"Giggle …" Wang Gan laughed darkly and said to himself, "If you don’t break, you won’t break, and then 200 million cyclones will all be chaotic, so that I can spend 100 million days practicing."

"Not only that, but you were kind enough to help me break the elixir and completely release my vitality. Fortunately, my vitality is ten times that of ordinary people, otherwise it is imperative to break my vitality. Now it is a good opportunity to break through the opportunity. It takes 100 million yuan to condense a yuan of heavy water to break the barrier and know the truth and impact the foundation period!"
If Huashangshi knew that because of his unnecessary efforts, Wang Gan Zhenyuan had unexpectedly broken through again and reached the peak of practice, he was afraid of vomiting blood for three liters.
After a huge explosion, such as the vitality of an elixir, you will see the true yuan pouring out, and the whole sea of qi will burst almost, even the meridians and acupoints will not pass like a balloon.
Fortunately, the Qi-Hai meridians in Wang Gan have been repeatedly strengthened by the sap secreted by the roots, and the tenacity is far beyond normal, so people can barely resist it, otherwise they will have to die because the meridians are inch by inch.
Without the seven treasures to suppress Wang Gan, he can now rely on himself. His vitality is unimaginable. It is estimated that there are also two billion cyclones with vitality twenty times that of ordinary monks.
But this kind of saturation to the limit, Wang Gan, not to mention the true spirit of operation, can’t even move his vitality, which is like eating too much and can’t even turn over.
But at this moment, he suddenly felt a heat wave and saw a pillar of fire suddenly burst out and drowned his body.
In this fire wave, Wang Gan barely propped up the protective body. Fortunately, his skill is different. The protective body is almost equivalent to a spirit beast, which has not been washed away by the fire wave.
What he didn’t expect was that there was a little bit of colored flame floating from the pillar of fire, which prevented the protector from invading directly into his body and flowed directly into the sea of gas along the meridians, as if looking for something to run around.
But in this way, the high temperature of the color flame will directly burn the vitality along the way into the extremely pure liquid truth element, which will gradually relieve the pressure of the air and sea.
"Ha-ha, it must be Huashangshi. That woman wants this fire to catch my pure yang fire, which actually helps me!" Wang Gan hurriedly stared at it and didn’t stop the colored flames, so that they couldn’t find the true fire.
As the days passed, Wang Gan’s body fluids became more and more fluid, and the pressure gradually relaxed, so he distributed clouds of liquefied primordial qi into acupuncture points. With the gradual increase of 365 acupuncture points, the pressure of steam-powered air-sea also increased, and even and balanced pressure pressed the primordial qi to liquefy.
For those who constantly invade the body color flame, Wang Gan had a brainwave and unexpectedly suppressed the cold fire. As time went on, the number appeared more and more. Obviously, Huashangshi also found that something was wrong and worried.
Wang Gan is naturally willing to liquefy his vitality regardless of his heart, so he can impact the foundation period. Once the impact is successful, he can easily kill Huashangshi even without a magic weapon.
Generally speaking, it takes less than one year for a monk to liquefy his vitality, but sometimes there are less than two billion cyclones in Wang Gan that need to liquefy his vitality, so the workload is twenty times that of an ordinary monk, but fortunately, he is well qualified and has swallowed Lingcao to improve his qualification, which is several times faster than ordinary people.
I don’t know the years in the incense burner, perhaps the flower dress finally lost patience. After a hundred days, the colored flame no longer appeared, but there was no intention to play the incense burner
Without interference from others, Wang Gan concentrated on practicing and looked forward to the day of breaking the wall.
In a blink of an eye, Wang Gan suddenly opened his eyes and looked in a certain direction to see that there was a narrow crack …
[ w w w ]
Chapter 13 Liu Fang shows the way to impeded people
Since that day, Jiang Xing was furious and let all the monks flee. Muyue E Liu facilitated Xiao Yuantian to lead them to escape from hundreds of miles away, but in this way, they were separated. Even if they went back to find it afterwards, there was a messy battlefield, but the two of them were nowhere to be seen.
Afterwards, the three men have been searching everywhere for Qiong Yu’s pure Yang inkstone in this mystery, but I didn’t expect this to be found for a long time. I said that even Qiong Yu and Jiang Xing were not found.
What’s more, they don’t even know how to leave here, so they can be forced to stay here. It’s good that the true qi here is more abundant and purer than outside, and the cultivation speed is much faster than usual.
In recent years, Xiao Yuantian has set foot on the peak of practicing qi, and it is only one step away from breaking the barrier to know the truth. Once he becomes a Buddhist monk in the construction period, he will immediately obtain the qualification of true brother. Plus, his father is still a peak master, which can benefit a lot.
Mu Yue ‘e is not so much progress as retrogression. She has been worried that Qiong Yu is always looking for him to fix her life and death, and the whole person has become thin and haggard.
Liu Fang, the most worthless person in the Central Plains, doesn’t know if he has gained an adventure. In just a few years, he has actually cultivated to the point of practicing ten layers, which has risen by two layers.
This practice speed even Xiao Yuan days secretly surprised.
Suddenly, one day, Liu Fang suddenly found Mu Yuee, and she didn’t know what to say. She suddenly got excited and then Xiao Yuantian talked for a long time. After that, the three left the abode of fairies and immortals and flew in a certain direction.
"Liu Fang, can you really figure out where Qiong Yu is?" Xiao Yuantian asked with a hint of suspicion.
"Brother, don’t worry. I’ve been practicing divination for years, and I’m not sure until today," Liu Fang vowed.
It turned out that Liu Fang told Mu Yuee that he had been able to roughly calculate the position of Qiong Yu’s younger brother with a little success in practicing divination over the years. How could Mu Yuee not be excited when he heard this? So he found Brother Xiao and urged him to find Qiong Yu.
Xiao Yuantian also agreed to this proposal, so a group of people flew all the way with Liu Fang’s instructions.
"Liu Fang, I’m sorry that you’ve always been a … I didn’t think that you were the most caring teacher younger brother among us." Mu Yuee couldn’t help but wet her eyes at the thought of meeting her lover and said gratefully to Liu Fang.
"It’s almost there … Look, Brother Qiong is there!" Liu Fang reached out and pointed to the crowd and looked in the direction he pointed to. Sure enough, he saw a misty hill with a friar in a white robe in Luotianmen.
"Qiong Yu!" Mu Yue-e was overjoyed to escape the light, so she rushed to hug him and shed tears in her arms.
"Wait! That man is not Brother Qiong! " Xiao Yuantian suddenly changed his face and was about to stop Mu Yuee from suddenly stabbing pain behind him, as if a cold foreign body had been inserted into his back. Looking back, he saw Liu Fang holding a cold dagger in his hands behind his back with his head down.
He never imagined that his younger brother would stab him in the back when he spent so much time together!
Liu Fang!’ Xiao Yuantian’s eyes seemed to be about to kill people, staring at Liu Fang and slapping him on the chest, and suddenly he vomited blood and hit him flying far away, but Liu Fang’s eyes were better than proud.
"Ah, what are you doing!" Listen to MuYue moths a pain shout and see the monk suddenly turned around and grabbed her throat.
Look at this person’s face. It’s none other than the heaven and earth gate Phoenix Tianhe!
I don’t know what he met this year, but he was blind in one eye, but the dragon seal between his eyebrows turned dark black, and the whole person became more fierce and violent
"Feng Tianhe, let her go!" Xiao Yuantian covering her wound with a drink.
Seeing that the holy spirit appeared behind him and was about to move, suddenly his feet touched a prepared circle.
Strong blue light on the circle saw gold threads flying out of the circle and piercing his acupoints by mistake, and immediately tied him up and couldn’t move, even the virtual shadow of the Holy Spirit vanished after a flash.
"Liu Miaoze really didn’t mistake you. You did a good job." Feng Tianhe patted Liu’s shoulder and showed a Confucian expression.
"I have to thank Brother Feng for giving me the Qi-Supplying Dan, so that I can achieve ten levels of practice in just a few years, otherwise I don’t know when I will be able to make a breakthrough." Liu Fang seemed to see the company’s general attitude than respect.