Although things in Korea are busy, he can’t accomplish anything by himself at this time. Feng Li Su simply gave up dealing with political affairs and came up with an idea when he saw that acacia was rare.
"I haven’t been out of the palace for some time, but it’s better to go out of the palace when you come!"
It’s still early at this time. If it’s getting late, he can come to the palace for a reason not to return to the palace and stay in the prime minister’s house.
I often miss you, but I don’t think so. I am willing to hear that he is out of the palace. She still thinks that she will leave the palace for a while and is rejected by Feng Lisu.
But if it gets dark when she leaves the palace, she will have a legitimate reason to go back to Xiangfu.
So Feng Li Su gave orders to Chang Huan to let several dark guards protect him in the dark, and he often missed him out of the palace without bringing anyone.
Feng Li Su hasn’t been out of the palace for a long time, and it’s rare to come out for fun. It’s especially good to be accompanied by beautiful people. I raised my left hand and saw my thumb, but my smile softened a little.
Naturally, it is easier to wear when leaving the palace. He also found a water-blue robe to wear against the water-blue clothes that he often misses.
When Chang Xiangsi saw Feng Lisu’s costume, he silently despised it, but he couldn’t say anything.
By the time we got out of the palace gate, it was getting dark, but Laifeng Lisu was surprised and hoped that it would get dark earlier. When we walked to the busy street, we could already see lanterns hung in many places.
Due to the retreat of Qing Mu Gong, these streets have resumed their original prosperity.
At this time, the ice and snow have begun to melt gradually, which is not as cold as before. At this time, various stalls have been set up on both sides of the wide street.
Some restaurants are full of people coming and going. Seeing this, Feng Lisu’s heart gradually fell. It seems that this time the impact on the people is not too great.
Not far away, there is a building where the fragrant wind is floating everywhere. Many girls are dressed beautifully in this early spring, revealing a large area of fragrant shoulders, waving a white arm like a lotus root and waving a scented handkerchief.
Acacia often came with a little interest and glanced at the men around him.
Asked, "has the emperor visited the kiln?"
She has been here for such a long time, but she has never really experienced the gentleness of men in it. She is still a little curious.
Feng Li Su set her eyes on the lights on her face, and her Zhang Qingya face seemed to be covered with a light, warm and smooth layer, which made her look charming enough.
When his heart moved, especially when he saw her beautiful lips, there was an impulse coming.
Yes, I also know that if I do anything out of line at this time, I am afraid that I will destroy this rare time of getting along well.
"Never!" He lightly out.
"Why don’t the emperor go inside and have a look? It happens that I haven’t been to that place yet, so I’ll experience it today and have a drink of sanhua."
Then I touched my arms and immediately felt embarrassed. She went out today and forgot to bring money.
"What building do women visit?"
Feng Li Su chuckled, "There’s nothing interesting about that place. Look at the girls there who don’t deserve to be your maid shoes. They’re just a bunch of fat and vulgar powder! I might as well look at you more when I visit them! "
He said that this is true. What does he want? A stunning woman is no worse. This woman is very beautiful. Is it necessary for him to take the hard stone instead of the beautiful jade?
"The emperor’s words are a little biased. I think it’s a bit interesting over there. It’s better to go for a walk and drink a few cups of sanhua, but today I went out to the North Xuan General House and forgot to take the silver out. Can the emperor take it? Why don’t you lend me some? "
"Don’t borrow!"
Feng Li Su refused directly. If she asked for how much silver on weekdays, he would give today a penny and didn’t want to give it!
"How stingy!"
Another day, she will bring enough silver and come by herself.
Feng Li Su has some enjoyment of this dialogue. Seeing her just pouting almost made him look away from the lantern.
The two continued to walk towards the front. At this time, it was getting darker and darker, and pedestrians did not see a lot of roadside snacks.
However, I often miss these foods, but I don’t have much interest in them. I often miss them when I pass by that building.
Business seems to be good inside, and many men passing by have been pulled in, and even if they don’t want to, they can be touted by such a group of women, and they all go in happily.
In the future, she should open a building and do well in her own ability.
She can definitely come up with the most novel things!
I often miss Feng Lisu silently, thinking that her beautiful eyes are a little bare, and I am worried that too many people will bump into her, and occasionally stretch out a hand to prevent people next to me from bumping into her.
After a long walk in the street, Feng Li Su saw a restaurant sidewalk not far away. "Just go there and get something to eat. It’s time for dinner."
Acacia often has no opinion. As Feng Li Su entered the restaurant, he was directly invited by Xiao Er on the second floor.
Elegant environment is good, a little elegant, especially a few small green plants put in it, which adds a touch of life.
Chang Xiangsi ordered a few dishes that he loved, and Li Su also ordered a few dishes.
"Male and female, please wait a moment!"
Then turned out of the elegant.
There are many lanterns hanging around, and Yali is bright. Two people sit face to face because of the round table. Feng Lisu frowned lightly.
"Don’t trust me after sitting so far away?"
"Don’t you see more clearly?"
Chang Xiangsi chuckled and then said, "By the way, is it okay to be injured before the ninth prince?"
She also heard that when she fell into the hands of Qing Mu Gong, the nine princes looked for her with injuries.