"Robot" People in black feel bad instantly.
Adam took advantage of this pause to block his eyes and shine red in the dark. The whole person looks very strange when he is not a machine. Adam moves at a high speed and has two iron bars in his hand. Then he walks around the people in black as unstoppable as he can, hearing people whine and iron bars slamming on people’s bones.
Chi Yao could hear the men in black shouting pain. She could see from the window that Adam was almost integrated with the night. Two iron bars in his hand were waved flexibly every time, and both of them could hit the men in black.
Three minutes later, people in black fell to the ground and were seriously injured. People’s hands and feet showed an unnatural shape. Adam’s eyes returned to their original shape, and the iron bar changed back to his hands.
Adam walked back to the car. "Chi Yao kept you waiting."
Section 45
"Soon, soon," Chi Yao took a good look at Adam for the first time. "Adam, you blew up." I felt that a sci-fi blockbuster had just appeared in front of me.
Adam automatically searched for the word "hanging the sky" and then asked uncertainly, "Chi Yao, are you praising me?"
Chi Yao knew that Chi Jia wouldn’t give up. Sure enough, Susan handed her a note after she finished filming the next day, "Here, I’ll give you rice."
Chi Yao took it with the words Star Rick coming when necessary.
So straightforward rice points silk "thank you" Chi Yao said thank you and went to the nearest star Rick. Fortunately, she would never go out during the day if it was late.
I saw at a glance that the so-called "rice silk" corners of my mouth raised a mocking smile "mom and dad"
☆ Chapter 9 Commander’s Return
Chiyao looked at Chizhong’s face, which was proud of sitting on a double sofa, while Weixinyi looked at Chiyao with her hands clasped around her chest and a proud expression.
"Chi Yao, your face is big enough. Please don’t move, are you?" Wei Xinyi’s words contained sticks, but she didn’t roll her eyes.
ChiZhong cooperate with sneer at a said nothing.
Chi Yao is still five steps away from them, but there is already an anger brewing in his heart. "I don’t think you want to see me either. I’ll just go." These two people will make Chi Yao feel sick when they ask her out under the banner of her separation.
Chi Yao said that sentence and turned to make money. Soon, because she came, she didn’t want to see these two people. If she had known this was a trap, she would have followed her.
"Live" Chi Zhongshen said.
At the gate of Star Rick, two men in black suddenly blocked the gate of Star Rick. Chi Yao turned around and smiled, "If you ask me to go back, that’s all."
"This is to call you back." Wei Xinyi especially disliked Chi Yao’s tone of voice, which was very obedient before. Recently, it was a rebellious period. What she did surprised them and made them realize that they could not master this illegitimate daughter more and more.
"No return" Chi Yao resolutely refused.
"Hum" WeiXinYi cold hum a "today you are going back, you have to go back, you have to go back." Today, no matter what, you must take Chi Yao back to Chi’s house and wait to marry Han’s family.
Now Chi’s situation is not very optimistic. It is only necessary to marry the Korean family as soon as possible. Of course, they will not tell Chi Yao that she is going to marry. Just pack it up and throw it in the past as soon as the wedding day arrives.
Chi Yao’s face tightened. She knew it was always like this when talking to Chi Zhong and Wei Xinyi. They never considered how she felt about everything. Chi Jia took a deep breath and took a few breaths. "Let me go back to Chi Jia until I die." They were determined, so she was more determined than them.
Chi Zhong heard that after Chi Yao took the door for the first time, she was watching her "it’s so painful to let you go back to Chi Jia after death". Chi Zhong was angered by her words "Chi Jia you eat, you wear, you learn, what else are you dissatisfied with? Chi Jia doesn’t want to be unfilial."
"I can make money to repay you instead of marriage." Marriage is a major event in life, and she doesn’t want to take it lightly.
"If you make money, how can you make money by playing some dirty women?" Wei Xinyi said sarcastically that the assassin with a properly maintained face was full of disdain and disgust. "I don’t know what you washed in the end, especially some ugly ones."
ChiYao eyes a fiercely "little mom please respect my work"
"respect, but I don’t think being an actor is a glorious career."
"It’s up to you." Chi Yao gave her a look and didn’t want to argue with her. This problem was that she turned to Chi Zhong. "Dad, I’ll be blunt. I want to get out of Chi’s house and give you some money now." Chi Yao said seriously. This is the first time she has talked to Chi Zhong and Wei Xinyi so seriously. She can still obey, but after repeated injuries and deception, she doesn’t want to believe them anymore.
Hearing this, not only Wei Xinyi, but even Chi Zhong froze. I can’t believe it. Looking at Chi Yao, she has already experienced social people. At this time, her speaking style is becoming more and more fashionable in shopping malls, and she is beautiful because of her confidence.
See two people don’t talk ChiYao looked at the two of them "well"?
"I’ll redeem myself," Chi Yao said slowly, as if to let them hear more clearly. "Anyway, you just marry me and I’ll pay you back the money."
Chi Zhong frowned. "How much money can you have?"
"I have a million dollars after this play, and I think it’s enough."
Chi Yao words haven’t talk WeiXinYi sharp laugh "more than one million is ridiculous, I just a small business can get this one million to you this money is not enough"
Chi Yao clenched his fists. "Well, then give me five million. I will when I am three months old."
"No, if you want to leave the pool house, you have to pay a billion dollars." Chi Zhongkou said it, but it was enough to make Chi Yaomi break hope.
"Billion, I don’t seem to owe so much to Chi’s family." Chi Yao’s anger has hardened from the heart. "Besides, it’s not you who gave birth to me. You’re just a fine one."
"Bitch" Wei Xinyi lost the coffee spoon in her hand in the middle of Chi Yao’s shoulder. Chi Yao’s white shirt was immediately stained with coffee stains and fainted a small flower. She glared at Chi Yao’s "Be careful what you say" to Chi Zhong’s derailment, which already made her angry. Now it is really challenging her patience to say such provocative words from Chi Yao’s mouth.
Fortunately, Star Rick has been wrapped up by them, otherwise, if others hear her face, where to put it?
"Mom, I’m telling the truth. No matter how you deny it, it’s the truth."
"You" Wei Xinyi angrily slapped the table and pushed the sofa, but this sofa is a double Chizhong and Wei Xinyi can’t push it.
"Sit" Chi Zhong gave Wei Xinyi a look "Pay attention to your manners". This is still outside. How can people like them make a fool of themselves? "Chi Zhong gave an ultimatum.
"Billion Chiyao is struggling, and she knows that she can’t get it. It’s estimated that there will be no chance to give her another three years." Billion is too much, can you? "