Ceng Chao squinted at Zeng Feiyang and immediately called a pause. If you don’t call a pause at this time! Then the game may be lost!

The 15th? Really have you …
"Decheng Medical University requests a time-out!"
All the home fans cheered with excitement when they heard this timeout. What does this timeout mean? On behalf of Decheng Medical University, I have been afraid of Chengke University! Doesn’t the law of basketball say that which team calls a timeout first in the first quarter, then the team has already lost? Therefore, the home fans seem to have seen the victory-seeing Chengke beat Tokugawa Medical University just like the previous two games!
The two teams returned to their rest areas with diametrically opposite feelings. Chengke University was relaxed and happy, while Decheng Medical University was gloomy and heavy …
"Eldest brother you this slam dunk is so handsome! I admire you like a surging river … "Liu Yanlei looked at Zeng Feiyang almost madly and his eyes seemed to be flashing with stars.
"Little flattery! I can’t stand you "Yang day criticise a butt sitting in the chair.
"Is the worship of the boss less? I also worship the boss, but I worship the boss in my heart! Ha ha ….. "Cheng Shifei also echoed 1.
Zeng Feiyang smiled and said, "Hey, you guys, don’t flatter me there. I’m going to blush if you don’t blush!"
Everyone laughed after hearing this. At this moment, they are happy or relaxed …
Li Leiqi looked at his brothers with a smile and didn’t speak, but he felt that his eyes seemed to be moist …
Feiyang thank you! You finally let me see the bright future of China basketball …
Li Leiqi’s gentle and comforting eyes looked at Zeng Feiyang’s heart and sighed! Zeng Feiyang’s dream button also made the nearly half-year-old man find his dream when he was young-to make China basketball team one of the top teams in the world!
Maybe he can really change the basketball situation in China and break the’ Yao (Yao) is invincible’ theorem …
Kang Zheng looked at Chengkeda rest area, and Zeng Feiyang’s heart was more jealous than anger.
Damn it! I cann’t believe you’re laughing so hard. this bastard …
Kang Zhengyue think more depressed more think more angry finally unbearable anger spilled on his teammates "Cheng Xiangxiang how the hell did you prevent the 15th? Let him break through so easily! Also completed a dunk! Did you play hard or not? "
On the 7th, Cheng Xiangxiang’s face suddenly became gloomy and angry. He came because Zeng Feiyang had broken through himself and was very annoyed. He vented his anger in Kang Zheng’s heart. This unreasonable reviling made Cheng Xiangxiang completely angered. "What the fuck do you mean by this? Didn’t the old man seriously guard against him? It’s that small speed that’s too fast to prevent! You know, scold me. What about yourself? Didn’t you get fouled twice by the 15th? Don’t you fucking be the ace of the team! You are not an idiot when you meet that No.15! "
Kang Zheng’s face was flushed with anger, pointing to Cheng Xiangxiang’s murderous eyes and saying, "What do you mean by this little word? Who are you calling an idiot? "
Cheng Xiangxiang was scared by Kang Zheng’s fierce eyes, but his self-esteem did not allow him to retreat. Cheng Xiangxiang swallowed saliva and continued to try to be brave. Come on, I’m afraid of you! I’ve long disliked you! If it weren’t for your skill, it would be the best in the team! I turned against you a long time ago! To tell you the truth, we all miss you! In fact, everyone hates you. "
"What did you say?" Kang Zheng bit his teeth and looked at the others intentionally. At this time, other teammates looked at Kang Zheng with disgust and hatred. I thought that if possible, each of them would rush to beat Kang Zheng without melancholy.
"Do you still have me as a coach in your eyes?" Ceng Chao finally took out the coach’s majesty and stopped Kang Zhenghe from quarreling with Cheng Xiang.
The two men realized that Ceng Chao had bowed his head and dared not quarrel again.
Ceng Chao coldly caught a glimpse of the two’ disappointing’ brothers and said, "You two can’t calm down when you come! Do you understand? "
"… is …" Two people responded with low spirit.
Ceng Chao snorted and ignored them. He turned to his other brothers and said, "Do you want to win or not?"
There is no noise in thinking. Everyone wants the same thing.
Ceng Chao looked at his ambitious brothers and continued, "Do you think you can win by fighting like this?"
They looked at each other and said dimly, "You can’t …"
"you can’t? Hum ….. "Ceng Chao sneered at the sink and said," You’ve almost lost your fighting spirit. Of course, you can’t win! I’m telling you, if you want to win, show your momentum and fighting spirit! And follow my instructions to play the game well, so that you can win. No.15 is really strong, but he is alone after all! Basketball is not for one person to play! I believe that if you cooperate well and defend well, you will be able to defeat your opponent … "After a pause, Ceng Chao showed a cruel smile." You can also give him some special care when necessary! "
All one leng have revealed a sinister smile …
Meng Tianxue returned to the basketball stadium with mixed feelings. She didn’t know how to tell everyone about Liu Yang. She was really depressed. At this moment, Liu Yang suddenly changed his mind and had a great influence on the team. It is self-evident that after all, Liu Yang is the strongest main player in the team except Zeng Feiyang! At the same time, he is the team’s scoring champion-about 3% of the team’s offensive shots are completed by him.
"Du ~ ~ ~"
"hmm?" Meng Tianxue was startled by the referee’s whistle and called back her mind and turned her eyes to the stadium. However, what she saw was a picture that made her heart almost jump to her throat-lying on the ground with her face hidden and bleeding bright red at the brow bone in the right eye of the stadium.
Chapter 50 Black Hands
After the timeout, the players from both sides walked the court again.
I don’t know how Zeng Feiyang felt that his opponents’ eyes changed. It seemed that there was something more, but Zeng Feiyang didn’t care much. After all, he was used to other people’s strange eyes.
Cheng Xiangxiang took the ball and greeted others after half-time. It was Zeng Feiyang.
Zeng Feiyang’s face is still with that cynical smile. "Ha, you’re here again, but this time it’s attacked by you. You must work hard!" Oh, by the way, how would you attack? Breakthrough? Throw three points? Or a ball … "
This bastard …
Cheng Xiangxiang hated her teeth and wanted to beat Zeng Feiyang up, but he absolutely couldn’t do it himself! And he won’t let Ceng Feiyang arrogance for too long …
Cheng Xiang’s face showed a subtle sinister smile and dribbled slowly.
Who knows that Cheng Xiangxiang just moved, and his hand moved. When he saw that Zeng Feiyang suddenly made a flash, the ball in Cheng Xiangxiang’s hand was knocked off, and others also spared Cheng Xiangxiang and got the basketball and killed him at the half-court of Decheng Medical University.
This guy …
Cheng Xiangxiang didn’t realize that Zeng Feiyang would make a sudden move and move quickly, so that Cheng Xiangxiang didn’t even have a chance to respond.
"Yeah ~ ~ ~" Zeng Feiyang’s steal this time made the audience boil again. Some MMs were already screaming for Zeng Feiyang to dunk again.
In the face of Zeng Feiyang’s ability that almost sprinters will become roots at top speed, I can look at Zeng Feiyang’s flying figure blankly.
Just as Zeng Feiyang rushed into the three-point line, another man followed, but this man was not a member of Tokugawa Medical University, but a player dressed as the No.1 uniform of HKUST-Yang Tian.
Zeng Feiyang realized that Yang Tian had come with a smile on his face.
Oh, my God, is it coming? Then let everyone see our performance!
Zeng Feiyang immediately threw the ball high after stepping into the penalty area. Seeing this situation, all the audience and all the players had a common answer in their minds …
Relay! ?
"Ah ~ ~" Yang Tianda roared his feet and "flew" like a fighter plane. After he grabbed the basketball with both hands in the middle, his body drew a line of beauty to the basket, and his opponent’s heart was beating violently near the fans’ heart, and he fell into the valley. In their eyes, Yang Tianna was left with a flying body.
"bang!" The basket gave a groan of pain. Liu Yang grabbed the basket with both hands and pulled it hard when he landed. It was like trying to pull it.
Passion, excitement, blood madness!
At this time, these emotions occupied the hearts of all the audience. This relay was so perfect and wonderful!
"I got it again, I got it again, haha …" Zhang Youxin was so excited that it was beyond words. He was really glad that he could get a special report on this team. He knew that he had made the right bet this time!
At this time, the score is only 3-Chengke University leads by 5 points! However, all this can not affect the joy of Chengke University in the slightest. At this moment, every one of them is burning with enthusiasm for victory.
"Good!" After completing this wonderful relay, Zeng Feiyang and Yang Tian laughed and high-fived, and then ran back to the backcourt together. Since they came to the university, they have not completed such a wonderful relay as today for a long time. They are all happy with each other in their hearts-their absolute tacit understanding is still there.
The game continued. This time, Cheng Xiang carefully guarded the ball for fear that Zeng Feiyang would take it away again. When he went outside the three-point line, he immediately stopped dribbling and put the ball at his waist to prevent Zeng Feiyang from grabbing the ball.
Zeng Feiyang immediately smiled. "Do you want to pull the ball? Or do you want to shoot three points directly? Ha, if you want to vote for three points, vote for it! I won’t stand in your way. Try harder and make sure you score this goal! Don’t miss the shot! It would be a shame if you didn’t vote. I said you did! Feel free to vote boldly! Allah, I will never cover your hat … "
In the face of Zeng Feiyang’s endless saliva attack, Cheng Xiang’s eyebrows were lightly picked on his forehead and the veins stood out, but he also kept telling himself to calm down and never act impulsively, or he would lose his’ opportunity’ again.
Cheng Xiangxiang turned his attention to Ceng Chao and nodded his head intentionally. What instructions seemed to be reaching?
Cheng Xiang smiled when he saw it, and kept shaking the ball in front of him, revealing a big flaw, as if he were asking others to grab their own ball quickly.
Zeng Feiyang tried to steal the ball again, but the accident happened. When he saw Zeng Feiyang just leaning into Xiang Xiang, the latter suddenly shook his elbow and hit Zeng Feiyang’s right eye obsequiously.

When he looked at the camera, it just played to the top three picks, revealing that the Nets Pro Hohloff 76 ers Zhu-Holliday Wizards boss Mrs. Pauline, three people, and the last three teams were invited to the stage

ProHohloff looks confident that the Russians have strong financial resources and believe that they really belong to their destiny, while Holliday looks blank. He has overfulfilled today, and even the general manager of the flower-exploring signing team may have been smiling, while Mrs. Pauline looks serious. The wizards suffered a major blow this year, and the number one star Arenas was caught in the "gun door" incident. It is self-evident that it is of great significance to win the first prize at this time.
"Wizards must be the number one scholar!" A pretty boy in a dormitory at Butler University made a bold prediction at his roommates who were surrounded by him.
Chapter 43 Trial Training Camp
As Hayward said, the wizards really won the top prize in a small probability.
It was nine years ago when Joe Wang was still the leader of the Wizards. The Wizards won the first high school student champion in history-Kwame Brown. Later, everyone knew that the Wizards had obviously dug a hole and buried themselves.
Now that they have won the top draft again, it is considered that they have had experience. For example, every move of the Wizards management has touched the hearts of Wizards fans. In this city of Washington, many fans have even written to team coach Philip Sanders to give him advice and suggestions.
The 76 people unexpectedly won the second prize, which made the city people ecstatic and diluted some of Iverson’s sadness of leaving.
The most confident Russians have won a flower-exploring ticket. They were very interested in Wall or Turner, but now it seems that it is time to reconsider this method.
Less than ten minutes after the lottery ceremony, Tang Wenlong received a message from Joe Thomas.
"Don, I think we need to get ready quickly. I think you have seen the draft just now. I have also received an invitation from the top three training camps. I don’t think we need to go all the time. I will send the advantages and disadvantages of the lotto team to your mailbox. After you have seen it, I will list the three teams I want to go to most, and then we will try out according to the itinerary."
Tang Wenlong raised his eyebrows and said, "Isn’t it a little too hasty? Other rookies haven’t said that they will participate in the trial. When the time comes, I will run over and I will participate in the trial alone."
"Don’t worry, these trials are individual trials, not joint trials," explained Joe Thomas. "We hot rookies don’t need to take part in the flashy joint training camp to do ball control training, 5-to-5 matches, and we just need to do some physical fitness measurements and basic work tests in other people’s stadiums."
"Well, I get it," Tang Wenlong replied with a shrug.
Two days later, Tang Wenlong and Joe Thomas appeared in the Wachovia Center Stadium of the 76ers.
In the stadium training hall, 76 people just ordered team coach Doug Collins, 76 people, current general manager Ed Stefanski, 76 people, chief scout Adela Linlin, 76 people’s department Hou Li to be around and visited by media reporters.
"Nice to meet you, China Tang." The 76-member officials also had nothing to shake hands with Tang Wenlong one by one, and they all exchanged pleasantries for a while before waiting for the workers to arrange the side test.
"By the way, Tang, how tall are you? "Stefanski hand strokes a Tang Wenlong height looked up and asked.
Tang Wenlong hesitated to take a look at all the people with a curious smile. "I don’t know. It seems that it has been growing for more than one meter in the ninth five-year plan. I haven’t measured it recently."
"Yeah! "Doug Collins’s eyes lit up and he smiled thoughtfully.
It didn’t take long for the testing equipment to be ready, so Tang Wenlong arranged the first test, that is, the most basic physical fitness test.
Tang Wenlong was barefoot in the measuring instrument, and the workers took the instrument to measure it accurately. At this time, the tests were the most authentic. After the test, there was no false information when reporting to the league. This is why many team training camps are willing to set up this kind of personal trial for some excellent players.
Then Tang Wenlong took another arm to measure the wingspan.
His long arms usually don’t see such a scary picture at the back end. Collins and Stefanski looked at each other in the distance, and they were excited to see each other’s eyes.
Then there is the training of jumping ability. 76 people use light scanning to measure Tang Wenlong’s maximum jumping value. Not only that, this measuring instrument is the most advanced jumping measuring instrument in NBA at present, but it can also measure the player’s in-situ jumping speed, which is a key factor in NBA rebounding.
"bang! “
Tang Wenlong completed the last bounce with small steps, which was his fifteenth bounce in one minute. The average of four wonderful jumps was a measure of the player’s continuous bounce.
The staff continued to lead Tang Wenlong to complete the strength test, NBA strength test and multi-bench press test.
At this time, the field workers have printed out some body side data completed by Tang Wenlong and handed it over to several leaders standing on the side.
"1 meter 97! "Collins and others can’t help but let out a scream!
"The wingspan reached 2 meters 13! "Chief scout Edward’s face was a little unbelievable and a little shy, and then he faced the two bosses of the team and asked for an explanation. He touched his nose and pushed Brandon Bill, a part-time scout, in one breath." I didn’t understand Bill’s statement that Tang Wenlong was 1.93 meters. I didn’t expect him to be so irresponsible. I’ll go back and criticize him seriously immediately! “
"It seems that the weight is a little light." Collins expressed his opinion without going deep into him.
Stefanski gave him a white look and said, "It is normal for a few players who have just entered the league to be thin!" “
Joe Thomas watched the 76 people and three guys get together and talk furtively, showing a confident smile.
Once upon a time, Tang Wenlong couldn’t even receive an invitation letter from an American university, but now he is the hottest university player in the United States. Who can be vain in his efforts? With him, he sees everything, he knows how the child dreams in his heart, and he knows how powerful he really is.
Then the stadium rang and the workers shouted and exclaimed!
"What happened? "Stefanski and others ran along the sound in succession, and all the horses gathered around the strength tester and immediately gasped in a gasp!
See just now was they talk about "thin" Tang Wenlong supine stool knees two feet on the ground hands are holding a barbell is rapidly pushing back and forth one by one.
Qi seems to be still, leaving the teenager’s chest undulating and breathing heavily.
Adela rubbed her eyes and couldn’t believe her eyes. He looked all over. Tang Wenlong made sure he didn’t see James.
"How many bench presses? "Tang Wenlong put barbell mouth gasped and asked.
The worker was stupefied, and then suddenly his face was embarrassed. He looked at the bosses around him with poor eyes and almost cried. "I don’t know. Hey, I just suddenly forgot to count."
"Well, it should be exactly twenty-five. I count correctly." Tang Wenlong emerged from the bench press and laughed.
Then he was startled by a crowd around him. Why did so many people suddenly appear? Tang Wenlong two scratching their heads stood there and didn’t know what to do.
"One hundred and twenty kilograms bench press even push 25! And it’s not the limit! "Collins’s eyes became hotter. He looked at Tang Wenlong, who was streamlined in front of him, as if he were looking at a rare treasure. When he was young, Jordan once knew the defensive power. During the Raptors, McGrady almost always had less power to assist in terrorist jumping, wingspan and reaction nerves. The limit of this child’s power, which can be called a monster in the defender, is immeasurable.
Tang Wenlong moved his feet slightly. He felt that people here had a little strange eyes, which made him panic.
Finally, the basic shooting test. After half an hour’s rest, Tang Wenlong did his best "performance"!
He once shot alone in front of the basket for several lonely nights. This mid-range jump shot at the three-point line is as simple as eating and drinking water for him and more accurate than free throws.
"swish! ""swish! ""swish! “
Basketball kept going through the net, but most of them were in the box. It was more than a minute before everyone heard Tang Wenlong’s first iron-tapping sound and then a series of hearts in the box.
However, this time, everyone is fine. After all, there are many excellent pitchers in the 76ers. Like Capono, throwing three points in training is also a series of feelings, and the shots will not stop.
In the end, Tang Wenlong hit 96 of a mid-range jumper, which was higher than his free throw percentage in college season.

Hayward ""

Blindly missed such a good opportunity to attack, and his heart was full of vomit.
The 76ers attacked Tang Wenlong’s elbow position. Hayward Delong came to double-team Tang Wenlong. He tried to steal Tang Wenlong’s dribble. Tang Wenlong grabbed the ball and sent it directly.
Crisp thugs sound Tang Wenlong throw the ball and shout loudly.
The referee decisively fouled Delong’s thugs, who looked koo-faced, shrugged their shoulders and frowned as if they had suffered a great injustice.
Tang Wenlong’s heart is happy to take the free throw line to make free throws.
Nets coach Lionel Hollins suddenly flew into a rage. Deron’s foul was really inappropriate, but in his performance, he directly bombarded the referee with his hands up and put on a puzzling look. He was very dissatisfied with this penalty
It is very straightforward to put pressure on referees, which is something that every coach in NBA must learn.
Tang Wenlong easily made two free throws, and the 76ers led the Nets by 6 points, 25 to 19 points.
After that, the two teams played separately, and the Nets didn’t have a particularly good chance to score. Hayward was defended by Tang Wenlong and didn’t have a chance to shoot.
Tang Wenlong’s back-to-back singles Hayward Nets’ double-teaming is not without double-teaming, nor is it very embarrassing.
At the last minute, Tang Wenlong’s frame was misplaced, and blache and blache moved slowly, which may be slightly better than Lopez in the Nets.
Tang Wenlong’s footsteps are unpredictable, and his body changes direction greatly. Instantaneous pull and blache’s jump shot are from high position.
However, he didn’t throw it. Fortunately, the ball bounced very high and there was no card position. Whiteside first touched the ball. He held the ball firmly in his hands and then threw it to Tang Wenlong outside.
Tang Wenlong exulted that the commander’s teammates should slow down. Just breaking through blache also consumed a wave of energy to buffer when he needed it.
At the top of the arc, Tang Wenlong commanded Ray Allen to run with the help of double pick-and-roll cover.
Then, when Ray Allen ran halfway, Tang Wenlong made a breakthrough by himself, crossing to the left and turning to the right, tricking Hayward into a three-point line with a half-body instantaneous breakthrough.
Humphries’ bag came to Tang Wenlong and was transported to the middle. Don’t look at the ball outside the 45-degree three-point line on the weak side of the right.
The Nets turned their heads along the ball and Ray Allen quietly ambushed over there.
Yang shou made a three-pointer and hit it again! 2 to 19
The Wachovia Center Arena suddenly fell into a carnival. Tang Wenlong scored a beautiful goal to end the attack, and Ray Allen shot beautifully. This is a typical 76-man cooperation.
The host of the court station who broadcast the game exclaimed, "Ray Allen is simply a bodyguard with a knife in Tang Wenlong!"
Chapter three hundred and thirty Chisel through
Veterans are always playing in the regular season, and sometimes they are bullied by young people. The state has always been tepid.
But in the playoffs, they pretended to be dead, and as soon as they came back to life, they grabbed all kinds of shots.
The spotlight Ray Allen flashed with his bald head shining, raised his arm and quickly withdrew it like a drawn swordsman.
"Good shot!"
Tang Wenlong praised and high-fived Ray Allen to celebrate. He jokingly said, "Ray, I feel that your shooting is getting more accurate and faster."
The host Buckley also made a joke about Ray Allen. "Ray Allen plays like this and I think he can retire at the age of six."
"Haha, it makes me want to come back. It’s great to play with Tang Wenlong," joked Kenny Smith.
The two people gave their compliments as if all the 76 ers were due to Tang Wenlong. Of course, this is also the consensus of all the outside world, and so are the fans.
After the second quarter, Tang Wenlong Field rested and replaced Tang Wenlong Field with Jimmy Butler.
Jimmy Butler didn’t have the opportunity to organize an attack in the 76ers’ tactical body, so he gave the offensive ball to Billups, and replaced the court line. Gasol Jr. 76ers’ outside balanced attack adopted the center as the main tactic.
The Nets substitute is led by Gerald Wallace, and there are no particularly complicated tactics. Pick-and-roll attack and low-post storm are the two most important ways.
It happened that the offensive tactics were so simple and efficient, but the Nets substitutes were also able to score many goals, and the score gap was not pulled.
In the 7 th minute of the second quarter, the Nets took the lead in changing the main force. At this time, the 76 ers led the Nets by 35 to 27 points.
Delonglai shot a three-pointer at the top of the arc and missed the rebound decisively. Gasol grabbed it and handed it to Billups.
"Slow down!" Billups raised his arm and pushed the ball slowly across the half.
After the main force of the Nets comes, the 76ers will soon change their main force. At this time, it is the most important thing to control the rhythm and keep the lead.
Both Tang Wenlong and Collins nodded. The IQ of a veteran basketball player like Billups is really high. With him in control, even if the strength of the 76ers’ second array is not as good as that of the basket, it is not so easy for the basket to easily chase the score. It is no wonder that the pistons won the championship at that time and slowly ground the enemy into powder with one knife and one gun.
Grind the will and grind the morale.
"It’s no wonder that at that time, the league hated the game between Spurs and Pistons in the finals. It would be nice if a game could get a ten at this rhythm. Slow and chatting can make people fall asleep." Tang Wenlong was already on the sidelines secretly chatting with Iguodala.
Iguodala laughed. "But the effect is very good. Look at Delong jumping and jumping. On rhythm control, he is two blocks worse than Lupus."
At this time, when Butler made a foul on Saidisyan in an attack and entered the dead ball, Tang Wenlong and Iguodala were ready to change games.
Because Butler has to make free throws, the 76ers choose a small array of Billups, Butler, Iguodala, Tang Wenlong and Gasol Jr.
At this time, the Nets are Delong, Gerald Wallace, Hayward and Sidious Lopez.
Joe Johnson was on the sidelines, ready to enter the field to replace Gerald Wallace.
Tang Wenlong defended the 76ers after the game. The first wave of attack, he fell to Sidious Yang’s side, and then reached out and stuck to the defense.
"Tang hasn’t seen you for so long, and you’re still so active," said Sidious Yang.
Tang Wenlong hey hey smiled. "You’re pretty good, too. There are actually a lot of offensive opportunities in the Nets. I heard that you practiced three-pointers this season. It’s great."
Mouth boasted that Tang Wenlong, a former teammate, didn’t think so at all in his heart. Sidious doesn’t have any tactical position in the Nets. The base of the offensive end is in the hands of Delong or Hayward. Even if it is a line attack, it will not attack Sidious, but will give Lopez a low position and storm Sidious in the Nets.
Not very tall, the four-position shooter is similar to Bosh, so he is not suitable for teammates with a high proportion of partner balls.
But if he is given the chance to attack independently, he can also score, and the data will definitely have a very prominent growth.
"Chicken ribs" Tang Wenlong gave an evaluation in his heart
Then, for a moment, Deron really looked at the breakthrough here directly and was assigned to Lopez’s middle-range jumper on the other side!
Missed the basketball, hit the hoop and bounced back to the backboard.

Hearing this, Jinyang suddenly smiled a little and said, "Go! Come back after receiving the message, and we will continue to talk. "

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Celestial Volume Chapter 443 Eager
Celestial Volume Chapter 443 Eager
How dare Cui Yu neglect him? Zhong Kui, together with the Ten Temples of Hades, hurried out of the Back Temples and into the Front Temples, bowing down and kneeling down, given the heavenly decree.
Tiangong was sent to hell, which made him uncomfortable. Seeing that he was neglected, he was even more annoyed. But he also knew that Jinyang was in hell, and he knew Jinyang’s temper for a long time, so he didn’t know anything about Jinyang, and he didn’t say much. He hurriedly told the jade emperor’s will.
Not many words, but they were speechless with Cui Yu, the Ten Temple Yan. The Ten Temple Yan was indeed approved by the Taoist, allowing him to return to "thirty-three days away" and continue to listen to the Taoist teachings, while Cui Yuze was named as the new Lord of the underworld by the Jade Emperor, and it was also stated that he could worship at the door of the Emperor of the Universe.
Tianguan handed the heavenly decree to Cui Yu, and said a faint congratulations. Before Cui Yu could react, Tianguan turned his head and said respectfully to the ten halls of Yan: "Ten Yan Jun, the jade emperor has a message, please hurry to the heaven immediately, and then you can return to" thirty-three days away. "
The ten Yan kings were naturally overjoyed, but they were not ungrateful people. They quickly said, "Wait a moment. The Great Emperor of the Wild is practicing the Dharma in the back hall. I’ll say goodbye to him first, and then I can get up and hurry."
Ten Yan people know that they can return to "Thirty-three Days Outside" as soon as possible, mostly because they are touched by the light of Jinyang. They also know something about this great man with three scenic realms. At the very least, in the whole three realms, only Jinyang, the one who meets the jade emperor in the wild, stands and meets him personally, and at the same time, he enters "Thirty-three Days Outside" to discuss tea with Taoist ancestors.
Regardless of cheongwan’s answer or not, the Ten Hades went straight to the Houdian. With their true identity, there is no need to be so respectful to a small cheongwan.
Tiangong knew that Jinyang was here, but since Jinyang didn’t come out to take orders, he didn’t want to tell anyone, except the emperor of the universe, the confidant maid of the heavenly queen. It is said that it has been driven into the beast road, and this matter is widely circulated in heaven. In particular, he is a close minister of the Jade Emperor, and it is clear in his heart that the young master who recently entered the Zilin Temple is the only son of this Lord.
"I didn’t expect the emperor of the wild to be there, and the little god naturally had to pay a visit." The light in cheongwan’s eyes flashed, and he quickly made the wisest decision not to visit Jinyang, which may not be a bad thing. But it won’t be a bad thing to visit. It’s as simple as playing a few words.
Looking at ten Yan and cheongwan value Jinyang so much, Cui Yu and Zhong Kui also hurriedly followed, and each of them had his own thoughts. Jinyang’s words were simply imperial edict, since Jinyang let Cui Yu sit in this seat. Then he wants to run, and he can’t run away, while Zhong Kui is glad that he just decided to bet correctly.
Jinyang smiled wryly at the back of the house. He didn’t want to see any celestial officials, but the Ten Hades just led people in. This made Jinyang, who was eavesdropping, have to really suspend in mid-air, and the whole body was wrapped up with Zijin Zhenyuan, making it look like it was really refining the law.
Ten Yan is also a wonderful person. He rushed to the back hall and made a big bow-down, which is the most important gift. Ten Yan only had such a gift when facing the ancestors of Sanqing Daodao, although they didn’t know the exact identity of Jinyang. But it can directly change Daozu’s mind. This skill itself is scary, so be a teacher. It’s not too much.
Seeing that Ten Hades had such a thick salute, cheongwan only wanted to do a Jianli, but suddenly he didn’t dare to neglect it any more, and he also hurriedly made a big worship ceremony. Although he was very unhappy in his heart, there was nothing he could do.
Jinyang slightly opened his eyes and said a few words lightly.
Knowing that Jinyang didn’t want to see him, Tiangong didn’t want to be boring again, so he bluntly went back to heaven to get his life.
Jinyang naturally has no problem. He didn’t have much friendship with the Ten Hades, so he helped them back to "33 days away". The only idea was to take the hell into his pocket and clear some obstacles for his son Jin Xiaoxian.
See cheongwan led ten temple yan left, jinyang immediately returned to its original state, and Zijin Zhenyuan disappeared, but others still sat in mid-air, staring straight at Cui Yu in wait for a while.
Cui Yu even a fool, also know the meaning of Jinyang, looked at the side of Zhong Kui, there is no way, only crustily skin of head, knelt down to Jinyang, a gift from master, the jade emperor kissed the teacher, he didn’t worship, after three visits and nine knocks, he really grew up under the door of the temple.
Jinyang was very satisfied. He liked Cui Yu, who had no ambition. He was kind-hearted and didn’t have much darkness. Seeing Zhong Kui’s face was envious, he immediately said, "yes man, Zhong Kui, this emperor has fulfilled you and accepted you as a disciple."
Zhong Kui immediately exultation, hurriedly bow down to the ground, although he stay in hell all the year round, but for many important events in the Three Realms, also be like the palm of his hand, knowing that there are not many people handed down by Jinyang, which one is not a big shot in heaven, and the whole West Cow Hezhou has basically fallen under the authority of Yan Yang Dian, so many good places are better than staying in hell.
Accepting disciples and giving gifts are universal for the three realms. Jinyang’s trip to the underworld not only solves the huge poison in the body, but also has numerous benefits. Just take out two dharma fingers from the "devil-refining pot" and then take out two innate Lingbao. The purple and gold light flashes, and the fingers become the most basic energy, and two innate Lingbao are also erased and buried in the Yuan God brand.
Dad gave it to two people, and Zhong Kui thanked him for his exultation. Although Cui Yu was forced to take the throne in the world, it has become a fact, and there is no room for going back on our word. He respectfully took the magic weapon and the energy group and bowed down to give thanks.
Cui Yuben has the strength of the true fairy peak, and the energy group of his fingers is enough for him to directly advance to the land of Xuanxian, plus the presence of innate Lingbao, which is enough for him to subdue those powerful Yin gods.
When the solution was not enough, Jinyang immediately said, "Everything is settled, and you have to go back to heaven for your teacher. Zhong Kui, you should stay in the underworld first and help your senior brother with some things. In the future, I will send an expert to sit in the town, and then you will follow people back to heaven."
Zhong Kui hurriedly brought life, he has the strength of XuanXian order, already can feel the powerful energy contained in the palm energy group, was about to take a time to produce absorption, hell as a stronghold, nature is the best place.
Command everything, Jinyang hurriedly call feather spirit, ready to go back to the temple of inflammation Yang, he can’t wait, dharma body of great energy, have to hurry to send ontology, strength can definitely improve to an unexpected state.
Just out of the temple, Jinyang remembered those hags again, and immediately gave Cui Yu a jade charm. If Jinyang was left, those hags who had hidden most of their strength could be mobilized, so that they could stay in hell for the time being and wait for Hades.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 444 Cross the rubicon
Celestial Volume Chapter 444 Cross the rubicon
In the main hall of the burning sun, Jinyang sat on the jade seat of the burning dragon, put his mind into the "devil pot" and began to count the spoils of this trip to hell.
There are more than a dozen pieces of innate Lingbao, but except for the Taoist Lu Ya’s "Flying Knife for Cutting Immortals", it can rank fourth in the top ten list of innate Lingbao. The others are all ordinary goods, but some are better than none. There are many disciples in the school, and their strength has also improved a lot recently, but the magic weapon that weighs hands is poor, which has great constraints on the development of the temple of the sun.
Take Taoist Tianjue as an example. As the first real person to take charge of the temple of Yan Yang, he has been given the elixir many times in Jinyang, and he has been promoted to the next rank of Xuanxian several years ago. However, there is no treasure in his hand. Although the Ten Commandments are fierce, the ten other disciples are scattered all over the country, and they can’t exert their power and really fight. They are definitely no match for the demon king of Xuanxian level.
The original owners of these congenital treasures are all dead, so it is very simple to refine the brand of Yuan God hidden in them. Besides, there is an old pervert, Yu Ling, who has gained so much benefit. Naturally, he is embarrassed to refuse to help Jinyang to sacrifice and refine these congenital treasures again. Anyway, it is only a matter of time before refining the golden curtain, and it doesn’t take any effort. At the same time, refining is quite boring, just looking for something to do.
In addition to the innate Lingbao, there are two pure celestial demon dharmas, as well as the golden body left by Taoist Dizang. These dharmas are completely condensed by energy, without any impurities, and they are the easiest to absorb. They are definitely the first-class tonic, especially the celestial demon dharmas, which have great strength beyond ordinary founding protoss, even if Sanqing sees them. It is estimated that it will also be tempted.
Although it is not as good as the founding God in its heyday, the second dharma body can still be in an invincible position in the war with the founding dragon god Yu Ling, which can fully explain his powerful strength and thus the horror of the energy contained in the dharma body. Although it is not as good as the golden curtain that Yu Ling got, it is only for Jinyang. If you don’t count ten years, you won’t be able to digest it completely.
With the accurate estimation of feather spirit. If Jinyang absorbs the dharma bodies of the two heavenly demons until they are completely digested, at least it can have the strength of one percent of the founding God, so it will no longer be difficult to catch up with the ancestors of Sanqing Daodao, and with the "devil’s pot" left by the founding God King Nuwa, ordinary heavenly demons can’t get close at all, and they can walk sideways within the three realms.
After counting everything. Jinyang immediately ordered the gatekeeper demon general, called Taoist Tianjue, and gave him ten fingers of the dharma body. Although they were only fingers, they were all three or four feet long and more than ten feet thick, and the terrorist energy contained in them was absolutely no less than the energy accumulated by ordinary jade immortals in their lifelong practice. As long as the Ten Unique Taoist priests can fully absorb refining and chemical engineering, their strength will be greatly increased, and the promotion to Yuxian realm is just around the corner.
Road flyover Tianjue hurriedly bowed down to give thanks and packed up ten fingers.
Jinyang also took out the old monster with feather spirit to offer sacrifices to refined innate spiritual treasures again, with a total of 17 pieces, and gave it to Taoist Tianjue. As a real person who holds the palm of the temple of Yan Yang, every powerful magic weapon is absolutely impossible, not only to deter the major forces inside the temple, but also to deter the major forces outside.

I smiled and shook my head and said, "You should be very aware of the importance of this game. How much impact will it have on the team if you don’t win? Can I not attend?"

Yu Mu frowned and said, "Can you do it?"
I laughed. "Men can’t sayno."
Yu Mu bowed his head and said in my ear, "Don’t worry, brother, you have a good game. I know quite well where Wei Xu is."
Yu Mujian’s brain is still very bright at all times. I nodded at him and said, "Please, brother."
More than wood immediately great anger way "brother also said this kind of forced words? You didn’t stand up for me that day. How did you become like this? Don’t say much about Wei Xu’s goods. I won’t cripple him. "
At this time, my left hand was fixed with a bandage and I couldn’t move it, but my right hand took a pack of cigarettes from my pocket and signaled Yumu to bring me one.
Yu Mu took a cigarette and put it in my mouth, and I took one myself and lit it for me. I put the cigarette back in my pocket and took a drag and said to him, "Steady, don’t make a big deal."
Yu Mu patted me on the shoulder and said, "I am better at this than you!"
This shot directly touched my arm pain. I screamed and said, "Dude, don’t shoot me. Now I can’t move all over."
Yu Mu shook his head and smiled. "Mom, are you hurt all over?"
I vomitted an one mouthful rim of the eye and said "isn’t it? Four or five people knocked the old man on the ground with big thick iron bars in their arms. "
Yu Mu’s eyes flashed a little cruel and immediately said to me, "All right, I know, brother, you go to the game first. If you can’t hold on, don’t force yourself to be physically important. You can play again after the game is over."
"I know!"
I grinned at him.
Yu Mu also smiled and said, "We are still training tactics these days. I can’t do it without you. I’ll go first."
I said goodbye to Yumu, and if Xiaozheng Zhuangkai walked over, I don’t know when. Zhuangkai said, "Brother Tong, let me help you."
I nodded and limped into the Internet cafe with Zhuangkai’s help.
The venue of this competition is not a box, but directly in the hall, where people can watch directly.
I, a disabled person, attracted a lot of attention as soon as I sat in the competition seat. I didn’t care if I was bandaged, could my left hand touch the QWER button, and would it hurt if my right hand moved the mouse?
After trying for a few times, I found that the pain is also influential, but I can barely play.
At this time, five members of the Death Squad also came to greet us one after another.
"Hello, I’m Wang Ziwei in the Death Team."
"I am the death team AD Lin Jing"
"I am the death team."
"Zhang Lingfeng in the wild"
"I am Ceng Zhiwei, the assistant of the Death Team."
The members of the Death Squad came to greet us politely.
I also have a hard time getting up. Although my knee hurts, I still have to show respect to others.
After everyone introduced each other, the man named Wang Ziwei cast his eyes on me.
"This friend … you have to come to the game after this?" Wang Ziwei said in surprise
I scratched my head awkwardly and laughed. "I can’t fall from the building last night, and I can compete today with my injuries."
Wang Ziwei suddenly nodded at me and said, "Then you should pay attention to the fact that you hurt your body and come to the game. It’s commendable, but I don’t know if you can eat a game!"
I laughed. "It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter. Thank you, Wang."
Wang Ziwei is the captain of their team.
After a brief exchange with all their team members, we also returned to our position.
"Is Brother Tong OK?" If the boat said to me
My right hand made an OK gesture towards him. At this time, the bone of my right hand rang, and my face suddenly froze with a smile.
In order not to let them see the flaw, I still have a hard time moving my hand to the mouse and breathing straight.
Mom, this game is killing me.
At this stage, there is a special live broadcast of the game. It is said that if you go to Tencent LOL official website, you can still watch the game, but it has not reached the level of that kind of explanation, and you have entered the OB interface to delay the explanation.
I was a little upset by the noise of the onlookers whispering behind my seat. I wore headphones and ignored their words. Aish was signaling that the OB game could be played, and both sides of us officially entered the BAN selection stage.
Chapter 155 Unexpected
At this moment, there was a burst of applause in the Internet cafe, and the city final finally started at this moment.
I’m wondering what kind of AD I can take. In this state, Draven Vayne, an ADC, can’t play. A is too surprising, and the buttons are too frequent, so I can’t stand it.
It’s also a bit difficult to have a displacement ADC, such as Obama’s male gun. I’m afraid that if I don’t have a good displacement, I will directly destroy the whole team.
Now I can consider that ADC has a policewoman with a big mouth
It’s true that the fox in the first BAN across the street has a high appearance rate in the game, and most AP will not suffer from the opposite line, which makes AD and AP a headache. Moreover, this hero Aishi played very hard. In the previous few games, the fox CARRY was forced. I don’t know if this reason was lost by the opposite BAN.
According to Zhuang Kai, the winning percentage of Syndra in the opposite singles is 1% in the competition. Can we not BAN it?
Then across the street, Zelas and Rambo were finally banned.

Lori just got the basketball ready to push Billups with his hands open. Although he is 35 years old and has entered the final stage of his career, he is experienced in handling some small details.

The 76 ers attacked the left position of the basketball court. Iguodala and Dalem Porter formed a double cover ball cover position. On the right side, Tang Wenlong and Fields ran hide and seek for two times, then plunged into a well-arranged position and turned to the line to catch the ball with the help of a cover pocket.
Fields was blocked to defend Iguodala Anthony and rotated to defend Tang Wenlong.
Tang Wenlong caught the ball and took a step with his right foot, which was ridiculously fast
Anthony didn’t react. Tang Wenlong was already in a parallel position with him. When he reached out again, he didn’t even catch Tang Wenlong’s skirt.
The whole Knicks defense line became fragmented. Tang Wenlong scored the ball at the bottom corner, and Sidious easily caught the ball and made a three-pointer
The reason why Sidious Young can lead Speights into the starting lineup is that he has an extra three-pointer ability, which is very rare among 35% players in the season.
This shot is like training Yang Shou, which is a heart ball.
5 leads the 76 ers by 5 points.
Anthony is a little unhappy. Tang Wenlong, his younger brother, performed a little better than he did in the first season, especially when he was so crisp and neat just now.
After half-time, he fell to the low post and asked Billups for the ball.
Billups is also a bachelor. When Anthony wants the ball, it’s straightforward. Now it’s impossible for this Knicks to win the championship. What if the two bosses know the offense and don’t know the defense, even if they often work together to get 6 points every night?
Anthony pushed Iguodala a little and then leaned back to hit two points.
As soon as I turned around, I vomited an one mouthful atmosphere, and I don’t know if it was a release.
And the 76ers still have Lori in control of the ball. After Tang Wenlong moved, he didn’t get a chance. Igor Daladier’s second tactical starting point got a basketball breakthrough, and then he moved to the bottom corner again. This time, Lori received the ball on the left.
When Billups came back to defend, Lori had already made a move.
The ball is still flying, and Zhang’s coach can’t wait to cry, "Here’s the ball!"
When a basketball hit the basket and flew out, it bounced high and jumped directly behind the backboard. It was awarded to the Knicks directly.
"Ahem ~"
Yu Jia’s head covered her face. Fortunately, she didn’t switch to the studio.
Director Zhang kept a straight face, but the topic shifted quickly. "Although the ball failed to score, the opportunity has come out. It is very reasonable for the 76 ers to play like this, and if the Knicks still defend like this, I am afraid they will hang up today."
Chapter one hundred and twenty-five The representative of Gao Fushuai
He is not a prophet, but his analysis is methodical.
However, the stadium is changing rapidly, and no one can guarantee that it will become an unbeaten myth. At best, it can be regarded as a high winning rate
At the end of the first quarter, the two teams fought for half a catty-the 76 ers led by 2 points 25-23.
The two teams’ substitutes made a deal with each other. Anthony formed a dream giant array, and the Knicks sent away all the potential new stars. Now they are either old, weak, sick or famous, and I don’t know where to find temporary workers.
The 76ers have always been criticized by fans, and the substitute team has obviously overwhelmed the Knicks.
Williams played happily defending him. Anthony Carter is 36 years old this year, a little older than Billups. There is no way to break through him. He has a feeling of facing primary school students as if he has become a stadium superstar during this period!
"How did Williams get the ball?"
Suddenly I don’t know that an old man in a studio on the other side of the ocean is commenting on his attack choice.
"Look, it’s iron again!"
Although the hit rate is not high, the overall efficiency is better than that of the Knicks. After hitting two consecutive shots, Speights broke through the basket, killing a 76 ers and establishing a point lead.
D ‘Antonima called a time-out.
Tang Wenlong and a bunch of main players got up from the bench and took the lead in applauding "Well done, man! “
Coach Doug Collins, who has always been unsmiling, also smiled. "You did a great job, Louis. I like it when you break through and continue to do this. The Atlanta man (Anthony Carter) can’t help you!" Near the end of the season, he also consciously decompressed the players, and then it was a new round of pressure in the playoffs, and he had to adjust his state before that.
Looking at it, it’s almost time for normal array rotation. Collins turned his attention to Tang Wenlong.
Tang Wenlong blinked a little.
Collins laughed. "We’ll try to get the score to ten in the second quarter. It’s time for you to perform."
Columbia University, new york
Fang arranged for the library to study by himself after the early summer and passed the campus bar.
Suddenly, there were ghosts crying and sighing in the bar, which was vaguely mixed with racist insults such as "yellow monkey" and "damn China guy"
She frowned deeply and took out her mobile phone.
Sure enough, there are 76ers playing today and the opponent is the new york Knicks.
While holding her arms, she leafed through the live broadcast of NBA text on her mobile phone. "It’s actually two points ahead. Does the Knicks seem to be not so weak?"
The so-called near-Zhu Zhechi boyfriend played basketball, and he also got to know the NBA in the early summer. For example, in new york, she knew that the Knicks’ late rise had reached the seventh place in the east, which is two places away from the 76ers. It is reasonable to say that the strength of the two teams should be not far apart.
When she looked closely at the players’ technical statistics, she saw that Tang Wenlong had scored 32 points, which was three minutes before the end of the third quarter.
"Wenlong is great!" She smiled with alacrity, and was really a hundred happy with her male ticket.
There are insulting broken words coming from a lively bar in the distance in her ears. At this moment, these things have melted in her ears, and she feels guilty because of fear and fear
"A bunch of buffoons!"
Sweat left from the hairline and fell down the cheeks to the floor.
Anthony’s heavy breathing fluctuates along his chest, and his back and knees feel a little sore. He knows that after a season of hard work, his body is not enough to support him and he will continue to fight hard for forty minutes.
But he was really unwilling to lose to a young man.
Anthony didn’t know how he felt when he thought about it. When Tang Wenlong first entered the league, he supported it. I didn’t expect it to climb to his head after only one season.
The atmosphere on the Knicks bench was dignified, and Stoudemire didn’t speak, just watching the marginal players of the two teams running back and forth.
Director Zhang sighed with emotion: "The 76ers really played a good game today. Tang Wenlong once again cut 3+ in less than three quarters. I don’t know how many times it has been done this season."
Yu Jia also quite agrees with this point. "It is said that the history of Tang Wenlong’s scoring ability is rare, and it is really hard to find a few players who have performed like this in the rookie season."
At this time, there was a dead ball in the stadium. The referee forced the suspension of the broadcast in the fourth quarter and switched to a scene in today’s game.
Yu Jia immediately followed up with the commentary, "Let’s take a look at Harbin Beer and bring us the best goal of the day!"
It was a defensive counter-attack, and Iguodala quickly broke into the frontcourt. Tang Wenlong cut into the frontcourt from 45 degrees and Iguodala formed a two-to-one situation against the Knicks.
Iguodala threw the ball up and Tang Wenlong caught it. After gliding for some distance, he dunked it with his hands.
"This is almost the epitome of the whole game. In the third quarter, the Knicks were taken away by a wave of defensive counterattacks from the 76ers," Yu Jia said with a smile.
In the end, the 76ers beat the Knicks 113-94 at home and swept new york in the season.
Tang Wenlong was rated as the best 19-shot, 12-pointer, 6-shot, 4-shot and 7-shot penalty, and scored 35 points, which was actually two points higher than him.

Can Shu Lele say that this reason of Wang Guifei is too far-fetched? There’s already a beauty fragrance chief beauty teacher in the palace. What else do you need her for?

In front of everyone, she is just a beautiful and fragrant customer!
However, Shu Lele didn’t dare to refute and go back with a gentle smile. "Today, I entered the palace and Lele prepared a lot of beauty fragrance and skin care, as well as some folk gadgets, all of which were given to the ladies and princesses in the palace. Please accept them!"
"good! It is rare for Lele to have this heart, but we are disrespectful! "
Wang Guifei ordered people to receive Shu Lele’s gifts and dishes.
Ningyichen suddenly shouted bad people at this time and got up and ran away.
"Master Shi, what’s the matter?"
Everyone speculated that Wang Guifei was eager to follow and called for someone to "come and wait on the world!"
Shu Lele smiled awkwardly when he disappeared from the sight of everyone. "Report to my empress, Lord Shi, who ate a bad stomach yesterday and had a diarrhea for a night this morning, is better. Now he is probably starting again."
"Have you seen the doctor too much?"
"He won’t allow it!" Shu Lele Khan Ning Yichen, Ning Yichen, don’t be so humiliated!
In order not to offend Wang Guifei, she can tell the truth!
Ning Yichen didn’t come back for a long time. After they earnestly asked a few words, he shouted and ran away.
Everyone was silent, and the scene became unusually quiet.
Wang Guifei ordered someone to talk to the doctor too much about diarrhea, but don’t delay the illness.
Shu Lele’s nod should be her proud "xianggong". It’s a shame today. I hope he won’t regret hitting the wall later.
As soon as she corrected it, she spilled a bowl of soup in her hand, and a long skirt as soft as chardonnay was stained with a little stain.
Shu Lele busy way "Lele disrespectful! Please forgive the empress! "
"It’s okay! You are too fond of the world, so go and change this dress with the palace! " Wang Guifei got up and smiled and asked everyone to continue to have fun, then took Shu Lele’s hand and went to her bedroom.
Wang Guifei, the first princess of the East China, is really not a hollow reputation. Her Nianhua Palace is magnificent and carved with jade and jade glass everywhere, showing the ultimate glory and potential.
Shu Lele silently nodded a compliment in her heart. It is worthwhile to be a woman and do this for Wang Guifei.
Wang Guifei took her into the room, and then ordered someone to fetch a pink chiffon gauze. "This dress was the favorite of Gong when she was young, but now it doesn’t fit well when she is old, so she has been putting it in the box. Lele, your figure is almost the same as that of Gong when she was young, and it should fit well."
She ordered Shu Lele to change her skirt and then looked at her. "Well, it’s really good! There is a palace in the past! "
Is it? Shu Lele caresses her forehead and shame. Wang Guifei is the kind of but with graces granted by heaven and not to be concealed beauty at first glance. How dare her little bean sprouts compare with her charm?
So I bowed my head and said shyly, "Thank you for your clothes, but this dress has buried it in Lele! Or the empress is the most suitable for it! "
"Lele you this small mouth is sweet! Gong likes it! Come on, let’s sit and talk about some intimate words and go out. "
Wang Guifei’s eyebrows swept away and immediately someone offered tea and gently closed the door.
Where is this singing? Shu Lele’s heart is suspicious. Is it the real way for Wang Guifei to invite her into the palace?
She couldn’t help thinking of NingYiChen charged and the uber knew Wang Guifei had other plans!
I made up my mind to absolutely obey her family’s wishes and never bow down!
Wang Guifei took a sip of tea and smiled. "Lele has heard that the world is good to you, and now she has handed over most of Ning Wangfu’s economy to you. Is it possible?"
"Ahem ….." Shu Lele gently coughed a few times. How did this matter come to the palace?
The nod should be "I think Lele is too idle, so I want to find something to do for Lele to make the empress laugh."
"no! This is a good thing! It’s hard to be a woman, and it’s even harder to make yourself love you and love you. "Wang Guifei sighed and seemed to have deep feelings.
Shu Lele can’t help but move Wang Guifei. Is there a hidden sadness behind this seemingly scenic limit?
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VIP117 fool trick one
Wang Guifei’s eyes are faint, as if in memory and longing. Such a beautiful and elegant beauty is as delicate as Xi Shi’s heart.

Although it was not very pleasant after dinner, in the end, Feng Li Su stepped back first, and they were also happy.

Although things in Korea are busy, he can’t accomplish anything by himself at this time. Feng Li Su simply gave up dealing with political affairs and came up with an idea when he saw that acacia was rare.
"I haven’t been out of the palace for some time, but it’s better to go out of the palace when you come!"
It’s still early at this time. If it’s getting late, he can come to the palace for a reason not to return to the palace and stay in the prime minister’s house.
I often miss you, but I don’t think so. I am willing to hear that he is out of the palace. She still thinks that she will leave the palace for a while and is rejected by Feng Lisu.
But if it gets dark when she leaves the palace, she will have a legitimate reason to go back to Xiangfu.
So Feng Li Su gave orders to Chang Huan to let several dark guards protect him in the dark, and he often missed him out of the palace without bringing anyone.
Feng Li Su hasn’t been out of the palace for a long time, and it’s rare to come out for fun. It’s especially good to be accompanied by beautiful people. I raised my left hand and saw my thumb, but my smile softened a little.
Naturally, it is easier to wear when leaving the palace. He also found a water-blue robe to wear against the water-blue clothes that he often misses.
When Chang Xiangsi saw Feng Lisu’s costume, he silently despised it, but he couldn’t say anything.
By the time we got out of the palace gate, it was getting dark, but Laifeng Lisu was surprised and hoped that it would get dark earlier. When we walked to the busy street, we could already see lanterns hung in many places.
Due to the retreat of Qing Mu Gong, these streets have resumed their original prosperity.
At this time, the ice and snow have begun to melt gradually, which is not as cold as before. At this time, various stalls have been set up on both sides of the wide street.
Some restaurants are full of people coming and going. Seeing this, Feng Lisu’s heart gradually fell. It seems that this time the impact on the people is not too great.
Not far away, there is a building where the fragrant wind is floating everywhere. Many girls are dressed beautifully in this early spring, revealing a large area of fragrant shoulders, waving a white arm like a lotus root and waving a scented handkerchief.
Acacia often came with a little interest and glanced at the men around him.
Asked, "has the emperor visited the kiln?"
She has been here for such a long time, but she has never really experienced the gentleness of men in it. She is still a little curious.
Feng Li Su set her eyes on the lights on her face, and her Zhang Qingya face seemed to be covered with a light, warm and smooth layer, which made her look charming enough.
When his heart moved, especially when he saw her beautiful lips, there was an impulse coming.
Yes, I also know that if I do anything out of line at this time, I am afraid that I will destroy this rare time of getting along well.
"Never!" He lightly out.
"Why don’t the emperor go inside and have a look? It happens that I haven’t been to that place yet, so I’ll experience it today and have a drink of sanhua."
Then I touched my arms and immediately felt embarrassed. She went out today and forgot to bring money.
"What building do women visit?"
Feng Li Su chuckled, "There’s nothing interesting about that place. Look at the girls there who don’t deserve to be your maid shoes. They’re just a bunch of fat and vulgar powder! I might as well look at you more when I visit them! "
He said that this is true. What does he want? A stunning woman is no worse. This woman is very beautiful. Is it necessary for him to take the hard stone instead of the beautiful jade?
"The emperor’s words are a little biased. I think it’s a bit interesting over there. It’s better to go for a walk and drink a few cups of sanhua, but today I went out to the North Xuan General House and forgot to take the silver out. Can the emperor take it? Why don’t you lend me some? "
"Don’t borrow!"
Feng Li Su refused directly. If she asked for how much silver on weekdays, he would give today a penny and didn’t want to give it!
"How stingy!"
Another day, she will bring enough silver and come by herself.
Feng Li Su has some enjoyment of this dialogue. Seeing her just pouting almost made him look away from the lantern.
The two continued to walk towards the front. At this time, it was getting darker and darker, and pedestrians did not see a lot of roadside snacks.
However, I often miss these foods, but I don’t have much interest in them. I often miss them when I pass by that building.
Business seems to be good inside, and many men passing by have been pulled in, and even if they don’t want to, they can be touted by such a group of women, and they all go in happily.
In the future, she should open a building and do well in her own ability.
She can definitely come up with the most novel things!
I often miss Feng Lisu silently, thinking that her beautiful eyes are a little bare, and I am worried that too many people will bump into her, and occasionally stretch out a hand to prevent people next to me from bumping into her.
After a long walk in the street, Feng Li Su saw a restaurant sidewalk not far away. "Just go there and get something to eat. It’s time for dinner."
Acacia often has no opinion. As Feng Li Su entered the restaurant, he was directly invited by Xiao Er on the second floor.
Elegant environment is good, a little elegant, especially a few small green plants put in it, which adds a touch of life.
Chang Xiangsi ordered a few dishes that he loved, and Li Su also ordered a few dishes.
"Male and female, please wait a moment!"
Then turned out of the elegant.
There are many lanterns hanging around, and Yali is bright. Two people sit face to face because of the round table. Feng Lisu frowned lightly.
"Don’t trust me after sitting so far away?"
"Don’t you see more clearly?"
Chang Xiangsi chuckled and then said, "By the way, is it okay to be injured before the ninth prince?"
She also heard that when she fell into the hands of Qing Mu Gong, the nine princes looked for her with injuries.

Has the letter finally come to an end?

After three people discussed some details, Chen Senran and proto left.
When he left, Planck stopped Chen Senran and said, "Thank you for last night."
What happen last night?
Chen Senran suddenly remembered that Planck had dinner with Miss Doom last night.
Has she finally decided?
"You’re welcome. I should do it." Chen Senran still smiled and was very upset.
Ps 2 nd Geng
Ask for subscription and monthly ticket
Will be finished in the near future
In the process of manpower renewal
Page one hundred and fifty Bring more wine.
"You said he asked you to go?" Graves drank all the wine in front of him.
The night is low.
Spirits and gunpowder
In recent days, Planck is going to organize a second expeditionary force, and the situation in the whole northern Birgewater is suddenly tense.
Even though there are weddings spirits and gunpowder on weekdays, there are few guests.
"Yes, isn’t it?" Chen Senran also smiled peacefully with a sip of wine.
"Yeah, isn’t that great?" Fitz, the fisherman, looked at Graves with a confused face and a hiccup. "So Jack can return to the battlefield in a justified way, and he can build great achievements. His name will surely resound throughout the sea."
The more it talked, the more excited it became. At last, the whole person jumped to the table and danced happily.
It is really simple in mind, even though it has been baptized by many wars, blood and war, it still hasn’t changed it. It’s not a complicated mind
It is to feel happy, just to feel happy for its friends.
Graves, on the other hand, is the kind of person who climbs out of the dirtiest mud. His nature is very similar to Planck’s, so he is used to seeing everything with suspicion.
So he easily sniffed out the strong murder in this opportunity.
Planck Pavilion, the chairman of the great Birgewater Military Committee, finally intends to start work on his most loyal subordinate.
"What are you going to do?" Graves frowned as he looked at the glass of wine.
"What do you say?" Chen Senran still smiles peacefully. He seems to know nothing.
But how could he not know anything
"Why don’t you just …" Graves’s eyes flashed a sharp hand and consciously grabbed the magic shotgun.
"No, we can’t take up the sense of honor now. We can wait for him to start work or …" Chen Senran said that he didn’t say anything here but drank the leftover wine.
"What are you talking about? I don’t understand a word like this?" Fishman Fitz touched his head and looked at the two people in front of him inexplicably. His simple little head couldn’t understand these complicated things.
Isn’t that a good thing?
Why are you so sad?
"Aren’t you afraid to come?" Graves let go of the gun in his hand. He knew that the man in front of him had a lot of means. He said no, but he couldn’t.
"In the end," Chen Senran shook his head and said, "Bring me a bottle of wine. I’m going to see my old friend."
The wine was handed over to Chen Senran from Graves one minute later.
"This year’s new wine is pure sake from Dongdao, and I specially brought it to you from there."
"intentional" Chen senran wine took two steps toward the door and suddenly stopped and said, "have you been following it for almost three years?"
"Well, three years and four months to be exact," Graves nodded.
"What still don’t go? The one-year deadline has arrived early. "Chen Senran didn’t turn around. His body was in the dividing point between light and darkness.
"You haven’t helped me find that bastard." Graves lowered his head and no one could see his expression.
"Let’s go, the horse is about to get windy. This is a storm that doesn’t belong to you." Chen Senran smiled a little low and a little well-intentioned. "You are my friend. You shouldn’t put your friend in danger. Go and end your hatred. I’m afraid I can’t help you."
"Friends shouldn’t put their friends in danger, Jack." Graves laughed and walked back. "I’m going to drink ten bottles of wine tonight."
Ten bottles of wine?
They are stubborn men to death.
Chen Senran smiled and stepped into the night when the spring breeze blew.
The spring breeze is surprisingly warm, which reminds him of the girl who dances in the spring breeze all night.
That flower blooms all night in Bai Lianhua.
Are you okay across the sea?
Chen Senran walked along the familiar road to the familiar place.
To meet a familiar friend.
Yasuo the Sword in the High Wind
They have become very good friends in three years.
Every time when the night is dark, Chen Senran will go to Yasuo with good wine.
They also don’t say don’t drink.
Yasuo still lives in that old hotel.
Now the hostel has been bought by Chen Senran and given to Yasuo.
Yasuo didn’t refuse or drank and chatted with him without saying goodbye.
This is probably the real gentleman.
Chen Senran walked past the dim chandelier that had been hung for many years and went to knock on the second floor.
"Come on in. What good wine is it tonight?" The aso sound in it is a little closer than before.
Chen Senran pushed the door and didn’t talk. He went straight to Yasuo and put the wine on the stove.
"Can you guess that your nose is so clever?"
Chen Senran sat in front of Yasuo.
A pot of wine is boiled gently.
Neither of them spoke.
Waiting for wine

"Xiao Yi Yi Ke, do you have skill points in the second level?" I asked.

Zhong Yi nodded with a smile and said, "Well, it’s good to grab the position opposite to the second level in front. I can’t hook it, so I kept the Q skill for the time being because I’m afraid that the second level of the wild field will catch my eye. I just ordered W [Soul Lamp] temporarily."
I said with great energy, "Cocoa is making a lot of money!"
Pig sister is bound to lose GANK once, which means he will lose his red BUFF. It’s a single BUFF game …
What surprised me about this wave of GANK was not because I was stupid enough not to have a second-level awareness when playing wild, but because Zhong Yiyi put an eye in the river, and the pig sister would definitely not go straight to the river. He went straight to the blue BUFF wall after playing the blue BUFF, and then walked from the isolated grass in the river to the Xiaolong, and then Q skill Q came to squat in the grass in our triangle, and then waited for a Q skill CD road to reach the second level, and then they could directly catch it.
This wave of their best situation is that I am in the pig girl Q, and then the wind girl picks up a Q [hurricane howling] and blows me up, and then the wind girl ignites Obama EAQA for me. I should die and send a blood directly.
Even if they are in a bad situation, the pig girl will slow down to me, and then Obama will play a set. I will help escape with the hammer stone, or I may keep the flash, but my blood volume will be kept down. The opposite assistance is that Feng Nv had a chance to fight with us in the early stage, and it is unlikely to press my blood volume to the same level as them. Feng Nv will give Obama a shield, and Obama will have a brain E to limit me, so that my road will enter a limit. The rhythm of being pressed by the knife is very uncomfortable.
But they never expected Zhong Yi to leave a skill point and send them directly to heaven with a W skill, which neither helped them get to the road nor lost the BUFF. It can be said that Zhong Yi’s details alone doomed her to be out of line with other assistants.
"It’s really scheming to fight wild across the street. You came to arrest me when you knew we were fighting hard and knocked off a blue BUFF. You’ve been squatting for so long," I said
Yu Mu said, "If nothing happens, this wave will make a lot of money. If they fight wild, I can keep track of its dynamics for six minutes. I can say that he collapsed."
The middle road and the road are played very carefully, especially Lu Yumu went to their wild area to get the red BUFF, rose to level 3, and then hit his own blue BUFF after the limit blood volume, and chose to return.
When Yu Mu comes out again, he will take a full view to the opposite field to make an eye. If he meets the opposite field, he will be beaten. If he doesn’t touch it, he will be controlled. If he meets the opposite field, he will know the dynamics and make a move.
Judging from the current situation, there is no obvious advantage on either side, but playing wild is an advantage, and in the early stage of big superiority, pig sister’s flexibility is low, and her poor ability to fight is mastered, which is almost fatal.
Then it’s up to Yu Mu.
Yu Mu first ran to the isolated grass in the middle of the river and put a real eye, and then put a fake eye on the right grass in the opposite F4. Through these two eyes, we can effectively understand the dynamics of pig sister.
At this time, Yu Mu said, "Pig sister didn’t fight river crabs. It is estimated that she is too inexperienced. She should have beaten a toad after playing blue just now. Now he should come to fight river crabs or brush F4. There is very little chance that he will hit a stone man Feng Shanze. Pay attention to my position and come to support me quickly when I call you later. I want to make this pig sister."
Feng Shanze, a magic bottle and three blood bottles, Casadin and the opposite fox made a 50-50 replenishment, and there was no shortage of blood and was not crushed. Although Casadin had no ability to kill alone in the first six levels, it was difficult to be crushed by a single AP in this type of fox unless he was restricted to eat fox E, then no one could beat such a fox
Feng Shanze nodded seriously and said, "I guess it’s difficult for me to help you maintain my blood volume and blue volume. Leave an E for the fox to support later. I can help you entangle him."
Yu Mu said, "That’s what I mean. I can’t let the fox come over."
Feng Shanze smiled and said, "No problem."
But after a while, I still didn’t find the pig sister outcrop, and the river crab was still running happily, and no one appeared in the F4 grass field of vision.
"Pig sister way" Yu Mu decisively said 1.
"Did Lunal put his eyes in the river grass?" Yu Mu asked
Now that the railway line is firmly stabilized in the middle of the river, it is indeed a good opportunity to fight wild GANK.
"Yes, but the present tense should disappear." Chen Yi replied.
Now the road and river are in complete darkness.
"Then I know that nine times out of ten, pig sister is squatting in this river grass," Yu Mu said.
Squatting in the triangle grass can get people because it’s too far off-line, and both sides are consciously controlling the line. There are two kinds of squatting normal grass or river grass, and the line grass is unlikely to be angry. Once it’s full of people, it must be a little obscene, so that the line will pass and no one can squat.
Now the only possibility is the river grass.
Yu Mu said, "Brother Yi, now I’m sure that the pig sister is crouching in the river grass. Do you think Nall will appear to fuck you as soon as he is full of anger or if you hand in the E skill? Now it depends on how to fight. Are you deliberately handing over the E skill? After the pig sister appears, I come from behind the tower to squat, or should I just go over the wall in the grass of the pig sister and grab him directly?"
Chen Yi frowned and thought for a while and said, "Now Naer’s anger has become three quarters. If I hand in E skills and the pig sister rushes over, you will squat down. Actually, it’s very small. We will be together again next to Naer. We can’t beat them. Don’t squat down. It’s better to go directly to EQ Company 2 to get the pig sister, and then I’ll leave E skills to support me. It’s better to kill the pig sister first and then get Naer."
"good!" I should be a simple wood.
I also have an eye ornament on my wooden body, which was replaced by a blue wild knife when I scanned it.
Yu Muqian told me that he understood this purple wild knife, quickly brush the wild line and squat down, and then upgrade the standard wild knife route to support the meat and fight the ball in the middle period. This is the best way to fight the wild after the emperor weakened.
However, due to the butterfly effect caused by the first wave of catching pig sister, he can control the dynamic situation of pig sister’s wild play, and he can easily catch pig sister, and he can’t draw a purple wild knife to brush wild quickly. Under such conditions, he can draw a blue wild knife, which can effectively fight and keep people better.
I walked to the left wall of the river grass, and he was going to EQ Erlian from this position later.
At this time, both of them are level 4, and three-quarters of them are angry and will soon become bigger.
"get ready!" I saw the horses and Naer’s position. After the horses came to the best position, I inserted an eye directly. Pig sister really squatted here.
Yu Mu’s reaction was extremely quick. He Li’s eyes reached the position of Pig Sister, and then there was no delay. Immediately, E [Debon ensign] Q [Dragon Impact] Erlian went to directly provoke Pig Sister, and then W started to slow down. Pig Sister’s hand was still holding a blue punishment and waited for Pig Sister to hand over the flash or Q skills before making it.
Sagittarius immediately rushed over, of course, there was also a reaction. At the same time, they threw a boomerang at the Sagittarius to support Yu Mu, and at the same time, they didn’t forget to benefit from E’s skills. They turned around and escaped this boomerang, and then a tiger turned and quickly rushed towards the pig sister in the grass.
Pig sister Q skills and Sagittarius E skills overlap Pig sister [extremely cold raid] Q was also topped back by Sagittarius E [destructive charge] in the past. Yu Mu was crazy to output Pig sister at this time. Pig sister was hit by Sagittarius E [destructive charge] Q [runaway] Two consecutive hits and ate Yu Mu, one EQ and two consecutive hits plus some general attack blood, which has reduced the residual blood.
At this point, he has been full of anger.
"Naer slag!" Naer seemed to shout angrily in his mouth that an E skill [light jump] stepped on Chen Yi’s horse’s head, and at the same time, his body had become bigger and triggered the effect of getting bigger. When he jumped to the ground in the second stage, he could w [beat] his skills in the opposite direction to stun Yu Mu and Chen Yi.
When it gets bigger, Naer e [slamming] is harmful and has a deceleration effect. At this time, the remnant snow pig sister flashes to escape, and the remnant wood is also followed by a flash to escape Naer W. Because of its high moving speed, Chen Yi has a moving speed rune. Even if it is slowed down by pig sister, it is still difficult to twist his ass and turn left, which also hides Naer’s W skill.
After Yu Mu flashed, he gave the pig sister a blue punishment. He gave the horse a Q skill and took away the pig sister.
“Firs blood!”
A blood sound effect resounded through the field and cheered boiling.
The horses and Yu Mu are in good condition. They can still chase Nall after killing Pig Sister.
Na ‘er throws Q skills while withdrawing. It is unlikely that he will want to chase Na ‘er to death. Moreover, there is no six-level Casadin in the middle of the road. He also managed to keep people. After Yu Mu and Chen Yi decided to take the pig sister’s head, they didn’t spend any more time catching Na ‘er when it was unnecessary. Instead, they returned to the route with Chen Yi and quickly pushed this wave of soldiers to the opposite defensive tower.
If Naer doesn’t go home and wants to be greedy for this wave of soldiers, then Yumu and Chen Yi can make a wave of strong killing, and then Naer is very fragile.
In the end, the other side, Na ‘er, was still stable. There was no greed for this wave of lines. This wave of surplus wood GANK was very successful. It not only caught the opposite side and fought wild, but also succeeded in making the opposite side unable to eat this wave of lines. The only regret was that the head method was given to Chen Yi, otherwise Chen Yi took this blood and Jeannard could not eat this wave of lines, making Chen Yi’s equipment lead and reach the sixth level first. This would be a devastating blow to the opposite side.
Now, if you are equipped at most, some of them are a little ahead of Band 6, and you will definitely see how Chen Yi will play first.
"Can be wild explosion" I praised the sentence.
Yu Mu smiled and said, "Everything is expected. If this pig sister wants to catch you, she will have to pay the price."
I laughed, "Good brother."
Since then, the opposite pig sister has been honest, and Xu Duoyu Wood has made up a little bit of vision. I want to continue to control the pig sister’s trend. Many Chen Yi’s advantages have expanded, and now there is still a stalemate.
The field developed peacefully for seven and a half minutes.
Although Casadin and Fox in the middle of the road have already reached the sixth grade, they are now almost at the seventh grade. According to the truth, it is a breaking point, but they are still steadily replenishing their troops, and no one will start first, so they pay attention to caution and caution.
There are four people on both sides of our road who are level five, and both sides have not missed their experience. They are very stable and cautious for fear that a level six will be taken the lead by the opposite side.
At the same time, Obama and I made up a melee soldier, and all four people broke out in the golden beam road, and four people were promoted to six at the same time.
In fact, this kind of situation is quite rare in the competition. Generally, AD arrives first to six, so it is possible to make a vision because of assistance, and the experience is backward because of the loss of soldiers.
AD will have an advantage until six, and then wait until six to have a chance to really fight 22.
Both sides attach great importance to the line and have never lost the pawn station. Now from one to six, I have been wondering how to compare the ADC head with the one opposite.
Generally speaking, the first six levels of Obama are easier to fight, and the explosion is higher than that of the male gun. W can effectively crack the male gun, and it is quite easy to fight the male gun.
However, this Joe Obama can’t be compared with my Obama. He didn’t play a little advantage against me and Zhong Yi. I still pressed him a little bit. Now I have to be careful about the line from one to six men’s guns to six men’s guns. I will definitely fight with blood, but unless I can shift my skills and avoid the big move of men’s guns, I won’t simply let him hide.
I’m still here to figure out how many times it takes for Obama to get out of armor skill damage, and what skills I can still beat him. My head is like a calculator, and it really performs rapid calculations.
If Zhong Yi can control Obama first, it is naturally best not to. I will try my best to sell a flaw so that the opposite Obama can kill me and fight with me.