The The Hunger Gate belongs to the Left Way, and the inner practice is to kill, but his disciples are not possessed after all, and their hearts are not as hard as a rock, so they can’t understand the true meaning of the great The Hunger method and can’t kill everything.
Now these The Hunger door experts are willing to use blood refining on vampires because of the coercion of Yin Xuanzi, the master of The Hunger door, and The Hunger, the elder of Tai Shang. Moreover, according to Jinyang, these blood clans are not people, only half-human, half-ghost.
It was indeed the most famous magic in the magic way of the Central Plains. As soon as the magic power came out, people could feel a feeling of soul moving. The breath of maliciousness shocked everyone and secretly marveled at the power of this blood refining technique.
Soon, I saw all kinds of gases emanate from the bodies of these blood clans and converge on the palms of many masters in The Hunger Gate. Become a lotus flower filled ball of light.
Jinyang then smiled, and he could feel the energy contained in this blood cell, which was many times higher than the blood essence that Hades and others usually sucked into the body.
This comparison, the two methods of collecting energy, which is better or worse, is naturally clear at a glance. Hades and others usually only absorb the essence of blood, by contrast. It’s simply a profiteering, in which the essence and backbone, which also contain a lot of energy, are completely wasted and returned to the natural source.
Hades is also a man who knows the goods. Looking at the lotus flower-filled energy ball, his eyes suddenly shone with blazing light and stared at The Hunger old ghost.
Today is no matter what, we must learn this magic. With this magic, we will never have to bite each other’s neck with nausea again, and it will be absorbed more comprehensively, and we will not waste the essence and backbone, and the speed of evolution will be much faster.
The Hunger old ghost saw Hades’s posture and knew what he wanted. He sighed slightly: "This magic is good, but it goes against heaven after all. There are too many killings on weekdays, and if the robbery comes, it will definitely be irresistible. In the end, it will be empty. Why? "
As soon as this was said, Jinyang suddenly became a little strange. Where did this come from the mouth of a generation of demons? Now the old ghost in The Hunger is a little too different from the old devil who wanted to kill all the creatures in the sea of Fiona Fang that day.
Jinyang was slightly displeased, and whispered, "Don’t talk nonsense. You are a demon family. You can kill anyone who practices, no matter how good or bad. Killing is the supreme method of The Hunger’s mind. No matter what his heart is robbed. "
Looking at The Hunger, the old ghost still hesitates. Jinyang eyes immediately flashed a strong green light, now pegged to The Hunger old ghost. Two green light point-blank, all of a sudden, as if in The Hunger old ghost saw something, immediately sneer at.
Hand slightly pinch hand seal, binge drinking, contains the universe supreme avatar, just use it with human mana, won’t be found, but it looks a bit neither fish nor fowl, a green light point-blank The Hunger old ghost.
At the same time, he shouted loudly: "Since you feed the devil with your body, how can you say that you are kind?" It seems that you have stayed with the bald donkey for a long time, and your head has become stupid. Your heart is more ruthless than the devil, and you can achieve the true meaning of the great The Hunger method. If you don’t wake up at this time, when will you wait? "
The Hunger old ghost hesitated, suddenly heard Jinyang drink, watched a green light from Jinyang eyes, into his forehead.
Green light speed, there is no time for The Hunger old ghost defense, facial expression suddenly a blunt, face became ferocious, look closely, which also mixed with a lot of pain and anger.
See this, Jinyang pinched a handprint again, seven consecutive green light point-blank, into The Hunger old ghost’s forehead, The Hunger old ghost also seems to realize what, also no longer stop Jinyang to move.
For a long time, a golden Buddha’s Light flew out from the old ghost of The Hunger, circled slightly in mid-air, and shot out in the air.
At this moment, a dusty grimaced, and the body went straight up, directly grasping the golden Buddha’s light in the palm of his hand. Suddenly, a flame that made Zilan Fairy frown burst out, and the golden Buddha’s light was directly burned clean.
The Hunger’s old ghost suddenly realized at once, burst out laughing, looked at the sky and muttered, "Now that you have been feeding the devil, how can you say kindness?" Damn old bald donkey, you flew to heaven and even put me together. When you meet in heaven in the future, you will look good. "
Say that finish, hands immediately flashed a lotus flower, forming three bloody petals, respectively, into Hades, Tyre and Kilo’s forehead, instantly into which, as for just scruples, would have disappeared.
Three people immediately exultation, hurriedly tell a few minutes of mind, the essence of refined blood art and The Hunger old ghost hundreds of years to understand in mind, in the heart still secretly curse The Hunger old ghost, good things don’t come out earlier.
At this point, many The Hunger door masters in the sky have finished the method, and all the blood, essence and backbone of more than 300 blood clan masters have been refined and become energy balls, spinning endlessly.
As for the blood clan nobles who were just rampant, only the bodies like mummies were left, which were thrown down by many masters of The Hunger Gate like garbage.
Seeing this situation, Jinyang immediately shouted, "Somebody!"
Suddenly, dozens of servants and farmers ran out, and they could feel lotus flower flashing in their eyes. Obviously, they have become the lowest blood slaves, kneeling in front of Jinyang respectfully, waiting for Jinyang’s command.
Jinyang was too lazy to look at them, and said coldly, "Pick out the bones of these corpses and throw them to the king mastiffs for lunch. All the meat residue is buried under the grape tree. This year, the fertilizer money is saved, and a lot of money can be saved. Experiment, whether the grapes made of blood meat residue will be bigger and sweeter, this is called making the best use of everything, haha. . 。 ”
When this was said, everyone looked at Jinyang with a little admiration. That kind of eyes seemed to say that your boy was cruel enough.

Chapter 180 Asura body
Chapter 180 Asura body
As soon as the words came out, all the blood slaves immediately bowed respectfully to Jinyang, and then they quickly ran over and grabbed three or four dry bodies in one hand. Although they were only blood slaves, their physical conditions all developed by leaps and bounds, and they grabbed seven or eight mummies in both hands without feeling hard.
It’s just that when they are close to many masters of The Hunger Gate, they will show natural fear. They are very careful to avoid many masters of The Hunger Gate, grab the mummy on the ground, and run away quickly. I think they have just seen the horrible scene, and the heart of fear has been completely imprinted on their hearts.
Soon, the ground was clean again, and those potholes that were beaten by blood-blade blood cells were completely restored to normal in an instant under a spell that Zilan Fairy casually waved.
Under the signal of Jinyang, The Hunger old ghost took the energy ball in the hands of all his disciples, and with a dust, three people took Hades and quickly disappeared, appearing in the chamber of secrets just created by magic.
As soon as he entered the Chamber of Secrets, a dust child started to be serious. With the most powerful spell and the magic weapon "Red Light as a Treasure Mirror", the whole Chamber of Secrets was completely isolated. The Hunger old ghost secretly estimated that even if he tried his best, he would never be able to open the enchantment displayed by this law.
Jinyang looked at a dust child and nodded firmly. Only then did he start to take action. He recovered the flame bound on many cores and restored the body of Asura. This is definitely something that will lead to disaster. Jinyang also had to be careful.
Jinyang pinched her hands slightly, and all the packages fell off automatically in the flame in the core. Gathered in one place, the flowers became a blue flame the size of a thumb, and with a "whew", they quickly flew back to the soul of Jinyang and disappeared.
The Hunger’s old ghost is also a bit on the false sense. In fact, his heart is faint and has a little understanding of the identity of Jinyang and others, knowing that they have sworn hatred with Buddhism. Just don’t understand the cause and effect.
But as long as you know this, it is enough, and the reason why the Shushan Sword School can not be destroyed. It is because of the support of Buddhism and Buddhism that the The Hunger Gate will destroy the Shushan Sword Sect and the Jiulian Sword Sect will destroy the Buddhism and Buddhism in the world, and they can completely unite.
Jinyang a call, The Hunger old ghost immediately got the message, strongly The Hunger resin gas jet, including hundreds of energy balls. His task is to break these heart nuclei.
Hades was sitting in the middle of the Chamber of Secrets, and Jinyang quickly passed on the most basic practice of Asura clan to him, so that he could work first and wait for the next step.
Although all of them have been killed, the heart nucleus still has a little meaning of independent protection. I feel the special energy of The Hunger’s corpse gas. More than three hundred powerful heart nuclei are all bleeding, struggling to resist the attack of The Hunger old ghost.
Gradually. The Hunger old ghost red in the face, slightly would face, roars out a cry, for just ten times as powerful as The Hunger resin gas eruption, in an instant, the lotus flower of the heart nuclear joint cloth immediately answer and broken.
The Hunger resin gas straight in. All the heart nuclei were immediately exploded by the slightly angry The Hunger resin gas, and immediately turned into a bloody energy group and a lotus flower.
Suddenly, the lotus flower with a hint of consciousness immediately spread out, subconsciously knowing that it wouldn’t be safe, all of them wanted to escape, and the dust that had been resting and doing nothing hurriedly stepped forward, and a mysterious and abnormal blue flame hurriedly followed.
Trap everyone’s blood in it, and don’t continue to approach, just trap them, the other side. The Hunger old ghost hurriedly put more than three hundred bloody energy groups together. Become a bloody energy group the size of a basketball, and the powerful blood can make The Hunger’s old ghost jealous. If this is swallowed up, it will save at least a thousand years of hard work.
Hades, who is sitting up, has gradually become a little familiar with the practice of Jinyang, and a strange smell emanates from his body. Seeing this, Jinyang naturally smiles, and Vulcan Zhu Rong still retains a lot of useful stuff in his broken memory.
They are all masters. I saw a dark blood mass crawling slowly in the abdomen of Hades, like a heart, beating faintly. At first, the speed was extremely slow, and it only beat once every few minutes, but Jinyang three people could feel it. Every time they beat, the time from the next beating was reduced by one point.
Hades, who had always been awake, suddenly lost consciousness, and only the dark and black blood mass in the whole chamber of secrets wriggled.
As the speed is getting faster and faster, everyone can feel it. Focusing on the abdomen of Hades, there is a faint suction, which absorbs the free energy around. Jinyang exults with a handprint, and the thick aura of heaven and earth immediately gathers around and becomes a tiny energy group.
Jinyang carefully explored the tiny energy mass to the abdomen of Hades, and there was a flash of lotus flower. Suddenly, I saw that the news energy was absorbed by the dark blood mass and disappeared, but immediately, everyone could feel it, and the beating speed of the blood mass was obviously much faster.
Jinyang exultation, hurriedly a wave, The Hunger old ghost in the hands of the energy group immediately flew to the hands of Jinyang, directly sent to the abdomen of Hades, just tonic blood group has formed a huge vortex around, without scruple to absorb the energy around, a sense of Jinyang sent huge energy, immediately issued a sound similar to human cheers.
The basketball-sized energy mass immediately split into a stream, and quickly shot into the blood mass at Hades’ abdomen, like running water, almost instantly. The basketball-sized energy mass was only half left at once, but the beating speed of the blood mass was much faster, almost reaching the speed of beating once per second.
In Jinyang’s frightened eyes, in just ten seconds, the basketball-sized energy ball collected all the energy of blood, essence and backbone of more than 300 blood clan masters, and was thus consumed.
Seeing that the blood group jumped faster and faster, but it just didn’t respond, and it formed a vortex in the abdomen, and it still needed energy supplement. Jinyang also knew that the original estimate was far from enough, and the energy essence of these blood clan masters was still not enough, so he quickly took out dozens of bottles and cans from the bag of different dimensions.
Hesitated dreary exercise, broke these bottles with one hand, all the Dan medicines were taken out, a blue flame flashed, and thousands of Dan medicines immediately turned into the most primitive energy, which was stuffed into the Dantian of Hades by Jinyang.
The dark black light flashed, and the energy mass of more than a thousand pills of Dan medicine was absorbed in an instant, and the beating speed of blood mass increased a lot again, but it still didn’t respond.

Chapter 182 Killing my grandfather
Chapter 182 Killing my grandfather
In the castle on the outskirts of Birmingham, among the thirteen clans of the blood clan, the Ruimoer family, named the seventh, is a middle-aged man who is the current prince, sitting in the dark hall. The ancient wooden tables and chairs exude a faint fragrance, and the blood-red candlelight emits a faint red light, shining on the pale face of the middle-aged man, filled with a strong murderous look.
The young Grand Duke Jimut respectfully stood aside and carefully looked at the middle-aged man sitting up. Although he has been with him for nearly five hundred years, he still can’t guess what the prince who has lived for two thousand years is thinking.
After a long time, he said in a low voice, "My Lord, I have received news that the fire of Lord Ruhr’s life has also been extinguished, which coincides with the death time of’ Blood Killing Team 1′ and should be killed at the same time. . 。 ”
Prince Rui Moer waved and motioned that he already knew, and told Jimmut not to say more. Jimmut immediately closed his mouth and stopped making any noise. After years of getting along, he knew his moody personality, and no one could guess what he was really thinking, so it was better not to touch his eyebrows.