Zeng Feiyang has just stepped over the free throw line, but his body has risen like a soaring rocket, and his figure is like an elegant fighter plane rushing into the sky! He is competing with the basket!
Zeng Feiyang is flying! It’s him flying!
Every fan’s heart is beating wildly, their blood is boiling and their brains are excited!
Zeng Feiyang took the ball and raised his hands high. He slowly approached the basket! Everyone in the place couldn’t help getting up from their seats because they all knew that the moment of shocking the world was coming!
Everyone held their breath and widened their eyes-no one wanted to miss this moment that might make people heart attack!
"bang!" The ball was buckled into the basket by Zeng Feiyang’s strong hands.
"plop!" Zeng Feiyang fell to the ground, and the powerful impact made him fall to the reporter’s body (poor reporter B …)
All the fans gasped when they saw this scene. They couldn’t believe what was happening in front of them-Carter, the "flying man", stepped on the free throw line in the dunk contest two years ago, and his hands were buckled in this game, and it was from a famous player!
Once flying up, a king looked down at all the fans present, and then he put his right index finger in front of his mouth and breathed a sigh of relief. In a light and contemptuous tone, he spit out an English sentence, "Be quiet, thank you …"
Simple dynamic ordinary language
Zeng Feiyang is so ordinary, but everyone can clearly feel Zeng Feiyang’s arrogance!
No one dares to laugh at Zeng Feiyang again! At this moment, Zeng Feiyang reminds people of another person! A superstar who also had absolute domineering strength when he entered the NBA in the first year-‘Little Emperor’ James …
Zeng Feiyang has a little emperor shadow? Not only can people see from his dunk just now-in the future, he may have more strength than the little emperor …
Chapter one hundred and twenty-seven China trapeze
Do you hear me?
I heard …
What did he say?
Be quiet …
The Hornets home fans looked at Zeng Feiyang dully, and no one dared to make a sound.
Zeng Feiyang’s words are crazy and proud, but they can’t show any anger at his words and lines, because Zeng Feiyang’s flying body has been deeply imprinted in their minds, so that they can firmly remember Zeng Feiyang’s name!
"Yeah ~ ~ ~" At this moment, the substitute players of the Rockets gave an excited shout, which drove all the rocket fans in front of the camera at the scene!
All the rocket fans in the world are jubilant! Everyone and every heart are excited at this moment!
That’s terrible! It’s so strong!
Zeng Feiyang’s jumping ability and explosive force remind everyone of the’ flying man’!
David stern was pleasantly surprised because he never thought that Zeng Feiyang had such terrible jumping ability! Xi, of course, is because Zeng Feiyang’s ability has exceeded his expectation! That is to say, the effect caused by Zeng Feiyang will be even greater!
At the same time, David Snort has added one more name to the list of dunk contest …
Van Gundy, who has always been calm, is also a face of surprise. Although he knew that Zeng Feiyang had strong jumping ability and explosive power, he didn’t expect to be so strong-strong to the point of being comparable to’ flying man’!
Too strong! Zeng Feiyang is really strong!
The new king’ Chris Paul stared blankly at Zeng Feiyang, and his heart was full of injustice and loss.
What? What, he has such terrible jumping ability? What makes an Asian so strong? Shouldn’t all the world leaders in basketball be black? Oh, my God …
The head coach of the Hornets was forced to call a time-out. If he doesn’t call a time-out at this moment, the victory or defeat of the game may be decided! Because Zeng Feiyang’s flying dunk has deeply shocked everyone who saw this picture, including himself …
Yu Jia, the host of CCV5, said excitedly, "Have you all seen it, audience friends? This is Zeng Feiyang’s strength! Too strong! Miracle’ No, I think we should address him as’ China Flying Man’ now! Today, he is almost the incarnation of the emperor! Although we have seen his’ miracle’ performance in the previous CUBA competition, it was in CUBA after all! But now he has created a dunk comparable to’ Flying Man’ in the NBA! He is our China’ basketball god’ … "
The shot change was flying, and the’ flying man’ was played back on the screen again and again! His simple ban on movement bombarded people’s nerves again and again!
At this moment, people all over the world have lost one thing-China people flew in the NBA! China, the flying man is flying!
People in the New Orleans Arena silently watched the heart rate change again and again on the big screen in the stadium!
Zeng Feiyang couldn’t help but feel tongue-tied after seeing his performance. He just wanted those people to keep silent because of a moment of anger. As a result, he never dreamed that he had an excessive explosion of potential because of excitement. He not only completed Carter’s classic double-clasping, but also didn’t think that a simple ban would have such a strong domineering majesty!
I used to wonder if I didn’t wake up and suddenly became so’ cow’. It’s not like myself!
However, Zeng Feiyang is also white. If you can’t believe it, it’s all a fact. The fact has been deeply branded in everyone’s heart-just now he is the incarnation of’ God’!
Maybe it’s because Zeng Feiyang gave himself too much impact! Chris Paul wasn’t in the mood in the later game, and the whole person was in a state of panic and always made mistakes. Nymphs coach Byron Scott had to change his favorite field.
Without Paul, the Hornets became a mess, and the mistakes caused by repeated missed shots made the Hornets fall behind the Rockets by 674 points at the end of the third quarter.
Although there is still the last quarter left in the game, everyone is in vain-the outcome of this game has already been decided.
As expected, in the fourth quarter, the Rockets led by Zeng Feiyang succeeded in attacking again and again, while Huang Feng was prevented from even getting a shot! For seven minutes, the Rockets didn’t let Huang Feng get a point! By this time, the Rockets had scored 31 points-when the game was officially declared garbage!
Four minutes left in the final game, except Zeng Feiyang, Yao and McGrady were replaced. Van Gundy knew that this game belonged to Zeng Feiyang! Since it belongs to him, let him continue to perform as much as he likes!
Yao and other players were not idle when they were changed. They all worked hard to make Zeng Feiyang’s confidence stronger than ever before and his desire to express himself was greater than ever before-there was a bit of selfishness in his heart, but this selfishness was selfish in wanting the team to win. Want the world to know that China players are powerful and selfish …
When I finished Zeng Feiyang’s solo performance, he broke through his shooting, dunking and blocking-he couldn’t!
No one on the Hornets can stop him! It shouldn’t be said that they have lost their fighting spirit and given up the game! There is Zeng Feiyang so that he can perform his solo show to his heart’s content! And the Hornets’ home fans also know that everyone has been flying and cheering-no matter who you are, you will be respected and worshipped by others!
The Hornets missed their last shot two seconds before the end, and once Feiyang got the rebound! A simple rebound, an ordinary rebound! And Zeng Feiyang didn’t continue to attack after picking up the rebound because the game was over! But for people, the meaning of this rebound is of great significance-Zeng Feiyang got this rebound and the data has become 27 points, 1 rebound, 5 steals, 2 blocks and 12 assists-he got a triple double, a real triple double!
Come on! Too soon! Zeng Feiyang once again set a record in this game-he got the’ triple double’ data when he joined the NBA in the fourth game!
It’s true that’ Little Emperor’ James is the youngest player to get the’ triple double’ data, but he is not the fastest! Because the fastest player to get the’ triple double’ is Zeng Feiyang!
It’s true that Zeng Feiyang was able to get the’ triple double’ largely because Huang Feng gave up the game and the game was rubbish, but you can’t deny one thing-that is Zeng Feiyang’s strength! If he doesn’t have great strength, how can he get the real’ triple double’ data!
"whistle ~ ~ ~" sounded at the end of the game, and the rockets won 13179! The players from both sides shook hands, but Paul, the’ new king’ of Huang Feng team, had already left this day sadly. The game hit him so hard that he would never forget Zeng Feiyang’s soaring figure! Zeng Feiyang blocked all the sunshine in front of him like a huge wall that suddenly appeared.
However, although Zeng Feiyang’s blow to Chris Paul was great, it didn’t mean that he was completely defeated …
Zeng Feiyang, you wait! I will definitely surpass you! Sure! No matter how strong you are …
This game has branded Paul with a deep determination that he will be stronger in the future …
"Audience friends, the game is over here! I think it must be self-evident that this game will give you a sigh. Well, at the end, I have one thing to tell you. Zeng Feiyang’s name has already been chosen in the official NBA website. If you like Zeng Feiyang, go and vote … "
Have a?
Does the star vote have Zeng Feiyang’s name?
Then what are you waiting for?
Let’s go! !
As soon as the live broadcast ended, several fans in China sat in front of their heads and played the official Chinese website of NBA and voted for Zeng Feiyang’s name …
On this day, the name once flew, which made the world famous! His trapeze-like double-clasped hands are repeatedly played on major TV stations!
On this day, Zeng Feiyang had his international nickname-China Flying Man …
Chapter one hundred and twenty Renewal
January 3, 2002 is the third day of the new year. Students and adults have left their busy study jobs. This day is so ordinary.
But on this ordinary day, there is an important event in the NBA! That is the issue of renewing the contract with Zeng Feiyang after his short-term contract expires!