Themis may have a big temper, but she can become a flower in the police force not just by her face. She does have a keen sense of smell different from ordinary people, and Cheyenne knows that, so he trusts themis’s judgment.

"What we see is a complete team, except for a natural druid, all of them are fighting thieves and assassin thieves, but I listen to what they mean. There are other forces on this map," themis analyzed
"oh? Specifically? " Cheyenne suddenly became interested. If there were other forces, he could call on everyone to stand up and expel the Blood Night Association.
Themis recalled, "At that time, the little witch and I met three people from the blood night Guild. After a while, seven more people emerged from the western Woods. One of them seemed to be a leader with a blood-red dagger. He said that we should automatically quit the map and not be as ungrateful as those people just now."
When Cheyenne listened to the blood-red dagger, his heart suddenly broke. This is not the color of the dagger body, but because of the special ornament "Devil Curse" that can make people lose experience. Cheyenne estimated that the blood night Guild has no large-scale equipment yet. The Devil Curse may be that one or two people in each team have this ornament. When killing people, it will be able to achieve the experience effect.
Cheyenne Sirius badge demon curse has the same effect, but Sirius badge can directly absorb the other party’s attribute value, which is called harming others and benefiting themselves, while the devil curse is harming others and not benefiting themselves.
Demon curse is not as good as Sirius badge, but Cheyenne is also coveted.
If you can get such a good thing, you will have a good means to retaliate against the enemy. Unfortunately, the origin of the demon curse is not secret, and even Cheyenne, a reborn person, doesn’t know. Well, it’s worthwhile to come if you can explode one from blood night’s hand.
Just as Cheyenne was planning to sneak attack on blood night guild members, Brother Hulu sent a message on the team channel saying, "The monster in the temple is too powerful. I was almost killed by the monster as soon as I went in. I can’t understand it deeply."
After a while, the other three Huluwa students also sent the same news.
"So it seems that we have to change our plan and form a team to break into the big devil. What do you think?" Chen Young muses.
Cheyenne spoke highly of Yan Chen’s empty heart for advice. "I’m flattered that you can ask me for advice so much. It seems that your progress has not been wasted."
Yan Chenren tried to spray the big devil with a face of impulsive teeth. "Since you have no objection, we will go to the nearest temple gate."
After announcing the plan in the team, Yan Chen took the hammer and stick one step ahead, unwilling to go hand in hand with the big devil. Obviously, Chen Young has put up with Cheyenne’s malice, and themis and the little witch are also fond of the big devil and lack of appearance, walking in front of Cheyenne.
Cheyenne fell behind the team and walked slowly. At the same time, she looked at the back of the little witch and themis with appreciation, but she was also at ease.
It’s a pity that Cheyenne was destined to be idle for too long. They had just moved forward and a complete team appeared head-on in Cheyenne’s sight.
"There is a war alliance in front!" Chen Young said in the team.
Battle-Sky Alliance Tomahawk!
If Xia Anxin is happy against the blood night Guild, it will be a strong backbone!
Chen Young wasn’t as happy as Cheyenne when he found out about the Zhantian Alliance. If other influential people get involved, the greater the chance that their plans for the big devil will go wrong. This is definitely not what he and another conspirator expected to see.
"I found that the leader of the imperial secretary of the Moon Cold is the Moon Cold," said Brother Hulu.
"the drunken song of the red face building"
"Eternal imperial men and immortal medical men also appeared."
The bad news continued, and Chen Young’s face was completely gloomy. He felt that the situation was out of their control.
These big guilds belong to different main cities. What Ministry is here? Yan Chen can’t think straight.
Cheyenne was shocked by the discovery of the four gourd dolls in the team. What day is it today? It’s no coincidence that so many great experts gathered here at the same time!
"It seems that the first person to trigger this is you!" Tomahawk said after seeing the oncoming line to Chen Young and others.
"Tomahawk, how did you show up?" Chen Young asked.
"Don’t you know? After the number of people on this map reached five, the guild was released. Let us help you expel the temple invaders. It is estimated that all the established guilds will send teams. "
Tomahawk explained that Cheyenne and other talents were originally released to various guilds shortly after they entered here. This support system restricted each guild from sending a team to enter. Finally, according to the contribution of the team, they were rewarded, which was conducive to the promotion of the guild level. No one wanted to miss the dispatch. It was definitely an elite.
Cheyenne was also worried about the people of the blood night Guild. Now he is completely relieved. If the elite of the major guilds enter this map, the blood night Guild will not dare to provoke public anger even if it is daring. The blood night Guild knows when to act with great fanfare and when to be a man quietly, with its tail between its legs.
"I think we should go with each other. Anyway, we have no conflict of interest," Cheyenne said.
"The big devil? Why are you here? " Tomahawk is as surprised as discovering a new continent.
One stand hand of Cheyenne said, "Life forced me to work, of course."
Damn it, where are you from? Yan Chen’s dark hate tomahawk in his heart is also a strange face.
"Since the Great Devil kindly invited us, it’s better to take care of us." Tomahawk replied.
Chen Young deliberately refused to think, "How can I get rid of the Great Devil if I take you in the way?"
Before Chen Young brewed the wording to reject themis, he was a little surprised and said, "To the sky?"
Tomahawk one leng looked at themis nods "I am to the sky and you are …"
Themis unhappy cold hum a don’t ignore a confused tomahawk.
"So you two are acquaintances?" Cheyenne looked surprised at the tomahawk with a wave of his hand. "What else does that say? Let’s go together! I have to be countered by the younger generation. "
Yan Chen’s heart was filled with anxiety and thought, "Did the Great Devil find any clues?"
Tomahawk is still looking at themis. Hearing Cheyenne’s words, he can’t help asking, "Does it seem that it’s not peaceful here?"
"We just met a group of blood night guild members who are very arrogant and want us to leave automatically or they will forcibly expel us!" The little witch said angrily, then looked at themis and asked Tomahawk, "Do you know Sister Mu?"
"Your name is Mu?" Tomahawk looked at themis in surprise and said, "Mu … Are you Mu Nanxin from Shicheng?" to be continued
Chapter 13 Red Flame Magic Frog
Cheyenne remembers themis’s real name. Her real name is Mu Nanxin.
From this point of view, Tomahawk may indeed know Munanxin in reality.
Cheyenne knew Munan in his previous life, but he didn’t have any facts with Tomahawk. If it weren’t for red high heels, Cheyenne wouldn’t have come into contact with the Zhantian Alliance for the time being.
"I am Mu Nanxin!" Themis looks pale.
"Sister mu, have you been enemies with him? Why are you so angry? " The little witch’s divination fire suddenly broke out
Tomahawk said calmly, "I really didn’t expect to meet you in the game."
"If I met you in reality, I would have been beaten to the ground!" Munan heart homicidal way
"It seems that you are still upset about that, but I feel guilty!" Tomahawk said with a sigh
Cheyenne listened to Tomahawk and themis’s charade-like dialogue, and his heart suddenly remembered that themis had told him one thing in his previous life, and he was almost sure that Tomahawk was the man!
Themis was once selected into a special army, but her proud personality seemed out of place. Once she heard a male soldier say something unpleasant behind his back, she beat the man seriously, and themis was forced to leave the army because of this. Tomahawk was the officer in charge of handling this matter at that time. themis hated Tomahawk very much.
Although the number of the accompanying team has soared, the atmosphere is weird and depressing. Chen Young’s own intimacy and good family are secretly negotiating, such as setting up the big devil themis to glare at Tomahawk, and the little witch’s eyes are flashing with flaming sticks. Obviously, Tomahawk is very interested in themis and Tomahawk. The elites are all from the army. It is always forbidden to go out casually.
At that time, people talked.

"Of course, it’s so easy to fight with the bonfire. It’s unexpected that Brother Gao’s performance this time is really amazing." The war wound is about Naikou

"Now I won’t say anything about him. Now I want to ask if you haven’t given up attacking the beacon city." Gao Jianfeng asked seriously.
"Didn’t you attack me from the enemy’s city? If you have something to say, you should say it directly." The war wound asked directly.
"It’s very simple. If you want to attack my beacon city, then you won’t go back to the city. Of course, if you don’t have such a plan, that’s another calculation." Gao Jianfeng said coldly, although he doesn’t want to fight, if the other party really wants to fight, then Gao Jianfeng will never be afraid of war
"Say, please continue." There is no doubt that Gao Jianfeng has such strength, just as he can trap Gao Jianfeng in the forest of apes. Gao Jianfeng absolutely has the strength to annihilate the tens of thousands of military forces!
"I want you to go back to your capital. This war is over. If you don’t leave, I believe you have received a message from the Hundred Apes Forest. That is, if you really want to fight, please count him in!" Gao Jianfeng said …
"What do you mean, are you threatening me?" The war wound stared at Gao Jianfeng and asked, "The commander-in-chief of an army is now threatened by one person. This was an incredible thing before, but now the war wound has to consider that the threat from this person to the unknown enemy is the most frightening enemy."
"You can think that this is what he said. Think for yourself." Gao Jianfeng is not afraid to look at the mouth.
"Can you tell him who it is? Forget it, you won’t say it. Now it seems that I have no chance of winning. In this case, it seems that I have promised your request, right?" This is something that has never happened in his decades of war career
"This is the best result, and I hope that you will have a truly fair World War I." Gao Jianfeng said seriously that a general Gao Jianfeng can understand the feelings of war injuries.
"Me too. Now you can go back. You should still trust me when I talk to someone?" War wound path
"In this case, I won’t bother you." With that, I turned around and rode away.
Watching Jian-feng Gao disappear from the back, the war wound tightened and the weapon in his hand walked to the city!
Gao Jianfeng with thirty thousand fighters quickly returned to Fengyan City, and at the same time, the soldiers of Tianen Empire outside the city of Fengyan finally received the news of retreat, and at that time they ran to Fangfeng City like an amnesty.
Gao Chen’s windproof wall is a visual corner. Looking at Gao Jianfeng turning back, he breathed a long sigh of relief. So far, there is no suspense. It is a long way from the beacon city to the capital. It will take a month for Gao Jianfeng to return to the capital.
And this month, Gao Chen has to follow all the way, and he can’t relax until he gets the reward!
Chapter 62 regimental ranks
Shortly after Gao Jianfeng returned to the beacon city, he arranged for the people from the War Wounds Department to receive the news that the war wound had returned to the capital of Tianen Empire, and then he also got up and went back to the capital. He urgently needed to know that the battle report was abnormal. What happened? Who was hiding his battle report?
Gao Chen didn’t go with Gao Jianfeng, but appeared in front of the troops. Gao Jianfeng didn’t even know that Gao Chen actually helped him! And Gao Jianfeng didn’t encounter any trouble all the way. It all seemed so calm, but Gao Chen knew that it was because the real battlefield was the center of the whole bonfire empire in the capital.
"Returning home in triumph, defeating the ten thousand troops of Grace Empire, killing tens of thousands of people and forcing them to return to Grace City. Good, good, good, Gao Jianfeng, I underestimate you." Looking at the battle report in his hand, he said to himself that although he said yes, his face was so ugly.
This result is absolutely unexpected, but it’s windy at this time, but it can’t do anything about Gao Jianfeng. After all, Gao Jianfeng has made great contributions again this time, but instead of embarrassing him, he has to be rewarded.
"Come" knows that it’s time for you to make some preparations for some things at this time. When Gao Jianfeng returns, you have to give him a reasonable explanation. Although Gao Jianfeng can’t do anything to himself, if he doesn’t have a reasonable excuse, he will lose some people’s hearts and now he needs to find a scapegoat.
"Master Ma Xiang came to see me," ordered the eunuch.
Soon master appeared in the palace, looked gloomy and windy, and asked, "I don’t know what the emperor Wei Chen called?"
"Hum the so-called things you see for yourself." Say that finish, I threw the manual report to Mast on my knees.
Masde busy picked up the battle report and looked at his face, cold sweat slowly and his body trembled slowly.
"How is this, how is this possible?" Masud seems to be so unbelievable about the information in the Battle Report that he lost his voice.
"Hum, why not? Now I want to know what are you going to do when Gao Jianfeng returns to the capital." He asked the kneeling Mastefeng who was furious.
"I handle affairs unfavorably, please ask the emperor to make atonement, and also ask the emperor to give the old minister a chance to make atonement." Masde quickly bowed down and trembled at the sound mouth.
"I want to know how you can make amends," the wind asked coldly.
"It’s a month’s journey from the beacon city to the capital, and I can send someone to give it to him." He said and made a move.
"Knowing what Gao Jianfeng is, the confrontation between the two armies can’t destroy him. Can you still do something about your bonfire empire?" After listening to Masd’s words, the wind is even more angry.
"This, this, I can make people poison." What seems to come to mind is that Masud seems to grasp the last straw.
"The poison has passed, hasn’t it? As a result, Gao Jianfeng’s return to the city can’t stop it. What I want you to do now is to deal with some afterwards things for me. Are you white?" The wind even wrath asked.
"I thank Huang Bai for giving me this opportunity. I know what to do." Listen to the wind and talk, Masd, but I still don’t know what to do.
"Retreat" the cold wind.
"It’s hard for the gaos thought not to worry about me!" The wind sighed that Gao Jianfeng’s battle report really surprised him. He seemed to suddenly think of something in Gao’s face, smiled a little strangely and said to himself, "You can’t let me down just like this!" …
Gao Chen was far ahead of Gao Jianfeng and others in the daytime, and he practiced his lighter skills alone in the evening. Of course, there is also the speed of pushing. Now his weapon has been replaced by a war blade (general). This attack has reached 30 weights, but it is also 30 weapons, which makes Gao Chen’s cutting speed much faster. Now he can cut his knife 400 times in one minute, which is also more than 100 times short of completion.
Everything goes well. It’s been more than ten days since the day and the night in practice. Gao Chen is now less than fifty times away from the speed he needs to complete, but Gao Chen knows that this is the limit. If he wants to get promoted, the only way is to get promoted. Now it’s not something that can be done in a day or two, but it’s almost the same in a month. But it seems impossible to get promoted this month. He is a little annoyed with the promotion of the level.
Suddenly, Gao Chen thought that he still had something to do. If he wanted to complete a graded reward, wouldn’t that be enough? Now upgrading is his only hope. After reading that he hasn’t finished yet, he can upgrade a lot. One of them beat Gary so that he can be promoted to two levels, which he doesn’t want to do at present.
There is also the crisis of Gao Jianfeng, which won’t be rewarded until Gao Jianfeng returns to windy city. For this, it’s also far away. When I saw it, Gao Chen’s eyes lit up. This is exactly what it said. It was raining in the middle of the day. When Gao Chen saw it, it was Zhu Zhiqi who challenged it. This reward seems to have no temptation for Gao Chen except to get promoted to the next level. But isn’t this what he wants? Now a small person like Zhu Zhiqi has long since ignored him.
After observing Gao Chen during this period, I found that Gao Jianfeng and his party didn’t encounter any accident. Every day goes smoothly. It seems that the capital has given up looking for Gao Jianfeng’s trouble. If you think about it, the battlefield will be alive. If the triumph road suddenly hangs up, it is a strange thing. If this kind of thing really happens, you will not know how cold it is!
Of course, because the time is getting closer and closer when Zhu Zhifu challenged him, Gao Chen has once again become the focus of the whole magic martial arts college. Because Gao Chen has not appeared for more than ten days, many people speculate on the reason why Gao Chen has not appeared. Of course, because of a duel with Magwu, no one will think that he is afraid now.
This is a student challenge. Although this challenge has become the focus of the whole Magic Martial Arts College because of the identity of both sides, it has been declared as a big event in the whole capital city by a willing heart. However, with the news that the whole college has been sold, the whole windy city is crazy. This news is like a raging flame pouring oil on it, which makes the whole body burn very fiercely. That is, the emperor will challenge the audience that day, and the winner will get a mysterious reward from himself. What is this reward? There is a lot of speculation, but anyway, it is the emperor’s hand, and it can’t be rubbish.
Many people think that this is a disguised suppression of the Gao family because Zhu Zhiqi is now a third-order six-star fighter, and Gao Chen? Although he said that he defeated Magwu, how can Magwu compare with him?
"Emperor, is it appropriate for you to do this?" Dean Ye Tianzheng asked to sit in front of him.
"What’s wrong with this? The empire is Wu Liguo. Isn’t it possible to increase the passion of relatives for practicing martial arts for one year? There’s nothing wrong with it. Don’t you want the young people in our college to be stronger and increase their enthusiasm, Dean?" The wind asked with a smile …
"I won’t say anything about the emperor. You want the Bai Gaos to be a true loyal minister for several generations. Some things done will make people feel chilling." Ye Tianzheng said something.
"Gaos thought loyal I naturally know this is not my reward is his Gao Chen preparation." Before Ye Tianzheng, it was windy and claimed to be me, not me or the emperor. This is the respect for Ye Tianzheng’s seventh-order wizard, whose face flashed an irate look, but his face still smiled and said.
"Is it really what the emperor said that he was prepared by Gao Chen?" Ye Tianzheng didn’t seem to see the wind, and his face flashed across the silk and he asked.

"The six Great Sages of Wanyao Cave have finally arrived." The man in blue armor said coldly, "I am the Antarctic god of war among the five polar gods of war."

Lord Peng doesn’t give a damn. He kicked Niu Mowang, whose figure has soared several times, right in the ass. It was only this kick that failed to move him.
"wipe!" Lord Peng scolded bitterly and lifted his foot to dust it.
Dumpling demon king is a big yawn without looking at all going to the demon.
Shengjun walked. Two people cooing together also don’t know what to start to say, just dumpling demon king from time to time out of her smile as anyone can guess that these two guys will definitely not say anything good.
The Monkey King shrugged his shoulders and stood aside with a look of "I don’t care if you continue" and made it clear that he didn’t want to interfere with Niu Mowang and the Antarctic God of War.
The Wild Elephant King didn’t care about the Antarctic God of War, but waved to the God of War who was badly beaten by Niu Mowang in the Western Yuan Dynasty army and laughed: "Hey, boy, is your people whip still there?"
"Ha ha ha!" They couldn’t help laughing, but the face of the God of War was covered by a golden mask, and you couldn’t see his face now, but it was definitely bad.
The lion camel king did say hello to the Antarctic God of War, but this only greeting completely angered the Antarctic God of War-"We may be interested in pointing you out when the kid goes back to practice for another 500 years."
"Looking for death!" The Antarctic Ares was humiliated by these six demon saints in turn, and the light blue armor on his chest had a dazzling light, and a light blue pike was firmly held in the hands of the Antarctic Ares. At the same time, four figures from the sky will stand on both sides of the Antarctic God of War.
"Sky God of War!"
"Earth God of War!"
"God of war among men!"
"Arctic God of War!"
The most famous pentapolar god of war under the seat of the Western Tai Chi Emperor finally appeared in front of the six saints of the Wanyao Cave.
Niu Mowang stepped on his nose in the previous step and exhaled a white breath to sneer: "God of War among men. I admire you, old cow! "
"Well said!" The God of War among the people glanced sideways at Niu Mowang’s pentapolar God of War, but he was the only one who lacked a lance, which was just broken into two pieces by Niu Mowang.
Niu Mowang said, "I admire your face, old cow, which is much harder than your broken stick! Hahahaha! "
"Ha ha ha ha ha!" The smell of all the demons in Wan Yao Cave is also a burst of unbridled laughter. The Six Great Sages won’t have any problems in dealing with the five-pole God of War. The loser of the God of War has been seriously injured by Niu Mowang. Even the magic weapon was broken in two.
What’s more, there is a nominal monarch in the Wanyao Cave-Wanyao Shengjun.
Although the number of troops in the western Yuan domain is five or six times as large as that in the Wan Yao Cave, the arrival of the six Great Sages. Which means there are six armies. Towards the place where the demon cave is located. Besides, I sent a little demon to the blood pool for help. Just sent back a message with the demon stone. The blood pool army is on its way.
Even if they are not as big as the invading army in the western Yuan Dynasty, they are fearless. Hum, Tai Chi Emperor is great!
"Don’t interfere with these five guys and give them to me." Niu Mowang smiled sullenly, and three white breaths came out from his nostrils. "Let you five lazy guys see the progress of the old cow in the past thousand years!"
Lord Peng shrugged and said, "If you want to show off, we will do it casually. Do you want me to lend you the’ golden mask’? But your cowhide is hard enough to practice what nonsense’ Zijin tactic’ … "
At first sight, the name of "Golden Hood" was a surprise. Then I remembered that the demon cave was mixed with the six saints, and Lord Sheng Peng had been a mount of Taoist Hung-chun. Later, Taoist Hung-chun gave him a protective magic weapon when he was traveling outside the sky. This magic weapon is "Golden Hood".
Yeah, I didn’t think there was half a disciple of Taoist Hongjun here …
Qi Qi, the god of war of the five poles, frowned. On that day, the Tai Chi Emperor ordered five of them to lead six hundred thousand heavenly soldiers to March to the demon cave in the central yuan domain, but they also forgot to tell them this. Now they suddenly woke up with fear.
It’s not a day or two since the Emperor Tai Chi coveted the Heaven Palace in the Central Yuan Dynasty. It’s just that when Taoist Hongjun laid down the laws of the Three Realms, he warned them that the Six Royals could only be responsible for things within their own jurisdiction, but they could never cross the border.
Because of the fear of Taoist Hongjun, the Emperor Tai Chi has been afraid to move around for tens of thousands of years until one day a man found him.
In the western Yuan domain, the invincible Pentaphyllus God of War could not even push a foot near his body, and then he was instantly subdued by five black lotus flowers and could not move … Think of this experience, Rao is the Pentaphyllus God of War, and such a character can’t help but sweat.
On that day, Tai Chi Emperor knew that his chance had finally come when he met this mysterious man. So he took refuge in this mysterious man, and then planned this wonderful attack on the Demon Cave half a month ago according to the mysterious man’s plan.
It’s just a thousand calculations, but I didn’t expect that there was a golden-winged Dapeng who used to be a mount of Taoist Hongjun in this demon cave.
"What’s the matter? Are you five afraid? " Niu Mowang stared coldly at the pentapole God of War in front of him. He felt that his blood was burning in his fighting spirit. At the moment, there was nothing but World War I!
Pentagonal ares looked at each other and saw the pitfalls from each other’s eyes.
Since I don’t want to mess with the Golden Winged Dapeng who is related to Taoist Hongjun, there is only one way to go now-to kill people!
"Wipe the old cow, this animal is bleeding again …" Peng Devil sneered at the Pentecostal God of War, which meant something funny.
Among them, the god of war lost 20 strokes, which led to the conclusion that the five-pole god of war was really not so good and there was a big gap between it and the rumors. As the saying goes, it’s hard to be a deputy under the high reputation and low reputation.
Niu Mowang’s smile in his eyes, the purple and gold armor shining on Dasheng’s body, set off his confidence and pride.
At the same time that the Pentecostal God of War made up his mind to level the demon cave at any cost today, Niu Mowang’s trident moved.
"hey! Smash! Smash! Smash! Hey! " Niu Mowang shouted five times in a row, "Go down to your grandpa Niu!"
The jade mountain that had been floating and never moved disappeared in the same place.
By the time the mountain peak reappeared, it had been smashed down toward the polar god of war with thunderous momentum.
Although it was a hasty fight, the pentapolar god of war was not afraid. Hey, it’s just a mountain. Even the weakest god of war can fight it with one hand, not to mention the five of them working together.
Pentagonal God of War made up his mind that the blow would blow the Jade Mountain in Niu Mowang to pieces.

Chapter one hundred and twelve Have a plan
"hey! Smash! Smash! Smash! Hey! "
The latosolic red color in Niu Mowang’s eyes is thicker, and there is quite a strange momentum when Han Yang possessed demons, and the trident in the hands of the five-tone roar will stamp the ground with another shake.
Jade Mountain, like a macho man who can’t be vented, used up all his strength and stabbed him desperately towards the five-pole god of war.
The lion camel king saw Jade Mountain and so on, slamming down and opening his mouth, but he couldn’t say anything at last. At that time, he stood there.
Demon Lord Peng did make signal with the lips and said to himself, "Three times: five times the strength. Gee … "It’s just that although they can hear it, they don’t understand what he said.
The expressions of dumpling demon king, monkey king and wild elephant king just look closely, and it will be revealed that these three people don’t know when they have sacrificed their respective guard weapons. As long as the situation on the field is slightly wrong, no one will doubt that these three people will use drastic measures.
Jade Mountain has been smashed four times in succession under the urging of Niu Mowang. Every time, the Pentagonal Ares, which is going to fight hard, was shaken. Among them, the Ares, the one with the weakest capability, almost got smashed to his knees on the spot. If it weren’t for the load of the Antarctic Ares, he would have made a decision.
"No! Absolutely wrong! " Among those who once fought hard against the Jade Mountain, the God of War was wrong when he blew out with the first punch. The falling degree and the strength of the Jade Mountain are different from those when you first resisted with one hand.
Now, even with his hands, he can stand up to the strength of the jade mountain, which has already made him a great man. If it is not forcibly suppressed by magic, it is impossible to say that he will spit out blood because he has not bled for thousands of years.
The god of war in the sky snorted and shouted, "Don’t think about anything at this time!" "

It’s a pity that Xiao Wu couldn’t hear the conversation before the three proprietress gave him his salary, otherwise he would vomit blood, because there was not much left in the rent and utilities he owed before.

Xiao Wu received a phone call from his previous rented house. It was Tan Ya.
"Hey Tan Ya, didn’t you travel around the world?"
"It was boring to go alone, so I walked around the neighborhood and just got back today." Tan Ya said, "Do you have time to come out and talk?"
"Good old place. I’ll buy you a drink today." With some money, Xiao Wu’s voice is much louder.
"eh?" Tan Ya’s voice was a little stunned and paused before saying, "Well, I’ll drive to pick you up."
Xiao Wudao said, "No, I don’t have to walk in the Beauty Body Hall now."
Hung up the phone and Xiao Wu walked to the sailor bar across the street. He met Tan Ya at the Mariner’s Bar and often met him at the Mariner’s Bar, which is the so-called old place.
Xiao Wu arrived at the sailor’s bar in less than twenty minutes. He saw Tan Ya standing there waiting for him. I haven’t seen Tan Ya for a while, or a pair of wild boots under the tight-fitting lady vest and jeans, with a cigar in his mouth. She is still so cool, so cold and sexy, and she is full of wildness.
Xiao Wu’s eyes swept the two shells on Tan Ya’s chest, and he was surprised. At any time, he had an absurd feeling. He felt that the two shells would shoot out while he was not looking, and his face would blossom.
"What are you looking at?" Tan Ya defiantly sprayed a cigarette on Xiao Wu’s face. "Why don’t you touch it and see if it’s fake?"
Xiao Wu smiled. Tan Ya was Tan Ya. She never changed.
"Don’t you have to accompany your three proprietresses today?"
Xiao Wu said, "I’d love to, but people don’t want me to go in with them. Let’s go for a drink."
Tan Ya found a table near the corner. She ordered a can of beer, and Xiao Wu was a strong bottle of vodka.
"This wine is expensive if I like it." Xiao Wu said.
Tan Ya smiled and said, "Otherwise, how could so many people make money desperately for this kind of life of being addicted to money?"
"I don’t like money, I just like to live in my own way."
Tan Ya stared at Xiao Wudao: "That’s what I like about you. In fact, I have wanted to do something with you for a long time."
"With me? Do what? " Xiao Wu took another sip of wine into his mouth.
"make love." Tan Ya said.
Poof bursts Xiao Wu sprayed out a mouthful of wine that had just entered his mouth.
"Why don’t you sleep with me tonight?" Tan Ya went on to say that when such a thing came out of her mouth, it felt strange to the extreme, like two buddies who were joking about sex instead of a woman and a man.
Xiao Wu laughed: "Tan Ya, will you fall in love after all?"
"Not as good as you teach me." Tan Ya also took a sip of beer into her mouth. The smell of beer made her frown. She wouldn’t drink, but she would always drink with a man willingly. This man is the guy in front of her.
Xiao Wudao said, "It’s like just now, um, your eyes should have that seductive feeling. When you talk, you’d better put a finger in your mouth and suck it, then pose to show your sexiness, and then say to me affectionately, honey, let’s have sex tonight. Do you understand?"
Poof bursts Tan Ya also spray a mouthful of wine.
"Really, you are so stupid. This is called the feeling of love." Xiao Wu solemnly said that he seemed to know a lot about love.
Tanya smiled. She didn’t speak. She just looked at Xiao Wu. She knows this guy is not much better than her. She and he are both people living in another world.
The saxophone player in the sailor’s bar played a tune. I don’t know the name of this piece of music, but it is so beautiful that it makes people feel inexplicably sad.
In this music Tan Ya once again thought of that night Xiao Wu suddenly broke into her world.
It was in this music that Xiao Wu thought of the wine money for tonight. I don’t know if the price of this bottle of vodka has gone up. If it has gone up too much, let’s pay for it in Tan Ya. She is one step behind her when she pays for the bag …
It was dark when I came out of the sailor’s bar. The city lights are gorgeous, and they complement each other, making people gradually lost in them.
Tan Ya drank three tins of beer. At this time, she was slightly drunk, and a faint blush appeared on her fair skin, which made her more feminine.
"Where’s your car?" In the end, Xiao Wu paid for the drinks because Tan Ya never paid for his wallet, so no matter how slow he was, he was slower than Tan Ya who didn’t pay at all. The money for the drinks made his flesh ache, his heart ached and his whole body ached, so he wanted to take a ride and let Tan Ya take him back to save a few dollars on the bus.
"In the parking lot in front, please go with me to get it. I’ll take you back."
"Yeah, ok." Xiaowu avenue.
They walked in tandem in the direction of the parking lot. Tan Ya suddenly stopped walking. She turned to look at Xiao Wu. "Xiao Wu, I have something to say to you."
"What is it? Why are you acting weird today? Are you drunk? " Shaw five also don’t understand of looking at Tan Ya.
"I …"
Eight _ zero _ power _ sub _ book _ w _ w _. t _ x _ t _ 8 _ 0. _ c _ o _ m
"If you have something to say, just say that your mother-in-law hangs my appetite?"
Tan Ya suddenly roared: "Get down!"
"My day! That’s it? "
But before Xiao Wu reacted, Tan Ya had already pounced on Xiao Wu. Because at that moment, she came from the back of Xiao Wu with an abnormal reflection, and its position was on the roof of a tall building. It was not a light, but a refracted light of the light. Tan Ya, who is familiar with this kind of light, can be sure that it is the light refracted by the sight of a sniper rifle without looking at her carefully!
Tan Ya’s intention at such a critical juncture was to throw himself on the ground to avoid the sniper’s attack. But she forgot one thing, that is, Xiao Wu’s strength and his instinctive reaction. As a result, she jumped on Xiao Wu’s body as if she had tackled a stake. Xiao Wu was bounced away instead of being tackled by her.

However, Gao Chen’s mother Gao Jianfeng doesn’t know that it was an accident when they met. Gao Jianfeng clearly remembers that Gao Chen’s mother Gao Jianfeng said a lot of strange things when she was five years old. For example, the next day, Gao Chen’s mother disappeared from the eyes of Gao’s family and Gao Jianfeng never married because of her feelings!

"Dad, you forget that it takes me a second to get from the Thousand Apes Forest to the windy city. For others, it is a far cry from the worldly world, but what is this distance for me?" Gao Chen said with a smile.
In fact, Gao Chen feels unworthy for Gao Jianfeng to protect the country, but he has always been single. It is rare in this continent. Although his family said that his mother was dead, how did they know that Gao Chen, who was five years old, had already lost everything? He did not understand his mother’s practice in his heart. Although Gao Chen is now another person, that one of Gao Chen’s memories is particularly profound!
"I forgot that you still have such a thing. In this case, you should remember to come back more. Since the lowest fighters are all in the fifth order, you must be careful in that world." Gao Jianfeng said.
"I can go to this big day, please rest assured," Gao Chen said confidently.
After a showdown chat with Gao Jianfeng for a while, Gao Jianfeng left and left Gao Chen. He thought about training all kinds of ways to increase his attributes and strength, and he couldn’t relax for a moment!
This practice in the enchantment is 36 hours, so accelerating Gao Chen can not only train in various ways and increase the attributes, but also unify several skills. In this crazy practice, the attack power of fire fencing is to make Gao Chen instantly burst into a full double attack power! Gao Chen is known to have twice the attack power in this world’s lighter. It is absolutely unexpected that this fire fencing has such attack power.
Moreover, these skills are not a single move, and each skill is made up of many moves. This is not a skill but a set of fighting skills, and Gao Chen always feels that the power of these skills will bring him more surprises after they are upgraded to advanced levels! …
In one night’s practice, Gao Chen raised the level of fire fencing slightly by one, and then all kinds of additional attributes were added. Now, the world level of Gao Chen’s practice is 36. From the point of view, it is the third-order six-star fighters who can add many attributes themselves, and Gao Chen knows that his level will rise. That is another Gao Jianfeng’s expectation. Although he has not joined the army yet, he will get the regiment rank now because of his personal commitment, and Gao Chen knows that when he graduates, he will go to the practice world.
Gao Jianfeng triumphantly returned to Gao Chen’s hands, and the four places made Gaos thought once again the focus of discussion in the windy city. If both Ma’s family and Zhujiajian are very small families, it is only a matter of time before they think they can figure out the emperor’s heart, and they will not be very relieved that Gaos thought will decline because of their hearts.
However, just because of a news, the Gaos thought that Gao Chen will go to the cultivation field and there are still four places in his hand. If you think about it, you can know what level the strength will rise when Gao Chen and others go to the cultivation field, and the number of places is that the emperor has won five, but actually Gao Chen has also got five, which has to be thought about.
It is equivalent to saying that the difference between the celestial world and the bliss world in the past life is this world’s spiritual world, which is true, and people can return with great strength after they go. What impact will this bring to the seventh order?
On a new day, visitors from the Gaos are coming in an endless stream, all with rich gifts, claiming that they are here to congratulate Gao Jianfeng on his triumph, but all these people have one thing in common, that is, not all the visitors bring the one they think is the best talent.
"Son, do you really have four places to practice?" In the evening, Gao Jianfeng received a daytime guest and looked at the house full of gifts. I can’t believe I asked Gao Chen.
"Dad, do you still doubt whether this is true or not?" Gao Chen also didn’t know that these people would be so crazy. Many imperial dignitaries who had no bonfire suddenly appeared in front of Gao’s family and said what they were like with Gao’s family or what relatives they were of that generation.
"The emperor has five places, but he gave you four and one. Is this even with the emperor?" Gaojianfengkou way
"The whole thing is so real. These four places are Ouyang’s predecessors. He told me to keep them for a long time. It’s very simple. That is to tell Feng Liantian the weight of my practice world. Although I don’t know what kind of world the practice world is, I know where the order can be called the strong. What do you think of our earthly life?" Gao Chen slowly analyzed the mouth and said that although the four places seemed to be won by himself, he got the information from Ouyang Changchu’s mouth. Gao Chen knew that even if he didn’t go to him, he would also leave these four places for himself, because he could bring ten people at a time, but he gave five places to the wind, which can say everything.
Gao Chen’s guess is not bad. A secular emperor doesn’t carry much weight in the eyes of practitioners. Today, during the daytime, Gao Chen received guests at home with Gao Jianfeng, and he didn’t have time to accompany Wang Yujie. When the last guest left, it was not too late. So Gao Chen found Wang Yujie …
"I didn’t expect this quota to be so hard to find these people. It’s crazy to go to the practice world." Wang Yujie sighed after seeing Gao Chen.
"It belongs to the field of cultivation that people actually appear in front of people, especially how can all kinds of news in that world not make these people crazy?" Gao Chen light mouth way
"Do you think the cultivation world is really that strong?" Wang Yujie suddenly asked, although he is going to the middle world, Wang Yujie still doubts whether this practice world is true or not. The seventh order is an ordinary brother, after all, from small to large, there are four seventh-order strong people in SHEN WOO mainland, and the seventh-order strong people are just beyond our reach!
"Isn’t this question known when we go to see it?" Gao Chen replied with a smile
"Do you really want to take me to the science of uniting the world?" Wang Yujie suddenly asked her face full of satisfaction! From today’s visiting crowd, Wang Yujie saw a lot of characters who were previously considered to be big shots, but today Gao Jianfeng, to be exact, acted like Sun in front of Gao Chen. This is how to get a quota. From this, I know that this quota is precious and Gao Chen did not hesitate to give herself one. How can Wang Yujie not be moved?
"Sister doesn’t go, I won’t go where there is me, and then you and I will never share a generation together." Gao Chen looked at Wang Yujie and said seriously.
"Thank you, Gao Chen." Wang Yujie suddenly kissed Gao Chen on the forehead, then said a word and ran out.
"How dare you steal to kiss me? You live for me." To react, Gao Chen got up in ecstasy and was about to recover.
"It’s too late. I’m going to bed. Goodbye," Wang Yujie said to Gao Chen with her head leaking out in front of the door.
"We can sleep together." Gao Chen teased and said.
"Smelly pervert!" Say that finish ignore Gao Chen closed the door!
Gao Chen depressed touched his nose and returned to his room. For others, it’s time to rest, but for Gao Chen, it’s time to practice!
Chapter seventy-six Gao Chen fiancee
Gao Chen practiced at the same time, and the palace suffered a stroke and the bedroom was windy. "Hey, there are five places for Dad this time, and one of them is you, but I think you can save this place."
"What dad don’t you mean this quota can’t be given to me?" Feng Lan’s face was disappointed. Looking at Feng Liantian’s mouth, she asked that she could go to the science of uniting the world. She didn’t know what she was doing so much.
"Listen to me, son, you must go to the science of uniting the world, but this quota is not mine, but Gao Chenna." The wind even smiles.
"Dad, what do you mean? Gao Chenna? " Wind orchid nest is not very Whitestorm even the meaning of words mouth asked.
"You should know that there are four places in Gao Chen’s hands? I think a monarch also has five places. Why does Gao Chen have four places plus himself? Isn’t that the same as me? I’m a monarch. What is he? " The wind is getting angrier and angrier, but he forgot how this quota for going to the cultivation field came from. The former cultivation field meant that there was no quota for studying in the cultivation field. All this was because Gao Chen could have it, but now the wind is even thinking that this is not the case. He saw that he was a monarch with five quotas and he also had five in Gao Chen. How can this not make him angry?
"Dad, even if Gao Chen has four places, can he give me one?" Feng Lan’s mouth is a little incredulous. However, she feels afraid of the emperor’s royal family. She has known the emperor’s feelings since she was a child, but she never thought that this situation should come so early.

"God, you call me how to live! !”

Covered with "sad" claws and screaming at the sky, it seems that there is nothing worse than this in the world.
However, what is even more sad is that after a burst of screaming, it found that the girl in front of her still sneered with incomprehension.
"Sigh ~ ~ ~" At the same time, it finally waved its fluffy paws wearily. "Forget it, since you don’t understand amorous feelings, I won’t show it." At the same time, its face also followed the right path. "When I heard that Simon Ji’s chubby man came out of Brahma Dream, the man who practiced Xuan Yin Qi disappeared. At that time, I knew that you had absolutely no malice towards white dress."
Si Miao’s face changed. "What do you know?" While speaking, my hand unconsciously reached into my arms.
"Not nervous" Meng shook his head and looked up at the bright full moon. "Actually, this time I woke up with a purpose to try my best to help the winner of the song to complete the training institute. I don’t want him to have an accident even if my fly ash is annihilated. I won’t care or say anything more."
The cold breath around immediately warmed up a lot.
Satisfied nodded and grinned gently. "You said that the wheel of destiny is really simple. There is no wheel of destiny in Yangling."
"What? Without him that day. "
"That’s just an illusion."
I vomited a sigh of relief as if I were not very sad. "On that day, I heard that you were caught by Youji and they insisted on Tianzhu Peak. My old man’s house couldn’t help but feel even sadder. I woke up this time with an immortal body but I had long since disappeared."
There’s no way to save his life, so I can teach him to be altruistic. The sword matches the auspicious god’s tactic to simulate the breath of the wheel of fortune. I hope I can fool the monster. Finally, it’s a blessing. Maybe that guy worked hard to get immortality, and he was too afraid of losing it to stop checking it for a while. "
"It should be the elder Cong."
The fascinating person doesn’t want to laugh at the wonderful face of the company. She smiled gently and lifted her forehead with her white fingers. Liu Haidao "The elder first caught the monster and didn’t want to eat people raw, but he had to eat upset, which made him lose his mind. Choosing simulation and sacrifice can be recognized. The wheel of fate can be calculated. How can that guy escape from the elder’s SJ?" With that charming smile, her face is even more brilliant.
However, Meng Meng’s eyes were wide open, his face was frightened, and he hugged his chest and stepped back for half a step. "You ~ ~ you ~ ~ You have something to say. It’s easy to scare my old man of heart disease, coronary heart disease, hypertension and diabetes."
"Well," seeing each other and expressing it in a wide range of ways, the enemy humor secretary waved his hand in a depressed way and looked up at the bright moon at the same time, unable to say loneliness.
For a long time, she took a light breath and didn’t look back. She just said as if talking to herself, "I really want to ask my predecessors that the gods and ghosts will suddenly disappear in this world 10,000 years ago. In terms of the dark truth, even if they are robbed in the last days, there is a 90% chance of survival, and it is absolutely impossible to exterminate the whole gods and ghosts."
"It’s a pity that I don’t know." When it comes to ghosts and gods, Meng will also put away his humor and face loneliness
"More than 10,000 years ago, my master told me that if they couldn’t do it, and I met the singer who asked for it, he must stay with him to help him complete his cultivation, and then he knocked me out. I don’t know how long I slept. When I woke up 3,000 years ago, I found that my cultivation had been lost and I was trapped in the blood pool of Yoga. I was so patient that I waited for those who entered the temple of Yoga during this period. I was surprised to find that the original master was no longer, and not only the master but also the past gods and buddhas had disappeared."
"Now I also want to know what happened to make the magic department of the undead all over the sky silent, and I don’t know whether they are dead or asleep." Finally, it added a sentence and gradually dropped.
Soft moonlight, yellow sand reflects charming faint light, and everything seems to be silent again. Yellow sand looks at the curtain quietly, and the night seems to see through the thick black and go straight into the depths of nine days.
"Alas ~ ~ ~" Like water, I don’t know how long time has passed. Finally, Si Miao turned to look at the cute little beast with a sigh. "By the way, do you know what people who practice Xuan Yin Qi are destined to be the life and death enemies of the winner of the song?"
Meng Wei was stunned and realized that when the other party spoke, a pair of small eyes immediately widened in horror. "You don’t even know what they are enemies, so you rashly attacked Wei Bo?"
Suddenly Si Miaojing’s cheeks drooped slightly with a pink neck. "I know that if he can ask for a song, then Putian can really kill him, and there will be practitioners of Xuan Yin Qi, but they will be doomed to life and death without knowing it."
"You ~ ~ ~ are awesome ~ ~" With a full face of horror, I finally gave a gentle "admiration".
However, when Si Miao stamped her feet with shame and asked again, her furry face changed rapidly, and she became frightened and embarrassed. She hung her head embarrassedly. "I don’t know what the reason is. I heard the master say so."
Its voice is getting lower and lower. Finally, even it can hardly hear what it is saying. It is not until it feels that the girl in white next to her is getting cold and about to reach the critical point of explosion that her head suddenly looks up and her hands are thrust into her waist. She pre-emptively shouts, "By the way, are you cheating on Yangling Tianshen Jiuling Xuanyu? Do you know that this may make him beyond redemption?"
Si Miao’s slight one leng was so frightened that he suddenly forgot that he had just been teased but didn’t get the answer. The head of the matter was once again embarrassed to hang down. "I know that he was lost in spirit, and he once saw in an ancient book that the nine-spirit mysterious jade can be merged with people’s spirit to make up for the incomplete spirit, but the ancient book was incomplete and supplemented with the method of condensing the nine-spirit mysterious jade, but he didn’t say that it should be like being lost in spirit. Therefore, I first arranged the nine-spirit swallowing day and wanted to wait until I found a way to repair my spirit before saying that when I left, he
"Know!" Si Miao’s words are not finished, and the dream has been coldly snorted. "Although the nine-spirit Xuanyu has repaired the soul, how can the repaired soul be nothing to others compared with his original soul, but his practice is to ask for a song?"
Said it seems to be very nai waved claws "forget it, or think of some way to lift the explosion crisis of Nine Spirits Xuanyu, and wait until he gets back half of his soul, so that the soul will be stronger. Now let Lingyu stabilize the materials. My base has already found about the same difference. I haven’t found the big sacred land and the big change ten thousand years ago, and my old man doesn’t know where to find it."
"inch heart orchid, rotten bone fragrance?" Si Miao murmured in his mouth and forgot to laugh at the guy who claimed to know everything. It was a long time before he slowly raised his head and said with uncertainty, "I have heard these two things as if Chapter 93 of the Overseas Islands."
"Overseas islands? What is that place? "
My eyes narrowed slightly and my face appeared at the same time-I don’t know how many years I have lived in the immortal Great Yan Holy Land, but in front of me, this little girl actually said a place it didn’t know.
It seems that I have seen that I am puzzled and smiled a little. "The seniors don’t doubt that those overseas islands should appear after the seniors are asleep according to the classics."
And she stopped to sort out the train of thought continued
It is said that more than 10,000 years ago, the whole Dayan Holy Land was in a mess because of the sudden fall of ghosts and gods all over the sky. Finally, only a few ghosts and gods dragged their disabled bodies and will re-chisel the veins to guide these poisonous gases to gather together to separate these places from the vast land of Dayan Holy Land. At the same time, only one passage is forbidden to enter, and this passage is extremely secret. Only a handful of people found this passage in 10,000 years. Most people don’t know that there is such a place.
Yuet Hua is scattered like water, and Si Miao seems to tell an ancient story slowly, but the frown is getting tighter and tighter.
Finally it narrowed its eyes and suddenly opened it. "I remember."
Surprised by the other party, Si Miao took a look at the "lovely squirrel" in front of him angrily, and when he came to his senses, doubts flooded his mind at the same time-according to the classics, the overseas islands appeared after the fall of ghosts and gods, and then this guy was asleep in front of him, and it should be possible to know.
She turned her head in doubt and was about to ask when a clear voice came out from behind.

Bai Qionghai paused to give everyone time to digest those words, and then added, "This only god can be nourished by this disintegrated world and can also feed back the world. The fairy, demon and demon worlds have gone from bad to worse, but the overall decline rate has slowed down, which is not unrelated to the feedback from the gods. So it can also be said that since Emperor Xuanyuan became a world god, all the people in the world have accepted his love. In fact, with his ability, it is possible to completely give up a certain circle if he wants, but he has not done so. "

Bai Ling’s nine eyes stare, and the face of Bei Huang and Nan Yunqing will change again!
They unconsciously accepted Xuanyuan Huang’s affection? !
Are you kidding? !
Both sides are sworn enemies, okay? !
However, Bai Qionghai’s face is calm, where there is a little joking?
She is the most calm and fair person in the audience. In fact, she has been like this all her life.
It seems that she has seen the world, people and things differently from others since she was born. She is like a bystander, just looking at those facts objectively without any emotion.
At this time, even Xiao Wen felt as uncomfortable as swallowing a fly. Xuanyuan Emperor suddenly became his benefactor, which was really unacceptable.
However, he knows better than anyone that Bai Qionghai’s words must be right. Qi Shen Jie made him, and he has indeed been feeding back Qi Shen Jie, but Yuan Wenjuan is the only one who benefits from Qi Shen Jie for the time being.
However, Bai Qionghai didn’t stop for too long this time, and soon added, "This is the first point. If this is the only point, then Xuanyuan Huangxing will definitely not affect so many people. The only person he needs to kill is Nan Yu, a person in the celestial world who is expected to reach the realm of the gods earlier than him."
Bai Qionghai didn’t know that Nan Yunqing in the ice cave was Nan Yu’s daughter, so it was still very calm.
But how can Nan Yunqing calm down? She suddenly raised her head and looked straight at Bai Qionghai, which made Bai Qionghai confused.
Xiao Wen, on the other hand, looked at Nan Yunqing’s side face. Strictly speaking, it was this incident that made Nan Yunqing worry and completely changed her life. And its source, unexpectedly here?
It is not the position of the leader of the fairy league at all, but the throne of the only world god.
At that time, Nan Yutian’s talent was limited by the environment of various circles, and there was no breakthrough, and then almost all J and jīng forces were used to find the next path of practice. He may not be sure at that time, and there is no one else around to discuss, so he can only tell Xuanyuan Huang, who is most favored by him …
Emperor Xuanyuan simply knows that there can only be one god in the world. And his positive and bucket but south jade, immediately make the y and n recruit.
At that time, Nan Yu had ignored the fairy alliance, and Emperor Xuanyuan first created momentum. Said south jade old fatuous, and then said south jade j and jīng god out of the question, poor days, at that time, south jade was not in the celestial world, but looking for a path of practice in other worlds.
After a long time, when Nan Yu came back again, Emperor Xuanyuan suddenly shot to kill him. On the contrary, it has become a happy thing. Even, at that time, even Nan Yunqing was deceived. She even thinks that Emperor Xuanyuan did the right thing. After her father Nan Yu died, she also worked for the World God League for a long time!
Bei Huang sees Bai Qionghai and doesn’t understand why Nan Yunqing has changed like that. Directly explained in a low voice: "Nan girl is Nan Yu’s daughter."
Bai Qionghai’s eyes widened slightly, and then he could only nod to Nan Yunqing. At this time, it was useless to say anything comforting.
Bai Qionghai’s lips parted slightly, and once again he said, "The second point. It is also a point that Yunlou and I have always had doubts about. But Emperor Xuanyuan was convinced. Then I made all the later ones. This second point is actually Nan Yu’s first guess, that is, when the big world collapsed, it almost destroyed all the creatures on it. That is to say, the life and species of later worlds were actually formed later, not originally in that big world. "
"However, there must be some will in this disintegrated world, which accelerated the formation of later species, especially people and other animals. And the most crucial thing is such a statement. That is, all the creatures with souls before the collapse of that big world, and their souls were separated with the world. These separated souls are blessed by that will in the new fairy, demon and demon worlds. One soul after another has been formed. "
"The existence of these souls is very similar to that of the disintegrated world. They are mutual, but they originate from the same whole and remain a whole. Nan Yu believes that these scattered souls will become the shackles for the gods to soar to a more perfect world. Only by collecting all the scattered souls, there is only one left, and the last one will really get the opportunity to soar. "
"This is just a guess of Nan Yu, but Emperor Xuanyuan did it directly. Later, he stayed in the realm of God for a long time and still did not change his practice, probably because this statement is indeed correct and confirmed. And Yunlou and I have been looking for the answer to this matter, and all kinds of signs show that soaring into another world really has a lot to do with the soul. However, after all, we are not gods, xìng we are not willing to kill others to verify the truth of this matter before we get the real answer. "
"Before I met Xuanyuan Huang and Yunlou, the two of them were traveling in the name of the world, but in fact they have been looking for the soul of Xuanyuan Huang. Every to the world, as long as you meet a special likeness or special spirit likeness with Xuanyuan Emperor, Xuanyuan Emperor will kill each other. Later, I don’t know if Xuanyuan Huang’s soul has really grown, or if he found another way in the realm of the gods. In short, he became more efficient when he looked for the soul, and often he could directly find the soul when he reached a certain realm. "
"Cloud floor after falling in love with me, influenced by me, heart xìng change more don’t recognize the practice of xuanyuan emperor, finally decided not to walk with xuanyuan emperor. Emperor Xuanyuan also left the demon world and returned to the celestial world. Many years later, he set off again and went to the various worlds to find a soul. Later, he occasionally came to see us several times and still told us his speculation. At that time, Emperor Xuanyuan even had a considerable grasp. In fact, he didn’t have to find all the soul-splitting, but just found the soul-splitting of 36 higher-order worlds such as the twelve celestial worlds, the demon world and the underworld. Thirty-five except himself. "
"At that time, he had killed a lot of souls in the 36th world, but when we asked him if his soul had grown, he was also vague and finally failed to give a definite answer. Then, he finally encountered setbacks in the two demon worlds, and his soul-splitting is also a very powerful existence. Although his strength is not as good as his, he escaped in his first attack. Then, his distracted soul looked for helpers everywhere to fight against him. "
"At that time, it was impossible to easily kill the soul by his own strength. He had to use the power of others. However, Yunlou and I don’t recognize his practice, so naturally we won’t help him, and the best we can do is not to stop him. He had to go back to the celestial world to find help, so more and more people were involved and the scale of the battle was getting bigger and bigger. I probably knew that one day there would be a war between the fairy and the demon, and Yunlou and I would fight sooner or later and stand on his opposite side. He finally attacked Yunlou. " (To be continued …)

Chapter five hundred and ninety-nine Ice Cliff
"It should be that Emperor Xuanyuan has killed too many souls. When he killed the Cloud Tower, he used a certain technique to make the Cloud Tower in a state of suspended animation, and the soul was out of the body, but there was no one to rely on. That is to say, even if there is a saying of reincarnation, the soul of Yunlou will not be reincarnated, but will only float outside. There is still the last trace of soul fire in Yunlou’s body, which can be used as a sign to attract his soul back when the time is ripe. In this way, I can only stay with Yunlou all the time. Emperor Xuanyuan knows that I promised Yunlou to stay with him all the time. "
"Although I never went out, I have been paying attention to the war between the two sides. When Yunlou and Xuanyuan Emperor broke up, Xuanyuan Emperor had a bad feeling towards the fairy beast, thinking that the demon world was more suitable for the practice of the fairy beast, and the fairy beast and the Taoist priest might betray the fairy world after they came to the demon world. Later, it was also true. Emperor Xuanyuan’s own fairy beast, as well as two of his most powerful animal monks, defected successively. However, their rebellion is actually related to knowing what Xuanyuan Huang did. "
"But in any case, a few signs xìng fairy beast and animal monk’s rebellion has almost become a weather vane, and the followers around Xuanyuan Emperor are no longer as stable as ever. Under such circumstances, Emperor Xuanyuan finally made a frenzied decision. He and the God League killed all the fairy beasts above the fifth order in the upper, middle and lower 36 celestial realms in almost half a year, while the high-ranking animal monks either changed their ways or stood on the opposite side of the God League. " ..
"The animal monk’s resistance lasted for a long time in the twelve celestial bodies, but after all, everyone shouted because of the unilateral propaganda of the world God Union. Finally, it ended sadly. As for the middle and lower 24 celestial realms, the fairy beasts and the Taoist priests there are not qualified to resist at all. If there were not many restrictions on the high-ranking monks’ going to the low-level celestial bodies, the animal path of the lower twelve celestial bodies might be destroyed more thoroughly. Even the fairy beasts below the fourth order will not stay. "
"Due to the demise of the beast, the Emperor Xuanyuan made another deployment in the celestial world at the same time. He always thought that my appearance played a great role in the interaction between Yunlou and me, and at the same time, two generals on the side of the alliance of gods had delayed the fighter plane because of their lust for female Se. In addition, there has always been a saying that women are a disaster in the celestial world. Many monks will delay their practice because of the love between men and women, and the war between the fairy and the demon must be a protracted war … "

"Where is the child playing with Qiaoer?"

"Right there!" Jade pointed to a small yard not far away.
Xiao asked directly rushed over, only to fall into the courtyard when he heard the crying of a little boy and the cursing of an adult in the room.
"Excuse me, I’m going to take your child to find Qiaoer, and I’m sure it won’t hurt him." Xiao asked in a hurry as he walked in.
"Are you …"
"Little fellow, go find Qiaoer with your uncle, or you will never play with her again." Xiao asked to squat down in front of the little fat man in the house and try to be kind and tunnel.
"hmm." The little fat man was so sensible that he stopped crying and wiped away the tears on his face.
"Good job!" Xiao asked praised the little fat man, directly reached out his right hand and picked him up. As he walked out, he hurriedly said to the little fat man’s family, "Don’t worry, I will send him back whether I can find Qiaoer or not."
Xiao asked also some nasty, didn’t consider so much when talking, so he said that the jade was even more afraid, and tears immediately flowed out again.
Out of the house, Xiao asked directly to Cuiyu, "Hold on tight, we have to hurry!" "
Jade word on xiao asked and offering hongyun, directly reached out and firmly grasped the xiao asked the right arm holding the baby.
Xiao Wenwei’s attention was lost, and the red light came back at his feet. The three of them rushed out of the yard from low altitude!
If the Five Ghosts guide him, he hardly needs to take this little fat man with him, but he doesn’t know how this thing works, so he brought a witness. According to Jade, this little fat man seems to have seen what the person who took Qiaoer looks like.
When flying in a straight line, the five ghosts did not respond at all, so Xiao Wen had to circle around the alley first.
The principle of tracing people by Five Ghosts is similar to that of Fu Dao, not only to find the same smell, but also to find anger. Only the place where Qiaoer really passes will cause the reaction of Five Ghosts, and the closer the time is, the more obvious it will be.
After going around for more than half a circle, the five ghosts suddenly heard a shock. When you look down, you can see that the kids in a certain direction above are obviously lit up!
That’s the direction!
Xiao asked J: ng, and directly chased him in that direction, and the speed soon reached the acme.
Now that he is a true fairy realm, it doesn’t have much influence on speed to bring a person with a fairy device. Once he flies with all his strength, the wind will fill the ears of three people, and the little fat man will even be a little out of breath.
But the little guy was obviously very helpful. He only wanted to save Qiaoer, so he resisted all the discomfort. He covered his eyes with a small hand and blocked the wind with his fingers, only looking out through his fingers.
In a moment, Xiao Wen had chased out of the edge of the town and went out into the wilderness, but he looked around, with trees, crops, roads and rivers, but where was anyone?
At this time, it was already in the evening, and it was obviously a little dark. The farm workers had already returned home, and there were no pedestrians on the road.
Xiao asked hastily to fly to the sky, and his vision was broadened a lot, but there was still no figure, so he had to go down again and continue to fly forward with the instructions of the five ghosts.
"Do you know what place is over there?" During the flight, Xiao asked Jade.
"There is a town forty miles away."
Xiao asked by zheng, and then didn’t answer, just hard to fly forward.
Seeing that it was getting darker and darker, both Xiao Wen and Jade became more and more anxious. Just as it was completely dark, they finally saw the town that Jade said vaguely.
However, there was an accident at this moment. Xiao asked the little fat man in his arms and suddenly said, "Uncle, it’s not bright!" "
When Xiao asked to look at the five ghosts, he saw that none of the kids on it were bright.
He just flew so hard that he didn’t even know when the kid on it went dark.
"How long has it been out?" Xiao asked.
"Just now."
Xiao asked a little relieved, and immediately flew back just visible, flying about hundreds of feet. The kid led by the Five Ghosts finally lit up again, but it had changed in a different direction.
That direction obviously deviated from the town, but they all followed it here, and we can only believe it further.
"What is that place over there?"
At this time, Jade couldn’t tell the difference between the southeast and the northwest. She judged by her usual impression: "It should be Linyuecheng, but it should be more than a hundred miles away."
Xiao Wen was relieved and said to Cuiyu, "If the other party really went to Linyue City, Qiaoer would at least not be in danger."
"Thank you."
Having said that, who can tell the truth?
In fact, Xiao Wen and Cui Yu are still quite anxious, and they would like to teleport and appear in the Linyue City like lightning.

Chapter two hundred and twenty-eight Two knives
After chasing for so long, Xiao Wen has been able to estimate that the state of the person who abducted Qiaoer is only higher than him. His escape fairy is loaded with fire, and it is even faster than the ordinary high-order true fairy when it is fully displayed!
However, in his heart, there is no fear. Instead, he expects the other party to enter Linyue City, because the more he is in a big city, the better he can use his status as a disciple of Ming Jianzong. He believes that this identity is still very popular.
While chasing, he also comforted the jade and the little fat man, saying that he was not too sure about himself.
During the flight, the night turned out to be a lot brighter, but the moon rose gradually, shedding qinghui between heaven and earth.
The field of vision is also slightly broadened, and Xiao asked as far as he could see, and there was always no one there.
This area should be in the south-central part of the celestial realm, which is not too biased, but it is also far from the core circle. In such a place, there are few high-level cultivators, just like the original Changqing City. A true fairy is a high-level person in the normal state. Xiao asked after flying in the wild for so long, he only saw a few scattered dodges, all of which were far away from him, and the direction was not consistent with him. Even if he wanted to find someone to help, it was impossible.
"Sister Jade, is our current direction still near Yuecheng?"
"It should be."
"It doesn’t matter if it’s not, we have been following the five ghosts to chase it down. As long as the other party is not a fairy, I am sure to get Qiaoer back. " Xiao asked comfort jade way.
"Thank you, Xianchang."
Xiao asked the five ghosts in his hand to suddenly shake and look down. But that shiny kid is brighter again!
Xiao asked very clearly, which shows that the breath of Qiaoer captured by the Five Ghosts is strong again! Maybe, is the other party has just passed through here?


After a long silence, Huo Xian suddenly sighed and then broke up at one joint, suddenly buckled her and broke her face. Gong Yunting couldn’t catch the other side’s commanding eyes.
Those eyes are still gentle, but gentle, but they don’t reach the fundus, so strange that it makes people feel cold.
"My wife will go to Chu Hangyun."
Looking at Gong Yunting’s eyes wide open because of fear, Huo Xian is still that gentle and wrapped expression "I’m not afraid, I still like my wife."
Chapter 19 Chapter one hundred and nine
next day
Listening to the rain regained consciousness, and finally confessed that the poison was arranged by Huo Xian after Tang Yufei forced him to listen to the rain.
The wind urged the snow and the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture were not surprised when they got the news. After all, there were many doubts about the poisoning of the big owners yesterday, but Fang gradually Hong was not so calm. Immediately after Tang Yufei finished this sentence, he got up and wanted to settle accounts with Huo Xian, or did Tang Yufei hold him "don’t startle me yet?"
Tang Yufei continued, "This Tingyu was a younger brother of Tianyan Sect, but he didn’t learn some sneaky little faults. He was almost driven out by Tianyan Sect several times, and then came to Qixingmen. He still sneaked around and offended Qixingmen, and your brother almost died. Huo Xian threatened to let Tingyu come out and admit that he was a poisonous person, and then promised to give Tingyu a sum of money to help him leave Qixingmen … Of course, if you all know."
Fang Xianghong hurriedly asked, "Did Huo Xian give him the bottle of poison that Yu Shen heard?"
Tang Yufei nodded. "Now, we can be sure that the poison was directed and performed by Huo Xian, just to seize the hosting of the Seven-Star Gate, so the fact that Yun Ya Jun came to the Seven-Star Gate was also fabricated by Huo Xian."
The wind urged the snow to "tut". "So … the head of the palace may be dying soon."
It is hard to hide the anger when Fang gradually blushes, and the wind urges the snow to pat Fang gradually to comfort him. "Don’t worry, Fang’s family is in stable condition now. Although Huo Xian has poisoned all the heads, he intends that the head position is unreasonable to kill other heads."
Fang Xianghong pursed his lips and pinched his finger joints. "I must let Huo Xian blood out!"
Tang Yufei reached Fang Gradually Hong’s fist tightly, and the sudden temperature made Fang Gradually Hong look at Tang Yufei with a slight tilt of his head and listen to Tang Yufei’s "will".
Fang Xianghong was moved by "Madam …"
The wind made the snow "hiss"-"No, since the poison was exterminated, where did you get it?"
The wind urged Xuenao to turn quickly, pinching Ba to think, "Since the poisoning case was framed by Huo Xian and Huo Xian also got the poison of Thousand Spiders, it is very likely that he intervened in the killing of Thousand Spiders … It is very likely that Yun Ya Jun never appeared from beginning to end … But what is the purpose of Huo Xian’s doing this?"
Fang Xianghong also fell into thinking that "poisoning the palace head can be said to be the head position, but I don’t understand it."
Qingfeng suddenly opened his mouth and woke up the people present. "He didn’t say that Yunya Jun was resurrected as an excuse for the major sects and why did we come to Qixingmen?"
How can the leaders of the major sects be poisoned and fall into Huo Xian’s control?
The wind urged the snow to frown. "But if Huo Xian really killed the real killer of the Thousand Spiders Gate, it was not too much to get the head position …"
Qingfeng Road "I’m afraid it’s more than that."
Tang Yufei suddenly spoke at this moment. "I haven’t said one more thing. Elder Jiang went to see Huo Xian last night. Both of them are masters. We dare not get too close, so we didn’t hear what they talked about. But Elder Jiang’s words and deeds are quite respectful to Huo Xian. I doubt … liuhe dan is also the mastermind of Huo Xian!"
Fang gradually Hong’s face sank. On that day, they also discussed liuhe dan’s affairs. liuhe dan’s addiction should not be underestimated. If all the monks are under his control, if Huo Xian is really the mastermind, then he will never stop at the head position, but also in the whole fix true world!
Now it is urgent to stop Huo Xian.
But hurry slowly and soon something was wrong in the Seven Star Gate.
That evening was the time for dinner. The dishes in Qixingmen were exquisite and delicious, but the monks in the dining room were worried about this delicious dish. The poisoning of Yunyajun in Qixingmen made people panic. Everyone was afraid that they would be poisoned again in their meals.
Duan Jie was born to play a bowl of porridge and wanted to find a place to sit. Suddenly, he saw two figures in the corner, one black and one white, to detain and shine at the moment. Brother Qing! "
The wind urged the snow to look up and waved to Duan Jiesheng. "Come and sit down!"
I wonder if it is an illusion that Duan Jiesheng seems to see the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture throwing a cold glance at himself, which seems extremely unpopular.
Duan Jiesheng soon waved the matter and sat down next to the wind and snow. The line of sight fell on the table and piles of dishes cried and fell to the ground. "You! You eat so much! "
To be exact, it was the wind that urged the snow. A person ate Qingfeng and stuffed the peeled shrimp into the mouth of the wind that urged the snow. "What’s wrong with you?"
Duan Jiesheng embarrassed way "nothing, nothing, I just came to have dinner with you …"
At this moment, there was a sudden scream at the table next door. They followed the sound and saw two monks with blue and gray faces and hands on the table. It looked very strange to bend and tremble in a strange posture.
"He … what’s wrong with them?" Duan Jiesheng quivering way
For a moment, the two monks suddenly burst into aura mixed with magic gas and rushed around to attack! At the same time, the two monks also caught the people next to them to attack!
At that time, the dining room exclaimed, "Someone is possessed! ! !”
"quick! Stop them! !”
However, the enchanted monk’s magic gas exploded, and the monks around him were caught off guard by these two men. One of the runaway monks went straight to the table with a wave of his arm-
"Be careful! !” Sitting in the outermost section of the robbery, I suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and wanted to stop the monk who broke out.
However, Duan Jiesheng didn’t come into contact with each other for a moment, and saw a sword shadow flash quickly. The possessed monk was instantly flown out and smashed many tables and chairs along the way.
Duan Jiesheng jumped to the ground and looked up only to see that Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture was still sitting in the seat. The sword was put in the chair and put on the table without being drawn.
At this time, the rest of the monks have stopped another possessed monk, and together with the monks who were blown away by the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture, they also caught all the monks thanking the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture. Now it is difficult for everyone to see such an unknown master.
Duan Jiesheng was lifted up before the wind urged the snow. "How did you just jump directly?"
Duan Jiesheng fell down in front of everyone and blushed again. "I’m afraid he’ll hurt you …"
The wind urges the snow. "No, I mean why don’t you draw your sword."
Just now, I saw Duan Jieshou press the sword on my waist. I don’t know what it was, but I finally took it back and chose the flesh to stop it
Duan Jiesheng is even more embarrassed. "I don’t know what’s wrong with them … I’m afraid that the sword will hurt them …"

The wrath of a founder of the True God, although it is only a wounded God, is still a God after all. The violent force of five elements exploded violently, and the five elements were mutually reinforcing, which led to more explosions. Thirty-six giant mountains were directly blown to pieces, the space was torn, and the dark black line filled the surrounding void. When anything hit, it would be torn into nothingness in an instant.

Jinyang is afraid in his heart, and the founder is the founder. After all, it is not comparable to him. Although Jinyang has realized the founder Shinto and stepped into it firmly, he is half lucky after all, and it is just a beginner. Even the most common founder protoss is not enough. There can be a comparison with these founders who have lived for hundreds of millions of years and experienced hundreds of millions of life and death wars.
Fortunately, there is a "devil pot", the artifact of the founding God King Nu Wa, and the space fault also takes it without folding.
The attack lasted for a long time, but there was nothing I could do about it. The attack came to an abrupt end without any delay. The dragon suddenly opened his eyes, and two golden lights flowed slowly, and his anger had been vented. The only thing left was calm and calm, staring at the devil’s pot quietly, and the color of fear in his eyes flashed.
"Who are you? I feel the breath of the four kings from you, but unfortunately you are so weak that I am afraid that the focus of breathing will blow you away. How did you know that I was hiding here? To tell the truth, my injury is not light, and I haven’t recovered one-tenth of my strength yet, otherwise I won’t give you a chance to escape back to the devil’s pot. " The dragon didn’t speak, just passed on his thoughts, and they couldn’t speak. Can’t communicate directly.
The main soul of Jinyang didn’t dare to go out of the "devil’s pot" again. It’s true that Yu Ling’s words are good. The strength difference between the two is too big, let alone just one of the main souls of Jinyang. Even if Jinyang’s ontology incarnates, in the eyes of a founder, he is also an ant. However, there are also strong and weak points between ants, and they also said with their thoughts: "You don’t have to care who I am. As long as I know that the "devil pot" is in my hand, I can completely erase my position and all the honors. "
The dragon was slightly silent, and then said, "You’re right. With the devil’s pot in hand, you can really control it, but don’t forget it. You are now a member of the founding protoss. Your current behavior is threatening a founding god. Although there is no distinction between the founding protoss, your behavior has gone beyond what the people should do. When the gods wake up, you will be punished by God. "
Looking at the dragon in front of him, Jinyang Yuanshen felt a burst of emotion. He said: "The founding Dragon God is the most powerful among the 365 founding gods, and its fighting capacity is definitely the top three. Two pairs of claws have torn the dharma bodies of countless foreign demons and made countless dragon gods, but what are you doing now? Hide in the hole. Don’t you feel humiliated? You simply humiliated so many honors. "
The dragon was fiercely shaking, and then he gasped violently, suspended in the void to the island, violently shaking, and the cold light in his eyes was fierce. The whole body immediately rose a murderous look like a substance, and the murderous look was so strong that even the Jinyang main soul, who was hiding in the "devil pot", felt the chill biting.
But Jinyang didn’t stop, and continued: "The dragon gods you created are tenacious in fighting against the demon outside the country. Die from generation to generation. But they didn’t complain at all, because of what? Because of their god of faith. Their ancestor, that is, you, once fought against the demon outside the territory, and was seriously injured for it, so they never turned back, even if they lost their lives. They are currently suffering unprecedented catastrophe. What are you doing? "
The dragon’s breathing became more violent. Wherever the exhaled breath went, the rocks and trees were suddenly shattered. Jinyang was protected by the devil’s pot. He continued: "If I were a dragon, I would feel sad. The once invincible dragon god has turned into a coward who only dared to hide in the cave, and I can’t even get the courage to fight the demon again. It is not only the sorrow of the dragon, but also your sorrow."
"That’s enough!" The dragon jumped to its feet, and its body quickly began to shrink. In a blink of an eye, it turned into an ordinary person’s size, but it was a head taller than Jinyang, similar to the big man Tyre’s size. The muscles of the whole body were extremely developed, like carved muscles, printed with countless strange symbols that even Jinyang could not see. The whole body was naked, with long blond hair and dark golden eyes.
The big fellow is the founder of the true god Yuling. His name is Yuling, but his body is extremely strong. He stares coldly at the devil’s refining pot, and his murderous look looms all over him. He said coldly, "Go ahead! What exactly do you want me to do? Although I only have one-tenth of the fighting power at the peak, an ant like you, even if I only have one finger, can kill ten thousand. "
Shook his head, Jinyang once again suspended to the outside of the "devil’s refining pot", turned into a faint afterimage, looked the giant Han in front of him and said, "It’s very simple, act as my bodyguard, and you must always follow me until I find a soul scattered outside, to help me stop unexpected attacks. Of course, I won’t ban you with the" devil’s refining pot ".You have complete freedom, real freedom.
"friends?" The big fellow suddenly laughed and sneered, "Just you? An ant like you also wants to be my feather ling’s friend? After a sleep, the world has changed. "
Jinyang was furious at once, but recovered in a blink of an eye, and then said faintly, "With your strength at the moment, can’t you feel the divine power in me?" Although your divine power is hundreds of millions of times higher than mine, don’t you feel that this divine power is completely above your divine power? Although the current quantity is still very small, I believe that it will surpass you one day. "
The big fellow was slightly angry, but he didn’t move. His eyes had betrayed him. What Jinyang said was true. Jinyang hadn’t noticed it before. After talking with Sanqing, he discovered the strangeness of the founding divine power in his body. The founding protoss had only one divine power attribute, even the four founding gods were no exception, such as the divine power attribute of Pangu God King and the divine power attribute of Nuwa God King, which was the opposite attribute.
However, Jinyang has three attributes, besides killing and living, there is also an attribute that Jinyang can’t grasp so far, which makes Jinyang realize its particularity and is absolutely unique.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 432 feng du Ghost Town
Celestial Volume Chapter 432 feng du Ghost Town
After reaching a simple agreement, a pot of gods left the Dragon Holy Land, leaving the Dragon Palace in the South China Sea without disturbing anyone.
Above the South China Sea, with the help of Sanqing, the incarnation of the poison has been solved, and it is standing on the sea. When a pot of one god, breaking the surface, immediately returns to its place, as the incarnation is wrapped around Zijin Zhenyuan, the "devil-refining pot" also flashes green light and wraps the incarnation in it.
Looking at the cold feather spirit, Jinyang just smiled, casually cut through the space, opened the entrance to hell, and rushed in. Feather spirit hesitated, and quickly flashed into the space fault that was about to close.
Three realms, from top to bottom, heaven, human world, hell and hell are at the bottom. There are no sun, moon and stars in the hell, and it is full of gloomy air. The cold wind blows from time to time, and ordinary stones can fly. The space seems to be stained with blood, and it is dark red everywhere.
As soon as Jinyang entered it, it seemed a bit out of place. Both of them were wrapped in dazzling light, which immediately alerted the kids in the broom closet. Several of them were shorter than ordinary people, and only skinny, as if there were no three or two kids who would fly away when the wind blew. They held maces and black chains in their hands, wrapped around the sticks with yin fire, and cried wolf, and they would come with the evil wind.
The leader was the hag, who shouted at Jinyang: "Bold, where are you wild monks from? How dare you trespass into the underworld? Do you know that this is a big crime against Heaven? Step back quickly, or you’ll have to taste the power of the fire-burning stick, and your skin will be raw. "
Jinyang’s eyes flashed with cold light, and several kids were terrified at once. I only feel that the ghost body is shaking fiercely, and the ghost body is about to spread out, while the hag is even worse. All seven holes are full of dark blood, and many acupuncture points in the body also explode, and blood flows.
Jinyang didn’t bother to explain anything to them, and Zijin Zhenyuan flashed all over. Emperor Hong Huang’s robe was revealed, and he shouted coldly, "I have offended this emperor. That’s the end. Send someone to tell Fengdu Emperor and the Ten Temples of Hades that our Emperor has come to discuss something with him. Don’t disturb them, or our Emperor will immediately shake your ghosts. "
Jinyang casually, Zijin Zhenyuan flashed, and the hag immediately returned to normal. Even the dark blood that just flowed out flowed back into his body. If it wasn’t the real pain, Hag really thought it was an illusion. When he looked at Jinyang again, his face was much better. At least he learned to smile, although it was much uglier than just now. But the attitude is much better.
Looking at what Hag wanted to say, Jinyang said coldly, "Don’t befriend this emperor either, and show him the way quickly, or you will suffer."
Hag just rose to passion, instantly doused, hurriedly go ahead to lead the way. Those kids dared to say’ no’ there, followed the hag in fear, held a crude spell, followed the dark red evil wind, and slowly flew away, while Jinyang put away Zijin Zhenyuan, took some yin qi casually, wrapped it around his body, and made it look like a kid, even the hag could not tell.
Solve it. Jinyang turned to look at Yu Ling. Feather spirit knows the meaning of Jinyang, but he is extremely unwilling. Unlike Jinyang, he can do anything. As one of the founding gods, it is absolutely an insult to the founding protoss to ask him to dress up as a kid.
Jinyang immediately said with his mind, "put away your boring dignity. You are nothing now. You are just a loser. Only by beating off the foreign demon can you be entitled to take back your honor."
Jinyang can see, the light in the depths of the feather spirit’s eyes is dark, and after a slight hesitation, she also puts away her whole body’s divine power, and learns to absorb a small stream of yin evil spirit, completely wrapping her body, and drifting with the evil wind, just like a kid.
Hag walks in the front, and his mind is always feeling. He is just a small hag. He knows what heavenly monarch and jade emperor are, but he has never heard of what the Great Wilderness is. It will be taken seriously, but it is only a temporary compromise. Take them back to feng du first, and then slowly clean up, and you can see the magical powers of Jinyang. Immediately put away the heart of the sinister plot and seriously bring them up.
He is Asura people, that is, Hades people. Otherwise, Jinyang has just struck and would have killed him. There will also help him treat his injuries. These Asura people hiding in the underworld are also one of the purposes of Jinyang’s next visit to the underworld. Jinyang once promised Hades that he would save all his people. At this point, Jinyang doesn’t want to break his word.
Hag’s strength is limited and he doesn’t walk fast, not to mention those imps. If it wasn’t only supported by the secret method of hell, he would have been blown away by the evil wind. But Jinyang, in order not to arouse the suspicion of a willing heart, did not dare to startle him, and he could only follow a few imps to wander slowly. Fortunately, time is not tight and there is no hurry. As long as he can achieve his goal, it doesn’t matter if he slows down.
After walking for half a day, the hag returned to the capital with the kids. Most of the guarding cities were hags, and they seemed to know each other very well. After leading the way, the hag stuffed a few dark blood stones in the past, and the guarding city hag immediately insidious smile let people into the city.
Jinyang smile, no matter where in the Three Realms, greed is always everywhere. After entering the city, leading the way, Hag immediately dismissed the kids, and Jinyang didn’t stop them. Several kids had been tampered with by Jinyang, so they wouldn’t remember anything at all, and it was absolutely impossible to spread the story before.
Without the imp getting in the way, the walking speed was much faster. The leading hag specially chose a quiet path to walk. Although many people met along the way, most of them were ghosts in the underworld, and they were weak in nature and didn’t communicate with each other. No one cared about a small hag, so no one noticed Jinyang.
The capital of Yongjiang deserves to be the first city in the underworld, which is hundreds of times bigger than the first city in Xi Niu He Zhou, the Apocalypse City. After all, the strength of the hag is still limited, and the speed is fast enough to reach the speed of the fairy. Jinyang followed him and dressed up as a kid. Naturally, he could not fly faster than him and could not give the clues.
In Jinyang’s mind, a few days later, it was only from the city gate that it flew to the center of the capital, and the closer it was to the center of the city, the more lively it became. Even if the secluded roads were specially selected, there were many haunted houses.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 433 Judge Cui Yu
Celestial Volume Chapter 433 Judge Cui Yu
Feeling more and more lively and crowded around, Jinyang frowned at once. The hag was a wonderful person. He immediately noticed Jinyang’s dissatisfaction and explained, "This is called Yinsi Street, which is the most prosperous block in the underworld. I didn’t mean to take you this way, but you have to go through Yinsi Street if you want to see the Great Emperor and the Ten Temples."
Hearing this explanation, Jinyang was relieved. On the way to walk, Jinyang also felt that the atmosphere around him was getting more and more gloomy. Those who dared to move around the region were all ghosts who were strong. Even the level of guides and hags was extremely rare, and little kids could not see many of them all the year round. Therefore, it was very eye-catching for Jinyang to walk here as little kids.
Fortunately, the two men are powerful, hiding their whole body breath, not to mention these ghosts. Even Fengdu Emperor can’t see their noumenon, and they are wrapped around the most pure Yin evil spirit. The powerful ghosts around them just show a little bit of curiosity and doubt, but each has its own things, and no one wants to mind their own business.
Walking, Jinyang gradually found that the surrounding buildings are increasingly scarce, but as long as there are buildings, they basically show the spirit of luxury and wealth, and they all exist alone. There is a great distance between buildings, and most of them are wrapped in layers of bans, which should be the residence of high-level people in the underworld.
After walking for more than half a day, the yakuza stopped and looked at the vast buildings in the distance and said, "This is the Fengdu Emperor House, Fengdu Emperor, which you are looking for. Living in it with the Ten Temples of Hades, the identity of the imp can’t go any further, otherwise it will be immediately killed by the guardian Yin. "
Looking at the distant buildings, Jinyang knew that Hag was not lying, and his mind had already felt that countless powerful smells were hidden in the vast buildings. Then he slowly turned his head and said to the hag, "Answer the words of this emperor honestly. There are twelve Asura clans in all. Which clan do your ancestors belong to? "
Hearing the word "Asura", Hag suddenly changed color, and his body trembled violently. He said with a little anger and fear, "Who are you? We are already living in this dark and damp underworld, aren’t you satisfied?"
Jinyang smiles. With a painting, a sinister atmosphere gathered and slowly intertwined. Finally, it showed that Hades’s magic weapon "destroyed the sky" and asked faintly, "Do you recognize it?" Error-free novel network does not skip words.
"Destroy the day? How is it possible that our guardian magic weapon is in your hands? How is it possible that the Youmao Legion escaped with it? " Hag immediately frightened. The whole body immediately rises with a completely different imposing manner, at least ten times higher than that just now. At the moment, even if we fight with Jin Xian in general, we will never fall behind.
Jinyang didn’t care, just smiled. He knew it was wrong to lead the way in front of him. He used the Asura clan secret method to hide part of his strength. This is human nature, and hiding part of his strength will always bring unexpected benefits at the necessary critical moment. Jinyang often does this and has saved his life many times.
Jinyang ignored him and threw him something directly. Then he said lightly, "Don’t talk nonsense. Go back and get ready. Contact all the people. Wait for my notice in the city. From today on, you don’t have to live in this dark and humid place. "