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Celestial Volume Chapter 443 Eager
Celestial Volume Chapter 443 Eager
How dare Cui Yu neglect him? Zhong Kui, together with the Ten Temples of Hades, hurried out of the Back Temples and into the Front Temples, bowing down and kneeling down, given the heavenly decree.
Tiangong was sent to hell, which made him uncomfortable. Seeing that he was neglected, he was even more annoyed. But he also knew that Jinyang was in hell, and he knew Jinyang’s temper for a long time, so he didn’t know anything about Jinyang, and he didn’t say much. He hurriedly told the jade emperor’s will.
Not many words, but they were speechless with Cui Yu, the Ten Temple Yan. The Ten Temple Yan was indeed approved by the Taoist, allowing him to return to "thirty-three days away" and continue to listen to the Taoist teachings, while Cui Yuze was named as the new Lord of the underworld by the Jade Emperor, and it was also stated that he could worship at the door of the Emperor of the Universe.
Tianguan handed the heavenly decree to Cui Yu, and said a faint congratulations. Before Cui Yu could react, Tianguan turned his head and said respectfully to the ten halls of Yan: "Ten Yan Jun, the jade emperor has a message, please hurry to the heaven immediately, and then you can return to" thirty-three days away. "
The ten Yan kings were naturally overjoyed, but they were not ungrateful people. They quickly said, "Wait a moment. The Great Emperor of the Wild is practicing the Dharma in the back hall. I’ll say goodbye to him first, and then I can get up and hurry."
Ten Yan people know that they can return to "Thirty-three Days Outside" as soon as possible, mostly because they are touched by the light of Jinyang. They also know something about this great man with three scenic realms. At the very least, in the whole three realms, only Jinyang, the one who meets the jade emperor in the wild, stands and meets him personally, and at the same time, he enters "Thirty-three Days Outside" to discuss tea with Taoist ancestors.
Regardless of cheongwan’s answer or not, the Ten Hades went straight to the Houdian. With their true identity, there is no need to be so respectful to a small cheongwan.
Tiangong knew that Jinyang was here, but since Jinyang didn’t come out to take orders, he didn’t want to tell anyone, except the emperor of the universe, the confidant maid of the heavenly queen. It is said that it has been driven into the beast road, and this matter is widely circulated in heaven. In particular, he is a close minister of the Jade Emperor, and it is clear in his heart that the young master who recently entered the Zilin Temple is the only son of this Lord.
"I didn’t expect the emperor of the wild to be there, and the little god naturally had to pay a visit." The light in cheongwan’s eyes flashed, and he quickly made the wisest decision not to visit Jinyang, which may not be a bad thing. But it won’t be a bad thing to visit. It’s as simple as playing a few words.
Looking at ten Yan and cheongwan value Jinyang so much, Cui Yu and Zhong Kui also hurriedly followed, and each of them had his own thoughts. Jinyang’s words were simply imperial edict, since Jinyang let Cui Yu sit in this seat. Then he wants to run, and he can’t run away, while Zhong Kui is glad that he just decided to bet correctly.
Jinyang smiled wryly at the back of the house. He didn’t want to see any celestial officials, but the Ten Hades just led people in. This made Jinyang, who was eavesdropping, have to really suspend in mid-air, and the whole body was wrapped up with Zijin Zhenyuan, making it look like it was really refining the law.
Ten Yan is also a wonderful person. He rushed to the back hall and made a big bow-down, which is the most important gift. Ten Yan only had such a gift when facing the ancestors of Sanqing Daodao, although they didn’t know the exact identity of Jinyang. But it can directly change Daozu’s mind. This skill itself is scary, so be a teacher. It’s not too much.
Seeing that Ten Hades had such a thick salute, cheongwan only wanted to do a Jianli, but suddenly he didn’t dare to neglect it any more, and he also hurriedly made a big worship ceremony. Although he was very unhappy in his heart, there was nothing he could do.
Jinyang slightly opened his eyes and said a few words lightly.
Knowing that Jinyang didn’t want to see him, Tiangong didn’t want to be boring again, so he bluntly went back to heaven to get his life.
Jinyang naturally has no problem. He didn’t have much friendship with the Ten Hades, so he helped them back to "33 days away". The only idea was to take the hell into his pocket and clear some obstacles for his son Jin Xiaoxian.
See cheongwan led ten temple yan left, jinyang immediately returned to its original state, and Zijin Zhenyuan disappeared, but others still sat in mid-air, staring straight at Cui Yu in wait for a while.
Cui Yu even a fool, also know the meaning of Jinyang, looked at the side of Zhong Kui, there is no way, only crustily skin of head, knelt down to Jinyang, a gift from master, the jade emperor kissed the teacher, he didn’t worship, after three visits and nine knocks, he really grew up under the door of the temple.
Jinyang was very satisfied. He liked Cui Yu, who had no ambition. He was kind-hearted and didn’t have much darkness. Seeing Zhong Kui’s face was envious, he immediately said, "yes man, Zhong Kui, this emperor has fulfilled you and accepted you as a disciple."
Zhong Kui immediately exultation, hurriedly bow down to the ground, although he stay in hell all the year round, but for many important events in the Three Realms, also be like the palm of his hand, knowing that there are not many people handed down by Jinyang, which one is not a big shot in heaven, and the whole West Cow Hezhou has basically fallen under the authority of Yan Yang Dian, so many good places are better than staying in hell.
Accepting disciples and giving gifts are universal for the three realms. Jinyang’s trip to the underworld not only solves the huge poison in the body, but also has numerous benefits. Just take out two dharma fingers from the "devil-refining pot" and then take out two innate Lingbao. The purple and gold light flashes, and the fingers become the most basic energy, and two innate Lingbao are also erased and buried in the Yuan God brand.
Dad gave it to two people, and Zhong Kui thanked him for his exultation. Although Cui Yu was forced to take the throne in the world, it has become a fact, and there is no room for going back on our word. He respectfully took the magic weapon and the energy group and bowed down to give thanks.
Cui Yuben has the strength of the true fairy peak, and the energy group of his fingers is enough for him to directly advance to the land of Xuanxian, plus the presence of innate Lingbao, which is enough for him to subdue those powerful Yin gods.
When the solution was not enough, Jinyang immediately said, "Everything is settled, and you have to go back to heaven for your teacher. Zhong Kui, you should stay in the underworld first and help your senior brother with some things. In the future, I will send an expert to sit in the town, and then you will follow people back to heaven."
Zhong Kui hurriedly brought life, he has the strength of XuanXian order, already can feel the powerful energy contained in the palm energy group, was about to take a time to produce absorption, hell as a stronghold, nature is the best place.
Command everything, Jinyang hurriedly call feather spirit, ready to go back to the temple of inflammation Yang, he can’t wait, dharma body of great energy, have to hurry to send ontology, strength can definitely improve to an unexpected state.
Just out of the temple, Jinyang remembered those hags again, and immediately gave Cui Yu a jade charm. If Jinyang was left, those hags who had hidden most of their strength could be mobilized, so that they could stay in hell for the time being and wait for Hades.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 444 Cross the rubicon
Celestial Volume Chapter 444 Cross the rubicon
In the main hall of the burning sun, Jinyang sat on the jade seat of the burning dragon, put his mind into the "devil pot" and began to count the spoils of this trip to hell.
There are more than a dozen pieces of innate Lingbao, but except for the Taoist Lu Ya’s "Flying Knife for Cutting Immortals", it can rank fourth in the top ten list of innate Lingbao. The others are all ordinary goods, but some are better than none. There are many disciples in the school, and their strength has also improved a lot recently, but the magic weapon that weighs hands is poor, which has great constraints on the development of the temple of the sun.
Take Taoist Tianjue as an example. As the first real person to take charge of the temple of Yan Yang, he has been given the elixir many times in Jinyang, and he has been promoted to the next rank of Xuanxian several years ago. However, there is no treasure in his hand. Although the Ten Commandments are fierce, the ten other disciples are scattered all over the country, and they can’t exert their power and really fight. They are definitely no match for the demon king of Xuanxian level.
The original owners of these congenital treasures are all dead, so it is very simple to refine the brand of Yuan God hidden in them. Besides, there is an old pervert, Yu Ling, who has gained so much benefit. Naturally, he is embarrassed to refuse to help Jinyang to sacrifice and refine these congenital treasures again. Anyway, it is only a matter of time before refining the golden curtain, and it doesn’t take any effort. At the same time, refining is quite boring, just looking for something to do.
In addition to the innate Lingbao, there are two pure celestial demon dharmas, as well as the golden body left by Taoist Dizang. These dharmas are completely condensed by energy, without any impurities, and they are the easiest to absorb. They are definitely the first-class tonic, especially the celestial demon dharmas, which have great strength beyond ordinary founding protoss, even if Sanqing sees them. It is estimated that it will also be tempted.
Although it is not as good as the founding God in its heyday, the second dharma body can still be in an invincible position in the war with the founding dragon god Yu Ling, which can fully explain his powerful strength and thus the horror of the energy contained in the dharma body. Although it is not as good as the golden curtain that Yu Ling got, it is only for Jinyang. If you don’t count ten years, you won’t be able to digest it completely.
With the accurate estimation of feather spirit. If Jinyang absorbs the dharma bodies of the two heavenly demons until they are completely digested, at least it can have the strength of one percent of the founding God, so it will no longer be difficult to catch up with the ancestors of Sanqing Daodao, and with the "devil’s pot" left by the founding God King Nuwa, ordinary heavenly demons can’t get close at all, and they can walk sideways within the three realms.
After counting everything. Jinyang immediately ordered the gatekeeper demon general, called Taoist Tianjue, and gave him ten fingers of the dharma body. Although they were only fingers, they were all three or four feet long and more than ten feet thick, and the terrorist energy contained in them was absolutely no less than the energy accumulated by ordinary jade immortals in their lifelong practice. As long as the Ten Unique Taoist priests can fully absorb refining and chemical engineering, their strength will be greatly increased, and the promotion to Yuxian realm is just around the corner.
Road flyover Tianjue hurriedly bowed down to give thanks and packed up ten fingers.
Jinyang also took out the old monster with feather spirit to offer sacrifices to refined innate spiritual treasures again, with a total of 17 pieces, and gave it to Taoist Tianjue. As a real person who holds the palm of the temple of Yan Yang, every powerful magic weapon is absolutely impossible, not only to deter the major forces inside the temple, but also to deter the major forces outside.