I doubt that this time it is a large-scale move of the magic gate that can be destroyed. It’s best not to destroy it. I don’t want everyone to work hard. If we encounter a stronger enemy this time, we will flee from Leitian and tell the situation first, so that the chaotic tigers can fight in a big array and expose the entrance to the cave.

There is a black hole in the swamp, and the hole is surrounded by purple breath. A piece of metal has been thrown from Leitian to be quickly dissolved into a pile of slag.
Leitian to Jiang Yu corridor, you two hide in the colorful clouds and watch outside.
Jiang Yulou also knows that his strength is slightly insufficient when he enters the magic gate abode of fairies and immortals this time.
The chaotic tiger didn’t say anything. Quiet took a Zhang Yufu and imposed a magic spell on himself. After the jade operator hit him, the pale white cassock on his body surface added a layer of colorful light.
Leitian also released a chaotic charm ShaQi to himself, wrapped his body and walked into this black cave first.
The cave side is a large array of barriers outside the entrance of the cave house.
Leitian Shaqi can’t destroy a large array. Leitian simply lost ten pieces of land chaos. The tiger looks distressed at the back. The power of this land chaos may not damage the law. It’s really one.
Ten pieces of chaotic runes, which have been broken, have been slowly eroded by Shaqi, and stopped running. If you finish the large array Leitian, you dare not come in. This kind of chaotic runes, which have been everywhere, are all falling apart.
The array body is to extract the power of heaven and earth and cut off the root of power. How wonderful the array body is, it can also trap the gas refiner.
Leitian chaotic tigers entered this abode of fairies and immortals in tandem, but behind them, Shi Zhuqun, Jiang Yulou, Ning Ying saw a figure suddenly appear. This is a man with a blue face and a layer of soft armor’s hands with a wooden stick.
Jiang Yulou heart in a surprised this person strength far exceeds just a few magic door refined gas turned out to be a fairy.
He stepped back and hid her in the stone pillar.
When the fairy came to the stone pillar, she saw a group of peaks filled with smoke.
He sneered that when he raised his hand, the wooden staff in his hand hit the force in front of him, and the earth cracked a crack several tens of feet wide and several tens of feet deep. The crack was slowly closed and the chaos was still trying to repair it.
How did the fairy fairy array repair his wooden staff and put a black light on the top? The crack suddenly expanded again, revealing the face of two people, Ning Ying, Jiang Yulou, a pillar of large array phase.
How did these magic men get in Jiang Yulou and Ning Ying felt incredible.
The magic door fairy saw two alchemists in the large array with a frown. He didn’t see his companion Jiang Yulou’s battlefield clean and left no traces of fighting.
It’s hard to leave any clues in this swamp
Seeing the murderous look in the eyes of the magic door refining gas man, Jiang Yulou shivered in his heart, and all the clouds around him solidified. He grabbed Ningying and jumped into the entrance of the abode of fairies and immortals.
Can’t keep this fairy’s strength is outrageous.
If he is an ordinary fake fairy, he can still fight against Ningying, which is a little stronger, and it is profitable to fight against the enemy. Now the enemy is a fairy with a powerful fairy. If you don’t check both of them, you will die, and your soul will escape.
The magic door fairy saw the two men turn and run away and followed them into the cave.
The large array has long been destroyed by Leitian, and now dozens of forks are distributed in a vast Zhongjiang Yulou. I can’t get rid of my breath in a hurry. The magic door fairy took one look and chased it along the leftmost fork.
According to ordinary thinking, few people will choose this road. When encountering many forks in the road, tracking people is often considered from the right.
Brother Qingcheng’s mastery of this kind of heart is because the enemy’s strength is too strong to see the leftmost cave at a glance and leave a breath.
This magic door fairy speed is not fast. He chased it forward for more than a mile and now there are dozens of forks in the road again. This time he hesitated.
Because of the location of this fork in the road, three different smells are left at the entrances of the three passages respectively.
There was a strong bloody smell at the entrance of one of them. He hesitated slightly or followed the most familiar smell. It was Jiang Yulou who fled to the cave.
Jiang Yulou fled for several miles before he remembered that it was too late to release the charm of the earth demon. The fairy chose the two of them and stopped hesitating to catch up.

What can offend Martial Uncle Purple Eyebrow? If you two rely on those people to finish it, it will be a shame for him. It was very difficult in those days, and it was all done by Martial Uncle Purple Eyebrow alone. This is also a test for you.

After they left, Hung didn’t have any worries. She told Brother Daoqi that she had some troubles this time.
How to say so
The distribution of Chu ancestral temples is very even, but we have to attack us from the four veins of them. If we want to grab enough, the two of us can’t do it. Hong sighed and said, if only the master elder brother were here.
Leitian thought for a moment and said, Elder Martial Sister, I won’t tell you the truth. Don’t do anything in my hand. Destroy the Chu Temple. It’s a first-class instrument.
Leitian said and took the Chu Jiangwang seal to Hong.
What is this? Hong took the Chu Jiangwang seal, turned it over and looked at it. The seal was engraved with the natural spirit, the holy Chu River, and the Sichuan seal weighed 100 kilograms and was cold to the bone.
Brother, where did this come from?
Leitian wry smile way Chu Jiangwang was killed by Kunlun people and I picked up this thing.
It’s not surprising that Kunlunhong didn’t continue to ask people who went to Kunlun didn’t care if the gods were conferred by heaven and killed Chu Jiangwang.
Teacher younger brother, that’s easy to handle. No wonder Master gave you the water escape technique. This time, we gave up swimming in the four temples of the King of Chu and went straight with the water. This decree, those demon gods, all kinds of laws, are all red. When I said this, I got excited and my face flushed.
Elder martial sister, it’s rare for you to make such a ridiculous remark in vain.
Hong Yang-mei said goodbye. You are brave enough. The teacher is the first to choose students. If you don’t see that you are deeply robbed, your teacher will teach himself a lesson if he sees a genius casually.
Ah, leitian, this is really surprising. What’s the real temper of Purple Eyebrow? Why do you choose to kill and rob people for a living?
Hum, when you see the big brother, you will understand that all the people who kill and rob are not necessarily bad-tempered. The big brother is the best, but no one dares to say that he is weak, but he has offended others. Almost all of them are dead.
Leitian didn’t know that the purple eyebrows are sparsely populated. It’s not a good thing to kill the robbers, but it’s also hard to find them. The generation of malicious thieves may have killed dozens of people. It’s already over 100 people. More monsters have been killed outside the tomb of Qin Dynasty. I can’t remember thousands.
Leitian side stuff quipped that a large number of younger brothers have come to report in the palace. These people know that the younger brother of Purple Eyebrow has arrived first, but no one has come to visit.
In the next few days, Yunmeng Zongzhen’s brothers arrived one after another, and they all lived in separate rooms, but they didn’t come to say hello in leitian.
Hong knows that Leitian Chu Jiangwang’s decree is not worried about things. Every day, in addition to practicing Daoism, Leitian chats about some swordsmanship. Hong is also studying swordsmanship. When the sword is released from the heart of fire, a group of orchid flames wrap the sword pill, which makes people almost imperceptible.
Leitian six Yang rush to Lei Jian but can’t be released. Six Yang rush to Lei Jian is relatively violent. The small room can’t afford Leitian tossing. He didn’t want to control this fencing in the early stage of deification until the later stage of deification.
He is strong enough to fight, but fencing depends on the level of the realm.
Naita can warm the rain sword. This fencing skill is not high, but it is controlled in vain.
In a blink of an eye, five days later, my brother and sister didn’t return to the building, and Hongyu called ten true brothers to this sect.
Ten true brothers get together in the same room. The cold lake is full of veins. Chu Qin glanced at Bai Qidao. This is the new apprentice of Martial Uncle Zi Mei.
Leitian feels that he has been stared at and his skin hurts. His swordsmanship has made him know that Chu and Qin are provocative.
Brother Qing picked up a polite gesture when he gave his brother a gift. As soon as his skin was in sharp pain, he sucked this sword into a rare place, and it was immediately sucked by a lamella gun.
Chu Qin’s face often smiles with a purple eyebrow. Martial Uncle is the strongest among my five veins of Yunmengzong. I hope he will not lose face to Master.
Chapter sixty-four Give a sword
Chapter sixty-four
Chu Qin’s words are sharp, and a young woman in many other seven true brothers chuckles more sharply than one.
Leitian looked back at Brother Chu, the martial sister of Hongdao with a puzzled expression. Does this mean that everyone agrees that we will definitely surpass them in our completion?
The young woman was ashamed to hear leitian’s arrogant words, "Green styles".
Leitian looked at the young woman and saw that she had a pair of peach blossom eyes and powdered face. She was tall, dressed in a silver cassock and carrying a long sword. On her posture, she was still floating in the Loufang River, not like a monk.
The teacher elder sister how to call leitian respectfully asked.
White fairy door Wu Feng to female see leitian polite still a cold sample.
The rest of my true brothers have known about this Wu Fenglai temper these days, thinking that Qing Yan is going to have bad luck, and this Wu Feng is coming to talk and tide wait for no man.
Chu Qin couldn’t help but take a step back. This Wu Feng came to Bai Xian to pamper some brains. Yesterday, he even collided with himself. If Master hadn’t told him not to argue with Bai Xian’s disciples, he would have made this woman ugly.
If you talk at this time, I’m afraid there’s nothing to end, and you’ll get around yourself and be scolded by this Wu Fenglai together.
Sister Wu just tested me with Brother Chu’s sword. I passed you. Are you testing me with your sword?
Wu Feng is furious and leitian. This means that she has a cheap mouth. How can the rest of the people not listen? But everyone knows that Purple Eyebrow is really human. She is not as reckless as Wu Fenglai, and she doesn’t dare to laugh with her mouth closed.
Wu Feng to hand sword cold tunnel what did you say?
I said that the younger brothers in the door are not allowed to eat each other’s eyes and mouths, and they are still within the scope of Xu. If you become angry from embarrassment and draw your sword, it will be a violation of the rules of the door to deceive your teacher and destroy your ancestors.
Leitian finished looking at Brother Chu Qin Daochu. You are the strongest here. I am right.
Chu and Qin can’t answer well and can’t help but answer how to answer. He will offend Wu Feng to come to him. Only then can he see that the purple eyebrow is the strongest among the 72 peaks in the five lakes. His choice of life should be good. This leitian nature is really as tit-for-tat as the purple eyebrow martial uncle.
Qing Yan said yes, the same door is bullying the teacher and destroying the ancestral building. Hongyu left at this time to resolve the embarrassment of Chu and Qin.
Wu Fenglai, no matter how stupid she is, dare not offend this outside elder, although she is a real brother.
Uncle Wu Feng’s voice is still very good, but he left the hilt.
You can go back to the door to learn who is going to start work with me, and I will abolish him to build the building. Hongyu just laughed in his heart.
However, Lou Hongyu’s words are impartial. Wu Feng can swallow his pride and scold her, but she can’t argue.
Hong also laughed at his younger brother, but the master was similar in temper, and it seemed that he was just edgy. If he was angry with Wu Feng, he wouldn’t.

"I also want to ask you, who are you? How come I’ve never seen you in Yejia? " Cheyenne asked rightfully.

"You are a leaf family? There is no one else in the old house except Grandpa Ye and Grandma Ye. Do you dare to say that you are a Ye family? " Big beauty saw Cheyenne corners of the mouth moved and then said, "or do you want to say that you are leaves home? Don’t you think I will not know the Ye family? "
"Who said I was a big leaf home? In fact, I hate to reveal my identity, but since you insist on asking me, I’ll tell you that I’m Ye Laomo, and this time I’m here to celebrate his birthday! "
"oh? Is it? Then tell me that Ye Lao is old this year? " Big beauty hands chest ourtenant looked at Cheyenne asked.
"How can I ask Ye Lao, who is always your friend, about his age?" Cheyenne looked at the big beauty with a "you really don’t understand" face and asked, "Who are you after talking for a long time? You don’t look like the Ye family, but it’s the secret of Ye’s enterprise to know the roots of Ye’s family, right? What’s your father’s name? "
"You don’t know that today is not Grandpa Ye’s birthday, since Grandpa Ye is a best friend?" The big beauty smiled slightly. "Today is Grandma Ye’s birthday."
Damn it, this mistake is too serious! Xia Anxin suddenly realized that he had just heard the old man say that it was the master’s birthday consciousness, but he thought it was the hostess’s birthday. This is a big flaw!
The beautiful woman waved to the distance. Just now, the man in gray who questioned Cheyenne came running happily. Cheyenne looked around looking for an escape route. He knew that the man must be a security guard. If he was caught, not only would he be unlucky, but even the old man who brought him in would be implicated!
It’s hard for the Ye family to bear a little offense. You can imagine the consequences of Cheyenne coming in to make trouble on the old woman’s birthday.
"Is this person like mixing in?" The beautiful woman asked the man in gray
"Miss Mu, he is a guest of Elymus," replied the gray man respectfully.
This is not only Mu Yunqing, but even Cheyenne was surprised and opened his mouth. When did he become a friend of Elymus? He didn’t even know it! Cheyenne suddenly remembered the old man, who was the only Ye family Cheyenne knew.
Cheyenne dark praise the old man handout spirit gloated at Mu Yun sweeping "now know that I’m telling the truth? I was just teasing you, old friend Yip. How could I not know that today is Mrs Yip’s birthday? "
MuYunQing listened to this person’s sarcasm and felt quite stuffy, but her familiarity with this person in front of her became stronger and stronger. Suddenly, her mind flashed and she thought of someone.
"Hey, you blush with shame? Haha, you know you’re wrong, right? Don’t worry, I won’t blame you for your mistakes. You can make mistakes and be a good student … "Cheyenne was full of comforting voices and praised Mu Yun for suddenly feeling that his instep was heavily tied when he was in Qing Dynasty. Looking down, he just saw Mu Yunqing gently lifting high heels.
"Tie him up for me. I suspect he’s up to something. I’m going to ask Grandpa Ye personally later!" Mu Yun said coldly.
My foot is disfigured. It must be disfigured! Cheyenne was about to cry when she was attacked by high heels on her instep, but she heard MuYunQing’s attitude change.
"Miss Mu, this ….." Han in gray looks reluctant, and at the same time, she is curious about Miss Mu. What’s going on? How can she suddenly attack this man? It doesn’t fit her image!
"I don’t speak well? Tie him up for me! " Mu Yun cold face cried.
Cheyenne repeatedly waved his hand and said, "If you have something to say, don’t give Elymus any trouble, okay?"
Mu Yunqing paid no attention to Chao Gray’s humanity "Don’t start work yet!"
Although it is difficult for people in gray, it is better to "offend" Cheyenne Road. Then they reached out and caught Cheyenne.
Cheyenne was successfully attacked by MuYunQing just now because of inattention. Now I know that this Han will take him to deal with his foot at once. When his hand swings slightly, he will catch him, only to see that his figure suddenly lags behind, which just makes the gray-clad Han palm fall.
The look of the man in gray changed. He didn’t expect this young man to have such a skill that he could capture and implement it. It was amazing. He felt it necessary to find out the origin of this person out of professional thinking.
Cheyenne also felt the momentum change of the gray man at this moment. He immediately grabbed a large plate of dishes on the wooden table next to him and shouted, "Don’t push me or I’ll smash it!"
The gray man’s eyes are almost bulging when he looks at this scene. This man is too immoral, but I have to admit that this trick is so good that he dare not move. Look at Mu Yunqing for help.
"All right, you go ahead." MuYunQing took a deep breath of air pressure and then kicked Cheyenne impulsively. He looked at his hands holding a large plate of Dongpo elbow and gave Cheyenne a white look. "Can you be a little productive? How is it exactly the same as in the game? It’s all so unruly. "
"In the game?" Cheyenne’s mind at the moment in the fat but not greasy smell big elbow heard MuYunQing words finally raised his head and looked at the big beauty "do you know me? Who are you? " to be continued
Chapter 146 Face with fruit
Cheyenne was really shocked.
This is weird. Where did the beautiful woman recognize him? I wonder if this beautiful woman recognizes him as Zunbao or Devil?
Cheyenne looked worried that she would see through that she was the real devil.
Mu Yunqing ignored Cheyenne’s surprise, but when she saw Cheyenne’s surprised look, she felt a strong carefree feeling, as if she had avenged herself. "You guess slowly, and then talk to me when you think of who I am. Grandpa Ye said that you are his guest and I will leave you alone."
"Hey, don’t go. Tell me who you are first!" Cheyenne looked at leaving MuYunQing hurriedly to recover.
Mu Yunqing doesn’t seem to know that Cheyenne is chasing after her, but she can easily chase Cheyenne on high heels, but she can’t bear to surpass her after seeing Mu Yunqing twist her posture in the back.
Mu Yunqing deliberately looked back and found that the goods behind him were obsessed with the look. After the line of sight fell, he thought with shame and anger, "Damn it, I will make you look good later!"
Cheyenne didn’t know the danger was coming. As Mu Yunqing came to a slant hall in the front yard, there were young people who could attend this level of birthday party. Young people were very important in their respective homes, so that the old people at the banquet would take the opportunity to bring the younger generation out to see the world. After all, such opportunities are not often met, and giants like Ye Jia are by no means accessible to ordinary people, but who to bring is obviously screened.
"Say that clear elder sister good …"
"Say that clear elder sister you are so beautiful today …"
To be divided into small groups, the young people saw Mu Yunqing coming and immediately became quiet. They greeted Mu Yunqing in succession, and Cheyenne was also disturbed at this time, so that he knew the name of this glasses girl.
Mu Yunqing?
Cheyenne wondered why he didn’t remember hearing this name in his previous life. It happened that the other party just showed it as if they really knew him in the game.
"Thank you for your help, grandma’s birthday party." A young man with glasses in his early twenties said to Mu Yunqing, but his tone was not polite at all, but he was arrogant.
"Grandma Ye’s birthday, I’ll go by myself." Mu Yun’s polite head portrait is the same as not hearing the dissatisfaction in the glasses.
At this time, a little girl with a braided hair fluffy skirt came out next to her and said, "Sister Yun Qing, did you really invite Qin Sheng to celebrate Grandma Ye’s birthday?"
Everyone is looking forward to MuYunQing from the holy name of Qin.
"It’s just a coincidence. A few days ago, I happened to be invited by Qin Sheng to finally please move her." Mu Yun swept the road
The young man’s face became more and more gloomy with admiration. At this time, he saw Cheyenne’s anger and said, "Mu Yun celebrated my grandmother’s birthday. What do you mean?"
"Do you mean him?" MuYunQing turned and pointed to Cheyenne and shook his head. "I don’t know him. I know he is a guest brought back by Elymus."
As soon as this was said, everyone forgot Qin Sheng’s eyes and stared straight at Cheyenne as if his face had a beautiful photo.
You can hear it when you drop a needle in the slant hall.
Cheyenne knew that he was born with a mocking aura, and it seemed that anyone who saw him wanted to punch him. But at present, these people seemed to look at him not because of how sloppy he was dressed, but because of how out of place they were.
The more beautiful a woman is, the less believable it is. Cheyenne forgot who said this, but he thought it was very reasonable. He was confused by Mu Yunqing, and that was the reason. But Mu Yunqing said that he was a guest brought back by Elymus. These people were as shocked as if they wanted to eat flies. There must be something special, right?
"Everyone, you are busy, I will leave first!" What a witty person Cheyenne is. No matter what’s hidden, he doesn’t want to get involved and turn away.
The young man with glasses drank coldly, "Do you know that calling flowers like you is really not suitable for staying here, or get out of here quickly and make everyone’s eyes humiliated?"
Cheyenne can’t stand it. At least Nimago has a billion family members. Er, he used to have a billion fortune, but no matter what makes you say my name is Hua?
"The glasses brother didn’t you see that this is the woman provoke deviance? I belong to lying gun. If you have any anger, just throw it at her head. Don’t take me as a scapegoat! " Cheyenne smile happily turned and said
"I want to drive a beggar in rags out of Ye’s gate, which pollutes everyone’s eyes, that’s all." The young man’s forehead is blue and his veins are jumping. Cheyenne’s words just hit him where he hurts. He is really angry with Mu Yunqing, but he dare not tell Mu Yunqing that Cheyenne just happened to bump into his gun.
"I think your eyesight will be better with glasses. I didn’t expect it to be blind. You let everyone here judge me where I am like a beggar? Do you think I’m a beggar because my clothes, pants, shoes and socks are not worth anything? Haven’t you ever taught you that you can’t judge a book by its cover? Maybe I look like a beggar in your eyes, but I’m telling you that being rich in heart is really rich, and being like you is definitely narrow-minded. You are really a beggar! "
Cheyenne talked a lot about feeling a little thirsty, grabbed a bottle of high-end drinks next to her, drank it and smacked her mouth. She was surprised and said, "Hey, what is this? It’s quite delicious."
"You … you … get out of here!" Glasses youth angry roar a way
Cheyenne looked around surprised, pointing to his nose. "You let me get out? Did I hear you right? Do you know who I am? I’m Ye Lao, and I personally invited the guests. Ye Lao, don’t be a bad friend. If you want to call me Grandpa, what strength do you have to let me out? It’s you. I can tell you to get out, you know? But China is a state of etiquette. I don’t have much strength. I am very polite. If I want you to kneel down and kowtow to me, I won’t kick you out. If you don’t talk, I will take it as your consent. Kneel quickly. "
Mu Yunqing looked at Cheyenne with anger and humor. She knew that Cheyenne’s personality would never suffer a loss, especially when facing such a group of dignitaries and nobles who claimed themselves. They couldn’t think about it at all. A person who could put his face on the soles of his feet faced a group of dignitaries and nobles who valued his face more than anything else. It must be that shameless person who won a single-mouth kung fu competition.
Cheyenne has always felt that he is a good man. He is clean, upright, talented and handsome. It is natural for his enemies to be jealous of such a kind and courageous Lei Feng-style good man. After all, few people can get out of the mud like him.

It’s a pity that Xiao Wu couldn’t hear the conversation before the three proprietress gave him his salary, otherwise he would vomit blood, because there was not much left in the rent and utilities he owed before.

Xiao Wu received a phone call from his previous rented house. It was Tan Ya.
"Hey Tan Ya, didn’t you travel around the world?"
"It was boring to go alone, so I walked around the neighborhood and just got back today." Tan Ya said, "Do you have time to come out and talk?"
"Good old place. I’ll buy you a drink today." With some money, Xiao Wu’s voice is much louder.
"eh?" Tan Ya’s voice was a little stunned and paused before saying, "Well, I’ll drive to pick you up."
Xiao Wudao said, "No, I don’t have to walk in the Beauty Body Hall now."
Hung up the phone and Xiao Wu walked to the sailor bar across the street. He met Tan Ya at the Mariner’s Bar and often met him at the Mariner’s Bar, which is the so-called old place.
Xiao Wu arrived at the sailor’s bar in less than twenty minutes. He saw Tan Ya standing there waiting for him. I haven’t seen Tan Ya for a while, or a pair of wild boots under the tight-fitting lady vest and jeans, with a cigar in his mouth. She is still so cool, so cold and sexy, and she is full of wildness.
Xiao Wu’s eyes swept the two shells on Tan Ya’s chest, and he was surprised. At any time, he had an absurd feeling. He felt that the two shells would shoot out while he was not looking, and his face would blossom.
"What are you looking at?" Tan Ya defiantly sprayed a cigarette on Xiao Wu’s face. "Why don’t you touch it and see if it’s fake?"
Xiao Wu smiled. Tan Ya was Tan Ya. She never changed.
"Don’t you have to accompany your three proprietresses today?"
Xiao Wu said, "I’d love to, but people don’t want me to go in with them. Let’s go for a drink."
Tan Ya found a table near the corner. She ordered a can of beer, and Xiao Wu was a strong bottle of vodka.
"This wine is expensive if I like it." Xiao Wu said.
Tan Ya smiled and said, "Otherwise, how could so many people make money desperately for this kind of life of being addicted to money?"
"I don’t like money, I just like to live in my own way."
Tan Ya stared at Xiao Wudao: "That’s what I like about you. In fact, I have wanted to do something with you for a long time."
"With me? Do what? " Xiao Wu took another sip of wine into his mouth.
"make love." Tan Ya said.
Poof bursts Xiao Wu sprayed out a mouthful of wine that had just entered his mouth.
"Why don’t you sleep with me tonight?" Tan Ya went on to say that when such a thing came out of her mouth, it felt strange to the extreme, like two buddies who were joking about sex instead of a woman and a man.
Xiao Wu laughed: "Tan Ya, will you fall in love after all?"
"Not as good as you teach me." Tan Ya also took a sip of beer into her mouth. The smell of beer made her frown. She wouldn’t drink, but she would always drink with a man willingly. This man is the guy in front of her.
Xiao Wudao said, "It’s like just now, um, your eyes should have that seductive feeling. When you talk, you’d better put a finger in your mouth and suck it, then pose to show your sexiness, and then say to me affectionately, honey, let’s have sex tonight. Do you understand?"
Poof bursts Tan Ya also spray a mouthful of wine.
"Really, you are so stupid. This is called the feeling of love." Xiao Wu solemnly said that he seemed to know a lot about love.
Tanya smiled. She didn’t speak. She just looked at Xiao Wu. She knows this guy is not much better than her. She and he are both people living in another world.
The saxophone player in the sailor’s bar played a tune. I don’t know the name of this piece of music, but it is so beautiful that it makes people feel inexplicably sad.
In this music Tan Ya once again thought of that night Xiao Wu suddenly broke into her world.
It was in this music that Xiao Wu thought of the wine money for tonight. I don’t know if the price of this bottle of vodka has gone up. If it has gone up too much, let’s pay for it in Tan Ya. She is one step behind her when she pays for the bag …
It was dark when I came out of the sailor’s bar. The city lights are gorgeous, and they complement each other, making people gradually lost in them.
Tan Ya drank three tins of beer. At this time, she was slightly drunk, and a faint blush appeared on her fair skin, which made her more feminine.
"Where’s your car?" In the end, Xiao Wu paid for the drinks because Tan Ya never paid for his wallet, so no matter how slow he was, he was slower than Tan Ya who didn’t pay at all. The money for the drinks made his flesh ache, his heart ached and his whole body ached, so he wanted to take a ride and let Tan Ya take him back to save a few dollars on the bus.
"In the parking lot in front, please go with me to get it. I’ll take you back."
"Yeah, ok." Xiaowu avenue.
They walked in tandem in the direction of the parking lot. Tan Ya suddenly stopped walking. She turned to look at Xiao Wu. "Xiao Wu, I have something to say to you."
"What is it? Why are you acting weird today? Are you drunk? " Shaw five also don’t understand of looking at Tan Ya.
"I …"
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"If you have something to say, just say that your mother-in-law hangs my appetite?"
Tan Ya suddenly roared: "Get down!"
"My day! That’s it? "
But before Xiao Wu reacted, Tan Ya had already pounced on Xiao Wu. Because at that moment, she came from the back of Xiao Wu with an abnormal reflection, and its position was on the roof of a tall building. It was not a light, but a refracted light of the light. Tan Ya, who is familiar with this kind of light, can be sure that it is the light refracted by the sight of a sniper rifle without looking at her carefully!
Tan Ya’s intention at such a critical juncture was to throw himself on the ground to avoid the sniper’s attack. But she forgot one thing, that is, Xiao Wu’s strength and his instinctive reaction. As a result, she jumped on Xiao Wu’s body as if she had tackled a stake. Xiao Wu was bounced away instead of being tackled by her.

However, Gao Chen’s mother Gao Jianfeng doesn’t know that it was an accident when they met. Gao Jianfeng clearly remembers that Gao Chen’s mother Gao Jianfeng said a lot of strange things when she was five years old. For example, the next day, Gao Chen’s mother disappeared from the eyes of Gao’s family and Gao Jianfeng never married because of her feelings!

"Dad, you forget that it takes me a second to get from the Thousand Apes Forest to the windy city. For others, it is a far cry from the worldly world, but what is this distance for me?" Gao Chen said with a smile.
In fact, Gao Chen feels unworthy for Gao Jianfeng to protect the country, but he has always been single. It is rare in this continent. Although his family said that his mother was dead, how did they know that Gao Chen, who was five years old, had already lost everything? He did not understand his mother’s practice in his heart. Although Gao Chen is now another person, that one of Gao Chen’s memories is particularly profound!
"I forgot that you still have such a thing. In this case, you should remember to come back more. Since the lowest fighters are all in the fifth order, you must be careful in that world." Gao Jianfeng said.
"I can go to this big day, please rest assured," Gao Chen said confidently.
After a showdown chat with Gao Jianfeng for a while, Gao Jianfeng left and left Gao Chen. He thought about training all kinds of ways to increase his attributes and strength, and he couldn’t relax for a moment!
This practice in the enchantment is 36 hours, so accelerating Gao Chen can not only train in various ways and increase the attributes, but also unify several skills. In this crazy practice, the attack power of fire fencing is to make Gao Chen instantly burst into a full double attack power! Gao Chen is known to have twice the attack power in this world’s lighter. It is absolutely unexpected that this fire fencing has such attack power.
Moreover, these skills are not a single move, and each skill is made up of many moves. This is not a skill but a set of fighting skills, and Gao Chen always feels that the power of these skills will bring him more surprises after they are upgraded to advanced levels! …
In one night’s practice, Gao Chen raised the level of fire fencing slightly by one, and then all kinds of additional attributes were added. Now, the world level of Gao Chen’s practice is 36. From the point of view, it is the third-order six-star fighters who can add many attributes themselves, and Gao Chen knows that his level will rise. That is another Gao Jianfeng’s expectation. Although he has not joined the army yet, he will get the regiment rank now because of his personal commitment, and Gao Chen knows that when he graduates, he will go to the practice world.
Gao Jianfeng triumphantly returned to Gao Chen’s hands, and the four places made Gaos thought once again the focus of discussion in the windy city. If both Ma’s family and Zhujiajian are very small families, it is only a matter of time before they think they can figure out the emperor’s heart, and they will not be very relieved that Gaos thought will decline because of their hearts.
However, just because of a news, the Gaos thought that Gao Chen will go to the cultivation field and there are still four places in his hand. If you think about it, you can know what level the strength will rise when Gao Chen and others go to the cultivation field, and the number of places is that the emperor has won five, but actually Gao Chen has also got five, which has to be thought about.
It is equivalent to saying that the difference between the celestial world and the bliss world in the past life is this world’s spiritual world, which is true, and people can return with great strength after they go. What impact will this bring to the seventh order?
On a new day, visitors from the Gaos are coming in an endless stream, all with rich gifts, claiming that they are here to congratulate Gao Jianfeng on his triumph, but all these people have one thing in common, that is, not all the visitors bring the one they think is the best talent.
"Son, do you really have four places to practice?" In the evening, Gao Jianfeng received a daytime guest and looked at the house full of gifts. I can’t believe I asked Gao Chen.
"Dad, do you still doubt whether this is true or not?" Gao Chen also didn’t know that these people would be so crazy. Many imperial dignitaries who had no bonfire suddenly appeared in front of Gao’s family and said what they were like with Gao’s family or what relatives they were of that generation.
"The emperor has five places, but he gave you four and one. Is this even with the emperor?" Gaojianfengkou way
"The whole thing is so real. These four places are Ouyang’s predecessors. He told me to keep them for a long time. It’s very simple. That is to tell Feng Liantian the weight of my practice world. Although I don’t know what kind of world the practice world is, I know where the order can be called the strong. What do you think of our earthly life?" Gao Chen slowly analyzed the mouth and said that although the four places seemed to be won by himself, he got the information from Ouyang Changchu’s mouth. Gao Chen knew that even if he didn’t go to him, he would also leave these four places for himself, because he could bring ten people at a time, but he gave five places to the wind, which can say everything.
Gao Chen’s guess is not bad. A secular emperor doesn’t carry much weight in the eyes of practitioners. Today, during the daytime, Gao Chen received guests at home with Gao Jianfeng, and he didn’t have time to accompany Wang Yujie. When the last guest left, it was not too late. So Gao Chen found Wang Yujie …
"I didn’t expect this quota to be so hard to find these people. It’s crazy to go to the practice world." Wang Yujie sighed after seeing Gao Chen.
"It belongs to the field of cultivation that people actually appear in front of people, especially how can all kinds of news in that world not make these people crazy?" Gao Chen light mouth way
"Do you think the cultivation world is really that strong?" Wang Yujie suddenly asked, although he is going to the middle world, Wang Yujie still doubts whether this practice world is true or not. The seventh order is an ordinary brother, after all, from small to large, there are four seventh-order strong people in SHEN WOO mainland, and the seventh-order strong people are just beyond our reach!
"Isn’t this question known when we go to see it?" Gao Chen replied with a smile
"Do you really want to take me to the science of uniting the world?" Wang Yujie suddenly asked her face full of satisfaction! From today’s visiting crowd, Wang Yujie saw a lot of characters who were previously considered to be big shots, but today Gao Jianfeng, to be exact, acted like Sun in front of Gao Chen. This is how to get a quota. From this, I know that this quota is precious and Gao Chen did not hesitate to give herself one. How can Wang Yujie not be moved?
"Sister doesn’t go, I won’t go where there is me, and then you and I will never share a generation together." Gao Chen looked at Wang Yujie and said seriously.
"Thank you, Gao Chen." Wang Yujie suddenly kissed Gao Chen on the forehead, then said a word and ran out.
"How dare you steal to kiss me? You live for me." To react, Gao Chen got up in ecstasy and was about to recover.
"It’s too late. I’m going to bed. Goodbye," Wang Yujie said to Gao Chen with her head leaking out in front of the door.
"We can sleep together." Gao Chen teased and said.
"Smelly pervert!" Say that finish ignore Gao Chen closed the door!
Gao Chen depressed touched his nose and returned to his room. For others, it’s time to rest, but for Gao Chen, it’s time to practice!
Chapter seventy-six Gao Chen fiancee
Gao Chen practiced at the same time, and the palace suffered a stroke and the bedroom was windy. "Hey, there are five places for Dad this time, and one of them is you, but I think you can save this place."
"What dad don’t you mean this quota can’t be given to me?" Feng Lan’s face was disappointed. Looking at Feng Liantian’s mouth, she asked that she could go to the science of uniting the world. She didn’t know what she was doing so much.
"Listen to me, son, you must go to the science of uniting the world, but this quota is not mine, but Gao Chenna." The wind even smiles.
"Dad, what do you mean? Gao Chenna? " Wind orchid nest is not very Whitestorm even the meaning of words mouth asked.
"You should know that there are four places in Gao Chen’s hands? I think a monarch also has five places. Why does Gao Chen have four places plus himself? Isn’t that the same as me? I’m a monarch. What is he? " The wind is getting angrier and angrier, but he forgot how this quota for going to the cultivation field came from. The former cultivation field meant that there was no quota for studying in the cultivation field. All this was because Gao Chen could have it, but now the wind is even thinking that this is not the case. He saw that he was a monarch with five quotas and he also had five in Gao Chen. How can this not make him angry?
"Dad, even if Gao Chen has four places, can he give me one?" Feng Lan’s mouth is a little incredulous. However, she feels afraid of the emperor’s royal family. She has known the emperor’s feelings since she was a child, but she never thought that this situation should come so early.

Bai Qionghai paused to give everyone time to digest those words, and then added, "This only god can be nourished by this disintegrated world and can also feed back the world. The fairy, demon and demon worlds have gone from bad to worse, but the overall decline rate has slowed down, which is not unrelated to the feedback from the gods. So it can also be said that since Emperor Xuanyuan became a world god, all the people in the world have accepted his love. In fact, with his ability, it is possible to completely give up a certain circle if he wants, but he has not done so. "

Bai Ling’s nine eyes stare, and the face of Bei Huang and Nan Yunqing will change again!
They unconsciously accepted Xuanyuan Huang’s affection? !
Are you kidding? !
Both sides are sworn enemies, okay? !
However, Bai Qionghai’s face is calm, where there is a little joking?
She is the most calm and fair person in the audience. In fact, she has been like this all her life.
It seems that she has seen the world, people and things differently from others since she was born. She is like a bystander, just looking at those facts objectively without any emotion.
At this time, even Xiao Wen felt as uncomfortable as swallowing a fly. Xuanyuan Emperor suddenly became his benefactor, which was really unacceptable.
However, he knows better than anyone that Bai Qionghai’s words must be right. Qi Shen Jie made him, and he has indeed been feeding back Qi Shen Jie, but Yuan Wenjuan is the only one who benefits from Qi Shen Jie for the time being.
However, Bai Qionghai didn’t stop for too long this time, and soon added, "This is the first point. If this is the only point, then Xuanyuan Huangxing will definitely not affect so many people. The only person he needs to kill is Nan Yu, a person in the celestial world who is expected to reach the realm of the gods earlier than him."
Bai Qionghai didn’t know that Nan Yunqing in the ice cave was Nan Yu’s daughter, so it was still very calm.
But how can Nan Yunqing calm down? She suddenly raised her head and looked straight at Bai Qionghai, which made Bai Qionghai confused.
Xiao Wen, on the other hand, looked at Nan Yunqing’s side face. Strictly speaking, it was this incident that made Nan Yunqing worry and completely changed her life. And its source, unexpectedly here?
It is not the position of the leader of the fairy league at all, but the throne of the only world god.
At that time, Nan Yutian’s talent was limited by the environment of various circles, and there was no breakthrough, and then almost all J and jīng forces were used to find the next path of practice. He may not be sure at that time, and there is no one else around to discuss, so he can only tell Xuanyuan Huang, who is most favored by him …
Emperor Xuanyuan simply knows that there can only be one god in the world. And his positive and bucket but south jade, immediately make the y and n recruit.
At that time, Nan Yu had ignored the fairy alliance, and Emperor Xuanyuan first created momentum. Said south jade old fatuous, and then said south jade j and jīng god out of the question, poor days, at that time, south jade was not in the celestial world, but looking for a path of practice in other worlds.
After a long time, when Nan Yu came back again, Emperor Xuanyuan suddenly shot to kill him. On the contrary, it has become a happy thing. Even, at that time, even Nan Yunqing was deceived. She even thinks that Emperor Xuanyuan did the right thing. After her father Nan Yu died, she also worked for the World God League for a long time!
Bei Huang sees Bai Qionghai and doesn’t understand why Nan Yunqing has changed like that. Directly explained in a low voice: "Nan girl is Nan Yu’s daughter."
Bai Qionghai’s eyes widened slightly, and then he could only nod to Nan Yunqing. At this time, it was useless to say anything comforting.
Bai Qionghai’s lips parted slightly, and once again he said, "The second point. It is also a point that Yunlou and I have always had doubts about. But Emperor Xuanyuan was convinced. Then I made all the later ones. This second point is actually Nan Yu’s first guess, that is, when the big world collapsed, it almost destroyed all the creatures on it. That is to say, the life and species of later worlds were actually formed later, not originally in that big world. "
"However, there must be some will in this disintegrated world, which accelerated the formation of later species, especially people and other animals. And the most crucial thing is such a statement. That is, all the creatures with souls before the collapse of that big world, and their souls were separated with the world. These separated souls are blessed by that will in the new fairy, demon and demon worlds. One soul after another has been formed. "
"The existence of these souls is very similar to that of the disintegrated world. They are mutual, but they originate from the same whole and remain a whole. Nan Yu believes that these scattered souls will become the shackles for the gods to soar to a more perfect world. Only by collecting all the scattered souls, there is only one left, and the last one will really get the opportunity to soar. "
"This is just a guess of Nan Yu, but Emperor Xuanyuan did it directly. Later, he stayed in the realm of God for a long time and still did not change his practice, probably because this statement is indeed correct and confirmed. And Yunlou and I have been looking for the answer to this matter, and all kinds of signs show that soaring into another world really has a lot to do with the soul. However, after all, we are not gods, xìng we are not willing to kill others to verify the truth of this matter before we get the real answer. "
"Before I met Xuanyuan Huang and Yunlou, the two of them were traveling in the name of the world, but in fact they have been looking for the soul of Xuanyuan Huang. Every to the world, as long as you meet a special likeness or special spirit likeness with Xuanyuan Emperor, Xuanyuan Emperor will kill each other. Later, I don’t know if Xuanyuan Huang’s soul has really grown, or if he found another way in the realm of the gods. In short, he became more efficient when he looked for the soul, and often he could directly find the soul when he reached a certain realm. "
"Cloud floor after falling in love with me, influenced by me, heart xìng change more don’t recognize the practice of xuanyuan emperor, finally decided not to walk with xuanyuan emperor. Emperor Xuanyuan also left the demon world and returned to the celestial world. Many years later, he set off again and went to the various worlds to find a soul. Later, he occasionally came to see us several times and still told us his speculation. At that time, Emperor Xuanyuan even had a considerable grasp. In fact, he didn’t have to find all the soul-splitting, but just found the soul-splitting of 36 higher-order worlds such as the twelve celestial worlds, the demon world and the underworld. Thirty-five except himself. "
"At that time, he had killed a lot of souls in the 36th world, but when we asked him if his soul had grown, he was also vague and finally failed to give a definite answer. Then, he finally encountered setbacks in the two demon worlds, and his soul-splitting is also a very powerful existence. Although his strength is not as good as his, he escaped in his first attack. Then, his distracted soul looked for helpers everywhere to fight against him. "
"At that time, it was impossible to easily kill the soul by his own strength. He had to use the power of others. However, Yunlou and I don’t recognize his practice, so naturally we won’t help him, and the best we can do is not to stop him. He had to go back to the celestial world to find help, so more and more people were involved and the scale of the battle was getting bigger and bigger. I probably knew that one day there would be a war between the fairy and the demon, and Yunlou and I would fight sooner or later and stand on his opposite side. He finally attacked Yunlou. " (To be continued …)

Chapter five hundred and ninety-nine Ice Cliff
"It should be that Emperor Xuanyuan has killed too many souls. When he killed the Cloud Tower, he used a certain technique to make the Cloud Tower in a state of suspended animation, and the soul was out of the body, but there was no one to rely on. That is to say, even if there is a saying of reincarnation, the soul of Yunlou will not be reincarnated, but will only float outside. There is still the last trace of soul fire in Yunlou’s body, which can be used as a sign to attract his soul back when the time is ripe. In this way, I can only stay with Yunlou all the time. Emperor Xuanyuan knows that I promised Yunlou to stay with him all the time. "
"Although I never went out, I have been paying attention to the war between the two sides. When Yunlou and Xuanyuan Emperor broke up, Xuanyuan Emperor had a bad feeling towards the fairy beast, thinking that the demon world was more suitable for the practice of the fairy beast, and the fairy beast and the Taoist priest might betray the fairy world after they came to the demon world. Later, it was also true. Emperor Xuanyuan’s own fairy beast, as well as two of his most powerful animal monks, defected successively. However, their rebellion is actually related to knowing what Xuanyuan Huang did. "
"But in any case, a few signs xìng fairy beast and animal monk’s rebellion has almost become a weather vane, and the followers around Xuanyuan Emperor are no longer as stable as ever. Under such circumstances, Emperor Xuanyuan finally made a frenzied decision. He and the God League killed all the fairy beasts above the fifth order in the upper, middle and lower 36 celestial realms in almost half a year, while the high-ranking animal monks either changed their ways or stood on the opposite side of the God League. " ..
"The animal monk’s resistance lasted for a long time in the twelve celestial bodies, but after all, everyone shouted because of the unilateral propaganda of the world God Union. Finally, it ended sadly. As for the middle and lower 24 celestial realms, the fairy beasts and the Taoist priests there are not qualified to resist at all. If there were not many restrictions on the high-ranking monks’ going to the low-level celestial bodies, the animal path of the lower twelve celestial bodies might be destroyed more thoroughly. Even the fairy beasts below the fourth order will not stay. "
"Due to the demise of the beast, the Emperor Xuanyuan made another deployment in the celestial world at the same time. He always thought that my appearance played a great role in the interaction between Yunlou and me, and at the same time, two generals on the side of the alliance of gods had delayed the fighter plane because of their lust for female Se. In addition, there has always been a saying that women are a disaster in the celestial world. Many monks will delay their practice because of the love between men and women, and the war between the fairy and the demon must be a protracted war … "

One step, two steps and three steps!

Zeng Feiyang has just stepped over the free throw line, but his body has risen like a soaring rocket, and his figure is like an elegant fighter plane rushing into the sky! He is competing with the basket!
Zeng Feiyang is flying! It’s him flying!
Every fan’s heart is beating wildly, their blood is boiling and their brains are excited!
Zeng Feiyang took the ball and raised his hands high. He slowly approached the basket! Everyone in the place couldn’t help getting up from their seats because they all knew that the moment of shocking the world was coming!
Everyone held their breath and widened their eyes-no one wanted to miss this moment that might make people heart attack!
"bang!" The ball was buckled into the basket by Zeng Feiyang’s strong hands.
"plop!" Zeng Feiyang fell to the ground, and the powerful impact made him fall to the reporter’s body (poor reporter B …)
All the fans gasped when they saw this scene. They couldn’t believe what was happening in front of them-Carter, the "flying man", stepped on the free throw line in the dunk contest two years ago, and his hands were buckled in this game, and it was from a famous player!
Once flying up, a king looked down at all the fans present, and then he put his right index finger in front of his mouth and breathed a sigh of relief. In a light and contemptuous tone, he spit out an English sentence, "Be quiet, thank you …"
Simple dynamic ordinary language
Zeng Feiyang is so ordinary, but everyone can clearly feel Zeng Feiyang’s arrogance!
No one dares to laugh at Zeng Feiyang again! At this moment, Zeng Feiyang reminds people of another person! A superstar who also had absolute domineering strength when he entered the NBA in the first year-‘Little Emperor’ James …
Zeng Feiyang has a little emperor shadow? Not only can people see from his dunk just now-in the future, he may have more strength than the little emperor …
Chapter one hundred and twenty-seven China trapeze
Do you hear me?
I heard …
What did he say?
Be quiet …
The Hornets home fans looked at Zeng Feiyang dully, and no one dared to make a sound.
Zeng Feiyang’s words are crazy and proud, but they can’t show any anger at his words and lines, because Zeng Feiyang’s flying body has been deeply imprinted in their minds, so that they can firmly remember Zeng Feiyang’s name!
"Yeah ~ ~ ~" At this moment, the substitute players of the Rockets gave an excited shout, which drove all the rocket fans in front of the camera at the scene!
All the rocket fans in the world are jubilant! Everyone and every heart are excited at this moment!
That’s terrible! It’s so strong!
Zeng Feiyang’s jumping ability and explosive force remind everyone of the’ flying man’!
David stern was pleasantly surprised because he never thought that Zeng Feiyang had such terrible jumping ability! Xi, of course, is because Zeng Feiyang’s ability has exceeded his expectation! That is to say, the effect caused by Zeng Feiyang will be even greater!
At the same time, David Snort has added one more name to the list of dunk contest …
Van Gundy, who has always been calm, is also a face of surprise. Although he knew that Zeng Feiyang had strong jumping ability and explosive power, he didn’t expect to be so strong-strong to the point of being comparable to’ flying man’!
Too strong! Zeng Feiyang is really strong!
The new king’ Chris Paul stared blankly at Zeng Feiyang, and his heart was full of injustice and loss.
What? What, he has such terrible jumping ability? What makes an Asian so strong? Shouldn’t all the world leaders in basketball be black? Oh, my God …
The head coach of the Hornets was forced to call a time-out. If he doesn’t call a time-out at this moment, the victory or defeat of the game may be decided! Because Zeng Feiyang’s flying dunk has deeply shocked everyone who saw this picture, including himself …
Yu Jia, the host of CCV5, said excitedly, "Have you all seen it, audience friends? This is Zeng Feiyang’s strength! Too strong! Miracle’ No, I think we should address him as’ China Flying Man’ now! Today, he is almost the incarnation of the emperor! Although we have seen his’ miracle’ performance in the previous CUBA competition, it was in CUBA after all! But now he has created a dunk comparable to’ Flying Man’ in the NBA! He is our China’ basketball god’ … "
The shot change was flying, and the’ flying man’ was played back on the screen again and again! His simple ban on movement bombarded people’s nerves again and again!
At this moment, people all over the world have lost one thing-China people flew in the NBA! China, the flying man is flying!
People in the New Orleans Arena silently watched the heart rate change again and again on the big screen in the stadium!
Zeng Feiyang couldn’t help but feel tongue-tied after seeing his performance. He just wanted those people to keep silent because of a moment of anger. As a result, he never dreamed that he had an excessive explosion of potential because of excitement. He not only completed Carter’s classic double-clasping, but also didn’t think that a simple ban would have such a strong domineering majesty!
I used to wonder if I didn’t wake up and suddenly became so’ cow’. It’s not like myself!
However, Zeng Feiyang is also white. If you can’t believe it, it’s all a fact. The fact has been deeply branded in everyone’s heart-just now he is the incarnation of’ God’!
Maybe it’s because Zeng Feiyang gave himself too much impact! Chris Paul wasn’t in the mood in the later game, and the whole person was in a state of panic and always made mistakes. Nymphs coach Byron Scott had to change his favorite field.
Without Paul, the Hornets became a mess, and the mistakes caused by repeated missed shots made the Hornets fall behind the Rockets by 674 points at the end of the third quarter.
Although there is still the last quarter left in the game, everyone is in vain-the outcome of this game has already been decided.
As expected, in the fourth quarter, the Rockets led by Zeng Feiyang succeeded in attacking again and again, while Huang Feng was prevented from even getting a shot! For seven minutes, the Rockets didn’t let Huang Feng get a point! By this time, the Rockets had scored 31 points-when the game was officially declared garbage!
Four minutes left in the final game, except Zeng Feiyang, Yao and McGrady were replaced. Van Gundy knew that this game belonged to Zeng Feiyang! Since it belongs to him, let him continue to perform as much as he likes!
Yao and other players were not idle when they were changed. They all worked hard to make Zeng Feiyang’s confidence stronger than ever before and his desire to express himself was greater than ever before-there was a bit of selfishness in his heart, but this selfishness was selfish in wanting the team to win. Want the world to know that China players are powerful and selfish …
When I finished Zeng Feiyang’s solo performance, he broke through his shooting, dunking and blocking-he couldn’t!
No one on the Hornets can stop him! It shouldn’t be said that they have lost their fighting spirit and given up the game! There is Zeng Feiyang so that he can perform his solo show to his heart’s content! And the Hornets’ home fans also know that everyone has been flying and cheering-no matter who you are, you will be respected and worshipped by others!
The Hornets missed their last shot two seconds before the end, and once Feiyang got the rebound! A simple rebound, an ordinary rebound! And Zeng Feiyang didn’t continue to attack after picking up the rebound because the game was over! But for people, the meaning of this rebound is of great significance-Zeng Feiyang got this rebound and the data has become 27 points, 1 rebound, 5 steals, 2 blocks and 12 assists-he got a triple double, a real triple double!
Come on! Too soon! Zeng Feiyang once again set a record in this game-he got the’ triple double’ data when he joined the NBA in the fourth game!
It’s true that’ Little Emperor’ James is the youngest player to get the’ triple double’ data, but he is not the fastest! Because the fastest player to get the’ triple double’ is Zeng Feiyang!
It’s true that Zeng Feiyang was able to get the’ triple double’ largely because Huang Feng gave up the game and the game was rubbish, but you can’t deny one thing-that is Zeng Feiyang’s strength! If he doesn’t have great strength, how can he get the real’ triple double’ data!
"whistle ~ ~ ~" sounded at the end of the game, and the rockets won 13179! The players from both sides shook hands, but Paul, the’ new king’ of Huang Feng team, had already left this day sadly. The game hit him so hard that he would never forget Zeng Feiyang’s soaring figure! Zeng Feiyang blocked all the sunshine in front of him like a huge wall that suddenly appeared.
However, although Zeng Feiyang’s blow to Chris Paul was great, it didn’t mean that he was completely defeated …
Zeng Feiyang, you wait! I will definitely surpass you! Sure! No matter how strong you are …
This game has branded Paul with a deep determination that he will be stronger in the future …
"Audience friends, the game is over here! I think it must be self-evident that this game will give you a sigh. Well, at the end, I have one thing to tell you. Zeng Feiyang’s name has already been chosen in the official NBA website. If you like Zeng Feiyang, go and vote … "
Have a?
Does the star vote have Zeng Feiyang’s name?
Then what are you waiting for?
Let’s go! !
As soon as the live broadcast ended, several fans in China sat in front of their heads and played the official Chinese website of NBA and voted for Zeng Feiyang’s name …
On this day, the name once flew, which made the world famous! His trapeze-like double-clasped hands are repeatedly played on major TV stations!
On this day, Zeng Feiyang had his international nickname-China Flying Man …
Chapter one hundred and twenty Renewal
January 3, 2002 is the third day of the new year. Students and adults have left their busy study jobs. This day is so ordinary.
But on this ordinary day, there is an important event in the NBA! That is the issue of renewing the contract with Zeng Feiyang after his short-term contract expires!

In the quota PK battle, the three giants decided to delimit an area, and the PK venue was blocked by the twelve strong men to prevent the personnel from using tactics to kill the other side when stipulated. The winner must have a camera certificate. This PK battle is very harsh, and the selected personnel have to pay 9% experience of the current level.

However, it’s still affordable to become a formal brother of Wudang at such a small price. Chief Fang Da has no language, and they have all done a good job in Wu Chi. All he has to do is hand over the list of players selected by the two PK winners to the old nun at the end.
"I agree with this quota PK system, so that’s it. Now we should immediately reorganize the reserve team nocturne and give me a salary of 50 thousand." Fang Da’s chief couldn’t wait to hold out his hand at nocturne.
"Yin Song, what are you doing? The war just ended in April, and the consumption is very high. Now, where is the silver to pay the salary? The salary of the flash detachment can only be withdrawn after the poll tax reform." Elder martial sister Nocturnal Song pushed Wu Chi’s hand and frowned.
"Then write a document and send a notice to let those smiles send us light hand over the money." Fang Da’s chief urged the three giants to start writing, and soon the notice had been written, and twelve copies of the nocturne were handed over to the twelve strong men to let them find some younger brothers to copy.
After the announcement of poll tax reform in Wudang on the second day after the April war, most Wudang members have no objection. It doesn’t matter that they can withdraw money after their own efforts. Although the withdrawal tax has increased on the whole, it has given the peripheral brothers an achievable goal.
This poll tax system includes Sanshui area, which has just been merged into Wudang branch, into the bailihuo. After reading the notice, I sighed that "Wudang really has a good means to raise financial resources."
On the third day after the April War, the Japanese Guard disbanded the flash detachment and officially performed its duties. It was divided into three detachments, and the patrol range was three shifts. At present, Wudang District does not include Sanshui District, and each detachment has 12 members, all of whom are level 2 players.
After the establishment of the flash detachment, the defensive body in Wudang division greatly enhanced its ability to attack and kill, which was several times higher. Fifty-seven intruders were killed in just one day, which was equivalent to Wu Chi taking part in a patrol on the second day after the establishment of the weekly workload detachment of the former Central Guard.
He’s thunderous and firm-minded, and everyone can’t catch up with him, not including the division commander, who frequently scolds them as turtles, and kills the enemy at a time. Seven of them are Fang Da’s chief jie, and others are not good at it.
Wu Chi’s purple circle chopped the attacker into several pieces. This is a 35-level player. Unfortunately, when Wu Chi, a 33-level abnormal root, had no backhand force, he cut off his flying sword after two rounds of firm but gentle bombardment, and was torn into pieces by firm but gentle in the middle.
After taking the enemy’s explosive equipment into the bag, Wu Chi connected a flying sword, a thunder cone, and the killing team finally closed in Xiao.
Welcome to W WW C OM
Twelve times, Xiao Shui, Xiao Xiao Angel Music.
Twelve times, Xiao Shui, Xiao Xiao Angel Music.
Xiao Xiao Xiao cold wind slowly stood by the river with a blue robe and a man’s negative hand. Looking at the surging Xiao Xiao, he whispered, "The general’s name has cracked into the river beam and turned back. Wan Li’s old friend is long and unique. Xiao Xiao Xiao’s west wind is cold and full of clothes like snow, and the birds still know how much they hate it. Who will be drunk with me if they don’t cry?"
This is a famous poet and strategist in Chinese history who suppressed the executioner of the working class people-Xin Qiji gave it to his brother He Xinlang. This poem is no exception. There are dozens of allusions, among which Xiao Xiao Xiao Xi Feng is full of clothes like snow.
At the beginning, when the article failed, the martial arts was just a little knowledge. Jing Ke was encouraged by Yan Guo’s Taidan, and at that time his head got hot, so he went to die by himself. It’s really bad for this guy to eat Taidan’s delicacies and enjoy Taidan’s beauty and Yan Ji’s little reward.
At that time, Jing Ke, who was forced to Liangshan, sounded the death knell just before Taidan bid farewell to his dog friend Gao Jianli and struck a friend. Jing Ke thought that he had written a song for himself without a eulogy. This song is very famous, that is, the wind is rustling, the water is cold, and the strong man is gone forever.
Modern assassins are spurned and hated by the people. Suicide bombers in the dark age are an example. However, in the dark, ancient assassins were equal to heroes, and they were sung by immortals in the era of advocating personal force. This is not surprising and very normal.
A voice said, "Tsing Yi, are you kidding? It’s no longer appropriate in Yishuihe. You still want to curse us to death? It’s outrageous to throw cold water on the troops before they act. If we fail, it must be because of you."
Lyrics in Danshui Tsing Yi turned my head. "I didn’t decide the location of erotic songs. Our adults in Bingli appointed it here. I have to obey my lyrics, but I just send you a deep and ancient feeling. You can’t find such a place in the real world. You should have a little emotional appeal."
"Emotional appeal is a fart. Why haven’t they been waiting for a long time?" A lazy guy was lying on the shore and sunbathing on the beach, complaining that he was wearing a blue dragon claw-exploring patterned cassock, and there was always a nasty smell-Fang Ge Yin.
"Out of the water in the South China Sea is tens of thousands of miles away from Xiao. It is necessary to pity flowers, float in the sky, sweet potatoes, and seven steps into a corpse." Freshwater Tsing Yi looked at the sun and wondered, "But why hasn’t the ice glass arrived yet? This is her notice of the right place."
Out of the water is the South China Sea away from Zhugong. Two players, one is called out of the water, and the other is called out of the water. The name of seven steps to become a corpse is not very good. This ID makes Wu Chi very amazed and feel very imposing. I just don’t know if someone else became a corpse or I became a corpse myself.
"Those three are really tough grades. I don’t know how she can practice listening to that windy tone. What is the position behind her?" Listen to fresh water tsing yi iceberg sexy beauty Wu Chi asked 1.
Tamsui Tsing Yi hesitated. "It’s really bad for me who is behind her. You said that it was an invasion of privacy without her consent, but you will naturally know that you don’t want to think about it. If you want her to cooperate well, it will not be transcend, the adult of Bingli."
Wu Chi looked at Tamsui Tsing Yi for a long time and shook his head. "Why are you such a timid guy that you dare not say a word here? Even if you and I say something big, who can know?"
For Wu Chi’s goading, seeing fresh water in Tsing Yi, can such a small trick make the old bird hook him? He hey hey smiled for a few times and didn’t answer. He turned to face Xiao’s mouth and sang some words at sixes and sevens. Wu Chi saw that goading was so effective that he lay in the sun again.
After reciting a poem in Tamsui Tsing Yi, someone finally came to high school with a lux sword awn galloping, but the heat of the sword awn had evaporated the river before, and Tamsui Tsing Yi laughed. "They came to the South China Sea and Wan Li, and they actually arrived before others."
"Tsing Yi, where did you choose to come to Xiao Shui? It’s not a good place to die. Although it’s a game, it’s also taboo." After landing, Erdao Jianhong showed two players in red robes, and one of them complained to Danshui Tsing Yi.
This guy from Zhugong in the South China Sea has the same idea as Fang Da’s chief. Wu Chi nodded and agreed, and they greeted Danshui Tsing Yi with a frown. "Why do you blame me for the problem with the ice glass? Go to her if you dare to do so."
I heard that the iceberg beauty decided to fall out of the water and immediately shut up. They were so afraid of this beauty that they didn’t even dare to say anything bad behind her back. "Where’s the ice glass?"
"Ice glass adults haven’t come to pity the flowers and float in the sky yet. Let’s wait and see the scenery first." Freshwater Tsing Yi Tantan hand "There is a shit landscape here. I want to get a barbecue and have no shit place except water and sand." Someone suddenly angrily said.
"No, there are monsters in this Xiao. It’s a pity that your sword tactic is not enough to enter the water, otherwise you can see it. But even if you enter this Xiao level 2, you are afraid of dying." Freshwater Tsing Yi smiled and answered.
"Oh, your Qingyilou has a strong intelligence ability. Even the monsters in Xiao Shui know what level monsters there are in Qing Yi. Can we go?" Out of the water and ask questions
"The two strengths are naturally available, but if you want to kill the monster, you are afraid that you have the heart. If you don’t talk about it in advance, maybe we will have another chance." Say that finish, Freshwater Tsing Yi gave a wink at the water, and the two men immediately stopped asking.
Fang Da’s chief doesn’t know that Danshui Tsing Yi ranks in the top three of the 16 scattered people in the 33-day forum. Although it is not as loud as the four big Taiwanese leaders in Moyitian, it is also an influential figure. Generally speaking, Tsing Yi scattered people have great interests and there is no danger of failure.
Two sword lights flew from the south to Danshui Tsing Yi, and they noticed that "it’s time for them to come". It was Emei who pitied the flower road, the man, the god, the camel and the second brother. When they landed on the ground, they said to Danshui Tsing Yi Road, "Bingli is not coming today, and we are meeting her on the way north, so I will give you a message."
"Why didn’t she come today is the first time? I have a lot of things to discuss with you. Do you know what she has?" Tamsui Tsing Yi frowned and stopped the first player in the first combination of troops, which really annoyed the organizers.
"How dare we ask about this important person? But it depends on the situation. It seems that we have found some clues to track someone down." After listening to the words of the Taoist priest, everyone except Wu Chi looked suddenly.
"In that case, let’s discuss it first. Anyway, she can act alone. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t come today." Tamsui Tsing Yi flatly said with a wave of his hand.
The main purpose of calling members of Thunder Cone today is to inform the team members of the action strategy and assign their responsibilities. Each action plan is arranged in Tamsui Tsing Yi Road. "I will inform everyone to arrive one hour before the action, and then arrange their responsibilities according to the target."
"When there is an operation every day, it may be our responsibility to find out the location of the target. After the operation is completed, everyone can leave and pay the reward immediately. If the operation fails, it will not be included in the total number of operations." This rule is very reasonable, and everyone nods in agreement.
"I can’t count your abilities …" Wu Chi hesitated. "What are you good at now, attacking flying swords or magic weapons? Can you give me a general idea?"
Next to the wind float in the sky, "you don’t want to pull our hind legs to clarify your strength. Don’t break everyone’s way to make a fortune." Wu Chi listened to great anger and didn’t say anything to directly show the purple clouds’ firm but gentle attributes. Several team members immediately changed their faces and eyes.
"Good song, you have this powerful shock wave, which is enough to cope with. Before each action, I will inform you of the target situation. You can make your own responsible aspects according to your respective abilities. I hope everyone can work together. On behalf of the Qingyi Building, I thanked you in advance."
According to the general principle, team members should be familiar with each other’s abilities in order to cooperate with each other. However, the killing team is a temporary combination, and each player will not reveal his details. Once the killing action is over, no one knows what will happen after everyone walks separately. Maybe it is the first time that the players meet, whether they are enemies.
"Today is the first day of the Thunder Team’s operation. I brought the first target information. Because the game is not long now, various auxiliary magic weapons have not yet come out, so we can’t play the video. We have packed a high-level box in Huangtingtai for everyone to analyze."

Ceng Chao squinted at Zeng Feiyang and immediately called a pause. If you don’t call a pause at this time! Then the game may be lost!

The 15th? Really have you …
"Decheng Medical University requests a time-out!"
All the home fans cheered with excitement when they heard this timeout. What does this timeout mean? On behalf of Decheng Medical University, I have been afraid of Chengke University! Doesn’t the law of basketball say that which team calls a timeout first in the first quarter, then the team has already lost? Therefore, the home fans seem to have seen the victory-seeing Chengke beat Tokugawa Medical University just like the previous two games!
The two teams returned to their rest areas with diametrically opposite feelings. Chengke University was relaxed and happy, while Decheng Medical University was gloomy and heavy …
"Eldest brother you this slam dunk is so handsome! I admire you like a surging river … "Liu Yanlei looked at Zeng Feiyang almost madly and his eyes seemed to be flashing with stars.
"Little flattery! I can’t stand you "Yang day criticise a butt sitting in the chair.
"Is the worship of the boss less? I also worship the boss, but I worship the boss in my heart! Ha ha ….. "Cheng Shifei also echoed 1.
Zeng Feiyang smiled and said, "Hey, you guys, don’t flatter me there. I’m going to blush if you don’t blush!"
Everyone laughed after hearing this. At this moment, they are happy or relaxed …
Li Leiqi looked at his brothers with a smile and didn’t speak, but he felt that his eyes seemed to be moist …
Feiyang thank you! You finally let me see the bright future of China basketball …
Li Leiqi’s gentle and comforting eyes looked at Zeng Feiyang’s heart and sighed! Zeng Feiyang’s dream button also made the nearly half-year-old man find his dream when he was young-to make China basketball team one of the top teams in the world!
Maybe he can really change the basketball situation in China and break the’ Yao (Yao) is invincible’ theorem …
Kang Zheng looked at Chengkeda rest area, and Zeng Feiyang’s heart was more jealous than anger.
Damn it! I cann’t believe you’re laughing so hard. this bastard …
Kang Zhengyue think more depressed more think more angry finally unbearable anger spilled on his teammates "Cheng Xiangxiang how the hell did you prevent the 15th? Let him break through so easily! Also completed a dunk! Did you play hard or not? "
On the 7th, Cheng Xiangxiang’s face suddenly became gloomy and angry. He came because Zeng Feiyang had broken through himself and was very annoyed. He vented his anger in Kang Zheng’s heart. This unreasonable reviling made Cheng Xiangxiang completely angered. "What the fuck do you mean by this? Didn’t the old man seriously guard against him? It’s that small speed that’s too fast to prevent! You know, scold me. What about yourself? Didn’t you get fouled twice by the 15th? Don’t you fucking be the ace of the team! You are not an idiot when you meet that No.15! "
Kang Zheng’s face was flushed with anger, pointing to Cheng Xiangxiang’s murderous eyes and saying, "What do you mean by this little word? Who are you calling an idiot? "
Cheng Xiangxiang was scared by Kang Zheng’s fierce eyes, but his self-esteem did not allow him to retreat. Cheng Xiangxiang swallowed saliva and continued to try to be brave. Come on, I’m afraid of you! I’ve long disliked you! If it weren’t for your skill, it would be the best in the team! I turned against you a long time ago! To tell you the truth, we all miss you! In fact, everyone hates you. "
"What did you say?" Kang Zheng bit his teeth and looked at the others intentionally. At this time, other teammates looked at Kang Zheng with disgust and hatred. I thought that if possible, each of them would rush to beat Kang Zheng without melancholy.
"Do you still have me as a coach in your eyes?" Ceng Chao finally took out the coach’s majesty and stopped Kang Zhenghe from quarreling with Cheng Xiang.
The two men realized that Ceng Chao had bowed his head and dared not quarrel again.
Ceng Chao coldly caught a glimpse of the two’ disappointing’ brothers and said, "You two can’t calm down when you come! Do you understand? "
"… is …" Two people responded with low spirit.
Ceng Chao snorted and ignored them. He turned to his other brothers and said, "Do you want to win or not?"
There is no noise in thinking. Everyone wants the same thing.
Ceng Chao looked at his ambitious brothers and continued, "Do you think you can win by fighting like this?"
They looked at each other and said dimly, "You can’t …"
"you can’t? Hum ….. "Ceng Chao sneered at the sink and said," You’ve almost lost your fighting spirit. Of course, you can’t win! I’m telling you, if you want to win, show your momentum and fighting spirit! And follow my instructions to play the game well, so that you can win. No.15 is really strong, but he is alone after all! Basketball is not for one person to play! I believe that if you cooperate well and defend well, you will be able to defeat your opponent … "After a pause, Ceng Chao showed a cruel smile." You can also give him some special care when necessary! "
All one leng have revealed a sinister smile …
Meng Tianxue returned to the basketball stadium with mixed feelings. She didn’t know how to tell everyone about Liu Yang. She was really depressed. At this moment, Liu Yang suddenly changed his mind and had a great influence on the team. It is self-evident that after all, Liu Yang is the strongest main player in the team except Zeng Feiyang! At the same time, he is the team’s scoring champion-about 3% of the team’s offensive shots are completed by him.
"Du ~ ~ ~"
"hmm?" Meng Tianxue was startled by the referee’s whistle and called back her mind and turned her eyes to the stadium. However, what she saw was a picture that made her heart almost jump to her throat-lying on the ground with her face hidden and bleeding bright red at the brow bone in the right eye of the stadium.
Chapter 50 Black Hands
After the timeout, the players from both sides walked the court again.
I don’t know how Zeng Feiyang felt that his opponents’ eyes changed. It seemed that there was something more, but Zeng Feiyang didn’t care much. After all, he was used to other people’s strange eyes.
Cheng Xiangxiang took the ball and greeted others after half-time. It was Zeng Feiyang.
Zeng Feiyang’s face is still with that cynical smile. "Ha, you’re here again, but this time it’s attacked by you. You must work hard!" Oh, by the way, how would you attack? Breakthrough? Throw three points? Or a ball … "
This bastard …
Cheng Xiangxiang hated her teeth and wanted to beat Zeng Feiyang up, but he absolutely couldn’t do it himself! And he won’t let Ceng Feiyang arrogance for too long …
Cheng Xiang’s face showed a subtle sinister smile and dribbled slowly.
Who knows that Cheng Xiangxiang just moved, and his hand moved. When he saw that Zeng Feiyang suddenly made a flash, the ball in Cheng Xiangxiang’s hand was knocked off, and others also spared Cheng Xiangxiang and got the basketball and killed him at the half-court of Decheng Medical University.
This guy …
Cheng Xiangxiang didn’t realize that Zeng Feiyang would make a sudden move and move quickly, so that Cheng Xiangxiang didn’t even have a chance to respond.
"Yeah ~ ~ ~" Zeng Feiyang’s steal this time made the audience boil again. Some MMs were already screaming for Zeng Feiyang to dunk again.
In the face of Zeng Feiyang’s ability that almost sprinters will become roots at top speed, I can look at Zeng Feiyang’s flying figure blankly.
Just as Zeng Feiyang rushed into the three-point line, another man followed, but this man was not a member of Tokugawa Medical University, but a player dressed as the No.1 uniform of HKUST-Yang Tian.
Zeng Feiyang realized that Yang Tian had come with a smile on his face.
Oh, my God, is it coming? Then let everyone see our performance!
Zeng Feiyang immediately threw the ball high after stepping into the penalty area. Seeing this situation, all the audience and all the players had a common answer in their minds …
Relay! ?
"Ah ~ ~" Yang Tianda roared his feet and "flew" like a fighter plane. After he grabbed the basketball with both hands in the middle, his body drew a line of beauty to the basket, and his opponent’s heart was beating violently near the fans’ heart, and he fell into the valley. In their eyes, Yang Tianna was left with a flying body.
"bang!" The basket gave a groan of pain. Liu Yang grabbed the basket with both hands and pulled it hard when he landed. It was like trying to pull it.
Passion, excitement, blood madness!
At this time, these emotions occupied the hearts of all the audience. This relay was so perfect and wonderful!
"I got it again, I got it again, haha …" Zhang Youxin was so excited that it was beyond words. He was really glad that he could get a special report on this team. He knew that he had made the right bet this time!
At this time, the score is only 3-Chengke University leads by 5 points! However, all this can not affect the joy of Chengke University in the slightest. At this moment, every one of them is burning with enthusiasm for victory.
"Good!" After completing this wonderful relay, Zeng Feiyang and Yang Tian laughed and high-fived, and then ran back to the backcourt together. Since they came to the university, they have not completed such a wonderful relay as today for a long time. They are all happy with each other in their hearts-their absolute tacit understanding is still there.
The game continued. This time, Cheng Xiang carefully guarded the ball for fear that Zeng Feiyang would take it away again. When he went outside the three-point line, he immediately stopped dribbling and put the ball at his waist to prevent Zeng Feiyang from grabbing the ball.
Zeng Feiyang immediately smiled. "Do you want to pull the ball? Or do you want to shoot three points directly? Ha, if you want to vote for three points, vote for it! I won’t stand in your way. Try harder and make sure you score this goal! Don’t miss the shot! It would be a shame if you didn’t vote. I said you did! Feel free to vote boldly! Allah, I will never cover your hat … "
In the face of Zeng Feiyang’s endless saliva attack, Cheng Xiang’s eyebrows were lightly picked on his forehead and the veins stood out, but he also kept telling himself to calm down and never act impulsively, or he would lose his’ opportunity’ again.
Cheng Xiangxiang turned his attention to Ceng Chao and nodded his head intentionally. What instructions seemed to be reaching?
Cheng Xiang smiled when he saw it, and kept shaking the ball in front of him, revealing a big flaw, as if he were asking others to grab their own ball quickly.
Zeng Feiyang tried to steal the ball again, but the accident happened. When he saw Zeng Feiyang just leaning into Xiang Xiang, the latter suddenly shook his elbow and hit Zeng Feiyang’s right eye obsequiously.

Has the letter finally come to an end?

After three people discussed some details, Chen Senran and proto left.
When he left, Planck stopped Chen Senran and said, "Thank you for last night."
What happen last night?
Chen Senran suddenly remembered that Planck had dinner with Miss Doom last night.
Has she finally decided?
"You’re welcome. I should do it." Chen Senran still smiled and was very upset.
Ps 2 nd Geng
Ask for subscription and monthly ticket
Will be finished in the near future
In the process of manpower renewal
Page one hundred and fifty Bring more wine.
"You said he asked you to go?" Graves drank all the wine in front of him.
The night is low.
Spirits and gunpowder
In recent days, Planck is going to organize a second expeditionary force, and the situation in the whole northern Birgewater is suddenly tense.
Even though there are weddings spirits and gunpowder on weekdays, there are few guests.
"Yes, isn’t it?" Chen Senran also smiled peacefully with a sip of wine.
"Yeah, isn’t that great?" Fitz, the fisherman, looked at Graves with a confused face and a hiccup. "So Jack can return to the battlefield in a justified way, and he can build great achievements. His name will surely resound throughout the sea."
The more it talked, the more excited it became. At last, the whole person jumped to the table and danced happily.
It is really simple in mind, even though it has been baptized by many wars, blood and war, it still hasn’t changed it. It’s not a complicated mind
It is to feel happy, just to feel happy for its friends.
Graves, on the other hand, is the kind of person who climbs out of the dirtiest mud. His nature is very similar to Planck’s, so he is used to seeing everything with suspicion.
So he easily sniffed out the strong murder in this opportunity.
Planck Pavilion, the chairman of the great Birgewater Military Committee, finally intends to start work on his most loyal subordinate.
"What are you going to do?" Graves frowned as he looked at the glass of wine.
"What do you say?" Chen Senran still smiles peacefully. He seems to know nothing.
But how could he not know anything
"Why don’t you just …" Graves’s eyes flashed a sharp hand and consciously grabbed the magic shotgun.
"No, we can’t take up the sense of honor now. We can wait for him to start work or …" Chen Senran said that he didn’t say anything here but drank the leftover wine.
"What are you talking about? I don’t understand a word like this?" Fishman Fitz touched his head and looked at the two people in front of him inexplicably. His simple little head couldn’t understand these complicated things.
Isn’t that a good thing?
Why are you so sad?
"Aren’t you afraid to come?" Graves let go of the gun in his hand. He knew that the man in front of him had a lot of means. He said no, but he couldn’t.
"In the end," Chen Senran shook his head and said, "Bring me a bottle of wine. I’m going to see my old friend."
The wine was handed over to Chen Senran from Graves one minute later.
"This year’s new wine is pure sake from Dongdao, and I specially brought it to you from there."
"intentional" Chen senran wine took two steps toward the door and suddenly stopped and said, "have you been following it for almost three years?"
"Well, three years and four months to be exact," Graves nodded.
"What still don’t go? The one-year deadline has arrived early. "Chen Senran didn’t turn around. His body was in the dividing point between light and darkness.
"You haven’t helped me find that bastard." Graves lowered his head and no one could see his expression.
"Let’s go, the horse is about to get windy. This is a storm that doesn’t belong to you." Chen Senran smiled a little low and a little well-intentioned. "You are my friend. You shouldn’t put your friend in danger. Go and end your hatred. I’m afraid I can’t help you."
"Friends shouldn’t put their friends in danger, Jack." Graves laughed and walked back. "I’m going to drink ten bottles of wine tonight."
Ten bottles of wine?
They are stubborn men to death.
Chen Senran smiled and stepped into the night when the spring breeze blew.
The spring breeze is surprisingly warm, which reminds him of the girl who dances in the spring breeze all night.
That flower blooms all night in Bai Lianhua.
Are you okay across the sea?
Chen Senran walked along the familiar road to the familiar place.
To meet a familiar friend.
Yasuo the Sword in the High Wind
They have become very good friends in three years.
Every time when the night is dark, Chen Senran will go to Yasuo with good wine.
They also don’t say don’t drink.
Yasuo still lives in that old hotel.
Now the hostel has been bought by Chen Senran and given to Yasuo.
Yasuo didn’t refuse or drank and chatted with him without saying goodbye.
This is probably the real gentleman.
Chen Senran walked past the dim chandelier that had been hung for many years and went to knock on the second floor.
"Come on in. What good wine is it tonight?" The aso sound in it is a little closer than before.
Chen Senran pushed the door and didn’t talk. He went straight to Yasuo and put the wine on the stove.
"Can you guess that your nose is so clever?"
Chen Senran sat in front of Yasuo.
A pot of wine is boiled gently.
Neither of them spoke.
Waiting for wine