However, it’s still affordable to become a formal brother of Wudang at such a small price. Chief Fang Da has no language, and they have all done a good job in Wu Chi. All he has to do is hand over the list of players selected by the two PK winners to the old nun at the end.
"I agree with this quota PK system, so that’s it. Now we should immediately reorganize the reserve team nocturne and give me a salary of 50 thousand." Fang Da’s chief couldn’t wait to hold out his hand at nocturne.
"Yin Song, what are you doing? The war just ended in April, and the consumption is very high. Now, where is the silver to pay the salary? The salary of the flash detachment can only be withdrawn after the poll tax reform." Elder martial sister Nocturnal Song pushed Wu Chi’s hand and frowned.
"Then write a document and send a notice to let those smiles send us light hand over the money." Fang Da’s chief urged the three giants to start writing, and soon the notice had been written, and twelve copies of the nocturne were handed over to the twelve strong men to let them find some younger brothers to copy.
After the announcement of poll tax reform in Wudang on the second day after the April war, most Wudang members have no objection. It doesn’t matter that they can withdraw money after their own efforts. Although the withdrawal tax has increased on the whole, it has given the peripheral brothers an achievable goal.
This poll tax system includes Sanshui area, which has just been merged into Wudang branch, into the bailihuo. After reading the notice, I sighed that "Wudang really has a good means to raise financial resources."
On the third day after the April War, the Japanese Guard disbanded the flash detachment and officially performed its duties. It was divided into three detachments, and the patrol range was three shifts. At present, Wudang District does not include Sanshui District, and each detachment has 12 members, all of whom are level 2 players.
After the establishment of the flash detachment, the defensive body in Wudang division greatly enhanced its ability to attack and kill, which was several times higher. Fifty-seven intruders were killed in just one day, which was equivalent to Wu Chi taking part in a patrol on the second day after the establishment of the weekly workload detachment of the former Central Guard.
He’s thunderous and firm-minded, and everyone can’t catch up with him, not including the division commander, who frequently scolds them as turtles, and kills the enemy at a time. Seven of them are Fang Da’s chief jie, and others are not good at it.
Wu Chi’s purple circle chopped the attacker into several pieces. This is a 35-level player. Unfortunately, when Wu Chi, a 33-level abnormal root, had no backhand force, he cut off his flying sword after two rounds of firm but gentle bombardment, and was torn into pieces by firm but gentle in the middle.
After taking the enemy’s explosive equipment into the bag, Wu Chi connected a flying sword, a thunder cone, and the killing team finally closed in Xiao.
Welcome to W WW C OM
Twelve times, Xiao Shui, Xiao Xiao Angel Music.
Twelve times, Xiao Shui, Xiao Xiao Angel Music.
Xiao Xiao Xiao cold wind slowly stood by the river with a blue robe and a man’s negative hand. Looking at the surging Xiao Xiao, he whispered, "The general’s name has cracked into the river beam and turned back. Wan Li’s old friend is long and unique. Xiao Xiao Xiao’s west wind is cold and full of clothes like snow, and the birds still know how much they hate it. Who will be drunk with me if they don’t cry?"
This is a famous poet and strategist in Chinese history who suppressed the executioner of the working class people-Xin Qiji gave it to his brother He Xinlang. This poem is no exception. There are dozens of allusions, among which Xiao Xiao Xiao Xi Feng is full of clothes like snow.
At the beginning, when the article failed, the martial arts was just a little knowledge. Jing Ke was encouraged by Yan Guo’s Taidan, and at that time his head got hot, so he went to die by himself. It’s really bad for this guy to eat Taidan’s delicacies and enjoy Taidan’s beauty and Yan Ji’s little reward.
At that time, Jing Ke, who was forced to Liangshan, sounded the death knell just before Taidan bid farewell to his dog friend Gao Jianli and struck a friend. Jing Ke thought that he had written a song for himself without a eulogy. This song is very famous, that is, the wind is rustling, the water is cold, and the strong man is gone forever.
Modern assassins are spurned and hated by the people. Suicide bombers in the dark age are an example. However, in the dark, ancient assassins were equal to heroes, and they were sung by immortals in the era of advocating personal force. This is not surprising and very normal.
A voice said, "Tsing Yi, are you kidding? It’s no longer appropriate in Yishuihe. You still want to curse us to death? It’s outrageous to throw cold water on the troops before they act. If we fail, it must be because of you."
Lyrics in Danshui Tsing Yi turned my head. "I didn’t decide the location of erotic songs. Our adults in Bingli appointed it here. I have to obey my lyrics, but I just send you a deep and ancient feeling. You can’t find such a place in the real world. You should have a little emotional appeal."
"Emotional appeal is a fart. Why haven’t they been waiting for a long time?" A lazy guy was lying on the shore and sunbathing on the beach, complaining that he was wearing a blue dragon claw-exploring patterned cassock, and there was always a nasty smell-Fang Ge Yin.
"Out of the water in the South China Sea is tens of thousands of miles away from Xiao. It is necessary to pity flowers, float in the sky, sweet potatoes, and seven steps into a corpse." Freshwater Tsing Yi looked at the sun and wondered, "But why hasn’t the ice glass arrived yet? This is her notice of the right place."
Out of the water is the South China Sea away from Zhugong. Two players, one is called out of the water, and the other is called out of the water. The name of seven steps to become a corpse is not very good. This ID makes Wu Chi very amazed and feel very imposing. I just don’t know if someone else became a corpse or I became a corpse myself.
"Those three are really tough grades. I don’t know how she can practice listening to that windy tone. What is the position behind her?" Listen to fresh water tsing yi iceberg sexy beauty Wu Chi asked 1.
Tamsui Tsing Yi hesitated. "It’s really bad for me who is behind her. You said that it was an invasion of privacy without her consent, but you will naturally know that you don’t want to think about it. If you want her to cooperate well, it will not be transcend, the adult of Bingli."
Wu Chi looked at Tamsui Tsing Yi for a long time and shook his head. "Why are you such a timid guy that you dare not say a word here? Even if you and I say something big, who can know?"
For Wu Chi’s goading, seeing fresh water in Tsing Yi, can such a small trick make the old bird hook him? He hey hey smiled for a few times and didn’t answer. He turned to face Xiao’s mouth and sang some words at sixes and sevens. Wu Chi saw that goading was so effective that he lay in the sun again.
After reciting a poem in Tamsui Tsing Yi, someone finally came to high school with a lux sword awn galloping, but the heat of the sword awn had evaporated the river before, and Tamsui Tsing Yi laughed. "They came to the South China Sea and Wan Li, and they actually arrived before others."
"Tsing Yi, where did you choose to come to Xiao Shui? It’s not a good place to die. Although it’s a game, it’s also taboo." After landing, Erdao Jianhong showed two players in red robes, and one of them complained to Danshui Tsing Yi.
This guy from Zhugong in the South China Sea has the same idea as Fang Da’s chief. Wu Chi nodded and agreed, and they greeted Danshui Tsing Yi with a frown. "Why do you blame me for the problem with the ice glass? Go to her if you dare to do so."
I heard that the iceberg beauty decided to fall out of the water and immediately shut up. They were so afraid of this beauty that they didn’t even dare to say anything bad behind her back. "Where’s the ice glass?"
"Ice glass adults haven’t come to pity the flowers and float in the sky yet. Let’s wait and see the scenery first." Freshwater Tsing Yi Tantan hand "There is a shit landscape here. I want to get a barbecue and have no shit place except water and sand." Someone suddenly angrily said.
"No, there are monsters in this Xiao. It’s a pity that your sword tactic is not enough to enter the water, otherwise you can see it. But even if you enter this Xiao level 2, you are afraid of dying." Freshwater Tsing Yi smiled and answered.
"Oh, your Qingyilou has a strong intelligence ability. Even the monsters in Xiao Shui know what level monsters there are in Qing Yi. Can we go?" Out of the water and ask questions
"The two strengths are naturally available, but if you want to kill the monster, you are afraid that you have the heart. If you don’t talk about it in advance, maybe we will have another chance." Say that finish, Freshwater Tsing Yi gave a wink at the water, and the two men immediately stopped asking.
Fang Da’s chief doesn’t know that Danshui Tsing Yi ranks in the top three of the 16 scattered people in the 33-day forum. Although it is not as loud as the four big Taiwanese leaders in Moyitian, it is also an influential figure. Generally speaking, Tsing Yi scattered people have great interests and there is no danger of failure.
Two sword lights flew from the south to Danshui Tsing Yi, and they noticed that "it’s time for them to come". It was Emei who pitied the flower road, the man, the god, the camel and the second brother. When they landed on the ground, they said to Danshui Tsing Yi Road, "Bingli is not coming today, and we are meeting her on the way north, so I will give you a message."
"Why didn’t she come today is the first time? I have a lot of things to discuss with you. Do you know what she has?" Tamsui Tsing Yi frowned and stopped the first player in the first combination of troops, which really annoyed the organizers.
"How dare we ask about this important person? But it depends on the situation. It seems that we have found some clues to track someone down." After listening to the words of the Taoist priest, everyone except Wu Chi looked suddenly.
"In that case, let’s discuss it first. Anyway, she can act alone. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t come today." Tamsui Tsing Yi flatly said with a wave of his hand.
The main purpose of calling members of Thunder Cone today is to inform the team members of the action strategy and assign their responsibilities. Each action plan is arranged in Tamsui Tsing Yi Road. "I will inform everyone to arrive one hour before the action, and then arrange their responsibilities according to the target."
"When there is an operation every day, it may be our responsibility to find out the location of the target. After the operation is completed, everyone can leave and pay the reward immediately. If the operation fails, it will not be included in the total number of operations." This rule is very reasonable, and everyone nods in agreement.
"I can’t count your abilities …" Wu Chi hesitated. "What are you good at now, attacking flying swords or magic weapons? Can you give me a general idea?"
Next to the wind float in the sky, "you don’t want to pull our hind legs to clarify your strength. Don’t break everyone’s way to make a fortune." Wu Chi listened to great anger and didn’t say anything to directly show the purple clouds’ firm but gentle attributes. Several team members immediately changed their faces and eyes.
"Good song, you have this powerful shock wave, which is enough to cope with. Before each action, I will inform you of the target situation. You can make your own responsible aspects according to your respective abilities. I hope everyone can work together. On behalf of the Qingyi Building, I thanked you in advance."
According to the general principle, team members should be familiar with each other’s abilities in order to cooperate with each other. However, the killing team is a temporary combination, and each player will not reveal his details. Once the killing action is over, no one knows what will happen after everyone walks separately. Maybe it is the first time that the players meet, whether they are enemies.
"Today is the first day of the Thunder Team’s operation. I brought the first target information. Because the game is not long now, various auxiliary magic weapons have not yet come out, so we can’t play the video. We have packed a high-level box in Huangtingtai for everyone to analyze."