I’m going to forge a world and pretend to be a Buddhist country to trick the protoss into plundering it. Hey, hey, they won’t come when they go in.
Leitian is in distress situation, but it is a good way to kill protoss in large quantities. Leitian immediately ripens a gourd, and gives Bai Yi a hundred black and white Scheliga. After all the materials are enough to refine the gourd world, Bai Yi is sent to the humane Fang Ding to reverse the time and refine the disguised Buddha country.
If you want to be a Buddhist country, you need to do a lot. In addition to materials, you will give millions of heavenly demons and some fairy beans to change. The fairy soldiers have turned into arhat bodhisattvas and even sent tens of thousands of star warriors to enter.
Bai Qian smiled and changed into a monk-like xizhang who stepped on the lotus platform and wore a cassock.
What do you think of this white mistake is a Hinayana Buddha? The Buddha’s treasure is not fake, but it was robbed by the thousands of people in buddha magic.
Yu Bai’s mistake has won the Buddha’s N achievement method, and no one can look at it.
I thought this was a good idea for nothing.
Bai Qian gave a ceremony to Bai Qi, saying that the poor monk went to the benefactor to take care.
Yes, where are you going?
Of course, to pretend to be a lamb to be slaughtered and wait for the God Emperor to come.
You are no match for God.
If I enter this gourd, I will not be my opponent. Of course, I can handle too many words with one or two, so I can abandon the gourd and run for my life.
Leitian wanted to think about sending a star warrior to the white gourd.
Don’t hesitate to give up all the gourd when this Star Warrior lets you escape.
White jump in the heart also don’t go to calculate know this star warrior is leitian foreshadowing in it, he nodded and promised to carry the gourd feet raw golden light to fly to the north of the continent of Rongzhou.
There are many heavenly soldiers in the south of the mainland, but in the north, of course, for the immortals, this distance is equal to nothing, but even if you practice to the rank of God Emperor, the mortal way of thinking is still in vain. If you go to the north, you will definitely meet the protoss army.
Bai Luan went to the north to find a place to drive away demons, built a huge temple, and then settled here to wait for the fish hook
No, three days away, the protoss army has been seen in vain. He saw this protoss army across the river, and the number led by two gods was only ten billion.
Now, the more troops he leads vaguely, the stronger the God Emperor’s strength will be. Only two God Emperors can lead the tens of billions of protoss, which is very common. I’m afraid the God Emperor has just advanced to the position of God Emperor.
Bai Luan arranged the entrance to the gourd world at one end of the hall and got into the gourd world. The gourd world is full of golden lotus flowers, and there is a monty bodhisattva or Buddha in every pagoda.
The white fool didn’t dare to face the god emperor. He hid behind the gourd and prayed to himself that the protoss had better be greedy and search in the gourd world, otherwise it would be futile to get the body of the god emperor. I don’t know how long it will take
A leitian and a leitian won’t benefit the god emperor’s body, but it is possible to merge a god emperor’s body and directly devour 36 thousand dragon immortals, even if he is still a pick Jin Xian, then the god emperor will fight against money.
The tens of billions of protoss troops are not coming across the mountains like mortal troops. These two gods are like another world in the divine light, and the tens of billions of troops are neutral in the divine light. These two gods are powerful.
Will the protoss not be greedy? There is no need to worry about it in vain, but it is really hard for him to deal with the two gods.
Chapter five hundred and twenty-nine Adventure
Chapter five hundred and twenty-nine Adventure
The two gods discussed whether to attack the green N or wave the flag at the back. The protoss has decided to attack the Voldemort City. These two gods are just in the protoss army.
They are not strong and have no background. This billion-dollar protoss army is also their only root in the divine world. It is also difficult for the deity to increase and search for the latest updates.
Heaven is different from heaven. It is very easy to create gods. It takes enough resources to train tens of billions of troops in a few days.
Going forward, I saw a huge temple in front, covering hundreds of acres. Two gods stared blankly. One of them sniffed and said, It’s really the Buddha Temple.
Strange Buddha, isn’t n a Kyushu gas refiner?
Not necessarily, if you look at the destroyed Louvre, did Buddha and N jointly try to fight against heaven?
what’s to be done
What else can we do? Kill all these bald heads and rob them of their wealth. Isn’t that what we protoss do?
When he said this, the God Emperor grimaced and urged his own protoss army to cover up and kill the past, and another God Emperor couldn’t wait to chase him for fear that he would get less benefits.
Lotus flower immediately all over the land that white jump do bi true hand monty to resist, but how to stop the god emperor to kill two god emperor hand pick Jin Xian ten pick Jin Xian is more than a hundred these monty is swallowed by protoss one by one.
In the mountain N, a Buddha’s light rises into the sky with almost the power of the Emperor of Heaven. It is a white jump. ji sends buddha magic relics to spread momentum.
The two gods laughed at each other. At this point, they even thought about retiring their brothers by scaring people.