"Yes! Nima … Are you going to shout for an escort? Your ya … "Leng Ye a cow up fathers don’t recognize!
What do you care about D? The Second Hall of the Royal Family is your labor! Old is still embarrassing!
"The cut is over!" Desire for night boss calm on the side Leng Ye smile happily looking at AnYun son two people like nothing, as if everything was just acting.
Mu night boss adjusted a tie and looked at Leng Ye with convulsive corners of his mouth.
"Say, why are you here so early? !” Leng Ye looked at it and came five minutes earlier than him! He won’t tell them that he came by plane!
"Small allow son che …" GongZeXi parked the car and went in to meet them.
Looking around for a Yin Kehan hasn’t arrived yet.
I guess … I played with An Yunze somewhere!
"Xixi Daddy …" An Yuner came to think about it enthusiastically and rushed to embrace Gong Zexi to give him a big one. Who knows that Mu Yesi has been holding her pigtails and won’t let her go?
Whoops … It hurts, it hurts …
"Who allowed you to throw yourself at me?" Mu night boss is bohemian and looks at her sipping her lips with an unhappy face.
"…" Whoops will bully me!
Well, since we’re going to act, let’s do it to the end!
"…" Jiang Xiche snorted and walked into the hotel room without looking back.
You always like to play games with me
When can I be less naive? Cooperate with Mu Yesi to act …
Do you think too highly of yourself? He’s just benefiting you.
When will you be a fool?
"hey! Wang Xuan, do you want to be so shameless and let a girl help you with your things! " Gong Ze parked the car and started the trunk to let Wang Xuan take all his things away, but he walked in carelessly!
It’s the worst thing to let her drag such heavy luggage by a girl. It’s still him!
"= You really can’t let girls carry such heavy things, but are you a girl?" Wang Xuan couldn’t help laughing. The expression on Gong Ze’s face was really funny.
54C hood?
"Pain …" Gong Ze stepped on Wang Xuan severely and then threw his luggage out and took the room card by himself and entered the room.
"What a suck …" Gong Zexi gloated and went in with his luggage.
How much his sister, Gong Ze, is? His brother has deeply realized it.
Yin Kehan and An Yunze have arrived at the hotel gate.
An Yunze is a very gentleman. He pulls the door for her and gives her a hand.
Wow … How romantic!
And then …
He smiled and gave her the luggage on the left.
"An Yunze! Are you a man? Let me take it … I’m a girl! " Yin Kehan is still in a good mood. She has been petrified since he gave her the luggage.
"Female …" An Yunze female … for n long and then poof out laughing!
She’s a girl. Poof, haha …
"What are you laughing at ….." Yin Kehan doodle mouth a face of unhappy.
"maid! Follow me with my luggage and my room card, understand? " An Yunze refrained from laughing and then took out a golden room card from his trouser pocket and put it in her chest pocket.
Yes … He just stared at her breasts for a minute!
An Yunze teased her and then said, "Cover?"
"An Yunze! You are a king egg! " Yin kehan got red in the face when he heard the word, and ran after him with his luggage.
"Aye aye aye … Miss Yoon, what are you excited about … the cup is not a shameful thing …" An Yunze swallowed saliva and started to run and said it with a high volume!
"Ah ah! An Yunze, you also said that you also said … "Yin Kehan gas tears are coming out.
Many people around are snickering at her. What a shame!
"Ahhh … boss! Help wow … "An Yunze like a big boy hiding behind longed for night boss.
"Lie trough! Brother beast is really dating Kehan! " An Yuner looked at them dumbfounded.
"Don’t pull my pants!" I longed for the night boss to watch AnYunZe pull his pants all the time, and he was torn off wearing loose slacks today.
"…" An Yunze didn’t give a damn. He continued to hide here and there …
You can’t catch me! You can’t catch me!
Yin Kehan continues to attack from left to right to see how you can hide from you-a dead wolf! Look at girls …
Finally, in AnYunZe’s crazy hiding several times, I longed for the loose casual pants of the night boss to be pulled.
Pants exposed!
That’s not the point! The point is … His pants are’ Crayon Shinchan’ pattern!
Mu Yesi petrified.