After a long silence, Huo Xian suddenly sighed and then broke up at one joint, suddenly buckled her and broke her face. Gong Yunting couldn’t catch the other side’s commanding eyes.
Those eyes are still gentle, but gentle, but they don’t reach the fundus, so strange that it makes people feel cold.
"My wife will go to Chu Hangyun."
Looking at Gong Yunting’s eyes wide open because of fear, Huo Xian is still that gentle and wrapped expression "I’m not afraid, I still like my wife."
Chapter 19 Chapter one hundred and nine
next day
Listening to the rain regained consciousness, and finally confessed that the poison was arranged by Huo Xian after Tang Yufei forced him to listen to the rain.
The wind urged the snow and the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture were not surprised when they got the news. After all, there were many doubts about the poisoning of the big owners yesterday, but Fang gradually Hong was not so calm. Immediately after Tang Yufei finished this sentence, he got up and wanted to settle accounts with Huo Xian, or did Tang Yufei hold him "don’t startle me yet?"
Tang Yufei continued, "This Tingyu was a younger brother of Tianyan Sect, but he didn’t learn some sneaky little faults. He was almost driven out by Tianyan Sect several times, and then came to Qixingmen. He still sneaked around and offended Qixingmen, and your brother almost died. Huo Xian threatened to let Tingyu come out and admit that he was a poisonous person, and then promised to give Tingyu a sum of money to help him leave Qixingmen … Of course, if you all know."
Fang Xianghong hurriedly asked, "Did Huo Xian give him the bottle of poison that Yu Shen heard?"
Tang Yufei nodded. "Now, we can be sure that the poison was directed and performed by Huo Xian, just to seize the hosting of the Seven-Star Gate, so the fact that Yun Ya Jun came to the Seven-Star Gate was also fabricated by Huo Xian."
The wind urged the snow to "tut". "So … the head of the palace may be dying soon."
It is hard to hide the anger when Fang gradually blushes, and the wind urges the snow to pat Fang gradually to comfort him. "Don’t worry, Fang’s family is in stable condition now. Although Huo Xian has poisoned all the heads, he intends that the head position is unreasonable to kill other heads."
Fang Xianghong pursed his lips and pinched his finger joints. "I must let Huo Xian blood out!"
Tang Yufei reached Fang Gradually Hong’s fist tightly, and the sudden temperature made Fang Gradually Hong look at Tang Yufei with a slight tilt of his head and listen to Tang Yufei’s "will".
Fang Xianghong was moved by "Madam …"
The wind made the snow "hiss"-"No, since the poison was exterminated, where did you get it?"
The wind urged Xuenao to turn quickly, pinching Ba to think, "Since the poisoning case was framed by Huo Xian and Huo Xian also got the poison of Thousand Spiders, it is very likely that he intervened in the killing of Thousand Spiders … It is very likely that Yun Ya Jun never appeared from beginning to end … But what is the purpose of Huo Xian’s doing this?"
Fang Xianghong also fell into thinking that "poisoning the palace head can be said to be the head position, but I don’t understand it."
Qingfeng suddenly opened his mouth and woke up the people present. "He didn’t say that Yunya Jun was resurrected as an excuse for the major sects and why did we come to Qixingmen?"
How can the leaders of the major sects be poisoned and fall into Huo Xian’s control?
The wind urged the snow to frown. "But if Huo Xian really killed the real killer of the Thousand Spiders Gate, it was not too much to get the head position …"
Qingfeng Road "I’m afraid it’s more than that."
Tang Yufei suddenly spoke at this moment. "I haven’t said one more thing. Elder Jiang went to see Huo Xian last night. Both of them are masters. We dare not get too close, so we didn’t hear what they talked about. But Elder Jiang’s words and deeds are quite respectful to Huo Xian. I doubt … liuhe dan is also the mastermind of Huo Xian!"
Fang gradually Hong’s face sank. On that day, they also discussed liuhe dan’s affairs. liuhe dan’s addiction should not be underestimated. If all the monks are under his control, if Huo Xian is really the mastermind, then he will never stop at the head position, but also in the whole fix true world!
Now it is urgent to stop Huo Xian.
But hurry slowly and soon something was wrong in the Seven Star Gate.
That evening was the time for dinner. The dishes in Qixingmen were exquisite and delicious, but the monks in the dining room were worried about this delicious dish. The poisoning of Yunyajun in Qixingmen made people panic. Everyone was afraid that they would be poisoned again in their meals.
Duan Jie was born to play a bowl of porridge and wanted to find a place to sit. Suddenly, he saw two figures in the corner, one black and one white, to detain and shine at the moment. Brother Qing! "
The wind urged the snow to look up and waved to Duan Jiesheng. "Come and sit down!"
I wonder if it is an illusion that Duan Jiesheng seems to see the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture throwing a cold glance at himself, which seems extremely unpopular.
Duan Jiesheng soon waved the matter and sat down next to the wind and snow. The line of sight fell on the table and piles of dishes cried and fell to the ground. "You! You eat so much! "
To be exact, it was the wind that urged the snow. A person ate Qingfeng and stuffed the peeled shrimp into the mouth of the wind that urged the snow. "What’s wrong with you?"
Duan Jiesheng embarrassed way "nothing, nothing, I just came to have dinner with you …"
At this moment, there was a sudden scream at the table next door. They followed the sound and saw two monks with blue and gray faces and hands on the table. It looked very strange to bend and tremble in a strange posture.
"He … what’s wrong with them?" Duan Jiesheng quivering way
For a moment, the two monks suddenly burst into aura mixed with magic gas and rushed around to attack! At the same time, the two monks also caught the people next to them to attack!
At that time, the dining room exclaimed, "Someone is possessed! ! !”
"quick! Stop them! !”
However, the enchanted monk’s magic gas exploded, and the monks around him were caught off guard by these two men. One of the runaway monks went straight to the table with a wave of his arm-
"Be careful! !” Sitting in the outermost section of the robbery, I suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and wanted to stop the monk who broke out.
However, Duan Jiesheng didn’t come into contact with each other for a moment, and saw a sword shadow flash quickly. The possessed monk was instantly flown out and smashed many tables and chairs along the way.
Duan Jiesheng jumped to the ground and looked up only to see that Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture was still sitting in the seat. The sword was put in the chair and put on the table without being drawn.
At this time, the rest of the monks have stopped another possessed monk, and together with the monks who were blown away by the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture, they also caught all the monks thanking the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture. Now it is difficult for everyone to see such an unknown master.
Duan Jiesheng was lifted up before the wind urged the snow. "How did you just jump directly?"
Duan Jiesheng fell down in front of everyone and blushed again. "I’m afraid he’ll hurt you …"
The wind urges the snow. "No, I mean why don’t you draw your sword."
Just now, I saw Duan Jieshou press the sword on my waist. I don’t know what it was, but I finally took it back and chose the flesh to stop it
Duan Jiesheng is even more embarrassed. "I don’t know what’s wrong with them … I’m afraid that the sword will hurt them …"