"yes, miss!" Yan Ru turned around and saw that Zhu Yinzhen appeared behind them, and a slight moment went to the depths of the isolation zone.

Shen Menglu squatted in front of Chen’s body to reach out and untie their clothes, but her hand was buckled by Zhu Yinzhen before touching the body.
"Zhu Yinzhen, what are you doing again?" Shen Menglu was annoyed and didn’t understand this Zhu Yinzhen disturbing her everywhere.
Zhu Yinzhen was more annoyed than Shen Menglu. "It should be Wang who asked you what you want to do!" Does this woman know that these are the bodies of infected people? If she touches them with her bare hands, she may catch the plague.
Besides, these are bodies! Bodies! The average woman would have been scared to death and screamed when she saw it. No one would move the body like her!
Shen Menglu wants to earn his hand, but he buckles it too tightly. "Mu Wang Ye! Do you want to stay in this epidemic area for a generation? "Damn it, she wants to check the symptoms of these bodies. She must find out the crux of the plague as soon as possible!
"Shen Menglu please remember your identity! You are a woman first! You are a lady and a darling daughter! Understand? " Zhu Yinzhen’s eyes sparkled with sparks. What doesn’t this woman know?
"Where?" Shen Menglu looked at him sideways. She knew very well that she didn’t need anyone to wake up.
"So you don’t have to do this!" In Zhu Yinzhen’s language, the average woman should hide as far as she can from this dead place!
But he forgot that Shen Menglu is no ordinary woman! She is an extraordinary woman!
Shen Menglu once again shook his arm. "Let go!" I don’t know who she is. Is this Mu Wang Ye? She is a doctor appointed by the emperor to cure the plague! How can she cure the plague if she does nothing?
"Shen Menglu, can you not let Wang worry so much?" See Shen Menglu unmoved Zhu Yinzhen annoyed. He tried to suppress his impulse to get angry.
Shen Menglu also annoyed a cow directly "Zhu Yinzhen what do you want? Will you stop holding me back? I’m still waiting to cure this plague early and go back to my office early! Whether you want to stay in this hellhole is your own business. Please stay where you are! "
When she stays in this epidemic area for a while, she will become the first rich girl in the world to starve to death!
"King, is this holding you back? Doesn’t the king want to get out of this plague land as soon as possible? " What’s Zhu Yinzhen angry about? This Shen Menglu is always ungrateful.
What, when they talk, they are either sarcastic or tit for tat?
What, this damn woman can’t be gentle with him?
What, they can’t just talk?
"If you want to leave here early, get away from me and don’t interfere with my work!" Shen Menglu showed no weakness and roared at Zhu Yinzhen with the same fire. Can this man who is an obstacle and an eyesore disappear from her face?
Damn it! Watching Shen Menglu open and close her lips, Zhu Yinzhen’s mind flashed off and she wouldn’t talk back if she tried to block her mouth! Zhu Yinzhen thought like this and unexpectedly bent over to stop her lips.
Soft and sweet to the touch, Zhu Yinzhen couldn’t help but deepen her strength and pry her teeth.
Shen Menglu first one leng Zhu Yinzhen enlarge face and lips suddenly Tathagata soft touch let her some surprise.
Then she stared in disbelief and reacted slowly.
He …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
She … She … She … This is violated?
This shameful sex embryo!
When Zhu Yinzhen’s tongue broke into Shen Menglu’s lips and teeth, Shen Menglu clenched his teeth violently when she was entangled with the tip of her tongue.
Zhu Yinzhen was on guard against this. He never thought that Shen Menglu would bite him. The sudden pain made him retract his tongue reflexively and step back two steps. There was blood in his mouth. Zhu Yinzhen was furious. Did this dead woman want to bite off his tongue?
As soon as Shen Menglu’s hands were released, he raised his hand and greeted Zhu Yinzhen’s face mercilessly.
At this time, Zhu Yinzhen was on guard and half held her hand. "Are you still angry after biting me?" I cann’t believe I want to slap him! I really let her a little girl hit him. Where did you put your face?
"disgusting!" The enemy is no match for Zhu Yinzhen’s hands. Shen Menglu blushed and spat bitterly at the ground. She dismembered him herself sooner or later!
"What did you say?" Zhu Yinzhen’s face changed, and this woman said he was disgusting!
"disgusting! It’s disgusting! " Shen Menglu’s eyes are burning, and Bai Xi’s cheeks are flushed with extreme anger, just like the rosy clouds on the horizon, and the red clouds are more beautiful and moving.
Shen Menglu’s beautiful posture provoked Zhu Yinzhen’s mind to flutter and there was a fire burning in his chest.
Gross? Gross, right? Zhu Yinzhen evoked an evil smile. Now that you feel sick, just be sick at once! Zhu Yinzhen thought about invading Shen Menglu’s mouth again!
Shen Menglu is on guard this time. Where will he take advantage of her again? She leans too far and Zhu Yinzhen’s warm lips fall on her white neck.
Shen Menglu shuddered as if touching, and couldn’t help but get goose bumps. Zhu Yinzhen cool thin’s red lips touched the skin, and it burned like hot oil, and the surrounding skin was dyed crimson.
The touching pink color has been spreading from Shen Menglu’s neck to the root behind his ear, and then Shen Menglu’s ears are burning harshly.
Zhu Yinzhen noticed that Shen Menglu was trembling and noticed that she was spreading and blushing. Zhu Yinzhen’s chest flame burned more vigorously, and she held her head high and clamored for release.
At present, the peach pink is surprisingly beautiful. Shen Menglu’s body is refreshing and fragrant, mixed with a touch of light herbs, and it invades Zhu Yinzhen’s nose. Zhu Yinzhen closed his eyes and could not help but stick out his tongue and lick Shen Menglu’s flushed neck.
His move caused Shen Menglu to tremble. She was stiff and dared not move through the clothes. She felt that Zhu Yinzhen’s body organs changed so hot that she almost burned Shen Menglu’s skin.
This dead *! Stinky scum!
Falk! Can she yell indecent assault?
Falk! Where did Yan Ruyi die? Didn’t you see that she was molested?
When Fu Bowen arrived late, he saw this scene of Zhu Yinzhen kissing Shen Menglu. When Fu Bowen saw the two people at the moment, he panicked and wanted to turn around and ignore them.