The 76 ers attacked the left position of the basketball court. Iguodala and Dalem Porter formed a double cover ball cover position. On the right side, Tang Wenlong and Fields ran hide and seek for two times, then plunged into a well-arranged position and turned to the line to catch the ball with the help of a cover pocket.
Fields was blocked to defend Iguodala Anthony and rotated to defend Tang Wenlong.
Tang Wenlong caught the ball and took a step with his right foot, which was ridiculously fast
Anthony didn’t react. Tang Wenlong was already in a parallel position with him. When he reached out again, he didn’t even catch Tang Wenlong’s skirt.
The whole Knicks defense line became fragmented. Tang Wenlong scored the ball at the bottom corner, and Sidious easily caught the ball and made a three-pointer
The reason why Sidious Young can lead Speights into the starting lineup is that he has an extra three-pointer ability, which is very rare among 35% players in the season.
This shot is like training Yang Shou, which is a heart ball.
5 leads the 76 ers by 5 points.
Anthony is a little unhappy. Tang Wenlong, his younger brother, performed a little better than he did in the first season, especially when he was so crisp and neat just now.
After half-time, he fell to the low post and asked Billups for the ball.
Billups is also a bachelor. When Anthony wants the ball, it’s straightforward. Now it’s impossible for this Knicks to win the championship. What if the two bosses know the offense and don’t know the defense, even if they often work together to get 6 points every night?
Anthony pushed Iguodala a little and then leaned back to hit two points.
As soon as I turned around, I vomited an one mouthful atmosphere, and I don’t know if it was a release.
And the 76ers still have Lori in control of the ball. After Tang Wenlong moved, he didn’t get a chance. Igor Daladier’s second tactical starting point got a basketball breakthrough, and then he moved to the bottom corner again. This time, Lori received the ball on the left.
When Billups came back to defend, Lori had already made a move.
The ball is still flying, and Zhang’s coach can’t wait to cry, "Here’s the ball!"
When a basketball hit the basket and flew out, it bounced high and jumped directly behind the backboard. It was awarded to the Knicks directly.
"Ahem ~"
Yu Jia’s head covered her face. Fortunately, she didn’t switch to the studio.
Director Zhang kept a straight face, but the topic shifted quickly. "Although the ball failed to score, the opportunity has come out. It is very reasonable for the 76 ers to play like this, and if the Knicks still defend like this, I am afraid they will hang up today."
Chapter one hundred and twenty-five The representative of Gao Fushuai
He is not a prophet, but his analysis is methodical.
However, the stadium is changing rapidly, and no one can guarantee that it will become an unbeaten myth. At best, it can be regarded as a high winning rate
At the end of the first quarter, the two teams fought for half a catty-the 76 ers led by 2 points 25-23.
The two teams’ substitutes made a deal with each other. Anthony formed a dream giant array, and the Knicks sent away all the potential new stars. Now they are either old, weak, sick or famous, and I don’t know where to find temporary workers.
The 76ers have always been criticized by fans, and the substitute team has obviously overwhelmed the Knicks.
Williams played happily defending him. Anthony Carter is 36 years old this year, a little older than Billups. There is no way to break through him. He has a feeling of facing primary school students as if he has become a stadium superstar during this period!
"How did Williams get the ball?"
Suddenly I don’t know that an old man in a studio on the other side of the ocean is commenting on his attack choice.
"Look, it’s iron again!"
Although the hit rate is not high, the overall efficiency is better than that of the Knicks. After hitting two consecutive shots, Speights broke through the basket, killing a 76 ers and establishing a point lead.
D ‘Antonima called a time-out.
Tang Wenlong and a bunch of main players got up from the bench and took the lead in applauding "Well done, man! “
Coach Doug Collins, who has always been unsmiling, also smiled. "You did a great job, Louis. I like it when you break through and continue to do this. The Atlanta man (Anthony Carter) can’t help you!" Near the end of the season, he also consciously decompressed the players, and then it was a new round of pressure in the playoffs, and he had to adjust his state before that.
Looking at it, it’s almost time for normal array rotation. Collins turned his attention to Tang Wenlong.
Tang Wenlong blinked a little.
Collins laughed. "We’ll try to get the score to ten in the second quarter. It’s time for you to perform."
Columbia University, new york
Fang arranged for the library to study by himself after the early summer and passed the campus bar.
Suddenly, there were ghosts crying and sighing in the bar, which was vaguely mixed with racist insults such as "yellow monkey" and "damn China guy"
She frowned deeply and took out her mobile phone.
Sure enough, there are 76ers playing today and the opponent is the new york Knicks.
While holding her arms, she leafed through the live broadcast of NBA text on her mobile phone. "It’s actually two points ahead. Does the Knicks seem to be not so weak?"
The so-called near-Zhu Zhechi boyfriend played basketball, and he also got to know the NBA in the early summer. For example, in new york, she knew that the Knicks’ late rise had reached the seventh place in the east, which is two places away from the 76ers. It is reasonable to say that the strength of the two teams should be not far apart.
When she looked closely at the players’ technical statistics, she saw that Tang Wenlong had scored 32 points, which was three minutes before the end of the third quarter.
"Wenlong is great!" She smiled with alacrity, and was really a hundred happy with her male ticket.
There are insulting broken words coming from a lively bar in the distance in her ears. At this moment, these things have melted in her ears, and she feels guilty because of fear and fear
"A bunch of buffoons!"
Sweat left from the hairline and fell down the cheeks to the floor.
Anthony’s heavy breathing fluctuates along his chest, and his back and knees feel a little sore. He knows that after a season of hard work, his body is not enough to support him and he will continue to fight hard for forty minutes.
But he was really unwilling to lose to a young man.
Anthony didn’t know how he felt when he thought about it. When Tang Wenlong first entered the league, he supported it. I didn’t expect it to climb to his head after only one season.
The atmosphere on the Knicks bench was dignified, and Stoudemire didn’t speak, just watching the marginal players of the two teams running back and forth.
Director Zhang sighed with emotion: "The 76ers really played a good game today. Tang Wenlong once again cut 3+ in less than three quarters. I don’t know how many times it has been done this season."
Yu Jia also quite agrees with this point. "It is said that the history of Tang Wenlong’s scoring ability is rare, and it is really hard to find a few players who have performed like this in the rookie season."
At this time, there was a dead ball in the stadium. The referee forced the suspension of the broadcast in the fourth quarter and switched to a scene in today’s game.
Yu Jia immediately followed up with the commentary, "Let’s take a look at Harbin Beer and bring us the best goal of the day!"
It was a defensive counter-attack, and Iguodala quickly broke into the frontcourt. Tang Wenlong cut into the frontcourt from 45 degrees and Iguodala formed a two-to-one situation against the Knicks.
Iguodala threw the ball up and Tang Wenlong caught it. After gliding for some distance, he dunked it with his hands.
"This is almost the epitome of the whole game. In the third quarter, the Knicks were taken away by a wave of defensive counterattacks from the 76ers," Yu Jia said with a smile.
In the end, the 76ers beat the Knicks 113-94 at home and swept new york in the season.
Tang Wenlong was rated as the best 19-shot, 12-pointer, 6-shot, 4-shot and 7-shot penalty, and scored 35 points, which was actually two points higher than him.