"Why can’t I be here?"
Yu Changfeng burst out laughing, glanced at the young man’s companion and said, "Why? You’re not going to take someone to rob your brother, are you? "
The young man is obviously very familiar with him, and from the point of view of expression and behavior, he is likely to belong to the same force, and his status is lower than that of Yu Qifeng.
"Chang Ying, is he your friend?" A fellow asked.
"He is …"
"I am his big brother."
Yu Chang-feng’s face was full of pride, and she sank: "Chang-ying, what are you hesitating about?" Do you really want to rob me? "
Such an arrogant tone made the young man Yu Changying, and his face was obviously not good-looking. He silently bowed his head and stopped talking.
"Yu yuying!"
Yu Qifeng couldn’t help but be angry and snapped: "What do you mean you don’t talk? Don’t forget, I am the heir of the family, and you are only born to your father and concubine. I treat you like my own brother on weekdays. You don’t know how to be grateful. Is it bad for me to cooperate with others? "
"Shut up, if you don’t want to die!" Chen cold quickly call said.
"What for?"
Glared at him mercilessly, Yu Qifeng sneered again and again: "Yunfeng, this is my business without your intervention. Put away your self-righteous face!"
Chen Han wanted to slap him to death, and the sound was obviously with a trace of anger: "You idiot! The heavenly punishment star domain is bound by the rules of heaven and can’t send messages to the outside world. Do you think he dare not kill you? Here, it’s not your family, you don’t have a master around you, you are obviously at a disadvantage, and you still embarrass him in front of everyone. I would kill you, too. Not only can you vent your anger, but once things happen here, you can’t say that he is the family heir! "
"He dare to kill me? You can … "
"Ladies and gentlemen, regardless of whether these six people can gain anything, just the treasure on this young Lord Yu Yun Feng is something you will never enjoy."
Yu Changying looked up and let people see his expression clearly. His eyes were full of distortion and ferocity, as if he finally had a chance to kill his enemy. He almost cried crazily: "He is the first great-grandson of the contemporary pope in the Ming Emperor’s Temple. His grandfather will be the next pope in the Ming Emperor’s Temple. His father is his only son, and he … His father has only two sons, and the other one was born in a wing.
Everyone was shocked. His remarks were not only to vent the shadows in his heart for many years, but also to tell someone in the place that this is a big fat sheep.
It is almost foreseeable that he will be the heir of the Ming Emperor’s Hall in the future, inheriting not only the so-called family, but also the top 100 super powers in the celestial world.
If you see this person in other places, even if no one dares to touch him, because no one knows how many peerless strong people are around him.
However, it is different here!
The heavenly punishment star domain is bound by rules, and no message can be transmitted. Even if he is killed, no one knows. More importantly, this planet only allows pick Jin Xian to enter at most, and it is impossible for him to be protected by the strong. How can such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity not be grasped?
"Yu Yunfeng … surname Yu … Yes, it seems that the Pope Hanyu Emperor in the Ming Emperor’s Temple is surnamed Yu!"
"He really is the clique of Ming emperor temple? !”
The lords of all the super powers in the celestial world are called the Great Emperor, but not many people know their real names, but the surnames of the families where these overlords belong are no secret.
The thirteen people’s eyes were a little more hot, but also a little deeply taboo.
The direct descendant of the super power must have a very powerful treasure, which is by no means so easy to kill. Just like Qi Xianer, her ancestors were not the super power hegemon, and the golden wheel of Bao Xiang could resist the attacks of ordinary immortals, not to mention the direct great-grandson of the Pope in the Ming Emperor’s Temple.
If he can’t kill them, they will be in trouble, and they will be hunted down by the masters of the Ming Emperor’s Temple.
Indeed, there are many two sai-jo with background among these people present, but people with such background as Yu Qifeng are unique.
"Kill him! What are you still staring at? Kill him quickly, those treasures are all yours! "
Yu Changying shouted almost crazily. This half-brother has been a nightmare hidden in his heart for hundreds of years. There has always been a voice shouting from the bottom of my heart, but it’s a pity that he didn’t dare before, and he had to pretend to be submissive, but it was just that that made the demons grow even worse.
Actually, to be honest, this elder brother is not bad to him, and he has always regarded him as a younger brother, unlike some lineals who have been at odds with concubines and desperately suppressed them.
However, Yu Changying has a great shortcoming, that is, his personality is extremely arrogant, which has filled Yu Changying’s heart with jealousy since childhood. Plus my father, grandfather, and even the grandfather who was the Pope of the Ming Emperor’s Temple, all loved Yu Changying to the extreme, and all the good things were his, which made Yu Changying jealous.
A variety of reasons together, will cause his demons, even though Yu Yun Feng has always been good to him, but did not calm the magic flame in his heart.
"Idiot! How dare you expose our identity, it’s … "
Yu Zhifeng was mad at this half-brother. Now that his identity has been exposed, he has no fear at all. He pointed to the twelve people who walked with Yu Fangying and said coldly, "Ben will remember you, your breath and your looks, so you are dead!"
It’s over!
Originally, because of Yu Changfeng’s identity, Chen Han, who thought it was possible to roll with the punches, almost didn’t spit out a mouthful of blood.
The arrogance of this product is really unbearable. No wonder Yu Changying is bent on killing him with his roommate. Now, with his identity and the other party’s scruples, as long as he says a few words to them, the other party has scruples and never dares to make moves. However, he wants to directly take revenge in the future as a threat, and replace it with anyone, for fear that he will be hunted by the Ming Emperor’s Hall in the future, and he will be killed anyway.
The pitfalls that twelve people had already faded down suddenly broke out in unison, but the immortal knowledge was locked in unexpectedly.
Whew! Whew! Whew!
With the sword light suddenly launched, when it first appeared, among the twelve people, the strongest magic weapon was the top-grade fairy, and only three of them held the top-grade fairy, while the others were all Chinese-made fairy. At this moment, the magic weapon of twelve people has five top-grade fairies, and the number of top-grade fairies is two more. However, the other seven people are not middle-grade fairies, but the best fairies with strong power!
Just like Chen Han’s team, this elite team is also undiscovered talent, and at least half of them have a strong background.
Yu Changying, who is emotional, hasn’t returned to her senses, but she has seen countless sword lights nullify at the same time.
"You …"
Before he was fully prepared, the sword of twelve people completely drowned him.
Originally, Yu Changying should have some powerful protective treasures, even though she was born in the Ming Emperor’s Temple. But he didn’t. My father, grandfather and great-grandfather poured all their love into Yu Qifeng, as if they had forgotten him at all. All the treasures were given to my brother, and he didn’t even have a really powerful treasure to protect the law.
Just at the moment when the sword light submerged Yu Changying, I saw a latosolic red glow spurting from the eyebrows of Yu Changying and forcibly squeezing into the sword curtain at an almost teleporting speed.
Booming …
The colorful glow overflowed, and Yu Changying, who closed her eyes and died, exclaimed and was blown away by the sword light launched by twelve masters. There is a layer of crimson water ripples all over his body, which makes him intact and doesn’t even hurt a hair. This is clearly the absolute defense that even the immortal can’t break.
How come…
Stabilizing his body, he looked at Yu Qifeng in amazement and muttered absently: "Why … a fire cloud and a haze? Grandpa planted it for you. Why?"
Yu Qifeng gnashed her teeth and couldn’t wait to swallow him alive. She snapped, "You son of a bitch, you are heartless, but I can’t be unjust. If you weren’t my brother, I would have chopped you up and fed you to the dog today. If you want to kill me, you have to rely on your own skills to collude with outsiders to deal with me. Are you still human? "
"Why did you save me?"
"Because you are the son of your father, is this reason enough? !” Yu Qifeng flew into a rage.
"Why did you kill me?"
His brother’s words made his face tremble a few times, and Yu Changying stared at the twelve companions: "You violated the regulations of the punishment city and shot at your companions!"
The man headed by the elite team, who looks like a burly man in his thirties, laughed aloud: "If you kill your brother, if you go back, you will definitely blame us, but you will achieve yourself." If you kill your brother, you will naturally be killed first. How can we rest assured that you will not die? "
"regulations? Shit, you are all dead and no one knows, haha … "
"Yu Changying, a beast like you who betrayed his own brother to outsiders, it is only natural to kill you!"
"What a brother who is affectionate and heartless, but today he is dying here!"
"Even if you have a treasure to protect yourself, can the immortal power in this cloud of fire be endless?"
Twelve people shouted at each other, and their immortal knowledge locked Chen Han and their team and Yu Changying, holding the sword tactic tightly and ready to start.
At the same time, each of them has different amounts of Dan medicine in their hands, and they know the extraordinary products at a glance, obviously knowing that they are going to fight a protracted war.
After all, it’s a protective thing blessed by the immortal. If you want to polish all the energy inside, it’s impossible for him to do it for a while. Before that, the other side was in absolute defense, and it was not easy to deal with it. It is still uncertain who will win or lose this battle.
"Then stand, YuYunYing, don’t you roll for me to help? !”
Yu Changfeng stared coldly at his younger brother, but the latter was ashamed and didn’t dare to look up. Now he has no murder for his brother, and all that is left is shame and guilt.