What can offend Martial Uncle Purple Eyebrow? If you two rely on those people to finish it, it will be a shame for him. It was very difficult in those days, and it was all done by Martial Uncle Purple Eyebrow alone. This is also a test for you.

After they left, Hung didn’t have any worries. She told Brother Daoqi that she had some troubles this time.
How to say so
The distribution of Chu ancestral temples is very even, but we have to attack us from the four veins of them. If we want to grab enough, the two of us can’t do it. Hong sighed and said, if only the master elder brother were here.
Leitian thought for a moment and said, Elder Martial Sister, I won’t tell you the truth. Don’t do anything in my hand. Destroy the Chu Temple. It’s a first-class instrument.
Leitian said and took the Chu Jiangwang seal to Hong.
What is this? Hong took the Chu Jiangwang seal, turned it over and looked at it. The seal was engraved with the natural spirit, the holy Chu River, and the Sichuan seal weighed 100 kilograms and was cold to the bone.
Brother, where did this come from?
Leitian wry smile way Chu Jiangwang was killed by Kunlun people and I picked up this thing.
It’s not surprising that Kunlunhong didn’t continue to ask people who went to Kunlun didn’t care if the gods were conferred by heaven and killed Chu Jiangwang.
Teacher younger brother, that’s easy to handle. No wonder Master gave you the water escape technique. This time, we gave up swimming in the four temples of the King of Chu and went straight with the water. This decree, those demon gods, all kinds of laws, are all red. When I said this, I got excited and my face flushed.
Elder martial sister, it’s rare for you to make such a ridiculous remark in vain.
Hong Yang-mei said goodbye. You are brave enough. The teacher is the first to choose students. If you don’t see that you are deeply robbed, your teacher will teach himself a lesson if he sees a genius casually.
Ah, leitian, this is really surprising. What’s the real temper of Purple Eyebrow? Why do you choose to kill and rob people for a living?
Hum, when you see the big brother, you will understand that all the people who kill and rob are not necessarily bad-tempered. The big brother is the best, but no one dares to say that he is weak, but he has offended others. Almost all of them are dead.
Leitian didn’t know that the purple eyebrows are sparsely populated. It’s not a good thing to kill the robbers, but it’s also hard to find them. The generation of malicious thieves may have killed dozens of people. It’s already over 100 people. More monsters have been killed outside the tomb of Qin Dynasty. I can’t remember thousands.
Leitian side stuff quipped that a large number of younger brothers have come to report in the palace. These people know that the younger brother of Purple Eyebrow has arrived first, but no one has come to visit.
In the next few days, Yunmeng Zongzhen’s brothers arrived one after another, and they all lived in separate rooms, but they didn’t come to say hello in leitian.
Hong knows that Leitian Chu Jiangwang’s decree is not worried about things. Every day, in addition to practicing Daoism, Leitian chats about some swordsmanship. Hong is also studying swordsmanship. When the sword is released from the heart of fire, a group of orchid flames wrap the sword pill, which makes people almost imperceptible.
Leitian six Yang rush to Lei Jian but can’t be released. Six Yang rush to Lei Jian is relatively violent. The small room can’t afford Leitian tossing. He didn’t want to control this fencing in the early stage of deification until the later stage of deification.
He is strong enough to fight, but fencing depends on the level of the realm.
Naita can warm the rain sword. This fencing skill is not high, but it is controlled in vain.
In a blink of an eye, five days later, my brother and sister didn’t return to the building, and Hongyu called ten true brothers to this sect.
Ten true brothers get together in the same room. The cold lake is full of veins. Chu Qin glanced at Bai Qidao. This is the new apprentice of Martial Uncle Zi Mei.
Leitian feels that he has been stared at and his skin hurts. His swordsmanship has made him know that Chu and Qin are provocative.
Brother Qing picked up a polite gesture when he gave his brother a gift. As soon as his skin was in sharp pain, he sucked this sword into a rare place, and it was immediately sucked by a lamella gun.
Chu Qin’s face often smiles with a purple eyebrow. Martial Uncle is the strongest among my five veins of Yunmengzong. I hope he will not lose face to Master.
Chapter sixty-four Give a sword
Chapter sixty-four
Chu Qin’s words are sharp, and a young woman in many other seven true brothers chuckles more sharply than one.
Leitian looked back at Brother Chu, the martial sister of Hongdao with a puzzled expression. Does this mean that everyone agrees that we will definitely surpass them in our completion?
The young woman was ashamed to hear leitian’s arrogant words, "Green styles".
Leitian looked at the young woman and saw that she had a pair of peach blossom eyes and powdered face. She was tall, dressed in a silver cassock and carrying a long sword. On her posture, she was still floating in the Loufang River, not like a monk.
The teacher elder sister how to call leitian respectfully asked.
White fairy door Wu Feng to female see leitian polite still a cold sample.
The rest of my true brothers have known about this Wu Fenglai temper these days, thinking that Qing Yan is going to have bad luck, and this Wu Feng is coming to talk and tide wait for no man.
Chu Qin couldn’t help but take a step back. This Wu Feng came to Bai Xian to pamper some brains. Yesterday, he even collided with himself. If Master hadn’t told him not to argue with Bai Xian’s disciples, he would have made this woman ugly.
If you talk at this time, I’m afraid there’s nothing to end, and you’ll get around yourself and be scolded by this Wu Fenglai together.
Sister Wu just tested me with Brother Chu’s sword. I passed you. Are you testing me with your sword?
Wu Feng is furious and leitian. This means that she has a cheap mouth. How can the rest of the people not listen? But everyone knows that Purple Eyebrow is really human. She is not as reckless as Wu Fenglai, and she doesn’t dare to laugh with her mouth closed.
Wu Feng to hand sword cold tunnel what did you say?
I said that the younger brothers in the door are not allowed to eat each other’s eyes and mouths, and they are still within the scope of Xu. If you become angry from embarrassment and draw your sword, it will be a violation of the rules of the door to deceive your teacher and destroy your ancestors.
Leitian finished looking at Brother Chu Qin Daochu. You are the strongest here. I am right.
Chu and Qin can’t answer well and can’t help but answer how to answer. He will offend Wu Feng to come to him. Only then can he see that the purple eyebrow is the strongest among the 72 peaks in the five lakes. His choice of life should be good. This leitian nature is really as tit-for-tat as the purple eyebrow martial uncle.
Qing Yan said yes, the same door is bullying the teacher and destroying the ancestral building. Hongyu left at this time to resolve the embarrassment of Chu and Qin.
Wu Fenglai, no matter how stupid she is, dare not offend this outside elder, although she is a real brother.
Uncle Wu Feng’s voice is still very good, but he left the hilt.
You can go back to the door to learn who is going to start work with me, and I will abolish him to build the building. Hongyu just laughed in his heart.
However, Lou Hongyu’s words are impartial. Wu Feng can swallow his pride and scold her, but she can’t argue.
Hong also laughed at his younger brother, but the master was similar in temper, and it seemed that he was just edgy. If he was angry with Wu Feng, he wouldn’t.