce. These performances are typical but they pursue fast, powerful and explosive standard roads. But their ability to show is really impressive. Many people in Xu Xingguo Level Field know how it is possible to have fewer times of fighting practice for many years.
But Nie Xin’s level is much higher than most of them want.
Nie Xin firmly occupied a high advantage and persistently launched an attack. He almost practiced the moves of the sword tactic department again and again, and bombarded Xu Xingguo in the past. Even those tricks that he was better at defending showed a cool and dignified side in his hand. When Nie Xin tried to show the sword tactic, it seemed that a huge hot cloud rose and moved with Nie Xin’s figure. This move was really full of firm but gentle fighting spirit, which forced Xu Xingguo to show the sword tactic and Nie Xin equally. The mutual consumption of two people depends on who is more solid. As far as the drunken platform is concerned, they are not in phase, but both of them feel that the other party has caused great pressure on themselves.
Xu Xingguo’s practice years are much longer than Nie Xin’s. Nie Xin’s sword tactic seems to be arrogant. It seems to be a bit extravagant to burn spiritual energy to inspire heroic momentum, but the actual contact is like a spark of penetrating tentacles. If you have a little gap in defense, there are several strands of spiritual energy that can directly jump in. Xu Xingguo’s sword tactic likes to leave it for himself when it is smooth, so it is convenient to continue to enter the hand. In case of defeat, it is also lighter to evacuate. However, he met Nie Xin’s same trick. He almost took out the closet kung fu and tried his best to get his teeth. It’s also a trick to block Nie Xin’s pervasive strange attack. The red cloud looks awesome, but it’s only when I actually touch it that I find that the same trick of "red cloud" actually makes Nie Xin evolve into this, which makes Xu Xingguo astonish.
Family practice has been in contact with sword tactics almost from the first month of entry, from the most basic practice to breaking through the barrier in the foundation period even after the resting period. Although the family has no name of sword school, it is very strong in this respect. My brother is not talented enough to learn from the huge cultivation experience accumulated by his predecessors, and he can also gain good benefits from some of them. Those talented people can have their own explanations of many sword tactics, and find their own future development path from the simple four sets of basic sword tactics.
Although Nie Xin’s cultivation level is not high, his practice vision far exceeds Xu Xingguo’s great power. His hands have been perfectly played, but the fine control is still better than Xu Xingguo and other people who strictly abide by the unified route of the sword. Lao Yang was praised as the first person in the practice field in the past, and he has friends who can keep studying and have a deep understanding of the sword. If Lao Yang can keep cultivating the whole life in his heyday, he will not be his opponent. What he taught Nie Xin is that he is between the unified route of the sword and the sword. The actual combat school constantly seeks for changes and unexpected routes. Nie Xin’s spiritual practice and psionic control characteristics are coordinated. This kind of sword tactic tailored to Nie Xin’s spiritual nature is especially comparable to Xu Xingguo’s practice of mass production.
Nie Xin’s practice can also come to hard work. Although his seniority is not as deep as Xu Xingguo’s, he can be gifted and hard-working. After Yunmengze’s incident, he never dared to relax. He always maintained a very high level of cultivation. Nie Xin knew that he would always be in a state of fighting and killing. If he was stronger, he would have a better chance of winning. Nie Xin had almost all experienced battles before and after, and compared himself with bamboo cultivation. "The yogi never flinched. Did he sharpen his fighting experience, confidence and fighting spirit at any time by relying on the high-level yogi?" Nie Xinling’s ability to practice is much more efficient than that of Xu Xingguo, but it seems to be the same.
Nie Xinjian’s tactic is to save some tricks for others, but Xu Xingguo’s pressure on him is really great. It’s really a question whether you can resist it at the end of the day by relying on the red clouds. It’s not your strength to rely on spiritual power to consume it, but he must win this time on the spot. He must win beautifully!
The sudden change of the wind and cloud makes people feel annoyed. The spiritual force suddenly condenses from a little bit of spiritual force line. The rapid change of powerful sword light makes Xu Xingguo’s heart feel a mess. The firm but gentle face is a little loose immediately. Nie Xin took advantage of it and almost instantly broke through the red cloud. Although it is a strong defense, it is a spiritual force to carry out dynamic defense. Although the flexibility is very high, it is appropriate to deal with various situations. If there is a change, it depends on whether it is fast enough.
When Xu Xingguo saw something wrong, he left immediately. Actually, it was a spiritual shift operator’s family’s evasion of Nie Xin’s gadgets. It’s very common to take care of it when facing Nie Xin. When Xu Xingguo flashed, he saved this point. His face turned red and immediately turned around, and he rushed to castrate the position of Nie Xin. There was no hand left to attack six swords and shoot Nie Xin’s face. This is also very obvious that Xiushui must rush to thunder. This trick can only condense sword light. Nie Xin can now. There is a significant gap between sending four channels and Xu Xingguo, while the whole people can shoot more than twelve channels at the same time. Almost at the same time, they can block all the evasion angles of their opponents, forcing them to fight hard.
Xu Xingguo can’t do this, which also gives Nie Xin the opportunity to use the same trick to rush the thunder and offer four sword lights to intercept Xu Xingguo’s sword light. The fragments of firm but gentle collision are splashed all over the place. Fortunately, the drunken platform is also a spiritual brother. It’s not a big problem that the remaining two firm but gentle Nie Xin actually ignored them and let everyone be surprised that firm but gentle hit Nie Xinling’s light shield and then disappeared. "
What’s going on here? Xu Xingguo moments some trance NieXin defense achievement method incredibly strong to this point? There is no protective tactic at home, but it doesn’t prohibit our brothers from finding and exploring their own suitable techniques to compete with our brothers. No one can say anything about other sects or the protective techniques scattered outside the door.
Of course, the yogi’s reaction is extremely fast, but there is also a limit. Nie Xin knows that this must be beyond Xu Xingguo’s expectation, and he is surprised at that moment. At that moment, he shot away with another stroke of lightning, but it was around Xu Xingguo’s arc shooting four swords from four directions. The target was not a point, but scattered to make Xu Xingguo evade, which added a little difficulty. Then the red clouds appeared again around Nie Xin.
Xu Xingguo was a little confused at the moment. At this moment, what else was there in the red cloud? But for a moment, he was white. Less than a foot behind him, Nie Xin’s figure suddenly emerged. Immediately after he showed the red cloud, he made the spirit shift operator instantly and made Dan’s spirit shift operator three times in a row. Did he just flicker to avoid the flaw of that catty? Rushed in "at that time Xu Xingguo Bai Niexin this rush ray four sword light placement accuracy to such an extent that he is good! Well, if you don’t want to fight hard, it’s the most reasonable to avoid it, so there will inevitably be that flaw. "
Xu Xingguo dispersed the protective light with a sigh. "Don’t say that there is no difference between strength and Nie Xin to a certain extent. I’m afraid this trick alone can make him cling to all his brothers and watch those people’s hearts cool and cool." How should we hide this trick? Nie Xin revealed the change of Ben Lei’s trick, and there must be other tricks hidden.
Nie Xin smiled and put away the achievement method and said simply, "Brother accepted."
Xu Xingguo shook his head and said awkwardly, "If you lose, you lose." You deserve this test.
Nie confidence head cold hum this test is to read the life he won’t want to discuss with others who is more suitable for it. He simply said, "It’s just two people’s fur trail against the enemy. It’s not a practical trick. Xu Xingguo nodded. Nie Xin is right. This trick is that when two people fight against competitive cattle, there is still a little change of occasion, or he knows that this move will naturally not be a threat, but Nie Xin is famous for fighting." That’s not true. In actual combat, he will still stick to the sword tactic. Xu Xingguo can hear Nie Xin’s simple sentence, but it is really new.
"You’d better treat me like a classmate, or you’ll get more than one bargained for if you cross that line."
【 Chapter one hundred and fifty home 】
It’s not too smart to beat Xu Xingguo Cang Niu with Nie Xin’s pure sword tactic. Without such strength, what are you going to do to refine the demon tower?
Although this kind of trial must take into account everyone’s level, since it is to let young brothers in the rest period enter the middle school, it is definitely not to let them die, but it is definitely not the place to fight small monsters and upgrade.
Generally speaking, it is more and more dangerous to enter the demon refining tower now. Although every time the demon refining tower is released, a large number of spirit beasts will be removed and added. Those who have grown up for 60 years will not be particularly severe. But what about those spirit beasts and monsters that have been in the demon refining tower since they were created? Those resourceful and cunning monsters hide in it to recuperate and constantly improve their strength. Sixty people enter the demon refining tower at a time, and 37 people finally come out, which is the lowest record in history. Although all factions say whether to send a group of absolute experts into the demon refining tower to clean it up, it will occupy the places of young brothers, that is, they can enter so many places every time, and it will die if they discuss it.
Since Shushan is the leader of Chinese spiritual practice, I don’t want other brothers. The number of accidents in Shushan boundary is small. Fortunately, once the number is large, it is really necessary for others to keep a knot in their hearts. This time, the quota is allocated to those who are strong enough. After the big sects are divided up, there are still six places to maneuver Nie Xinzhan. I am afraid there are still a lot of troubles when I get to the land of Shushan. It is very good to play a few games in Nie Xin spiritual practice, whether it is Sanqing Sword Sect, Shushan or Huainan Zhangjia, Jiuyintang, Mohist castle will help him, but after all, it’s better not to fake hands. Nie Xin has sufficient strength, especially the sword tactic attainments are profound. It’s better to suppress opponents without relying on the phlogistic gun. It’s better to think about Nie Xin’s problem. The whole people called the vine and still have to entrust it before leaving
Seeing the whole life with a worried face and laughing, he said with relief, "Father, what are you worried about?" Not a lot of good news recently. "
The whole people slightly Zhan Yan said, "Nie Xin’s level is better than I thought. Many people in the home are finished."
Tendril eyebrows lifted up and said, "How can you have nothing to say? They always have a reason. If Nie Xin loses, he is naturally less skilled than others. Now he has won, and some people say that he has a short training period. He might as well wait for another session. Hum, Xu Xingguo didn’t say anything himself.
"Although Xu Xingguo is arrogant, this guy is also a simple person, and he doesn’t bend around much." The whole life pinched a wisp of Hu and mused, "Is that idiot saying that if you wait for another session?"
"My cousin Zhu Di" is the same. "If the door crane said such a thing directly, it would have been killed by Master for sixty years, even if a yogi could have several sixty years."
Tendril sneered and said, "Father, you are too vertical to them."
The whole people said from the ground, "It’s almost over. I can’t drag my home like this. It’s too much loss. I was afraid that after some tossing, my vitality would be too great, but now I’m afraid I can’t take care of it. They are all ready to give me a hand, hum."
Tendril frightened hurriedly asked "what? Not? "
The whole people waved and said, "How many can I kill?"? Don’t worry about this, but it’s also because Nie Xin has made great progress with us because he is now nine-due-to-church, Sanqing Sword School, etc. In addition, even without several mineral revenues, I asked Nie Xin to lean on him for a tight day, which would be even more serious for those industries in the secular world. Let’s sort it out slowly later. "
Man’s heart moved and said, "Why don’t you give me those secular industries to play with?"
After thinking for a while, the whole people frowned and said, "It’s ok, but there will be a long time when they can’t make money. It’s all because my brother has placed his brother. And in recent years, this part has not lost money, but the bottom has been almost paid out. God knows where so much money has been spent by them."
Man wanted to say, "It’s not surprising that it’s always expensive to make friends with people from all walks of life."
What tendril thinks is that Nie Xin’s industry has been built by him with one hand and one foot. The family is not big, or it is still with zhang yi guns. What Mo Xiang and his father think is that if we can help Nie Xin to help the family support the past, otherwise there will be a big gap in the daily consumption to support the operation of a large family, but this mouth can not only be for Nie Xin, but also for all my brothers. It can threaten personal development and sacrifice the family. The Six Classics of the Fierce State are out of fashion, but Man also knows that Nie Xin will definitely promise to Nie Xin without hesitation, and there are more and more Lingshi and other resources in his hand. He pursues the other side.
"Father Nie Xin has a lot of friends in the secular world who manage it very well. I think if we want to be able to fully receive those secular industries, we might as well move from the secular world to trusted strangers. It is not easy to attract attention, even if it is a loss … Hehe, it is just a procedure." Man said his thoughts. "I will go and tell Nie Xin to let him lend a batch of Lingshi in his hand to his father. He has nine orders in hand, and all kinds of orders for spell printers have a total income of nearly 20 million Lingshi. It shouldn’t be a problem to lend you one million to ten million except for the daily needs. I think it’s enough to maintain the daily operation of the family, and those secular industries are handed over to me. Nie Xin has been operating for 30 years to offset the loan of three million Lingshi, and we will discuss the rest. "
When tendril said this, it was white. He smiled and said, "I’ll leave it to you to handle this properly. I didn’t expect Nie Xin to have so much money, which solved the big problem."
Man smiled and said, "Our family is not poor, but it’s just that your father is not good at business."
The whole people sighed and said, "Yes, it’s good to have you after these things."
"It’s father." Man promised to come.
The problem with the family was originally caused by business affairs. Although the whole family is the master, the number of people in his family is small, and they are all well-known for their high talent in practicing and entering the country quickly. They can be connected with himself and his core brother, and so on. There are no more than ten brothers, Keansheng and Xusheng, who are so numerous that they are self-contained. Because the whole family is obsessed with practicing and not good at business, they are given full hands and feet.
It was more than ten years ago that I found out that the situation was wrong. I suddenly found that my brother’s home industry was not good enough for others to know him. I didn’t feel at ease that my brother would have his own ideas when he ran the secular industry. But later I found out that things made him stunned. As Ci Sheng Xusheng said, due to the unsatisfactory changes in the secular world, some of them were quietly accumulated by them, and a large part of them were secretly given to themselves to practice, while others quietly flowed into a place called Cangli Villa.
What is the origin of Cangli Mountain Villa? It is an indisputable fact that the family is constantly losing blood. When the people tried to reverse this situation, they tried to rectify the industry through various means, but gradually this rectification could not be carried out. As soon as it became a direct struggle between the two factions of the family, both of them were not good at dealing with this situation. Only then did they miss their lives and stay away from home, but it took them an unknown amount of effort to sort out their family situation before they were ready to start work. However, in the past ten years, the people have been keeping a low profile and maintained the unity of the family.
People never thought that the other party had actually noticed something and used such extreme means to needle themselves. Why are they all their brothers? But they actually want to set up a trap to kill themselves!
"It’s better if you go to the devil’s refining tower and come out, as if things have come to an end after all." The people said simply, "Is everything okay in your place?"
Tendril dare not tell my father what they have to go to the top floor of the devil tower, and smiled and said, "It’s okay. I’ve been preparing for it all the time. It’s just that there are too many things to lead this time. It’s a little cumbersome, but there’s no way to be on the safe side. Besides, there are people with zhang yi Gun, Mo Xiang and Shang Xuefan. I don’t know if I’ll go this time. Otherwise, it should be very safe with him."
Someone in this demon tower has to dare to provoke us. "
Tendril spoke confidently, but she was careful not to show her real worry, and that whole life also consider other things and didn’t notice that strange look in her daughter’s expression.
【 Chapter one hundred and fifty-one The Secret of the Demon Tower 】
"The whole life is good, Nie Xin Xiaoyou, can you not believe it in Qingjiang River? Er Gang’s voice overflowed the whole Zha Xiao Jia Villa so that everyone could hear it clearly.
The whole people and Nie Xin immediately set up flying swords and greeted them in the middle.
"Haha, don’t bother?" Jiang don’t believe and the whole yi after greeting affectionately patted NieXin shoulder.
"How good is it that the seniors can come here? How can it be disturbed?" Nie Xin said with a smile
Jiang unbelievers said, "I promised to send you to Shushan this time to fulfill the contract." Jiang unbelievers are like this. The situation is very different from that at that time.
Nie Xin is now a hot topic in the whole Chinese practice circle. The new yogi has practice, friends, backers and potential, and he has to add money. "This new person is completely different from the little fellow who followed Niansheng in practice when he was down and out. Don’t say that at that time, everyone should give him a place to enter the devil tower. Even if he didn’t want this mouth with his influence at that time, several families might work together to help him fight for one temporarily.
Jiang doesn’t believe in fulfilling the contract because of his personality. He doesn’t even believe that there will be any changes in it. So what if others don’t like it? Don’t say that Nie Xin has a good fighting power. Even if he can’t fight, isn’t it enough to stand up by himself?

Zhu Yinzhen doesn’t believe Shen Menglu’s nonsense at all! He Shen Menglu knows that the East Palace is right and wrong now, and they have moved into the East Palace to repair it, but they have nothing to do with it, and even if they want to repair it, they are not in a hurry.

Shen Menglu will deliberately choose this time to go to the East Palace, which is definitely not a rush to repair it! What is the specific reason? When he returns to Muwangfu, he will have a good interrogation!
Shen Menglu looked at Zhu Yinzhen’s turbulent eyes and left the pie mouth to find an excuse. Confess leniently and resist severely! Forget it, she’d better think about how to make some man who ate gunpowder put out the fire!
Zhu Yinzhen held Shen Menglu all the way back to Mu Wangfu, but she didn’t return to Yue Dream Palace. Instead, she took her straight to the hot spring and stripped her of her clothes. She gently put her in the pool and jumped into the pool naked herself.
What happened? Shen Menglu was a little embarrassed and ashamed. She blushed with her hands around her chest and looked at Zhu Yinzhen constantly approaching herself. "Shiro, what are you doing?"
Since she was pregnant, Zhu Yinzhen hasn’t been intimate with her. Although she sleeps with Lin every day, the two of them have always followed the rules and slept in each other’s arms. It’s been a long time since Shen Menglu could not help but feel a little nervous and stepped back involuntarily.
This Zhu Yinzhen isn’t suddenly angry with the beast’s surname, is it? Shen Menglu’s heart is like thunder.
"I want to have a good check!" Different from Shen Menglu’s beautiful fantasy, Zhu Yinzhen has an idea in his heart that he should have a good look at Zhu Yinpleat for disrespect to Shen Menglu.
Zhu Yinzhe once defiantly challenged Zhu Yinzhen that if Shen Menglu fell into his hands, he would definitely hurt her.
Zhu Yinzhen is not unaware that Zhu Yinzhen also knows that Zhu Yinzhen has coveted Shen Menglu, so Zhu Yinzhen is really afraid that Zhu Yinzhen will do something to Shen Menglu.
Even if this is his worry, Zhu Yinzhen is worried that there will be physical conflicts when Shen Menglu confronts Zhu Yinpleat head-on. He knows Shen Menglu too well and knows that she is not losing or bowing her head. This way, women are often the most likely to provoke men’s desires, but physical differences are doomed to women always suffer.
"Don’t run!" See Shen Menglu turned to run Zhu Yinzhen a hugged her like a stream across two people can’t help but shudder.
"Four … Shiro … you … you want to … what do you want to check?" Shen Menglu stammered that her back was against Zhu Yinzhen’s strong chest. The familiar touch made her ears red and made her shy. But the place covered by Zhu Yinzhen’s big palm happened to be …
The soft body and the familiar fragrance made Zhu Yinzhen dizzy. The original heart was replaced by a spirit, and Zhu Yinzhen’s breathing became heavy.
"Shiro … what are you doing?" See Zhu Yinzhen didn’t answer Shen Menglu. She twisted her body uneasily in an attempt to break away from his muzzle. Although she is husband and wife, such a long-lost fit still makes Shen Menglu very shy.
Shen Menglu’s struggle for refusal seems to have started a certain machine. Zhu Yinzhen was stiff and bad. He overestimated his endurance.
Zhu Yinzhen looked down and saw Shen Menglu’s swollen abdomen and swallowed hard to force himself to calm down. He slightly pulled Shen Menglu’s distance and sent her to the edge of the pool to answer calmly, "Let me see if you are injured."
Injured? Shen Menglu some leng Zhu Yinzhen exactly want to?
"Mother, don’t move!" Zhu Yinzhen let Shen Menglu stick to the pool and dive into the water to check it carefully.
Shen Menglu’s perfect body is exposed in a glance. Zhu Yinzhen’s eyes have changed after a period of nursed back to health and pregnancy. Shen Menglu is a little more charming than before, and Zhu Yinzhen is thirsty. Only self-control can keep himself calm.
She swelled her lower abdomen, which damaged her beauty, but added a little holy brilliance. This is his mother, and their children are pregnant in her belly. At this moment, Zhu Yinzhen longed to be moved and replaced herself. Zhu Yinzhen kissed Shen Menglu’s smooth lower abdomen involuntarily.
The sudden movement of Zhu Yinzhen made Shen Menglu’s legs and feet soft and almost slipped. She has been waiting nervously for Zhu Yinzhen to move. She didn’t trust Zhu Yinzhen’s so-called inspection at all when it was his excuse.
Shen Menglu knew what Zhu Yinzhen would do, and she was vaguely looking forward to it, but she never thought that Zhu Yinzhen would kiss her belly.
Shen Menglu’s body shook, and Zhu Yinzhen was scared out in a cold sweat. He quickly hugged Shen Menglu’s side and firmly held her. "Be careful!"
Once again, the intimate contact between them made them tremble again.
Shen Menglu felt that Zhu Yinzhen’s fiery palm was like a red-hot soldering iron, which burned her waist and abdomen and her heart.
At this moment, Zhu Yinzhen is free to feel the reverie, and anxiously looks at Shen Menglu. "Did Mom fall somewhere?"
Shen Menglu blushed and glanced away from Zhu Yinzhen’s examination. "I’m fine. Let me go!" She’s really okay. She didn’t get hurt or fall, but Zhu Yinzhen can’t guarantee that she will be okay if she continues to hold it in the water like this.
The hot spring water temperature is very pleasant, but the heat brought by Zhu Yinzhen is too high, which makes Shen Menglu have the illusion of being in 90 degrees boiling water. If she goes like this, Shen Menglu doubts that her belly will become a boiled egg!
Zhu Yinzhen also noticed Shen Menglu’s unusual red face and body temperature. Shen Menglu’s eyebrows are shy and spring is very attractive. Zhu Yinzhen is a little drunk at this time.
"Mom, you are so beautiful." Zhu Yinzhen murmured a word and slowly bowed his head toward Shen Menglu.
Shen Menglu’s mind is warm and familiar, but it is still so thrilling to feel that Zhu Yinzhen kissed seriously, but Shen Menglu responded to the distraction because she suddenly felt two little mischief in her stomach.
One or two little guys seemed to protest against the closeness of their parents.
Finally, Zhu Yinzhen snaked to the time when Shen Menglu panted and held his head. "Wait a minute!"
"What’s the matter, mother?" Zhu Yinzhen raised her scarlet eyes and looked at Shen Menglu with blurred eyes. A spark can start a prairie fire. At this moment, Zhu Yinzhen wants to review her lessons with his little mother.
Zhu Yinzhen’s eyes are depressed. Shen Menglu certainly understands, but now it is not the time to try. Proper love in the second trimester does not affect the fetus in the womb, but it must be the cooperation of the baby before.
Now the two little guys take turns boxing. The only thing Shen Menglu wants to do is to lie down and calm down. Although she feels sorry for Zhu Yinzhen, Shen Menglu can still refuse his demands.
"The little guys protested!" Shen Menglu pulled Zhu Yinzhen’s hand and put it on his abdomen to let him feel the activity of the little guys.
Irregular ups and downs of palms encouraged Zhu Yinzhen to be intrigued and then changed his face, and his original dyed eyes suddenly recovered.
"Mom, what happened to them?" Zhu Yinzhen was very nervous. He had previously felt that the fetal movement was soft, just like scratching his boots. But this time, the strength of the little guys seemed to rush out of Shen Menglu’s belly, which made Zhu Yinzhen a little flustered.
"Don’t worry about them!" Shen Menglu blushed slightly to appease Zhu Yinzhen. She didn’t have the nerve to tell Zhu Yinzhen that this was because her physiological reaction made the fetus feel uncomfortable. "You can help me to lie down for a while."
"good!" Zhu Yinzhen didn’t dare to dawdle any longer, so she stepped out of the pool with Shen Menglu in her arms and carefully put her aside to rest on the bench and covered her with a blanket tenderly.
Shen Menglu closed her eyes and catnap for a long time before the little guys in her belly finally stopped banging.
Zhu Yinzhen’s palm has been sticking to Shen Menglu’s abdomen. The little guys were as nervous as Sun Monkey, but he was even more nervous when his palm stopped beating.
"Niang … niang what they don’t move? "Zhu Yinzhen’s tight voice betrayed him unabashedly. Are they nervous?
Shen Menglu opened his eyes and looked at Zhu Yinzhen, whose lips were white with nervousness. He couldn’t help laughing. "Don’t be nervous. They are tired and go to bed."
Tired of going to bed? Zhu Yinzhen stared blankly at Shen Menglu’s abdomen for a long time before he seemed to drown in hng, and sighed at Shen Menglu’s abdomen as if nai, "What a naughty boy!"

"You already know this senior. Does that mean you have promised?" Gao Chen asked. This time is not the time to pay attention to why they have such a strange smile.

"Ah, since you said you wouldn’t go without your mentor, I wouldn’t go without violating the rules of our science of uniting the world." Suddenly Ouyang Changchu’s face changed and it seemed a pity to look at Gao Chen with a face of regret.
"…" Gao Chen surprised Zhang Zhangzui didn’t say anything. After a while, he said, "In this case, I think I’d better go to the cultivation world with Uncle Bian Qianhao."
After that, he turned and walked outside, but just turned around and didn’t walk a few steps. Ouyang Chang Hatsune Hatsune remembered, "What did you say about going to the cultivation world with Bian Qianhao? Did that guy Bian Qianhao look for you?"
"Yes, he said that if the dean didn’t speed up a little, he would have equipped me to take me to their master. By the way, he also said that I ate too many impurities every day, which was bad for my later practice, and gave me a bottle of what’s called Baigudan." When I saw Ouyang Chang’s first appearance, Gao Chen was secretly happy, and then he said with a face of nai expression.
"I actually gave you all the Baigudan. It seems that this little one is really ready to poach. Why?" See Gao Chen hand BianQianHao give him the bottle ouyang long face a ghost mouth way
"Well, stop it. I’ll give you two places. You told me you wanted to call someone, but if you call someone a waste, you might as well stay in the world of uniting and be happy. At that time, you didn’t help him but hurt him. Are you white?" Ouyang Changchu asked with a serious face.
"Of course I know this is this. Can you give me more places?" Gao Chen was a little embarrassed and asked.
"What gives you a few more places and five more places for the emperor? What does the emperor think of you if he gives you a few more places?" This time Ye Tianzheng rob like Gao Chen asked.
"Well, didn’t you give the emperor five places, or how about giving me four? Don’t you think this way, the emperor has one more place than me? So he still has the status of emperor and gave me four places, which just finished my importance and it was good for me, but it didn’t do much harm." Gao Chen thought for a moment and then said
"What do you mean by four places?" Ye Tianzheng blowing hu mouth asked.
"Dean, you know that it was better when I didn’t practice martial arts and magic before our gaos thought was embarrassing, but now I not only practiced martial arts, but it seems that my talent is not bad, which is bad for my gaos thought. I want these four places to be a solution to my gaos thought. Doesn’t Dean want to help me?" Looked at Ye Tianzheng Gao Chen a face of serious mouth asked.
"You can actually see that your gaos thought is in an awkward position?" Ye Tianzheng asked with a face of surprise. It’s not like he knew Gao Chen.
"I have long understood what I chose to learn literature and abandon Wu" Gao Chen said with a face of serious self-mockery and dim tone
It’s true that Gao Chen said this. In this world, when Gao Chen was a child, he had seen Gao Jianfeng go to the battlefield, and hundreds of thousands of soldiers were quietly waiting for the scene in the tinker. Obviously, this is an elite teacher. When Gao Jianfeng went on stage in the sky, the soldiers cheered and greeted him with a gesture. This cheering sound was very regular, as if it had been rehearsed for thousands of times, and these soldiers’ faces were not cheering and excited …
If so, it can be said that the quality of this army is very high. After the emperor finished speaking, there was a very regular palm again. When the emperor your legend handed it over to Gao Jianfeng, the whole scene sounded like a deafening sound. Everyone’s face lost the slightest bit. Zhuang Su applauded and shouted wildly!
The wind and the sky frowned and wanted them to stop, but failed several times, and Gao Jianfeng pressed his hand for two times. The whole scene was quiet and awe-inspiring. Maybe Gao Jianfeng didn’t have the idea to see the wind and the sky. At this time, everyone’s attention was focused on Gao Jianfeng.
But at that time, there was a five-year-old Gao Chen who looked at the windy day. At that time, the look in Gao Jianfeng’s eyes was deeply branded with Gao Chen’s young psychology. In his dream, Gao Chen was awakened by the wind. When he saw Gong Gao Zhen’s main words, he understood what it was like at that time!
"What, you have long been white, and this is the reason why you abandoned Wu Xuewen?" At this time, Ye Tian was really shocked, and his face was incredible. He asked how old Gao Chen was when he said he hated martial arts and magic and wanted to learn literature.
Gao Chen didn’t say what is nodded.
"Then what are you practicing martial arts now?" Ye Tianzheng mouth asked
"Actually, Gao Chen was dead before, and his death made me understand the world. I Gao Chen will always be a Gao family, even if I don’t learn a little martial arts, but I can’t live quietly if I’m not stupid. After I die, I want to live quietly and protect the Gao family. What I want to do is not to reassure the emperor, but to make him afraid to start work!" Gao Chen’s face is firm, which is far more firm than saying that God stops killing God!
Chapter 70 When the last day students
Get four places in Ouyang Changchu Gao Chen hummed a tune and was happy to get back to his yard. This way, people who saw Gao Chen didn’t feel like a ghost. In everyone’s eyes, Gao Chen was a person who came and went in a hurry. He seemed to have a practice to eat! If Gao Chen knew that he was busy practicing and was in a hurry every day, he left such an impression on others. I don’t know what Gao Chen would think!
With four places, how can Gao Chen not share such good news with the people he likes? This is the most important thing, and such good news can’t be shared with him.
Gao Chen didn’t know it was Ye Tianzheng who sighed after he left. "It’s really not that small that I saw through this monarch and his subjects at that time."
"Before, he didn’t like to practice martial arts. Today, he realized that he had long seen that their Gao family was embarrassed. It seems that this is not an amazing talent for cultivation!" Gary is also a face of regrets mouth way
"Oh, what’s wrong with the Gaos? Isn’t Gao Jianfeng a general of the bonfire empire to protect the country? Is this a high weight and what’s wrong with it?" The bonfire empire should not be said to be not very familiar with the secular Ouyang Chang asked at the beginning.
"So that’s it. Gao Chen’s future is limitless." After listening to Gary telling the Gaos about the recent situation in Ouyang Changchu, he also sighed. Yes, at that time, Gao Chen was only a few years old. Isn’t it amazing that a child of a few years old could see things so thoroughly? !
"Sister, now you can rest assured that you can also go to the science of uniting with me. I told you that we won’t divide." Just after returning to the yard, Gao Chen was excited to present a treasure to Wang Yujie.
"What did you say? They promised to give you a quota." Wang Yujie asked with surprise when Gao Chen finished her words. What is more attractive to the practitioners than the practitioners? Of course, she also doesn’t want to share with Gao Chen.
"Haha, where is a quota? This is a full four quotas." Gao Chenxin said.
"What four places that the emperor doesn’t have a place?" Wang Yujie face incredible mouth way
"This is not true. They just left four places for me. Old Ouyang can take ten people to practice the world emperor at a time. Where are the five I have here? Four plus me is just ten." Gao Chen explained.
"What do you mean, I left four places for you?" Wang Yujie asked puzzled.
"It’s not easy. They also know that I won’t go to any practice field alone. Of course, I have to bring a, er, someone to the class. What should I do if I miss you?" Shi Gaochen wanted to say it as a joke in his previous life, but he couldn’t bring a day. Suddenly, I felt that it was not good to say so.
"It’s true that the emperor may be unhappy if he hears this," Wang Yujie said with a little concern.
"Of course he won’t be happy. If you want him to be happy, I won’t be happy." Gao Chen said that this is a strong emperor, but he is not the highest power! Of course, I dare not say such things in ancient Gao Chen’s past lives.
Although it wasn’t very white, Wang Yujie didn’t ask again. Two people chatted together for a long time and gave up Wang Yujie. This is the longest and most relaxing time for two people to chat! After Wang Yujie left, Gao Chen played and the ward training continued …
Now Gao Chen has a hundred more Baigudan, and one is more advanced than Baigudan, which can last for a month! Although this can’t last long, it’s better than nothing. When I left, Gao Chen said to Ouyang Changchu, "Uncle Bian Qianhao, Ouyang’s predecessor, said that I had better not eat worldly things from now on, so he gave me a bottle of Baigudan. He said that this bottle can control the energy consumption in one day, but how can I feel that it can be controlled for less than an hour?"
"What, he even gave you Baigudan? Are you kidding that one can take care of you for less than an hour?" Ouyang changchu asked if he didn’t believe it.
"Yeah, he just gave me one hundred yesterday, but look how many are left now." He said, and handed the bottle of Baigudan to Ouyang Changchu.
"There are still more than 30 missing?" Looking at the bottle in front of me, Ouyang Changchu can’t believe it. It is said that this hundred grains of Dan can only be refined into one. It can be seen that there is a lot of energy in it. The average person who eats this one may be suffocated. It may be like compressed food. Eating too much will kill people.
"Yes, anyway, I feel that this one won’t last long. Do you think you can give me some Baigudan, too?" Gao Chen looked at Ouyang Changchu and asked with expectation.
"Since he Bian Qianhao can give it to you, wouldn’t it be stingy if I didn’t give it to you? This is one hundred white gudan. You can take it." Then he also took out a small bottle and gave it to Gao Chen.
"Why are you not satisfied?" Although Gao Chen took the bottle and saw him with a face that was not very happy, Ouyang Chang asked at the beginning.

I doubt that this time it is a large-scale move of the magic gate that can be destroyed. It’s best not to destroy it. I don’t want everyone to work hard. If we encounter a stronger enemy this time, we will flee from Leitian and tell the situation first, so that the chaotic tigers can fight in a big array and expose the entrance to the cave.

There is a black hole in the swamp, and the hole is surrounded by purple breath. A piece of metal has been thrown from Leitian to be quickly dissolved into a pile of slag.
Leitian to Jiang Yu corridor, you two hide in the colorful clouds and watch outside.
Jiang Yulou also knows that his strength is slightly insufficient when he enters the magic gate abode of fairies and immortals this time.
The chaotic tiger didn’t say anything. Quiet took a Zhang Yufu and imposed a magic spell on himself. After the jade operator hit him, the pale white cassock on his body surface added a layer of colorful light.
Leitian also released a chaotic charm ShaQi to himself, wrapped his body and walked into this black cave first.
The cave side is a large array of barriers outside the entrance of the cave house.
Leitian Shaqi can’t destroy a large array. Leitian simply lost ten pieces of land chaos. The tiger looks distressed at the back. The power of this land chaos may not damage the law. It’s really one.
Ten pieces of chaotic runes, which have been broken, have been slowly eroded by Shaqi, and stopped running. If you finish the large array Leitian, you dare not come in. This kind of chaotic runes, which have been everywhere, are all falling apart.
The array body is to extract the power of heaven and earth and cut off the root of power. How wonderful the array body is, it can also trap the gas refiner.
Leitian chaotic tigers entered this abode of fairies and immortals in tandem, but behind them, Shi Zhuqun, Jiang Yulou, Ning Ying saw a figure suddenly appear. This is a man with a blue face and a layer of soft armor’s hands with a wooden stick.
Jiang Yulou heart in a surprised this person strength far exceeds just a few magic door refined gas turned out to be a fairy.
He stepped back and hid her in the stone pillar.
When the fairy came to the stone pillar, she saw a group of peaks filled with smoke.
He sneered that when he raised his hand, the wooden staff in his hand hit the force in front of him, and the earth cracked a crack several tens of feet wide and several tens of feet deep. The crack was slowly closed and the chaos was still trying to repair it.
How did the fairy fairy array repair his wooden staff and put a black light on the top? The crack suddenly expanded again, revealing the face of two people, Ning Ying, Jiang Yulou, a pillar of large array phase.
How did these magic men get in Jiang Yulou and Ning Ying felt incredible.
The magic door fairy saw two alchemists in the large array with a frown. He didn’t see his companion Jiang Yulou’s battlefield clean and left no traces of fighting.
It’s hard to leave any clues in this swamp
Seeing the murderous look in the eyes of the magic door refining gas man, Jiang Yulou shivered in his heart, and all the clouds around him solidified. He grabbed Ningying and jumped into the entrance of the abode of fairies and immortals.
Can’t keep this fairy’s strength is outrageous.
If he is an ordinary fake fairy, he can still fight against Ningying, which is a little stronger, and it is profitable to fight against the enemy. Now the enemy is a fairy with a powerful fairy. If you don’t check both of them, you will die, and your soul will escape.
The magic door fairy saw the two men turn and run away and followed them into the cave.
The large array has long been destroyed by Leitian, and now dozens of forks are distributed in a vast Zhongjiang Yulou. I can’t get rid of my breath in a hurry. The magic door fairy took one look and chased it along the leftmost fork.
According to ordinary thinking, few people will choose this road. When encountering many forks in the road, tracking people is often considered from the right.
Brother Qingcheng’s mastery of this kind of heart is because the enemy’s strength is too strong to see the leftmost cave at a glance and leave a breath.
This magic door fairy speed is not fast. He chased it forward for more than a mile and now there are dozens of forks in the road again. This time he hesitated.
Because of the location of this fork in the road, three different smells are left at the entrances of the three passages respectively.
There was a strong bloody smell at the entrance of one of them. He hesitated slightly or followed the most familiar smell. It was Jiang Yulou who fled to the cave.
Jiang Yulou fled for several miles before he remembered that it was too late to release the charm of the earth demon. The fairy chose the two of them and stopped hesitating to catch up.