I’m waiting for you here.
Chapter ninetieth Dead [1]
"Come on! Give me the prisoner out! " Sleepily, I heard such a shouting accompanied by the kick of the cell door.
I didn’t sleep well, but I was completely awakened by the noise. I was about to get up and check, but I was left out of my cell by two jailers.
I struggled hard, but I couldn’t earn anything. The two men were surprisingly strong, so I moved as soon as I finished.
"What are you doing!" I shouted, however, because prison life has made me a little weak in recent days, and the words I shouted were as bad as mosquitoes and flies.
"Four Fujin … you don’t blame us … we also sacrificed his life … but you will find the right person in the future … don’t find us these irrelevant people …" A shrill voice said.
Next to me, two jailers dragged me to the front of this man, and then let go and stood on both sides disguised terms.
I looked up at the speaker—
This is a middle-aged eunuch with fine wrinkles on his forehead, but it is extremely incongruous that he is as naked as a woman’s skin
"So … dare to ask my father-in-law who wants my life?" I rubbed my arm and asked coldly, "since you don’t want me to blame you, you should also let me seek revenge in the future, right?" Otherwise, wouldn’t you come to you every day to seek your soul? "
The eunuch’s white face is particularly striking, and his eyes are shining with calculations. He turns his eyes and licks his face and smiles ingratiatingly. "Fujin’s words are unlucky. I am a slave who dare not come to take your life one day … I was just ordered to judge you. How can disregard for human life? But …" He paused for a long time and continued, "But if Fujin doesn’t listen to the trial, he won’t be punished … This instrument of torture is the most long-sighted. If it hurts your precious slave, it’s all right.
Finally! My heart sighs
Will one day … be ordered to interrogate me? ….. I don’t know if he ….. was ordered by someone … Yin Zhen, is that you? ……
Do you want me to die?
Is it really you …
No … You won’t … You must come back and save me. You will come and take me away from …
I can’t stop comforting myself and telling myself not to be afraid.
I took a deep breath and said, "If my father-in-law has something to say, it is necessary to beat around the bush." My face was cold and snorted. "If my father-in-law wants me to say that I am guilty of my own crime, then Jin Er will even disappoint your father-in-law. Naturally, you have no chance to go to your Lord and take credit for it. Jin Er also said sorry to you before here."
The eunuch’s eyes were extremely white when he stared at the original, and his face was a little white again. He pointed to me with a blue flower in his atmosphere. "Smelly girl! Don’t dare to touch you! " He said with a smile, "Since I was ordered to come, I naturally handled your case fairly and tried your case well!" He snapped out these words.
Chapter ninety-one Dead []
He ordered the two jailers to come and lift me from the ground.
"Tie Fujin to the wooden frame." The eunuch leisurely sat on the wooden chair and commanded, "Hey, the little hooves can be careful for our house. Don’t hurt this delicate four Fujin."
He pretended to yell at me with provocative eyes, as if to show off his power.
I struggled because of my strength, and the two jailers tied me to a wooden frame similar to the gallows of Jesus.
I saw the eunuch’s eyes and his heart was filled with disdain, so I snorted at him and turned away.
It seems that today is inevitable …
I silently thought to myself.
Yin Zhen, will you come and save me?
I took a deep breath and prepared myself for the coming torture.
How can I not know that the punishment here is cruel after eating so many days in prison? I know very well … those screams caused by torture used to be the only background music for me to sleep these nights.
Bitterness helps resentment.
I didn’t expect that I would come to their position today and deeply understand that they felt that I had laughed at myself and that I would be different from others. It turned out that I was just deceiving myself.
Chen Yan, Chen Yan, you think too much of yourself.
Why are you different from them? In your capacity? Or is it because that person loves you? ……
Maybe it’s a pet without love, but sadly it’s a pet that doesn’t love much.
He can spoil you, but you can smile at you when you mess around in front of him, but he won’t see you as the only time for him that you are as fond of writing brushes or pets, and you can be teased. Once you offend him, you will be abandoned.
How sad
Did I make a mistake?
Should I not ask for the only one to love him? Should I give up my desire for freedom and let him die of old age? Is it that I shouldn’t be wishful thinking that I can live with him forever? ……
The last thing I should do is meet him, shouldn’t I?
But I ask myself, if I do it again, will I still choose this road? Even knowing that this road leads to such a dark future, will I? I won’t?
Hehe … Wry smile.
I still will.