Words just say that finish see Ye Tianzheng a wave of his hand very Zhu Liang together a few people with weapons fell to the blood gushing out, but a few people didn’t say anything is busy with the other hand will hold the brokeback.

"Go now" and hear Ye Tianzheng’s words. A few people are busy in the ring.
The whole challenge is now two people, one corpse and four hands. At this time, Gao Chen has been silent with his head down, but in his heart, he wants to know how Ye Tian cut four people’s arms. What kind of ending would it be if he faced this recruit himself?
"Now the result of the game is pronounced" and others went to the referee’s mouth directly opposite Houyetian …
"Yes, Dean, I now announce the winner of this duel, Gao Jia Gao Chen." Just after he finished his words, Gao Chen’s ear came to show the sound.
Ding completion level plus one purple snail was found. Ruler was found.
Ding, congratulations on your upgrade
Ding level reached 31. Understand skills. Hell, Lei Guang!
Finally, I finished another one. Didn’t I say that the winner had a mysterious gift? I didn’t know what kind of surprise it would be. It was dark when I thought of it. Of course, he knew that the gift was definitely not for himself.
"Emperor, didn’t you say that the second winner will get you a mysterious gift? Now the duel result has come out. Do you think it’s possible to send the gift out?" Just after Gao Chen’s thought, Ye Tianzheng suddenly looked at the typhoon.
"Oh, yes, yes, yes, I said that the winner of the duel will have a mysterious gift. Since Gao Chen also won the duel, I am very pleased. Listen to me, this mysterious gift is that you will directly assume the regiment rank after graduation! You can be willing to "although very reluctant, but can you go back on your word, especially Ye Tianzheng. It is not a wise thing to go back on your word before such a strong man.
"Yes, of course, I am willing to thank the Lord Long En and wish my emperor long live long live long live". I didn’t expect this mysterious gift to be a regimental position. Isn’t that to say that another one can be finished directly? It’s natural to listen to a few minutes of past lives and ancient times. Long live! Just shout it out.
"Have a good long live Gao Chen. I am very optimistic about you. I seem to be able to see that China will add another valiant soldier in the near future." Although I can’t wait to tear up Gao Chen in my heart, the surface is windy and replied with a smile!
Chapter sixty-five The circle of cultivation
Now, the most important thing for Gao Chen is to practice his pushing speed to ten times per second to get the God-level gale suit. After the duel, he wants to turn around and go back to practice. However, he is called to the dean’s office by Ye Tianzheng.
"Gao Chen, do you know what I called you here for?" Gao Chen, the dean’s office, found that there was a good man in the dean’s office. This man’s faint power was even stronger than Ye Tianzheng’s. Gao Chen was very shocked by the information he got from a reconnaissance technique he had never seen before.
Name Ouyang Changchu Grade 79 ………..
Level 79 is actually a level 79 strong Ye Tianzheng is only level 75, and in the sight of this man named Ouyang Changchu, level 79 is not to say that the whole bonfire empire has Ye Tianzheng, a level 7 strong Yao Gao Chen shocked the middle of the day and walked over and asked.
"This little don’t know also please dean’s adult said" Gao Chen busy is respectful way.
"Your cultivation speed is very good. Now it should be a third-order star, but your strength is far from it. Of course, I called you here today not to ask your privacy. I am introducing you to a person, my brother Ouyang Chang, a seventh-order nine planets fighter." Ye Tianzheng looked at Ouyang Chang’s mouth and said.
"Xiao Gaochen has seen his elders." Gao Chen Zheng pretended to be surprised. It is necessary to give enough respect to Ouyang Changchu for such a strong Gao Chen.
"Yes, judging from your revision of Stormrage, you have a high talent. I wonder if you are interested in practicing more advanced fighting skills such as day order!" Ouyang Chang smiled at the first day and spoke a word that shocked Gao Chen.
"day order’s fighting skill is day order’s fighting skill?" Gao Chen asked with a face of disbelief that he was practicing Stormwind and Longyin. These all belong to the Xuan level. This is a far cry from day order and there is no day order achievement method in the world. This has to shock Gao Chen.
"Yes, it’s true that day order’s fighting skill is not unfair. day order’s fighting skill is the root of ordinary people, so you can’t practice day order’s fighting skill, and I think you should be able to practice your white?" Ouyang Changchu still looked at Gao Chen with a smile on his face and said that he was not surprised at Gao Chen’s shocked expression.
"Didn’t you say that day order’s fighting skills are only available in the field of cultivation? Are you?" Gao Chen muttered something that suddenly occurred to him and looked at Ouyang Changchu in surprise again.
"The world of cultivation is good. Our master’s place is called the world of cultivation by the secular world." Ouyang Changchu said.
"Your master dean brother? Is the dean also? " Gao Chen looked at Ye Tianzheng mouth asked.
"Of course, didn’t you hear me call him brother? Don’t be too surprised to tell you a message. Our legacy is ordinary. There are ten thousand younger brothers like us." Ye Tianzheng slowly spoke a heavy news that made Gao Chen feel even more unbelievable. If he knew that the seventh-order Ye Tianzheng legacy was really a younger brother, he didn’t know what it would be like!
"Ten thousand ordinary brothers" Ye Tianzheng Ouyang Changchu looked at Gao Chen quietly without talking, which obviously made Gao Chen digest. After all, such news was too shocking for a secular person, but suddenly Gao Chen asked questions and left them both scratching their heads.
"Are those brothers very different from you? For example, they won’t die. Er, sometimes they suddenly lose a star power class?" Gao Chen thought, isn’t this a world or a game, but if it is a game, how long has it been since he was offline? It should be impossible …
"Won’t die? How can you suddenly lose a star strength? How can you ask such a question? " How also didn’t expect Gao Chen would suddenly ask such words Ye Tianzheng curious mouth way
"No, that’s nothing." Gao Chen suddenly felt lost, just like another hope fell. This is not a game but a real world!

As soon as the voice fell, Wang Gan felt that his body seemed to be possessed by something, and he was no longer manipulated, and he became a bystander. He could do nothing but retain the five senses.

At first, he felt a little scared, but on second thought, he calmed down. Since he is willing to help himself, what is there to worry about?
As soon as the idea flashed through Wang Gan, he felt all the pores of his body suddenly open and he felt the oppression around him, and the true qi swarmed into his body along the pores. This scene suddenly made his face bloody.
It is no problem to absorb the aura of heaven and earth when practicing at ordinary times. Although aura is grumpy, it is easy to be tamed by the body qi without conscious control, but this situation is simply to die.
Therefore, Wang Gan’s body has been surrounded by the Qi of the snake. These Qi Reiki are completely controlled by the Lord. Once they enter the body, they can easily destroy the meridians and break the Qi Sea.
If Wang Gan Xiu can strangle the qi into the body one layer and five layers higher, there is still a chance. But at the moment, he has three layers of repairing the true qi, which is no match. These qi into the body can easily disperse the qi in his meridians and make him resistant.
Fu Tian’s behavior is simply to let Wang Gan die.
After these qi entered the body, they wantonly destroyed Wang Gan. Although he managed to control his body, his five senses were not lost. Suddenly, the pain was unbearable. However, even if it was not enough, he opened his mouth wide and didn’t know what magic was used. The big qi was inhaled like a long whale absorbing water in the blink of an eye.
Yes, it is the long whale that absorbs water. Wang Gan feels trance-like, and he feels like a giant whale with a length of 100 feet. When he absorbs seawater in the Wang Yang, there will be thousands of hectares of seawater flowing backwards.
Seeing such a great power to seize heaven and earth, Wang Gan couldn’t help but be taken by heart. If it weren’t for the unbearable pain at the moment, life and death would be so excited that it would be difficult to suppress the magic.
The four-scale snake in front of this difficult human monk was overjoyed to "die" himself. He hurriedly urged the true qi to oppress the past and wished that the human could suck more, and as it was expected, this stupid human monk actually increased the absorption speed as if he wanted to swallow all the oppression in one bite.
Although this absorption speed is really shocking, at the moment, the four-scale snake can’t think so much. It is a sullen look on coldly, urging the true qi to wreak havoc.
"The old whale sucking technique has reduced the power of your human body display so much that it’s even worse than one ten thousandth, and you can’t bear this * * if it’s not too bad …" As if there was no sense of crisis at all, Fu Tian shook his head discontentedly and said, "But your human monk’s cultivation method is different. When you cultivate Yuan Yin’s body in the future, there will be little fragility."
"Futian predecessors quickly save me!" Where did Wang Gan hear these nagging? I don’t know how many years this great man has lived, but it is not easy to want to die. He is an ordinary human being, but he can’t be calm in a moment.
"Don’t panic, nephew, just watch my tricks!" Fu Tian said confidently.
Chapter 13 Harvest
There is no precedent for directly devouring the true qi of others. For example, the infamous heart-sucking spell is a spell dedicated to sucking the true qi of others.
However, this kind of spell is also limited. When it is used less, it is necessary to ensure that the performer is unconscious, otherwise, when the qi enters the body, it will suddenly be transported back to the meridians and will be destroyed in an instant.
When the four-scale snake saw Wang Gan swallow his true qi, although he was surprised in his heart, he didn’t take it as any strange spell when he was the last struggle
Since Fu Tian dared to do this, he naturally relied on the riot. When the true qi just rushed into the body, it really made Wang Gan suffer a lot. But when these true qi flowed into the air sea along the meridians, several slender roots suddenly stretched out in the void. When they met this true qi, they were absorbed like sponges
Then these roots extend into the meridians, and when they meet bifurcation, they will automatically separate new root nodes. However, after a breath, the Wang Gan meridians will be occupied by these roots, and they will flow into the meridians along the pores. As soon as they meet these roots, the qi will be absorbed without resistance, and they will never be able to lift any big waves.
Not only that, but the meridians that were severely damaged by the impact of the true qi absorbed the sap secreted by this root and gradually repaired as before. This crisis was solved in an understatement.
There is no doubt that these roots are the precious tree of Qihuang. Wang Gan knows little about this thing. The only thing he knows is that he can learn powerful spells from trees, but he doesn’t know that there are such magical abilities.
I don’t know how lucky I would be if I hadn’t been killed by a four-scale snake and guarded the great treasure if my predecessors showed up and put it to good use.
After these qi are absorbed by the roots, the other end of the Qi Sea quickly transforms into thick and majestic qi, which is different from the original qi, but its temperament is more refined than that in the docile one.
Wang Gan’s heart moved, and he leaned on his spiritual knowledge. At a touch, he dyed his breath and took it for himself.
The natural action of oppress that inhaled body of the true qi will be unrestricted, and the bee needle that was scatter around will be called back.
Seeing this, the four-scale snake was surprised that his true qi had invaded his meridians. It is theoretically impossible to manipulate the multiplier. Is this person as if it were normal?
The snake with four scales feels bad. When its long body shakes all over the scales, it slaps up. Snakes swim out of the scales and rush toward Wang Gan.
There was a hint of contempt in the eyes of Fu Tian, and he pulled out the dendritic flash lava from his arms. With one move, he saw that the snakes changed direction one after another as if they were attracted by a gravitational force and entered the flash lava.
Absorbing these ophiolite lava, it is obviously beneficial to have a little fluorescence on it.
Seeing that his killer was so easily broken by this person, he couldn’t help but be dumbfounded. Taking advantage of this gap, he poured all the qi he had just received into a heart-killing bee needle, far away, pointing to the iron needle, he blaster out and quickly hit the four-scale snake with a broken sound.
This time, the heart-killing bee needle absorbed it, but the real four-layer qi was more powerful than before. After a pause, it penetrated the protective body and sank into the eyebrows of the snake with four scales.
The four-scale viper was surprised, but not very alarmed. Even if this small iron needle can penetrate its own scales and vigorous gas, it can also penetrate the forehead bone with stronger hardness. You know, after so many years of life in this gas fog, a bone has already been tempered to be harder than the same level of fighting, and few bones have been broken.
As it expected, although this heart-killing bee needle is an instrument, its power is really shameful. Even if it is poured into four layers of true qi, it can penetrate its skull, but Wang Gan knows that the true power of this instrument is not revealed until now.
"Boom!" This time, it’s not the day when the heart-stabbing bee needle penetrated the protective body, and the overall situation was set, and the day was out of control. Wang Gan secretly read the explosive spell and reached out and looked at the four-scale snake that was stirring indifferently
Bang! At first, a column of blood gushed out, and the head of a snake with four scales was completely blown up. The power of self-explosion of bee needle is equivalent to a blow from a Chinese medicine instrument, but the actual lethality is far more than that.
The heart-killing bee needle is characterized by invisibility and penetration, so if it penetrates into his body, it will be equivalent to bearing a blow from the Chinese medicine force defensively. Don’t say that this is equivalent to a four-layer monk’s snake, even a five-scale snake will die if it is attacked, and a six-scale snake will be seriously injured and far away.
Adding invisibility effect is simply an insidious assassination weapon.
Wang Gan was relieved to see that the four-scale snake was dead. He searched the snake’s body and found a white ball like a pearl. Even if he didn’t know how to probe, he could clearly see the white fog rolling on the surface of the pearl. This is a sign that the qi is rich to a certain extent.
There is no doubt that this is the unique beast Dan of the spirit beast.

Yin Zhen … You’ll pick me up, right?

I’m waiting for you here.
Chapter ninetieth Dead [1]
"Come on! Give me the prisoner out! " Sleepily, I heard such a shouting accompanied by the kick of the cell door.
I didn’t sleep well, but I was completely awakened by the noise. I was about to get up and check, but I was left out of my cell by two jailers.
I struggled hard, but I couldn’t earn anything. The two men were surprisingly strong, so I moved as soon as I finished.
"What are you doing!" I shouted, however, because prison life has made me a little weak in recent days, and the words I shouted were as bad as mosquitoes and flies.
"Four Fujin … you don’t blame us … we also sacrificed his life … but you will find the right person in the future … don’t find us these irrelevant people …" A shrill voice said.
Next to me, two jailers dragged me to the front of this man, and then let go and stood on both sides disguised terms.
I looked up at the speaker—
This is a middle-aged eunuch with fine wrinkles on his forehead, but it is extremely incongruous that he is as naked as a woman’s skin
"So … dare to ask my father-in-law who wants my life?" I rubbed my arm and asked coldly, "since you don’t want me to blame you, you should also let me seek revenge in the future, right?" Otherwise, wouldn’t you come to you every day to seek your soul? "
The eunuch’s white face is particularly striking, and his eyes are shining with calculations. He turns his eyes and licks his face and smiles ingratiatingly. "Fujin’s words are unlucky. I am a slave who dare not come to take your life one day … I was just ordered to judge you. How can disregard for human life? But …" He paused for a long time and continued, "But if Fujin doesn’t listen to the trial, he won’t be punished … This instrument of torture is the most long-sighted. If it hurts your precious slave, it’s all right.
Finally! My heart sighs
Will one day … be ordered to interrogate me? ….. I don’t know if he ….. was ordered by someone … Yin Zhen, is that you? ……
Do you want me to die?
Is it really you …
No … You won’t … You must come back and save me. You will come and take me away from …
I can’t stop comforting myself and telling myself not to be afraid.
I took a deep breath and said, "If my father-in-law has something to say, it is necessary to beat around the bush." My face was cold and snorted. "If my father-in-law wants me to say that I am guilty of my own crime, then Jin Er will even disappoint your father-in-law. Naturally, you have no chance to go to your Lord and take credit for it. Jin Er also said sorry to you before here."
The eunuch’s eyes were extremely white when he stared at the original, and his face was a little white again. He pointed to me with a blue flower in his atmosphere. "Smelly girl! Don’t dare to touch you! " He said with a smile, "Since I was ordered to come, I naturally handled your case fairly and tried your case well!" He snapped out these words.
Chapter ninety-one Dead []
He ordered the two jailers to come and lift me from the ground.
"Tie Fujin to the wooden frame." The eunuch leisurely sat on the wooden chair and commanded, "Hey, the little hooves can be careful for our house. Don’t hurt this delicate four Fujin."
He pretended to yell at me with provocative eyes, as if to show off his power.
I struggled because of my strength, and the two jailers tied me to a wooden frame similar to the gallows of Jesus.
I saw the eunuch’s eyes and his heart was filled with disdain, so I snorted at him and turned away.
It seems that today is inevitable …
I silently thought to myself.
Yin Zhen, will you come and save me?
I took a deep breath and prepared myself for the coming torture.
How can I not know that the punishment here is cruel after eating so many days in prison? I know very well … those screams caused by torture used to be the only background music for me to sleep these nights.
Bitterness helps resentment.
I didn’t expect that I would come to their position today and deeply understand that they felt that I had laughed at myself and that I would be different from others. It turned out that I was just deceiving myself.
Chen Yan, Chen Yan, you think too much of yourself.
Why are you different from them? In your capacity? Or is it because that person loves you? ……
Maybe it’s a pet without love, but sadly it’s a pet that doesn’t love much.
He can spoil you, but you can smile at you when you mess around in front of him, but he won’t see you as the only time for him that you are as fond of writing brushes or pets, and you can be teased. Once you offend him, you will be abandoned.
How sad
Did I make a mistake?
Should I not ask for the only one to love him? Should I give up my desire for freedom and let him die of old age? Is it that I shouldn’t be wishful thinking that I can live with him forever? ……
The last thing I should do is meet him, shouldn’t I?
But I ask myself, if I do it again, will I still choose this road? Even knowing that this road leads to such a dark future, will I? I won’t?
Hehe … Wry smile.
I still will.

"Giggle …" Wang Gan laughed darkly and said to himself, "If you don’t break, you won’t break, and then 200 million cyclones will all be chaotic, so that I can spend 100 million days practicing."

"Not only that, but you were kind enough to help me break the elixir and completely release my vitality. Fortunately, my vitality is ten times that of ordinary people, otherwise it is imperative to break my vitality. Now it is a good opportunity to break through the opportunity. It takes 100 million yuan to condense a yuan of heavy water to break the barrier and know the truth and impact the foundation period!"
If Huashangshi knew that because of his unnecessary efforts, Wang Gan Zhenyuan had unexpectedly broken through again and reached the peak of practice, he was afraid of vomiting blood for three liters.
After a huge explosion, such as the vitality of an elixir, you will see the true yuan pouring out, and the whole sea of qi will burst almost, even the meridians and acupoints will not pass like a balloon.
Fortunately, the Qi-Hai meridians in Wang Gan have been repeatedly strengthened by the sap secreted by the roots, and the tenacity is far beyond normal, so people can barely resist it, otherwise they will have to die because the meridians are inch by inch.
Without the seven treasures to suppress Wang Gan, he can now rely on himself. His vitality is unimaginable. It is estimated that there are also two billion cyclones with vitality twenty times that of ordinary monks.
But this kind of saturation to the limit, Wang Gan, not to mention the true spirit of operation, can’t even move his vitality, which is like eating too much and can’t even turn over.
But at this moment, he suddenly felt a heat wave and saw a pillar of fire suddenly burst out and drowned his body.
In this fire wave, Wang Gan barely propped up the protective body. Fortunately, his skill is different. The protective body is almost equivalent to a spirit beast, which has not been washed away by the fire wave.
What he didn’t expect was that there was a little bit of colored flame floating from the pillar of fire, which prevented the protector from invading directly into his body and flowed directly into the sea of gas along the meridians, as if looking for something to run around.
But in this way, the high temperature of the color flame will directly burn the vitality along the way into the extremely pure liquid truth element, which will gradually relieve the pressure of the air and sea.
"Ha-ha, it must be Huashangshi. That woman wants this fire to catch my pure yang fire, which actually helps me!" Wang Gan hurriedly stared at it and didn’t stop the colored flames, so that they couldn’t find the true fire.
As the days passed, Wang Gan’s body fluids became more and more fluid, and the pressure gradually relaxed, so he distributed clouds of liquefied primordial qi into acupuncture points. With the gradual increase of 365 acupuncture points, the pressure of steam-powered air-sea also increased, and even and balanced pressure pressed the primordial qi to liquefy.
For those who constantly invade the body color flame, Wang Gan had a brainwave and unexpectedly suppressed the cold fire. As time went on, the number appeared more and more. Obviously, Huashangshi also found that something was wrong and worried.
Wang Gan is naturally willing to liquefy his vitality regardless of his heart, so he can impact the foundation period. Once the impact is successful, he can easily kill Huashangshi even without a magic weapon.
Generally speaking, it takes less than one year for a monk to liquefy his vitality, but sometimes there are less than two billion cyclones in Wang Gan that need to liquefy his vitality, so the workload is twenty times that of an ordinary monk, but fortunately, he is well qualified and has swallowed Lingcao to improve his qualification, which is several times faster than ordinary people.
I don’t know the years in the incense burner, perhaps the flower dress finally lost patience. After a hundred days, the colored flame no longer appeared, but there was no intention to play the incense burner
Without interference from others, Wang Gan concentrated on practicing and looked forward to the day of breaking the wall.
In a blink of an eye, Wang Gan suddenly opened his eyes and looked in a certain direction to see that there was a narrow crack …
[ w w w ]
Chapter 13 Liu Fang shows the way to impeded people
Since that day, Jiang Xing was furious and let all the monks flee. Muyue E Liu facilitated Xiao Yuantian to lead them to escape from hundreds of miles away, but in this way, they were separated. Even if they went back to find it afterwards, there was a messy battlefield, but the two of them were nowhere to be seen.
Afterwards, the three men have been searching everywhere for Qiong Yu’s pure Yang inkstone in this mystery, but I didn’t expect this to be found for a long time. I said that even Qiong Yu and Jiang Xing were not found.
What’s more, they don’t even know how to leave here, so they can be forced to stay here. It’s good that the true qi here is more abundant and purer than outside, and the cultivation speed is much faster than usual.
In recent years, Xiao Yuantian has set foot on the peak of practicing qi, and it is only one step away from breaking the barrier to know the truth. Once he becomes a Buddhist monk in the construction period, he will immediately obtain the qualification of true brother. Plus, his father is still a peak master, which can benefit a lot.
Mu Yue ‘e is not so much progress as retrogression. She has been worried that Qiong Yu is always looking for him to fix her life and death, and the whole person has become thin and haggard.
Liu Fang, the most worthless person in the Central Plains, doesn’t know if he has gained an adventure. In just a few years, he has actually cultivated to the point of practicing ten layers, which has risen by two layers.
This practice speed even Xiao Yuan days secretly surprised.
Suddenly, one day, Liu Fang suddenly found Mu Yuee, and she didn’t know what to say. She suddenly got excited and then Xiao Yuantian talked for a long time. After that, the three left the abode of fairies and immortals and flew in a certain direction.
"Liu Fang, can you really figure out where Qiong Yu is?" Xiao Yuantian asked with a hint of suspicion.
"Brother, don’t worry. I’ve been practicing divination for years, and I’m not sure until today," Liu Fang vowed.
It turned out that Liu Fang told Mu Yuee that he had been able to roughly calculate the position of Qiong Yu’s younger brother with a little success in practicing divination over the years. How could Mu Yuee not be excited when he heard this? So he found Brother Xiao and urged him to find Qiong Yu.
Xiao Yuantian also agreed to this proposal, so a group of people flew all the way with Liu Fang’s instructions.
"Liu Fang, I’m sorry that you’ve always been a … I didn’t think that you were the most caring teacher younger brother among us." Mu Yuee couldn’t help but wet her eyes at the thought of meeting her lover and said gratefully to Liu Fang.
"It’s almost there … Look, Brother Qiong is there!" Liu Fang reached out and pointed to the crowd and looked in the direction he pointed to. Sure enough, he saw a misty hill with a friar in a white robe in Luotianmen.
"Qiong Yu!" Mu Yue-e was overjoyed to escape the light, so she rushed to hug him and shed tears in her arms.
"Wait! That man is not Brother Qiong! " Xiao Yuantian suddenly changed his face and was about to stop Mu Yuee from suddenly stabbing pain behind him, as if a cold foreign body had been inserted into his back. Looking back, he saw Liu Fang holding a cold dagger in his hands behind his back with his head down.
He never imagined that his younger brother would stab him in the back when he spent so much time together!
Liu Fang!’ Xiao Yuantian’s eyes seemed to be about to kill people, staring at Liu Fang and slapping him on the chest, and suddenly he vomited blood and hit him flying far away, but Liu Fang’s eyes were better than proud.
"Ah, what are you doing!" Listen to MuYue moths a pain shout and see the monk suddenly turned around and grabbed her throat.
Look at this person’s face. It’s none other than the heaven and earth gate Phoenix Tianhe!
I don’t know what he met this year, but he was blind in one eye, but the dragon seal between his eyebrows turned dark black, and the whole person became more fierce and violent
"Feng Tianhe, let her go!" Xiao Yuantian covering her wound with a drink.
Seeing that the holy spirit appeared behind him and was about to move, suddenly his feet touched a prepared circle.
Strong blue light on the circle saw gold threads flying out of the circle and piercing his acupoints by mistake, and immediately tied him up and couldn’t move, even the virtual shadow of the Holy Spirit vanished after a flash.
"Liu Miaoze really didn’t mistake you. You did a good job." Feng Tianhe patted Liu’s shoulder and showed a Confucian expression.
"I have to thank Brother Feng for giving me the Qi-Supplying Dan, so that I can achieve ten levels of practice in just a few years, otherwise I don’t know when I will be able to make a breakthrough." Liu Fang seemed to see the company’s general attitude than respect.

Yi Yu, three people are not stupid. I didn’t dare to say anything after knowing that Zhu Mei’s face was fixed.

Listen to Zhu Meiyan connect a way "but …" When Zhu Mei said here, a murderous look suddenly burst out and immediately filled the whole quiet room. Ji Deng, Tao Jun and Yi Yu were all covered in it, but three people knew that it was not Zhu Mei who wanted to kill him. He wanted the three of them to remember today’s words
A moment later, Zhu Mei restrained his breath and said, "But you should remember that in today’s situation, the Qingcheng School can no longer afford to reduce the intensity of mutual games to the lowest point!"
"I must remember the teacher’s teachings!"
Zhu Mei nodded and said, "If the situation has changed today, there are many places to show your talents. Don’t always stare at this acre of Qingcheng Mountain!"
Say Zhu Mei hesitated for a moment and finally said, "and I also want to wake you up! It’s only a matter of time before your qualifications and will soar in the future. This position doesn’t mean that you will finally meet in the future. "
Then the Lord didn’t look at Yi Yu and said, "It makes sense for her to talk to Teacher Jiang yesterday. You should be good to yourself."
When the three men heard Zhu Mei’s words, they all changed their faces and tried to figure out the meaning. At that time, the quiet room was quiet.
A moment later, Ji Dengxian spoke out and asked, "I don’t ask the master about one thing."
As soon as Zhu Mei laughed, "Deng Er said it directly."
Ji Dengyi bowed down and said, "Now, every day, the machine changes suddenly, and I think it will take a short time to occupy the weather pulse. The Emei Sect will be attacked by monks of all factions all day. I wonder what my Qingcheng Sect did at that time?"
When Zhu Mei heard this, he said with a smile, "Yes, Deng Er, you can think that it is very wrong here." Then Zhu Mei looked at it and Tao Jun said, "Jun, what if I am sent by Qingcheng Mountain then?"
Tao Jun smell speech one leng seems to have never thought that the short barbary Zhu Mei would push this question to him to meditate for a moment. Tao Jun said, "My brother thinks that the Emei Sect is a big school after all, and I am a Qingcheng Sect. Although there are many bad feelings in the previous generation, I am afraid it is not appropriate to attack Ningbiya with others."
Zhu Mei heard the words and laughed. "Do you think that we Qingcheng School should help Emei?"
Tao Jun also shook his head and said, "It doesn’t seem appropriate to help Emei. This time, I’m afraid the Emei Sect has lost its way with its natural enemies!"
Zhu Mei nodded but didn’t comment. If she looked at Yi Yudao again, "What should you and I do in Qingcheng?"
Yi Yu smiled slightly. "In fact, there was a gap in the master’s chest but he came to take an examination of his younger brother." Say Yi Yu looked at it without a word. Zhu Mei looked at Gideon and Tao Jun and said, "The two brothers also know more but let the younger brother make a fool of themselves."
Zhu Mei smell speech is a smile "speaking freely is also a hindrance to chatting with you and me today, so it is not serious".
Yi Yu laughed. "That brother dared to guess what the master thought. I don’t think the master will watch the Emei Sect perish!"
Zhu Mei laughed. "Oh? See? "
Yi Yudao: "Now it seems that the right path is powerful and evil spirits are hiding, but in fact it is not! Now, after the return of the Magic Sect, the Magic Sect merged with Wutai Sect, Huashan Sect, Kongtong Sect, and Kongtong Sect, and all the demons in Yunnan and Guizhou were more powerful. I’m afraid we are more powerful. On the other hand, now the Right Sect is Emei, Kunlun Sect and wu-tang clan, and if we add the Qingcheng Sect, we can count some secluded old Xiandao brothers, but we are somewhat weak. "
Yi Yu answered, "And the Emei Sect is a banner of the right path. If he falls down, what will we do with the Qingcheng Sect?" Now wu-tang clan is not worthy of the name. The Kunlun Sect will die in a few days, that is, some of its predecessors, the Old Immortals, are afraid that they are also short of help. "
Zhu Mei laughed. "Is that it?"
Yi Yu smiled awkwardly at once. "Well … aren’t they all still at Ningbi Cliff!"
Zhu Mei also don’t delve into ha ha a smile will this section fork in the past, mentoring four people no longer discuss this want to more sensitive issues and talked about some other things.
Yi Yu saw that Zhu Mei was happy and thought of the curiosity of Qi Xiaer’s speech just now. He asked, "Master’s brother accidentally got a message from others in the afternoon, but he still hopes to dispel doubts."
Zhu Mei a look at Yi Yu was hesitant and didn’t care about laughing. "Oh? What is the news that makes you so curious? Tell me! "
Yi Yudao "Master, do you know that Uncle Li Yuanhua, the elder of the Emei Sect, is today …"
But Yi Yu said half a sentence that Zhu Mei’s face was suddenly changed. Although it soon returned to normal, it was that one of them flashed and now Lengli’s pitfalls made Yi Yu three people feel cold with a slight quiver.
After staring at Yi Yu for a long time, Zhu Mei sighed lightly and asked, "Is that girl Qi Xiaer telling you?"
Yi Yu nodded some don’t know but heart andao "what is this Li Yuanhua to death?
Love? It’s worth being so nervous at that moment! "
Zhu Mei saw sighed "ah! It’s really a big girl! I’m afraid this Cong Yishi Qi Shushi never thought that his eldest daughter, who has always been the safest, would reveal such important news! "
After that, Zhu Mei glanced at Ji Deng and Tao Jun with awe. "I believe that Li Yuanhua, the immortal of Emei Sect, died today, even if I didn’t tell her that it wouldn’t take long for you two to notice it, but the teacher would warn you three to remember that this is a warning!"
Yi Yu three people see Zhu Mei that serious all nodded his head didn’t dare to out.
Zhu Mei connect a way "the news must not leak out! At the very least, we can’t let it out in our Qingcheng Sect. We Qingcheng Sect and the three of you also have six people who know that if the seventh person appears again, we will not blame the teacher for falling out! "
All three people were scared enough by Zhu Mei’s seriousness, but at this moment Yi Yu couldn’t resist suddenly jumping out with a sentence, "A generation?"
Zhu Mei smell speech a ash but looked at Yi Yu that dumbfounded sample is no longer stretched that a bad face laughed "you this bad ACTS would want to"
As a result, in the end, Zhu Mei didn’t tell the three people when the secret was received, and finally said, "Try to figure it out for yourself."
And said a few words of Zhu Meidao: "Now the East China Sea Fairy Island thing has come to an end temporarily. If there is an accident, you will know the secret when you decide to fight in the future. Today, Li Yuanhua’s death indicates that this three-thousand-year catastrophe has begun. Go to your own experiences and be very careful when you walk outside in the future."
The three of them replied, "I remember the teacher’s teachings!" Say and then back out.
Or is it outside this quiet room? This time there are three other disciples.
Gideon looked at Tao Jun and Yi Yuxiao and laughed. "Although the two younger brothers’ trip to Xiandao in the East China Sea was thrilling, we witnessed the big robbery, but it was also glad you came."
Tao Jun laughed "master elder brother makes sense! It’s a pity that I couldn’t see that historic moment with my own eyes. "
Yi Yu heard them talking and laughing. "Now the trip to the East China Sea has been exhausted. Do you have any plans?"
When Ji Deng heard this, it was a dark tunnel. "This Yi Yu has something to say and invite?" Although I doubt Gideon, I replied truthfully, "I still have a magic weapon to protect myself, so I can get back to Golden Whip Cliff naturally."
Tao Jun also laughed. "I’ve just come to Tulei, but my younger brother invited me to travel with me to Tongshan Island in the South China Sea. I’m afraid I also brushed my younger brother’s kindness."
Yi Yu didn’t come by surprise, and he didn’t really want to invite two people to say with smile, "I’d also like to ask two senior brothers to help me with the looting, or to enhance some brotherly affection …"
Gideon a listen to but laughed "oh? But I don’t know that things can interest my younger brother? "
Yi Yudao: "Brother also knows that I am still far from Dacheng in practicing the Five Elements. I heard that there is a treasure in the East China Sea called’ Jieguan Wood’, but it is very rare for me to practice the Five Elements, but it is of great benefit, so I want to get one."
Tao Jun heard that "this East China Sea junction wood is a treasure, but I have heard that it is extremely difficult to grow for thousands of years. I am afraid that there are not many plants in the whole East China Sea. If you go to find it, you will find such treasures. Now there are already many owners. How can people give it to you?"
Yi Yuwen said with a smile, "I’m looking for it but I don’t worry about it. My sisters from the Emei Sect lived in the East China Sea in their early years. I heard them say that there was a plant not far from her home at that time, which was said to have grown for thousands of years and had a master … hey hey! Isn’t this about to invite two senior brothers to slay and exorcise demons together? "
The Gideon and Tao Jun smell speech is an ash heart andao "this splash! Sure enough, he is a robber! It’ s really asking us to go to the house and rob the house together! "
Ji Deng first said, "Teacher younger brother is really …" Speaking of this, Ji Deng couldn’t help laughing and waved his hand. "This demon is still left to the younger brother to behead the elder brother himself. I have always been a good boy!"
Yi Yu is also one leng, but he can’t think that Gideon would joke with him.
Tao Jun also laughed. "I’d like to go there and have a look, but to tell you the truth, Brother Yi Yu followed you there to build a wood, no matter how good it is, it won’t reach me, will it?"

What can offend Martial Uncle Purple Eyebrow? If you two rely on those people to finish it, it will be a shame for him. It was very difficult in those days, and it was all done by Martial Uncle Purple Eyebrow alone. This is also a test for you.

After they left, Hung didn’t have any worries. She told Brother Daoqi that she had some troubles this time.
How to say so
The distribution of Chu ancestral temples is very even, but we have to attack us from the four veins of them. If we want to grab enough, the two of us can’t do it. Hong sighed and said, if only the master elder brother were here.
Leitian thought for a moment and said, Elder Martial Sister, I won’t tell you the truth. Don’t do anything in my hand. Destroy the Chu Temple. It’s a first-class instrument.
Leitian said and took the Chu Jiangwang seal to Hong.
What is this? Hong took the Chu Jiangwang seal, turned it over and looked at it. The seal was engraved with the natural spirit, the holy Chu River, and the Sichuan seal weighed 100 kilograms and was cold to the bone.
Brother, where did this come from?
Leitian wry smile way Chu Jiangwang was killed by Kunlun people and I picked up this thing.
It’s not surprising that Kunlunhong didn’t continue to ask people who went to Kunlun didn’t care if the gods were conferred by heaven and killed Chu Jiangwang.
Teacher younger brother, that’s easy to handle. No wonder Master gave you the water escape technique. This time, we gave up swimming in the four temples of the King of Chu and went straight with the water. This decree, those demon gods, all kinds of laws, are all red. When I said this, I got excited and my face flushed.
Elder martial sister, it’s rare for you to make such a ridiculous remark in vain.
Hong Yang-mei said goodbye. You are brave enough. The teacher is the first to choose students. If you don’t see that you are deeply robbed, your teacher will teach himself a lesson if he sees a genius casually.
Ah, leitian, this is really surprising. What’s the real temper of Purple Eyebrow? Why do you choose to kill and rob people for a living?
Hum, when you see the big brother, you will understand that all the people who kill and rob are not necessarily bad-tempered. The big brother is the best, but no one dares to say that he is weak, but he has offended others. Almost all of them are dead.
Leitian didn’t know that the purple eyebrows are sparsely populated. It’s not a good thing to kill the robbers, but it’s also hard to find them. The generation of malicious thieves may have killed dozens of people. It’s already over 100 people. More monsters have been killed outside the tomb of Qin Dynasty. I can’t remember thousands.
Leitian side stuff quipped that a large number of younger brothers have come to report in the palace. These people know that the younger brother of Purple Eyebrow has arrived first, but no one has come to visit.
In the next few days, Yunmeng Zongzhen’s brothers arrived one after another, and they all lived in separate rooms, but they didn’t come to say hello in leitian.
Hong knows that Leitian Chu Jiangwang’s decree is not worried about things. Every day, in addition to practicing Daoism, Leitian chats about some swordsmanship. Hong is also studying swordsmanship. When the sword is released from the heart of fire, a group of orchid flames wrap the sword pill, which makes people almost imperceptible.
Leitian six Yang rush to Lei Jian but can’t be released. Six Yang rush to Lei Jian is relatively violent. The small room can’t afford Leitian tossing. He didn’t want to control this fencing in the early stage of deification until the later stage of deification.
He is strong enough to fight, but fencing depends on the level of the realm.
Naita can warm the rain sword. This fencing skill is not high, but it is controlled in vain.
In a blink of an eye, five days later, my brother and sister didn’t return to the building, and Hongyu called ten true brothers to this sect.
Ten true brothers get together in the same room. The cold lake is full of veins. Chu Qin glanced at Bai Qidao. This is the new apprentice of Martial Uncle Zi Mei.
Leitian feels that he has been stared at and his skin hurts. His swordsmanship has made him know that Chu and Qin are provocative.
Brother Qing picked up a polite gesture when he gave his brother a gift. As soon as his skin was in sharp pain, he sucked this sword into a rare place, and it was immediately sucked by a lamella gun.
Chu Qin’s face often smiles with a purple eyebrow. Martial Uncle is the strongest among my five veins of Yunmengzong. I hope he will not lose face to Master.
Chapter sixty-four Give a sword
Chapter sixty-four
Chu Qin’s words are sharp, and a young woman in many other seven true brothers chuckles more sharply than one.
Leitian looked back at Brother Chu, the martial sister of Hongdao with a puzzled expression. Does this mean that everyone agrees that we will definitely surpass them in our completion?
The young woman was ashamed to hear leitian’s arrogant words, "Green styles".
Leitian looked at the young woman and saw that she had a pair of peach blossom eyes and powdered face. She was tall, dressed in a silver cassock and carrying a long sword. On her posture, she was still floating in the Loufang River, not like a monk.
The teacher elder sister how to call leitian respectfully asked.
White fairy door Wu Feng to female see leitian polite still a cold sample.
The rest of my true brothers have known about this Wu Fenglai temper these days, thinking that Qing Yan is going to have bad luck, and this Wu Feng is coming to talk and tide wait for no man.
Chu Qin couldn’t help but take a step back. This Wu Feng came to Bai Xian to pamper some brains. Yesterday, he even collided with himself. If Master hadn’t told him not to argue with Bai Xian’s disciples, he would have made this woman ugly.
If you talk at this time, I’m afraid there’s nothing to end, and you’ll get around yourself and be scolded by this Wu Fenglai together.
Sister Wu just tested me with Brother Chu’s sword. I passed you. Are you testing me with your sword?
Wu Feng is furious and leitian. This means that she has a cheap mouth. How can the rest of the people not listen? But everyone knows that Purple Eyebrow is really human. She is not as reckless as Wu Fenglai, and she doesn’t dare to laugh with her mouth closed.
Wu Feng to hand sword cold tunnel what did you say?
I said that the younger brothers in the door are not allowed to eat each other’s eyes and mouths, and they are still within the scope of Xu. If you become angry from embarrassment and draw your sword, it will be a violation of the rules of the door to deceive your teacher and destroy your ancestors.
Leitian finished looking at Brother Chu Qin Daochu. You are the strongest here. I am right.
Chu and Qin can’t answer well and can’t help but answer how to answer. He will offend Wu Feng to come to him. Only then can he see that the purple eyebrow is the strongest among the 72 peaks in the five lakes. His choice of life should be good. This leitian nature is really as tit-for-tat as the purple eyebrow martial uncle.
Qing Yan said yes, the same door is bullying the teacher and destroying the ancestral building. Hongyu left at this time to resolve the embarrassment of Chu and Qin.
Wu Fenglai, no matter how stupid she is, dare not offend this outside elder, although she is a real brother.
Uncle Wu Feng’s voice is still very good, but he left the hilt.
You can go back to the door to learn who is going to start work with me, and I will abolish him to build the building. Hongyu just laughed in his heart.
However, Lou Hongyu’s words are impartial. Wu Feng can swallow his pride and scold her, but she can’t argue.
Hong also laughed at his younger brother, but the master was similar in temper, and it seemed that he was just edgy. If he was angry with Wu Feng, he wouldn’t.

When leaving Shen Menglu to laugh at himself, Zhu Yinzhen came here in a hurry.

"Dream …" Seeing the expression on the door, Shen Menglu, Zhu Yinzhen’s original coke forced his heart to get nervous. Did they misunderstand Shen Menglu and still be angry with him?
"I’ve seen the prince!" Shen Menglu turned to look at Zhu Yinzhen and evoked a blessing in her mouth.
"Be courteous" Zhu Yinzhen’s load helps Shen Menglu to squat down in his body and mind. The more respectful Shen Menglu is to him, the more he makes Zhu Yinzhen feel insecure. He is most afraid of Shen Menglu’s humility and alienation as if they are separated by Qian Shan.
"Dream you … why are you here?" Zhu Yinzhen tightly holding Shen Menglu hand nervously asked
Shen Menglu looked down at himself and was pinched by Zhu Yinzhen. His hands gently said, "Shiro hurts!"
"What?" Zhu Yinzhen was puzzled by Shen Menglu’s meaning.
"You’re hurting me!" Shen Menglu looked at Zhu Yinzhen tenderly. How nervous Zhu Yinzhen was? She held her hand so hard. If it weren’t for Bai Zhuyinzhen’s heart, Shen Menglu would have wanted Zhu Yinzhen. It was because she had been enemies with herself.
Zhu Yinzhen consciously loosened Shen Menglu’s hands and apologized. "I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to."
Shen Menglu’s hands were pinched red, and Zhu Yinzhen’s finger prints could still be seen vaguely.
"Yes … I’m sorry …" Zhu Yinzhen held Shen Menglu in her hands and was deeply distressed. "Does your mother hurt?"
He really deserves to die! What a heavy hand! Zhu Yinzhen blamed herself to death.
"Well, it hurts!" Looking at Zhu Yinzhen’s face, she made no secret of her nervousness and remorse. Shen Menglu’s heart turned into a spring water. How stupid is she to love her husband so much because of a dead person?
"Mom … I … I didn’t … I didn’t mean to …" Hearing Shen Menglu shout pain, Zhu Yinzhen was even more at a loss. Holding Shen Menglu’s hand, I didn’t know what to do. At this moment, Zhu Yinzhen wanted to give Shen Menglu some affectionate intimacy, but she was afraid that she was still angry. Shen Menglu was ungrateful and even more counterproductive.
Shen Menglu saw that Zhu Yinzhen hesitated. She pursed her lips and pouted lovingly. She pulled her hands back from Zhu Yinzhen’s big palm and handed them to Zhu Yinzhen. "It hurts!"
What? ! Zhu Yinzhen was shocked by Shen Menglu’s irrational behavior. Is this a coquetry with him? This … This … This … He’s not dreaming, is he?
Seeing Zhu Yinzhen staring straight and wait for a while like a goofy goose, Shen Menglu’s mouth smile deepened. I didn’t expect Zhu Yinzhen to be silly sometimes, but he was very cute.
"Shiro blows!" Shen Menglu’s belief will make her delicate and charming lips more round. "People hurt so much!"
"Mom …" Zhu Yinzhen was so stunned by Shen Menglu’s sound that his bones were numb. Now he can be sure that his little mother really spoiled herself. Does this mean that his little mother is no longer angry with herself?
But this is not scientific! He hasn’t come to explain yet! But anyway, it’s good that Shen Menglu is not angry!
"good! Husband blows for mother! " Zhu Yinzhen smiled at the corner of his eye. He carefully held Shen Menglu’s hand to his mouth and kissed it affectionately.
Shen Menglu was caught off guard by Zhu Yinzhen’s move, and his cheeks were red with tenderness and numbness.
"Hey, you’re just blowing …" Not kissing! Playing coquetry in public is the ultimate experience for Shen Menglu. Zhu Yinzhen’s affectionate behavior in public has made her look ashamed. Shen Menglu blushed and cast a glance, pretending that he was blind and resolutely keeping his eyes open.
"How can you kiss the blowing effect?" Zhu Yinzhen looked at Shen Menglu with a rippling mind, like a rose, and his cheeks suddenly felt like he was in a fairyland of spring flowers.
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"How can you kiss the blowing effect?" Zhu Yinzhen looked at Shen Menglu with a rippling mind, like a rose, and his cheeks suddenly felt like he was in a fairyland of spring flowers.
Unexpectedly, I met Zhu Yinzhen, a flower, and my heart was bursting with passion. Kissing my little hand has already satisfied his heart. The little beast is so * that it is really worth loving her!
Too many things happened during this period. Although Zhu Yinzhen and Shen Menglu slept together every day, there was always a little less love drama!
At this moment, Zhu Yinzhen has beaten Zhu Yinqi again for thousands of times. If he hadn’t stopped them, if they met such a loving little girl in the house, they could have a good temperature.
"loquacious!" The small flame in Zhu Yinzhen’s eyes seemed to devour Shen Menglu on the spot. She glanced at Zhu Yinzhen lightly and blushed and withdrew her hands to wake him up. What the hell is going on here? Don’t look at this place! What’s the mood at this time!
The palm of your hand fell on Zhu Yinzhen’s heart. He discontentedly held Shen Menglu’s hand again and wouldn’t let her earn. Shen Menglu hinted that Zhu Yinzhen couldn’t understand Zhu Yinzhen and naturally knew that his passion came at a bad time.
"Mom, why are you here?" Zhu Yinzhen’s withdrawal is out of date. Chun Qing is in a bad situation. Zhu Yinzhen doesn’t want Shen Menglu to be mixed in for fear that she will get hurt.
"I …" Worried about you! Shen Menglu opened his mouth and closed his lips to swallow back the words. Now is not the time to be immersed in love.
"Mother was worried that you could not eat well in the ancestral hall of Taidian, so she told me that you sent meals!" Shen Menglu pointed to the frosting and Mo Yu’s lunch box.

"yes, miss!" Yan Ru turned around and saw that Zhu Yinzhen appeared behind them, and a slight moment went to the depths of the isolation zone.

Shen Menglu squatted in front of Chen’s body to reach out and untie their clothes, but her hand was buckled by Zhu Yinzhen before touching the body.
"Zhu Yinzhen, what are you doing again?" Shen Menglu was annoyed and didn’t understand this Zhu Yinzhen disturbing her everywhere.
Zhu Yinzhen was more annoyed than Shen Menglu. "It should be Wang who asked you what you want to do!" Does this woman know that these are the bodies of infected people? If she touches them with her bare hands, she may catch the plague.
Besides, these are bodies! Bodies! The average woman would have been scared to death and screamed when she saw it. No one would move the body like her!
Shen Menglu wants to earn his hand, but he buckles it too tightly. "Mu Wang Ye! Do you want to stay in this epidemic area for a generation? "Damn it, she wants to check the symptoms of these bodies. She must find out the crux of the plague as soon as possible!
"Shen Menglu please remember your identity! You are a woman first! You are a lady and a darling daughter! Understand? " Zhu Yinzhen’s eyes sparkled with sparks. What doesn’t this woman know?
"Where?" Shen Menglu looked at him sideways. She knew very well that she didn’t need anyone to wake up.
"So you don’t have to do this!" In Zhu Yinzhen’s language, the average woman should hide as far as she can from this dead place!
But he forgot that Shen Menglu is no ordinary woman! She is an extraordinary woman!
Shen Menglu once again shook his arm. "Let go!" I don’t know who she is. Is this Mu Wang Ye? She is a doctor appointed by the emperor to cure the plague! How can she cure the plague if she does nothing?
"Shen Menglu, can you not let Wang worry so much?" See Shen Menglu unmoved Zhu Yinzhen annoyed. He tried to suppress his impulse to get angry.
Shen Menglu also annoyed a cow directly "Zhu Yinzhen what do you want? Will you stop holding me back? I’m still waiting to cure this plague early and go back to my office early! Whether you want to stay in this hellhole is your own business. Please stay where you are! "
When she stays in this epidemic area for a while, she will become the first rich girl in the world to starve to death!
"King, is this holding you back? Doesn’t the king want to get out of this plague land as soon as possible? " What’s Zhu Yinzhen angry about? This Shen Menglu is always ungrateful.
What, when they talk, they are either sarcastic or tit for tat?
What, this damn woman can’t be gentle with him?
What, they can’t just talk?
"If you want to leave here early, get away from me and don’t interfere with my work!" Shen Menglu showed no weakness and roared at Zhu Yinzhen with the same fire. Can this man who is an obstacle and an eyesore disappear from her face?
Damn it! Watching Shen Menglu open and close her lips, Zhu Yinzhen’s mind flashed off and she wouldn’t talk back if she tried to block her mouth! Zhu Yinzhen thought like this and unexpectedly bent over to stop her lips.
Soft and sweet to the touch, Zhu Yinzhen couldn’t help but deepen her strength and pry her teeth.
Shen Menglu first one leng Zhu Yinzhen enlarge face and lips suddenly Tathagata soft touch let her some surprise.
Then she stared in disbelief and reacted slowly.
He …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
She … She … She … This is violated?
This shameful sex embryo!
When Zhu Yinzhen’s tongue broke into Shen Menglu’s lips and teeth, Shen Menglu clenched his teeth violently when she was entangled with the tip of her tongue.
Zhu Yinzhen was on guard against this. He never thought that Shen Menglu would bite him. The sudden pain made him retract his tongue reflexively and step back two steps. There was blood in his mouth. Zhu Yinzhen was furious. Did this dead woman want to bite off his tongue?
As soon as Shen Menglu’s hands were released, he raised his hand and greeted Zhu Yinzhen’s face mercilessly.
At this time, Zhu Yinzhen was on guard and half held her hand. "Are you still angry after biting me?" I cann’t believe I want to slap him! I really let her a little girl hit him. Where did you put your face?
"disgusting!" The enemy is no match for Zhu Yinzhen’s hands. Shen Menglu blushed and spat bitterly at the ground. She dismembered him herself sooner or later!
"What did you say?" Zhu Yinzhen’s face changed, and this woman said he was disgusting!
"disgusting! It’s disgusting! " Shen Menglu’s eyes are burning, and Bai Xi’s cheeks are flushed with extreme anger, just like the rosy clouds on the horizon, and the red clouds are more beautiful and moving.
Shen Menglu’s beautiful posture provoked Zhu Yinzhen’s mind to flutter and there was a fire burning in his chest.
Gross? Gross, right? Zhu Yinzhen evoked an evil smile. Now that you feel sick, just be sick at once! Zhu Yinzhen thought about invading Shen Menglu’s mouth again!
Shen Menglu is on guard this time. Where will he take advantage of her again? She leans too far and Zhu Yinzhen’s warm lips fall on her white neck.
Shen Menglu shuddered as if touching, and couldn’t help but get goose bumps. Zhu Yinzhen cool thin’s red lips touched the skin, and it burned like hot oil, and the surrounding skin was dyed crimson.
The touching pink color has been spreading from Shen Menglu’s neck to the root behind his ear, and then Shen Menglu’s ears are burning harshly.
Zhu Yinzhen noticed that Shen Menglu was trembling and noticed that she was spreading and blushing. Zhu Yinzhen’s chest flame burned more vigorously, and she held her head high and clamored for release.
At present, the peach pink is surprisingly beautiful. Shen Menglu’s body is refreshing and fragrant, mixed with a touch of light herbs, and it invades Zhu Yinzhen’s nose. Zhu Yinzhen closed his eyes and could not help but stick out his tongue and lick Shen Menglu’s flushed neck.
His move caused Shen Menglu to tremble. She was stiff and dared not move through the clothes. She felt that Zhu Yinzhen’s body organs changed so hot that she almost burned Shen Menglu’s skin.
This dead *! Stinky scum!
Falk! Can she yell indecent assault?
Falk! Where did Yan Ruyi die? Didn’t you see that she was molested?
When Fu Bowen arrived late, he saw this scene of Zhu Yinzhen kissing Shen Menglu. When Fu Bowen saw the two people at the moment, he panicked and wanted to turn around and ignore them.

It’s hard for husband and wife to reunite. Shen Menglu naturally won’t really fly away with a pair of children. Once again, the separation of husband and wife is such a strong person as Empress Ji. She is afraid of the draft without some means. This is a hard battle to win or lose. Shen Menglu dare not take it lightly.

Seeing the color of chagrin faintly flowing in the fundus of Empress Ji, Shen Menglu dropped her eyes and snickered for a while, which means that Empress Ji wavered and added a fire to take it completely.
Shen Menglu turned to the door and nodded gently. Soon the door came far away, and the baby crying broke the silence in one room.
Empress Ji looked towards the door in amazement and saw Frost and Mo Yu rush in with a child in one hand. "The empress, the little emperor and the little princess burst into tears, and the nurses and handmaiden couldn’t coax the empress …"
Before Shen Menglu came, Queen Mother Ji ran towards the child first and took the little princess who was close to her lovingly in her arms.
"Yo, let grandma see what’s going on?" Empress Ji carefully examined the child in her arms and soon found the crux. "How do you take care of the child? Why don’t you change this dress when it’s so wet?" Her queen mother reproachfully stare at eyes mo language "I don’t know the child wet? Don’t hurry to change clothes! "
Mo language took a look at Shen Menglu at a loss and took a sip. "The empress dowager empress calmed down and the handmaiden is a yellow flower girl with no experience …"
"Don’t you have no experience as a wet nurse? What a bunch of short-tempered girls. How can you rest assured that the little emperor and princess will be taken care of by you young girls? Hurry and get clothes and water! " Empress Ji ordered sternly.
Clothes and warm water soon arrived. Empress Ji carefully put the little princess aside on the soft couch, reached out and solved her wet clothes, and then wiped her body without abandoning herself. Then she gently changed her clothes.
See the frost still just holding the little emperor motionless. Queen Ji put the little princess into Shen Menglu’s arms crossly, and the little emperor himself changed his clothes and hugged him fondly.
In this process, Shen Menglu never said a word, so she quietly watched Queen Mother Ji bend over and two children change clothes. When Queen Mother Ji bowed her head, Shen Menglu even saw a trace of hidden hair. At that moment, Shen Menglu’s nose suddenly became sour.
Dressed, a pair of children, the Empress Dowager Ji and Shen Menglu, calmed down and soon fell asleep in their arms. Shen Menglu put the little princess in its infancy and then spoke again.
"Mother’s male and female servants didn’t expect that the mother should be so skilled in taking care of the children. I really should study hard from the mother." Shen Menglu sincerely praised that it was Shen Menglu’s idea to let the cream and Mo Yu bring the children in. She meant to let the queen mother make the final concession because Shen Menglu knew that the previous sentence of the queen mother was not rare and it was purely angry words, but the two children of the queen mother changed clothes, which really exceeded her meaning. 453 [Xanadu] The simplest happiness.
Empress Ji carefully put the little emperor in her arms as a baby. "When Qi ‘er and Zhen ‘er were born in the harem, they didn’t trust others. Most of the time, they took care of them themselves and practice made perfect."
At the moment, Queen Ji’s face is gone. She looked at two sleeping children lovingly and remembered that she had fought to protect the two children. Queen Ji’s face was a little more melancholy.
"Empress Gong Bai, you also know that you are worried that there is no harem fight. The little emperor and the little princess can avoid many injuries, but how can a country’s monarch’s harem be empty? This makes it difficult for the palace to explain to the ancestors! "
"Mother …" Shen Menglu called a want to say something but was interrupted by the wave of her queen mother.
"The palace knows that the rule is whether the dead are alive or alive, and you know that the emperor is more affectionate than Jin Jian, but the queen. You can see that this draft is not advocated by the palace, but the ministers and their wives jointly asked the palace." Empress Ji sighed, and she did not tell Zhu Yinzhen about this matter.
The death of Dezong came too suddenly. Empress Ji and others naturally knew that Dezong had died, but I didn’t know the lover, but I once suspected that Zhu Yinzhen had secretly tampered with it.
In particular, Zhu Pingting and Wei Chihan bewitched the whole court, and the pro-commandant faction was arrogant and outspoken against Zhu Yinzhen.
Although it is not impossible to solve those treacherous thieves by force, there are too many people involved, and strong repression will bring a tyrannical name to Zhu Yinzhen.
Zhu Yinzhen was once in a passive situation. He had a hard time on the first day of his accession to the throne. Empress Ji helped him sit in the dragon chair and secretly made a lot of efforts to save many ministers for him and turn the situation around.
But that group of child prodigies gave the Queen Mother Ji a candy, and naturally they wanted to get back the two candies from the Queen Mother Ji. Marriage was a shortcut to send their daughter to the palace, and it was their tacit idea to glorify their ancestors from then on.
After the stability of the court came, the ministers rushed to sell their daughters as soon as possible. The queen didn’t dare to think about the four concubines and six wives, but she was determined to win. After the national funeral, it was pushed to the table.
Empress Ji knew that Zhu Yinzhen never advocated women’s politics and didn’t dare to tell Zhu Yinzhen about her feelings of contacting those ministers behind Zhu Yinzhen’s back. She knew that she could take all the responsibility for the princess in the draft and the result was a mother’s centrifugal.
Zhu Yinzhen’s refusal was expected by Empress Ji. After all, at this time, Shen Menglu had just escaped the fate of life and death, but Empress Ji never expected that Zhu Yinzhen would avoid it. She gave birth in the name of Shen Menglu and went to court for two months, but even more unexpectedly, after Shen Menglu’s mother returned to Beijing, Zhu Yinzhen actually avoided it and put pressure on Shen Menglu to hide their Niang Saner in Muwangfu for a long time and never returned to the palace.
Zhu Yinzhen’s extreme way of insisting on his protest made Empress Ji miserable. On the one hand, she had to bear the incomprehension of her son, on the other hand, she had to bear the pressure of various officials and wives, and she was also exhausted.
Queen Mother Ji came to Muwangfu today. Shen Menglu is a reasonable person. It may be easier to get her alliance, which can make Queen Mother Ji never expect that Shen Menglu is also a dead end here …
"The Queen’s Palace knows that your mind is glad to see your emperor’s deep love. It is the queen’s wife who is destined to suffer some injustice and is not qualified for sex … do you understand?" Empress Ji’s voice is full of melancholy and deep exhaustion.
Shen Menglu naturally understands the truth, but with what? If you marry, you are going to be wronged. Which woman is still willing to marry? Shouldn’t getting married be the pursuit of happiness?
"Mother, you know all the male and female servants." Shen Menglu, who is eagerly looking forward to meeting the Queen Mother Ji, responded lightly as she wished, but the Queen Mother Ji still came with a sigh of relief. Shen Menglu then let the Queen Mother Ji’s heart tighten again.
"My mother’s male and female servants know that you have made great achievements in the country, and Shiro has paid a lot. You are a great country and a great mother. My mother’s male and female servants also hope that they can make great achievements in the country like my mother. But my mother’s male and female servants are willing to sacrifice their lives to defend the country, but they can’t do so. My female and male servants beg my mother to forgive their selfishness." Shen Menglu said and knelt down at the Queen Mother.
After learning that Zhu Yinzhen, the Empress Dowager Ji, made every effort, Shen Menglu was filled with gratitude and understood her difficulties. It was not wrong for her to insist on the draft, but Shen Menglu also admitted that she refused and there was nothing wrong. They just crossed the Millennium gap.
Queen Mother Ji’s eyes are getting darker and darker. Can’t Shen Menglu give in? Empress Ji closed her eyes wearily and asked with sadness, "Can the Queen’s Palace say that you let the palace down too much?"

"I also want to ask you, who are you? How come I’ve never seen you in Yejia? " Cheyenne asked rightfully.

"You are a leaf family? There is no one else in the old house except Grandpa Ye and Grandma Ye. Do you dare to say that you are a Ye family? " Big beauty saw Cheyenne corners of the mouth moved and then said, "or do you want to say that you are leaves home? Don’t you think I will not know the Ye family? "
"Who said I was a big leaf home? In fact, I hate to reveal my identity, but since you insist on asking me, I’ll tell you that I’m Ye Laomo, and this time I’m here to celebrate his birthday! "
"oh? Is it? Then tell me that Ye Lao is old this year? " Big beauty hands chest ourtenant looked at Cheyenne asked.
"How can I ask Ye Lao, who is always your friend, about his age?" Cheyenne looked at the big beauty with a "you really don’t understand" face and asked, "Who are you after talking for a long time? You don’t look like the Ye family, but it’s the secret of Ye’s enterprise to know the roots of Ye’s family, right? What’s your father’s name? "
"You don’t know that today is not Grandpa Ye’s birthday, since Grandpa Ye is a best friend?" The big beauty smiled slightly. "Today is Grandma Ye’s birthday."
Damn it, this mistake is too serious! Xia Anxin suddenly realized that he had just heard the old man say that it was the master’s birthday consciousness, but he thought it was the hostess’s birthday. This is a big flaw!
The beautiful woman waved to the distance. Just now, the man in gray who questioned Cheyenne came running happily. Cheyenne looked around looking for an escape route. He knew that the man must be a security guard. If he was caught, not only would he be unlucky, but even the old man who brought him in would be implicated!
It’s hard for the Ye family to bear a little offense. You can imagine the consequences of Cheyenne coming in to make trouble on the old woman’s birthday.
"Is this person like mixing in?" The beautiful woman asked the man in gray
"Miss Mu, he is a guest of Elymus," replied the gray man respectfully.
This is not only Mu Yunqing, but even Cheyenne was surprised and opened his mouth. When did he become a friend of Elymus? He didn’t even know it! Cheyenne suddenly remembered the old man, who was the only Ye family Cheyenne knew.
Cheyenne dark praise the old man handout spirit gloated at Mu Yun sweeping "now know that I’m telling the truth? I was just teasing you, old friend Yip. How could I not know that today is Mrs Yip’s birthday? "
MuYunQing listened to this person’s sarcasm and felt quite stuffy, but her familiarity with this person in front of her became stronger and stronger. Suddenly, her mind flashed and she thought of someone.
"Hey, you blush with shame? Haha, you know you’re wrong, right? Don’t worry, I won’t blame you for your mistakes. You can make mistakes and be a good student … "Cheyenne was full of comforting voices and praised Mu Yun for suddenly feeling that his instep was heavily tied when he was in Qing Dynasty. Looking down, he just saw Mu Yunqing gently lifting high heels.
"Tie him up for me. I suspect he’s up to something. I’m going to ask Grandpa Ye personally later!" Mu Yun said coldly.
My foot is disfigured. It must be disfigured! Cheyenne was about to cry when she was attacked by high heels on her instep, but she heard MuYunQing’s attitude change.
"Miss Mu, this ….." Han in gray looks reluctant, and at the same time, she is curious about Miss Mu. What’s going on? How can she suddenly attack this man? It doesn’t fit her image!
"I don’t speak well? Tie him up for me! " Mu Yun cold face cried.
Cheyenne repeatedly waved his hand and said, "If you have something to say, don’t give Elymus any trouble, okay?"
Mu Yunqing paid no attention to Chao Gray’s humanity "Don’t start work yet!"
Although it is difficult for people in gray, it is better to "offend" Cheyenne Road. Then they reached out and caught Cheyenne.
Cheyenne was successfully attacked by MuYunQing just now because of inattention. Now I know that this Han will take him to deal with his foot at once. When his hand swings slightly, he will catch him, only to see that his figure suddenly lags behind, which just makes the gray-clad Han palm fall.
The look of the man in gray changed. He didn’t expect this young man to have such a skill that he could capture and implement it. It was amazing. He felt it necessary to find out the origin of this person out of professional thinking.
Cheyenne also felt the momentum change of the gray man at this moment. He immediately grabbed a large plate of dishes on the wooden table next to him and shouted, "Don’t push me or I’ll smash it!"
The gray man’s eyes are almost bulging when he looks at this scene. This man is too immoral, but I have to admit that this trick is so good that he dare not move. Look at Mu Yunqing for help.
"All right, you go ahead." MuYunQing took a deep breath of air pressure and then kicked Cheyenne impulsively. He looked at his hands holding a large plate of Dongpo elbow and gave Cheyenne a white look. "Can you be a little productive? How is it exactly the same as in the game? It’s all so unruly. "
"In the game?" Cheyenne’s mind at the moment in the fat but not greasy smell big elbow heard MuYunQing words finally raised his head and looked at the big beauty "do you know me? Who are you? " to be continued
Chapter 146 Face with fruit
Cheyenne was really shocked.
This is weird. Where did the beautiful woman recognize him? I wonder if this beautiful woman recognizes him as Zunbao or Devil?
Cheyenne looked worried that she would see through that she was the real devil.
Mu Yunqing ignored Cheyenne’s surprise, but when she saw Cheyenne’s surprised look, she felt a strong carefree feeling, as if she had avenged herself. "You guess slowly, and then talk to me when you think of who I am. Grandpa Ye said that you are his guest and I will leave you alone."
"Hey, don’t go. Tell me who you are first!" Cheyenne looked at leaving MuYunQing hurriedly to recover.
Mu Yunqing doesn’t seem to know that Cheyenne is chasing after her, but she can easily chase Cheyenne on high heels, but she can’t bear to surpass her after seeing Mu Yunqing twist her posture in the back.
Mu Yunqing deliberately looked back and found that the goods behind him were obsessed with the look. After the line of sight fell, he thought with shame and anger, "Damn it, I will make you look good later!"
Cheyenne didn’t know the danger was coming. As Mu Yunqing came to a slant hall in the front yard, there were young people who could attend this level of birthday party. Young people were very important in their respective homes, so that the old people at the banquet would take the opportunity to bring the younger generation out to see the world. After all, such opportunities are not often met, and giants like Ye Jia are by no means accessible to ordinary people, but who to bring is obviously screened.
"Say that clear elder sister good …"
"Say that clear elder sister you are so beautiful today …"
To be divided into small groups, the young people saw Mu Yunqing coming and immediately became quiet. They greeted Mu Yunqing in succession, and Cheyenne was also disturbed at this time, so that he knew the name of this glasses girl.
Mu Yunqing?
Cheyenne wondered why he didn’t remember hearing this name in his previous life. It happened that the other party just showed it as if they really knew him in the game.
"Thank you for your help, grandma’s birthday party." A young man with glasses in his early twenties said to Mu Yunqing, but his tone was not polite at all, but he was arrogant.
"Grandma Ye’s birthday, I’ll go by myself." Mu Yun’s polite head portrait is the same as not hearing the dissatisfaction in the glasses.
At this time, a little girl with a braided hair fluffy skirt came out next to her and said, "Sister Yun Qing, did you really invite Qin Sheng to celebrate Grandma Ye’s birthday?"
Everyone is looking forward to MuYunQing from the holy name of Qin.
"It’s just a coincidence. A few days ago, I happened to be invited by Qin Sheng to finally please move her." Mu Yun swept the road
The young man’s face became more and more gloomy with admiration. At this time, he saw Cheyenne’s anger and said, "Mu Yun celebrated my grandmother’s birthday. What do you mean?"
"Do you mean him?" MuYunQing turned and pointed to Cheyenne and shook his head. "I don’t know him. I know he is a guest brought back by Elymus."
As soon as this was said, everyone forgot Qin Sheng’s eyes and stared straight at Cheyenne as if his face had a beautiful photo.
You can hear it when you drop a needle in the slant hall.
Cheyenne knew that he was born with a mocking aura, and it seemed that anyone who saw him wanted to punch him. But at present, these people seemed to look at him not because of how sloppy he was dressed, but because of how out of place they were.
The more beautiful a woman is, the less believable it is. Cheyenne forgot who said this, but he thought it was very reasonable. He was confused by Mu Yunqing, and that was the reason. But Mu Yunqing said that he was a guest brought back by Elymus. These people were as shocked as if they wanted to eat flies. There must be something special, right?
"Everyone, you are busy, I will leave first!" What a witty person Cheyenne is. No matter what’s hidden, he doesn’t want to get involved and turn away.
The young man with glasses drank coldly, "Do you know that calling flowers like you is really not suitable for staying here, or get out of here quickly and make everyone’s eyes humiliated?"
Cheyenne can’t stand it. At least Nimago has a billion family members. Er, he used to have a billion fortune, but no matter what makes you say my name is Hua?
"The glasses brother didn’t you see that this is the woman provoke deviance? I belong to lying gun. If you have any anger, just throw it at her head. Don’t take me as a scapegoat! " Cheyenne smile happily turned and said
"I want to drive a beggar in rags out of Ye’s gate, which pollutes everyone’s eyes, that’s all." The young man’s forehead is blue and his veins are jumping. Cheyenne’s words just hit him where he hurts. He is really angry with Mu Yunqing, but he dare not tell Mu Yunqing that Cheyenne just happened to bump into his gun.
"I think your eyesight will be better with glasses. I didn’t expect it to be blind. You let everyone here judge me where I am like a beggar? Do you think I’m a beggar because my clothes, pants, shoes and socks are not worth anything? Haven’t you ever taught you that you can’t judge a book by its cover? Maybe I look like a beggar in your eyes, but I’m telling you that being rich in heart is really rich, and being like you is definitely narrow-minded. You are really a beggar! "
Cheyenne talked a lot about feeling a little thirsty, grabbed a bottle of high-end drinks next to her, drank it and smacked her mouth. She was surprised and said, "Hey, what is this? It’s quite delicious."
"You … you … get out of here!" Glasses youth angry roar a way
Cheyenne looked around surprised, pointing to his nose. "You let me get out? Did I hear you right? Do you know who I am? I’m Ye Lao, and I personally invited the guests. Ye Lao, don’t be a bad friend. If you want to call me Grandpa, what strength do you have to let me out? It’s you. I can tell you to get out, you know? But China is a state of etiquette. I don’t have much strength. I am very polite. If I want you to kneel down and kowtow to me, I won’t kick you out. If you don’t talk, I will take it as your consent. Kneel quickly. "
Mu Yunqing looked at Cheyenne with anger and humor. She knew that Cheyenne’s personality would never suffer a loss, especially when facing such a group of dignitaries and nobles who claimed themselves. They couldn’t think about it at all. A person who could put his face on the soles of his feet faced a group of dignitaries and nobles who valued his face more than anything else. It must be that shameless person who won a single-mouth kung fu competition.
Cheyenne has always felt that he is a good man. He is clean, upright, talented and handsome. It is natural for his enemies to be jealous of such a kind and courageous Lei Feng-style good man. After all, few people can get out of the mud like him.