Words just say that finish see Ye Tianzheng a wave of his hand very Zhu Liang together a few people with weapons fell to the blood gushing out, but a few people didn’t say anything is busy with the other hand will hold the brokeback.

"Go now" and hear Ye Tianzheng’s words. A few people are busy in the ring.
The whole challenge is now two people, one corpse and four hands. At this time, Gao Chen has been silent with his head down, but in his heart, he wants to know how Ye Tian cut four people’s arms. What kind of ending would it be if he faced this recruit himself?
"Now the result of the game is pronounced" and others went to the referee’s mouth directly opposite Houyetian …
"Yes, Dean, I now announce the winner of this duel, Gao Jia Gao Chen." Just after he finished his words, Gao Chen’s ear came to show the sound.
Ding completion level plus one purple snail was found. Ruler was found.
Ding, congratulations on your upgrade
Ding level reached 31. Understand skills. Hell, Lei Guang!
Finally, I finished another one. Didn’t I say that the winner had a mysterious gift? I didn’t know what kind of surprise it would be. It was dark when I thought of it. Of course, he knew that the gift was definitely not for himself.
"Emperor, didn’t you say that the second winner will get you a mysterious gift? Now the duel result has come out. Do you think it’s possible to send the gift out?" Just after Gao Chen’s thought, Ye Tianzheng suddenly looked at the typhoon.
"Oh, yes, yes, yes, I said that the winner of the duel will have a mysterious gift. Since Gao Chen also won the duel, I am very pleased. Listen to me, this mysterious gift is that you will directly assume the regiment rank after graduation! You can be willing to "although very reluctant, but can you go back on your word, especially Ye Tianzheng. It is not a wise thing to go back on your word before such a strong man.
"Yes, of course, I am willing to thank the Lord Long En and wish my emperor long live long live long live". I didn’t expect this mysterious gift to be a regimental position. Isn’t that to say that another one can be finished directly? It’s natural to listen to a few minutes of past lives and ancient times. Long live! Just shout it out.
"Have a good long live Gao Chen. I am very optimistic about you. I seem to be able to see that China will add another valiant soldier in the near future." Although I can’t wait to tear up Gao Chen in my heart, the surface is windy and replied with a smile!
Chapter sixty-five The circle of cultivation
Now, the most important thing for Gao Chen is to practice his pushing speed to ten times per second to get the God-level gale suit. After the duel, he wants to turn around and go back to practice. However, he is called to the dean’s office by Ye Tianzheng.
"Gao Chen, do you know what I called you here for?" Gao Chen, the dean’s office, found that there was a good man in the dean’s office. This man’s faint power was even stronger than Ye Tianzheng’s. Gao Chen was very shocked by the information he got from a reconnaissance technique he had never seen before.
Name Ouyang Changchu Grade 79 ………..
Level 79 is actually a level 79 strong Ye Tianzheng is only level 75, and in the sight of this man named Ouyang Changchu, level 79 is not to say that the whole bonfire empire has Ye Tianzheng, a level 7 strong Yao Gao Chen shocked the middle of the day and walked over and asked.
"This little don’t know also please dean’s adult said" Gao Chen busy is respectful way.
"Your cultivation speed is very good. Now it should be a third-order star, but your strength is far from it. Of course, I called you here today not to ask your privacy. I am introducing you to a person, my brother Ouyang Chang, a seventh-order nine planets fighter." Ye Tianzheng looked at Ouyang Chang’s mouth and said.
"Xiao Gaochen has seen his elders." Gao Chen Zheng pretended to be surprised. It is necessary to give enough respect to Ouyang Changchu for such a strong Gao Chen.
"Yes, judging from your revision of Stormrage, you have a high talent. I wonder if you are interested in practicing more advanced fighting skills such as day order!" Ouyang Chang smiled at the first day and spoke a word that shocked Gao Chen.
"day order’s fighting skill is day order’s fighting skill?" Gao Chen asked with a face of disbelief that he was practicing Stormwind and Longyin. These all belong to the Xuan level. This is a far cry from day order and there is no day order achievement method in the world. This has to shock Gao Chen.
"Yes, it’s true that day order’s fighting skill is not unfair. day order’s fighting skill is the root of ordinary people, so you can’t practice day order’s fighting skill, and I think you should be able to practice your white?" Ouyang Changchu still looked at Gao Chen with a smile on his face and said that he was not surprised at Gao Chen’s shocked expression.
"Didn’t you say that day order’s fighting skills are only available in the field of cultivation? Are you?" Gao Chen muttered something that suddenly occurred to him and looked at Ouyang Changchu in surprise again.
"The world of cultivation is good. Our master’s place is called the world of cultivation by the secular world." Ouyang Changchu said.
"Your master dean brother? Is the dean also? " Gao Chen looked at Ye Tianzheng mouth asked.
"Of course, didn’t you hear me call him brother? Don’t be too surprised to tell you a message. Our legacy is ordinary. There are ten thousand younger brothers like us." Ye Tianzheng slowly spoke a heavy news that made Gao Chen feel even more unbelievable. If he knew that the seventh-order Ye Tianzheng legacy was really a younger brother, he didn’t know what it would be like!
"Ten thousand ordinary brothers" Ye Tianzheng Ouyang Changchu looked at Gao Chen quietly without talking, which obviously made Gao Chen digest. After all, such news was too shocking for a secular person, but suddenly Gao Chen asked questions and left them both scratching their heads.
"Are those brothers very different from you? For example, they won’t die. Er, sometimes they suddenly lose a star power class?" Gao Chen thought, isn’t this a world or a game, but if it is a game, how long has it been since he was offline? It should be impossible …
"Won’t die? How can you suddenly lose a star strength? How can you ask such a question? " How also didn’t expect Gao Chen would suddenly ask such words Ye Tianzheng curious mouth way
"No, that’s nothing." Gao Chen suddenly felt lost, just like another hope fell. This is not a game but a real world!

When leaving Shen Menglu to laugh at himself, Zhu Yinzhen came here in a hurry.

"Dream …" Seeing the expression on the door, Shen Menglu, Zhu Yinzhen’s original coke forced his heart to get nervous. Did they misunderstand Shen Menglu and still be angry with him?
"I’ve seen the prince!" Shen Menglu turned to look at Zhu Yinzhen and evoked a blessing in her mouth.
"Be courteous" Zhu Yinzhen’s load helps Shen Menglu to squat down in his body and mind. The more respectful Shen Menglu is to him, the more he makes Zhu Yinzhen feel insecure. He is most afraid of Shen Menglu’s humility and alienation as if they are separated by Qian Shan.
"Dream you … why are you here?" Zhu Yinzhen tightly holding Shen Menglu hand nervously asked
Shen Menglu looked down at himself and was pinched by Zhu Yinzhen. His hands gently said, "Shiro hurts!"
"What?" Zhu Yinzhen was puzzled by Shen Menglu’s meaning.
"You’re hurting me!" Shen Menglu looked at Zhu Yinzhen tenderly. How nervous Zhu Yinzhen was? She held her hand so hard. If it weren’t for Bai Zhuyinzhen’s heart, Shen Menglu would have wanted Zhu Yinzhen. It was because she had been enemies with herself.
Zhu Yinzhen consciously loosened Shen Menglu’s hands and apologized. "I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to."
Shen Menglu’s hands were pinched red, and Zhu Yinzhen’s finger prints could still be seen vaguely.
"Yes … I’m sorry …" Zhu Yinzhen held Shen Menglu in her hands and was deeply distressed. "Does your mother hurt?"
He really deserves to die! What a heavy hand! Zhu Yinzhen blamed herself to death.
"Well, it hurts!" Looking at Zhu Yinzhen’s face, she made no secret of her nervousness and remorse. Shen Menglu’s heart turned into a spring water. How stupid is she to love her husband so much because of a dead person?
"Mom … I … I didn’t … I didn’t mean to …" Hearing Shen Menglu shout pain, Zhu Yinzhen was even more at a loss. Holding Shen Menglu’s hand, I didn’t know what to do. At this moment, Zhu Yinzhen wanted to give Shen Menglu some affectionate intimacy, but she was afraid that she was still angry. Shen Menglu was ungrateful and even more counterproductive.
Shen Menglu saw that Zhu Yinzhen hesitated. She pursed her lips and pouted lovingly. She pulled her hands back from Zhu Yinzhen’s big palm and handed them to Zhu Yinzhen. "It hurts!"
What? ! Zhu Yinzhen was shocked by Shen Menglu’s irrational behavior. Is this a coquetry with him? This … This … This … He’s not dreaming, is he?
Seeing Zhu Yinzhen staring straight and wait for a while like a goofy goose, Shen Menglu’s mouth smile deepened. I didn’t expect Zhu Yinzhen to be silly sometimes, but he was very cute.
"Shiro blows!" Shen Menglu’s belief will make her delicate and charming lips more round. "People hurt so much!"
"Mom …" Zhu Yinzhen was so stunned by Shen Menglu’s sound that his bones were numb. Now he can be sure that his little mother really spoiled herself. Does this mean that his little mother is no longer angry with herself?
But this is not scientific! He hasn’t come to explain yet! But anyway, it’s good that Shen Menglu is not angry!
"good! Husband blows for mother! " Zhu Yinzhen smiled at the corner of his eye. He carefully held Shen Menglu’s hand to his mouth and kissed it affectionately.
Shen Menglu was caught off guard by Zhu Yinzhen’s move, and his cheeks were red with tenderness and numbness.
"Hey, you’re just blowing …" Not kissing! Playing coquetry in public is the ultimate experience for Shen Menglu. Zhu Yinzhen’s affectionate behavior in public has made her look ashamed. Shen Menglu blushed and cast a glance, pretending that he was blind and resolutely keeping his eyes open.
"How can you kiss the blowing effect?" Zhu Yinzhen looked at Shen Menglu with a rippling mind, like a rose, and his cheeks suddenly felt like he was in a fairyland of spring flowers.
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"How can you kiss the blowing effect?" Zhu Yinzhen looked at Shen Menglu with a rippling mind, like a rose, and his cheeks suddenly felt like he was in a fairyland of spring flowers.
Unexpectedly, I met Zhu Yinzhen, a flower, and my heart was bursting with passion. Kissing my little hand has already satisfied his heart. The little beast is so * that it is really worth loving her!
Too many things happened during this period. Although Zhu Yinzhen and Shen Menglu slept together every day, there was always a little less love drama!
At this moment, Zhu Yinzhen has beaten Zhu Yinqi again for thousands of times. If he hadn’t stopped them, if they met such a loving little girl in the house, they could have a good temperature.
"loquacious!" The small flame in Zhu Yinzhen’s eyes seemed to devour Shen Menglu on the spot. She glanced at Zhu Yinzhen lightly and blushed and withdrew her hands to wake him up. What the hell is going on here? Don’t look at this place! What’s the mood at this time!
The palm of your hand fell on Zhu Yinzhen’s heart. He discontentedly held Shen Menglu’s hand again and wouldn’t let her earn. Shen Menglu hinted that Zhu Yinzhen couldn’t understand Zhu Yinzhen and naturally knew that his passion came at a bad time.
"Mom, why are you here?" Zhu Yinzhen’s withdrawal is out of date. Chun Qing is in a bad situation. Zhu Yinzhen doesn’t want Shen Menglu to be mixed in for fear that she will get hurt.
"I …" Worried about you! Shen Menglu opened his mouth and closed his lips to swallow back the words. Now is not the time to be immersed in love.
"Mother was worried that you could not eat well in the ancestral hall of Taidian, so she told me that you sent meals!" Shen Menglu pointed to the frosting and Mo Yu’s lunch box.

It’s hard for husband and wife to reunite. Shen Menglu naturally won’t really fly away with a pair of children. Once again, the separation of husband and wife is such a strong person as Empress Ji. She is afraid of the draft without some means. This is a hard battle to win or lose. Shen Menglu dare not take it lightly.

Seeing the color of chagrin faintly flowing in the fundus of Empress Ji, Shen Menglu dropped her eyes and snickered for a while, which means that Empress Ji wavered and added a fire to take it completely.
Shen Menglu turned to the door and nodded gently. Soon the door came far away, and the baby crying broke the silence in one room.
Empress Ji looked towards the door in amazement and saw Frost and Mo Yu rush in with a child in one hand. "The empress, the little emperor and the little princess burst into tears, and the nurses and handmaiden couldn’t coax the empress …"
Before Shen Menglu came, Queen Mother Ji ran towards the child first and took the little princess who was close to her lovingly in her arms.
"Yo, let grandma see what’s going on?" Empress Ji carefully examined the child in her arms and soon found the crux. "How do you take care of the child? Why don’t you change this dress when it’s so wet?" Her queen mother reproachfully stare at eyes mo language "I don’t know the child wet? Don’t hurry to change clothes! "
Mo language took a look at Shen Menglu at a loss and took a sip. "The empress dowager empress calmed down and the handmaiden is a yellow flower girl with no experience …"
"Don’t you have no experience as a wet nurse? What a bunch of short-tempered girls. How can you rest assured that the little emperor and princess will be taken care of by you young girls? Hurry and get clothes and water! " Empress Ji ordered sternly.
Clothes and warm water soon arrived. Empress Ji carefully put the little princess aside on the soft couch, reached out and solved her wet clothes, and then wiped her body without abandoning herself. Then she gently changed her clothes.
See the frost still just holding the little emperor motionless. Queen Ji put the little princess into Shen Menglu’s arms crossly, and the little emperor himself changed his clothes and hugged him fondly.
In this process, Shen Menglu never said a word, so she quietly watched Queen Mother Ji bend over and two children change clothes. When Queen Mother Ji bowed her head, Shen Menglu even saw a trace of hidden hair. At that moment, Shen Menglu’s nose suddenly became sour.
Dressed, a pair of children, the Empress Dowager Ji and Shen Menglu, calmed down and soon fell asleep in their arms. Shen Menglu put the little princess in its infancy and then spoke again.
"Mother’s male and female servants didn’t expect that the mother should be so skilled in taking care of the children. I really should study hard from the mother." Shen Menglu sincerely praised that it was Shen Menglu’s idea to let the cream and Mo Yu bring the children in. She meant to let the queen mother make the final concession because Shen Menglu knew that the previous sentence of the queen mother was not rare and it was purely angry words, but the two children of the queen mother changed clothes, which really exceeded her meaning. 453 [Xanadu] The simplest happiness.
Empress Ji carefully put the little emperor in her arms as a baby. "When Qi ‘er and Zhen ‘er were born in the harem, they didn’t trust others. Most of the time, they took care of them themselves and practice made perfect."
At the moment, Queen Ji’s face is gone. She looked at two sleeping children lovingly and remembered that she had fought to protect the two children. Queen Ji’s face was a little more melancholy.
"Empress Gong Bai, you also know that you are worried that there is no harem fight. The little emperor and the little princess can avoid many injuries, but how can a country’s monarch’s harem be empty? This makes it difficult for the palace to explain to the ancestors! "
"Mother …" Shen Menglu called a want to say something but was interrupted by the wave of her queen mother.
"The palace knows that the rule is whether the dead are alive or alive, and you know that the emperor is more affectionate than Jin Jian, but the queen. You can see that this draft is not advocated by the palace, but the ministers and their wives jointly asked the palace." Empress Ji sighed, and she did not tell Zhu Yinzhen about this matter.
The death of Dezong came too suddenly. Empress Ji and others naturally knew that Dezong had died, but I didn’t know the lover, but I once suspected that Zhu Yinzhen had secretly tampered with it.
In particular, Zhu Pingting and Wei Chihan bewitched the whole court, and the pro-commandant faction was arrogant and outspoken against Zhu Yinzhen.
Although it is not impossible to solve those treacherous thieves by force, there are too many people involved, and strong repression will bring a tyrannical name to Zhu Yinzhen.
Zhu Yinzhen was once in a passive situation. He had a hard time on the first day of his accession to the throne. Empress Ji helped him sit in the dragon chair and secretly made a lot of efforts to save many ministers for him and turn the situation around.
But that group of child prodigies gave the Queen Mother Ji a candy, and naturally they wanted to get back the two candies from the Queen Mother Ji. Marriage was a shortcut to send their daughter to the palace, and it was their tacit idea to glorify their ancestors from then on.
After the stability of the court came, the ministers rushed to sell their daughters as soon as possible. The queen didn’t dare to think about the four concubines and six wives, but she was determined to win. After the national funeral, it was pushed to the table.
Empress Ji knew that Zhu Yinzhen never advocated women’s politics and didn’t dare to tell Zhu Yinzhen about her feelings of contacting those ministers behind Zhu Yinzhen’s back. She knew that she could take all the responsibility for the princess in the draft and the result was a mother’s centrifugal.
Zhu Yinzhen’s refusal was expected by Empress Ji. After all, at this time, Shen Menglu had just escaped the fate of life and death, but Empress Ji never expected that Zhu Yinzhen would avoid it. She gave birth in the name of Shen Menglu and went to court for two months, but even more unexpectedly, after Shen Menglu’s mother returned to Beijing, Zhu Yinzhen actually avoided it and put pressure on Shen Menglu to hide their Niang Saner in Muwangfu for a long time and never returned to the palace.
Zhu Yinzhen’s extreme way of insisting on his protest made Empress Ji miserable. On the one hand, she had to bear the incomprehension of her son, on the other hand, she had to bear the pressure of various officials and wives, and she was also exhausted.
Queen Mother Ji came to Muwangfu today. Shen Menglu is a reasonable person. It may be easier to get her alliance, which can make Queen Mother Ji never expect that Shen Menglu is also a dead end here …
"The Queen’s Palace knows that your mind is glad to see your emperor’s deep love. It is the queen’s wife who is destined to suffer some injustice and is not qualified for sex … do you understand?" Empress Ji’s voice is full of melancholy and deep exhaustion.
Shen Menglu naturally understands the truth, but with what? If you marry, you are going to be wronged. Which woman is still willing to marry? Shouldn’t getting married be the pursuit of happiness?
"Mother, you know all the male and female servants." Shen Menglu, who is eagerly looking forward to meeting the Queen Mother Ji, responded lightly as she wished, but the Queen Mother Ji still came with a sigh of relief. Shen Menglu then let the Queen Mother Ji’s heart tighten again.
"My mother’s male and female servants know that you have made great achievements in the country, and Shiro has paid a lot. You are a great country and a great mother. My mother’s male and female servants also hope that they can make great achievements in the country like my mother. But my mother’s male and female servants are willing to sacrifice their lives to defend the country, but they can’t do so. My female and male servants beg my mother to forgive their selfishness." Shen Menglu said and knelt down at the Queen Mother.
After learning that Zhu Yinzhen, the Empress Dowager Ji, made every effort, Shen Menglu was filled with gratitude and understood her difficulties. It was not wrong for her to insist on the draft, but Shen Menglu also admitted that she refused and there was nothing wrong. They just crossed the Millennium gap.
Queen Mother Ji’s eyes are getting darker and darker. Can’t Shen Menglu give in? Empress Ji closed her eyes wearily and asked with sadness, "Can the Queen’s Palace say that you let the palace down too much?"

"The six Great Sages of Wanyao Cave have finally arrived." The man in blue armor said coldly, "I am the Antarctic god of war among the five polar gods of war."

Lord Peng doesn’t give a damn. He kicked Niu Mowang, whose figure has soared several times, right in the ass. It was only this kick that failed to move him.
"wipe!" Lord Peng scolded bitterly and lifted his foot to dust it.
Dumpling demon king is a big yawn without looking at all going to the demon.
Shengjun walked. Two people cooing together also don’t know what to start to say, just dumpling demon king from time to time out of her smile as anyone can guess that these two guys will definitely not say anything good.
The Monkey King shrugged his shoulders and stood aside with a look of "I don’t care if you continue" and made it clear that he didn’t want to interfere with Niu Mowang and the Antarctic God of War.
The Wild Elephant King didn’t care about the Antarctic God of War, but waved to the God of War who was badly beaten by Niu Mowang in the Western Yuan Dynasty army and laughed: "Hey, boy, is your people whip still there?"
"Ha ha ha!" They couldn’t help laughing, but the face of the God of War was covered by a golden mask, and you couldn’t see his face now, but it was definitely bad.
The lion camel king did say hello to the Antarctic God of War, but this only greeting completely angered the Antarctic God of War-"We may be interested in pointing you out when the kid goes back to practice for another 500 years."
"Looking for death!" The Antarctic Ares was humiliated by these six demon saints in turn, and the light blue armor on his chest had a dazzling light, and a light blue pike was firmly held in the hands of the Antarctic Ares. At the same time, four figures from the sky will stand on both sides of the Antarctic God of War.
"Sky God of War!"
"Earth God of War!"
"God of war among men!"
"Arctic God of War!"
The most famous pentapolar god of war under the seat of the Western Tai Chi Emperor finally appeared in front of the six saints of the Wanyao Cave.
Niu Mowang stepped on his nose in the previous step and exhaled a white breath to sneer: "God of War among men. I admire you, old cow! "
"Well said!" The God of War among the people glanced sideways at Niu Mowang’s pentapolar God of War, but he was the only one who lacked a lance, which was just broken into two pieces by Niu Mowang.
Niu Mowang said, "I admire your face, old cow, which is much harder than your broken stick! Hahahaha! "
"Ha ha ha ha ha!" The smell of all the demons in Wan Yao Cave is also a burst of unbridled laughter. The Six Great Sages won’t have any problems in dealing with the five-pole God of War. The loser of the God of War has been seriously injured by Niu Mowang. Even the magic weapon was broken in two.
What’s more, there is a nominal monarch in the Wanyao Cave-Wanyao Shengjun.
Although the number of troops in the western Yuan domain is five or six times as large as that in the Wan Yao Cave, the arrival of the six Great Sages. Which means there are six armies. Towards the place where the demon cave is located. Besides, I sent a little demon to the blood pool for help. Just sent back a message with the demon stone. The blood pool army is on its way.
Even if they are not as big as the invading army in the western Yuan Dynasty, they are fearless. Hum, Tai Chi Emperor is great!
"Don’t interfere with these five guys and give them to me." Niu Mowang smiled sullenly, and three white breaths came out from his nostrils. "Let you five lazy guys see the progress of the old cow in the past thousand years!"
Lord Peng shrugged and said, "If you want to show off, we will do it casually. Do you want me to lend you the’ golden mask’? But your cowhide is hard enough to practice what nonsense’ Zijin tactic’ … "
At first sight, the name of "Golden Hood" was a surprise. Then I remembered that the demon cave was mixed with the six saints, and Lord Sheng Peng had been a mount of Taoist Hung-chun. Later, Taoist Hung-chun gave him a protective magic weapon when he was traveling outside the sky. This magic weapon is "Golden Hood".
Yeah, I didn’t think there was half a disciple of Taoist Hongjun here …
Qi Qi, the god of war of the five poles, frowned. On that day, the Tai Chi Emperor ordered five of them to lead six hundred thousand heavenly soldiers to March to the demon cave in the central yuan domain, but they also forgot to tell them this. Now they suddenly woke up with fear.
It’s not a day or two since the Emperor Tai Chi coveted the Heaven Palace in the Central Yuan Dynasty. It’s just that when Taoist Hongjun laid down the laws of the Three Realms, he warned them that the Six Royals could only be responsible for things within their own jurisdiction, but they could never cross the border.
Because of the fear of Taoist Hongjun, the Emperor Tai Chi has been afraid to move around for tens of thousands of years until one day a man found him.
In the western Yuan domain, the invincible Pentaphyllus God of War could not even push a foot near his body, and then he was instantly subdued by five black lotus flowers and could not move … Think of this experience, Rao is the Pentaphyllus God of War, and such a character can’t help but sweat.
On that day, Tai Chi Emperor knew that his chance had finally come when he met this mysterious man. So he took refuge in this mysterious man, and then planned this wonderful attack on the Demon Cave half a month ago according to the mysterious man’s plan.
It’s just a thousand calculations, but I didn’t expect that there was a golden-winged Dapeng who used to be a mount of Taoist Hongjun in this demon cave.
"What’s the matter? Are you five afraid? " Niu Mowang stared coldly at the pentapole God of War in front of him. He felt that his blood was burning in his fighting spirit. At the moment, there was nothing but World War I!
Pentagonal ares looked at each other and saw the pitfalls from each other’s eyes.
Since I don’t want to mess with the Golden Winged Dapeng who is related to Taoist Hongjun, there is only one way to go now-to kill people!
"Wipe the old cow, this animal is bleeding again …" Peng Devil sneered at the Pentecostal God of War, which meant something funny.
Among them, the god of war lost 20 strokes, which led to the conclusion that the five-pole god of war was really not so good and there was a big gap between it and the rumors. As the saying goes, it’s hard to be a deputy under the high reputation and low reputation.
Niu Mowang’s smile in his eyes, the purple and gold armor shining on Dasheng’s body, set off his confidence and pride.
At the same time that the Pentecostal God of War made up his mind to level the demon cave at any cost today, Niu Mowang’s trident moved.
"hey! Smash! Smash! Smash! Hey! " Niu Mowang shouted five times in a row, "Go down to your grandpa Niu!"
The jade mountain that had been floating and never moved disappeared in the same place.
By the time the mountain peak reappeared, it had been smashed down toward the polar god of war with thunderous momentum.
Although it was a hasty fight, the pentapolar god of war was not afraid. Hey, it’s just a mountain. Even the weakest god of war can fight it with one hand, not to mention the five of them working together.
Pentagonal God of War made up his mind that the blow would blow the Jade Mountain in Niu Mowang to pieces.

Chapter one hundred and twelve Have a plan
"hey! Smash! Smash! Smash! Hey! "
The latosolic red color in Niu Mowang’s eyes is thicker, and there is quite a strange momentum when Han Yang possessed demons, and the trident in the hands of the five-tone roar will stamp the ground with another shake.
Jade Mountain, like a macho man who can’t be vented, used up all his strength and stabbed him desperately towards the five-pole god of war.
The lion camel king saw Jade Mountain and so on, slamming down and opening his mouth, but he couldn’t say anything at last. At that time, he stood there.
Demon Lord Peng did make signal with the lips and said to himself, "Three times: five times the strength. Gee … "It’s just that although they can hear it, they don’t understand what he said.
The expressions of dumpling demon king, monkey king and wild elephant king just look closely, and it will be revealed that these three people don’t know when they have sacrificed their respective guard weapons. As long as the situation on the field is slightly wrong, no one will doubt that these three people will use drastic measures.
Jade Mountain has been smashed four times in succession under the urging of Niu Mowang. Every time, the Pentagonal Ares, which is going to fight hard, was shaken. Among them, the Ares, the one with the weakest capability, almost got smashed to his knees on the spot. If it weren’t for the load of the Antarctic Ares, he would have made a decision.
"No! Absolutely wrong! " Among those who once fought hard against the Jade Mountain, the God of War was wrong when he blew out with the first punch. The falling degree and the strength of the Jade Mountain are different from those when you first resisted with one hand.
Now, even with his hands, he can stand up to the strength of the jade mountain, which has already made him a great man. If it is not forcibly suppressed by magic, it is impossible to say that he will spit out blood because he has not bled for thousands of years.
The god of war in the sky snorted and shouted, "Don’t think about anything at this time!" "

Refining the living creature is much more vicious than killing people, and it is a means of being completely out of touch. Even if it is a disciple of The Hunger who has become a master, it is generally not easy to use this technique until it is absolutely necessary.

The The Hunger Gate belongs to the Left Way, and the inner practice is to kill, but his disciples are not possessed after all, and their hearts are not as hard as a rock, so they can’t understand the true meaning of the great The Hunger method and can’t kill everything.
Now these The Hunger door experts are willing to use blood refining on vampires because of the coercion of Yin Xuanzi, the master of The Hunger door, and The Hunger, the elder of Tai Shang. Moreover, according to Jinyang, these blood clans are not people, only half-human, half-ghost.
It was indeed the most famous magic in the magic way of the Central Plains. As soon as the magic power came out, people could feel a feeling of soul moving. The breath of maliciousness shocked everyone and secretly marveled at the power of this blood refining technique.
Soon, I saw all kinds of gases emanate from the bodies of these blood clans and converge on the palms of many masters in The Hunger Gate. Become a lotus flower filled ball of light.
Jinyang then smiled, and he could feel the energy contained in this blood cell, which was many times higher than the blood essence that Hades and others usually sucked into the body.
This comparison, the two methods of collecting energy, which is better or worse, is naturally clear at a glance. Hades and others usually only absorb the essence of blood, by contrast. It’s simply a profiteering, in which the essence and backbone, which also contain a lot of energy, are completely wasted and returned to the natural source.
Hades is also a man who knows the goods. Looking at the lotus flower-filled energy ball, his eyes suddenly shone with blazing light and stared at The Hunger old ghost.
Today is no matter what, we must learn this magic. With this magic, we will never have to bite each other’s neck with nausea again, and it will be absorbed more comprehensively, and we will not waste the essence and backbone, and the speed of evolution will be much faster.
The Hunger old ghost saw Hades’s posture and knew what he wanted. He sighed slightly: "This magic is good, but it goes against heaven after all. There are too many killings on weekdays, and if the robbery comes, it will definitely be irresistible. In the end, it will be empty. Why? "
As soon as this was said, Jinyang suddenly became a little strange. Where did this come from the mouth of a generation of demons? Now the old ghost in The Hunger is a little too different from the old devil who wanted to kill all the creatures in the sea of Fiona Fang that day.
Jinyang was slightly displeased, and whispered, "Don’t talk nonsense. You are a demon family. You can kill anyone who practices, no matter how good or bad. Killing is the supreme method of The Hunger’s mind. No matter what his heart is robbed. "
Looking at The Hunger, the old ghost still hesitates. Jinyang eyes immediately flashed a strong green light, now pegged to The Hunger old ghost. Two green light point-blank, all of a sudden, as if in The Hunger old ghost saw something, immediately sneer at.
Hand slightly pinch hand seal, binge drinking, contains the universe supreme avatar, just use it with human mana, won’t be found, but it looks a bit neither fish nor fowl, a green light point-blank The Hunger old ghost.
At the same time, he shouted loudly: "Since you feed the devil with your body, how can you say that you are kind?" It seems that you have stayed with the bald donkey for a long time, and your head has become stupid. Your heart is more ruthless than the devil, and you can achieve the true meaning of the great The Hunger method. If you don’t wake up at this time, when will you wait? "
The Hunger old ghost hesitated, suddenly heard Jinyang drink, watched a green light from Jinyang eyes, into his forehead.
Green light speed, there is no time for The Hunger old ghost defense, facial expression suddenly a blunt, face became ferocious, look closely, which also mixed with a lot of pain and anger.
See this, Jinyang pinched a handprint again, seven consecutive green light point-blank, into The Hunger old ghost’s forehead, The Hunger old ghost also seems to realize what, also no longer stop Jinyang to move.
For a long time, a golden Buddha’s Light flew out from the old ghost of The Hunger, circled slightly in mid-air, and shot out in the air.
At this moment, a dusty grimaced, and the body went straight up, directly grasping the golden Buddha’s light in the palm of his hand. Suddenly, a flame that made Zilan Fairy frown burst out, and the golden Buddha’s light was directly burned clean.
The Hunger’s old ghost suddenly realized at once, burst out laughing, looked at the sky and muttered, "Now that you have been feeding the devil, how can you say kindness?" Damn old bald donkey, you flew to heaven and even put me together. When you meet in heaven in the future, you will look good. "
Say that finish, hands immediately flashed a lotus flower, forming three bloody petals, respectively, into Hades, Tyre and Kilo’s forehead, instantly into which, as for just scruples, would have disappeared.
Three people immediately exultation, hurriedly tell a few minutes of mind, the essence of refined blood art and The Hunger old ghost hundreds of years to understand in mind, in the heart still secretly curse The Hunger old ghost, good things don’t come out earlier.
At this point, many The Hunger door masters in the sky have finished the method, and all the blood, essence and backbone of more than 300 blood clan masters have been refined and become energy balls, spinning endlessly.
As for the blood clan nobles who were just rampant, only the bodies like mummies were left, which were thrown down by many masters of The Hunger Gate like garbage.
Seeing this situation, Jinyang immediately shouted, "Somebody!"
Suddenly, dozens of servants and farmers ran out, and they could feel lotus flower flashing in their eyes. Obviously, they have become the lowest blood slaves, kneeling in front of Jinyang respectfully, waiting for Jinyang’s command.
Jinyang was too lazy to look at them, and said coldly, "Pick out the bones of these corpses and throw them to the king mastiffs for lunch. All the meat residue is buried under the grape tree. This year, the fertilizer money is saved, and a lot of money can be saved. Experiment, whether the grapes made of blood meat residue will be bigger and sweeter, this is called making the best use of everything, haha. . 。 ”
When this was said, everyone looked at Jinyang with a little admiration. That kind of eyes seemed to say that your boy was cruel enough.

Chapter 180 Asura body
Chapter 180 Asura body
As soon as the words came out, all the blood slaves immediately bowed respectfully to Jinyang, and then they quickly ran over and grabbed three or four dry bodies in one hand. Although they were only blood slaves, their physical conditions all developed by leaps and bounds, and they grabbed seven or eight mummies in both hands without feeling hard.
It’s just that when they are close to many masters of The Hunger Gate, they will show natural fear. They are very careful to avoid many masters of The Hunger Gate, grab the mummy on the ground, and run away quickly. I think they have just seen the horrible scene, and the heart of fear has been completely imprinted on their hearts.
Soon, the ground was clean again, and those potholes that were beaten by blood-blade blood cells were completely restored to normal in an instant under a spell that Zilan Fairy casually waved.
Under the signal of Jinyang, The Hunger old ghost took the energy ball in the hands of all his disciples, and with a dust, three people took Hades and quickly disappeared, appearing in the chamber of secrets just created by magic.
As soon as he entered the Chamber of Secrets, a dust child started to be serious. With the most powerful spell and the magic weapon "Red Light as a Treasure Mirror", the whole Chamber of Secrets was completely isolated. The Hunger old ghost secretly estimated that even if he tried his best, he would never be able to open the enchantment displayed by this law.
Jinyang looked at a dust child and nodded firmly. Only then did he start to take action. He recovered the flame bound on many cores and restored the body of Asura. This is definitely something that will lead to disaster. Jinyang also had to be careful.
Jinyang pinched her hands slightly, and all the packages fell off automatically in the flame in the core. Gathered in one place, the flowers became a blue flame the size of a thumb, and with a "whew", they quickly flew back to the soul of Jinyang and disappeared.
The Hunger’s old ghost is also a bit on the false sense. In fact, his heart is faint and has a little understanding of the identity of Jinyang and others, knowing that they have sworn hatred with Buddhism. Just don’t understand the cause and effect.
But as long as you know this, it is enough, and the reason why the Shushan Sword School can not be destroyed. It is because of the support of Buddhism and Buddhism that the The Hunger Gate will destroy the Shushan Sword Sect and the Jiulian Sword Sect will destroy the Buddhism and Buddhism in the world, and they can completely unite.
Jinyang a call, The Hunger old ghost immediately got the message, strongly The Hunger resin gas jet, including hundreds of energy balls. His task is to break these heart nuclei.
Hades was sitting in the middle of the Chamber of Secrets, and Jinyang quickly passed on the most basic practice of Asura clan to him, so that he could work first and wait for the next step.
Although all of them have been killed, the heart nucleus still has a little meaning of independent protection. I feel the special energy of The Hunger’s corpse gas. More than three hundred powerful heart nuclei are all bleeding, struggling to resist the attack of The Hunger old ghost.
Gradually. The Hunger old ghost red in the face, slightly would face, roars out a cry, for just ten times as powerful as The Hunger resin gas eruption, in an instant, the lotus flower of the heart nuclear joint cloth immediately answer and broken.
The Hunger resin gas straight in. All the heart nuclei were immediately exploded by the slightly angry The Hunger resin gas, and immediately turned into a bloody energy group and a lotus flower.
Suddenly, the lotus flower with a hint of consciousness immediately spread out, subconsciously knowing that it wouldn’t be safe, all of them wanted to escape, and the dust that had been resting and doing nothing hurriedly stepped forward, and a mysterious and abnormal blue flame hurriedly followed.
Trap everyone’s blood in it, and don’t continue to approach, just trap them, the other side. The Hunger old ghost hurriedly put more than three hundred bloody energy groups together. Become a bloody energy group the size of a basketball, and the powerful blood can make The Hunger’s old ghost jealous. If this is swallowed up, it will save at least a thousand years of hard work.
Hades, who is sitting up, has gradually become a little familiar with the practice of Jinyang, and a strange smell emanates from his body. Seeing this, Jinyang naturally smiles, and Vulcan Zhu Rong still retains a lot of useful stuff in his broken memory.
They are all masters. I saw a dark blood mass crawling slowly in the abdomen of Hades, like a heart, beating faintly. At first, the speed was extremely slow, and it only beat once every few minutes, but Jinyang three people could feel it. Every time they beat, the time from the next beating was reduced by one point.
Hades, who had always been awake, suddenly lost consciousness, and only the dark and black blood mass in the whole chamber of secrets wriggled.
As the speed is getting faster and faster, everyone can feel it. Focusing on the abdomen of Hades, there is a faint suction, which absorbs the free energy around. Jinyang exults with a handprint, and the thick aura of heaven and earth immediately gathers around and becomes a tiny energy group.
Jinyang carefully explored the tiny energy mass to the abdomen of Hades, and there was a flash of lotus flower. Suddenly, I saw that the news energy was absorbed by the dark blood mass and disappeared, but immediately, everyone could feel it, and the beating speed of the blood mass was obviously much faster.
Jinyang exultation, hurriedly a wave, The Hunger old ghost in the hands of the energy group immediately flew to the hands of Jinyang, directly sent to the abdomen of Hades, just tonic blood group has formed a huge vortex around, without scruple to absorb the energy around, a sense of Jinyang sent huge energy, immediately issued a sound similar to human cheers.
The basketball-sized energy mass immediately split into a stream, and quickly shot into the blood mass at Hades’ abdomen, like running water, almost instantly. The basketball-sized energy mass was only half left at once, but the beating speed of the blood mass was much faster, almost reaching the speed of beating once per second.
In Jinyang’s frightened eyes, in just ten seconds, the basketball-sized energy ball collected all the energy of blood, essence and backbone of more than 300 blood clan masters, and was thus consumed.
Seeing that the blood group jumped faster and faster, but it just didn’t respond, and it formed a vortex in the abdomen, and it still needed energy supplement. Jinyang also knew that the original estimate was far from enough, and the energy essence of these blood clan masters was still not enough, so he quickly took out dozens of bottles and cans from the bag of different dimensions.
Hesitated dreary exercise, broke these bottles with one hand, all the Dan medicines were taken out, a blue flame flashed, and thousands of Dan medicines immediately turned into the most primitive energy, which was stuffed into the Dantian of Hades by Jinyang.
The dark black light flashed, and the energy mass of more than a thousand pills of Dan medicine was absorbed in an instant, and the beating speed of blood mass increased a lot again, but it still didn’t respond.

Chapter 182 Killing my grandfather
Chapter 182 Killing my grandfather
In the castle on the outskirts of Birmingham, among the thirteen clans of the blood clan, the Ruimoer family, named the seventh, is a middle-aged man who is the current prince, sitting in the dark hall. The ancient wooden tables and chairs exude a faint fragrance, and the blood-red candlelight emits a faint red light, shining on the pale face of the middle-aged man, filled with a strong murderous look.
The young Grand Duke Jimut respectfully stood aside and carefully looked at the middle-aged man sitting up. Although he has been with him for nearly five hundred years, he still can’t guess what the prince who has lived for two thousand years is thinking.
After a long time, he said in a low voice, "My Lord, I have received news that the fire of Lord Ruhr’s life has also been extinguished, which coincides with the death time of’ Blood Killing Team 1′ and should be killed at the same time. . 。 ”
Prince Rui Moer waved and motioned that he already knew, and told Jimmut not to say more. Jimmut immediately closed his mouth and stopped making any noise. After years of getting along, he knew his moody personality, and no one could guess what he was really thinking, so it was better not to touch his eyebrows.

"Wocao … Leng Ye, do you want to murder me?" Mu Yesi was choked by Leng Ye and coughed violently, which was very painful.

"Yes! Nima … Are you going to shout for an escort? Your ya … "Leng Ye a cow up fathers don’t recognize!
What do you care about D? The Second Hall of the Royal Family is your labor! Old is still embarrassing!
"The cut is over!" Desire for night boss calm on the side Leng Ye smile happily looking at AnYun son two people like nothing, as if everything was just acting.
Mu night boss adjusted a tie and looked at Leng Ye with convulsive corners of his mouth.
"Say, why are you here so early? !” Leng Ye looked at it and came five minutes earlier than him! He won’t tell them that he came by plane!
"Small allow son che …" GongZeXi parked the car and went in to meet them.
Looking around for a Yin Kehan hasn’t arrived yet.
I guess … I played with An Yunze somewhere!
"Xixi Daddy …" An Yuner came to think about it enthusiastically and rushed to embrace Gong Zexi to give him a big one. Who knows that Mu Yesi has been holding her pigtails and won’t let her go?
Whoops … It hurts, it hurts …
"Who allowed you to throw yourself at me?" Mu night boss is bohemian and looks at her sipping her lips with an unhappy face.
"…" Whoops will bully me!
Well, since we’re going to act, let’s do it to the end!
"…" Jiang Xiche snorted and walked into the hotel room without looking back.
You always like to play games with me
When can I be less naive? Cooperate with Mu Yesi to act …
Do you think too highly of yourself? He’s just benefiting you.
When will you be a fool?
"hey! Wang Xuan, do you want to be so shameless and let a girl help you with your things! " Gong Ze parked the car and started the trunk to let Wang Xuan take all his things away, but he walked in carelessly!
It’s the worst thing to let her drag such heavy luggage by a girl. It’s still him!
"= You really can’t let girls carry such heavy things, but are you a girl?" Wang Xuan couldn’t help laughing. The expression on Gong Ze’s face was really funny.
54C hood?
"Pain …" Gong Ze stepped on Wang Xuan severely and then threw his luggage out and took the room card by himself and entered the room.
"What a suck …" Gong Zexi gloated and went in with his luggage.
How much his sister, Gong Ze, is? His brother has deeply realized it.
Yin Kehan and An Yunze have arrived at the hotel gate.
An Yunze is a very gentleman. He pulls the door for her and gives her a hand.
Wow … How romantic!
And then …
He smiled and gave her the luggage on the left.
"An Yunze! Are you a man? Let me take it … I’m a girl! " Yin Kehan is still in a good mood. She has been petrified since he gave her the luggage.
"Female …" An Yunze female … for n long and then poof out laughing!
She’s a girl. Poof, haha …
"What are you laughing at ….." Yin Kehan doodle mouth a face of unhappy.
"maid! Follow me with my luggage and my room card, understand? " An Yunze refrained from laughing and then took out a golden room card from his trouser pocket and put it in her chest pocket.
Yes … He just stared at her breasts for a minute!
An Yunze teased her and then said, "Cover?"
"An Yunze! You are a king egg! " Yin kehan got red in the face when he heard the word, and ran after him with his luggage.
"Aye aye aye … Miss Yoon, what are you excited about … the cup is not a shameful thing …" An Yunze swallowed saliva and started to run and said it with a high volume!
"Ah ah! An Yunze, you also said that you also said … "Yin Kehan gas tears are coming out.
Many people around are snickering at her. What a shame!
"Ahhh … boss! Help wow … "An Yunze like a big boy hiding behind longed for night boss.
"Lie trough! Brother beast is really dating Kehan! " An Yuner looked at them dumbfounded.
"Don’t pull my pants!" I longed for the night boss to watch AnYunZe pull his pants all the time, and he was torn off wearing loose slacks today.
"…" An Yunze didn’t give a damn. He continued to hide here and there …
You can’t catch me! You can’t catch me!
Yin Kehan continues to attack from left to right to see how you can hide from you-a dead wolf! Look at girls …
Finally, in AnYunZe’s crazy hiding several times, I longed for the loose casual pants of the night boss to be pulled.
Pants exposed!
That’s not the point! The point is … His pants are’ Crayon Shinchan’ pattern!
Mu Yesi petrified.

Hearing this, Jinyang suddenly smiled a little and said, "Go! Come back after receiving the message, and we will continue to talk. "

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Celestial Volume Chapter 443 Eager
Celestial Volume Chapter 443 Eager
How dare Cui Yu neglect him? Zhong Kui, together with the Ten Temples of Hades, hurried out of the Back Temples and into the Front Temples, bowing down and kneeling down, given the heavenly decree.
Tiangong was sent to hell, which made him uncomfortable. Seeing that he was neglected, he was even more annoyed. But he also knew that Jinyang was in hell, and he knew Jinyang’s temper for a long time, so he didn’t know anything about Jinyang, and he didn’t say much. He hurriedly told the jade emperor’s will.
Not many words, but they were speechless with Cui Yu, the Ten Temple Yan. The Ten Temple Yan was indeed approved by the Taoist, allowing him to return to "thirty-three days away" and continue to listen to the Taoist teachings, while Cui Yuze was named as the new Lord of the underworld by the Jade Emperor, and it was also stated that he could worship at the door of the Emperor of the Universe.
Tianguan handed the heavenly decree to Cui Yu, and said a faint congratulations. Before Cui Yu could react, Tianguan turned his head and said respectfully to the ten halls of Yan: "Ten Yan Jun, the jade emperor has a message, please hurry to the heaven immediately, and then you can return to" thirty-three days away. "
The ten Yan kings were naturally overjoyed, but they were not ungrateful people. They quickly said, "Wait a moment. The Great Emperor of the Wild is practicing the Dharma in the back hall. I’ll say goodbye to him first, and then I can get up and hurry."
Ten Yan people know that they can return to "Thirty-three Days Outside" as soon as possible, mostly because they are touched by the light of Jinyang. They also know something about this great man with three scenic realms. At the very least, in the whole three realms, only Jinyang, the one who meets the jade emperor in the wild, stands and meets him personally, and at the same time, he enters "Thirty-three Days Outside" to discuss tea with Taoist ancestors.
Regardless of cheongwan’s answer or not, the Ten Hades went straight to the Houdian. With their true identity, there is no need to be so respectful to a small cheongwan.
Tiangong knew that Jinyang was here, but since Jinyang didn’t come out to take orders, he didn’t want to tell anyone, except the emperor of the universe, the confidant maid of the heavenly queen. It is said that it has been driven into the beast road, and this matter is widely circulated in heaven. In particular, he is a close minister of the Jade Emperor, and it is clear in his heart that the young master who recently entered the Zilin Temple is the only son of this Lord.
"I didn’t expect the emperor of the wild to be there, and the little god naturally had to pay a visit." The light in cheongwan’s eyes flashed, and he quickly made the wisest decision not to visit Jinyang, which may not be a bad thing. But it won’t be a bad thing to visit. It’s as simple as playing a few words.
Looking at ten Yan and cheongwan value Jinyang so much, Cui Yu and Zhong Kui also hurriedly followed, and each of them had his own thoughts. Jinyang’s words were simply imperial edict, since Jinyang let Cui Yu sit in this seat. Then he wants to run, and he can’t run away, while Zhong Kui is glad that he just decided to bet correctly.
Jinyang smiled wryly at the back of the house. He didn’t want to see any celestial officials, but the Ten Hades just led people in. This made Jinyang, who was eavesdropping, have to really suspend in mid-air, and the whole body was wrapped up with Zijin Zhenyuan, making it look like it was really refining the law.
Ten Yan is also a wonderful person. He rushed to the back hall and made a big bow-down, which is the most important gift. Ten Yan only had such a gift when facing the ancestors of Sanqing Daodao, although they didn’t know the exact identity of Jinyang. But it can directly change Daozu’s mind. This skill itself is scary, so be a teacher. It’s not too much.
Seeing that Ten Hades had such a thick salute, cheongwan only wanted to do a Jianli, but suddenly he didn’t dare to neglect it any more, and he also hurriedly made a big worship ceremony. Although he was very unhappy in his heart, there was nothing he could do.
Jinyang slightly opened his eyes and said a few words lightly.
Knowing that Jinyang didn’t want to see him, Tiangong didn’t want to be boring again, so he bluntly went back to heaven to get his life.
Jinyang naturally has no problem. He didn’t have much friendship with the Ten Hades, so he helped them back to "33 days away". The only idea was to take the hell into his pocket and clear some obstacles for his son Jin Xiaoxian.
See cheongwan led ten temple yan left, jinyang immediately returned to its original state, and Zijin Zhenyuan disappeared, but others still sat in mid-air, staring straight at Cui Yu in wait for a while.
Cui Yu even a fool, also know the meaning of Jinyang, looked at the side of Zhong Kui, there is no way, only crustily skin of head, knelt down to Jinyang, a gift from master, the jade emperor kissed the teacher, he didn’t worship, after three visits and nine knocks, he really grew up under the door of the temple.
Jinyang was very satisfied. He liked Cui Yu, who had no ambition. He was kind-hearted and didn’t have much darkness. Seeing Zhong Kui’s face was envious, he immediately said, "yes man, Zhong Kui, this emperor has fulfilled you and accepted you as a disciple."
Zhong Kui immediately exultation, hurriedly bow down to the ground, although he stay in hell all the year round, but for many important events in the Three Realms, also be like the palm of his hand, knowing that there are not many people handed down by Jinyang, which one is not a big shot in heaven, and the whole West Cow Hezhou has basically fallen under the authority of Yan Yang Dian, so many good places are better than staying in hell.
Accepting disciples and giving gifts are universal for the three realms. Jinyang’s trip to the underworld not only solves the huge poison in the body, but also has numerous benefits. Just take out two dharma fingers from the "devil-refining pot" and then take out two innate Lingbao. The purple and gold light flashes, and the fingers become the most basic energy, and two innate Lingbao are also erased and buried in the Yuan God brand.
Dad gave it to two people, and Zhong Kui thanked him for his exultation. Although Cui Yu was forced to take the throne in the world, it has become a fact, and there is no room for going back on our word. He respectfully took the magic weapon and the energy group and bowed down to give thanks.
Cui Yuben has the strength of the true fairy peak, and the energy group of his fingers is enough for him to directly advance to the land of Xuanxian, plus the presence of innate Lingbao, which is enough for him to subdue those powerful Yin gods.
When the solution was not enough, Jinyang immediately said, "Everything is settled, and you have to go back to heaven for your teacher. Zhong Kui, you should stay in the underworld first and help your senior brother with some things. In the future, I will send an expert to sit in the town, and then you will follow people back to heaven."
Zhong Kui hurriedly brought life, he has the strength of XuanXian order, already can feel the powerful energy contained in the palm energy group, was about to take a time to produce absorption, hell as a stronghold, nature is the best place.
Command everything, Jinyang hurriedly call feather spirit, ready to go back to the temple of inflammation Yang, he can’t wait, dharma body of great energy, have to hurry to send ontology, strength can definitely improve to an unexpected state.
Just out of the temple, Jinyang remembered those hags again, and immediately gave Cui Yu a jade charm. If Jinyang was left, those hags who had hidden most of their strength could be mobilized, so that they could stay in hell for the time being and wait for Hades.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 444 Cross the rubicon
Celestial Volume Chapter 444 Cross the rubicon
In the main hall of the burning sun, Jinyang sat on the jade seat of the burning dragon, put his mind into the "devil pot" and began to count the spoils of this trip to hell.
There are more than a dozen pieces of innate Lingbao, but except for the Taoist Lu Ya’s "Flying Knife for Cutting Immortals", it can rank fourth in the top ten list of innate Lingbao. The others are all ordinary goods, but some are better than none. There are many disciples in the school, and their strength has also improved a lot recently, but the magic weapon that weighs hands is poor, which has great constraints on the development of the temple of the sun.
Take Taoist Tianjue as an example. As the first real person to take charge of the temple of Yan Yang, he has been given the elixir many times in Jinyang, and he has been promoted to the next rank of Xuanxian several years ago. However, there is no treasure in his hand. Although the Ten Commandments are fierce, the ten other disciples are scattered all over the country, and they can’t exert their power and really fight. They are definitely no match for the demon king of Xuanxian level.
The original owners of these congenital treasures are all dead, so it is very simple to refine the brand of Yuan God hidden in them. Besides, there is an old pervert, Yu Ling, who has gained so much benefit. Naturally, he is embarrassed to refuse to help Jinyang to sacrifice and refine these congenital treasures again. Anyway, it is only a matter of time before refining the golden curtain, and it doesn’t take any effort. At the same time, refining is quite boring, just looking for something to do.
In addition to the innate Lingbao, there are two pure celestial demon dharmas, as well as the golden body left by Taoist Dizang. These dharmas are completely condensed by energy, without any impurities, and they are the easiest to absorb. They are definitely the first-class tonic, especially the celestial demon dharmas, which have great strength beyond ordinary founding protoss, even if Sanqing sees them. It is estimated that it will also be tempted.
Although it is not as good as the founding God in its heyday, the second dharma body can still be in an invincible position in the war with the founding dragon god Yu Ling, which can fully explain his powerful strength and thus the horror of the energy contained in the dharma body. Although it is not as good as the golden curtain that Yu Ling got, it is only for Jinyang. If you don’t count ten years, you won’t be able to digest it completely.
With the accurate estimation of feather spirit. If Jinyang absorbs the dharma bodies of the two heavenly demons until they are completely digested, at least it can have the strength of one percent of the founding God, so it will no longer be difficult to catch up with the ancestors of Sanqing Daodao, and with the "devil’s pot" left by the founding God King Nuwa, ordinary heavenly demons can’t get close at all, and they can walk sideways within the three realms.
After counting everything. Jinyang immediately ordered the gatekeeper demon general, called Taoist Tianjue, and gave him ten fingers of the dharma body. Although they were only fingers, they were all three or four feet long and more than ten feet thick, and the terrorist energy contained in them was absolutely no less than the energy accumulated by ordinary jade immortals in their lifelong practice. As long as the Ten Unique Taoist priests can fully absorb refining and chemical engineering, their strength will be greatly increased, and the promotion to Yuxian realm is just around the corner.
Road flyover Tianjue hurriedly bowed down to give thanks and packed up ten fingers.
Jinyang also took out the old monster with feather spirit to offer sacrifices to refined innate spiritual treasures again, with a total of 17 pieces, and gave it to Taoist Tianjue. As a real person who holds the palm of the temple of Yan Yang, every powerful magic weapon is absolutely impossible, not only to deter the major forces inside the temple, but also to deter the major forces outside.

Although it was not very pleasant after dinner, in the end, Feng Li Su stepped back first, and they were also happy.

Although things in Korea are busy, he can’t accomplish anything by himself at this time. Feng Li Su simply gave up dealing with political affairs and came up with an idea when he saw that acacia was rare.
"I haven’t been out of the palace for some time, but it’s better to go out of the palace when you come!"
It’s still early at this time. If it’s getting late, he can come to the palace for a reason not to return to the palace and stay in the prime minister’s house.
I often miss you, but I don’t think so. I am willing to hear that he is out of the palace. She still thinks that she will leave the palace for a while and is rejected by Feng Lisu.
But if it gets dark when she leaves the palace, she will have a legitimate reason to go back to Xiangfu.
So Feng Li Su gave orders to Chang Huan to let several dark guards protect him in the dark, and he often missed him out of the palace without bringing anyone.
Feng Li Su hasn’t been out of the palace for a long time, and it’s rare to come out for fun. It’s especially good to be accompanied by beautiful people. I raised my left hand and saw my thumb, but my smile softened a little.
Naturally, it is easier to wear when leaving the palace. He also found a water-blue robe to wear against the water-blue clothes that he often misses.
When Chang Xiangsi saw Feng Lisu’s costume, he silently despised it, but he couldn’t say anything.
By the time we got out of the palace gate, it was getting dark, but Laifeng Lisu was surprised and hoped that it would get dark earlier. When we walked to the busy street, we could already see lanterns hung in many places.
Due to the retreat of Qing Mu Gong, these streets have resumed their original prosperity.
At this time, the ice and snow have begun to melt gradually, which is not as cold as before. At this time, various stalls have been set up on both sides of the wide street.
Some restaurants are full of people coming and going. Seeing this, Feng Lisu’s heart gradually fell. It seems that this time the impact on the people is not too great.
Not far away, there is a building where the fragrant wind is floating everywhere. Many girls are dressed beautifully in this early spring, revealing a large area of fragrant shoulders, waving a white arm like a lotus root and waving a scented handkerchief.
Acacia often came with a little interest and glanced at the men around him.
Asked, "has the emperor visited the kiln?"
She has been here for such a long time, but she has never really experienced the gentleness of men in it. She is still a little curious.
Feng Li Su set her eyes on the lights on her face, and her Zhang Qingya face seemed to be covered with a light, warm and smooth layer, which made her look charming enough.
When his heart moved, especially when he saw her beautiful lips, there was an impulse coming.
Yes, I also know that if I do anything out of line at this time, I am afraid that I will destroy this rare time of getting along well.
"Never!" He lightly out.
"Why don’t the emperor go inside and have a look? It happens that I haven’t been to that place yet, so I’ll experience it today and have a drink of sanhua."
Then I touched my arms and immediately felt embarrassed. She went out today and forgot to bring money.
"What building do women visit?"
Feng Li Su chuckled, "There’s nothing interesting about that place. Look at the girls there who don’t deserve to be your maid shoes. They’re just a bunch of fat and vulgar powder! I might as well look at you more when I visit them! "
He said that this is true. What does he want? A stunning woman is no worse. This woman is very beautiful. Is it necessary for him to take the hard stone instead of the beautiful jade?
"The emperor’s words are a little biased. I think it’s a bit interesting over there. It’s better to go for a walk and drink a few cups of sanhua, but today I went out to the North Xuan General House and forgot to take the silver out. Can the emperor take it? Why don’t you lend me some? "
"Don’t borrow!"
Feng Li Su refused directly. If she asked for how much silver on weekdays, he would give today a penny and didn’t want to give it!
"How stingy!"
Another day, she will bring enough silver and come by herself.
Feng Li Su has some enjoyment of this dialogue. Seeing her just pouting almost made him look away from the lantern.
The two continued to walk towards the front. At this time, it was getting darker and darker, and pedestrians did not see a lot of roadside snacks.
However, I often miss these foods, but I don’t have much interest in them. I often miss them when I pass by that building.
Business seems to be good inside, and many men passing by have been pulled in, and even if they don’t want to, they can be touted by such a group of women, and they all go in happily.
In the future, she should open a building and do well in her own ability.
She can definitely come up with the most novel things!
I often miss Feng Lisu silently, thinking that her beautiful eyes are a little bare, and I am worried that too many people will bump into her, and occasionally stretch out a hand to prevent people next to me from bumping into her.
After a long walk in the street, Feng Li Su saw a restaurant sidewalk not far away. "Just go there and get something to eat. It’s time for dinner."
Acacia often has no opinion. As Feng Li Su entered the restaurant, he was directly invited by Xiao Er on the second floor.
Elegant environment is good, a little elegant, especially a few small green plants put in it, which adds a touch of life.
Chang Xiangsi ordered a few dishes that he loved, and Li Su also ordered a few dishes.
"Male and female, please wait a moment!"
Then turned out of the elegant.
There are many lanterns hanging around, and Yali is bright. Two people sit face to face because of the round table. Feng Lisu frowned lightly.
"Don’t trust me after sitting so far away?"
"Don’t you see more clearly?"
Chang Xiangsi chuckled and then said, "By the way, is it okay to be injured before the ninth prince?"
She also heard that when she fell into the hands of Qing Mu Gong, the nine princes looked for her with injuries.

"I don’t know if I’m satisfied with what you see?"

Xing Cun Xiao is a little black because he hates this man. His eyes seem to be evaluating the price of this thing!
The man smiled, turned around and walked in the direction of Li Mo’s kidnapping …
"Glass foam saa! It’s glass foam saa! " See just ready to exchange rings, the bride directly lifted her veil, threw her wedding dress and ran away …
The groom ran away from the scene and left the groom alone.
Today is my wedding, right? Cut the original looked at the ground yarn depressed squat down to one side and draw a circle …
Chapter one hundred and eleven (the finale)
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"Long time no see!"
When everyone came to the edge of the roof, Xia Mo sat gracefully and leisurely, cocoa seemed to appreciate the scenery at the moment, and there was no hostage tension at all. In contrast, the three kidnappers around him were nervous;
Hearing footsteps, Xia Mo turned his head and slightly tilted his mouth with a little smile and calmly greeted everyone …
Everyone is stunned. Just now, the nervousness disappears. Looking at the kidnapping scene at the moment is like watching a play. Niou Masaharu looks at his minister. He should be very nervous at the moment! Playing with his plait is still a cynical expression way
"Snowy little glass foam, you will really surprise people!"
Xia Mo raised his eyebrows and looked at Niou Masaharu with a sigh of relief. Fortunately, everyone is still like that! Some pleasant tone hit back.
"Thank you. It’s my pleasure to surprise you!"
With that, I threw away my cup and got up and was about to open my mouth, but I was stopped by a dagger. When I saw the man next to me, I got up and immediately took out my dagger and held Xia Mo hostage …
Glass foam glanced at swinging dagger move line of sight to move on …
"Didn’t you hear me let you live?"
The three kidnappers mean a lot: one on the left of Xia Mo, the other on the right of Xia Mo, and the other behind Xia Mo, holding Xia Mo’s hair in one hand and holding a dagger in the other, clinging to Xia Mo’s neck …
"You, this is an order to me?"
Xia Mo looked askance at the kidnappers on the left and right.
The kidnappers on the left and right swallowed saliva, and the gas field was a little flustered, so the kidnappers calmed down and pulled Xia Mo to the edge and looked at a group of humanitarians on the opposite side
"You’d better not make a move or …"
The kidnapper once gave Xia Mo a push, which made Xia Mo hang his left foot in the middle and stand on the edge of the top floor …
"Glass foam saa!"
Zhang Qi, a bride who has just arrived, saw this scene and wanted to rush out, but she was stopped by Xie Wendong and Xing Cun Jing Shi in front.
"Glass foam! "Xing village frown at this moment Xia Mo some don’t agree with her to play until what time?
Stare at-Xia Mo’s line of sight is directed at Xing Cun Jing Shi, and there is some sadness. Is he not nervous at all? I puffed up my cheeks and said, "I am not a glass foam!"
"Good Xia Mo, come here!" It’s good that Zhan Yan of Xingcun has been smiling for four years.
Limo, don’t pout and look at the distance. Is this calling a puppy? Sure enough, it’s too beautiful and frivolous. Say it!
Half ring glass foam frown at feet er … Not good! Foot-numb! ! ! So in the eyes of the public, the glass foam just fell …
"Glass foam! ! !” Xing Cun rushed to the edge with his feet hooked, and his hands pulled the glass foam and the whole person became upside down …
Hanging Xia Mo looked up and struggled to hold one of his own …
"DOG …"
Xia Mo stopped struggling to move Xing Village’s face to realize head-up and raised his hand with a sigh after half a ring in front …
Chapter one hundred and twelve (the finale)
Xia Mo stopped struggling to move Xing Cun’s face. After half a ring in front of him, he sighed and raised his hand and made a ring …
"Young master really doesn’t make people worry!"
A few minutes later, the kidnapping farce ended, and the leading man smiled and arranged Xia Mo’s clothes and joked.
"Slice-"Glass foam disdains to raise my hand and stir the hair …
"DOG, can we talk?" Xie Wendong looked at it and saw her daughter’s heart full of guilt …
Xia Mo finally moved his realization to Xie Wendong, and he has been seeing him for a long time!
Talk? Glanced at Xing Village next to him and bowed his head in silence …
A few minutes later, Xing Village arrived with Xia Mo. Xie Wendong said that Xia Mo stood at the door of the house and pulled Xing Village to knock at the door …
"DOG always has some things to solve. After all, he is your father and his biological father!"
Xing Cun put his hands on Xia Mo’s shoulders and looked directly at Xia Mo with some serious eyes and some fear eyes.
Glass foam bowed their heads and eyes again silent …
"Good-"Li Mo looked up again, and her eyes recovered their former calm. "You and I are together!"