Jinyang is afraid in his heart, and the founder is the founder. After all, it is not comparable to him. Although Jinyang has realized the founder Shinto and stepped into it firmly, he is half lucky after all, and it is just a beginner. Even the most common founder protoss is not enough. There can be a comparison with these founders who have lived for hundreds of millions of years and experienced hundreds of millions of life and death wars.
Fortunately, there is a "devil pot", the artifact of the founding God King Nu Wa, and the space fault also takes it without folding.
The attack lasted for a long time, but there was nothing I could do about it. The attack came to an abrupt end without any delay. The dragon suddenly opened his eyes, and two golden lights flowed slowly, and his anger had been vented. The only thing left was calm and calm, staring at the devil’s pot quietly, and the color of fear in his eyes flashed.
"Who are you? I feel the breath of the four kings from you, but unfortunately you are so weak that I am afraid that the focus of breathing will blow you away. How did you know that I was hiding here? To tell the truth, my injury is not light, and I haven’t recovered one-tenth of my strength yet, otherwise I won’t give you a chance to escape back to the devil’s pot. " The dragon didn’t speak, just passed on his thoughts, and they couldn’t speak. Can’t communicate directly.
The main soul of Jinyang didn’t dare to go out of the "devil’s pot" again. It’s true that Yu Ling’s words are good. The strength difference between the two is too big, let alone just one of the main souls of Jinyang. Even if Jinyang’s ontology incarnates, in the eyes of a founder, he is also an ant. However, there are also strong and weak points between ants, and they also said with their thoughts: "You don’t have to care who I am. As long as I know that the "devil pot" is in my hand, I can completely erase my position and all the honors. "
The dragon was slightly silent, and then said, "You’re right. With the devil’s pot in hand, you can really control it, but don’t forget it. You are now a member of the founding protoss. Your current behavior is threatening a founding god. Although there is no distinction between the founding protoss, your behavior has gone beyond what the people should do. When the gods wake up, you will be punished by God. "
Looking at the dragon in front of him, Jinyang Yuanshen felt a burst of emotion. He said: "The founding Dragon God is the most powerful among the 365 founding gods, and its fighting capacity is definitely the top three. Two pairs of claws have torn the dharma bodies of countless foreign demons and made countless dragon gods, but what are you doing now? Hide in the hole. Don’t you feel humiliated? You simply humiliated so many honors. "
The dragon was fiercely shaking, and then he gasped violently, suspended in the void to the island, violently shaking, and the cold light in his eyes was fierce. The whole body immediately rose a murderous look like a substance, and the murderous look was so strong that even the Jinyang main soul, who was hiding in the "devil pot", felt the chill biting.
But Jinyang didn’t stop, and continued: "The dragon gods you created are tenacious in fighting against the demon outside the country. Die from generation to generation. But they didn’t complain at all, because of what? Because of their god of faith. Their ancestor, that is, you, once fought against the demon outside the territory, and was seriously injured for it, so they never turned back, even if they lost their lives. They are currently suffering unprecedented catastrophe. What are you doing? "
The dragon’s breathing became more violent. Wherever the exhaled breath went, the rocks and trees were suddenly shattered. Jinyang was protected by the devil’s pot. He continued: "If I were a dragon, I would feel sad. The once invincible dragon god has turned into a coward who only dared to hide in the cave, and I can’t even get the courage to fight the demon again. It is not only the sorrow of the dragon, but also your sorrow."
"That’s enough!" The dragon jumped to its feet, and its body quickly began to shrink. In a blink of an eye, it turned into an ordinary person’s size, but it was a head taller than Jinyang, similar to the big man Tyre’s size. The muscles of the whole body were extremely developed, like carved muscles, printed with countless strange symbols that even Jinyang could not see. The whole body was naked, with long blond hair and dark golden eyes.
The big fellow is the founder of the true god Yuling. His name is Yuling, but his body is extremely strong. He stares coldly at the devil’s refining pot, and his murderous look looms all over him. He said coldly, "Go ahead! What exactly do you want me to do? Although I only have one-tenth of the fighting power at the peak, an ant like you, even if I only have one finger, can kill ten thousand. "
Shook his head, Jinyang once again suspended to the outside of the "devil’s refining pot", turned into a faint afterimage, looked the giant Han in front of him and said, "It’s very simple, act as my bodyguard, and you must always follow me until I find a soul scattered outside, to help me stop unexpected attacks. Of course, I won’t ban you with the" devil’s refining pot ".You have complete freedom, real freedom.
"friends?" The big fellow suddenly laughed and sneered, "Just you? An ant like you also wants to be my feather ling’s friend? After a sleep, the world has changed. "
Jinyang was furious at once, but recovered in a blink of an eye, and then said faintly, "With your strength at the moment, can’t you feel the divine power in me?" Although your divine power is hundreds of millions of times higher than mine, don’t you feel that this divine power is completely above your divine power? Although the current quantity is still very small, I believe that it will surpass you one day. "
The big fellow was slightly angry, but he didn’t move. His eyes had betrayed him. What Jinyang said was true. Jinyang hadn’t noticed it before. After talking with Sanqing, he discovered the strangeness of the founding divine power in his body. The founding protoss had only one divine power attribute, even the four founding gods were no exception, such as the divine power attribute of Pangu God King and the divine power attribute of Nuwa God King, which was the opposite attribute.
However, Jinyang has three attributes, besides killing and living, there is also an attribute that Jinyang can’t grasp so far, which makes Jinyang realize its particularity and is absolutely unique.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 432 feng du Ghost Town
Celestial Volume Chapter 432 feng du Ghost Town
After reaching a simple agreement, a pot of gods left the Dragon Holy Land, leaving the Dragon Palace in the South China Sea without disturbing anyone.
Above the South China Sea, with the help of Sanqing, the incarnation of the poison has been solved, and it is standing on the sea. When a pot of one god, breaking the surface, immediately returns to its place, as the incarnation is wrapped around Zijin Zhenyuan, the "devil-refining pot" also flashes green light and wraps the incarnation in it.
Looking at the cold feather spirit, Jinyang just smiled, casually cut through the space, opened the entrance to hell, and rushed in. Feather spirit hesitated, and quickly flashed into the space fault that was about to close.
Three realms, from top to bottom, heaven, human world, hell and hell are at the bottom. There are no sun, moon and stars in the hell, and it is full of gloomy air. The cold wind blows from time to time, and ordinary stones can fly. The space seems to be stained with blood, and it is dark red everywhere.
As soon as Jinyang entered it, it seemed a bit out of place. Both of them were wrapped in dazzling light, which immediately alerted the kids in the broom closet. Several of them were shorter than ordinary people, and only skinny, as if there were no three or two kids who would fly away when the wind blew. They held maces and black chains in their hands, wrapped around the sticks with yin fire, and cried wolf, and they would come with the evil wind.
The leader was the hag, who shouted at Jinyang: "Bold, where are you wild monks from? How dare you trespass into the underworld? Do you know that this is a big crime against Heaven? Step back quickly, or you’ll have to taste the power of the fire-burning stick, and your skin will be raw. "
Jinyang’s eyes flashed with cold light, and several kids were terrified at once. I only feel that the ghost body is shaking fiercely, and the ghost body is about to spread out, while the hag is even worse. All seven holes are full of dark blood, and many acupuncture points in the body also explode, and blood flows.
Jinyang didn’t bother to explain anything to them, and Zijin Zhenyuan flashed all over. Emperor Hong Huang’s robe was revealed, and he shouted coldly, "I have offended this emperor. That’s the end. Send someone to tell Fengdu Emperor and the Ten Temples of Hades that our Emperor has come to discuss something with him. Don’t disturb them, or our Emperor will immediately shake your ghosts. "
Jinyang casually, Zijin Zhenyuan flashed, and the hag immediately returned to normal. Even the dark blood that just flowed out flowed back into his body. If it wasn’t the real pain, Hag really thought it was an illusion. When he looked at Jinyang again, his face was much better. At least he learned to smile, although it was much uglier than just now. But the attitude is much better.
Looking at what Hag wanted to say, Jinyang said coldly, "Don’t befriend this emperor either, and show him the way quickly, or you will suffer."
Hag just rose to passion, instantly doused, hurriedly go ahead to lead the way. Those kids dared to say’ no’ there, followed the hag in fear, held a crude spell, followed the dark red evil wind, and slowly flew away, while Jinyang put away Zijin Zhenyuan, took some yin qi casually, wrapped it around his body, and made it look like a kid, even the hag could not tell.
Solve it. Jinyang turned to look at Yu Ling. Feather spirit knows the meaning of Jinyang, but he is extremely unwilling. Unlike Jinyang, he can do anything. As one of the founding gods, it is absolutely an insult to the founding protoss to ask him to dress up as a kid.
Jinyang immediately said with his mind, "put away your boring dignity. You are nothing now. You are just a loser. Only by beating off the foreign demon can you be entitled to take back your honor."
Jinyang can see, the light in the depths of the feather spirit’s eyes is dark, and after a slight hesitation, she also puts away her whole body’s divine power, and learns to absorb a small stream of yin evil spirit, completely wrapping her body, and drifting with the evil wind, just like a kid.
Hag walks in the front, and his mind is always feeling. He is just a small hag. He knows what heavenly monarch and jade emperor are, but he has never heard of what the Great Wilderness is. It will be taken seriously, but it is only a temporary compromise. Take them back to feng du first, and then slowly clean up, and you can see the magical powers of Jinyang. Immediately put away the heart of the sinister plot and seriously bring them up.
He is Asura people, that is, Hades people. Otherwise, Jinyang has just struck and would have killed him. There will also help him treat his injuries. These Asura people hiding in the underworld are also one of the purposes of Jinyang’s next visit to the underworld. Jinyang once promised Hades that he would save all his people. At this point, Jinyang doesn’t want to break his word.
Hag’s strength is limited and he doesn’t walk fast, not to mention those imps. If it wasn’t only supported by the secret method of hell, he would have been blown away by the evil wind. But Jinyang, in order not to arouse the suspicion of a willing heart, did not dare to startle him, and he could only follow a few imps to wander slowly. Fortunately, time is not tight and there is no hurry. As long as he can achieve his goal, it doesn’t matter if he slows down.
After walking for half a day, the hag returned to the capital with the kids. Most of the guarding cities were hags, and they seemed to know each other very well. After leading the way, the hag stuffed a few dark blood stones in the past, and the guarding city hag immediately insidious smile let people into the city.
Jinyang smile, no matter where in the Three Realms, greed is always everywhere. After entering the city, leading the way, Hag immediately dismissed the kids, and Jinyang didn’t stop them. Several kids had been tampered with by Jinyang, so they wouldn’t remember anything at all, and it was absolutely impossible to spread the story before.
Without the imp getting in the way, the walking speed was much faster. The leading hag specially chose a quiet path to walk. Although many people met along the way, most of them were ghosts in the underworld, and they were weak in nature and didn’t communicate with each other. No one cared about a small hag, so no one noticed Jinyang.
The capital of Yongjiang deserves to be the first city in the underworld, which is hundreds of times bigger than the first city in Xi Niu He Zhou, the Apocalypse City. After all, the strength of the hag is still limited, and the speed is fast enough to reach the speed of the fairy. Jinyang followed him and dressed up as a kid. Naturally, he could not fly faster than him and could not give the clues.
In Jinyang’s mind, a few days later, it was only from the city gate that it flew to the center of the capital, and the closer it was to the center of the city, the more lively it became. Even if the secluded roads were specially selected, there were many haunted houses.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 433 Judge Cui Yu
Celestial Volume Chapter 433 Judge Cui Yu
Feeling more and more lively and crowded around, Jinyang frowned at once. The hag was a wonderful person. He immediately noticed Jinyang’s dissatisfaction and explained, "This is called Yinsi Street, which is the most prosperous block in the underworld. I didn’t mean to take you this way, but you have to go through Yinsi Street if you want to see the Great Emperor and the Ten Temples."
Hearing this explanation, Jinyang was relieved. On the way to walk, Jinyang also felt that the atmosphere around him was getting more and more gloomy. Those who dared to move around the region were all ghosts who were strong. Even the level of guides and hags was extremely rare, and little kids could not see many of them all the year round. Therefore, it was very eye-catching for Jinyang to walk here as little kids.
Fortunately, the two men are powerful, hiding their whole body breath, not to mention these ghosts. Even Fengdu Emperor can’t see their noumenon, and they are wrapped around the most pure Yin evil spirit. The powerful ghosts around them just show a little bit of curiosity and doubt, but each has its own things, and no one wants to mind their own business.
Walking, Jinyang gradually found that the surrounding buildings are increasingly scarce, but as long as there are buildings, they basically show the spirit of luxury and wealth, and they all exist alone. There is a great distance between buildings, and most of them are wrapped in layers of bans, which should be the residence of high-level people in the underworld.
After walking for more than half a day, the yakuza stopped and looked at the vast buildings in the distance and said, "This is the Fengdu Emperor House, Fengdu Emperor, which you are looking for. Living in it with the Ten Temples of Hades, the identity of the imp can’t go any further, otherwise it will be immediately killed by the guardian Yin. "
Looking at the distant buildings, Jinyang knew that Hag was not lying, and his mind had already felt that countless powerful smells were hidden in the vast buildings. Then he slowly turned his head and said to the hag, "Answer the words of this emperor honestly. There are twelve Asura clans in all. Which clan do your ancestors belong to? "
Hearing the word "Asura", Hag suddenly changed color, and his body trembled violently. He said with a little anger and fear, "Who are you? We are already living in this dark and damp underworld, aren’t you satisfied?"
Jinyang smiles. With a painting, a sinister atmosphere gathered and slowly intertwined. Finally, it showed that Hades’s magic weapon "destroyed the sky" and asked faintly, "Do you recognize it?" Error-free novel network does not skip words.
"Destroy the day? How is it possible that our guardian magic weapon is in your hands? How is it possible that the Youmao Legion escaped with it? " Hag immediately frightened. The whole body immediately rises with a completely different imposing manner, at least ten times higher than that just now. At the moment, even if we fight with Jin Xian in general, we will never fall behind.
Jinyang didn’t care, just smiled. He knew it was wrong to lead the way in front of him. He used the Asura clan secret method to hide part of his strength. This is human nature, and hiding part of his strength will always bring unexpected benefits at the necessary critical moment. Jinyang often does this and has saved his life many times.
Jinyang ignored him and threw him something directly. Then he said lightly, "Don’t talk nonsense. Go back and get ready. Contact all the people. Wait for my notice in the city. From today on, you don’t have to live in this dark and humid place. "