In front of everyone, she is just a beautiful and fragrant customer!
However, Shu Lele didn’t dare to refute and go back with a gentle smile. "Today, I entered the palace and Lele prepared a lot of beauty fragrance and skin care, as well as some folk gadgets, all of which were given to the ladies and princesses in the palace. Please accept them!"
"good! It is rare for Lele to have this heart, but we are disrespectful! "
Wang Guifei ordered people to receive Shu Lele’s gifts and dishes.
Ningyichen suddenly shouted bad people at this time and got up and ran away.
"Master Shi, what’s the matter?"
Everyone speculated that Wang Guifei was eager to follow and called for someone to "come and wait on the world!"
Shu Lele smiled awkwardly when he disappeared from the sight of everyone. "Report to my empress, Lord Shi, who ate a bad stomach yesterday and had a diarrhea for a night this morning, is better. Now he is probably starting again."
"Have you seen the doctor too much?"
"He won’t allow it!" Shu Lele Khan Ning Yichen, Ning Yichen, don’t be so humiliated!
In order not to offend Wang Guifei, she can tell the truth!
Ning Yichen didn’t come back for a long time. After they earnestly asked a few words, he shouted and ran away.
Everyone was silent, and the scene became unusually quiet.
Wang Guifei ordered someone to talk to the doctor too much about diarrhea, but don’t delay the illness.
Shu Lele’s nod should be her proud "xianggong". It’s a shame today. I hope he won’t regret hitting the wall later.
As soon as she corrected it, she spilled a bowl of soup in her hand, and a long skirt as soft as chardonnay was stained with a little stain.
Shu Lele busy way "Lele disrespectful! Please forgive the empress! "
"It’s okay! You are too fond of the world, so go and change this dress with the palace! " Wang Guifei got up and smiled and asked everyone to continue to have fun, then took Shu Lele’s hand and went to her bedroom.
Wang Guifei, the first princess of the East China, is really not a hollow reputation. Her Nianhua Palace is magnificent and carved with jade and jade glass everywhere, showing the ultimate glory and potential.
Shu Lele silently nodded a compliment in her heart. It is worthwhile to be a woman and do this for Wang Guifei.
Wang Guifei took her into the room, and then ordered someone to fetch a pink chiffon gauze. "This dress was the favorite of Gong when she was young, but now it doesn’t fit well when she is old, so she has been putting it in the box. Lele, your figure is almost the same as that of Gong when she was young, and it should fit well."
She ordered Shu Lele to change her skirt and then looked at her. "Well, it’s really good! There is a palace in the past! "
Is it? Shu Lele caresses her forehead and shame. Wang Guifei is the kind of but with graces granted by heaven and not to be concealed beauty at first glance. How dare her little bean sprouts compare with her charm?
So I bowed my head and said shyly, "Thank you for your clothes, but this dress has buried it in Lele! Or the empress is the most suitable for it! "
"Lele you this small mouth is sweet! Gong likes it! Come on, let’s sit and talk about some intimate words and go out. "
Wang Guifei’s eyebrows swept away and immediately someone offered tea and gently closed the door.
Where is this singing? Shu Lele’s heart is suspicious. Is it the real way for Wang Guifei to invite her into the palace?
She couldn’t help thinking of NingYiChen charged and the uber knew Wang Guifei had other plans!
I made up my mind to absolutely obey her family’s wishes and never bow down!
Wang Guifei took a sip of tea and smiled. "Lele has heard that the world is good to you, and now she has handed over most of Ning Wangfu’s economy to you. Is it possible?"
"Ahem ….." Shu Lele gently coughed a few times. How did this matter come to the palace?
The nod should be "I think Lele is too idle, so I want to find something to do for Lele to make the empress laugh."
"no! This is a good thing! It’s hard to be a woman, and it’s even harder to make yourself love you and love you. "Wang Guifei sighed and seemed to have deep feelings.
Shu Lele can’t help but move Wang Guifei. Is there a hidden sadness behind this seemingly scenic limit?
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Wang Guifei’s eyes are faint, as if in memory and longing. Such a beautiful and elegant beauty is as delicate as Xi Shi’s heart.