Yu Mu frowned and said, "Can you do it?"
I laughed. "Men can’t sayno."
Yu Mu bowed his head and said in my ear, "Don’t worry, brother, you have a good game. I know quite well where Wei Xu is."
Yu Mujian’s brain is still very bright at all times. I nodded at him and said, "Please, brother."
More than wood immediately great anger way "brother also said this kind of forced words? You didn’t stand up for me that day. How did you become like this? Don’t say much about Wei Xu’s goods. I won’t cripple him. "
At this time, my left hand was fixed with a bandage and I couldn’t move it, but my right hand took a pack of cigarettes from my pocket and signaled Yumu to bring me one.
Yu Mu took a cigarette and put it in my mouth, and I took one myself and lit it for me. I put the cigarette back in my pocket and took a drag and said to him, "Steady, don’t make a big deal."
Yu Mu patted me on the shoulder and said, "I am better at this than you!"
This shot directly touched my arm pain. I screamed and said, "Dude, don’t shoot me. Now I can’t move all over."
Yu Mu shook his head and smiled. "Mom, are you hurt all over?"
I vomitted an one mouthful rim of the eye and said "isn’t it? Four or five people knocked the old man on the ground with big thick iron bars in their arms. "
Yu Mu’s eyes flashed a little cruel and immediately said to me, "All right, I know, brother, you go to the game first. If you can’t hold on, don’t force yourself to be physically important. You can play again after the game is over."
"I know!"
I grinned at him.
Yu Mu also smiled and said, "We are still training tactics these days. I can’t do it without you. I’ll go first."
I said goodbye to Yumu, and if Xiaozheng Zhuangkai walked over, I don’t know when. Zhuangkai said, "Brother Tong, let me help you."
I nodded and limped into the Internet cafe with Zhuangkai’s help.
The venue of this competition is not a box, but directly in the hall, where people can watch directly.
I, a disabled person, attracted a lot of attention as soon as I sat in the competition seat. I didn’t care if I was bandaged, could my left hand touch the QWER button, and would it hurt if my right hand moved the mouse?
After trying for a few times, I found that the pain is also influential, but I can barely play.
At this time, five members of the Death Squad also came to greet us one after another.
"Hello, I’m Wang Ziwei in the Death Team."
"I am the death team AD Lin Jing"
"I am the death team."
"Zhang Lingfeng in the wild"
"I am Ceng Zhiwei, the assistant of the Death Team."
The members of the Death Squad came to greet us politely.
I also have a hard time getting up. Although my knee hurts, I still have to show respect to others.
After everyone introduced each other, the man named Wang Ziwei cast his eyes on me.
"This friend … you have to come to the game after this?" Wang Ziwei said in surprise
I scratched my head awkwardly and laughed. "I can’t fall from the building last night, and I can compete today with my injuries."
Wang Ziwei suddenly nodded at me and said, "Then you should pay attention to the fact that you hurt your body and come to the game. It’s commendable, but I don’t know if you can eat a game!"
I laughed. "It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter. Thank you, Wang."
Wang Ziwei is the captain of their team.
After a brief exchange with all their team members, we also returned to our position.
"Is Brother Tong OK?" If the boat said to me
My right hand made an OK gesture towards him. At this time, the bone of my right hand rang, and my face suddenly froze with a smile.
In order not to let them see the flaw, I still have a hard time moving my hand to the mouse and breathing straight.
Mom, this game is killing me.
At this stage, there is a special live broadcast of the game. It is said that if you go to Tencent LOL official website, you can still watch the game, but it has not reached the level of that kind of explanation, and you have entered the OB interface to delay the explanation.
I was a little upset by the noise of the onlookers whispering behind my seat. I wore headphones and ignored their words. Aish was signaling that the OB game could be played, and both sides of us officially entered the BAN selection stage.
Chapter 155 Unexpected
At this moment, there was a burst of applause in the Internet cafe, and the city final finally started at this moment.
I’m wondering what kind of AD I can take. In this state, Draven Vayne, an ADC, can’t play. A is too surprising, and the buttons are too frequent, so I can’t stand it.
It’s also a bit difficult to have a displacement ADC, such as Obama’s male gun. I’m afraid that if I don’t have a good displacement, I will directly destroy the whole team.
Now I can consider that ADC has a policewoman with a big mouth
It’s true that the fox in the first BAN across the street has a high appearance rate in the game, and most AP will not suffer from the opposite line, which makes AD and AP a headache. Moreover, this hero Aishi played very hard. In the previous few games, the fox CARRY was forced. I don’t know if this reason was lost by the opposite BAN.
According to Zhuang Kai, the winning percentage of Syndra in the opposite singles is 1% in the competition. Can we not BAN it?
Then across the street, Zelas and Rambo were finally banned.