Seeing the color of chagrin faintly flowing in the fundus of Empress Ji, Shen Menglu dropped her eyes and snickered for a while, which means that Empress Ji wavered and added a fire to take it completely.
Shen Menglu turned to the door and nodded gently. Soon the door came far away, and the baby crying broke the silence in one room.
Empress Ji looked towards the door in amazement and saw Frost and Mo Yu rush in with a child in one hand. "The empress, the little emperor and the little princess burst into tears, and the nurses and handmaiden couldn’t coax the empress …"
Before Shen Menglu came, Queen Mother Ji ran towards the child first and took the little princess who was close to her lovingly in her arms.
"Yo, let grandma see what’s going on?" Empress Ji carefully examined the child in her arms and soon found the crux. "How do you take care of the child? Why don’t you change this dress when it’s so wet?" Her queen mother reproachfully stare at eyes mo language "I don’t know the child wet? Don’t hurry to change clothes! "
Mo language took a look at Shen Menglu at a loss and took a sip. "The empress dowager empress calmed down and the handmaiden is a yellow flower girl with no experience …"
"Don’t you have no experience as a wet nurse? What a bunch of short-tempered girls. How can you rest assured that the little emperor and princess will be taken care of by you young girls? Hurry and get clothes and water! " Empress Ji ordered sternly.
Clothes and warm water soon arrived. Empress Ji carefully put the little princess aside on the soft couch, reached out and solved her wet clothes, and then wiped her body without abandoning herself. Then she gently changed her clothes.
See the frost still just holding the little emperor motionless. Queen Ji put the little princess into Shen Menglu’s arms crossly, and the little emperor himself changed his clothes and hugged him fondly.
In this process, Shen Menglu never said a word, so she quietly watched Queen Mother Ji bend over and two children change clothes. When Queen Mother Ji bowed her head, Shen Menglu even saw a trace of hidden hair. At that moment, Shen Menglu’s nose suddenly became sour.
Dressed, a pair of children, the Empress Dowager Ji and Shen Menglu, calmed down and soon fell asleep in their arms. Shen Menglu put the little princess in its infancy and then spoke again.
"Mother’s male and female servants didn’t expect that the mother should be so skilled in taking care of the children. I really should study hard from the mother." Shen Menglu sincerely praised that it was Shen Menglu’s idea to let the cream and Mo Yu bring the children in. She meant to let the queen mother make the final concession because Shen Menglu knew that the previous sentence of the queen mother was not rare and it was purely angry words, but the two children of the queen mother changed clothes, which really exceeded her meaning. 453 [Xanadu] The simplest happiness.
Empress Ji carefully put the little emperor in her arms as a baby. "When Qi ‘er and Zhen ‘er were born in the harem, they didn’t trust others. Most of the time, they took care of them themselves and practice made perfect."
At the moment, Queen Ji’s face is gone. She looked at two sleeping children lovingly and remembered that she had fought to protect the two children. Queen Ji’s face was a little more melancholy.
"Empress Gong Bai, you also know that you are worried that there is no harem fight. The little emperor and the little princess can avoid many injuries, but how can a country’s monarch’s harem be empty? This makes it difficult for the palace to explain to the ancestors! "
"Mother …" Shen Menglu called a want to say something but was interrupted by the wave of her queen mother.
"The palace knows that the rule is whether the dead are alive or alive, and you know that the emperor is more affectionate than Jin Jian, but the queen. You can see that this draft is not advocated by the palace, but the ministers and their wives jointly asked the palace." Empress Ji sighed, and she did not tell Zhu Yinzhen about this matter.
The death of Dezong came too suddenly. Empress Ji and others naturally knew that Dezong had died, but I didn’t know the lover, but I once suspected that Zhu Yinzhen had secretly tampered with it.
In particular, Zhu Pingting and Wei Chihan bewitched the whole court, and the pro-commandant faction was arrogant and outspoken against Zhu Yinzhen.
Although it is not impossible to solve those treacherous thieves by force, there are too many people involved, and strong repression will bring a tyrannical name to Zhu Yinzhen.
Zhu Yinzhen was once in a passive situation. He had a hard time on the first day of his accession to the throne. Empress Ji helped him sit in the dragon chair and secretly made a lot of efforts to save many ministers for him and turn the situation around.
But that group of child prodigies gave the Queen Mother Ji a candy, and naturally they wanted to get back the two candies from the Queen Mother Ji. Marriage was a shortcut to send their daughter to the palace, and it was their tacit idea to glorify their ancestors from then on.
After the stability of the court came, the ministers rushed to sell their daughters as soon as possible. The queen didn’t dare to think about the four concubines and six wives, but she was determined to win. After the national funeral, it was pushed to the table.
Empress Ji knew that Zhu Yinzhen never advocated women’s politics and didn’t dare to tell Zhu Yinzhen about her feelings of contacting those ministers behind Zhu Yinzhen’s back. She knew that she could take all the responsibility for the princess in the draft and the result was a mother’s centrifugal.
Zhu Yinzhen’s refusal was expected by Empress Ji. After all, at this time, Shen Menglu had just escaped the fate of life and death, but Empress Ji never expected that Zhu Yinzhen would avoid it. She gave birth in the name of Shen Menglu and went to court for two months, but even more unexpectedly, after Shen Menglu’s mother returned to Beijing, Zhu Yinzhen actually avoided it and put pressure on Shen Menglu to hide their Niang Saner in Muwangfu for a long time and never returned to the palace.
Zhu Yinzhen’s extreme way of insisting on his protest made Empress Ji miserable. On the one hand, she had to bear the incomprehension of her son, on the other hand, she had to bear the pressure of various officials and wives, and she was also exhausted.
Queen Mother Ji came to Muwangfu today. Shen Menglu is a reasonable person. It may be easier to get her alliance, which can make Queen Mother Ji never expect that Shen Menglu is also a dead end here …
"The Queen’s Palace knows that your mind is glad to see your emperor’s deep love. It is the queen’s wife who is destined to suffer some injustice and is not qualified for sex … do you understand?" Empress Ji’s voice is full of melancholy and deep exhaustion.
Shen Menglu naturally understands the truth, but with what? If you marry, you are going to be wronged. Which woman is still willing to marry? Shouldn’t getting married be the pursuit of happiness?
"Mother, you know all the male and female servants." Shen Menglu, who is eagerly looking forward to meeting the Queen Mother Ji, responded lightly as she wished, but the Queen Mother Ji still came with a sigh of relief. Shen Menglu then let the Queen Mother Ji’s heart tighten again.
"My mother’s male and female servants know that you have made great achievements in the country, and Shiro has paid a lot. You are a great country and a great mother. My mother’s male and female servants also hope that they can make great achievements in the country like my mother. But my mother’s male and female servants are willing to sacrifice their lives to defend the country, but they can’t do so. My female and male servants beg my mother to forgive their selfishness." Shen Menglu said and knelt down at the Queen Mother.
After learning that Zhu Yinzhen, the Empress Dowager Ji, made every effort, Shen Menglu was filled with gratitude and understood her difficulties. It was not wrong for her to insist on the draft, but Shen Menglu also admitted that she refused and there was nothing wrong. They just crossed the Millennium gap.
Queen Mother Ji’s eyes are getting darker and darker. Can’t Shen Menglu give in? Empress Ji closed her eyes wearily and asked with sadness, "Can the Queen’s Palace say that you let the palace down too much?"