The 15th? Really have you …
"Decheng Medical University requests a time-out!"
All the home fans cheered with excitement when they heard this timeout. What does this timeout mean? On behalf of Decheng Medical University, I have been afraid of Chengke University! Doesn’t the law of basketball say that which team calls a timeout first in the first quarter, then the team has already lost? Therefore, the home fans seem to have seen the victory-seeing Chengke beat Tokugawa Medical University just like the previous two games!
The two teams returned to their rest areas with diametrically opposite feelings. Chengke University was relaxed and happy, while Decheng Medical University was gloomy and heavy …
"Eldest brother you this slam dunk is so handsome! I admire you like a surging river … "Liu Yanlei looked at Zeng Feiyang almost madly and his eyes seemed to be flashing with stars.
"Little flattery! I can’t stand you "Yang day criticise a butt sitting in the chair.
"Is the worship of the boss less? I also worship the boss, but I worship the boss in my heart! Ha ha ….. "Cheng Shifei also echoed 1.
Zeng Feiyang smiled and said, "Hey, you guys, don’t flatter me there. I’m going to blush if you don’t blush!"
Everyone laughed after hearing this. At this moment, they are happy or relaxed …
Li Leiqi looked at his brothers with a smile and didn’t speak, but he felt that his eyes seemed to be moist …
Feiyang thank you! You finally let me see the bright future of China basketball …
Li Leiqi’s gentle and comforting eyes looked at Zeng Feiyang’s heart and sighed! Zeng Feiyang’s dream button also made the nearly half-year-old man find his dream when he was young-to make China basketball team one of the top teams in the world!
Maybe he can really change the basketball situation in China and break the’ Yao (Yao) is invincible’ theorem …
Kang Zheng looked at Chengkeda rest area, and Zeng Feiyang’s heart was more jealous than anger.
Damn it! I cann’t believe you’re laughing so hard. this bastard …
Kang Zhengyue think more depressed more think more angry finally unbearable anger spilled on his teammates "Cheng Xiangxiang how the hell did you prevent the 15th? Let him break through so easily! Also completed a dunk! Did you play hard or not? "
On the 7th, Cheng Xiangxiang’s face suddenly became gloomy and angry. He came because Zeng Feiyang had broken through himself and was very annoyed. He vented his anger in Kang Zheng’s heart. This unreasonable reviling made Cheng Xiangxiang completely angered. "What the fuck do you mean by this? Didn’t the old man seriously guard against him? It’s that small speed that’s too fast to prevent! You know, scold me. What about yourself? Didn’t you get fouled twice by the 15th? Don’t you fucking be the ace of the team! You are not an idiot when you meet that No.15! "
Kang Zheng’s face was flushed with anger, pointing to Cheng Xiangxiang’s murderous eyes and saying, "What do you mean by this little word? Who are you calling an idiot? "
Cheng Xiangxiang was scared by Kang Zheng’s fierce eyes, but his self-esteem did not allow him to retreat. Cheng Xiangxiang swallowed saliva and continued to try to be brave. Come on, I’m afraid of you! I’ve long disliked you! If it weren’t for your skill, it would be the best in the team! I turned against you a long time ago! To tell you the truth, we all miss you! In fact, everyone hates you. "
"What did you say?" Kang Zheng bit his teeth and looked at the others intentionally. At this time, other teammates looked at Kang Zheng with disgust and hatred. I thought that if possible, each of them would rush to beat Kang Zheng without melancholy.
"Do you still have me as a coach in your eyes?" Ceng Chao finally took out the coach’s majesty and stopped Kang Zhenghe from quarreling with Cheng Xiang.
The two men realized that Ceng Chao had bowed his head and dared not quarrel again.
Ceng Chao coldly caught a glimpse of the two’ disappointing’ brothers and said, "You two can’t calm down when you come! Do you understand? "
"… is …" Two people responded with low spirit.
Ceng Chao snorted and ignored them. He turned to his other brothers and said, "Do you want to win or not?"
There is no noise in thinking. Everyone wants the same thing.
Ceng Chao looked at his ambitious brothers and continued, "Do you think you can win by fighting like this?"
They looked at each other and said dimly, "You can’t …"
"you can’t? Hum ….. "Ceng Chao sneered at the sink and said," You’ve almost lost your fighting spirit. Of course, you can’t win! I’m telling you, if you want to win, show your momentum and fighting spirit! And follow my instructions to play the game well, so that you can win. No.15 is really strong, but he is alone after all! Basketball is not for one person to play! I believe that if you cooperate well and defend well, you will be able to defeat your opponent … "After a pause, Ceng Chao showed a cruel smile." You can also give him some special care when necessary! "
All one leng have revealed a sinister smile …
Meng Tianxue returned to the basketball stadium with mixed feelings. She didn’t know how to tell everyone about Liu Yang. She was really depressed. At this moment, Liu Yang suddenly changed his mind and had a great influence on the team. It is self-evident that after all, Liu Yang is the strongest main player in the team except Zeng Feiyang! At the same time, he is the team’s scoring champion-about 3% of the team’s offensive shots are completed by him.
"Du ~ ~ ~"
"hmm?" Meng Tianxue was startled by the referee’s whistle and called back her mind and turned her eyes to the stadium. However, what she saw was a picture that made her heart almost jump to her throat-lying on the ground with her face hidden and bleeding bright red at the brow bone in the right eye of the stadium.
Chapter 50 Black Hands
After the timeout, the players from both sides walked the court again.
I don’t know how Zeng Feiyang felt that his opponents’ eyes changed. It seemed that there was something more, but Zeng Feiyang didn’t care much. After all, he was used to other people’s strange eyes.
Cheng Xiangxiang took the ball and greeted others after half-time. It was Zeng Feiyang.
Zeng Feiyang’s face is still with that cynical smile. "Ha, you’re here again, but this time it’s attacked by you. You must work hard!" Oh, by the way, how would you attack? Breakthrough? Throw three points? Or a ball … "
This bastard …
Cheng Xiangxiang hated her teeth and wanted to beat Zeng Feiyang up, but he absolutely couldn’t do it himself! And he won’t let Ceng Feiyang arrogance for too long …
Cheng Xiang’s face showed a subtle sinister smile and dribbled slowly.
Who knows that Cheng Xiangxiang just moved, and his hand moved. When he saw that Zeng Feiyang suddenly made a flash, the ball in Cheng Xiangxiang’s hand was knocked off, and others also spared Cheng Xiangxiang and got the basketball and killed him at the half-court of Decheng Medical University.
This guy …
Cheng Xiangxiang didn’t realize that Zeng Feiyang would make a sudden move and move quickly, so that Cheng Xiangxiang didn’t even have a chance to respond.
"Yeah ~ ~ ~" Zeng Feiyang’s steal this time made the audience boil again. Some MMs were already screaming for Zeng Feiyang to dunk again.
In the face of Zeng Feiyang’s ability that almost sprinters will become roots at top speed, I can look at Zeng Feiyang’s flying figure blankly.
Just as Zeng Feiyang rushed into the three-point line, another man followed, but this man was not a member of Tokugawa Medical University, but a player dressed as the No.1 uniform of HKUST-Yang Tian.
Zeng Feiyang realized that Yang Tian had come with a smile on his face.
Oh, my God, is it coming? Then let everyone see our performance!
Zeng Feiyang immediately threw the ball high after stepping into the penalty area. Seeing this situation, all the audience and all the players had a common answer in their minds …
Relay! ?
"Ah ~ ~" Yang Tianda roared his feet and "flew" like a fighter plane. After he grabbed the basketball with both hands in the middle, his body drew a line of beauty to the basket, and his opponent’s heart was beating violently near the fans’ heart, and he fell into the valley. In their eyes, Yang Tianna was left with a flying body.
"bang!" The basket gave a groan of pain. Liu Yang grabbed the basket with both hands and pulled it hard when he landed. It was like trying to pull it.
Passion, excitement, blood madness!
At this time, these emotions occupied the hearts of all the audience. This relay was so perfect and wonderful!
"I got it again, I got it again, haha …" Zhang Youxin was so excited that it was beyond words. He was really glad that he could get a special report on this team. He knew that he had made the right bet this time!
At this time, the score is only 3-Chengke University leads by 5 points! However, all this can not affect the joy of Chengke University in the slightest. At this moment, every one of them is burning with enthusiasm for victory.
"Good!" After completing this wonderful relay, Zeng Feiyang and Yang Tian laughed and high-fived, and then ran back to the backcourt together. Since they came to the university, they have not completed such a wonderful relay as today for a long time. They are all happy with each other in their hearts-their absolute tacit understanding is still there.
The game continued. This time, Cheng Xiang carefully guarded the ball for fear that Zeng Feiyang would take it away again. When he went outside the three-point line, he immediately stopped dribbling and put the ball at his waist to prevent Zeng Feiyang from grabbing the ball.
Zeng Feiyang immediately smiled. "Do you want to pull the ball? Or do you want to shoot three points directly? Ha, if you want to vote for three points, vote for it! I won’t stand in your way. Try harder and make sure you score this goal! Don’t miss the shot! It would be a shame if you didn’t vote. I said you did! Feel free to vote boldly! Allah, I will never cover your hat … "
In the face of Zeng Feiyang’s endless saliva attack, Cheng Xiang’s eyebrows were lightly picked on his forehead and the veins stood out, but he also kept telling himself to calm down and never act impulsively, or he would lose his’ opportunity’ again.
Cheng Xiangxiang turned his attention to Ceng Chao and nodded his head intentionally. What instructions seemed to be reaching?
Cheng Xiang smiled when he saw it, and kept shaking the ball in front of him, revealing a big flaw, as if he were asking others to grab their own ball quickly.
Zeng Feiyang tried to steal the ball again, but the accident happened. When he saw Zeng Feiyang just leaning into Xiang Xiang, the latter suddenly shook his elbow and hit Zeng Feiyang’s right eye obsequiously.