Ye Liangkai knows so well because he wrote about suicide. When he wanted to commit suicide, he wrote the reasons for suicide first, followed by the words "Don’t be sad, take care of yourself, and have something to explain." Finally, he emphasized that relatives and friends should not be sad and cherish life and happiness.
Ye Liangkai felt that Lin Shen’s legacy really didn’t look like a suicide. With this doubt in his heart, he asked what Lin Ma had done before she died.
Lin Ma sighed when talking about this matter and recalled, "Before Shen Er died, I called him and he was crying just after I got through. Suddenly he asked me for my bank password, remember? I was a little surprised at that time. He suddenly asked me. He explained that it was just a sudden thought of asking. Later, he suddenly cried and said that he loved me. He called me again and then hung up in a hurry. "
At this point, Lin Ma sighed again and continued, "I have always refused to believe that Shen Er will commit suicide. Although I know his heart is bitter, this child will not be so sexual. I went to the police station and asked them to investigate again. The police refused to file a case. His crew seems to be hiding something from me."
Ye Liangkai listened patiently, looked at the calm heart, but looked at the desk notes and suddenly asked, "Did Aunt Lin Shen keep a diary? Did you bring back his things?"
Lin Ma nodded and said, "I brought his wallet back. I went to his rented house to get his notes back. Wait a minute." After that, Lin Ma came out of the door and came in with five or six thick notes in her hand.
Ye Liangkai looked intently. Four are notes taken during filming, and the other two are diaries.
The first diary is a thing that the university has just entered the social period. Ye Liangkai put it aside for the time being and picked up the second one. The last date is March 1, 18. It seems that Lin Shen still keeps the habit of keeping a diary. Although it is not recorded every day, there is a rule that important things are kept in mind, and unimportant things will be recorded every three days to make a summary.
Lin Ma said that she had carefully searched for Lin Shen’s relics and brought all her notes. He didn’t keep a diary in the studio and suitcase, but he had notes of a new character.
Ye Liangkai intuition Lin Shen still has an important note, so where is the latest diary?
Chapter one hundred and fourteen Pick you up
Leaves are cool, leaves are quiet, leaves are quiet, leaves are noisy, and every day, the funeral begins at 5: 30, and it starts at 10: 00, so I can hear thick cocoons in my ears.
He has been looking through Lin Shen’s diary when he has nothing to do these days, and he is more and more sure that another important diary has been taken away.
Ye Liang started talking and asked Wang Meng to go to the police station to see the police. There was no evidence left by the police. It was said that it was an ordinary suicide case, but the net caused a bloody storm, and the sinner was murdered to death.
This leads Ye Liangkai in the direction of thinking that Lin Shen has offended anyone, Liu Qingya’s father and daughter Qi Zhen’s agent, or has offended potential enemies. All speculations are not supported by tangible evidence.
The more I think about it, the bigger my brain is, the cooler my brain is, and the hand is stretched out intact. I rubbed my swollen temples and looked at the thick green trees.
Two swallows with scissors are happy to chase them, but they are free. Higher animals seem to be born with worries.
The warmth of summer has been stripped of a layer in this small mountain village. Even here, the wind brings comfortable and cool leaves. After coming here, you can sleep until dawn at night without blowing a fan and wrapping a thin quilt.
Ye Liangkai slowly let go of his thoughts, throw away the grief of losing his wife for a while, enjoy quietly, comfort people’s spiritual wounds, and quietly
Shiying has left him for 15 days, 4 minutes and 3 seconds. Her voice and smile are still vivid, and her thoughts are getting heavier and heavier. The falling place in my heart is getting bigger and bigger.
Ye Liangkai feels that she will be swallowed up by great mourning at any time, and there is no muscle left in her brain. She often gives her life to accompany her to be lonely, but Yang Shi is too worried and tied to him. In the sunset, her parents silently care for his friends.
Gradually relax the tense strings in the body and mind, temporarily relax the environment and the atmosphere is very comfortable.
The world behind the house looks at the world struggle. At this moment, the leaves are cool and the expression is very quiet. Walking to the extreme side of the scale, the pace stops.
Ye Liangkai’s heart has always been filled with an impetuous heart over the years, but after the aura of the peak and the gloom of the current trough, the floating gas gradually precipitated.
Maybe he himself didn’t find that his mentality was no longer eager for quick success and instant benefit, and he hoped to walk step by step.
Sitting in a wheelchair, slimming down and slowly being held in my arms, this hug is not tight but not loose, just to maintain it in a just right place.
Ye Liangkai slowly opened his silent black eyes without looking back. The man stared at the pink rose and said slowly, "Why are you here?"
"Aunt is worried about you, and I will come to see you for her." The man’s voice is a little soft at the moment, and his usual resolute voice is different. It seems that he is also influenced by this pure land.
"I’m fine. I have to stay here for three days and wait for the funeral before I can go home." Ye Liangkai’s voice was a little cold and lost some of her former warmth.
"Take it easy. When you are tired, lean on my arms." Qi Zhen uttered these warm words from his heart, but before he forgot those behind him, he could really be moved by not only means.
When something happens, it’s hard to pretend to forget that Ye Liangkai is facing the gentle sunshine, and Qi Zhen’s mind is often correcting that a person can hurt others in the name of love.
"My heart has gone with Shiying, and now my body is dry. No one can ignite my love. I can’t keep you away from me. The only thing I can say is that you can’t get feedback from me. I advise you to leave early."
This is a conscious leaf. The words spoken by Liang Kai are exhausted and have some good persuasion flavor.
"Oh, then I’ll wait until I don’t mind."
Ye Liangkai was silent, Jizhen silently leaned over and hugged him, and the world was quiet again. After a long time, Ye Liangkai suddenly turned around and stared at the dark brown eyes and said, "You have the diary." This tone is very certain.
This word has no head and no tail. JiZhen said doubtfully, "What diary" seems to know nothing.
"It’s okay, I’ll go back." Ye Liangkai said this sentence and then turned back and sipped his mouth and never spoke again.
If the murderer is Qi Zhen, then his performance is so good that even he can’t see any traces of performance. It’s quite natural to act from the next time. Maybe he found that he didn’t blow up his fruit this time in Qi Zhen’s hands, but it doesn’t rule out his suspicion.
Yuet Hua, like practicing, is silent all around. During this deep sleep, there is a small bed shaking like a driveway.
Leaves cool and five senses are more sensitive in the dark. Bite your lips and dare not reveal the slightest sound. The moonlight poured out of the window and plated the bed with a soft layer of Yin Hui’s sweat shining in the moonlight.
JiZhen broke off Ye Liang and tasted the sweet lips at the beginning. Ye Liang’s face was a little blurred, like a charming fox demon that lured men to absorb essence.
Ye Liangkai is asleep and confused, and his hands are wandering around, fanning the flames and teasing him to sleep. yuwang and others are awake. Now this picture is quite difficult to ride a tiger, and the pain and happiness are parallel.
The next day, Lin Ma knocked at the door of the house and shouted, "It’s cool to eat."
Ye Liangkai opened his eyes covered with glue, grabbed them, hugged his thick arms, and responded with a hoarse voice, "Aunt, I’ll get up later."
JiZhen listen to the sound of funeral music outside fidgety turn heavy pressure to get up everyone.
"Shoulder pressure" leaves cool open pain called dint away the heavy mountain.
"What’s the pressure?" JiZhen was a little confused and asked nervously. He was so annoyed that he forgot to open his body and blamed the damn car accident for the injury.
"Get up, Ye Liangkai took the bedclothes and threw them to Jizhen." Ye Liangkai had some difficulty in buttoning his shirt because of a shoulder injury, and Jizhen quickly approached to help him.
Ye Liangkai is a shopkeeper of cutting and enjoying himself with peace of mind. It is simply a painful thing for the president to wear pajamas alone these days. Every time Lin Ma calls him, he gets up early and gets dressed. Last night, things really disturbed his daily life.
Lin Ma looked at the two of them sleepy and asked "Didn’t you sleep well?"
Ye Liangkai heard that Lin Ma carefully smiled and explained that "two people squeezed into a bed last night were a little uncomfortable." Jizhen didn’t expose Ye Liangkai’s lies and went out to brush his teeth alone.
"At noon, I told them not to play music, so you have a good nap." Lin Ma put porridge on the tray and wanted to help Ye Liang open the quilt.
When Ye Liangkai saw it, he immediately guiltily stopped Lin Ma and said, "Aunt, I have something to tell you."
Lin Ma reached out to the thin quilt and stopped with her hand. She went to Ye Liangkai and said, "What’s the matter?"
Ye Liangkai quickly pulled a reason and said, "Is Lin Shen’s Soul Night with you the day after tomorrow?"
As soon as Lin Ma heard something about Lin Shen, she forgot to fold it. She was moved by it and said, "Do you want to keep it, too?"
Leaves cool open nodded and said "well" and then said "aunt, you go home with me after the funeral."
Lin Ma shook her head and smiled and said, "I’ll be lonely when I’m gone. Thank you this time."
"Ah, aunt, I don’t know what to say," Ye Liangkai looked at Lin Ma and said hesitantly.
Lin Ma looked at her face and nodded and said, "If you have something to say, I won’t blame you."
"Aunt, I think you lost a lot of your own life when you were alive, but you can live by yourself." Ye Liangkai looked at Lin Ma’s vicissitudes of life and said this.
When Lin Ma heard this, she bent her mouth and said with a wry smile, "I haven’t read it and I don’t know how to be happy when I am alive. When my mother was alive, she told me that a woman’s life is to marry a man when she grows up, have children for her, take care of the housework, raise the children and let him support me when I am old."
Leaves are cool, eyelashes are gathered, and I feel a little uncomfortable. Many women have been educated since childhood to be attached to men. What can’t be wonderful in live high?
However, it is really lonely when a person is alive. It is a very realistic problem who leads you forward when you are old and unable to move. People who are maverick and abandon the routine are doomed to lose a lot of fun for everyone compared with women with families and children.
Cool leaves mean that Lin Ma can live by herself, find a man who loves her, and do something meaningful. Don’t tie a heart to her body, just like American couples raise their offspring.
"Ah, aunt, if you feel lonely, just call me and treat me as your other son." Ye Liangkai thought for a while and finally said so.
Lin Ma nodded and blinked, stretched out his hand and wiped the tears from his eyes and said with a smile, "Good."
Life is like this, it gives you a door and a small window, and gives you some hope when you are desperate. People put this sentence out of the cocoon, but it is in our life.